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akron, ohio crime rate

One little-known fact is that FBI statistics do not count Akron shootings, . Our nationally-comparable school ratings are covered under US Patent No. Akron police reported 50 murders in 2020, up from 33 in 2019 and 32 in 2018. Related Content: Cost Of Living In Ohio | Most Dangerous Neighborhoods In Columbus, Ohio | Top Hippie Towns in Ohio. In Reynoldsburg, your chances of becoming a victim of crime might range from 1 in 39 in southwest neighborhoods to 1 in 68 in northeast neighborhoods. There are a total of 461 Akron police officers. Violent crimes totaled 5,064. In Ohio, one out of every 357 people is a victim of violence. A total of 55 people were killed. The Akron OH murder/homicide rate for 2016 was 17.24 per 100,000 population, a 21.67% increase from 2015. In Youngstown, home security is essential, as there have been 825 recent burglaries. : Located north of the city center, North Hill is another unsafe neighborhood in Akron. Affordability Calculator. Akron violent crime is 194.7% higher than the state average and 134.7% greater than the national violent crime rate. At this time, there were 280,840 people who lived here. Under Tim Krupps leadership, Summit Moving & Storage continues to offer award-winning moving services to each and every customer. Thats up 45% from 14 homicides/100,000 in 2019. Garfield Heights is a Cleveland suburb with a thriving economy. In fact, in 2021, felony assaults and murders dropped by 20%. These crimes reflect everything from murder and rape to grand theft, auto, and property destruction. Theft, car theft, and burglary affect 1 out of 22 Cincinnati residents. In Cleveland, there are 1,785 total law enforcement employees, about 1,560 of those being officers. Only places with populations above 25,000 based on five-year estimates from the U.S. Census Bureau's 2019 American Community Survey were considered. These crimes consisted of everything from rape and murder to burglary and car theft. The crime appears to have peaked in 2010, but it continues to be a problem. Kent Roosevelt 62-36 On Deck: The winner will play Louisville or Walsh Jesuit in a district final at Euclid on March 4 at 2 p.m. For the Record . Always lock windows and lock doors! Because of that, you should refer to a crime map, both for where you stay and for where you hang out. Property You are 3.5 times more likely to experience a property crime in Chillicothe than the rest of Ohio. This includes an alarm, as well as glass break detectors, motion detectors, and interior and exterior cameras. . Many people know Dayton as the birthplace of the Wright brothers. Crime risk indices are nationally comparable on a 1 100 scale, where 100 means safer than 100% of U.S. neighborhoods. If you want to make your upcoming relocation to Akron a breeze, be sure to enlist the help of our five-star Akron Movers. | Tips + What Its Like Living in Rocky River Ohio, Moving to Cleveland from Columbus | Best Columbus to Cleveland Movers, Akron OH Home Inspection Guide | Best Home Inspectors in Akron & How to Choose. Of these 8,768 crimes, there were 6,971 property-based incidents and 1,797 violent crimes per capita. Violent crimes were less common in 2020 than property crimes. Excellent. In some of the high-crime parts of Akron, dont go out after dark. The case remains under investigation. "Match Any Neighborhood" calculates the Match Level of one neighborhood to another using more than 200 characteristics of each neighborhood. link to What Kind Of Paint For Garage Walls? Located less than 40 miles apart, Cleveland is more dangerous than Akron. Moving to Macedonia Ohio Guide | Is Macedonia OH a Good Place to Live? Poor. Additionally, most city and state crime rates are based on the FBIs Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) system. Neighborhoods such as Middlebury have a high crime rate, high poverty rate, and unsafe housing. In Marietta, the chances of becoming a victim of crime are 1 in 23. Lorain was a major manufacturing town on the banks of Lake Erie, near the mouth of the Black River, 30 miles west of Cleveland. The city has separate Neighborhood Response Teams and neighborhood zones. : Similar to the Merriman Valley and Fairlawn Heights neighborhoods, Northwest Akron also has a crime rate that is 60% lower than the Akron average crime rate. Dont hesitate to visit or move to Ohio for fear of crime. Manage Settings Select your ideal criteria and let Scout do the rest. [2] The crime rate in Akron is 70% higher than the national average and 80% higher than the crime rate in Ohio. The number of officers per 1,000 population is 4.1. 2. | [2022] Top Living in Delaware OH Tips. According to the most recent data from the FBI, the total crime rate in Akron is 4,441.0 per 100,000 people. According to FBI statistics, there were a total of 1,340 reported crimes. We will model a high standard of honesty and integrity in our personal and professional lives. Are you ready to make your move to Akron? There are many resources that help you dig further into crime in the city. Now let us turn to take a look at how Akron does for violent crimes specifically, and then how it does for property crimes. Download Historical Data These crimes include the worst such as murder and rape. Thankfully, assaults, rapes, murders, and robberies are mostly rare in Logan. Violent crime recently saw a 5% increase. Weve compiled alist of some of the best neighborhoods in Akron, Ohio. Property crimes in Akron are proportional to the citys population. With a crime rate that is 60% below the Akron average, this community is a low crime neighborhood in Akron. also has a crime rate that is 9% lower than the national average. Within Ohio, more than 98% of the communities have a lower crime rate than Akron. These crimes included murder, rape, assault, burglary, car theft, and other property crimes. As with anywhere, crime in Ohio cities often occurs at night, so avoid traveling alone. The Ohio crime rate is 2,159 total crimes per 100,000 with 1,850 property crimes and 309 violent crimes per 100,000. Dayton still has the most property crime in Dayton despite the decrease in crime. Less than 40 miles apart, Cleveland and Akron have very different levels of crime. FBI statistics show that there was 4,780 total reported crimes for the 2020 calendar year. Violent Crime Comparison (per 1,000 residents), Property Crime Comparison (per 1,000 residents). The worst neighborhoods in Akron, Ohio include Downtown and Chapel Hill. There were significantly more property crimes than there were violent crimes. In the 2020 calendar year, there have been reports of 1,429 violent crimes and 3,411 property crimes. Warehousing, FF&E Logistics & Distribution Services, Highland Square Akron | Living in Highland Square, the Artsy, Hip Akron Neighborhood, Cities Near Columbus Ohio | Major Cities & Towns Near Columbus, Columbus Utilities | Columbus Division of Power & Water, Columbia Gas [Average Bills, Bill Pay & Starting Service], Thinking of Moving to Delaware OH? While this doesnt seem like much, over a quarter of the residents, fell victim to these horrible crimes. The year over year change in crime per 100,000 people helps to understand whether crime in Akron, OH is on the rise or declining. However, see the section on understanding the crime map because comparing crime or any other crime rates is not as simple as it may appear. Loud at night sirens, motorcycles, fireworks. Exactly 31.7% of people in Canton live below the poverty line. . Finally, the total property crime rate in Akron is 90.8% higher than the Ohio average. Our benefits are designed to make you and your family secure now and in the future see: mycityofakronbenefits.com. ST MICHAELS AVE, AKRON, OH 44320 - Property Report - 242761976 And they're ready for the change coming this election . The 2nd safest community in Ohio is Brecksville, another wealthy Cleveland suburb of similar . Over the last two years, many types of property crime in Akron (such as burglaries and thefts) have been on a downward trend. Crime risk data are updated annually. If you are planning on moving to Akron in the coming weeks or months, knowing about the Akron crime rate is essential. These crimes included everything from murder to burglary. Based on FBI statistics, Chillicothe, Canton, Cleveland, Springfield, and Portsmouth are the most dangerous cities in Ohio. Cincinnati packs over 302,000 people into 79 square miles. In June of 2019 as Akron-based FirstEnergy was funneling millions through . . Search this area. However, with 1 out of every 116 individuals, violence is more likely in these Akron communities. For additional information regarding benefits, contact the Employee Benefits Division at 330-375-2700. Watch your back if you find yourself on Selma Road or East Main Street. A part of the Dayton Metro Area, Moraine is a small city of just 6,478 and the second most dangerous place to live in Ohio. Sadly, 25.2% of Cincinnati citizens live in poverty. Cleveland is the most dangerous city in Ohio. These crimes included both violent and property crimes alike. Preliminary Ohio crime statistics show aggravated assaults increased by 45% during 2007. Mortgage Calculator. Within the violent crime category, it is especially important to note that the Akron murder rate is 242.9% higher than the Ohio average and 266.6% greater than the U.S. average. . Here are some of the most important resources: Is Akron, Ohio dangerous? However, as violence has risen in Dayton, property crime has dropped by 4%. Search Homes in Kenmore. Vandalism 02/23/2023 8:26 AM 1200 BLOCK OF ORLANDO AVE. Assault 03/01/2023 12:18 AM 1200 BLOCK OF 5TH AVE. According to FBI statistics, there were a total of 2,872 crimes reported. According to FBI statistics, there were a whopping 3,606 reported crimes for this city of 5,249. Between 2019 and 2020 the population of Akron, OH declined from 198,051 to 197,375, a 0.341% decrease and its median household income grew from $38,739 to $40,281, a 3.98% increase. Crime rates are based on FBI data collected from law enforcement agencies. Here is a look at the states where gun sales are surging. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention lists homicide as a contributing factor in the historic 1.5-year decline in life expectancy in the U.S. last year -- trailing only COVID-19 and accidental deaths, like drug overdoses, in significance. The NeighborhoodScout search engine is covered under US Patents No. According to FBI statistics, there were a total of 6,914 reported crimes in the 2020 calendar year. A post shared by Downtown Akron (@downtownakronpartnership). The city violent crime rate for Akron in 2019 was higher than the national violent crime rate . Springfield, Massachusetts Alena Kuzub/Getty Images. Contact us today at 330-359-1491 for a moving services custom quote! Akron police have been differentiating murder and homicide statistics since 2016. Police seized 1,205 illegal guns in 2021, up from 941 in 2020 and 752 in 2019. gives an accurate visual of the dangerous areas of Akron, as well as the safest places to live in Akron. Warren is 55 miles south of Cleveland and 15 miles north of Youngstown in the state of Ohio. Construction, transportation, manufacturing, and warehousing are the most common businesses that employ people. Cincinnati has 8% more crime than Akron but 2% less violent crime, Cleveland has 30% more crime than Akron and 58% more violent crime, 1,267 aggravated assaults (1,246 in 2019), East Akron and Kenmore (255 car thefts each), Ellet, South Akron, Goodyear Heights, and West Akron (150 to 163 car thefts each). In 2020, there were a total of 3,470 reported crimes for this small city. 7,043,501 and 7,680,859. There were a total of 3,386 reported crimes in 2020 for Euclid. Whitehall is the 6thmost dangerous Ohio city, but it has the 3rd most property crimes relative to population. Of the 4,011 total reported crimes, 426 violent crimes, and 3,585 property crimes were reported per capita. Over 6,500 people in Portsmouth reportedly live in poverty. This is compared to communities of all sizes, from the smallest to the largest. Importantly, when you compare Akron to other communities of similar population, then Akron crime rate (violent and property crimes combined) is quite a bit higher than average. Cleveland had 21,714 total crimes reported in 2020, with a population of 389,165. Rocky River is a city in Northwest Ohio. In Hamilton, your chances of becoming a victim of crime might range from 1 in 11 in the north to 1 in 26 in the southeast. These are well-tracked among law enforcement agencies and considered the most serious. Canton is well known for the Professional Football Hall of Fame. Moraine. Additionally, violent crime is 266% above the national average, and overall crime is 196% higher than the national average. Limited data was available in the 2020 UCR for areas in Alabama, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Illinois, though these places were not excluded from analysis. These crimes included both property and violent crimes alike. Raw data sources: Arson crimes are high and property crimes, including vandalism rank high. However, this is among a population of 7,205. By researching the neighborhoods of Akron, you can easily find the best place to live upon moving to the city. A natural-born fighter, he was not a complainer, but rather full of life, light and joy. The three main categories collected are overall crime rates, property crime rates, and violent crime rates. I never walk alone at night. Most accurate 2021 crime rates for Kent, OH. There were 843 Akron shootings and murders in 2020 which dropped to 665 in 2021. This is among a population of 198,508. These crimes included murder, assault, rape, grand theft auto, burglary, and other property crimes. . U.S. Census Bureau QuickFacts: Akron city, Ohio QuickFacts Akron city, Ohio Table (a) Includes persons reporting only one race (c) Economic Census - Puerto Rico data are not comparable to U.S. Economic Census data (b) Hispanics may be of any race, so also are included in applicable race categories How does crime in Akron compare with the Ohio crime rate? The median household income is $40,000. Violent Crime in Cleveland This area experiences 56% higher crime than the citys overall rate. Logan, Ohio, had 4,881 reported crimes total for the 2020 calendar year. Dave | Marion, SC | Reply | No Replies. Finally, the total property crime rate in Akron is 90.8% higher than the Ohio average. Both violent crime and property crime in Cleveland have increased by 5% in the last few years. Tim Krupp, the founder of Krupp Moving & Storage is the new owner of Summit Moving & Storage. Its crime rate is 36% higher than the Akron average crime rate. Violent offenses tracked included rape, murder and non-negligent manslaughter, armed robbery, and aggravated assault, including assault with a deadly weapon. Instead, Akron crime statistics should be used as a starting point for your research. (The US average is 22.7) Akron property crime is 61.9. This yields a total of 156 sex offenders in Ohio per 100,000 residents which is 41% less than the national average. Get full property details, plus crime rates, environmental hazards, natural disaster risks and more at HomeDisclosure.com - 242761320. 2023 Compare Crime Rates: Akron, OH vs Summerville, SC Change Cities : Akron, OH: Summerville, SC: United States Violent Crime: 35.5: 13.9: 22.7 Property Crime: 61.9: . You may be familiar with Akron as the home of Goodyear Tire. . While its mostly safe to live here and visit, there were still 1,716 crimes reported in 2020. There were a total of 47 murders reported in the city in 2020, or 23.8 for every 100,000 people -- well above the national homicide rate of 6.5 murders per 100,000. These crimes included murder, assault, rape, grand theft auto, burglary, and other property crimes. Here are some of the best neighborhoods in Akron, Ohio with low crime and a great quality of life. City Crime Map Neighborhoods. Importantly, we found that Akron has one of the highest rates of motor vehicle theft in the nation according to our analysis of FBI crime data. They also include property-based crimes, such as burglary and auto theft. In 2020, Akron had one of the highest homicide rates in the country. The average number of daily violent crimes in Akron is 2.70 times more than the Ohio average and 2.15 times more than the daily national average. Violent crime is not as big of a worry as property crime for the citizens of Portsmouth. This hub gives residents access to Akron police reports and more. In the 17th century, the city was used for trade and manufacturing purposes due to its waterfront. There are a number of other important tips to follow when exploring Akron crime statistics: After reviewing the above information, one of the biggest takeaways should be that crime in Akron needs to be evaluated carefully. In fact, your chance of getting your car stolen if you live in Akron is one in 189. However, within a population of 837,038, these arent bad numbers. The consent submitted will only be used for data processing originating from this website. Police arrived to a home located in the 2300 block of . Car theft increased 27% from 2019 to 2020 and another 7.5% between January and July 2021. Chapel Hill 4 /10 Population: 6,690 Rank Last Year: 10 (No Change) Median Home Value: $69,880 (11th worst) Median Income: $33,246 (11th worst) More on Chapel Hill: Data If you reside in Akron, then there is a 1 in 120 chance that you will experience a violent crime. In fact, in 2021, felony assaults and murders dropped by 20%. The 2019 crime rate in Akron, OH is 446 (City-Data.com crime index), which is 1.6 times higher than the U.S. average. Summing up the numbers, Akron has decreased by 2% with regards to total crimes year over year. Discuss Akron, Ohio (OH) on our hugely popular Ohio forum. Within each category, there are sub-categories that break down each type of crime in added detail. While crime rates are a useful tool to compare crime between cities, the FBI cautions against using them for this reason as they can be misleading and do not offer insight into the variables that cause crime or how localized crime may be. Of this total, there were 113 violent crimes and 1,227 property crimes per capita. Nick Durante is a professional writer with a primary focus on home improvement. Wallhaven. The search engine finds the neighborhoods that are the optimum fit to the set of criteria you choose. Requires agencies to submit detailed information about all offenses committed during a single incident (UCR only recognized the most serious offense in a single incident). Extremely safe. Compare Kent crime data to other cities, states, and neighborhoods in the U.S. on NeighborhoodScout. Are you thinking about moving to Akron? The City-Data.com crime index weighs serious crimes and violent crimes more heavily. Akron went the last three months of 2021 with no homicides. Akron, Ohio, is among the U.S. cities with the highest homicide rates. Crime rates are based on FBI crime data which is reported by city police departments. Even though homicide is the least common form of criminal violence -- accounting for less than 2% of all violent crimes -- places with high homicide rates also often have high overall violent crime rates, and Akron is no exception. Instead, immediately call the Summit County Sheriff's Department at 330-643-2177. Property crimes that are tracked for this analysis are burglary, larceny over fifty dollars, motor vehicle theft, and arson. Akron, OH Reported One of the Highest Murder Rates in the US, Samuel Stebbins, 24/7 Wall St. via The Center Square. Other 02/22/2023 3:37 PM 1100 BLOCK OF SEWARD AVE. Other 02/22/2023 11:07 AM 600 BLOCK OF MADISON AVE. The gauges above illustrate that Akron is safer than 2% of every city located within Ohio along with 4% of the all the cities located in the United States. These crimes included both violent and property crimes. In Detroit, it has seen an increase of homicides around 31 percent and non-fatal . In the 2020 calendar year, FBI statistics show a total of 4,011 reported crimes. Usually just price/unit. Some streets quiet and well maintained but too much crime to feel comfortable. Trumble Memorial Hospital, Tribune Chronicle, and Delphi Packard Electrical are among the major employers, yet the average salary is only $30,000. Make sure all exterior doors are locked and deadbolted, windows are locked, and sliding doors have security bars. Fairlawn Heights Overall SnackAbility 8 /10 Population: 2,875 In total, there have been 4,220 reported crimes, according to FBI statistics. There were 1,797 violent crimes in 2020, listed below compared to 2019 Akron crime reports. It is situated approximately 38 miles south of Cleveland and about 125 miles north of, . Murder, burglary, assault, and car theft are common crimes in todays metropolis of 288,000 people. Altogether, there is a 1 in 25 risk that you will become a victim of crime in Akron.

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