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wonderfold wagon x4 vs w4

Rear gear basket (10 lb capacity) -Roll-out wind/privacy shade for year-round comfort We know how important it is to find the best baby gear, so we're here to help. Leisurely field trips and outings such as the zoo, parks, the farmers market, ferry boats, beach, etc. Let's compare the differences and similarities between the Keenz 7s , Larktale Caravan, and Wonderfold W4 s2.0 Stroller Wagon. I share tips and thoughts on motherhood and parenting, DIY tutorial, career-changing tips, as well as stories about living with autoimmune diseases. It's no surprise that the quad wagons weigh even more, but despite carrying twice as many children, they're only slightly heavier: quad wagons range from 41 pounds for the X4 up to 63 pounds for the W4 Luxe. Stroller wagons provide a hassle-free solution for parents that need a comfortable place for each child to sit plus storage for essentials from grocery trips to beach days and everything in between. Were in, out and done., A reviewer on Bed Bath & Beyond rated it 5/5 stars and described that it made a great gift: Purchased this wagon for our 7 month old grandson. (For additional details on the quad wagon offerings, see here, and you can also review this product comparison chart for more.) Add to Favorites . The Wonderfold Wagon can hold up to 4 children, whereas the Keenz can only hold 2 children. I'm 5'3 with a Yukon XL. During the summer, it can even accompany you to the beach where you can toss in your sunblock and drinks! Apart from the wheels, its honestly all gimmicks, so whether you want to pay an extra $200 for these features its up to you. The W Series includes the Luxe and Elite models. Obviously, not all aspects of it are amazing because you probably already know this stroller wagon is huge and heavy. I will say: the WonderFold Wagon is not for everyone. For more of my videos about La. A couple of other items of note in the push category: The soft UPF canopy on the Wonderfold is an awesome feature, and I Ioved that it was fully adjustable, so we could angle it one way or the other depending on the sun. If you have more questions about theW Seriesvs.X Seriesdebate, feel free to contact us at480-442-9433 or customercare@strolleria.com, Earn 10% back in points on every purchase, then redeem for a discount, Talk to an expert via phone, chat or e-mail to find the gear that's right for you, Find answers to questions about shipping, returns, compatibility and more, Join our e-mail list for promotions, product releases and more, Double wagons range in weight from 32 pounds for the X2 up to to 55 pounds for the W2 Luxe. The perfect stroller wagon for all of your adventures. The automatic magnet seat belt buckles are perfect for making your child feel independent since they can click the clips together themselves, which helps them learn about safety in a fun way! Since they are constantly seeking to improve and innovate, hopefully they will add one to the Wonderfold Wagon accessories section soon! Do I think its a great stroller wagon? I use this wagon everyday for my 1 year old twins and 2.5 yr old toddler. Questions? View sample plans. . Her favorite time of day is after her kids go to bed. Wonderfold Wagon X2 Features. The most unique feature is the ability to hold 4 kids because its designed for large families. We use it as a pack n play when at a hotel! X Series. Wonderfold Wagon W1 Original Double Stroller Wagon, Wonderfold Wagon W2 Original Double Stroller Wagon, Wonderfold Wagon W4 Original Quad Stroller Wagon, Wonderfold Wagon W4 Luxe Quad Stroller Wagon, Wonderfold Wagon X4 Woodland Green Push + Pull Quad Stroller Wagon, X4 Woodland Green Push + Pull Quad Stroller Wagon, Multifunctional and innovate line of strollers, Products come in a range of colors and patterns, Ensure that you keep all of the original packaging and return the item to the box in like-new condition, Print the label and attach it to the original packaging, Drop off at your nearest FedEx location (or have it picked up), You should receive your refund within 2 business days after they receive the item (they will keep the, Visiting the contact portal on their website. It also helps when shopping! Strolleria is an authorized retailer ofWonderFold products dedicated to making the baby gear buying experience less overwhelming for parents. Pros & Minor Cons of Wonderfold W4 Luxe. So which is better, theWonderFoldW SeriesorX Series? 2:17 . Her topics of expertise include skincare and beauty, home decor, and DIYing. We haven't taken any money from sponsors or investors. It has capacity of 180 lbs and it's only 30.5 wide (check it in the picture below). Brit lives in Maine with her family and spends her days reading esoteric academic literature, walking, listening to audiobooks, and writing about anything that interests her (which is many things). Keenz is a great option for parents who need an effortless operation. The weight limit for each child is 45 pounds, so even if you max out the weight for both of your kids, youll still have 20 extra pounds to use for cargo. The W2 comes in four colors, from dark black to cherry red, for $419. X Series. Copyright 2023, Lucie's List. The handle on the Wonderfold W4 allows you to push or pull it with ease, giving you more options and maneuverability. HiPP Formula Review: The Better Formula Option? Perfect for on the go, now your family can cruise the world with ease. However, this is a personal preference for most parents. Check it on Amazon Problem solved. Matthew is 3, Johnny is 2, and the baby was just 6 weeks old. However, there are some key differences youll want to note, and you also want to determine what you want out of a stroller. BUT today I discovered that the seat fits into a shopping cart!!! The upper weight limit is another good point of reference if you intend to use the stroller wagon for multiple children or older children. X4 Push & Pull Series ~$469. I got the Luxe only because there was a sale on those models and there was no price difference. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. On smooth surfaces, its easy to push, glides really smoothly, and maneuvers well. On the hunt for a wagon that has optional seating and can fold up easily in your trunk? Its a small thing but extremely useful. Its not possible to do in other wagons. The Veer Cruiser has a heavy welded aluminum frame and feels very rugged. The Anthem4 performed very well in most areas of testing. Wonderfold can drive everywhere. Buy WonderFold at Snuggle Bugz! While a durable stroller wagon may be a bit bulkier, some parents decide its worth the extra size and weight. Weve already mentioned that it has a handle on each side of the wagon, but it also has rotatable handles to its more comfortable in any direction. I purchased the Wonderfold Wagon for my son and his wife and their children. Also, consider whether the stroller wagon is rated for newborn use. $60.99 . Of course, the more kids you have, the more stuff you have, which means you need a wagon that has a large weight capacity. See the W LUXE, W Elite, and X2M wagons up close and explore differences, how to fold, and more in this video comparing the WonderFold W Series and X Series Stroller Wagons: Depending on which model you choose - and which size - there are a variety of price points within the WonderFold line. Compared to other stroller wagons, with intro pricing starting around ~$500 (i.e., Keenz at $449 and Veer at $649), the W1 Wonderfold 2-Seater Wagon (~$289) is probably the most affordable option in the category. I like this feature because if youre using it as a true wagon, littles can help! W4 Elite Quad Stroller Wagon. Unfortunately, this Wonderfold Wagon strollers review couldnt find any information about where the products are manufactured or sourced. Honestly, just for the lack of these two features, Id go for an upgraded model. All Terrain Wheels. You can also opt for overnight shipping which is $400. WonderFold's W Series wagons have more features and upgraded seating compared to the X Series, though the X Series includes some features not included with one or both W Series models. Tip Have your heavier child sit closer to you to improve maneuverability. *Exclusions apply. Thats the biggest drawback of W4 its extremely heavy. We purchased and tested two 4-passenger wagons, the Gladly Family Anthem4 and Wonderfold W4 Elite. -Removable, raised seats that recline, offering flexibility for your children's needs Well, Wonderfold Wagon makes that dream a reality with their compact, lightweight, all-in-one travel stroller wagon. PU tires so no pumping required. However, theyre also more expensive.A stroller wagon is well worth the cost for many people, especially if you have multiple children. -Seats up to four children Be sure to wipe off any remaining water with a dry cloth. Some wagons will accommodate standing children, and most will allow them to sit or lie down. They all fit perfectly with no issues and my older girls love the easy access zipper. A new brand called WonderFold Baby, offers 2 amazing wagons that can accommodate up to 4 passengers. The notable differences between the X and W series doubles are that the X series has a storage basket, removable seat pads, a boxier canopy (that is not adjustable), and *a telescoping pull handle (to use it like a traditional wagon). If youre wrestling with a toddler, you may only have one hand available. -Adjustable canopy poles to accommodate growing children Babies and toddlers alike love strolling around in the Wonderfold Multi-Function Wagon, secured in a 5-point harness and covered by a UV-protected canopy. Does the W4 Luxe fit through standard door ways? The Veer is missing a canopy and extra storage out of the box. Your kids will really feel like theyre on safari when they go to the zoo; just give them a pair of binoculars that they can store in the front pouch and a bucket hat, and theyll have the best day ever. See Discount Price in Cart Was $499.99. Depends. In this review, well focus on the Wonderfold W4 and the Keenz 7S because theyre the latest models. Wheels: Clean stroller wagon wheels regularly with water and remove any dirt. It wont fall on the side. While an infant under 6 months is naturally too small to sit in the seat, even when reclined, theres now a new feature called Wonderfold bassinet! Wonderfold Wagon W4 Hacks. City Select Double Stroller. This large and multifunctional wagon is available in deep navy, amber orange, or classic black or gray for $595. The handlebar height on the W1 is somewhat maneuverable with a swivel, which is a plus, but gosh I wish it swiveled farther. A stroller wagon is a versatile cargo vehicle for you to carry kids, pets, snacks, diapers, and anything else you might need on the go. At 33 pounds, its relatively heavy, and even when folded it takes up a good amount of space (see below for more on the fold) but this is on par for the category. A full-time entrepreneur, but also a boy mom, cat mom, wife, and traveler. There are stroller wagons of all different sizes and shapes. -1-step foot brake system You may also want to look for stroller wagons that allow one child to sit while the other naps. Also theyre BIG. A 20-minute walk with it feels like an hour at the gym and we only have 2 kids in it. Its best for leisurely use in mostly flat/smoothly paved areas, day trips, and older kids whove outgrown their stroller seats (180 lbs weight limit). TTPM . Does the X4 have raised seats? I said it before that we absolutely love Evenflo Pivot Xplor wagon, mostly due to its small size, so one would ask: what possessed me to buy a giant Wonderfold W4 Luxe stroller wagon? The wagon folds up for easy transportation and weighs only 33 pounds. W Series wagons can be folded with the seats and canopy attached. Folds for storage and can convert to double as a utility wagon. Note that for the W1 version, you have to remove the canopy to fold it up (which is easy to do, its just annoying that it then becomes a separate piece to keep track of), but the W2 version can fold with the canopy still attached (and also folds more compact compared to the W1). Free Shipping on orders over $75. 4 interest-free installments or from $44.68/mo with. Does the W4 Original have an adjustable handlebar? 20 20 reviews. 2 Seater. And the heavier the load (whether kids or kids and stuff), the harder youll have to work to stay on track, especially on more hilly/bumpy/inclined terrain. The W4 is a 4-seater with high-backed seats (two in the front and two in the rear, both sets facing one another) and a footwell, a front zipper door, and extra storage. The W1 is easy to fold up and stands on its own (YES! I'm here to tell you it's not hard! Choosing a selection results in a full page refresh. While the founders or brand origins are fairly mysterious, it appears that they are headquartered in Arcadia, California. However, if you do have larger children, the Wonderfold W4 is a great option, and even though its big, its easy to fold. Wheels: Clean stroller wagon wheels regularly with water and remove any dirt. Keenz Stroller Wagon Here's how some of Wonderfold Wagon 's bestsellers are rated on their website: W1 Original Double Stroller Wagon: 4.9/5 stars out of 23 reviews. It is used daily. All the plastic and metal can be scrubbed down with some soapy water and a cloth. And after two years and 3 kids plus friends going in and out, its still in great condition and has been well worth every penny! Also as with the X2, you can opt for the same wagon with magnetic harnesses for an additional $30. I am the last of my girlfriends to have a baby by about 5 years, I dont have a relationship with my mother, my mother-in-law is not my style (to put it nicely), and at some point all of the books people recommend start to contradict each other. $999.99 Coming Soon + 1 . In this article, we will compare the WonderFoldW seriesandX serieswagons in detail. WONDERFOLD W4 Elite Quad Stroller Wagon Featuring 4 Face-to-Face Seats with 5-Point Harnesses, Adjustable Push Handle, and Removable UV-Protection Canopy, Volcanic Black 2,449. Videos W4 vs W4S 2.0 Comparison. We know parents are superheroes, but they dont have to be superheroes with broken backs! And they have a lower weight capacity of 180 pounds for a quad and 150 pounds for a double. Add to Cart. Can be converted to a utility wagon. Due to their high carrying capacity (up to 300 pounds in the W4 models! Stroller Wagon (Push&Pull) -X4 Quad. While your child may be able to stand up in the Wonderfold Wagon, the side walls are only 19 inches tall, so taller children will be less safe. It even has a foot brake and all-terrain tires so you have full control on any steep inclines or at traffic lights. Both types of wagons share features like a removable storage basket on the back of the wagon, suspension for a smooth ride, a foot brake and seats with 5-point harnesses. Travel with WonderFold: Safe and easy to maneuver single/double/quad stroller wagons. However, if you have one child and plan to have more, you want your stroller wagon to last through all of them. WONDERFOLD W4 Original Quad Stroller Wagon Featuring 4 High Face-to-Face Seats with 5-Point Harnesses, Easy Access Front Zipper Door, and Removable UV-Protection Canopy, Gray . 5,553 talking about this. With four seats, this wagon will put your mind at ease knowing all the kids are in one safe space having fun together. Its also easy to fold and unfold, despite its bulky size. This item: WONDERFOLD W4 Luxe Quad Stroller Wagon Featuring 4 High Face-to-Face Seats with Magnetic Buckle 5-Point Harnesses and Adjustable/Removable UV-Protection Canopy, Charcoal Gray-White Frame. X4M Magnetic Harness Push + Pull Stroller Wagon, X2M Magnetic Harness Push + Pull Stroller Wagon, Folding Pet Stroller with Zipperless Entry & Reversible Handle Bar. Black Camo. As your tots grow, the wagon can hold Halloween candy. If you continue browsing, we take that to mean that you accept their use. And what about when your kids have come down from that sugar high and need a nap? W4 Luxe Quad Stroller Wagon (4 Seater) opens full screen video in same window. Article created 2 years ago. Main Differences Between the Wonderfold Wagon vs Keenz. X2M Magnetic Harness Push + Pull Stroller Wagon Shop. They flew out of town over New Years this year, and the let me know the wagon was a GAME CHANGER! View sample plans. Wonderfold Wagon vs Keenz: Which Wagon Suits You Best? However, a stroller, Of course, the more kids you have, the more stuff you have, which means you need a wagon that has a large weight capacity. Your email address will not be published. Stroller wagons can get pretty pricey. Wonderfold vs Keenz are two of the best stroller wagon manufacturers out there, so you really cant go wrong with either. It isnt too easy to deactivate, but easily enough done with one foot. This Wonderfold Wagon strollers review can be your leading guide. Wonderfold falls into a stroller category and you can bring it to the airport and gate check. Brand New. -Removable canopy with adjustable canopy fabric for ultimate sun protection With an adjustable push handle, foot brake, and removable canopy, this wagon can also be converted to carry utilities. They have more compartments for cargo and personal belongings, making them a bit more versatile. Here are the basics on the different series: This 2-seater is similar to the W1 but comes with removable seat backs, a front zipper door, and a little extra storage space. WonderFold. See info. Material We evaluated 25 leading stroller wagons and narrowed the list down to the top 9 wagons. The Wonderfold W4 Elite front wheels are 8 in diameter and 1.9 in width. -Easy to fold and stands when folded, X4 Push + Pull Quad Stroller Wagon (4 Seater), Removable Canopy with Adjustable Canopy Poles. M Series. This wagon holds up to four kids for a fun day out. This wagon is useful for plenty of different things, like walking to your closest grocery store with the kids in tow, and then having them walk back with the groceries in the wagon! The biggest con is the size because it might not fit in every car. Babies and toddlers alike love strolling around in the Wonderfold Multi-Function Wagon, secured in a 5-point harness and covered by a UV-protected canopy.. You need a very large SUV and even in cars like a popular family van Toyota Sienna is takes the whole truck and youll need to fold the bar. versions have some upgrades and extra features: reclining seats, more storage, magnetic harnesses, a neoprene handle cover, all-terrain XL tires, etc. X4M Magnetic Harness Push + Pull Stroller Wagon Shop. Wonderfold offers an assortment of stroller wagons, including some 4-seaters. They may also need to have a spot to sleep by the time the day is over, so it all works out. Having a lot of space for the kiddos is important, especially on vacations and days out with cousins or friends. Yes, the Wonderfold can be an economical option the base models ($289+) are priced somewhat more reasonably than the available competition, such as the Veer or Keenz, which start at $649 and $449, respectively (though some of Wonderfolds higher-end editions are $$$). First, fold the handlebar down, and unlock the canopy rods at each of the four corners. Fold: Easy fold by releasing safety latch. Not only will the stroller wagon be holding your kids, but it will also hold diaper bags, toys, snacks, and other things you want to take along with you. 16 16 reviews. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Im Anna. The front suspension makes for a more comfortable ride, but probably not as comfortable as a wagon that has suspension on all four tires. Fabric: Spot clean with mild soap and warm water solution and air dry. How Much Weight Can a Wonderfold Wagon Hold? Evenflo Otto Self Folding Stroller Review: Is It as Good as They Say? Age Range - 6 months to 50 pounds (22kg) - from birth with a newborn cot Stroller Weight - 13.4 pounds (6kg) Folded Size - 21 x 18 x 9 inches (55 x 45 x 23cm) Maneuverability & Design. Note that the Evenflo Pivot ($399), another recent addition to the stroller-wagon market, is also a strong contender. The Wonderfold Wagon W2 Original Double Stroller Wagon has all the same qualities as the Wonderfold W1 and more. Instead, my kids loved having some mobility in the wagon and many other parents indicate the same. I highly recommend this for a Mama who needs her hands back! X4M Magnetic Harness Push + Pull Stroller Wagon, X2M Magnetic Harness Push + Pull Stroller Wagon, Folding Pet Stroller with Zipperless Entry & Reversible Handle Bar. Watch on. Ms Informacin del Producto De WONDERFOLD. They put snap chat videos out on it!!! It also comes with multiple cup holders and a cooler bag, making it a lot easier to carry your snacks along with you. The Wonderfold Wagon can hold up to 300 pounds, whereas the Keenz can only hold up to 110 pounds. If you continue browsing, we take that to mean that you accept their use. Many children dont want to sit in a stroller for more than a couple of minutes. Get in Touch with our experts! Definitely a life saver and highly recommend it; especially if you have multiple toddlers!! My personal choice would be the Keenz 7S because of its maneuverability and extra features, like a full canopy, a cooler bag, and 2 flexible handles. (It took up ~ of my Subaru Outback trunk, lying sideways). ; Children who dont want to ride in strollers or simply dont like strollers; Older children who might be outgrowing the stroller (and/or who demand to walk and then promptly complain that theyre too tired to walk, HAH); Meet-ups with friends (picnics, playdates, etc.

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