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She wasnt there to make up the numbers. Wins She would often speak of sacrifices. [2] In 1975, Lombardi was invited to join Vittorio Brambilla and Hans-Joachim Stuck on the March engineering team, racing the full season with Zanon's Lavazza Coffee Companys sponsorship. I really think that there are too many women who perhaps feel that motor racing is essentially a masculine affair. This approach works for an endless parade of nobody male drivers, and it got Lella close enough to just grasp at history, at least for a moment, before it all started to slip away from her. #Grand Prix: nr of GrandPrix in all seasons. The following year, Lella joined Christine Dacremont in a Lancia Stratos and finished second in their class. We would never fight. Many of the members of the March team expressed their regret at having been so resistant to her ideas, knowing that she could have become an open wheel success if only shed had a reliable car. And their respect. She was also the only woman to score a point (in a fact half . Here, Lombardi ran her best race of the year according to observers, finishing seventh, just missing out on acquiring a full point. She is the only woman to date in Formula One history to score points when she finished 6th at the 1975 Spanish Grand Prix and picked up half a point. Lella was far from being the first female female pioneer in racing. A very distant 12th place at the next race, Austria, was Lombardis final GP. Lombardi is the most successful out of all five women who have competed in Formula 1. Last Race 115 Lella Lombardi Photos and Premium High Res Pictures - Getty Images CREATIVE EDITORIAL All Sports Entertainment News Archival Browse 115 lella lombardi stock photos and images available, or start a new search to explore more stock photos and images. Her best result of the season would come at her last Grand Prix, 12th place in Austria. Lella only complained about the inequality of Formula 1 because nobody had listened to her about changes for the car. She has also driven the highest number on a Formula One car - #208, which was used on her debut at the 1974 British Grand Prix, but did not qualify. Pitting on lap seven because of flat spots, he would, amid the chaos, recover to finish a lapped fifth. Janet Guthrie and Christine Beckers were competing alongside Lombardi, who finished in 31st. Her best results 4ths at Brands, Monza, Oulton Park and Mallory Park. Subscribe Shop Subscribe Articles F1 Articles F1 Opinion Mark Hughes History MotoGP Podcasts Competitions The Showroom Articles Women began competing as grand-prix racing drivers as early as 1958, when Anna-Maria de Fillipis competed in three Formula One events. Lella Lombardi Driver Information Born 26 March 1941 Frugarolo, Italy Died 3 March 1992 (aged 50) Milan, Italy Nationality ITA Formula One World Championship Career Statistics Status Deceased World Titles 0 Races 18 (12 starts) Poles 0 Wins 0 Podiums 0 Fastest Laps 0 Points 0.5 First Race 1974 British Grand Prix Last Race 1976 Austrian Grand Prix Soon she broke through worldwide, winning the Formula Ford Mexico series and made her Formula One debut in 1974. Such was her tenacity that she basically taught herselfand also worked for her parents to save the money to pay for her first car, which she bought at the age of 24. She finished, but she wasnt driving a particularly great car. She didnt care. Anyone seriously expecting the Italian girl to qualify for a place on the grid must show a lamentable knowledge of Grand Prix racing today, but this is no reflection on her efforts, which were very commendable.. She did what many failed F1 drivers did and still do: She took to sports cars, a discipline shed dabbled in in 1975 with her first Le Mans entry, an Alpine shared with Marie-Claude Beaumont. But the Italian would outlast the American in the race. ), She is commemorated by a bust in her birthplace Frugarolo, near Alessandria, and her eponymous team in Lombardy exists to this day. I went with her from Snetterton to Norwich once: 30mph all the way. She had the strength of a man but a womans sensibility: she was kind and transmitted serenity. Thats why we were strong. It was a deep irony that when Maria Grazia Lella Lombardi became the only woman to score a World Championship point in only her second GP, in Spain in a works March 751 in 1975 it was actually only half a point. Bar a disappointing appearance at a Mallory Park round of the 1979 Aurora AFX F1 Championship in Zanons FW06, it would be sports cars, GTs and saloons from here on. She won the race again in 1981 with Giorgio Francia, with whom she had also won the Vallelunga Six Hours. Robin Herd freely admitted in an interview we did in 2009 that he and Max Mosley had had her over in 1975, and said that he was most impressed with her performance finishing seventh at the Nurburgring in a race of attrition as she was battling with a puncture. * Most laps led. Wed just started the ShellSPORT Celebrity Series [for Escort Mexicos] and my wife Angela invited her to compete at Brands Hatch in July. Newcomer Lella Lombardi, at just 5ft 2in, had wisely kept her head down unlike her hairy-chested March team-mate. She raced with the talented racer/journalist Marie-Claude Beaumont in 1975 in an Alpine A441 under the far-sighted Francois Guiters Ecurie Elf Ladies Team, and later won the 1979 Enna Six Hours with Enrico Grimaldi (becoming the first woman to win an FIA Championship event). To optimise your browsing experience, please update your browser. First Race Cowell had a family, she was a war veteran and an avid motoring enthusiast and racer. ITA The subsequent 75 V6 model was less successful and so Lombardi, though she had managed an eighth place in the 1986 Spa 24 Hours co-driven by Drovandi and Roberto Castagna, switched to a Ford Sierra RS Cosworth for 1987. ), (key) (Races in bold indicate pole position; races in italics indicate fastest lap), (key) (note: results shown in bold indicate pole position; results in italics indicate fastest lap), (key) (Bold Pole position awarded by qualifying time. While apremature end to a life and career that had not reachedits full potential, Lella Lombardi nevertheless made her point; no one can take that away from her. Even her major success that year was tinged with tragedy. There was some consolation that year when Lombardi found herself qualified to enter the Race of Champions, becoming the first ever woman to do so. The success of becoming the first women to score points in F1 was sadly rather overshadowed due to the death of five spectators during the race. If shed been a bit more glamorous perhaps more people would have noticed.. On this Wikipedia the language links are at the top of the page across from the article title. This was back in 1936 and by 1939 shed competed in the Antwerp Grand Prix. Lombardi is one of two female drivers to qualify for Formula One and is the only female who scored points in Formula One. Retirements in Belgium and Sweden were followed by a 14th place in Holland, 18th in France and another retirement in Great Britain. She spoke okay English by then, plus Id worked with so many Italian drivers that I could almost speak the language.. In 1979, she won the 6 hours of Pergusa and the 6 hours of Vallelunga. Career Lombardi is commemorated by a sculpture in her birthplace, Frugarolo. Proudly created withWix.com. The boys ganged up and got horribly rough on the track filthy tricks, kart-style but she could look after herself. And she left as her legacy her own racing team, Lella Lombardi Autosport, the question of what might have been, and a shining example of how to live life on your own terms, with your whole being focused on your target and not what others think of you. We miss her passion, determination and modesty.. I don't know how you can positively spin that as earning it on merit. She made it a mere 23 laps until she was forced to retire. At the 1975 Spanish Grand Prix, Lombardi scored half a point, making her the only woman to ever score any championship points in Formula 1. Lombardi practiced her skills behind an F1 car in several non-championship events. Her team-mate was established series front-runner Ian Ashley: She was the first woman racing driver to seriously impress me. By 1974 she was ready to make her Formula One debut behind the wheel of a privately entered Brabham in which, unfortunately, she didnt qualify. Finishing 14th at the season opener in Brazil, Lombardi then failed to qualify in Great Britain and Germany. Its hard to be competitive when you dont have the equipment to do so. The 1975 Spanish Grand Prix was cut short while Lombardi was running in sixth place. Lella Lombardi Photo: Love Entertainment "That is a correct assessment, yes," she laughs. The race was stopped shortly thereafter and half points awarded to those who happened to occupy the top six positions at the time.". She would just say to me, Marie, I have to do Formula 1., READ MORE: 5 reasons F1 fans are still in awe of the legendary Gilles Villeneuve. She did her own thing. 0 That certainly got their attention. [14] This need for financial support is combated by the rise of the W-series, which started in October 2018. World Titles And much of the team that backed him in Formula 1 were wealthy gay men. Lombardi then switched to racing an Alfa Romeo in the European Touring Car Championship from 1982 until the end of her career in '87. Growing up an all-around sportswoman, Lombardi had the opportunity to become anything she wanted, but she didnt fall in love with racing until she was in her twenties. And in 1976 she shared a Lancia Stratos Turbo with Christine Dacremont at Le Mans and finished 20th one lap and one place ahead of the Cosworth DFV-powered Inaltera of Jean-Pierre Jaussaud, Jean Rondeau and Belgiums Christine Beckers. It wasnt a publicity stunt. Progress would require a backwards step first. But at 25 laps into the race, Rolf Stommelen crashed his car and killed five spectators. This perhaps shows us how much attention was paid to the lives of female racers at the time. Michele Mouton came within a whisker of becoming the World Rally Champion, Lilian Bryner has won the Spa 24 Hours, and Sabine Schmitz has twice triumphed at the Nrburgring 24. These were supposedly real mans cars with their big 5.0-litre V8 motors, but she handled them adroitly. Lombardi won the Fiat-engined Formula 850 Championship of 1970 in a Biraghi, scoring four victories at Monza against future F1 DNQ-ers Alberto Colombo and Giorgio Francia. Two of his fellows, his brother Wilson and Arturo Merzario, retired after completingone token lap. She lived well and had little trouble getting sponsorship. There were 34 contestants for the 25 places on the grid, which made the prospect of the Italian getting into the race remote. 0 Lella Lombardi (and every other woman to ever compete in F1 for that matter) is shit and didn't deserve to score anything. Beuttler was an excellent amateur driver and dabbled semi-professionally in F1, competing in a number of races over the years. Leena Gade is one of a growing number of female engineers in the sport, with multiple Le Mans victories to her credit while working for AudiSport. The race suffered a major tragedy when the rear wing on Rolf Stommelen's Embassy Hill broke, sending him into the barrier. Had Lombardi not begun to get sicklater discovered to be breast cancershe likely would have continued in racing past the late 80s, when she was forced to retire. In her autobiography, Cowell describes motor racing as the be-all and nearly the end-all of my existence. There was a multiple crash at the first corner involving at least nine cars, and there were other incidents for some 35 minutes, until finally the leading car suffered a structural failure and went over the barrier killing four bystanders. Maria Grazia "Lella" Lombardi was, and still is, an inspiration to many women in motorsport. Motorcycle clubs were once a sanctuary for gay men and the first road trip ever conducted was pioneered by a woman. Perhaps its the legacy of cars being thought of as symbolic of straight men or the continual presence of concepts like the Grid Girls in F1, a tradition which was only recently discontinued. [2] At the opening race of the campaign in South Africa, Lombardi became the first woman, since Maria Teresa de Filippis in 1958, to successfully qualify for a Grand Prix. Its perfect. No entourage. Sincethe 20th century, women have risen from being second-class citizens in previous eras, to now running countries, corporations and, in truth, men. Her next-best finish was a seventh place at the German Grand Prix. Originally from Frugarolo in Piedmont district of Italy, Lombardi climbed through the junior Formulas, becoming the Ford Escort Mexico Champion and putting on a very assured performance in the Monaco F3 race, ahead of then future World Champion, Alan Jones. After a difficult and unrewarding ETCC campaign she failed to start the final round at Nogaro due to illness. Because it was a short race, Lombardi was only awarded a half of a point. Born near Turin, Italy, neither of Lombardis parents knew how to drive. During one of the most controversial weekends in F1 history, set amid a notoriously dangerous Barcelona street circuit . Lombardi was within 1.1 seconds of John Watsons sister car by Thursdays end and had improved by three tenths when a broken driveshaft denied her a final Friday push. Even Jochen Mass, declared the precipitate winner after 29 laps, scrambled from his McLaren with a face like thunder and threatened violence to smug officials. Highlights include: being crowned the Italian Formula Three runner up in 1968 and winning the Italian Formula 850 Series in 1970. Lombardi is the only woman to ever participate in the race of champions You are currently using an outdated browser. Motorsports have always been popular with all kinds of people. Neither of her parents drove and Lella, as she became known, enjoyed her earliest experiences behind the wheel from driving the delivery truck for her father's salami factory. Despite only driving in F1 across three seasons, Lombardi demonstrated her fearlessness nature and sheer dedication to motorsport. She admitted privately, however, that it felt like riding a buffalo and, unsurprisingly, Guthrie, who had finished a fine 12th in that years Daytona 500, outqualified her by nine places. Enjoying his most competitive spell of F1, and with time against him at 37, the oldest man in the field can perhaps be excused his lack of concern for a friend and future co-driver. It was too much too soon. Inaltera [a wallpaper manufacturer] was about to launch in America in 1977 and so we entered the Daytona 24 Hours, too. Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States. Driving Line Accelerating Automotive Passion by providing a fresh angle of what fuels us. Still, shes always going to be known in history as one of the few women to take part in Formula Oneone of five women to enter a race, one of two women to start a race, and the only one who has ever scored points. We had a good relationship and we always agreed. In the 1975 event, she was once again able to qualify and compete with a March-Ford. She scraped together enough money to go racing and competed in any car she could get her hands on. Lombardi returned to F1 in 1976 for the British Grand Prix but failed to qualify the aging RAM Racing Brabham BT44 she was piloting. [3] Lella Lombardi was also one of the first female racers in a same-sex relationship. Lombardi had had experience of sports-prototypes in the 1975 World Championship for Makes, finishing sixth at Mugello and a class-winning fourth at Monza in Equipe Elf Switzerlands 2-litre Alpine A441, co-driven by Marie-Claude Beaumont. I went with her from Snetterton to Norwich once: 30mph all the way. Philanthropic enthusiast Count Zanon agreed and offered March 50,000 to run Lombardi in F1 in 1975. Vit would come back in and say, Yeah, yeah, cars perfect. 0 Check here for latest versions. Maria Grazia 'Lella' Lombardi(March 26, 1941 - March 3, 1992) was an Italian female racing driver the second woman to start a Formula One race, after Maria Teresa de Filippis in 1958, and the last woman to do so to date. Record keeping was scarce in the 60s and 70s, and the quiet, nondescript Lombardi wasnt one to steal the public eye, especially due to her sexuality. In 1974, Lombardi was the first female racing driver to qualify and compete at the Race of Champions in Brands Hatch. Lella Lombardi is a name firmly etched into the motorsport history books. Two years later she further proved her ability as she won four of the 10 Formula 850 races in a Biraghi, and went on to take the championship in 1971. We know who could win the F1 championship in 2023, but who will have the car to maximise their talent? Sidste udgave: Lella Lombardi, Williams-Ford, USAs Grand Prix 1975, Watkins Glen. That 5000 stretched to a year-old Brabham BT42 sponsored by Allied Polymer Group and run at the British GP at Brands Hatch by Hexagon Racing, with help from Epstein. In 1979 she won both the 6 hours of Pergusa and 6 hours of Vallelunga races. [13] Journalist Phil Pash reports that though Lombardi viewed racing as a masculine sport, she succeeded regardless because of her competitive spirit. [13] Among others who comment on the effects of Lombardis legacy is Matt Majendie, who writes about Jamie Chadwick. Over her career, Lombardi started an impressive twelve F1 races, spanning the 1974-1976 seasons. I love motor racing and thats all I want to do. Feeling this to be an overt bid by NASCAR to discredit her operation, her offer of help to these sisters-in-arms, though genuine, was made through gritted teeth. The Daily Mail branded her the Tigress of Turin in the lead up to the race. She was in an unreliable car whose problems were only intensified by the fact that the mechanics didnt take Lombardi seriously when she reported complaints to do with the handling. The F1 cars of that time were no easy feat to manage worlds away from the control of today. She didnt care. I always regard the F5000 race she did with a Matich A50 at Sandown Park later in 1974 as a better indicator of her grit and potential. I first met her that year when she and Fiorenza asked my husband Bruno to help create a team, says Remondi. While she had some poor seasons behind the wheel of poor cars, she also could consistently log top ten finishes. On retirement from racing in 1988, Lombardi formed her own team Lombardi Autosport. 26 March 1941(1941-03-26)Frugarolo, Italy After a further two category victories in 1971, at Monza and Vallelunga, she returned to F3 in 1972 and, with her Lotus 69 running under the Jolly Club umbrella, finished 10th in the standings. She was not interested in music, reading, culture or anything else. She was much more concerned by the settings than I was, great with the mechanics and very speedy. She wasnt interested in fashion and usually wore trousers if she was in civvies. In 1976 Lombardi was confirmed at March alongside Brambilla and Stuck. Status We may earn a commission from links on this page. She raced in Italian F3 for the next two years, finishing 10th in the championship both times and beating rated hotshoe Maurizio Flammini in a heat at Vallelunga. Maria Grazia Lombardi was born in Piedmont, Italy, on March 26th 1941. Her F1 debut came in the tragic Spanish Grand Prix of 1975, where a car lost control and killed four spectators. She worked hard to get what she wanted. Poor Lella, shed had bad traction all along. It was clear that the Tigress of Turin a geographically misleading nickname coined by a lazy press would not be disgraced should she be given an F1 opportunity. [12] Lombardi is considered an F1 trailblazer, after which women increasingly joined Formula One in many capacities aside from driving. She wasnt far off team mate John Watsons times initially in a similar car, but failed to qualify by nine-tenths after a driveshaft failure. While trying to avoid Stommelen as he crossed the track, Carlos Pace crashed, and five spectators were killed by Stommelen's flying car. Instead, it was her achievements that did the talking for her. Looking back on her points-scoring race, Lombardi told the New York Times: I dont think it dawned on me that I was the very first woman to collect championship points. Lella Lombardi will be remembered for her achievements in motorsport, her Formula 1 record and being one of only three openly LGBTQ+ F1 drivers.

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