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old boston bars that have closed

Only place I have visited where you could order a whale steak. Bell in Hand is located at 45 Union Street, Boston, MA 02108. We would routinely take doggie bags to go because we couldnt eat all the food in one sitting. Photograph: Ed Massery with Tom Underiner. Answer (1 of 9): The laws in Massachusetts require that bars stop serving alcohol at 2 am. Fried Clam stand on Route 1 in York (? Actually, I just looked it up and, indeed, they are still open and have great reviews! The 240-capacity Allston bar was an unofficial feeder for larger clubs like the Middle East and the Paradise. The waiters were all old men, and the pictures of movie stars who ate there were on the walls. When the state took the land for the Walden Pond State Reservation in 1966 or 67 she was ready to sell. By entering your email address you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and consent to receive emails from Time Out about news, events, offers and partner promotions. Wicked yummy! I had Nancy Greenwood! When you stop by this historic Boston bar for a brew, you are following the footsteps of American history. Sorry its gone missing! Their pecan rolls were to die for. What was more exciting? Have you ever been to Kream n Kone in Dennis? You get an all-you-can-eat salad bar for one reasonable price. Deep Ellum: This popular Allston hangout, renowned for its beer list and welcoming patio, has given way to its sibling and neighbor, Lone Star Taco Bar, which will expand into the Deep Ellum space. Pier 4 and their enormous Yard of Ale was a favourite of my parents when visitors came to stay. The brothers passed away fairly young, Edric Jr. carried the business for a number of years after. Under =Boston Restaurants are 2 Downtown Scandinavian ones; Olas,14 Carver St ,Park Square and the one I think you are remembering.. Ditto the Hilltop Steak House. I remember Elises went I attended MIT. I found this Jordan Marsh macaroon recipe online. Which now-closed New England restaurants do you miss most? The Dini family made that place renowned for delicious seafood and a warm welcome. While Bostons rich Colonial past has left it with some truly ancient watering holes, the city also boats a few relics from its own unique Mid-Century history. He repackaged it as the Hearth n Kettle and eventually expanding that brand to five Cape Cod locations. We kids loved stopping there, more for the ritual than the actual food, typical diner fare Tho I do recall discovering BLTs there and 7-Up Floats with sherbet!! My favorite restaurant on Cape Cod, having grown up there, was Mildreds Chowder House in Hyannis! The Field Pub: As perhaps Cambridge's most popular Irish pub, The Field hosted countless first dates, break-ups, and late-night gatherings. Located on the ground floor, the Jordan Marsh Food Shop and Bakery would have shoppers following their noses toward those signature muffins and other baked goods; once there, they could also browse gourmet snacks and gift baskets. A terrific restaurant that you should visit if you have the opportunity!! I remember General Glovers popovers!! It was across from the Plymouth public beach area. Really a place to go. The Apolo dinner and Benjamins in Taunton MA, Tiny Jims in Buzzards Bay MA, and remember standing in line at York steak house chains around NE. a whale steak. They had the best seafood platter and a delicious filet mignon! Hugos Cohasset. The clam roll shave been equaled and surpassed bu t other both they were good. Cuchi Cuchi: For 19 years, Cantabrigians flocked to this Central Square hideaway to enjoy globally-inspired small plates and creative cocktails. It was here that Dickens first read his magnificent novel, A Christmas Carol, in America. Taranta: Jose Duarte's Peruvian-accented eatery was one of the most beloved in the North End. Warren Tavern Bars Charlestown The Warren Tavern has been in its current location on Pleasant Street (near the Bunker Hill Monument) since. Does anyone remember the Scottish lion in Portsmouth NH? Diners can still enjoy Dante de Magistris' fresh pastas and hearty Italian plates at Il Casale Lexington and Il Casale Belmont. I miss Anthonys Pier 4 (popovers), Locke Ober (curried shrimp, and salads with their perfect roquefort dressing) and The English Room on Newbury St. (their signature salad dressing, warm sticky buns, and a seafood or was it crabmeat -casserole). Best special occasion restaurant ever! First dinner out with my husband of 31 years! Brighams was great but you didnt give mention to Baileys in Harvard Sq! (Its clam chowder recipe continues to circulate online, still in demand after all these years). Post 390: One of the Back Bay's most popular spots for expense account dining and corporate gatherings has turned off its fireplace for good. The food was so yummy, whatever you ordered. 4. Johnsons is still there in Northwood, NH! They offered all the steak and lobstah you could eat for a vcery reasonable fixed price and made their money on the beer and desserts they sold separately. Thats certainly something worthy of a toast. I go every year when visiting Bow Lake! Staff writer for Only In Your State and freelance writer. Lords in Wells Maine unbelievable stuffed lobster, had an extra tail inside and the dessert in the pastry with ice cream was delicious. Luckily, the recipe has been preserved for those who would like to make those classic Jordan Marsh blueberry muffins at home. Among the most famous of now-closed New England restaurants is Durgin-Park, a Faneuil Hall favorite for nearly two centuries before it shuttered in 2019. No one has equaled their coffee ice cream. And last, because its Christmas, Filenes would have dinner with Santa which was the greatest treat of all. All different kinds. Even though Im living away, Im sad at the fact that Cole Farms in Gray, Maine has closed. Great memories. In the late 70s the Athens Olympia was a mainstay for lunch for my co-workers & I. We love the pop overs and their Delmonico potatoes and prime rib. Mocha chip my all time favorite. By 1938, the Kimballs had added turkey sandwiches and ice cream to its offerings, and after those were met with high demand, they opened a restaurant in 1940, serving their own turkeys and other fare. Souper Salad on Newbury Street was tops for a summer day. Well,in their@100 year existence, this scenario played out again and again; a fisherman would come to the owner(Jimmy, Nick,Tony,etc. The rooms were big, the drinks were big, and the food was big (the standard-size sirloin was 18 ounces, but much larger cuts were available as well). It has my favorite fried seafood in the Cape. Despite its popularity, Chadwicks closed in 1998. In 2011, the bricks-and-mortar store closed. Flagstones was our familys choice for birthday dinners. Lir is the latest in a spate of popular Boston restaurants closing their doors due to the coronavirus pandemic. Everyone treated like family. In all, there were 16 gay bars in Boston and Cambridge, according to Pink Pages directories from 1993 and 1994. My parents used to take my sister and I there for special occasions. We went to The White Rabbit every week for dinner. Worth the drive all the way from Bellingham MA just to have them for dinner, Also the Fin and Fern it was on route 101 going from Amherst to Bedford NH. Anyway, it was just outstanding. What memories! The pizza was the size of the table. Kevin Bresnahan, Loved when my parents took me to the European. For my part, I miss all the classic diners that have been closed or moved. This was supposed to be its death knell; instead, its popularity increased. David K. I used to love Sandys! However, the flagship location in Boston closed for good in 1978. The marble counter and heart shaped backs on the chairs, the outstanding hot fudge dripping onto the saucer from the metal ice cream dish. 1 there is called Providence Hwy. But the NoNames legacy cant be understated,believe me..it served as a virtual Restaurant Academy, and chances are there is at least one establishment in your area that owes its existence to that chain of entrepreneurship that issued forth from the humble Fish Pier! Cheers Faneuil Hall: The Faneuil Hall location's bar was a replica of the one that appeared on the set of the TV show. And their 3 lb back stuffed was great. Ive hit them all and have such fond memories. Try another? Sad to think of these iconic restaurants are no longer around. Our newsletter hand-delivers the best bits to your inbox. Still miss my favorite restaurant. pic.twitter.com/tUl8hAtRCA, JWU Culinary (@JWUCulinaryNow) March 15, 2016, Fontaines in West Roxbury the fried chicken and grilled, buttered dinner rolls. Kristina Nikolaides, Best coleslaw and onion rings evah!! Now with this pandemic so many more good places have closed. Does anyone else have memories to share of SANDYS? The store concentrated on classic goods and, in the 1970s, several other branches opened throughout Greater Boston. How I looked forward to that! Some famous figures who've patronized this bar include Paul Revere and Daniel Webster. Great coffee, wine & beer bar. Also very much missed is the Town Line SMH. The Frogmore: Jamaica Plain residents will have to find a new place for fried chicken and Low Country faves. A guy working at that restaurant for decades recognized dad !!! I remember having lunch at Warmuths and seeing on the news that night that it closed its doors for good. My parents just loved it. Research and anecdotes were pulled from The Music Museum of New England, Dirty Old Boston, The David Bieber Archives, and a variety of other online sources, linked when appropriate. My family loved Hills Restaurant in Hyannis, MA. Restaurants That Have Closed. Sam Doran, a 24-year-old who lives in the North End, said he has been frequenting the bar for three years. Today, a mammoth Barnes & Noble bookstore occupies the space where the restaurant once stood. There was music and some of Santas elves would bring you a box of your own crayons and coloring pages while you waited for dinner. The popovers were stellar. Well, a number of local watering holes are surely up there, welcomingColonial rebel rousers as they helped organize The Revolutionand many of them still stand today, in defiance to the rapid development surrounding them. KPub is now in the same building. The clam shack on Route 1 was called Els, our all time favorite place for clams. There are old bars in Boston, and then there are really old bars in Boston. After the bars closed we would go to The Egg and Eye! Worked there two summers during college. That meal alone was worth the sometimes hour-long wait. They too just closed for some reason. The chocolate loving Dutch have been eating them for breakfast on toast for decades. For a few months around 1967, Crosstown Bus filled a second-floor space of the 139-year-old Warren Building, a now inauspicious apartment and commercial building we pass by each day stuck in . ONCE Ballroom: This indie-focused music venue and lounge in Somerville has hosted its last show. With the neon chicken sign waving you in with his wing.. Baileys ice cream in Wellesley and Belmont. Most famously, John F. Kennedy launched his political career at the hotel and proposed to Jacqueline Bouvier at Parker's Restaurant. Great German style food and huge beer selection. I remember taking dates to Kowloon. 1, Norwood, on the outbound side. This beloved restaurant launched in 1963 and quickly became THE place to dine and hobnob. Use of and/or registration on any portion of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement. Too far from my home in Wakefield. Grew up in Stoneham MA now in FL. The Irish pub Lir on Boylston Street is . i WENT TO THE EUROPEAN IN THE NORTH END YEARS AND YEARS AGO, WIth A LOCALBRUNO DIBICARI , HIS BROTHER , ADDIO WAS well a known sculptor the restaurant across the street had their kitchen exhaust fan blow down , into the sidewalk, one whiffand you were in the door.brilliant !!! It fronted onto Daniel Webster Highway, so thats where they put their farm stand and business was good. This Boston-based chain was the creation of Cambridge native V.J. Also the best Grape Nut Pudding I ever had. Dantes Inferno always a stop when leaving Thunder Mountain through Spring field Mass. Thanks for the memories of all. As far as now defunct chain restaurants that were always very good, Victorias Station ( all of their restaurants were built from converted Train Cars. Always went to. Mitchells Steak And Rib House, Hyannis. Im looking for the coconut macaroon recipe from Jordan Marsh or Filenes??? The Last Hurrah is located inside the Omni Parker House hotel, which itself dates to 1855, and claims the much-traveled British author as a reveler and a guest. When William Filene opened his first department store - Filene's - in 1890, it was similar to all its other Boston competitors. What a treasure it was! Well, its often not pleasant. A little late maybe, but cant forget Mama Leones in Boston {servicemen in uniform eat for free), the Kon-Tiki Room at the Sheraton-Prudential Center; The Commodore in North Beverly; The Junction for ice cream in Essex, MA ; Hojos all-you-can-eat clams (strips only)all across New England; Pilots Grill and Millers in Bangor, ME; The Sail inn near Bucksport, ME; The 95er in Bangor, ME; and Vallees Steak House at Exit 8 in Portland, ME. Hilltop was a firm favourite for its ridiculous extravagance with decorations, the herd of plastic cows. My mom was not a fan of fried chicken. Welicks in Franklin for their fried seafood and they were open year round, not like the roadside stands. I used to go there before my evening shift. What a delicious combination. 617-956-8765. Amazing Baked Alaska! The Tam is a prime example, having first opened its doors sometime during the 1940s, thriving as a beloved townie bar ever since. Their pot roast was the best I have ever had as was there Grape Nut Custard. Thanks everyone. What about LockeOber in Boston? I miss them all! And of course that was followed by an Anthonys birthday cake. Its owners boast that their taproom has the oldest hand carved bar in America, and it's wherethe first draft beer pump in Boston was installed. I tried googling it but doesnt come up, That Rte 1 Kellys was a Red Coach Grille years ago, They used to have a giant cart outside on the corner of it with really big wheels.I remember Red Coach Grill, good food too, In the early 1960s it was a Red Coach Grill. The most elegant, continental style, second Prime Rib if you finished the first- The Brook Manor Super special dining for special occasions! Great seafood and a good variety on the menu so everyone could find something no matter what their tastes. Pellino's Ristorante (2 Prince St., Boston) has closed after about three decades in business the first two-thirds of which were in Marblehead before owners Frank and Karen Pellino moved the. This post was first published in 2020 and has been updated. I miss their cold garlic broccoli salad and chilled red wine in pitchers. The owners were the nicest. Anthonys Pier 4 in Boston and Saunders at Rye Harbor, NH. I must agree Howard Johnsons offered a variety of good food and accommodations. Bella Luna Restaurant & The Milky Way Lounge: A true Jamaica Plain institution, this famously inclusive meeting spot welcomed all comers since the 1990s. The Kings Rook in Marblehead kept me in great French Cream Cheese cake, fruit Frapps and Classical Music. It was named the Sand Bar and was associated with a miniature golf course. But what's the oldest bar in Boston? They did quite a function business so had need of live bands. Yes I remember the fried clams in York ME. When my three best friends and I got our first paying jobs in high school, we would dress up and go on Sundays. They have a restaurant in Sanford Maine now , unfortunately no stuffed obstetrics or dessert but still good. Ive been to a couple of these restaurants like the Hilltop Steakhouse remember going there with my grandparents when I was little and going into the butcher shop too. McGreevey's: The Dropkick Murphys-affiliated sports bar has shipped out of Boston for good. I remember Anthonys Pier 4, but didnt go there very often. McMenamys Falmouth. A summertime tradition to visit at least once while leaving the Cape. I recall a place called JTs on Route 20 near or in Weston in the 70s and 80s. also Warmuths they had a great B deck saladthere are so many that are gone and I miss them all. My father in law would take us to lokobers in Boston and we would get baked Alaska for dessert. Then on to the next one. No matter which one you went to you would always end up seeing someone you knew. Compiled between July 11 and July 15, 2016, with profound fondness and sorrow for the dearly departed watering holes of our youth: I cant remember the name. We always enjoyed these places: Jack & Marions, The Town Lynne, and Fantasias. They used to give us old-fashioned finger bowls with every meal and there were cute photos of babies on the wall. Brighams in Arlington Heights. So sad its not there anymore! I had so many times there with friends as part of a day spent shopping or at the movies. HOW CAN this list not include Howard JohnsonsThey invented the CLAM ROLL, along w/help From NISSEN who invented the New England Hot Dog rollsAlso Heck Allens in Saugus GREAT SEAFOOD. This is an old question for Boston's LGBTQ community. The one we miss the most Fontaines win West Roxburytheir fried chicken Alabama with the snowflake rolls, butternut squash and mashed potatoes with gravy is to die for!! This was in the 70s. I remember the delicious meals, breads, and desserts..Another gem was Pop Hansons Deli around Harwichport on the Cape. I recall a several course wine dinner there around the mid 80s with a staff of about twenty waiters and waitresses who never missed a beat. She was famous for her apple pies and fried chicken. scoops of ice cream, carried to the table on a silver platter by multiple busboys, who would pretend to struggle with the weight. Following the 1877 deaths of Durgin and Park, Chandler and his heirs ran the restaurant until 1945. Fun times! In a space that originally housed the Federal Reserve, Bond is now a cocktail bar that nods back to its history with original doors and a pastry kitchen that is located in the bank's old vault. At one time, Jordan Marsh, Filene's, and Gilchrist were the three shopping landmarks of Downtown Crossing. That is one restaurant my husband and I really miss! Sandys had a location in Brockton, MA also. Yokens, Hilltop, Valles, The Modern and Greenwich Turkey Farm in Nashua, and the Hanover House in Manchester and last but not least, the China Dragon in Hooksett. If youre looking for something a little fancier and more modern, check out our list of the best cocktail bars in Boston. When you were a regular to Durgin Park you had your own waitress! The Newbury Steak House was a firm favourite. The Kowloon was the big attration on Route One, and still is. Hilltop ! There were starched linen tablecloths and napkins. Durgin-Parks roots actually go back even further, since it grew out of a food hall that opened shortly after Faneuil Halls construction in 1742. Wish we could find the recipe for their delicious Delmonico potatoes . Since its start, this family-run pub has kept it classic, pouring pints of Guinness and other draft beers from behind its dark wooden bar, and serving straight comfort food with a smile. So, whats sitting on these properties now? Swensons ice cream Faneuil Hall, The Dome Woods Hole. There is a Friendlys on Rte. Today, The Last Hurrah has the feel of a gentlemens club, but its walls tell a more modern story as a place of political movers and shakers. But we never let go of our past loves, so lets step into the wayback machine and revisit a few of the now-closed New England restaurants that live on in our memory. Greatly miss so many,this topic really stirs memories for a lot of us,..how about Dinos Sea Grill on Tremont Street Boston? Many of my favorites already mentioned but have to add Buttricks Ice Cream, Cottage Crest in Reading,the old Carrolls Diner in Medford, Arnies Fireside in Dedham & Beef N Ale Boston next to the Music Hall/Wang Theatre. Glad Dinis and Too House were mentioned by others. Supposedly, the BellyBuster was free to anyone who could eat it all in one go. The clam chowder was phenomenal and made with quahogs. Great Article! Long gone, now, of course. Does it sound right to you? 20 Best Things to Do in New England in March, 10 Best Things to Do in The Spring in New England, 40 Cozy Fireside Experiences in New England, Gone-But-Not-Forgotten New England Amusement Parks, https://www.tfrecipes.com/jordan-marsh-macaroon/, Yankee Magazines Ultimate Guide to Autumn in New England, Yankee Magazines Ultimate New England Winter Guide, Yankee Magazines Ultimate New England Summer Guide, 63 Reasons Why We Love the Cape & Islands, For $14 Million, You Could Own Provincetowns Iconic Lobster Pot Restaurant. 10. Fenmore Grill: Situated a long foul ball from Fenway Park, the Hotel Buckminster and its in-house Fenmore Grill have both shuttered. Now, lets not get confused with this historic watering hole: Were talking about the original location on East Berkeley Street. One of our familys favorite restaurants. Went there many a Friday night with dear friends Helen and Gen Pelrine. Famous folks like Joe DiMaggio and Judy Garland dined here, and it was particularly popular with Boston's political power players. Still, alongside an impressive whiskey menu, theres the Dickens Punch to enjoy. what about The Lincoln at lake walden? Around early 80s, the owner was a real fisherman and wed often see an enormous catch in the walk-in frig. I also remember the Pewter Pot Muffin House. According to their Instagram page, it's because of the coronavirus pandemic. They made a mean lime rickey too. Does anyone recall The Buttery or Seniors Pizza in Kenmore Square? I know there are a few Friendlys still struggling along, but its in name only. Pewter Pot, absolutely. It should be noted, also, that were not really lamenting here, just pointing out that interesting stuff has happened in places you wouldnt think to look because of natural change. Because its Kevins birthday today! Equally memorable were the Chadwicks birthday celebrations and since the whole thing worked on the honor system, it was pretty much always someones birthday. The Pour House in the Back Bay has been sold after 34 years in business. Heck Allens in Lynn, really good seafood and good prices too. My parents found the restaurant when my dad bought a slice of the Countesss Dobos Tort. And the Wurst House in Harvard Square. The menus were written in swoopy cursive. Boston bars and gyms have to turn on closed captioning on all their TVs under new ordinance By adamg on Mon, 12/12/2022 - 1:30pm Mayor Wu signed an ordinance, sponsored by City Council President Ed Flynn, that requires all "public-facing televisions" in Boston to have captioning turned on for people who are deaf or hard of hearing. Kens was THE place to go in the 60s/70s for late night fare as Boston students of that era will attest to. They were as good spot to actually rest while driving g long distances, Great ice cream, my favorites were the coffee flavor and the rum raisin. Anthony's Pier 4 Restaurant Flickr/Dale Cruse

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