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doc holliday holster pattern

For antiquing and distressing add $49.95 per piece. While in Texas, he saved Wyatt Earps life and as a result they became close friends. Holster and Cartridge belt set ~ $349.95, Our adaptation of Charlie Princes cross draw holster from the movie, 3:10 to Yuma.Black holster has incise cut flames of hell on front, with hand stitched red thread. Our unlined, threaded loop bandolier with standard 18 loops on the front and back ~ $174.95. The common gun leather would mostly include a 1 straight belt without decoration and a Southern Slim Jim style, straight shaft holster of various lengths. Sized to fit S&W Schofield, Beretta Laramie, or S&W Russian ~ Price as shown $594.95 for 3-piece rig. Clay uses two gorgeous Colts in this movie. I have seen many makers of this pattern but have not been able to find one online anywhere thus far. He wore several different rigs on this series. (Photo Pending) This monumental western made for TV from the Amour novel of the same name follows three brothersfrom their home in Tennessee to Santa Fe, New Mexico. Your previous content has been restored. Find out more in our Cookies & Similar Technologies Policy. He worked as an assistant to another dentist for a short period, then moved to Atlanta, Georgia and set up his dental practice. One of our customers sister in laws maternal family owns the original of this holster. An AdventureHero has to clean his revolvers and so do you. Billy went to work the next day and Myers asked him if he was going to make the movie holster. ~ $59.95. Quirts longhorn steer head pant belt buckle available on our buckle button(See below), This buckle and tip can be cast in solid Sterling Silver ~ $249.95, Slightly different from the cast buckle above. To enable personalized advertising (like interest-based ads), we may share your data with our marketing and advertising partners using cookies and other technologies. LIMITERD EDITION SINGLE OR DOUBLE MAG POUCH made specifically to fit the AUTOMAG seven round magazines. Look closely at one of the TV series segments and you will see this unique addition. This actor also played a maincharacter in Tombstone. Although not a true Buscadero, this rig did use a 4 1/2 to 5 1/2 buckle strap holster from one. His 5 1/2 rig is toe forward with a buckle strap. We are currently having our personal S&W 455 cast in both resin and solid metal for two different types of replicas. Click on photo for a much larger view. You can order any one of the three with lined holster and belt and 18 bullet loops ~ $549.95. Single holster ~ $224.95. For semi autos- If you have an extended magazine or bumper pad at the bottom, it is your responsibility to let us know and you will need to send one of these into us for correct fit if we are making a magazine pouch for you. Holster, belt and buckle ~ $389.95, (Movie Quote: You take this money for your children. Two versions were used, one with laced edge and one with sewn edge -our version ~ $399.95. Some of the finest cowboy shoot outs ever staged take place in this film. The original is in saddle tan color. Complete set of all three pieces with engraved stainless steel buckle ~ $499.85. Rafe wears this holster on the right with single drop loop and studs ~$169.95. Tryon was a young Texas Ranger, mentored by the great western actor Harry Carey Jr. Holsteris very stifffor faster draw. Most TV and movie characters involving the Underground Railroad would wear gear like this. Youll see ad results based on factors like relevancy, and the amount sellers pay per click. Belt slide version with open tops for rapid access. Another semi western movie was filmed in 1957 with some of the biggest stars of the era. Authentic Cheyenne Rig - Belt only $ 259.00. ), (Photo Pending) Josh carried right and a right cross draw, lined Slim Jim style holsters for Colt Single Action Armys. Strap * Floral Carving or Stamping * Add to cart SKU: doc-holiday-holster Categories: Shoulder Holsters, Western He worked as a Faro dealer doing a little dentistry on the side in Colorado and Wyoming, getting in knife fights and other altercations. un In 1968 one of thevery bestspaghetti westerns ever made came out with Clay McCord in the main role as an outlaw trying to get amnesty in old New Mexico. 4.7 out of 5 stars 154. The generous push loop at the other end will allow even those with larger fingers to fit. Gunfighter stitch or hand carved flowers and vines can be added for $49.95 per piece. Doc Holliday Rig for colt pattern 5 1/2 barrel, $200. . R. (Click on photo for a larger view) Just when you think you have seen everything, something new pops up. This type of data sharing may be considered a sale of information under California privacy laws. Roy(Indy) was a naturalist, intrepid explorer, bone digger, hunter, writer, self- promoter, and sometime director of the American Museum of Natural History, he was the closest thing to Indyin the real world. Could you please send me a copy of the template as well? (Photo Pending) This was the first movie with this titleand one of Louis LAmours bestcowboy novels. Civilian Sam Browne gun belt with 18 loops ~ $199.95. This SAA Slim Jim was a Chick Gaylord design. If any one out there has an idea where to get the exact style of conchos like on this gun belt, please contact us. Elams drop dead, toe forward holster, lined, tapered gun belt, and hammered buckle~ $499.95. Add stud & strap ~ $10. Belt and buckle ~ $149.95, Double belt loop, curved bottom belt pouch with oval flap and friction tab closure. My only "stray" from the one on the movie set, is my customer wanted a lighter color, . John Henry Holliday (August 14, 1851 - November 8, 1887), better known as Doc Holliday, was an American gambler, gunfighter, and dentist. Generously large spur straps with rectangular nickel plated buckles. A close friend and associate of lawman Wyatt Earp, Holliday is best known for his role in the events leading up to and following the Gunfight at the O.K. It is smooth leather lined and hand boned to fit most single action revolvers. Free shipping. +1 colors/patterns. Corral in Tombstone, Arizona. This style started showing up being worn by him in 1959 in The Rio Bravos. Available with or without hammer thong. It often made sense to have a matching rifle and handgun cartridge so you could use one caliber for both weapons. We had a chance to meet and interview him at the Memphis Cowboy Film festival. For lining add $49.95 per piece. NOTEthe trademark pant belt buckle in this movie available from Chisholms Trail for $49.95 or $39.95 when ordered with a pant belt-not included. (In Stock Now) New Upgraded quality Real Bone handled dagger and sheath adapted from the movie Tombstone, as worn by Doc Holliday. Rig consists of an U.S. Cavalry 1 3/4 gun belt including rectangular Officers brass buckle, with rampant eagle. I found this screen capture on a search of the film Tombstone. However, if you wish to add extra support, you can use another strip of leather. This 1973 adventure film, set in pre WW1 Africa, was a remake of the original in 1931 starring Harry Carey, who later became a great Western cowboy star. With tooling as shown ~ $249.95, Women indeed havetheir place in the adventure and mercenary genre. Heavy duty 9-10 gauge tooling leather, oil base stain color, and hand rubbed saddle finish. A wide welt inside the holster allows the gun to angle out more for faster draw. The set ~ $525. However, his old enemies would not let this happen and had other plans for him. For a 12 barrel please add $20. Ouradaptation~ $374.95. Click on the photo and you can see the separate pieces on the skirt, A very difficult rig to build and very special one to own. The original holster was made for a Heckler & Koch USP Compact, but we can make this for most large and small frame semi autos. More loops add $2 per loop. Holster unlined as shown $174.95. Show Skip to main . If you have a Smith & Wesson Model 1917 with a full length 5 1/2 barrel then this holster is for you. Same as YU 3A, with two holsters and 3 belt. For one line edge decoration add $10 per piece. . Original Price 20.69 As shown ~ $499.95. . Short range with a small charge, but nasty up close. He was an accomplished gun handler and was as fast as he appeared on screen. Nimschke style engraved 1 3/4 nickel Santa Fe buckles. but there is never enough detail in the movie to see it real good. As shown ~ $399.95. The holster will fit a 4 3/4 or 5 1/2 Colt SAA and has a sterling silver drop loop with several inlaid pieces of turquoise. . . As shown ~ $399.95, DOLORES BUCKLE ~ $49.95 (We provided the buckle being used in the movie). Complete set like in the series ~ $374.95. Marshal was introduced in two episodes of the Western TV series Rifle Men. Note the highly 3D engraved, unique center bar horseshoe buckle which we have reproduced. Due to rising costs in supplies, materials & leather, prices have increased $10 perpiece. Just found in a now closed Texas museum with provenance. He also wore this same buckle in other westerns. Noahsfirst wife, Maxine Jones, was the child of early Western star, Buck Jones. Buckle & spear pointed 1 3/4 pant belt ~ $149.95. (In Stock Now) Black military, rightcross draw, flap holster with military belt, cap box for cartridges or bullet loops, and solid brass 2 1/2garrison buckle as worn by Deets. ~ $299.95, Frank Phillips was hired by the McCoys and Attorney Perry Cline to organize a posse to round up any offending Hatfield and bring them to justice. Leather lined Available for most Single Actions. The belt is rough out, with the tongue, buckle end and bullet loops in medium brown. * If you examine photos from this movie you will see light reflecting from the belt. Tontos brown Buscadero rig is uncommon. Our flap holster version~ $124.95. We made this one for a western movie years ago based on the real John Henry Doc Holliday. HOW HOLSTER BUILDER CAN HELP Set includes black double drop holster with billeted gun belt and clipped corner buckle. They will be produced in limited quantity. The holster has a safety strap with snaps and the holster and mag pouch will have buckle straps to hold the rig to your pant belt. By Connery did an great acting job portraying this character while using an excellent (WG) Birds Head Webley, holster, gun belt, rifle belt, and ammo pouch. For lined holster add ~ $49.95 . Our hand cast conchos are finally in. With basket weave or hand tooled flowers & vines add $49.95 per piece. Jacks rig was the pinnacle of Andersons quick draw designs. should wind up similar to Forester's creation. Complete set ~ $524.95. I cant see a damn thing.), Our adaptation of theCurly Bill rig, made using detailed close up photos and measurements from the original worn in the movie. Fully lined holster and gun belt ~ $499.95. . His acting was superb and he was a believable reluctant hero. The holster is lined to reduce wear on the pistols finish. Our fully lined rig has max bullet loops and a special oval buckle with a cast floral relief made by Chisholms Trail. Compare specifications of Cimarron Doc Holliday Thunderer (Sold As Set Only) 45 Long Colt CA4506DOCSET and Marlin Model 1894 Cowboy 45 Long Colt 1894CB45-20. This set is in old walnut color with a choice of our oval engraved Amarillo buckle or our Indian buckle in solid brass or white bronze. May I please get a template,just starting out with holster and need all the help that I can get. The lined holster is also the same as above but hangs straight down with NO toe forward. Very good looking set. In this Northwestern saga Stewart wore his trademark wide billeted gun belt and a single buckled drop loop holster with exposed trigger guard. Unlined gun belt and one holster ~ $349.95. Our version as shown ~ $129.95, Lean, Slim Jim style for a close fitting Colt 1873 Single Action Army revolver. Fully lined holster and gun belt ~ $499.95. Managing not to be jailed for these events Doc Holliday shook the dust of Tombstone from his heals and headed to Colorado, initially going to Leadville where the high altitude caused him trouble with his breathing. chisholms_trail@netscape.comLinks Additional loops $2 each. Our version of Bauers holster for a Glock 43x. For snap strap add $10. Building, riding my Harley's , Large scale R/C aircraft, Fishing, Helping people along the way. 9. They are wrong, It was designed and made in New Orleans. Note that the conchos will start approx. Friday 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM (MST) This most famous western star was mentored by Harry Carry Sr. and taught how real cowboys acted, responded, dressed, and looked like. On the cattle drive our favorite Western Movie Icon wears a unique belt with a billeted, sewn on oval buckle end and tapered tongue end. The band ismade fromnice thick 7-8 gauge vegetable tanned, tooling leather, 5/8 wide, with largeone half inchParachute studs spaced 1/4 apart. This 1979 TV western still stands as one of the most authentic ever produced for a TV series. This 7 1/2 lined holster has a stiffener between the layers of leather to make it faster to draw. After watching the "shootouts" endlessly, . Note this has to be totally hand stitched to complete it correctly. 1936 Doc Holliday Holster Set : Buy Now: DeSantis Doc Holliday Cross Draw, Tan, Right : Buy Now: DeSantis DOC Holiday Cross Draw Holster fits 3 1/2-Inch Colt SAA, Right Hand, Black : Buy Now: DeSantis DOC Holiday Holster fits 3 1/2-Inch Colt SAA, Right Hand, Tan : Buy Now: Adult Gunfighter Western Costume X . more info 1879 Old West Texas Shoulder Holster Pant belt and square buckle ~ $149.95, This stagecoach agent spent each week meeting almost every famous outlaw or lawman in the west. (10% off), Sale Price 23.05 Recent research with the Studio has found that the original shoulder strap was constructed using a German military G-3 rifle sling. Note the leg tie to keep this holster secure and ready for a lightning action. This holster can be made in straight or cross draw. The original was laced on the edges with a closed toe. When the real Wyatt Earp was in Hollywood consulting on the gunfight at the OK coral, a young movie set assistant paid close attention to what he said. Additional loops add $2 per loop. but the customer wanted it that way. Some were not buscaderos and were pretty accurate. Rough side out to match the gun belt in your cartridge choice ~ $39.95, Single drop loop holster with edge stamping, engraved nickel studs, and thong. NEW- This A list actor starred in 121 episodes of the TV western LARAMIE WYOMINGas the ranch hand. Our version of top sewn gun belt and unlined holster ~ $424.95. At one point additional leather was added to the strap for correct shoulder length. Andy Anderson produced some really nice gun leather for this movie. One ofhis original badges is now on display in the Minnesota Historical Society with provenance. Features: Ballard-Type Rifling;Tapered Octagon Barrel. He wears it with a pair of dark charcoal pinstripe flat front wool trousers with a high rise and plain-hemmed bottoms with a half break over his black leather city boots. Contact: Steves Gunz, 205 Antler Lane, Lampasas, TX 76550. * If you examine photos from this movie you will see light reflecting from the belt. Includes correct buckle,movie conchos, and blood knot. He commissioned this buckle fashioned from a Civil War original and converted it from a two piece to a one piece buckle and put a modern back on it so it could be worn on a normal pant belt. Unlined holster and gun belt ~ $399. I'll need your height / weight / right or left hand / gun you plan to use / color you prefer etc . Powered by Invision Community, LeatherWork, Custom Knife Making, Woodworking, Horsesmanship, knife sheaths, belts, gun rigs/holsters, cowboy gear, This is the ideal concealable revolver for todays Western enthusiast. Available only in Havana Brown. . At one point there was or will be a consideration to include a single or double cylinder pouch on the belt like the one in Pale Rider. Customer must provide spare cylinder to complete project. detailtechnology. hidecrafter has a shoulder holster pattern pack that looks like a doc holiday design. This concho was created from enhanced photo shots & cast in the USA. Color may vary because of photos. Additional loops add $2 per loop. Coming soon, order now. Pseudo miIitary holster has double grommet vent holes at the bottom of the closed toe and decorative overlay. Additional loops add $1 per loop. My dad wants one for a 22 revolver he has. It has a hammer thong tab that will swivel out of the way. Each swivel is connected with genuine antique, domed Mexican, single wing eagle Conchos. But we'll get to you . Perfect for black power guns and ling rifle guns up to 7 1/5 inches. Available in right or left hand draw. As low as $224.95. For lining add $49.95 per piece. He wore a Colt Single Action Army in a Myers, toe to the rear Border Patrol style brown, snap strapholster on a wide belt. Double set of holsters and gun belts ~ $ $989.95. We can also adjust to fit a Schofield, S&W or Colt double action. As shown ~ $149.95. . Or fastest delivery Nov 17 - 22 . Our version of this 3 widerig, adapted from the original look fully lined, floral tooled gun belt, lined and non-tooled holster, and buckle with 18 bullet loops. 95. Includes a lined 4 1/2 or 5 1/2 Old West Icon classic holster ~ $449.95. he always carried a four barrel Sharps Derringer and a sword hidden in his cane. It was a good western with a twist at the end you do not expect. If you want one, just call ~ P.O. Clint Walker made this film in 1971. Although NO metal is used in the construction it is as firm and is SASS legal. Tombstone Speed Rig Shoulder Holster, SA or Lightning . Action: SAO. Free returns. With full coverage such as basket weave ~ $134.95. For basket weave or floral carving add $49.95 per piece. At times he would carry a Webley flap holster that would also accommodate the S&W.He also carried an old style U.S. marked utility pouch. These loops are attached by threading through slots in the belt instead of sewing. I do know, I don't have enough time to get it all done, Dagnabit, I enjoy all styles and creating a new look, Airguns , vintage watches, Primitive archery, Washington State (city in limbo moving too much), Live Action Role gaming Rough out, lined toe forward holster with six bullet loops on thebuckle end,and lined tapered gun belt with Gunfighter stitch and heel barbuckle ~ $499.95, (Click on the 2nd photo to see the overlapping gunfighter stitch) Terence Hill, as Trinity, made several humorous Spaghetti Westerns. The buckleis a (D) shaped heel bar buckle. In 1958 Robert Taylor made an involved western with Julie London as his co-star. He also wore a knife and sheath with a widely laced edge. He put on fast draw shows at Knotts Berry farm and taught many western actors how to handle a gun. The gun belt is 2 wide with six bullet loops on the tongue end and four bullet loops on the buckle end. (Movie Quote: You tell em IM coming.. and hells coming with me, you hear?), (You gonna do somethin or just stand there and bleed?), Remember in the movie Tombstone when Wyatt raked Ike Clantons cheek with his spur. tank commander in the movie "Fury") . the strapwork: one shoulder, . Please leave a message if we are not there and Note: Calvera used a curved, stag handled Bisley, llike the one Pancho Villa carried. McCraewhen they were ambushed by Indians and Gus got shot in the leg with an arrow. Now you know the rest of the story. All of our versions come standard with 18 bullet loops unless more are ordered. Nickel plated models sported ivory or mother-of-pearl grips. Shoulder holster pattern has adjustable cross-tab styling, buckle fasteners and shoulder harness. Holster and lined, billeted cartridge belt $389.95. . Unlined set with edge groove ~ $449.95. ~ $324.95. only thing will be the color, he decided on saddle tan, . . One of the famous Guardsmen of Oklahoma. Note the fancy crest around an oval that you can have your initials engraved on. This remake with Rod Taylor is exciting with some real wildlife filming. Indian replicas not made by Native Americans as defined by 2.5 USC & 305 ET SEQ. Additional loops $2 each. all incorporated into a pair of leather suspenders . This and his friendship with the Earps eventually led to the infamous shoot out at the OK Corral where the Clantons and other members of the Cowboys had a gunfight with Wyatt Earp, Virgil Earp, Morgan Earp and Doc Holliday. Reproduction badge now available $29.95.

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