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After finishing her masters in teaching, Rodgers went on to teach at Highland School District for a year, after which, she began her work at Seattle Public Schools at Ballard High School. On Facebook, a man who identified himself as the father of the student who drew the illustration said his son raised concerns before publication about whether the image was appropriate, but those concerns were dismissed. The Grapevine is much more interesting when you are in it!!!!! The Pacific Northwest is rich with such quality jazz musicians, educators, and programs that deliver excellence at the highest level. This is a fantastic blend of experienced SPS high school leaders with new energy and talents from other school districts. Throughout her career, she has primarily been working at large school districts like Seattle, and wondered what it would be like to be in a smaller district. So, when the opportunity arose, I thought I would act upon it, she says. and some schools held rallies a month later. Seattle, WA 98115 Im excited to work in a new school district and understand how the policies and procedures in the Bainbridge School District compare to those of Seattle, she says.]. While Roosevelt students know her as Principal Rodgers, Rodgers history at Seattle Public Schools goes back before she began teaching. And for Roosevelt Drama events click here. *Incidents by Day of Week: Count of disciplinary actions by day of week.Incidents by Grade: Count of disciplinary actions by grade.Incidents by Hour: Count of disciplinary actions by hour.Incidents by Exclusion Type: Count of disciplinary incidents for an exclusion type.Incidents by Student Attribute or Support Service: Count of disciplinary incidents. Principal. Once she learned of The Times story, she sent an email to. It used to offer Japanese and Latin and was the last Seattle Public Schools school to do so before the programs were cut due to lack of interest, though it is generally agreed that the problem was actually the funding. At the news conference, some panel members said they felt the push to address racism in schools has mostly been a grass-roots effort. The Roosevelt News is a student run publication that aims to present factual and unbiased news and meaningful content to students, teachers, parents, and alumni. hWmO8+x7IZJ)o,j4Kt _3S)rx^3LD!]bsg. Brian Vance. BTA I funded more than 465 small and large facility projects at every school in the city. Read more in the Seattle Times: 3 Seattle-area high schools make finals of 2023 Essentially Ellington jazz band competition. HkwauaQueJol Hollins, Roosevelt's new principal, is no stranger to Seattle Public Schools. It has 1,715 students in grades 9th through 12th. hbbd``b`:$% $W @Hg ~ .$bAz ;8,F Teachers planning to participate in next weeks event also plan to wear Black Lives Matter at School T-shirts. %PDF-1.6 % [citation needed], Roosevelt's teams are named the Roughriders. The Roosevelt News was awarded the honor, Sayre Burwell (left), Lucas Schultze (right) / Gabby Demeny, The Roosevelt News Are you looking, Students Call Cultural Appropriation on ASR, Roosevelt Teacher Racial Diversity Lags Behind Students, Seattle City Council Allocates $4M to School Mental Health Resources, TRN Earns First Class Honor in Critique by NSPA, In Our Honest Opinions, With Lucas and Sayre. Uh whatever happened to principal Kristina? I thought the principal of Roosevelt was a woman. Signed opinion pieces represent the views of the writers and not necessarily those of the Editorial Board. We had a great time at the Golden Grads Luncheons at Sand Point Country Club. The illustration accompanied two stories in the newspaper: one on how substance abuse contributes to homelessness, and the other on how drug rehabilitation works and how much it costs. According to state test scores, 68% of students are at least proficient in math and 93% in reading. The $398 million Building Excellence II (BEX II) was approved by Seattle voters in 2001 to replace the expiring BEX I Capital Levy. Or it is a legal matter and they cant release any info? How long have you been at Roosevelt: 2020 Jeffery Hummel Associate Principal P: 515-242-7271 | F: 515-242-7350 | E: Graduated from Sidney Community High School Graduated from Iowa State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Speech Communication The Black Student Union posted a response to the cover on Instagram, saying they believe the illustration was not an intentionally malicious action but a common mistake made at RHS., The students wrote: We as a club do not want to stifle anyones viewpoint, however, we do want to open up a conversation on how this article could have been interpreted by certain groups We as students of color within the Roosevelt community feel as if this illustration lacks racial sensitivity and awareness towards the dangers of perpetuating stereotypes.. Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. Rodgers is a born and raised Seattleite, where she made her way through Eckstein Middle School and eventually to Roosevelt High School. In the 2013 festival, three groups out of the five (including a quintet and a sinfonia group) took first place in their divisions. 206-252-8800. I promptly got kicked out of Roosevelt after, I wanna say I lasted four or five months, maybe, he states. Joseph, with the UW, said daily skills-building work would have made it less likely the student artist would have drawn the image he did, and also that if he did create it, that his classmates, his teachers, his parents, might have an open dialogue about why its troubling, and the power that racist representations play today and maybe why its not a good choice for the school paper., WA to end masking requirement in health care, correctional facilities, Fire on Lake City Way in Seattle raises smoke, flooding concerns, One Seattle business is taking a stand against tipping mania, Chef Ethan Stowell buys a historic Seattle dive bar, Amazon shutters some convenience stores, including 2 in Seattle, Castro-Gill hopes schools will adopt an introductory ethnic studies curriculum. The Roosevelt News is a National Pacemaker Award-winning paper[24] produced monthly by students and overseen by a staff advisor. The dedication took place on. Incidents are counted as many times as there are students involved.Incidents per 100 Students: Count of disciplinary incidents divided by enrolled students and then multiplied by 100. Assistant Principal (A-Le) Caliboso, Antonia. Although the Covid-19 pandemic meant no Annual Luncheon in 2020 through 2022, scholarships and Teacher's Wish List requests are being awarded. The Roosevelt Symphony Orchestra also performs yearly with the Seattle Symphony in the annual Side by Side concert. Principal: Tami Brewer Being an assistant principal and being a principal are really, really different in a way that I didnt understand at all. [17], The boys' soccer team has been to the state playoffs fifteen times, placing 4th three times in 1985, 1990, & 2005; 3rd in 2013, and placing 1st in 2017. Seattle struggles with making changes happen, Presley said. Ballard High School moved to Kingco 4A in 2000. You can add Credit Card instructions to the form or attach your personal check to pay your dues. It has 1,709 students in grades 9-12 with a student-teacher ratio of 21 to 1. Welcome, Roosevelt High School families! Technology Supports for Families: Seattleschools.orgTranslated formsin Amharic, Chinese, Somali, Spanish, Tagalog, and Vietnamese. And so, itll bring a lot of fresh perspectives to our school.. The student who made this illustration might very well not harbor any racial animus, but his drawing, which is clearly racist (I dont think theres any disputing that) does show how easy it is to spew the racist stereotypes that live deep within all of us not because were bad people, but because we live in a society that is racist, she said. New principals appointed at Garfield, Roosevelt. She had never considered it before Kim Whitworth, former assistant principal of Ballard High School, referred her to the idea. And after that we work everything else out., Follow us on Instagram @therooseveltnews for issue updates and to learn more about the staff! Find more info on the Student Portal page: Student_portalCommunication Preferences: SPS Communication_preferences, Physical and Mental HealthSchool Nurse, Madalyn (Madie) Nelson MSN, RNEmail: mdnelson1@seattleschools.orgPhone: 206-252-4817, Teen Health Center Staffed full time by a Physician Assistant, Mental Health Therapists, and a Health Educator, providing family medicine servicesWebsite: Neighborcare.orgLocation: Room 255Phone: 206-527-8336Email:, Nutrition and Family SupportStudent and Family Meals [citation needed]. Seattle, WA 98116 The Roosevelt News receives national scholastic journalistic recognition. Its the best way to have the most direct impact with students, form really strong relationships, and get to know them really well., But she also says that her current role as an administrator is still a teacher at its core. The newspapers faculty adviser did not respond to requests for comment. About GreatSchools. What happened here? Mental Health Counselor . The Iron Riders were also on the winning alliance at the 8th Annual Washington Girls Generation FIRST Robotics Competition in 2019. Contact us at The local high school was named for him in 1922, and its mascot is the Roughriders, named for President Theodore Roosevelt's famous military regiment. He admits that the transition was challenging, saying theres always more things to do than time., Beyond obstacles created as a result of the pandemic, Hollins explains that he is also in the process of learning a different school culture; [thats] different too., Nevertheless, he mentions that the students have really embraced me. Smiling, he says, You dont know how it feels, to go to a game and all you hear is HOLLINS WHATS UP! I mean, its just an amazing feeling. Questions, comments, or concerns? Roosevelt High School - Special Education Assistant - 1.0 FTE Seattle Public Schools Seattle, WA 6 days ago Be among the first 25 applicants Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. In 201415, Roosevelt, Garfield and Ballard High schools returned to the Metro 3A Conference. Just a few sentences will be fine! 2 reviews of Roosevelt High School "I am a substitute for FUSD. The rates for membership are: $20 for an individual annual member or $30 for a couple living in the same household. Students will rally outside of the Seattle Public Schools Board meeting next week, calling for these demands. Having grown up in the city and attended Roosevelt High School himself as a student, Hollins always had a dream of returning to the community he was raised in. 2445 3rd Ave. S, Seattle, WA 98134 This group was created in 2001 by teachers Tom Nolet, Francene Watson, and Danny Rock with assistance from the University of Washington's Comparative History of Ideas Program and the Jackson School of International Studies. After 11 years at Roosevelt High School and nearly two decades at Seattle Public Schools, Principal Kristina Rodgers announced April 30 that she would be accepting a position as principal of Bainbridge High School for the 2021-2022 school year. Items will be published the following Friday. If you are interested in placing an ad, call (206) 948-9740. As principal of a comprehensive public high school in the 21st century, its a big leap from any other administrative position. Property taxes $170 Home insurance . Roosevelt was completely remodeled when I was here, our current library was the theater I took my PSAT in our now library which was the theater. Hollins says, Were going to do several different things. He says that one of his priorities is Making sure that they know you so youre being out, youre being visible, and youre being available for them to come and see you and stop by and just have a conversation., Hollins has made an impact on students and staff alike. About Washington State PTA Founded in 1905, the Washington Congress of Parents and Teachers, now known as the Washington State Parent Teacher Association(WSPTA), is the largest non-profit, volunteer organization in Washington. Mr. Vance has a deep passion for the West Seattle Community and a vested interest in creating an education experience that supports all student in preparing themselves for their future. Many school administrators havent seemed to embrace the curriculum,she said, because they think their schools already promote diversity and dont realize the problems are systemic. Ive always longed for my teachers to actually care about me, Presley said. In January 2017, a group of educators in Philadelphia inspired by what had transpired in Seattleorganized a week of events based on the principles of the Black Lives Matter movement. Coming into a new position, in addition to spearheading the effort to return to the building full time, there was a lot of adjusting involved for the principal. The Roosevelt News reserves the right to reject any advertisement deemed unacceptable for publication. The Roosevelt News does not run illegal, hateful, or inappropriate advertisements. Idk. The school honored its namesake by adopting the nickname [12], The boys' basketball team has won three state championships: in 1946, 1973 & 1982 and placed 2nd in 1965 & 1987. For some, the Roosevelt episode called attention to the need for better lessons on ethnic studies and gave added energy to coalition membershopes for the week. Hollins got a degree in education, eventually leading him back to Roosevelt. OnMonday, facing backlash,Roosevelt Principal Kristina Anderson Rodgers posted a message to the schools website apologizing for the illustration for perpetuating racial bias and stereotypes, and said the staff failed to identify imagery that is harmful and hurtful., I share your feelings of frustration and dismay and I am committed to working with our students, staff and community to learn from this incident, Anderson Rodgers wrote. Ive always longed for a curriculum that actually applied to me.. From there, his degree led him to venture into the world of teaching. Please, Join or renew your PTSA membership onlineTO REQUEST A MEMBERSHIP SCHOLARSHIP, pleaseemail, RHS E-News: Weekly Email NewsletterSign up here. The school is approximately one mile north of the University of Washington's main campus. During this time classes were held in Lincoln High School. I know that they will do great things, and I appreciate their support and their push over the last many years., Follow us on Instagram @therooseveltnews for issue updates and to learn more about the staff! The Seattle Times is not running an image of the cartoon because of its racist depiction. Learn how we can do better in this documentary about race and education, using the students and alumni of Roosevelt High School as an example. Questionsabout school reports? Public school in Seattle, Washington, United States, Washington Interscholastic Activities Association, "Seattle Public Schools, 1862-2000: Roosevelt High School", "NPR: One Year in the Life at Roosevelt High School, A Special Report", "Hands for a Bridge - Building community; educating global citizens", "2019 Washington Girls Generation Robotics Competition", "Garfield, Ballard, Roosevelt will return to Metro League", "History of the 4A High School Football Championship Series", "WIAA - Washington Interscholastic Activities Association", "WIAA | Washington Interscholastic Activities Association", "Once a Jayhawk, Always a Jayhawk: Meghan Miller", "Sports - McIntosh Makes An Easy Pick For Metro League Soccer Mvp - Seattle Times Newspaper", "50 years of change through the eyes of Roosevelt High", "Seattle teenage canoeist Nevin Harrison ready to realize Olympic dreams: 'I am right where I want to be', "Ruth Jessen, 1936-2007: LPGA Tour star started in Seattle", "William MacLeod Newman (1934 - 2015) obituary", "Roosevelt High School: One Year in the Life", NPR radio article,, Public high schools in Washington (state), Educational institutions established in 1922, 1922 establishments in Washington (state), Articles with dead external links from May 2019, Articles with permanently dead external links, Short description is different from Wikidata, Infobox mapframe without OSM relation ID on Wikidata, Articles with unsourced statements from October 2007, Articles with unsourced statements from November 2022, Articles lacking reliable references from November 2022, Articles with unsourced statements from December 2019, Articles needing cleanup from October 2016, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0, Paul Hess, former Kansas State Representative (197173) and Kansas State Senator (1973-1984), This page was last edited on 19 January 2023, at 00:56. Architects for this work were Bassetti Architects. # 842 in National Rankings. Next week, teachers involved in the movementplan to teach lessons on institutional racism and black history throughout the district. In addition, he states that Were trying to get the school app up and running, where you can record not only whats happening, but you also send a video and you can also send pictures of something that you might see thats wrong, thats happening in or outside the school. With these policies and others, Hollins is hoping to improve the reporting process and response from Roosevelts administration. The Black Lives Matters in School movement has its roots in Seattle. She has two Bachelor of Arts from the University of Washington: German Language and Literature and Psychology; a Master in Teaching from Seattle University and earned her principal certificatefrom Seattle Pacific University. Office staff were also nice, busy, but nice. And honestly, the last time I talked to Ms. Rockerson, who was the principal when I was here, I told her I was going to come back and be principal at this school.. 11. The projects included safety and security upgrades, roof and window replacements and technology and athletic field upgrades. They will continue in this shared leadership role for the remainder of the school year and will continue to be supported by the various central departments and staff as needed. To get your team started,, 2022/23 School Year Calendar: School_year_dates, Counseling Center: Roosevelths.seattleschools.orgCounseling secretary (Records and transcripts): 206-252-4827, Roosevelt Career Center Career_centerNaviance: An Online College and Career Planning Tool College_career_readiness, A - D Ms. Carrie Richard206-252-4835, clrichard@seattleschools.orgE - Ki Mr. Ron Stuart 206-252-4826,rjstuart@seattleschools.orgKj - Ri Ms. Courtney Judkins206-252-4824, cjjudkins@seattleschools.orgRj - Z Mr. Frank Heffernan206-252-4836, This has been and continues to be a unique and challenging year and their combined action represents the best in our shared work for our students and families. Roosevelt, in north Seattles Ravenna neighborhood, is one of the least diverse high schools in the Seattle district. With that being said, I have a heart towards students who dont feel like they fit into the high school life. The two are exchanging money and a package labeled cure. The headline reads: The Struggles of A Life with Addiction., Sebrena Burr, immediate past president of the Seattle Council PTSA, said the image portrayed the black man as a racist, comic figure.. Up-to-date members of Golden Grads will have special opportunities to participate during the Centennial. Or to walk down the hallway. Roosevelt High School is a public high school of the Seattle Public Schools located in Seattle, WA. Thats what leaders do, even if its not formally in a classroom.. . [19], The girls' soccer team has been to the state playoffs eleven times, placing 3rd in 1990, and 2nd in 2000. She said shed like school employees to ask about her goals and how they can help her meet them. That transition in roles was a positive., And as for the next principal? The hiring process for a new principal is usually pretty long and a lot goes into it. Please submit them to The Roosevelt News, Attention: Paul Reese, Roosevelt High School, 1410 NE 66th Street, Seattle, Washington 98115; or by email to Roosevelt Chief Sealth International Seattle World School ., Join or renew your PTSA membership online, There are four private voice teachers, a vocal director, and a choreographer for the annual musical. In January 2017, a group of educators in Philadelphia inspired by what had transpired in Seattle. Roosevelt High School 1410 NE 66 th St. Seattle, WA 98115 Members and Alternates Present Mike Barrett Sandy Miller Michael McKenney Bruce Rowland Johnson Andres Salomon Nola Sterling . View Bell Schedule, Attendance: 206-252-4814 [22], Organized as a club sport, the ultimate program at Roosevelt fields single-gender teams for boys and girls in both fall and spring, and coed teams during the winter and at tournaments. Opened in 1922 to. Roosevelt principal out after 6 months on the job. People have to adapt and see you differently, and you also have to adapt and see yourself differently in the same community, she says. This may affect the schools overall proficiency rating. [citation needed] Each year Roosevelt holds its "Dramafest" (a series of twelve student-produced plays), a Winter Production, and a Spring Musical. It took me ten minuets to get from the parking lot to the front office! Instead, after graduating high school Hollins was drawn toward cultural anthropology, fueled by a deep love for stories. Brewer, pictured here, began working as a teacher at Ingraham in 1994, so she is familiar with the district and with urban high schools. The students who spoke at Mondays news conference said what they experienced was more subtle, but still harmful. Its time to listen.. O'Dea High School is a Catholic all boys high school founded in 1923 and is located in Seattle's First Hill neighborhood.The school is named after Edward John O'Dea who was bishop of Seattle when the school was built. Jessica Proctor, Assistant Principal at Roosevelt, has worked very closely with Hollins in the first months of school. And so that if somebody sees something they can just put a message in the box.. [6] The Northern Ireland travelers visit Oakgrove Integrated College in Derry which is led by John Harkin, while the South African travelers visit Isilimela Comprehensive School and Bellville High School (Horskool Bellville) in Cape Town. district staff and community advocates outlined their plans for Black Lives Matter at School week at a news conference. By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. For RHS Roughriders Band information click the Riders Band site. When she began attending Roosevelt High School in the 90s, it was completely different to what it is today. Now, walking through the same school halls years later, he feels a quiet sense of nostalgia. The Roosevelt Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) welcomes you to the 2022-23 school year. At the 2016 Western High School Regional Championships, the boys placed first and the girls took 6th place. HkwauaQueJol Hollins, Roosevelts new principal, is no stranger to Seattle Public Schools. The student-run club constructs robots to compete in yearly competitions. Hoping you can send in some news about yourself by the deadline on March 10. Then click on that link. One is we ordered six, I believe, anonymous reporting boxes that were going to hang around the school. In 2016, an event at John Muir Elementary in which teachers planned to wear Black Lives Matter shirts was canceled because of a security threat. The National Education Association, Seattle Education Association and Seattle Parent Teacher Association have endorsed the week of action, and educators in cities across the country will also participate. Theodore Roosevelt[ edit] Theodore Roosevelt College and Career Academy, Gary, Indiana; formerly known as Theodore Roosevelt High School. As the premier parent organization, with more than 125,000 members in more than 875 local PTAs, the association is an innovative, forward-thinking and effective advocate for children. Nancy [13] The most recent state playoffs appearance occurred in 2009. Were proud to announce that Roosevelt Jazz Band 1 has been selected as a finalist to the Essentially Ellington Festival in New York City. In the past, Roosevelt has faced challenges regarding its handling of incidents of sexual assault and discrimination, and in order to help address those issues, the administration has worked to put new initiatives in place. Heres how to see us on Facebook: Login to your Facebook page. Type Roosevelt Golden Grads in the searchbox at the top. Roosevelt Golden Grads should pop up as achoice. Click on us to see our page. Underneath the banner with our name, selectLike & Follow. Then start reading our posts when they comeup on your feed. Our PTSA Board, along with RHS administrators, teachers, and staff, has been working collaboratively over the summer toward a healthy, safe and fabulous year for all! We are currently in conversations with Superintendent Jones and Senior Central Office Leadership regarding next steps for Roosevelt High School and will communicate those to the staff and families once they are finalized. We're sorry but your website won't work properly without javascript enabled. School reports are produced by the State Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction for each school and district in the state and updated periodically throughout the year as data becomes available.

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