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ABC WFIL-TV studios 46th and Market Philadelphia Tony Cosmo with Pat Molittieri Mike and Arlene Sullivan Frani Giordana and Mike Mike with Carole Scaldeferri She was a cheerful person, eager to please, up to a point. #americanbandstand #bandstanddiaries #nostalgia #book #author #philadelphia, Charlette Russo danced on American Bandstand from 1955-1959. Despite Horns risk-taking, his sexual activities would never have come to light if it werent for two outside factors. SUCH MATERIAL REMAINS THE COPYRIGHT OF THE ORIGINAL HOLDER AND IS USED HERE SOLEY FOR THE PURPOSES OF EDUCATION, COMPARISON, AND CRITICISM ONLY.NO INFRINGEMENT OF COPYRIGHT IS INTENDED.I DO NOT OWN THE COPYRIGHT TO ANY OF THE BACKGROUND SONGS OR MUSIC. In 1950 WPEN moved into a modern new building at 2212 Walnut Street. SOME OF WHICH HAVE BEEN LICENSED BY ME AND/OR IN THE PUBLIC DOMAIN. When I danced on TV people noticed me, and it led to my career in the business. Throughout the rest of the 1950s, "American Bandstand" featured a number of famous acts including the debut of Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel (November 22, 1957), Jerry Lee Lewis (March 18, 1958), and Dion and the Belmonts (August 7, 1958). When Dick Clark found out about it he was furious and banished them from attending his show forever. He died in 1968 at the age of 71. On the other hand, Blancs total and Blancs margin of victory was not anywhere near what his predecessor, Richardson Dilworth, had achieved in 1951. Most people around the station found him less than charming. Not long thereafter, it began broadcasting taped shows . American Bandstand 1950s Dance Partners 1 ABdancers 6.85K subscribers Subscribe 33K views 6 years ago As a teenager in the late 1970's I always enjoyed watching American Bandstand on Saturday. late 1950s American Bandstand Regulars. In this, he was way ahead of his time and ahead of whats seen in the show Hairspray. They wrote thousands of Lets consider these other events in 1956: The era was one of sexual repression. Angel Chevrestt When cute young teenagers Arlene Sullivan and Kenny Rossi slow danced together on "American Bandstand" back in. For those of you that question or challenge this, please try and recall a scene from the shows in Philadelphia where the girls were not wearing Catholic school uniform dresses and the boys were not wearing the white shirt and tie Catholic school boys uniform. Bob was color blind, Sheldon told me; On the first shows there were black couples dancing on the floor along with white couples. Dance Tickets Family Tickets Cirque Tickets Other Tickets. Show more. Some blacks complained that these cards were sent mainly to all-white parochial schools, but I cant find specific evidence of that. The next day Bill Sylk owner of WPEN and the Sun Ray Drug chain called Walter Annenberg and said If you steal my talent Ill pull a million dollars of Sun Ray advertising out of the Inquirer. After that threat, WFIL withdrew its offer to us and that was the end of that.. American Bandstand (1952-89) was a massively popular music television program with strong Philadelphia roots, storied national success, and the power to shape the music industry and society. For more read Bandstand Diaries. Race and American Bandstand, The Seven-Year Itch: West Philly Loses American Bandstand, Report accessibility issues and request help. First, they required that boys show up wearing suits and ties. Self 1 episode, 1970 Karen Carpenter . Kenny loved to sing. Well, Blanc won his election, and that was the reason for all this, wasnt it? He said Name your salary. So we asked our station manager for a release and he said hed talk to the stations owner. I didnt know it at the time, but Blanc must have been on his way to or from his secret lair on some occasions when he stopped by to see my dad. always with one foot firmly on the . Thursday evening?s Showtime.Matt + band ? I was asked to be a character witness at his trial and I testified that he never tried anything with us. American Bandstandbuilt a national youth culture around the pop music records Clark played on the show and the commercial products his sponsors targeted to this $9 billion consumer market. Hed take me home to spend weekends with his family in Levittown and in the summer Id be the cabin boy on his boat at Stone Harbor., Dave Feldman also started coming in 1953. The Tennessee senator had achieved national prominence when he waged a public crusade against crime bosses with televised hearings. I am not sure of girl on the far left--looks like Betty Romantini but not positive). LOT OF 8 American Bandstand Trading Cards 1993 - $5.43. Allison differentiated himself from Bob Horn as a performer, saying he was not a disc-jockey but, instead, a man who discussed issues on the air. People would phone the station if they wanted to attend, and callers were told there was a six-month wait. That had a fictional plot about the racial integration of a 1960s teen television dance program. ~ courtesy Bonnie, Justine, Pat and Carole #americanbandstand #bandstanddiaries #regulars #television #vintage. Allison said it never happened and his wife provided him with an alibi, consisting of a log she kept of his activities. Get them now He even went back on the air a few minutes later and said: Hey, that record wasnt bad after all.. Locations Atlanta Tickets Boston Tickets Chicago Tickets . Horn asked his dancers to recommend new songs. AU $5.00 (approx US $3.36)Australia Post International Economy Air. After impressing the host, Clark praised the teens' performance. On Sunday at 2am, construction of the Berlin Wall will officially begin. , a popular though controversial TV program targeted toward teenage consumers, marked Philadelphia as the national epicenter of pop music during its seven-year run at ABCs affiliated WFIL-TV at 4548 Market St. ABC-affiliate WFIL-TV at 4548 Market St. broadcast Dick Clarks. Allison thought this decision was reprehensible and criticized Annenberg for it. And Bandstands history included lurid sex with minors that hasnt been explored publicly, until now in Part Two of this story. He kindly wrote a piece about his American Bandstand experience: being on the show, the Regulars and Dick Clark. American Bandstand didn't just introduce the country to the latest rock-and-roll musicians, it had the nation on its feet with the latest dance crazes, such as the Pony, the Jitterbug, and the . But they werent there. At the very beginning, Horns Bandstand had some racial integration. When the program went on the ABC network, stations in the South, where racial segregation was the norm, objected to the fact that black dancers occasionally appeared on the dance floor. Floor Coatings. This site is maintained by American Bandstand Dancers Hal L. Landau, Linda D. Gonzales & Bunny Gibson And American Bandstand Fan Club President David Frees 8,510 people like this 8,401 people follow this Local Business Photos See all Videos See all 0:06 I may never be like @ThatKrazyK9, @RahneKallon or even @Leon_the_Fox in terms of dancers, but I at least had fun dancing on my birthday! For all about the lifelong friendships and memories with the Regulars, read Bandstand Diaries. The men sat on chairs against the walls of the studio and the girls sometimes knelt in front of them and pleasured them. He also personally picked me up in South Philly and drove me to his record hops. I talked to the kids on the same intellectual level. Appearing in the very FIRST episode of the show in 1952, read all about his experience. The sex-with-minors angle was too shocking for public consumption, and the station didnt dare to reveal it. This model, a 17-year-old mother named Dorothy who was separated from her husband, later testified that the controversialist took her upstairs to the record library after he signed off his show and they performed sexual acts on each other. In all, 27 men were arrested. Barbara Marcen Wilston danced at the show from 1953 to 1959. is an American sitcom that originally aired on Disney Channel from November 7, 2010, to November 10, 2013. Classic - My Photos Mix Photo. Event starts on Saturday, 18 March 2023 and happening at Edoff Memorial Bandstand at Lake Merritt, Oakland, CA. Horns radio program was called The Bob Horn Bandstand, which had a nice, alliterative sound. Philadelphia American Bandstand Regular Billy Cook shows us his style of the Fast Dance as it was called on Bandstand/American Bandstand (Jitterbug/Lindy Hop) as done on Bandstand in the early days of its Philadelphia years. FOR SALE! The station advertised, Troubles in town, sporting the monicker of Steve Allison. He asked me to be on the committee and be an example for others. Horn was a pioneer when he made the youngsters the stars of the show, and when he gave teenagers a forum to set their own standards of music, dance steps and style. Did you know that when Dick Clark announced her Sweet 16 birthday party on air, it turned into mayhem when kids from all over Philadelphia showed up? It seems curious that a public official needed to rent a private headquarters, but Blanc felt that some city officials, if they knew what he was doing, would tip off their friends who were being investigated. He also came up with the idea of a teenage committee, because Horn wanted to insure that a core group of good dancers would show up every afternoon. In 1963, American Bandstand, the popular Philadelphia-based TV dance show with Dick Clark, was still going strong, having been broadcast nationally since August 1957. ES. Barbara Marcen, a white regular, remembers a day when one black teenager tried to slow-dance with a white girl. A black man who grew up a few years after that is Thomas E. Kennedy: I grew up at 47th and Haverford, two city blocks from the studio. Homage to The Jackson 5-"I Want You Back" from American Bandstand! One night he asked one of his models to put on something white, then introduced her to Allison. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures. #americanbandstand #bandstanddiaries #nostalgia #television #philadelphia #carolescaldeferri #fashion #vintage, A popular Regular we remember with love, Frani Giordano danced on American Bandstand from 1956 to 1960. Horn personally selected the committee, and he happened to choose only white kids to serve on it. On the Billboard Hot 100 this week 1) Tossin and Turnin Bobby Lewis 2) I Like It Like That Chris Kenner 3) The Boll Weevil Song Brook Benton 4) Dum Dum Brenda Lee 5) Hats Off To Larry Del Shannon 38) Stand By Me Ben E. King The Bandstand Top 10 today (I can only see the first 8) 1) Lets Twist Again Chubby Checker 2) School Is Out Gary (U.S) Bonds 3) Last Night The Mar-keys 4) Dum Dum Brenda Lee 5) Pretty Little Angel Eyes Curtis Lee 6) Hats Off To Larry Del Shannon 7) Tossin and Turnin Bobby Lewis 8) I Like It Like That Chris Kenner Thank you for watching!_______________________________ This is dedicated to my dad who, through our long car trips together listening to oldies radio (950 KJR Seattle) and by listening to his Turtles (and other) records when I was a kid, first inspired my passion for the wonderful music of the 1960s. 24 talking about this. An Elvis Presley fan, did you know she was the only Regular Dick Clark invited to go see Elvis at the Arena in 1956? He was convicted and sentenced to jail for that, but not for his sexual activities. In 1951 Ed Sullivan was so consumed with anti-Communist zeal that he wrote a lengthy accusation of choreographer Jerome Robbins for supporting the Commie cause. Sullivans home paper, the New York Daily News, thought the article was too angry and too personal and refused to run it, but the Philadelphia Inquirer published it on page one. Published Dec 11, 2013. Horn played mainstream singers like Peggy Lee and Frankie Laine. I knew sooner or later I would get to go on the show. Catholic schools in those days were 99% white. American Bandstand was an American music-performance show that aired in various versions from 1952 to 1989 and was hosted from 1956 un. THE USE OF ANY COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL IS USED UNDER THE GUIDELINES OF \"FAIR USE\" IN TITLE 17 107 OF THE UNITED STATES CODE. For more, read our book: #americanbandstand #bandstanddiaries #nostalgia #philadelphia #elvispresley #ninobambino #book #author #selfpublished #popculture #television, On American Bandstand from 1955-1958, Frank Spagnuola won the Chalypso Contest with Dottie Horner in 1957, the first year the show went national. Walter Annenberg, who owned WFIL and the Philadelphia Inquirer and TV Guide, asked his station manager, Roger Clipp, in the summer of 1952 to try a dance program aimed at teenagers. The show would air immediately after school when kids were home without parental supervision. So if a majority of the attendees came from the Catholic schools, that made the audience overwhelmingly white. Getty Images Las Vegas; Location. Self - dance contest judge 1 episode, 1970 Mac Davis . It was thought that he could bring some of his clients on board as advertisers. People who hung out at WPEN learned that Allison had a yen for women who wore white, like waitresses and nurses. For more about your favorite dancers, and life after Bandstand read Bandstand Diaries. We werent very worldly. Both of these women admit they were naive kids who even gave out their home addresses to fans without fear of being stalked. The longstanding popular belief aboutAmerican Bandstand, promoted by Dick Clark in the later years of his career, is that the Philadelphia version of the show racially integrated the Studio B dancefloor and bleachers. He took us fishing on his boat and introduced us to his wife and kids. Everyone in the country knew Kefauvers smiling image; virtually no one knew the ordinary, middle-aged face of Vic Blanc. Before long there were black kids dancing as regulars and American Bandstand was one of the few television shows where I would get to see black people as artists.. This soon became a potential explosive situation, so the studio created an admission system that required passes that were distributed prior to the day of the show. Never content with spinning just the one genre, he weaves together everything from jazz to juke to jungle, from dub to dancehall to dubstep ? Just out of school, I was apprenticing in public relations under his tutelage.) Carole Ann Scaldeferri Spada, 70, of Newtown Square, a regular dancer on American Bandstand from 1957 to 1961, has died. American Bandstand Original title: Bandstand TV Series 1952-1989 TV-G 1 h 30 m IMDb RATING 7.6 /10 367 YOUR RATING Rate Music Talk-Show Dick Clark hosts a daily to weekly dance show that features the latest hit music for the attending teens to dance to. For more about your favorite dancers read Bandstand Diaries #americanbandstand #bandstanddiaries #dickclark #philadelphia, Painfully shy, Lenny Natale who danced on American Bandstand from 1955-1958 was introduced to the Regulars by Joe Fusco-his lifelong friend. Personal life. Boards are the best place to save images and video clips. Makes a great holiday gift for that American Bandstand fan you know! Channel 6, WFIL, was owned by Walter Annenberg, whose newspaper, the Philadelphia Inquirer, campaigned against drunk driving, so he didnt want to let Horn off lightly. In addition, the girl who accused Joe Valino of arranging her abortion was one of the models who attended the Allison show and met men there. Akkorde fr American Bandstand 1968 - TOP 10 - Love Is Blue, Paul Mauriat & His Orchestra. After, he dated Big Ro for two years. A small table was next to the hosts platform, where guest performers would sit and sign autographs. But inside the studio, at the end of each show, committee members gave out reservations for future programs. Show more. Did you know they were best friends since the 1st grade? He also played show tunes and interviewed Harold Rome, the composer of the Broadway musical Fanny when it played its pre-Broadway try out in Philadelphia in 1954. One singer who appeared on his show says Horn was a loud-mouth smart-ass with an appetite for girls. Other acquaintances use words like arrogant and self-centered. Horn, on the other hand, didnt show such warmth to colleagues. Everybody knew the names of The Regulars on Bandstand. Locations Atlanta Tickets Boston Tickets Chicago Tickets . After the indictment was announced, Adleman hastily wrote a press release to save the city from embarrassment. A suburban dog breeder named James Worden frequently attended the Allison show and sometimes invited men and women whom he met there to parties at his estate, which he called Hound Dog Hill. When Horns personal indiscretions led to his ouster from Bandstand in 1956, he was replaced by the more youthful, slimmer, squeaky clean Dick Clark. Today in our new blog post we hear from from Mickey (Bandstand) Cullen, a Regular from the #BobHorn days. Vic Blanc became a judge, then resigned when he developed mental lapses which would today probably be labeled as Alzheimers disease. For those that don't like the watermark or the timer on the screen, please send your complaints on the back of an envelope or postcard to American Bandstand, Philadelphia, PA. For more read Bandstand Diaries. Although Clark was relatively new at his job, he took a strong stand and told the affiliates that hed make no changes to meet their objections and so blacks did appear, but infrequently. Remember, these Regulars weren't paid actors or dancers. Some people have criticized Dick Clark for keeping blacks out, but clearly the policy was started by Horn, before Clark. For more, read Bandstand Diaries. The grind was a very sexy dance that you did on a slow record. Sort of healthy trouble. #americanbandstand #bandstanddiaries #nostalgia #bobhorn #littlero #philadelphia #book #author, Known for her style and signature headbands, Carole Scaldeferri was a fashionista and beloved Regular on American Bandstand from 1957-1961. Coincidence played a major role in this drama. ABC gave Bandstand color cameras and launched it on its network of 67 stations in August of 1957. Did you know after Bandstand he enlisted in the army and served with Elvis Presley in Texas? But what did we know? says Colella. Created by black deejay Don Cornelius as a black dance show, Soul Train started in Chicago in 1970 before being picked up by stations across the country the following year.

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