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blm alaska employee directory

BLM Washington Office 1849 C Street NW Rm. No warranty is made by the Bureau of Land Management as to the accuracy, reliability, or completeness of these data. If this sounds like the job for you, download this fillable form and email it to GS-7 Human Resources Assistant in, partner agencies. BLM Alaska Provides wildlandsuppression services for Department of the Interior agencies, Alaska Native Corporation lands, and military withdrawn public land under an agreement with the U.S. Army-Alaska. Scanned images of federal easements across native lands, presented on USGS quadrangles. Division of Personnel and Labor Relations. Division of Corporations, Business & Professional Licensing, Dept. The Alaska Fire Service leads the BLM Alaskas statewide Fire and Aviation program. Jk,4bJCZyB1fQ{Z4[Dg TvDm^FIC oe\K[aAZSyS$X5-S4hiI0BC+So>iwT7|MmF8z FK(UImvk0CFfpi\KLC{4m88fVG9h]@a9 J 4OAG+^. Alaska Department of Education and Early Development Commissioner: Michael Johnson Main Line: 907-465-2800 Top Links: Assessments Commission on Postsecondary Education Libraries, Archives, & Museums Statewide Library Electronic Doorway State Council on the Arts Teacher Certification How Do I? Employee Name City Directory County Directory Retirement and Benefits. glennallen field office anchorage field office eastern interior field office central yukon field office. An official website of the United States government. Lakewood, CO 80215-7093 frontiers is your source for BLM Alaska featuresabout missions, people,, The Bureau of Land Management will host the finish of the Iditarod Trail, The BLM is accepting applications through March 24 for an artist who will, The Bureau of Land Management published a public land order (PLO) today, The BLM has identified a preferred alternative in the final SEIS, Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland, with the concurrence of Secretary, The draft released today invites public comment on instructions to states, The Bureau of Land Management today released a draft environmental, The BLM welcomes input on the business plans for the White Mountains, The BLM releaseda new policytoday designed to protect connections, 222 W 7th Avenue #13 Phone: 503-808-6593 stream Fairbanks,AK99709 A lock ( of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development, Records & Information Management Services. , 222 University Ave National Aviation Office Alaska Aviation Office Arizona & New Mexico State BLM Office California State BLM Office He will also oversee 650 permanent staff and approximately 200 seasonal employees who help manage a myriad of public land uses and resources to include the Federal Subsistence Management Program, the Alaska Land Transfer Program, the National Petroleum Reserve and oversight of the Trans-Alaskan Pipeline System. Washington, District of Columbia 20003, US Get directions 222 W 7th Avenue #13 Anchorage, AK 99513, US Get directions One North Central Ave. Suite 800 (8th Floor) Phoenix, AZ 85004-4427, US Get. He also oversees 650 permanent staff and approximately 200 seasonal employees who help manage public land uses and resources, including the Federal Subsistence Management Program, the Alaska Land Transfer Program, the National Petroleum Reserve, and the Trans Alaskan Pipeline System. Fax: 503-808-6799, 440 W 200 S, Ste 500 Chapter 70 Dispatch Directory 68 2020 Alaska Interagency Mobilization Guide ALASKA AREA COORDINATION AND DISPATCH CENTERS Alaska Interagency Coordination Center ALASKA INTERAGENCY COORDINATION CENTER 1541 Gaffney Road P.O. BLM Alaska also manages the agency's only National Recreation Area. Cohn BLM Alaska Under the Midnight Sun of summer and the northern lights of winter, BLM Alaska is a land full of promise - 70 million acres of mountains, wetlands, and tundra for the use and enjoyment of present and future generations. Tweets. Phone: 202-208-3801. Upon completion of initial training, a performance-based selection will identify 16-18 regular crewmembers. These maps portray the Bureau's record of current federal land ownership and land status. Our mission is to sustain the health, diversity, and productivity of Americas public lands for the use and enjoyment of present and future generations. 5665 Washington DC 20240 Fax: 202-208-5242 Phone: 202-208-3801 Follow BLM Alaska on: Back to Top Media. Health and Optional Benefits. Telephone Directory National Interagency Fire Center 3833 South Development Avenue Boise, Idaho 83705- 5354 . Before he left in 2018, he was BLM Alaskas Deputy State Director for Resources. Learn more about the crew by watching this great video by BLM Oregon & Washington: Cohn replaces Tom Heinlein, who served as acting director and will return to his permanent role as BLM Anchorage District Manager. 2022 BLM Standards for Fire Business Management. Ft. Wainwright, AK 99703 A lock ( State of Alaska, Department of Forestry. The two senior advisers are Bud Cribley a former BLM Alaska state director who was removed from his position in June 2017 by then-Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke and transferred to the Fish and. He is a highly skilled and respected policy expert on Alaska public land and resources issues and his expertise will benefit the BLM and Alaska constituencies we serve.. 303-985-6835 All OSMRE Offices. Fax: 801-539-4198, 5335 Yellowstone Rd +>!KU TLRFGtvw g ,anJZ4O} UG- Kln@5CSb80:WxD/8R7Ku}-0:JlkTe%am4$( 2]r=|. Fax: 916-978-4438, 2850 Youngfield St Spotlight Offices Popular Links BLM Alaska frontiers Blog This includes over 70 million surface acres and 220 million subsurface acres (Federal mineral estate) in a state with a landmass equivalent to about one-fifth of the entire contiguous United States. Forms: Bureau of Land Management Forms. The ACRES reports contain BLM Alaska case information. The BLM Alaska Fire Service operates on an interagency basis, with employees from the Department of the Interior (DOI), U.S. Forest Service (USFS) and State of Alaska. Two interagency negotiated agreements define roles, responsibilities and expectations; facilitate the exchange of resources and the funding between the cooperating agencies. 1541 Gaffney Road BLM Alaska Fire Service is comprised of the following major components: Read fire news from all over the state and from all agencies at:, To report a Wildland Fire in AlaskaCall : 1-800-237-3633 or 911Send Questions or Comments:blm_ak_afs_public_affairs@blm.govMailing Address:Alaska Fire ServiceP.O. Scanned images of Cadastral land survey plats and field notes. Email the Webmaster. Fax: 907-356-5678, PO Box 35005 This employee directory is provided as a resource to aid in conducting business with the State of Alaska. National Interagency Fire Center, Most of the areas protected by BLM Alaska Fire Service are not accessible using Alaska's road network, so they rely on to get the, load/unload supplies, clean-up. BLM. The agencys national fire and aviation program,BLM Fire, which focuses on public safety as its top priority, consists of fire suppression, preparedness, predictive services, vegetative fuels management, community assistance and protection, and fire prevention through education. 1 0 obj You can stop by the Vale SRV office at 100 Oregon St., Vale, OR 97918. ESS allows State employees a convenient way to review various payroll information specific to them through a secure online portal accessible both inside and outside the State network. Steve Cohn, who resigned as BLM's deputy state director of resources in Alaska in 2018 to lead the Nature Conservancy's operations in the Last Frontier, has been tapped as director of the BLM . 9~;i:+N:$.JI %9"dPbh =uN n"li!zhJho4Zi@[) PKflGa)>7G8O \Cy;JEU[]XZric2LiYn4i Anchorage, AK 99507 Under the Midnight Sun of summer and the northern lights of winter, BLM Alaska is a land full of promise 70 million acres of mountains, wetlands, and tundra for the use and enjoyment of present and future generations. Fax: 303-239-3811, 1387 South Vinnell Way Public Safety Employees Assoc. Masters, Mates & Pilots. Print directly to a printer or to mimic a booklet, print to a pdf and then print the pdf using booklet or multiple page options. The Lands, Minerals, and Realty interactive map provides access to multiple geospatial layers including: mining claims, mining plans, conveyed lands, selected lands, withdrawals, easements and more. It's important to #KnowBeforeYouGo and #RecreateResponsibly while enjoying your public lands. Boise ID 83705-5398 BLM Alaska manages more surface and subsurface acres than any other state with BLM-managed lands. A .gov website belongs to an official government organization in the United States. Phone: 916-978-4600 a. a ka a r ct i o c e a n b e r i n g s e a. a a. e e s t e a r c t i c c i r c l e. arctic district office. %PDF-1.6 ) or https:// means youve safely connected to the .gov website. These interagency employees are vital to the BLM AFS mission. Division of Finance. Get a Birth Certificate, Marriage License, etc. For case data information/help, contact the BLM Alaska Public Information Center at (907) 271-5960. Headquartered in Washington DC, and with. Share sensitive information only on official, secure websites. 907, TheSpatial Data Management System (SDMS)website provides access to on, A growing selection of Alaska maps andGIS dataare available for your, BLMs Resource Management Plans (RMPs) form the basis for every action and, The Dingell Act's 5-year-long Alaska Native Veterans Land Allotment, We provide educational opportunities for adults, children, and families as, Plan your next camping, hiking, biking, goldpanning, hunting and fishing, At ~23-million-acres, the National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska comprises, Placer mining, long a mainstay of Alaska's gold mining industry, still, The BLM Alaska Fire Service provides wildlandsuppression services for, The Red Devil Mine is an abandoned cinnabar mine and mercury production, In Alaska, the BLM managesSteese National Conservation Area, a, Alaska has two Public Information Centers (Public Rooms), one in Anchorage, Steese National Conservation Area Details , Fortymile National Wild & Scenic River Details , White Mountains National Recreation Area Details , Collaborative Action and Dispute Resolution, BLM Campbell Tract welcomes Iditarod fans for ceremonial start activities, BLM seeks artist for weeklong residency on the remote Dalton Highway, BLM Publishes Public Land Order for 20-year Extension of Withdrawal for Chugach National Forests Russian River, BLM publishes final supplemental analysis for Willow Master Development Plan, Secretary of the Interior Appoints Members to Federal Subsistence Regional Advisory Councils, Interior Department Releases Draft Guidance for $500 Million in Formula Grants for States to Address Orphaned Oil and Gas, Bureau of Land Management seeks public input on draft environmental assessment for Campbell Creek Science Center Access, BLM seeks input on proposed fee modifications for White Mountains National Recreation Area and Taylor Highway recreation, Bureau of Land Management Releases Policy to Support Habitat Connectivity on Public Lands, Dingell Act Alaska Native Allotment Program Still Open for Business. Refer to specific records on file at BLM for official record information. Competitive benefits and pay Share sensitive information only on official, secure websites. bureau of land management bureau of land management bureau of land management llc bureau of land management bureau of land management The BLM, a leader in wildland fire management, conducts a broad range of actions to protect the public, natural landscapes, wildlife habitat, recreational areas, and other values and resources.

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