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legal factors affecting airline industry

The importance of technological factors can be understood from the heavy use of technology in the global airline industry. Again, permission to appeal is required. It can be debated that several political factors such as taxation policies, labor low, customer policies and trade restrictions forced by the government have a great . In the UK and Europe, Brexit is a leading one. The registration fees for an aircraft mortgage by the CAA vary according to the maximum take-off weight (MTOW) of the subject aircraft. In relation to b), there are no documentary taxes (e.g. The use of the technology was justified because South Wales Police complied with the relevant equality legislation, were processing personal data in a manner consistent with the applicable legislation and had implemented sufficient safeguards to ensure appropriate and non-arbitrary use of AFR. The Civil Aviation Act 1982 and the Air Navigation Order 2009 stipulate that where an aerodrome is open for public use, the aerodrome must be available to all, on equal terms, whether they are foreign or domestic carriers. Proper strategies and plans can be very fruitful in this case. The leg from Canada to the USA was delayed because of a delay to a previous leg of the aircrafts journey, which was not the one on which the passenger travelled: the passengers flight from the UK to Canada was unaffected. This was an issue before the pandemic and, especially in some regions, will be worse after. Civil Aviation (Denied Boarding, Compensation and Assistance) Regulations 2005 Statutory Instrument No 975 2005. covers common issues in aviation laws and regulations - including aircraft trading, finance and leasing, litigation and dispute resolution. of Transportation looking into practices of travel websites and question of whether flight information is proprietary and protectable by the airlines. The compliance to these rules and regulations is compulsory for any airline travelling to and from these countries. trademarks) and other assets and data of a proprietary nature? There is also a discretion for the CAA to register an aircraft which is owned by a person not qualified under Part 1 Article 5(1) where the owner resides or has a place of business in the United Kingdom, but such aircraft must not be used for commercial air transport, public transport or aerial work (Part 1 Articles 5(2) and (3)). Londons Stansted had previously been required to hold a licence but since April 2014 the CAA has held that it no longer meets the market power requirements and is no longer required to hold a licence. With EdrawMax Online, you can create over 280 types of diagrams, charts, and visuals. Among the changes to data protection legislation implemented via the GDPR, some key points include: i) requiring freely given, specific, informed and unambiguous consent from a data subject which must be as easy to withdraw as it is to give; ii) the provision of clear and unambiguous information regarding what the data is to be used for, how long it is to be used for and the requirement to set out exactly what the data subjects rights are in relation to the personal data they provide; iii) maximum fines for breach of the GDPR are the higher of 4% of annual global turnover or 20 million; iv) requiring organisations which engage in regular and systematic monitoring of data subjects on a large scale to appoint a data protection officer (also known as a DPO); and v) the requirement for those processing personal data to be accountable and provide adequate technical and organisational measures to protect any personal data held. Product transportation, profit margins, and viability of certain markets are all examples of things which may be influenced by legal factors. A route of appeal lies from the Court of Appeal to the Supreme Court. Legal factors can decide whether or not there is a business behind selling a certain product (perhaps drugs, or sharp objects), and can also affect the mechanisms through which a company stocks their inventory or interacts with the customer. Below is a pestle analysis for the airline industry that can help anyone understand the conditions in this industry. There are several factors that can positively affect the aviation industry and boost its growth such as the rise in purchasing power with the middle class and rapidly growing youth population, favorable demographics, economy flights/ Low Cost Carriers (LCC), growing tourism industry of India and a rise in passengers traveling by air within and factors that impact on airline performances (Lohmann & Koo, 2013). By way of example only, restrictions and taxes which apply to international but not domestic carriers. Learn how to, Our Mayo Clinic SWOT Analysis examines the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats of one of, Technology is now taking over, and almost all fields are turning most tasks into digital., Copyright 2020 Weberience LLC. Even after the deregulation in 1978, there are so many laws that affect the US airline industry and carriers. They had until the end of September 2021 to apply for equivalent national UK trademark protection. A long-running commission of enquiry, chaired by Sir Howard Davies, gave its recommendation in July 2015 that a third runway be built at London Heathrow. 4.2 How do the competition authorities in your jurisdiction determine the relevant market for the purposes of mergers and acquisitions? the CAA for unpaid airport and air navigation charges, the UK Environment Agency for unpaid penalties under the European Emissions Trading Scheme, and HM Revenue & Customs in respect of unpaid taxes). Amsterdam and Frankfurt airports have imposed similar cuts on flights. Since the end of the 1980s many reforms have affected the industry, transforming it from the rigid government mandated duopoly of the 80s into the relatively open market that exists today. In a connected world, conflicts can have more far-reaching effects too. These clauses usually suspend the obligation rather than terminate it completely. Concluding, it can be said that the global airline industry has become very competitive and is a very expensive business as well. This combines a number of different techniques PESTLE analysis being one of them to identify and evaluate the various external factors that affect a business. They play a big part in deciding how businesses operate and what profits they receive, as well as how customers behave. The PESTEL analysis airline industry can help them to have an idea about those conditions. A change in circumstances has occurred after the contract was formed. As outlined in question 1.1 above, this Regulation protects passengers in the event of cancellation or long delay. Finally, and notwithstanding the foregoing, it is important to acknowledge that Brexit has granted the UK some autonomy to apply its own rules and regulations independent of the EC. Internal emergency, war, or political instability can hinder the business of any airline company. When the Brexit transition period ended on 31 December 2020, European trademark-holders were automatically granted cloned UK registrations. Regulation 261 (as incorporated into UK law via the European Union (Withdrawal) Act of 2018) provides rules concerning compensation for denied boarding and/or cancelled or delayed flights. The companies must take advantage of technological innovations to offer a satisfactory service to their passengers. In 1995 45% of the US population was overweight. Aviation industry is all about technology. A court order obtained in this way reduces any risk of liability of the lessor or the mortgagee (as the case may be) of the relevant aircraft to third-party claims for compensation for losses due to a repossession (in the case of aircraft in scheduled operation in particular, such losses can be substantial), assists with ensuring the cooperation of the CAA with their issuing of necessary permissions for the continued flight of the aircraft affected, and is also presentable to any prospective third-party purchaser of the aircraft as proof of the right of the mortgagee, or indeed the owner, to sell the aircraft with good title, free of any trailing interests of the relevant mortgagor or lessee (subject to any other third-party rights over the relevant aircraft). In this series we'll use the Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental, and. Air transport started in the 1920s. This type of application may be made without notice to the operator of the relevant aircraft if the mortgagee or the lessor (as the case may be) can demonstrate the urgency of the matter to the court in accordance with the applicable Civil Procedure Rules. It also has concurrent powers with the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) to enforce competition law in relation to air traffic services and airport operation services. The user can get an idea of the external conditions that can hinder their growth or be catalytic in their growth. Airport operators have also been held liable where there was a known hazard and no effective system to discover and disperse birds, leading to bird strikes. This has an impact on carriers, as it has a scope which extends beyond the traditional holiday package booked through a tour operator, and covers many other forms of combined travel (for example, fly-drive holidays and flight-hotel bookings). For this reason, the aviation industry is widespread and may get affected by different external factors. dvelopper et amliorer nos produits et services. The Environment Agency and Natural England are the two bodies with responsibilities in these areas. 4.18 Are there any nationality requirements for entities applying for an Air Operators Certificate in your jurisdiction or operators of aircraft generally into and out of your jurisdiction? The CAA regulates all aviation activity (apart from military). Definitions. (f) protected by ensuring that appropriate technical and organisational measures are taken against the unauthorised or unlawful processing of the personal data, as well as against accidental loss or destruction of, or damage to, personal data. , , . . For more information on how we can assist with airline industry legal issues please contact us. Restrictions should be proportionate; and. (g) firms carrying on business in Scotland; in this sub-paragraph firm has the same meaning as in the Partnership Act 1890 (c39). (d) it would not be in the public interest for the aircraft to be, or to continue to be, registered in the United Kingdom. Now, theres nothing inherently difficult about conducting PESTLE analysis (or using any other such frameworks), but it can sometimes be a tad troublesome when deciding what constitutes each of the 6 categories (for reference, these are: Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal, and Environmental). ')6K- t>{wJW[ ^72sSg.F:ykSF|B|}x{=RlIL ^zmHYTvA~&"a 3j{r64d\&aL[1*)rsin?lA6fofnWsv?QSDx"CG6uQ5vo(-ve$w(q1M7VII%="?B*38Ut"p#P9A , Sf/p{9KJYvF]U>rag4 For international flights, the regulations are strict, and this situation may lead an airline to push for more amenities to keep up with the competitors. Added to this, sector wages remain low and the cost of living is increasing. Ad hoc funding by the UK Government for domestic flight routes is available to UK airlines where it can be demonstrated that it will boost regional links across the UK and create a positive economic impact in terms of employment and supply chain dynamics and structured as public service obligations (PSOs). The initiative, which was launched in 2004, seeks to improve the European air traffic management system in order to reform the European airspace, from a perspective of capacity, efficiency and environmental impact. They did note that if the passenger had displayed this behaviour before or during boarding, it should not be classified as an extraordinary circumstance, as the pilot has authority to refuse a passenger from boarding or to ask them to disembark. The ICO utilised this power to full effect in July 2019 when it announced its biggest fine to date of 20 million over a personal data breach by British Airways that involved the theft of around 400,000 passengers data (see also question 5.1 below). 4.15 What global distribution suppliers (GDSs) operate in your jurisdiction? Similarly, in May 2015, the EC accepted binding commitments offered by Air France/KLM, Alitalia and Delta all members of the SkyTeam airline alliance to address concerns over their transatlantic joint ventures with respect to capacity, schedules, pricing and revenue management and sharing of profit and losses, which have the object and effect of restricting competition on three routes, namely: (i) Amsterdam-New York; (ii) Rome-New York; and (iii) Paris-New York (COMP/39964 AF-KL/DL/AZ). This is according to a bi-annual Sabre Airline Solutions survey of executives at nearly 80 regional and global airlines worldwide who were asked to rank what positively and negatively impacts airline revenue Over the last five years, U.S. network airlines have reduced their annualized mainline costs excluding fuel by more than 25%, or nearly . an injunction order to prevent the other party from doing something until final judgment is reached; and. Flights across the US were grounded recently following an issue never experienced before. Furthermore, a person or corporate body acquiring an interest is exempt from paying a merger fee if, in its most recent financial year before the time the fee would become payable, it meets the criteria for small or medium-sized enterprises, as defined by reference to certain provisions in the Companies Act 2006. The outcome will continue to be of interest as a number of other airlines have announced similar introductions to incentivise the use of their own, or new distribution capability, booking systems. Community Air Carrier Liability Order 2004 Statutory Instrument No 1418 2004. Gatwick has confirmed that the second runway still forms part of its long-term recovery plans despite the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on aviation and travel and, at the time of writing, Gatwicks plans are at the stage of public consultation, which was scheduled to close on 1 December 2021. The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has authority in respect of aviation safety regulation within European Union (EU) Member States pursuant to Regulations having direct application (see Regulation 216/2008). If so, what are the conditions to such title annexation and can owners and financiers of engines take pre-emptive steps to mitigate the risks? The CAA maintains the United Kingdom Aircraft Mortgage Register (pursuant to the Mortgaging of Aircraft Order 1972). However, aviation is the safest, most efficient . Insecurity or war factors that affect particular countries always have a negative impact on the airline industry. Air Canada submitted that Regulation 261 was extra-territorial in effect and that the EU did not have jurisdictional competence in relation to flights taking place wholly outside the EU. This situation has been highlighted dramatically over the past two years, but challenges to success in the sector are nothing new. With regard to non-overlapping block space and interlining agreements, these are viewed by EU regulators as pro-competitive and have been accepted subject to commitments by the EC in several merger clearance decisions pursuant to Regulation 139/2004 (please see: Air France/KLM, Case COMP/M. Much of this is related to mask-wearing, but other continuing restrictions are causing upset to passengers. The significant distinction between the doctrines of force majeure and frustration is that frustration ends the entirety of the contract, whereas force majeure may discharge a party from a standalone obligation. (3) Drones weighing more than 20kg must comply with all rules within the ANO as if they are a manned aircraft, subject to any exemptions from the CAA. Issues regarding payment entirely depend on the drafting of the clause. Ensuring a smooth transaction between hosts and guests. The airline industries in Australia have changed rapidly over the past few decades. 'PESTLE Analysis of Airline Industry | Marketing Tutor', Marketing Tutor, [online]. Southwest Airlines, 6:21-cv-01008-PGB-DCI (M.D. The United Kingdom recently announced its plans to invest 300 million to develop greener forms of air travel. The UK competition authorities in all likelihood at the present time will follow an analysis similar to that of the CJEU and the EC. Higher wages are the way out of this, but most airlines and operators are not in a position to offer this now. New airline Breeze Airways has had to increase pay by over 10% and expand recruitment to Australia to secure new pilots for its fleet (as reported by, As a final thought for 2022, we are likely to see a continued increase in air rage and related safety incidents. During the first half of 2021, there were 3,000 such incidents in the US (according to the. ) A patent application should include a full description (including drawings) of the invention, the claims defining the invention, an abstract summarising the inventions technical features and the relevant IPO forms. 2.5 What (if any) are the tax implications in your jurisdiction for aircraft trading as regards a) value-added tax (VAT) and/or goods and services tax (GST), and b) documentary taxes such as stamp duty; and (to the extent applicable) do exemptions exist as regards non-domestic purchasers and sellers of aircraft and/or particular aircraft types or operations? The data controller remains legally responsible for the processing of personal data by the data processor. On 2 December 2015, a provisional deal was reached by the European Parliament and Council on an EU Directive regulating the use of Passenger Name Record (PNR) data for the prevention, detection, investigation and prosecution of terrorist offences and serious crime, and was endorsed by the Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs Committee on 10 December 2015. The data controller may appeal the imposition of a fine to the Information Rights Tribunal. Users of airports are subject to airport charges, which are regulated by the CAA under the Civil Aviation Act 2012 and the Airport Charges Regulation 2011. The notification system was abolished by Regulation 1/2003, which entered into force on 1 May 2004, and since then it has no longer been possible to notify agreements to the CMA (or indeed the EC) for clearance. Air Canada takes it as a strength. Pratap, A., 2021. The airlines need to improve their systems and flights to decrease harmful emissions. These forms of combined travel are protected as a package under the Directive; in particular, where the travel services are booked at the same time and as part of the same booking process or where they are offered for an inclusive price. Emirates airlines and Middle East aviation system will face strong challenges with global aviation during the coming years. RadcliffesLeBrasseur LLP, Philip Perrotta Civil proceedings for damages or a specified sum may not be started in the High Court unless the value of the claim exceeds 100,000; if not, proceedings should be started in the County Court. Otherwise, they may see a sharp decline in passenger numbers. Overweight and obesity will challenge airports and airlines in the future. Moreover, airlines also struggled with increasing labour demands from the part of employees. Much of this is related to mask-wearing, but other continuing restrictions are causing upset to passengers. However, there is often a provision for the contractual obligations to be terminated if a force majeure event continues for a certain amount of time. Over the last 20 years, oil prices have proved very volatile (moving from a high of $126 in 2011 to a low of just $36 in 2016 as just one example). South African Airways (B) case study (referred as " Airways" for purpose of this article) is a Harvard Business School . It is about policies, rules, and regulations on the industry or association with reference to Virgin Atlantic Airline. This process involves huge finances; however, airlines cannot even compromise because even the passengers are held accountable for their carbon footprint. This is not a short-term problem and nor is it limited to London Heathrow. There is very limited risk indeed that such a consequence will arise, subject to any considerations of a general nature which might arise as a result of the application of a reasonableness test under the Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977 (which would in turn be almost unheard of given the wide body of historical transacting and knowledge of terms and conditions which typify the aviation sector).

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