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As candidates, members of the Bellwood 88 Dream Team were vocal before the April 4 election that they wanted accountability from controversial Superintendent Rosemary Hendricks. As most residents already know, District 88 had some major issues with the previous Superintendent of the Bellwood school district. The Tribune has written extensively about salary spikes, penalty payments and sweetheart deals that compound the state's pension obligations. Hes a leader that Im sure the parents and community would speak proudly of. Click (, In compliance with the Pennsylvania State Department of Education, the proposed District Final Budget for 2022-2023 is on file for inspection. No additional state oversight is imminent, Fergus said. However, it comes with a 6 percent annual penalty that compounds over time. In compliance with the Pennsylvania State Department of Education, the proposed District Special Education Plan for 2021-2024 is on file for inspection. Our Goals She referred questions to the district's attorney. As of last school year, Hendricks had earned more through suing her employers or getting bought out of contracts since the 2008-09 school year than through the time she spent working, state records show. The average tenure for a superintendent statewide is six years, according to his organization's research. Says Mr. Holder. The Bellwood district's repeated changes in leadership are unusual, said Thomas Leahy, a consultant with the executive search department of the Illinois Association of School Boards. To establish a complete pre-employment file, please complete the online application. ESSENTIAL DUTIES. She returned to TRS when she was hired by south suburban Hoover-Schrum Memorial School District 157 during the 2005-06 school year. Bellwood School District 88 Location 640 Eastern Ave, Bellwood, Illinois, 60104, United States Description And revenge. Im thankful that hes here and Im looking forward to our continued working relationship in Bellwood School District 88., Superintendent Mark Anthony Holder was nominated as one of Illinois Most Outstanding Men, by Children and Youth Services, Inc. and CAT [Continuing Academic Training] There have been a lot of great things that have happened to me in the year 2017 Superintendent Mark Holder stated. Positive changes include the stabilization of the administration, all employees are now qualified to maintain their jobs; each person understands their role, projects are done in collaboration with multiple departments, fiscal affairs are in full compliance, up to date technology has been integrated, and a more welcoming environment for parents and visitors. Your application will be retained in active status for one school year. "They would look at it as, 'Will I be able to stay?'". Jeninne M. Hixson served as the executive assistant of the superintendent from September 2011 through October 2014. Bellwood School District 88 welcomed staff back with a week full of profession development, staff appreciation and invigorating speakers with a Keynote speech from new Superintendent Dr. Victoria Hansen! On five occasions since 2001, ousted officials walked away from the cash-strapped district with checks for time they never worked. We join in celebrating our school counselors during National School Counseling Week! Hixson reported to Murphy throughout her full-time District 88 employment. School Board Meeting Dates; Superintendent's Performance Objectives; Virtual Board Meetings; Special Education. But documents obtained by the Tribune last week show Hendricks is six months behind on the repayment agreement, which was adopted in September 2015 when District 88 paid the Illinois Teachers Retirement System on her behalf. Administration Dr. Victoria Hansen Superintendent (708) 410-3028 Patricia Walton Executive Assistant to Superintendent (708) 410-3028 Dr. Dawniel Clark-Hamlin Director of Teaching and Learning (708) 410-3016 Karen Mitchell Director of Assessments & Innovation (708) 410-3003 Schools Details: WebBellwood School District 88 Cook County, Illinois Latest News Superintendent's Scoop Greetings Bellwood School District 88 Community: As your bellwood il school district 88, Get more: Bellwood il school district 88View Schools, Schools Details: WebThe mission of Bellwood School District 88 is to provide students with applicable educational experiences that contribute to their achievement of competency in all bellwood district 88 pay stubs, Url: Go Now, Get more: Bellwood district 88 pay stubsView Schools, Schools Details: WebBellwood Sd 88 spends $15,280 per student each year. Money may be tight in Bellwood School District 88, but the school board still managed to quietly divert more than $105,000 from an education fund to replenish a retirement account its superintendent drained years ago. He has held a Superintendent license since 2007. I take pride in reaching back to help those individuals who have helped sustain the school district., The New Superintendent has worked hard to change the culture of Bellwood School District 88. These numbers are calculated by using the sum of all teachers' salaries divided by the number of FTE teachers. The settlements can be costly particularly for districts with high turnover like Bellwood. Under state law, members of TRS are allowed to cash out their retirement accounts and have the option to buy back the time with a penalty. Were excited about progress!, Yes, Armed police guards were replaced with a much more relaxed climate There are still protocols that have to be followed Says Joseph P. Burdi, Director of Building and Grounds at Bellwood School District 88. The stint with former Superintendent Rosemary Hendricks aroused suspicion around her business practices including alleged fiscal mismanagement. Facebook Page; Twitter Feed; Youtube Channel; According to Atkinsons job application with the district, she has a bachelors degree in communications disorders from Saint Xavier University and one year of experience as a teachers aide and special education assistant. Monday's vote, however,. Superintendent Rosemary Hendricks with attorney Howard Brookins Jr. during the Bellwood School District 88 board meeting in Bellwood on June 20. Make your selections and click "Generate Report", The display shows the average salary for teachers over the past 5 years. District 88's attorney said Hendricks, 66, is required to repay the $105,504 to the district, but the district has not provided a copy of that agreement or any details about a repayment plan or said whether she must pay interest. Thurman, along with Annie Copeland, also voted nay on Holders appointment. Bellwood Sd 88 - U.S. News Education. Murphy, who is also a Bellwood village trustee, declined to comment on the settlement, which explicitly prohibits her and school officials from speaking with the media. Hendricks also collected a third $132,000 settlement from south suburban Hoover-Shrum Memorial School District 157 in 2009. Thurman was the only nay vote on the decision to place Hendricks on administrative leave. "This is embarrassing," said April Falco, who has a first-grader in the district. District Superintendent Dr. Victoria Hansen Address 640 EASTERN AVE BELLWOOD IL 60104 (708) 410-3029. Hendricks did not return phone messages and emails seeking a comment on being place on leave. GENERAL RESPONSIBILITIES. Taxpayers across the state will pick up the tab, potentially for years to come. The Bellwood district hasn't demonstrated the same progress. BELLWOOD SD 88. . 300 Martin Street, Bellwood, PA 16617. Thursday night was the second attempt to push through Hendricks' contract. Bellwood-Antis School District. Bellwood School District 88 Cook County, Illinois Latest News Superintendent's Scoop Greetings Bellwood School District 88 Community: As your superintendent, it is indeed an honor and privilege to introduce you to my new publication, The Superintendent's Scoop. 640 Eastern Avenue, Bellwood, IL 60104 Phone: (708) 410-3000 Fax: (708) 493-0390 . Valid State of Illinois Teaching Certificate 2. Student achievement lags far behind statewide averages as well. District Census22-23: Are you looking to complete the District Census online? The school board settled that case in 2014 and agreed to cut Hendricks a $45,000 check to curb related legal expenses. That change, under a TRS formula, would increase annual pension benefits to $77,000 from an estimated $14,000. The added pension contribution from the school district will increase Hendricks annual retirement benefit from about $14,000 per year to about $77,000 under the state formula, the news report said. A west suburban school district hired and removed the same superintendent twice in five years, giving her a combined $120,000 package on the way out. The school , Url: Go Now, Schools Details: WebFor questions regarding position qualifications or application procedures, please contact Bellwood School District #88 directly. Ms. Hendricks was officially dismissed from the position at a regular Board meeting for Bellwood School District 88 on September 5, 2017. Bellwood School District #88 Welcome! Schools Details: WebBellwood Sd 88 spends $15,280 per student each year.It has an annual revenue of $44,922,000. (James Svehla / Chicago Tribune). Hendricks caused bad blood with Perez after sending a letter blocking her from setting foot on school district property after Perez argued with board member Annie Copeland. As far as security is concerned we have surveillance cameras and all that we need right now Weve come a long way due to the new Board, due to the new Interim Superintendent Mr. Holder [hes] doing a great job!, Hes doing a wonderful job in turning the district around through all the obstacles and hurdles he had to endure, hes done it with professionalism,endurance, and dedication.Said Patricia Walton, Executive Assistant to the Interim Superintendent Mark Holder. The financial statements of Bellwood School District 88 for the year ended June 30, 2016 were audited by other auditors, which are not presented with the accompanying financial statements, and they . I never saw myself in this place, Giles reflected. Her critics, including Dream Team candidates, leveled charges of nepotism and packing the district with connected vendors from her home suburb near Hazel Crest, and other southwest suburbs. Dr. Hansen is a transformational educational leader with over 13 years of experience in Bellwood School District 88. We understand that significant healing must occur within our community in the wake of these events. Hillcrest vs. Lemont. Since May, we have probably done more work than has been done in maybe 10 or 15 years or so. And revenge. Bellwood School District 88 (SD88) is a school district headquartered in Bellwood, Illinois in the Chicago metropolitan area. Is my daughter not qualified?, The newspaper wrote that Hendricks declined to comment on whether anyone else applied for the positions.. You may download the plan (, Use of Facilities requests are now handled by an online scheduling process. Listings and Applications can be found (here). This particular Board that we have now is comprised of a group of fine citizens who were elected They have given me all the support that any superintendent could ever want., Interim Superintendent Mark Holder is approaching 30 years of service to Bellwood School District 88. BELLWOOD | As the soil of rumored corruption from the previous superintendent lay at rest the seeds of inspiration are sprouting under the new leadership of Mark Anthony Holder, Interim Superintendent of Bellwood School District 88. But a revolving door to the office undermines a district's stability and pulls away resources from students, education experts said. We are the dream team within the board, but we are still the dream team and we are going to deliver what the community voted us in to deliver, she said. "If the board is paying their salary and the new superintendent and maybe even a previous superintendent, that's a big hit," said Donald Hackmann, a University of Illinois education professor. In Hendricks' case, it cost more than $105,000 to replenish the money she withdrew. Superintendent Rosemary Hendricks of Bellwood School District 88. McClendon, who was seated in 2015, said the board had not made a determination about a superintendent search., Were not going to have a witch hunt, Giles said. As the Chicago Tribune put it, the district is steeped in debt, and many of the students come from low-income homes. The board voted in June, 2016 to contribute an extra $105,000 to buy 20 years to fill up Hendrickss pension with the Teachers Retirement System. The money added 20 years of service to the Illinois Teachers Retirement System account for Superintendent Rosemary Hendricks. Im still sticking with everything I said before the elections. "How many teachers could have been paid? Director at Bellwood School District 88 Westchester, IL. Its ethically and morally wrong to see a problem you know you can help solve and not do it., Read the current issue of the Cook County Chronicle, Free subscription to the digital edition of the Cook County Chronicle, Bellwood D88 Board places Superintendent on leave for investigation, Subscribe to Cook County Chronicle digital edition. To establish a complete pre-employment file, please , Url: Go Now, Schools Details: WebBellwood School District #88 Welcome! Now we are moving towards our exciting future thats getting ready to happen here in Bellwood school district 88. The stint with former Superintendent Rosemary Hendricks aroused suspicion around her business practices including "alleged" fiscal mismanagement. The terms of the spending have been so elusive that records show even the district's finance director and the Proviso Township school treasurer's office, which oversees District 88's finances, have been kept in the dark about whether Hendricks and the school board hashed out an official agreement over the spending. PARCC (2016-2018) Student Academic Growth (2016-2018) ISAT; IAA; Students Not Tested; Subgroup Comparisons (2010-2014) , Url: Go Now, Schools Details: Webbellwood sd 88 Custom Report Card Builder District Superintendent Dr. Victoria Hansen Address 640 EASTERN AVE BELLWOOD IL 60104 (708) 410-3029, Url: Go Now, Schools Details: WebUse the Search For Public School Districts locator to retrieve information on all U.S. public school districts. "I don't have anything against Ms. Hendricks," said Joe Madrid, who was on medical leave when his fellow Bellwood school board members approved Hendricks' newest contract in November. Phone (814) 742-2270 | Fax (814) 742-9040. In her lawsuit, Hendricks said she suffered emotional damage when she was fired in 2012. That amounted to more turnover in the superintendent's office than any other district across Chicago's suburbs over a 14-year period, an Tribune investigation published last year found. She was dismissed from the job two years later, sued the district and received a $132,000 settlement check, which could not be applied to her pension under TRS rules. Hendricks withdrew all the cash $39,563 from her TRS account in 1998, effectively wiping out the roughly 20 years she paid into the system. The school board approved a $360,000 settlement, which includes two years of pay. The District stands with victims of sexual assault, including the minor victims in our community. . He went from being a teacher to the Dean of Students, to the Assistant Principal, then he served as Principal, became Superintendent Assistant, and now Interim Superintendent. She was first hired in 2007, then resigned with a $75,000 settlement. The Bellwood School District 88 board quietly diverted more than $105,000 from an education fund to replenish a retirement account Superintendent Rosemary Hendricks drained years ago.. Schools Details: WebBellwood School District #88 Welcome! The school district operates seven schools that serve the communities of Bellwood, Broadview, Hillside, Maywood, Melrose Park, and Stone Park. We and our Administrators and other employees have cooperated fully with law enforcement, including with the state and local police and the District Attorney, throughout this investigation and the criminal trial of the former wrestling coach. Bellwood School District 88 voted Thursday to give Superintendent Rosemary Hendricks a new two-year contract. Perez has children in the district and had volunteered with the PTO. Join to connect Bellwood School District 88 . But getting that money back could be a problem. Hendricks will make $170,000 for the current fiscal year ending this month, her contract states. Beard, Special Education Secretary - Cathy L. Dixon, Buy your tickets to the Bellwood-Antis performance of "Grease" (. Please click (here) to access the facilities scheduling application. Bellwood School District 88 (SD88) is a pre-kindergarten through eighth grade school district located in the western suburbs of the Chicago metropolitan area. Please click ( here) to access the facilities scheduling application. In November, Bellwood School. Not with my tax dollars.". Hendricks other daughter, Jocelyn Hendricks, who has an associate degree and is a licensed practical nurse according to her job application, was hired to fill a $78,500-a-year job as a district nurse. McClendon said in a phone interview she could not comment on the nature of the investigation because it was a personnel matter. The Tribune also revealed last summer that several children of Hendricks and school board President Marilyn Thurman were recently given jobs in the district and several of them make a lot of money. Thats what the community wants us to do.. In the west suburbs of Chicago, Bellwood School District 88, which serves about 2,300 students, has given some parents gas cards, while mechanics employed by the district have also. Overall, the district spends $7,038.2 million on instruction, $6,492.8 million bellwood illinois school district Superintendent at Bellwood School District 88 Greater Chicago Area 558 followers 500+ connections Join to connect Bellwood School District 88 Concordia University Chicago Activity. A slate of community members and parents are hoping to unseat long-term board members, including President Marilyn Thurman, and have pledged to replace the superintendent. We join in celebration recognizing the history, achievements and contributions of black people to our nation. The Bellwood School District 88 board quietly diverted more than $105,000 from an education fund to replenish a retirement account Superintendent Rosemary Hendricks drained years ago. Bellwood School District 88 (High-Needs School) Date Available: Immediate Need Closing Date: Until FilledJob Title: District Receptionist Department: Human Resource/Personnel Reports To: Human Resources/Personnel Director FLSA Status: Non-exempt Prepared By: Superintendent/School Board Approved Date: February 2018 Hourly: $16.21-$18.62 per hour . We want you out! Dream Team member Deborah Giles told the superintendent during public comments at a spring board meeting. We join in celebrating the women who have impacted our schools, communities and nation! In March, the expense was reclassified as an asset, suggesting that the money would be repaid. A year later, she was placed on administrative leave, resigned and was given a $75,000 settlement on the way out the door. We are here to make policy for the children and community of District 88. "There's going to be another lawsuit and another payout," McClendon said. We had to get our get back., Photos: Phoenix Suns 125, Chicago Bulls 104, Basketball scores for the Southland, Aurora, Elgin, Naperville and Lake County, Do Not Sell/Share My Personal Information. You cant just walk through the building. Taxpayers are stuck with the bill. (Photo courtesy of Bellwood Watch Facebook). In 2017, he was appointed to the Bellwood School District 88 governing board to fill a vacancy, and was elected to the position earlier this month, even though state law bars convicted felons from . This data is collected annually directly from State Education Agencies , Url: Go Now, Schools Details: WebDistrict Name: Bellwood SD 88 schools for this district: NCES District ID: 1705760: State District ID: IL-06-016-0880-02: Mailing Address: 640 Eastern Ave Bellwood, IL , Url: Go Now, Schools Details: WebBellwood School District 88 640 Eastern Ave Bellwood, IL 60104 -1878 ( District boundaries shown in map) Rating : 10/ 10 Top 10% Tel: (708) 410-3029 , Url: Go Now, Url: Go Now, Schools Details: WebBellwood School District 88, located in the Chicago metropolitan area of Bellwood, Illinois, serves over 2,400 students in kindergarten through 8th grade.

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