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jacuzzi pool cleaner troubleshooting

Solution: When you will face this trouble, open up the cleaner, and check out the internal tubing, whether it is connected properly or not. Pressure gauge installed without sealant or teflon tape. Also, ensure the pools surface is not covered in algae as this slippery surface will affect the cleaners traction. may not have enough suction from the pump, can you reduce suction from other lines, such as main drain or other skimmers, to draw more from the MX8 line? I have a robot p825. How does a robot pool cleaner work? Cleaning large debris is one area where suction-side pool cleaners tend to do poorly compared to pressure-side and robotic pool cleaners. The more i turn my 3 way diverter valve to vac position the more i get air and my pool vac wont move. Gold Supporter. Trouble Shooting Disconnect power to motor main circuit breaker to avoid electrical shock. If more than that, remove equal amounts of hose from the 2nd and 3rd hose sections. This operation will necessitate the use of your pump. Hi Johan, this is from the owners manual: The climbing ability of the cleaner is dependent on the pools shape and available water flow. Hi l have a zodiac robot cleaner that wants to clean the walls not the floor. Secondly, the cleaner could be overpowered. Hi Mike, the pump has to work harder to pull from the bottom of the pool, but if the pump flow and filter pressure is the same, it sounds like a suction loss, perhaps a hole in the hose or loose hose connections? The backup valve is new., lines and filter are clean. FAQs. I would definitely hire him again!" See more $75/consult estimated cost View profile 2. Verify the cleaner hose is securely attached to the suction line in the skimmer or cleaner line. (2021) Jacuzzi Swim Spa Owner's Manual. I have a pressure (Polaris) cleaner and the hose keeps getting tangled in the front wheel. Any suggestions? Pisces Pool Service Oahu. Adjusting the cleaner speed is another way to overcome problems climbing the pool walls. Also check that each of the arms is free of any obstuctions, and that the pressure to the cleaner is proper. Is there something like a connector I should use to keep the hose attached to the wall? Look at Paramount iJet, or Hayward Hydrosweep eyeball fittings for this. }, Richard Schnittger My pool cleaner kreep krauly dominator keeps going up the wall and then sucking air at the top for about 20 seconds before falling down to the floor again. $49900$624.98. the pump motor provides vacuum and suction, the drive motor turns the pulley that pulls the belts and drive tracks around the tubes, and creates the movement. Hoses and cables. If the pressure cleaner gets stuck on the stairs, adjust the thrust jet to create a new cleaning pattern. Suction side cleaners connect to a suction line in your pool, like the wall skimmer, or a dedicated cleaner line that sucks water into the filter pump. J-500 COLLECTION. An adjustment to the tail sweep screw, tightening the screw, located where the tail attaches, below the head float will reduce water flow to the tail. My robotic cleaner is 4 years old. As a last resort, place a small boulder in the area, or shorten the pool cleaner hose. When cleaning swimming pools, use chlorine-compatible cleaners. Page 6: In-Pool Installation IN-POOL INSTALLATION IN-POOL INSTALLATION IN-POOL INSTALLATION Place the hose weight (#17) on the hose. Im a pool cleaner. Another one is when the pump is running full steam, shut off pump, looking closely at suction side and strainer pot, looking for a quick spurt or spray of water, at the instant the pump shuts off. "height": "219", Summit Aquatics in Blue Springs, MO. And I have tried this on three different outlets with the same results. It could be bypassing too much water, and setting the springs onto the higher numbers, will reduce bypass and pull more flow from the Compass cleaner head. Or close some jets? This post covers the solutions to common suction side, pressure side, and robotic pool cleaner problems. if depth is More than 7 feet, but less than 12 feet, use 3 weights: one 4 to 12 inches, one 6 feet and one 10 feet from the swivel head. Install ladder guards to block the path around rails to prevent the cleaner from wrapping around the handrail. You can rotate them side to side, or flip them around. Another potential problem is an air leak in the cleaner hose or the pump. Worn footpads or seals can also reduce cleaner speed and cause it to stick to the pool floor. Strong pressure from wall or floor returns can push a cleaner away from certain areas. 3. Secondly, check the flow as the cleaner may need more flow, If you have the Flow Gauge still, you can use to verify that that the flow gauge reads 5 or higher. My water bill recently doubled last month, so Im wondering if perhaps that has something to do with it. The power supply should have an indicator light showing that power is being received. With over 10 years experience in replacing covers for all Jacuzzi models, we are sure to have yours on file. May 5, 2017. We got it moving but it will only travel backwards. I cleaned the filter adjusted the jet direction and restarted the thing a number of times, still no dice. Hi Lloyd, Im not sure if the Sharkvac wheels are adjustable, I think not, but unsure. Is the pump on? Hi Mitch, that could be dirty filters, weighing down the cleaner, or perhaps the impeller on top is not spinning correctly. all cords are plugged in.. Hi Kathy, Robotic pool cleaner I presume, check that the TEST button on your GFCI outlet is not tripped, and check the circuit breaker too. POOL CLEANER INFORMATION. I have a Pentair Easytouch control system and Pentair Clean & Clear Plus cartridge filter CCP420. Oftentimes, the wires inside the rubber casing will short out or break. Hi, I have the Hayward W3PVS20JST Poolvergnuegen Pool Cleaner. It keeps running into the hose which is on the bottom of the pool and getting stuck. Established in 2005. You may have grit in there, or need a new piston and cylinder assy. If higher, adjust the flow regulator, to open it more, which will reduce the cleaner speed and climbing. Its backing up as expected, and covers the entire pool. Its been working fine. If that screen gets clogged, your pool cleaner will protest by freezing in place. One solution is to stretch the hose out along the pool deck in the hot sun, using weights if needed, to straighten out. Accessories. Hi Regina, the cleaner does not know if the pool is clean or not, they arent that smart It could be in the wrong cleaning mode. The Best Suction-Side Pool Cleaner Our Top Pick Kreepy Krauly Suction-Side Automatic Inground Pool Cleaner $329.48 It connects directly to your pool filter system and includes 32 ft. of hose. Reduce the speed of the cleaner if it jams on convex or concaved spots on the pool floor. If the ball is not moving, then there may be pressure loss, perhaps in the hose or internally, some leakage of water, or it may just need more pressure by plugging another return line, cleaning the filter or other means. I have a Tiger Shark, 2 years old. Inspect your cleaner hose, each section for holes, and be sure they all fit tightly together. If equipped, verify your backup valve is working. How to remedy? It has a second purpose of continuing to create some skimmer suction, but without a basket, whats the point. Pool Equipment; Saunas; Is there a separate main drain valve or second skimmer that can be throttled? Most suction side cleaners have a device in the skimmer that allows you to control the water flow. First, check the breaker box for blown fuses. Centennial, Colorado. This can negatively impact pool circulation. what can i do to get it to clean the rest of my pool. "name": "In The Swim", Only 4 left in stock - order soon. Hold the cleaner head just above water and inspect it for water moving through the thrust jet, the sweeper tail, or out the debris bag. And, sand and De filters can also bypass debris back to the pool from a missing or misaligned o-ring in a push pull slide valve, or spider gasket in the filter multiport valve. Optimum Pool & Spa, LLC Top Pro Very good 4.6 Hi Glenn, good question, and the adjustment is at the wall fitting. Then inspect the hose sections for any air leaks. Check the hose to ensure there are no kinks, holes or joins where pressure is being lost along the line. Hi, the Merlin is essentially a version of an Aquabot, it has a pump motor and a drive motor. For flow below 5 or RPMs below 11, you will need more flow. In some situations, the pump runs fine without a cleaner attached, but attaching the cleaner increases the suction pressure, which causes air leaks to appear. I recently purchased a Kreepy Krauly for my new pool, but upon installation using the dedicated vacuum port, I realized that the bottom of my skimmer does not have a spot to install the automatic regulator valve. Others are spaced out along the line, but 2 or 3 are underwater at all times, to keep the hose more or less vertical. Aiper Pool Cleaner Troubleshooting Aiper Orca 1200 Pro Aiper Orca 1300 Aiper Orca 2000 Aiper Orca 800 Mate Aiper Seagull 1000 Aiper Seagull 600 Schedules: Pool pump is on 0900-1500 (6 hrs) daily, cleaner is on 1100-1300 (2 hours) daily. You can do this by adjusting valves at the pump, closing the main drain valve more for instance, or you can increase flow by adjusting the springs on the sides of the Compass Flow Control Valve, which is used at the bottom of the skimmer. Where a cleaner is spending too much time on the walls, the foam pieces can be removed to encourage more floor time. Also be sure that both internal jets are spraying strongly, and the tail and thrust jet also spray strongly. Note that most pressure pool cleaners have reverse mechanisms or backup valves to reverse the cleaner direction every few minutes and prevent stalled operation. $10.59 Add to Cart. You can try contacting Jacuzzi https://www.jacuzzipool.com/contact-us/ to see if they can sell you parts, or refer you to a stockist with inventory. As a last resort, place a small boulder in the area, or shorten the pool cleaner hose. "url": "https://x1.adis.ws/v1/media/graphics/i/lesl/its-logo-wide", I have a Polaris 9650iq. Hi Heather, robots lose some climbing ability when 1) the debris bag or filters are full, 2) the walls are slick or slightly slimy with bio-films, or 3) the brushes, tracks or wheels are worn down, or 4) the impeller is damaged, or 5) vacuum suction (which helps hold the cleaner on the wall) is lower than normal. This post covers common pool cleaner troubleshooting steps to help get your cleaner back into gear! "url": "https://blog.intheswim.com/" Third, you can use the Kreepy Krauly Wall Climb Adjuster pn K12065, which will push the Dive Float forward, to reduce climbing ability, but not speed. Verify there is electricity going to the outlet the control unit is connected to. Articles and resources for swimming pool owners and DIYers. Thanks. Hi Molly, if there was one available for your particular make/model, you would be able to find it on the manufacturers website, or on our website probably too, for the particular step that you own. Top Pro. Don't forget to rinse them after. When you restrict the intake lines, that causes small air leaks to open up into larger air leaks, with the increase in vacuum pressure. The vac runs when it is on high but the pressure drops and the water in the glass just rolls. Also look for frayed or broken power cords. If it's clogged, remove it from the hose and return jet, and rinse it to dislodge and dispose of the debris. This Polaris is on a separate pump. The feed hose must be long enough to reach from the wall connection to the farthest point in your pool, with a few feet leftover. It takes a lot of traction and suction to climb a pool wall without falling off. Why isnt my robot cleaner cleaning the algae in my pool i have shocked my pool several ti.es and the stuff falls to the bottom Of my pool but my robot wont pick it up. Turn the cleaner upside down on dry land and turn the power supply on. If the cord is intact, test the resistance of the wire with a test meter to ensure that the cord wires are not an issue. Tons of suction, but the vacuum just isnt moving around the pool (or at all). Depending on which cleaner you have, there may be other methods as well, consult your cleaners owners manual, the troubleshooting section in the final pages. A good troubleshooter tip to finding air leaks is use shaving cream around suspected leak areas in front of the pump (see above), and see where it sucks in. Hi Julie, the debris bag might have some holes in it, or it may have lost its elastic that holds it around the frame, or possibly is running without the filter bag installed? . To clarify, the first hose section that connects to the wall fitting If your pump is too large, you could drill small holes in the solid part of the fitting, to pull water in at that point, to create a bypass or alternate suction intake, however be careful that this does not create a suction entrapment hazard, drilling many small holes all around the fitting, is probably safer than one large hole in the side. 20# silica. Hi Fred, is the o-ring missing or damaged? Check your owners manual for specific adjustments for your particular pressure pool cleaner. INST 448 Jacuzzi JVX Series Pool pump V10-17. Filter then sucks air in and pressure drops I have a compass pool cleaner and I really like it, it does a great job, but I need to change the cams out, but I can not find any information on what cams I should use. I have a kreepy krauly and I am closing my pool. If pool is heavily contaminated, use main filtration system before using cleaner. Any idea why that might be happening? I have read several comments about too much pressure. IS THERE SOMETHING I NEED TO DO? My problem is my vacuum works well for a period of time but then gets slower and slower until it stops. One should be placed just after the back-up valve, which should be about 30 from the cleaner head. Hi, the pool vacuum hose separates from the wall when the pump shuts off (there is some back pressure I guess when the pumps arent work), and this pushes the hose out of the connection. Jacuzzi Pool Equipment Discover pro-grade performance with a complete line of reliable and durable high-performance pool pumps, filters, heaters, cleaners, and salt systems. The impeller is a spinning blade that sucks water into the pump. The team was professional, knowledgeable, and efficient from start to finish. Dilute the pool water. Hi Courtney, If you have disconnected the hose from the head of the cleaner and have good, strong suction at the end of the hose, but nothing when connected to the cleaner head Look thru the cleaner for any obstruction, Remove the diaphragm and inspect for rips/tears, be sure it is positioned properly and the compression rings have not slipped offinspect the inner extension pipe for cracks. You can remove the cleaner from the pool while the pump is on, we often do it to test water flow. Check the end of the tail, there should be a small hole, about 1/8 diameter or smaller. It might be too small, or too long to bring the necessary amperage to the power supply box? "address": "", I have an aquabot and it is spitting all the dirt back out of the top of it. (2020) Jacuzzi Play Owner's Manual. It is a holiday home I GOT YOU COVERED! The returning water may be pushing your cleaner away from certain areas. Turn the unit off. I have adjusted it down to level 1 but still not working, Hi Polaris robotic cleaners (Zodiac) and other robots have internal flotation pieces (foam), that can be removed to produce less wall climbing. Hi maria, sounds like a puncture or split in the hose, or a loose hose connection sucking air. Hello I have a vacuum. First check the Dive Float Restrictor (#1) is in place, which locks into the Dive Float (#2), as seen on our Kreepy schematic parts page, if it is, but it still climbs too high, check that the flow is not too much; a slower speed will reduce the climbing ability, and can be accomplished by using the automatic regulator valve (#10) in the skimmer, where it connects, or by adjusting opening other suction lines (skimmer/main drain), to reduce the flow. It seems to be getting adequate pressure and squirting water from all the right place. It can also happen when a cleaner gets stuck, if suctioned tightly to the pool floor. On our Polaris turtle cleaner it wont turn directions. Or perhaps the hose is not completely full of water before you connect it into the skimmer. It could be an propeller blockage, or hair or string wound around the top propeller, or the belts or tracks are binding up, perhaps due broken teeth on gears or belts. Ideally, the hose needs to reach from the skimmer to the farthest point of your pool, and still have a few feet to spare. . Other skimmers and main drain lines closed? #2. Now, it is flashing red and will not turn on. Cartridge and DE filters should be trapping the debris, and not passing debris. A pool vacuum is a relatively simple device in which the swimming pool's pump system is used to draw water through the head of a portable vacuum appliance that scrubs along the bottom and sides of the pool. Pool Lube on the o-ring can also be helpful, sometimes necessary, to get the fitting turned in all the way. Hey guys and gals, DO YOU NEED A NEW POOL COMPANY?! When I hear the pump getting louder I have to check on it. This starting the r d of last season and behaved the same first time in the water this year. Cleaner Does Not Move on Startup A faulty electrical connection is the main cause for startup issues. Disaster strikes and time comes to a standstill if your pool cleaner stops working. The brushes and climbing rings were torn and pretty worn from the previous homeowner so we thought that was the issue so I replaced those parts. Working ok, but noticed debris being recirculated back into the pool. Any suggestions? Incidentally, this will increase the water pressure in the filter signaling that it is time to clean the filter. My floats dont appear to have water in them but it seems I need to boost the line somehow. Detergents from cleaning compounds getting into the water. My Polaris hose suddenly wont lock into place. Here's some pics of the equipment. "author": { Other polaris hose tangling problems can occur from bad hose swivels, not swiveling well, or from a hose that is too long for the pool should reach the furthest corner of the pool, plus 3-5 ft.

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