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bill gates geoengineering block sun

The project originally was scheduled to have a test flight in Sweden in June 2021, but a Harvard advisory committee delayed it until at least 2022 in order to study potential impacts. We may earn commission if you buy from a link. Due to the controversial subject matter (more on that below) and the fact that it is privately funded, SCoPEx is overseen by an outside panel of advisers run by Harvard. The ultimate aim is not to roll out some major solar geoengineering apparatus, but to collect data that will better inform computer models, researchers said. With everyone from investors to indigenous groups involved in the process, SCoPEx will never get off the ground without a lot of diplomacy. Hearst Magazine Media, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Climate research, renewables and circularity, Solar engineering would see reflective particles. Geo-Solar Engineering to Save the Planet By Nancy Thorner Reported by Frank Bergman on February 18, 2023: George Soros, worth 10 billion as of 2023, is pushing a plan to block the sun to fight climate change as a way to cool Earth's global temperature.. Soros outlined his plan during his address at the Munich Security Conference on Thursday, Feb. 17, 2023. The experiment involves launching a high-altitude balloon about 12 miles into the atmosphere, according to its website. A new coalition of scholars wants the technology effectively banned. After Reuters reported on the effort in December 2020, the conservative Western Journal published a piecetitled "Bill Gates' Savior Complex Spirals Out of Control, Funds Sun-Dimming Plan To Save the Human Race," in which the writer portrays the project as a threat to humanity. The project revolves around the concept of geoengineering, large-scale efforts to reducethe effects of climate change usually temporarily on oceans, soils and atmosphere. According to Snopes,. Rather, it will serve as a test to maneuver the balloon and examine communications and operational systems. Widespread research into the efficacy of solar geoengineering has been stalled for years due to controversy. Geoengineering techniques such as solar radiation management (SRM) could be part of a future technology portfolio to limit global temperature change. The experiment would measure the risks and effectiveness of the technology and is not an effort at widespread implementation. One example is this April 8Facebook post, which reads:"Let me get this straight. In 2007, Gates created a grant-making research fund known as the Fund for Innovative Climate and Energy Research (FICER). Headlines or statements to the contrary rely on "slippery slope" arguments about geoengineering in general, not a fear that SCoPEx itself could destroy the world. SCoPEx planned a small pilot experiment, with the rationale that we need to scrutinize and consider the idea of solar geoengineering today so we dont end up relying on a totally untested technology in the future. The Stratospheric Controlled Perturbation Experiment (SCoPEx) will spray a special calcium dust into the sky in order to reflect sunlight back into space. billionaire founder Bill Gates is financially backing the development of sun-dimming technology that would potentially reflect sunlight out of Earths atmosphere, triggering a global cooling effect. A snapshot of searches between March 1 and 2 included breakout results largely based around: "Bill Gates trying to block sun. Such statements describe popularly held concerns about the concept of geoengineering as a whole. Scientists have devised multiple ways to block sunlight from reaching Earths atmosphere or surface. The incremental nature of SCoPEx cannot be understated. Scientists have postponed the billionaire-backed study of the controversial technology called solar geoengineering. An article headline says, "Bill Gates hatches 'horribly stupid' plan to block out the sun.". Frank Keutsch, the projects principal investigator, does not know what the results might bring. This content is imported from poll. Again, these temperature decreases bring with them serious risks. So what does this mean for SCoPEx, and for solar geoengineering in general? Proponents of so-called solar geoengineering, such as tech billionaire Bill Gates, say techniques intended to block a portion of the solar radiation reaching the planet ought to be. radiation, lowering the Earth's temperature by 0.6 degrees Celsius (33.08 degrees Fahrenheit.) Bill Gates is investing in research to build sun-dimming technologies which could reverse global warming. In late December 2020, reacting to reporting from Reuters, the Western Journal published a story titled "Bill Gates' Savior Complex Spirals Out of Control, Funds Sun-Dimming Plan To Save the Human Race." Bill Gates has provided undisclosed amounts of funding to academic research into solar geoengineering research, which in turn helps to fund the SCoPEx project. Microsoft's MSFT -2.2% billionaire founder Bill Gates is financially backing the development of sun-dimming technology that would potentially reflect sunlight out of Earth's atmosphere,. The science has spoken. 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The perfect aerosol would not immediately tamper with stratospheric chemistry at all: The only thing it would do is scatter maximum sunlight and hence cool down the planet.. Solar geoengineering with aerosols runs head into the fact that aerosols, like ozone layer-destroying chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) spray aerosols, have often been a contributor to climate change. Lastly, they ask, who would get to decide how solar geoengineering is usedand how would such a decision be fair? Ultimately, Gates' involvement is financial. But if we dont understand how solar geoengineering will affect the world, by the time we need it as an option in our climate playbook, it will be too late. We should also note Gates' involvement in the SCoPEx project is purely financial. "We are not, for example, testing whether it's possible to scatter sunlight back to space, because there is no meaningful scientific uncertainty about that question.". The experiment would measure the risks and effectiveness of the technology. We take a look at 7 End Times Headlines from all across the world. This technology would trigger a global cooling effect," blared a viral tweet from RapTV, an . Carbon capture, where emissions are taken and sequestered beneath Earths surface, is another major form of geoengineering. I'm not sure that's wise, given the importance of the problem, but there's now the geoengineering discussion about: Should that be in the back pocket in case things happen faster, or this innovation [in sustainable energy] goes a lot slower than we expect? The claim gained traction in mid-February as residents in the state of Texas faced deadly winter storms but continued to circulate on the social network this week. If you live somewhere with low light, you might be worried that solar panels aren't for you, but these actually perform excellently in low light conditions. The launch will not release any stratospheric aerosols. Impacts will vary across regions, and there are uncertainties about the effects on weather patterns, agriculture, and the provision of basic needs of food and water.. In a December 2020 Boston Globe editorial, he wrote: Why the sharp divergence between media and science? 727-821-9494. stated on February 21, 2022 in an article: "Bill Gates hatches 'horribly stupid' plan to block out the sun", stated on February 20, 2023 in an Instagram post. According to the project's website: SCoPEx will make quantitative measurements of aspects of the aerosol microphysics and atmospheric chemistry that are currently highly uncertain in the simulations. In the case of Keutsch's experiment, the chemical will be calcium carbonate, which is essentially a chalk dust. A doctor at the Mayo Clinic is misdiagnosing pregnancies of Trump supporters so they have abortions. New Findings Warn Earth Could Break Key Warming Barrier In 2033, Should Climate Scientists Stop Doing Research? A small amount of the substance, between 100g to 2kg, will be released to create an air mass roughly one kilometer long and one hundred meters in diameter. But harmless only goes so farthe repercussions of solar geoengineering arent necessarily found in the material released, but in the unexpected effects of mixing ingredients into the stratosphere. The data could improve the ability of computer models to predict how large-scale geoengineering may possibly disrupt out planet's ozone, the Harvard scientists explained. The data gathered during this experiment would, among other things, help inform computer models that look into the potential risks of actual geoengineering. The UN document correctly indicates that volcanic eruptions sometimes fill the skies with ash or sulfur, dim the sun for years, and lead to measurable global cooling episodes. ", Ultimately, Keith said that more study was needed, writing: "It would be crazy to start deploying solar geoengineering today. But the SCoPEx website says the current project's scope remains limited. To refine these models, scientists need to know how the aerosols interact with the atmosphere on a nanoscale. Gates and other private donors are supporting Harvard Universitys Solar Geoengineering Research Program, which had planned to launch a new study based in Sweden in June researching the efficacy of blocking sunlight from reaching Earths surface. Is Russias Only Aircraft Carrier Cursed? Suggests root canals are linked to breast cancer. The stated goal of SCoPEx, as described on the project website, is the collection of data regarding the microphysics of aerosols in the upper atmosphere so that computer models analyzing geoengineering can be as accurate as possible: This experiment will help us learn more about the efficacy and risks of solar geoengineering. Geoengineering and Bill Gates blocking out the sun. But this claim, like other reports, misrepresents the nature of the project. The United States, Brazil, and Saudi Arabia blocked a 2019 United Nations assessment of global geoengineering plans. The test was originally scheduled for June 2021, but will be delayed until at least 2022. If the plan is green-lit, a high-altitude balloon would disperse the mineral dust to study the viability, and risks, of solar geoengineering. Thunberg: Not too late to act in Climate fight, Climate Activist Greta Thunberg appeared virtually before a House subcommittee Thursday to call on U.S. officials to do more, saying it's "not too late" to make real changes in the fight against climate change. SCoPEx said its ongoing experiment aims to improve computer models of solar geoengineering by obtaining some real-world data about how chemicals react in the skies. We may earn commission from links on this page, but we only recommend products we back. The falsehood centers on a small-scale experiment that Harvard researchers proposed called SCoPEx, short for Stratospheric Controlled Perturbation Experiment that would spray aerosols into the atmosphere to reflect some sunlight back into space, a technology aimed at minimizing global warming. 01 Mar 2023 04:14:30 This bioweapon attack on humanity cost us $20T, millions of lives, and our freedom. It will only test the balloon, not release any aerosols. For now, research into the field is fairly limited. Bill Gates' Savior Complex Spirals Out of Control, Funds Sun-Dimming Plan To Save the Human Race, says concerns like these are not supported by science, Fact check: Bill Gates is not planning to microchip the world through a COVID-19 vaccine, Planned Harvard balloon test in Sweden stirs solar geoengineering unease, Bill Gates' Savior Complex Spirals Out of Control, Funds Sun-Dimming Plan To Save the Human Race, Could dimming the sun save the Earth? The researchers behind the forthcoming Harvard project, the Stratospheric Controlled Perturbation Experiment (SCoPEx), say we must study solar geoengineering in case we need to take a drastic action against climate change. RT @ToscaAusten: Bill Gates, farmer, philanthropist, climate cultist extraordinaire, and the newly invested multi-million dollar shareholder of Heineken, is dabbling in solar geoengineeringthe scientific process of bouncing the sun's rays back into space. Widespread use of technology that dims natural sunlight to help fight climate change should only be used as a last resort, scientists have warned. "They are ill-served if the geoengineerings real physical risks are conflated with the equally real political threat that geoengineering will be exploited by fossil fuel interest groups to block the transformation of our energy infrastructure away from carbon.". Just as quickly as it was announced, a controversial solar geoengineering . The proposed Harvard experiment would use a high-altitude balloon to lift instruments into the atmosphere and release aerosols. Neither is it desirable, ethical, or politically governable.. SCoPEx will take a small step in its early research this June near the town of Kiruna, Sweden, where the Swedish Space Corporation has agreed to help launch a balloon carrying scientific equipment 12 miles (20 km) high. The SCoPEx experiment sought to release just a small amount of aerosol material into the sky in a specific location, but now, Harvard says even this must be considered in more detail and with ethical implications in mind. Our only agenda is to publish the truth so you can be an informed participant in democracy. Official govt docs expose Michelle Obamas 14 year history as a man., "Woody Harrelsons 60 seconds in the middle of his monologue was cut out of the edits released after the show., BREAKING Trump preps Marines to stop presidential coup.. The speculative possibility of future solar geoengineering risks becoming a powerful argument for industry lobbyists, climate denialists, and some governments to delay decarbonization policies, the authors write. He is among the donors to a program thats funding a small-scale experiment proposed by Harvard researchers that would spray aerosols into the atmosphere to reflect sunlight back into space. Elsewhere, the Carnegie Climate Governance Initiative (C2G) aims to get the United Nations to discuss solar geoengineering at the UN General Assembly in 2023though C2G emphasizes that its stance is strictly impartial, and that the initiative simply seeks effective governance of the technologies. Pinatubo eruption in 1991 , which temporarily cooled our planet by 0.5 degrees C. Harvard scientists intend to block out the sun's rays from earth as a way to help stave off climate change. COVID-19 was created in a lab by EcoHealth, funded by Fauci and Gates, with Wuhan/CIA/DARPA. Geoengineering is a blanket term for technologies that try to alter Earths physical qualities on the largest scale possible. But there is no suggestion he is in favor of blocking all sunlight from reaching Earth. The only reason the experiment was in the news in December 2020, for instance, is because the project found a company to facilitate the launch of a weather balloon. But solar geoengineering is controversial, even according to the Harvard researchers who proposed the experiment. Snopes and the logo are registered service marks of, A project funded by Bill Gates "would help block out the sun. As noted by Nature in 2018, the concept in a broad sense is designed to spray particles into the stratosphere that may cool the planet by reflecting some of the Sun's rays. This material may not be reproduced without permission. Claim that Bill Gates is scheming to block the sun is wrong If Your Time is short Harvard researchers proposed a small-scale experiment that would spray aerosols into the atmosphere to. At its core, SCoPEx seeks to better understand the efficacy and risks of solar geoengineering. No one is suggesting we spray the clouds with calcium carbonate tomorrow, or even 10 years from now. ", USDA is predicting egg prices will be $12 a dozen by fall 2022.. Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has funded a project to study such a technology. The Earth is warming rapidly as a result of human-caused emissions. Suggests a January traffic accident involving lab monkeys was responsible for spreading monkeypox to humans. But there is no suggestion he. St. Petersburg, FL This is our End Times News Update for the week of Friday February 3rd, 2023. David Keith, a Harvard University professor also spearheading the SCoPEx project, said solar geoengineering will likely complement other carbon reduction methods, but noted it will be future generations that will ultimately have to live with the potential consequences.

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