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We use a number of ui_macros inserted as variables, and the client script seems to not be able to set those to hidden, even from the ui javascript executor. Check out my updated script above. Using ServiceNOw variables in Flow Designer Lets discuss the basic differences between both terms in a tabular form. Description. . ServiceNow Human Resource Service Delivery (HRSD), Difference Between Inbound and Outbound Web Service ServiceNow. Heres an example script. I rebuilt the test cases on demo18 and everything seems to work fine. Please suggest If there is any way to do this. Specifically approval requests. I know this would mean a performance hit on the client vs running the major work server-side. Heres another example that shows how you can access record producer variables using the producer object. I have tried the script. Its not being set up properly at the client though. 1000+ character string fields, the result of is that half the label background changes color rather than the whole label! Record producers provide an alternative way to create records through the service catalogue. I would love to be able to extend this sort of functionality to email notifications. My users certainly enjoy it. The only way you could get to it is if you used something like an onSubmit client script to put the label value in a field so that it would be available to the producer script. When the record is submitted using a record producer, you are redirected directly to the generated record. What [] What video game is Charlie playing in Poker Face S01E07? Ive updated the code above. The post Certified Diversity Recruiters appeared first on Crossfuze. My method does everything within the record producer itself, but admins could break the code if they dont pay attention to what theyre doing. The reference qualifier here is important. You did such an amazing job. If you are interested in reporting on variables from Record Producers for Incident Management, here is a way to filter or export this information from ServiceNow. Now that we are here, lets sort by the Incident table. Variables belong to global application so script is accessing on global then it worked. Here's another example that shows how you can access record producer variables using the 'producer' object. However, it doesnt seem to work with containers that are set to be two columns wide. In fact, its been asked here before! If you have any consultation requests, or would just like to chat - please feel free to reach out to How do I find what Element I need to change when it is part of a variable container? . var myVar = g_form. Record Producer ServiceNow. This is just for standard forms. For a variable, the label of the variable is returned. In this example it will be the Assigned To field (which contains the Sys-ID of the source User record). Anyone know how force a record producer to update an existing record instead of inserting a new one? The field is already set to mandatory, but when the label is changing, that red asterisk is disappearing. Is there a way to change the label dynamically on the basis of some other value. I notice this works for variables that are not within containers. ServiceNow, // remove variables included in multi-row variable set (but variable included in variables-row variable set are necessary. All About ServiceNow Service Catalog Variables? The client script is not working. For multi-row variable set, the title of the variable set is returned. Our Recruiting team is 100% certified by the AIRS Certified Diversity and Inclusion Recruiter course. Any chance someone has already figured this out? Sign-up to get the latest news and update information from ServiceNow Guru! You did such an amazing job. The business rule simply populates the record producer sys_id value into the record producer Script field every time the record producer is inserted or updated and then the standard record producer script/creation process takes over and writes the producer Sys ID to the field per normal operations. I think the best solution is simply to create a new reference field referencing the Record producer [sc_cat_item_producer] table named Record producer [u_record_producer] on the task table. Our Recruiting team is 100% certified by the AIRS Certified Diversity and Inclusion Recruiter course. There are a number of reasons why you might want to do this - for example, imagine you have a generic access request catalog item that lets you choose a group, enter the business justification, and request access to that group. servicenow catalog variable types. I noticed that this issue is related to a bug in the js_includes.jsx file so I made some changes to the onLoad client script and it appears to work. } The use of eval shouldnt be a concern in this case though since its limited in its scope and the information being included in the eval statement is all controlled from the back-end. Also, anyone work in a regulated environment where hiding fields on a form, even if empty dynamically would be considered a violation? It is not working in Service Portal. The dependent value is the value that this data depends on. Absolutely. The post Certified Diversity Recruiters appeared first on Crossfuze. getControl('caller_id'); toggleHelp ( myVar. You can enter data for all records created by the record producer, and redirect an end user to a particular page after the record producer is submitted., Another thing is that current.number doesnt contain anything. Youll need to get ServiceNow support to help you with this. *2 .getDisplayValue()DOCSMRVS.getCellDisplayValue()DOCSVariable.getDisplayValue()DOCS.getDisplayValue()GlideRecord, Variable(Label)(DisplayValue), Variable(Label)(DisplayValue)Variable(Name)(Value)API, GlideRecord.getLabel().getName().getDisplayValue().getValue()MRVS.getName()undefined, MRVSDOCS, ReferenceList collectorAttachmentChoice, ITSaaS.IT.. Thanks for checking into it I really appreciate you taking time to look at it. Static Choice nodes have both a Label and a Value.Depending on the context, a developer may want to use one or the other. . Once youve got the empty variable names collected all you have to do is set up a client script to grab the g_scratchpad variable, split out any empty variable names, and hide each one. I can see advantages to both approaches. Please note that with the introduction of the Service Portal, many client-side scripting methods have been deprecated. Its so much of a hack that its likely to break in the future so Im not even sure that youll want to use it. Im trying to apply this script to change the slush bucket labels (left and right), but nothing Im doing seems to work. Hi Mark, thanks for sharing this. You can try out this report, however you will quickly see that sys_ids are used in the table and the report isn't overly that valuable. This is excellent thanks so much for this. Is there a proper earth ground point in this switch box? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Mark, Whats even stranger is that on our dev instance, which is on a previous release of Berlin, I can get the scratchpad vars to display. Fantastic, this is exactly what I needed to give the users visibility into which type of Service Creator task (in a category) they were seeing in a list. Oftentimes it is more desirable to redirect users back to the catalog or their homepage and provide them with an information message telling them that their record has been created. Ive done some testing with it to see if I could fix it, but it looks like its not a simple workaround. Great point. Ive tried this function call, but to no avail: changeFieldLabel(variables.requested_for, Requestor); Unfortunately, ServiceNow hasnt given us a good way to get at those variable elements on the standard forms. i.e. If you want to try hiding variables whose default values have not been changed, then you can modify the script like this This is working perfectly to hide the empty variables in the Request, but it is not hiding the empty variables from any Catalog Task (sc_task) spawned off from the Request. That comes from the prototype javascript framework, which is bundled with ServiceNow. Client-side gets them via g_form.getValue ("field_name"); Server-side gets them via ritmGlideRecord.variables.field_name (or for dynamic field name, ritmGlideRecord.variables [fieldName]). Note: To create a database view, you need to be very precise, otherwise it will not run. A little tip though, dont mention the SNGuru solution. //Hide all empty variables using the scratchpad object passed from Hide Empty Variables business rule Then you can invoke the function from any form with a single line. Since 2009, ServiceNow Guru has been THE go-to source of ServiceNow technical content and knowledge for all ServiceNow professionals. From the ServiceNow Wiki, here is some documentation to read before you start . This script takes the values of the 'caller_id . The solution described in this article can now be accomplished using the . This will sound strange but what about form sections? Do you know if it is possible to retrieve the modified label? What if you have a label that you want to change based on the user viewing the record? Just implemented this script into our test environment and works quite well (Helsinki Patch 11) expect for check boxes, empty check boxes still remain? Usually if a client script isnt working you can find some clues in the browser error console so Id check there. Your question is outside the scope of this article. Yeah I switched to raw ampersands as an experiment and it worked fine. New post: Application Portfolio Management (APM) assessment challenges, New post: Knowledge Translation using Localization Framework and Azure, New post: Localization framework fulfillment (LP, LRITM, LFTASK) We are using Istanbul Patch 3 . The post Certified Diversity Recruiters appeared first on Crossfuze. If youre going to K12 I could take a look at it in person. Label fields label. They dont allow you to implement one single script to fix the issue. The dynamic content block on your new page will need to contain code like this to redirect and break out of the inner frame. Just make sure that you check the Inherited checkbox if you decide to set this up on the task table! { I've updated the article. They are still appearing although the visibility has been set to false during the form-filling process. Open any record producer record, for example, Create Incident. Why are Suriname, Belize, and Guinea-Bissau classified as "Small Island Developing States"? Most of the entries in the NAME column of the output from lsof +D /tmp do not begin with /tmp. Does this solution also effect the way the Approval Summarizer (variable_summary_approval.xml) displays variables for an item? This should work better. Ive written before about how you can quckly export and import data between ServiceNow instances using the XML export/import context menus. It is not working for me.. Steps to Reproduce In an affected instance: Open the Record Producer Attach an attachment Submit the case Wait 10 seconds and refresh the My Request When code is not enclosed in a function, variables and other objects are available to all other server-side scripts. addInfoMessage( message); //Redirect the user to the homepage. Its technically possible, but its a pretty bad hack that would be likely to break or cause future issues so its not something I can recommend or would even spend the time to code up. Thanks Harry. If not, the the info message appears but the record producer shown is erroneous. This editor is a formatter added on records that are generated by a record producer for task-extended tables. gs. The post Certified Diversity Recruiters appeared first on Crossfuze. I hate that message though. Is it plausible for constructed languages to be used to affect thought and control or mold people towards desired outcomes? The client would like the user to be able to select an Incident Category as well as an Incident . Keep it up. This is certainly possible, but it depends on how you are including those variable values in your email. Build like you mean it!! You can add the value of anything from the generated record to the message by accessing the current record object followed by the name of the field you want to access (current.short_description, current.number, etc.). . Adding a Redirect and Info Message to a Record Producer, //Create the html contents of the information message, //Get the values of record producer variables to populate the 'work_notes' and 'short_description' on generated record, "Please contact customer with new password via: ", //Populate Assignment Group (name must be unique), 'The IT department will contact you for further information if necessary.
', //Redirect the user to the 'ess' homepage, Comparing the Differences Between Two Strings,, Application Portfolio Management (APM) assessment challenges, Knowledge Translation using Localization Framework and Azure, Localization framework fulfillment (LP, LRITM, LFTASK), Thanks! . by modifying the script field entry on the record producer. Variables to collect data for record producer fields. How to hide variables that already set to visible = false but has pre-defined value such as No, None, 1. Hey Guys I am attempting to rewrite the label if a user has itil role.. The answer is client scripting. Records created from a record producer has empty variables values. Worked like a charm! We want to test that our qualifier works. what about related list labels?, Can anyone explain the functionality of the above code plzz. Next, select the referenced Form Mapping using the drop-down on the 'Use Key . If youve got additional tables that dont extend task, just repeat the same step there as well. Below is the onAfter script: (function runTransformScript (source, map, log, target /*undefined onStart*/ ) {//Create Questions in Record Producer var irpVariables = new GlideRecord ("u_imp_irp_variables"); 2. }); Thats just using the Prototype API to go through all of the DOM nodes in the label element and adjust the inner text to be the text of your new field label. I got the same warnings when checking the syntax on the BR. Is it possible to rotate a window 90 degrees if it has the same length and width? How would I do that? Sign-up to get the latest news and update information from ServiceNow Guru! With a client script you can target any field on the form and modify its label. I think the best you could do would be to wrap your UI macro code in a specific div with a specific ID each time. Thanks, -e. I think any time you can use the out-of-box behavior you should. Subscribe to get the latest news, events, and blogs. Step 1: Create Database View:u_incident_variables, Fields: value, table_sys_id,table_name, question, Where Clause: qst_table_sys_id = inc_sys_id, Fields: short_description, number, sys_id, Incident Variables Database View (Click to view), Question Answer View Table (Click to view), Step 2: Create Report:Incident Variables #2, Incident Variables Report #2 (Click to view), Report:Incident Variables #2Visible to: EveryoneType: ListTable: Incident Variable [u_incident_variables]Filter:Group By: Number, Incident_Variables_Report_ServiceNowELITE.xml, 2022 by ServiceNow Elite. Whether you're a new admin or a seasoned consultant, you're guaranteed to find quality solutions that will aid you in your ServiceNow journey! This post comes in response to a question on the ServiceNow forums asking if it is possible to change the label of a field dynamically based on some record criteria (such as record type). Please help. If not, do you have any suggestions on how to extend this to include setting empty variables to not display on the Summarizer? How To Find Users Logged Into ServiceNow Instance? Would you say this solution is still needed with the changes to UI Policies in Calgary? I have a record producer where I modified the labels with a catalog client script as you explained above. Because they have a value, even unchecked check boxes will appear when using this solution. Is it possible to call the function and not change the text of the current label (I only want to change the color)? It performs a similar operation to populate the short_description field. A limit involving the quotient of two sums. When the user submits the incident I would like to grab the modified label and insert it in the incident description. In my case, I wanted a user to be able to create sprints for a project. You can store the reference field value in any field type, but I think a reference field is best. I collapsed your scripts into a single one (since onLoad and onChange are very similar) and modified it a bit for consistency with the ones above. Thanks for contributing an answer to Stack Overflow! But I have an issue, when I show the form in the Service Portal. Keep it up. Our Recruiting team is 100% certified by the AIRS Certified Diversity and Inclusion Recruiter course. I just tested on a clean demo instance and it worked fine there. however I believe the syntax maybe off.. can you help? Why is this the case? You can do that by going to sys_choice.LIST in the application picker. Only do this for a few Categories for the time being. Regarding hiding variables with a matching default value, you can modify the script to do this, but I think it will be difficult to determine which items to really hide. Thanks Mark,,, arrrgh BTW, why do you use the condition: !RP.isPopup() in this Display BR ? Great site you got. Again a great solution. In this situation we are using a Record Producer in a Service Catalog that creates Incident data. Ok, any idea how to do that? It seems like client script doesnt see variables. + emptyVars[i] + "\", false);"; As soon as you mention SNGuru theyll try to tell you its unsupportedeven though the issue has nothing to do with SNGuru :). You should use the new Mobile GlideForm API to change labels instead. It seems like this code doesnt work on the new Service Portal? producer. Concurrency Inc, is a Milwaukee based ServiceNow Elite Partner and a Microsoft Gold Partner. If you put this as a business rule, itll pick up what you submit using the sysparm_action parameter in the glideuri map. Not a strange question at all. This was just what I was looking for, thanks for sharing. Non-admins can still see all the empty variables. This is great. Weve added a notice to the top of this article to note that the methods in this post have been deprecated in the latest ServiceNow releases. WARNING at line 6: Bad for in variable vars. if(g_scratchpad.emptyVars != ){ New post: Application Portfolio Management (APM) assessment challenges, New post: Knowledge Translation using Localization Framework and Azure, New post: Localization framework fulfillment (LP, LRITM, LFTASK) Ive modified this a bit to hide variables, labels, containers and UI pages that are not set to Global. Ive seen this done before. Thanks in advance. New post: Application Portfolio Management (APM) assessment challenges, New post: Knowledge Translation using Localization Framework and Azure, New post: Localization framework fulfillment (LP, LRITM, LFTASK) = color; I am trying to push some of the field labels into another field, field name(column name) is working fine but unable to print field label. We recommend that you post it on the ServiceNow Community Forum. Since 2009, ServiceNow Guru has been THE go-to source of ServiceNow technical content and knowledge for all ServiceNow professionals. Couldnt get it to work at first, but it does now. We have a global variable set for attachments with a real generic label Please attach any pertinent data. You should be able to change the table label of a form (the first form section label) with a script like this. Looks like it works great though. I have a client that has tones of variables on their items and re-architecting their use of Variables would be a major over-haul. A record producer asks the user a series of questions that can be used to generate many records at a time. That being said we have requirements that users can categorize their own tickets, else the ITIL team will categorize them after submission anyway. You will need a variable of Category and a variable of Subcategory. Scripts require the Value.. Use the getValue() method to use the Value and the getDisplayValue() method to use the label. Once you've got the empty variable names collected all you have to do is set up a client script to grab the 'g_scratchpad' variable, split out any empty variable names, and hide each one. It would be nice to not include those that are empty. The only thing I can suggest would be to confirm which part of the business rule is causing the problem by taking pieces out and replacing them with gs.log entries until you identify the issue. I tried it on several requests on both of our sites and it works fine so there must be something else blocking it from working for whatever reason that doesnt happen on ours bizarre ill be interested in seeing what Mark says.. g_form.setDisplay(variables.caller_id, false); works fine there. It worked perfectly again after that. Once you have this entered click Submit. Can I just do a section of the catalog item -> Variable Label as bold and rest as normal. rev2023.3.3.43278. Unfortunately I dont know of a simple solution for that.

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