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Bewitchment Mod (1.19.2, 1.18.2) aims to be a spiritual successor to Witchery. The rain should last about half a day. you have been able to summon demons and make pacts with them for a . With closed eyes meditate on Lilith's black flame moving from the root chakra through the spine up . Human Sacrifice: The ritual to summon a Demon in Bewitchment requires a villager, illager, or similar mob to die in the summoning circle. Federal government websites often end in .gov or .mil. All demon lords rapidly regenerate health if they are not targeting the player OR if its daytime. Make sure you put her arena away from your belongings so they won't be destroyed if she happens to get out! When searching for those blocks, keep in mind that the radius of this Ritual is limited to a chunk Under Normal Conditions. (2022-09-10) High Blood Sugar Stomach Ache what happens when your blood sugar is too high >> Blood Sugar Levels, what are symptoms of low blood sugar High Blood Sugar Stomach Ache dangerous levels of blood sugar High Blood Sugar Stomach Ache. Start by breaking grass until you get a bunch of hellebore and mandrake seeds. The .gov means it's official. Before sharing sensitive information, make sure you're on a federal government site. This lesser Ritual utilizes the power of wind and salt to push back hostile entities. To cast, throw Cleansing Balm and Gold Ingot into the inner circle, then right-click the golden glyph. The .gov means it's official. Leonard is the hardest Demon Lord to kill due to his minions and potions of instant damage he throws. This video goes into how altar power works and how to get over 1000 power at your command for. They also spawn fire blocks. Once summoned, the player may make a pact with them by dressing in Bismirched Robes, holding a specified item in their offhand, and consuming the Stew of the Grotesque. The player may summon these demons using the circle rites described in the Codex Infernalis to create a pact with them in order to gain a variety of benefits. A lesser Ritual that calls on water spirits to make it rain. bewitchment demon summoning. Update Images wiki-wide to comply with recent updates. This Ritual calls on fire spirits, basically making the circle a very big smelting pot, To cast, throw Fiery Serum and Blaze Rod into the inner circle, then right-click the golden glyph, A Ritual of severing can be cast, should you wish to part ways with your Familiars. Contrary to the very possible reality that love spells play a key role in keeping relationships strong, in order to. 335. The /r/feedthebeast subreddit is not affiliated or associated with the Feed the Beast company. To cast, throw Fiery Serum, Netherrack, and a Lava Bucket into the inner circle, then right-click the golden glyph. 1 / 4. Hellhounds are required to be killed in order to progress further in the mod as demons horns lend the start of demonic magic to the player and are the gateway to summoning them along with venturing inside Nether fortresses. A Ritual of Severing can be cast, should you wish to part ways with your familiar, To cast, throw Filled taglock of the familiar, Silver Ingot, Salt and into the inner circle, then right click the golden glyph while the familiar is inside the Ritual circle. (Minecraft Percy Jackson Roleplay). Rituals need a ME-providing Altar nearby; the amount of ME needed is always noted in the ritual's entry. Sometimes the Summoning Staff brings up the beastiary when summoning minions. Manage all your favorite fandoms in one place! Summoning Mammon, the demon of avarice is a great option. Make sure to hide behind the arena's blocks to protect yourself! Demons in Bewitchment have a kind of mane of fur around their neck, which is long enough to cover the breasts of female demons. What am I doing wrong? Demon Lords are End Game Boss Mob Demons that are equivalent to being Kings and Queens of The Nether. The Nether's Firstborn are lower ranking demons than that of Lesser Demons or Higher Demons. This video has every ritual but wither summoning and that is. Satan has authority over all of the Goetic Demons. (also 1.17 it has not changed much) This mod has gotten a lot simpler. To cast, throw Diamond, Demon Horn, Snake Tongue, Aconite and Belladonna into the inner circle. The player may conjure them using variations of the 'Hellmouth' circle rite which is described in the Codex Infernalis. daily declarations and decrees i reject, revoke and renounce any evil covenants that remove my name from the book of favour with god and man. This Rite is used to summon creatures, such as Demons, the Wither, Witches, Flame Imps, Spectral Familiars, and dismissed/killed Familiars. When clicking on the golden chalk it says "You have not heard of such rites." Every ritual has an inner and an optional outer circle drawn with chalk, depending on the ritual. The Horned Spear is both a melee and a ranged weapon similar to a trident. Bewitchment offers pacts with powerful demons, the ability to become a vampire or werewolf, brew powerful potions, cast rituals, curse your enemies (or friends), and so much more. Resistance, regeneration, strength, and leeching will serve you well when fighting Herne. Follow your favorite artists, discover new music, and be part of a fan-built and fan-driven community that covers the globe. The action kicks off as soon as we're out of the opening cutscene here with a battle against a selection of Homunculus enemies. Optionally (but highly recommended) is building a small arena for the fight. Cammies Wearable Backpacks Mod (1.19.3, 1.18.2) Wearing a small Inventory, Cammie's Wearable Backpacks Mod (1.19.3, 1.18.2) introduces into the game a set of new backpacks,, Clear Despawn Mod (1.19.3, 1.18.2) Item Flash When It About to Despawn, Clear Despawn Mod (1.19.3, 1.18.2) makes dropped items flash when they're about to despawn. - Like Lilith Herne appears on top of the brazier with an explosion equivalent to TNT. To summon Herne you must burn the following ingredients in a Brazier: aconite, garlic, mandrake root, and a demon heart. Features: Cross, Lighting Wand Mod (1.19.3, 1.18.2) Showing Light Sources, Lighting Wand Mod (1.19.3, 1.18.2) adds a Lighting Wand to place invisible light source. Each creature has a different set of foci items, power level, and circle formations. Hit Mediocris with Infernal Demon attacks 3 times - Fairly straightforward this one, just remember to use your demon three times during this battle. The rites used to invoke these demons require a large array of components and are very magically expensive to cast. (werewolves) His spear does heavy damage so prepare ample buffs and defenses. Press J to jump to the feed. Holding right click will make it shoot a ghast fireball for some Magical Energy. You will need 600 ME for this. A golden glyph always forms the center of a Ritual. In Islamic culture and Muslim communities throughout the world, magic is "widespread and pervasive". There are two types of Nether's Firstborn implemented in the mod. To cast, throw Garlic, Silver Ingot, Salt and Taglock of the familiar. There are three types of Familiars: Cat, Owl, and Toad. There are eight entries under the Higher Demons section of the Codex Infernalis, one of which is a guide on how to pledge allegiance to a Higher Demon. The Ritual of Cleansing calls on the light to cleanse its target of Curses. Higher Demons are the highest ranking demons out of the three types, and are equated to kings or queens in demonic society. Herne's biggest weakness is that of a clever mind. To cast, throw Aqua cerate, Block of Lapis Lazuli and Book into the inner circle. Note: For the ritual to work, you have to throw the tools and armor you want to enchant AFTER the ritual started (you can't enchant 2 items at the same time), This Ritual grants temporary immortality. This Ritual calls on the lord of brews, summoning Leonard himself To cast, throw Grim Elixir, Fiery Serum, Demon Heart, Demon Horn, Ghast Tear and into the inner circle, then sacrifice a sheep inside the Ritual circle. 14. r/feedthebeast. Please read the Wiki Style Guide before editing an article! Baphomet's projectiles explode and can destroy weak tiles such as dirt, so make sure your summoning area is made out of cobblestone or a stronger block. Here's my current setup of the circle and altar. Demon stuff Lorthorn 7.12K subscribers Subscribe 481 Share 32K views 3 years ago Here's the diabolical update for yall. In order to make an animal into a Familiar, it must first be tamed by the user. On top of this, it also acts as a Sword for altars. Within the main base, most of the Lord ranked players who had been called back had nothing to do. i repent of any evil words that i have spoken; words that stop the flow of god's favour into my life. Then, right-click the golden glyph. Then, right-click the golden glyph. Adam Bede, the first novel written by George Eliot (the pen name of Mary Ann Evans), was published in 1859. Many witches commonly summon them to join their courts in order to exploit their power, but they also drop useful items and weapons if defeated. bewitchment demon summoning bewitchment demon summoning Slaying the reflection, makes the mirror hollow, which allows control of the space within the mirror, but now the mirror will no longer have a demon to ask questions or perform conversion magics. Herne's minions are stronger than regular Werewolves, with 80 health (as opposed to the normal 60) and 12 points of damage (as opposed to the usual 8). While they are strong, knowing their weaknesses and limits can mean fighting them are little more than trivial endeavors. All rights reserved. After his arena is built, it's simply a matter of preparing the right potions. 2. Dwarfs Mid-Nor CARD The Demon's Claw Artiglio Del Demone 2 - MP N - Miracle 8 . Enterprising witches may trade with demons for a variety of items including Demonic Contracts and Boxes of Sealed Evil. Strategies to do so, as well as helpful info and tips can be seen below. To cast, throw Aqua Cerate and a bucket of water into the inner circle. Like Lilith, preparing a good arena is important for fighting Herne. Ethical: Bad intentions of casting a love spell can attract bad karma and unwanted consequences for you or someone else. The user has no control over the creature through this feature. Then, right-click the golden glyph. Dwarfs Mid-Nor CARD Summoning of the Reapers Evocazione Dei Mietitori 2 - MP N - Miracle 12 CRY HAVOC 12 . This will not work across dimensions. White Magic Spell To Make Someone Think Of You.White witchcraft is the witchcraft of love. Login Sign Up Bewitchment+ Modpacks 665 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 26, 2021 Game Version: 1.17.1 +1 Install Description Files Relations This grants you a transformation ability. Manage all your favorite fandoms in one place! a man, do not expect any material assistance from him, do not pursue selfish goals, and do not wish harm to anyone. Contents 1 Recipe 1.1 Demon 1.2 Wither 1.3 Witch 1.4 Spectral Familiar Federal government websites often end in .gov or .mil. IT is for fabric. This Blood Demon Art belonged to Gyokko, the Upper Moon 5. #1 I want to summon (for the first time) a demon in regrowth, but when i wanted to look up demon trading, i literally found nothing (or it is very well hidden). - While the arena for Lilith presented is serviceable, it could be better. The altar has a charge of 1411 (x4) ME. Then, right-click the golden glyph. Using a Taglock Kit that contains taglocks will cause the user'a point of view to switch to that of the contained creature or player. A guide to defeating them can be found here: Fighting Demon Lords. This is the basics of Bewitchment for 1.18.5 how to do the mod. Sometimes, it's better to not question magic. The Ritual of Binding uses greater demonic power to cross the soul of the caster and an animal they hold dear, making it a familiar. An example of such an arena can be seen above. Bewitchment Covens #30 - Summoning Demons 872 views Jan 15, 2022 16 Dislike Share Save Lorthorn 6.53K subscribers Subscribe Hi welcome back to bewitchment it's been a while senses I played. Most documentation regarding the mod can be obtained via crafting a book of shadows by combining a book with mandrake root, black dye, and hellebore flowers(For now, this mod is fairly indev, so expect quite a bit of updating, as well as lots of bugs. Using the Scepter this way your thrown splash potions can be used six times instead of once in exchange for some Magical Energy. To summon Herne you must burn the following ingredients in a Brazier: aconite, garlic, mandrake root, and a demon heart. A Ritual that fills the air with water energies, making everything around it wet and extinguishing flames. The Ritual of Drought makes the air dry, stopping all rain. Building a "salt net" arena provides decent cover from Herne's thrown spears as well as trapping the old hunter and his posse near the summoning to prevent you from being swarmed. it works really well with waystones. (the brazier is also destroyed.) Then, right-click the golden glyph. (meaning they cannot be killed outside of night time unless you have a VERY powerful weapon.) I put the proper items on the focal chalk and tried killing another player on it with my sword and then an athame, but neither of those worked. A few of its weaknesses are that Lilith can knock her minions out of it, as well as the player is near constantly subjected to indirect explosion damage while fighting her. bug Unknown Difficulty excuse me but what the fuck labels. what does cardiac silhouette is unremarkable mean / fresh sage cologne slopes of southern italy / bible verses for deliverance from marine spirit His mood is very bad.Fortunately, the biggest advantage of people is adaptability.After more than ten years of adaptation, he has long been used to ordinary student life.At the same time, because he is well versed in the age limit for cbd gummies age limit for . I have all of the correct items and I set it up in the golden chalk and when sacrificing a villager, it all falls apart. I know the items falling out of the circle happens when the altar doesn't have enough power to complete the ritual but I'm unsure of what to do now. This is the basics of Bewitchment for 1.18.5 how to do the mod. This item is obtained by either bargaining with a Demon or by slaying one. let's hope this does not blow up in my face. If you're summoning Astaroth, call him Astaroth. Bewitchment Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Bewitchment Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Once again when everything is ready, drink one bottle of all your potions, plus a set of strength and leeching, and you're good to go! - Do not fight Baphomet in a flammable area, as its usage of fire can very quickly burn down one's belongings or base. Be sure to read the FAQ first! into the inner circle. (2022-09-05) Blueberries Raise Blood Sugar dexcom blood sugar monitor >> Type 2 Diabetes Treatment, does caffeine raise blood sugar Blueberries Raise Blood Sugar list of foods that lower blood sugar Blueberries Raise Blood Sugar. Lesser Demons are higher ranking than the Nether's Firstborn, but lower ranking than Higher Demons. All demons can offer a pact during trading, which is signed by adding a taglock of yourself and iron gall ink to the pact. However when I go to the fortress and kill them, non of them seem to be dropping the hearts. Contents Additionally the Scepter also counts as a Wand for altars. The Crystal Ball is a block added by Witchery. To cast, throw Grim elixir and Silver Ingot into the inner circle. Herne is a Greater Demon that is also known as the god of the hunt and wolves. This video has every ritual but wither summoning and that is because weathers make things messy. Flame Imps can be easily swayed if they have a personal gain. By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. Demons resemble hellish satyrs, possessing the legs and horns of a goat, a humanoid upper body, membranous wings upon their back, and a slender tail tipped with an arrow. - Baphomet fights at range using fiery explosive projectiles and a ridiculous amount of blazes as minions. International heavy metal webzine featuring forums, publications, news, and archives. added the label. Do all of the visualizations, sigil preparations and other magical operations accordingly. The Bewitching Table does not have an effect on sentries summoned using the Tavernkeep 's summon weapons, as they are sentries, not regular minions. If you're summoning Beelzebub, address him as Beelzebub. If you are interested in helping flesh out the wiki, consider helping us with the following; see here for a more complete list. Demon stuff Lorthorn MoondustBri MoondustBri 56K views 2 years ago Origins of Olympus | EP 27 | FINALLY FACING MYSELF! The Crystal Ball is used to see from other creature/player's points of view, or simply seeing into the future. Before sharing sensitive information, make sure you're on a federal government site. Then, right-click the golden glyph. How To. Cadwallon CARD Finery of Bewitchment Gioielli Del Maleficio 2 - MP M - Artifact 8 . - When the chicken to summon Lilith is killed, she immediately appears on top of the brazier with an explosion equivalent to TNT. Rituals are a powerful magic practice used to have a direct effect on the world. Instead of appearing as humanoid creatures, they mostly appear as animals such as dogs or snakes. Manage all your favorite fandoms in one place! Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. Game type. One of the most important steps in the summoning of a Demon you are not yet familiar with, is to go through Satan. Demons of Magical Powers & Spiritual Enlightenment If you want to become a more powerful magician, to be able to perform astral projection and lucid dreaming at will and to have full control over your mind and possibly the minds of others, then these are the best demons to summon. "Look at what is coming: Men in a war chariot with a team of horses!" Then he spoke up and said: "She has fallen! They have human-level intelligence, and are known to wage war with one another in order to claim the most souls. - Herne is primarily a ranged fighter with melee oriented summons. The minions still spawn, but only after you dismiss the beastiary. The takeaway is to address the demon by the correct name, always. [Awakened Sin of Lust Fifteen Eyes of Perception, Senses, Bewitchment, Malice, and Demise] + [Wind Nomad Hawk Eyes] + [Ancient Sand Wyvern Eyes of Environment Perception] + [Cursed Draconic Eyes; Eyes of Domination] + [Third Eye of Forbidden Illusions] + [One Hundred Illusive Eyes of the Chaos Worm] + [Stacking, Debuffing Freeze Glare] + [Ancient Basilisk's Paralyzing Glare] + [Soul Corroding . Then, right-click the golden glyph. By admin Binding Love Spell Using Pictures on A Photo, Binding Someone to You Spell on Photo, Easy Love Binding Spells on Photo, Easy Love Spells White Magic on Photo, Introducing White Witchcraft Love Spells, Simple White Magic Love Spells to Change People, Spell Make Someone Fall In Love With You On A Thing, Spell To Make Someone Love You Forever, What Suits the Spells to Make Someone Fall . You will need 300 ME for this. It will destroy any easily breakable light sources. This ritual releases a wave of darkness. Directly behind where Verse #1 takes place. In the 1.16 through 1.17 versions of the mod, many demons and concepts have been removed. An easy alternative to this however is to just have some water nearby or sit in a block of water while fighting them. A werewolf, also known as a lycanthrope, is a mythological or folkloric human with the ability to shapeshift into a wolf or a therianthropic hybrid wolf-like creature, either purposely or after. Instead of a 25x17x17 one with >20000% expansion rate, I decided to go on the safer route, with <1100% expansion rate, but in 20 cluster format. It keeps Lilith from getting out of her arena by blasting herself upwards with her own explosions. Demons are mobs summoned from a ritual that requires spilling the blood of a villager to start. Book of Shadows. This wiki is NOT a place for scattered mod suggestions, bug reports, or questions. Welcome, Visitor (please join us), to the Bewitchment Wiki, the official public wiki for everything related to the Bewitchment Mod and its Legacy version. To sever a Familiar connection, check the Severing ritual. In order to fully complete the Book of Shadows, a witch must have 1 of each item dropped by their respective Demon Lord. Who Cares About The Mental Health Of Victims Of Witch Hunting? a hole lot less steps to it.. Magic or sorcery (which seeks to alter the course of events usually by calling on a supernatural force) and divination (attempts "to predict future events or gain information about things unseen"), or occultism, encompass a wide range of practices.These include protection from black magic, the . To cast, throw Demon Horn, Snake Tongue, Soul Sand and Wither skeleton head into the inner circle. I've tried summoning demons and it says I require a sacrifice to start the ritual. Screenshots: Requires: Fabric Modloader, A.V.A Alliance of Valiant Arms Guns Mod (1.19.3, 1.18.2) Gun Animations, Modernized Guns, A.V.A. Once you have the arena built however, all you need to get are some good armor, regeneration/healing potions, and some leeching and strength potions. The only two mobs out of the ones listed above that the player can summon are Lord Baphomet and Master Leonard. Sunconure11 mentioned this issue. The recipe will be in JEI. Strategies to do so, as well as helpful info and tips can be seen below. It is a kind of unspeakable beauty. Bad because you can't move at all during summoning, and it's another keypress in order to complete the summon. Bewitchment offers pacts with powerful demons, the ability to become a vampire or werewolf, brew powerful potions, cast rituals, curse your enemies (or friends), and so much more. 12K views 1 year ago This is a showcase of ever recording Ritual in the Bewitchment mod for Minecraft version 1.16.5. java edition. The Queen Of Lust and Blood, Lilith, is most dangerous when she has direct line of sight. --- Once you have made such potions however, killing Leonard is quite standard. Verse #1. It deals 9 points of damage, has 1.6 attack speed, and has +2 attack range. (note: may be inaccurate). They are cast by drawing circles and throwing in the proper ingredients. The codex infernalis comes later. Bafometyrs, Cleavers, and Shadow People can be summoned indirectly using the Greater Hellmouth rite. This article is about the 1.18 version. Write pages that have not been written for current features. When defeated in battle, Herne drops 1-2 Demon Hearts, 1-2 Demon Horns and the Horned Spear. This is a showcase of ever recording Ritual in the Bewitchment mod for Minecraft version 1.16.5. java edition. The Ritual of Divination searches the Earth for the specific block under the the center glyph (that is under the block it is attached on.) But demons lighting and darkness well all be at your command as a Ritual caster in bewitchmentAny ways if you want to know about bewitchments rituals this is the place to check them out.My Discord: Discord: #minecraft mods #Bewitchment Want to support us? Federal government websites often end in .gov or .mil. 18:2. Copyright 2012 2023 9Minecraft. Any damage -save for void- is completely nullified, To cast, throw Cleansing Balm, Diamond and Phantom Membrane into the inner circle, then right-click the golden glyph, By calling on the moon, witches may exchange the day for night. Maybe some resistance potions too if you're having a hard time hitting her. Possible shared errors zabi94/Covens-reborn#24. They have 50 ( 25) health points. They can be summoned using the Rite of Summoning. However, the demon does not seem to despawn and will hang around the location they were spawned until killed. Bewitchment Diabolical update. Additionally it also counts as a Sword for Altars. If you plan to summon Herne make sure that you are well prepared as he can spawn hostile wolves, and if it is a full moon, werewolves. The .gov means it's official. Before sharing sensitive information, make sure you're on a federal government site. Many witches commonly summon them to join their courts in order to exploit their power, but they also drop useful items and weapons if defeated. The Bewitching Table counts as a valid Table (Flat Surface Item) for NPC Houses. An arena similar to Baphomet's is also recommended to help block Leonard's thrown potions. The target is specified with a Taglock. To date, none have been seen roaming the Nether, where their minions: ghasts,. 3.Put the vervain in the bowl and let the juice of the vervain cpme out of it. This ritual causes nearvy crops, animal and humans to grow. This Ritual has a similar range to that of Deluge. and she has become a dwelling place of demons and a place where every unclean spirit and every unclean and hated bird lurks!" Rev. That's a beautiful woman. The Demon Heart is an item added by Witchery. a hole lot less steps to it.. Demons may appear in either a male or female form, with the "females" called "demonesses", though this has no effect on the mob itself. Light a black candle (etch Lilith's sigil on the candle beforehand) Hold it in your right hand while holding your left hand stretched upward with palm facing the sky. Know the method you plan to use to communicate with the Demon. it, like the other pack im working on right now, has a keen focus on player . Eating a Demon Heart will cause a lot of effects: Hunger II, Speed III, Health Boost (adds 20 () temporary health points), Strength III, Nausea, Regeneration II, and Fire Resistance III for about 2 minutes. You need to summon a proper demon or a greater demon (Leonard or Baphomet) and kill them (I advise using an athame with looting if you can, its about a 50% drop otherwise, and using an athame can make them drop multiple hearts, don't ask). I would like to have my resources ready before having to run around my base while an angry 5 foot tall bomb shooting guy is waiting.for me. To cast, throw Grim Elixir, Fiery Serum, Demon Heart, Demon Horn, Ghast Tear and into the inner circle, then sacrifice a sheep inside the Ritual circle. He uses potions of instant harming and witches as his minions to bypass armor protection, so anyone without proper defenses or preparations will fail to kill him. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about the mod, please visit our Discord. Trivia It is highly advised that any witch set on taking them on prepare heavily beforehand in order to ensure their victory and survival. Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. To cast, throw Grim elixir and Obsidian block into the inner circle. By, Silent Lib (1.19.2, 1.18.2) Library for SilentChaos512s Mods, Silent Lib (1.19.2, 1.18.2) contains shared classes used by several of SilentChaos512's mods. The most important bit of the arena is the cap floating above it. Bewitchment Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. After chanting the incantation 13 times in this position, sit on the ground. Baphomet Summoning Ritual Perform this ritual at nighttime, preferably between 3 and 5 AM Perform this ritual in a pitch black room with only a black candle as a light source Gaze at the candle flame as you repeat the following words either as a chant or a mantra: Ave Baphomet - Oli Omnium Hominium Pacis Abbas - Solve Et Coagula. To cast, throw Earth ichor, Wheat and a Bone Block into the inner circle. Lucifer The animal the Ritual is applied to is determined via Taglock. Once you have it built, place the brazier in the middle, light it up, slay a chicken with an athame, and get to slaying! By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. Then sacrifice a human with an Athame inside the Ritual circle. This Ritual channels energies of fire, removing any nearby water. I will go though how to do all of this i hope this helps you although the mod has gotten so straight forward from when i started making these videos I don't know if you need me any more.mod link: this out Von ZieglerKevin MacLeodCheck them out. Though it is weird that Cleaver in not ranked under the "lesser" tag when it comes to wikis or the book. Unlike Lilith however, once he is summoned he does not have any destructive attacks. Also not to mention an obsidian floor would do wonders for having to repair it every time she is summoned. The easiest Demon Lord to fight is Baphomet due to his reliance on fire damage.

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