was there an explosion in texas today10 marca 2023
was there an explosion in texas today

KHOU reports that Mike White, the Jefferson County Emergency Management coordinator, said there are a few chemicals housed at the facility, including Butadiene. The explosion happened in a remote area in Orakzai, a district in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province bordering Afghanistan, said Mohammad Arif, an adviser for the Mines and Minerals Department. Several residents on El Paso's eastside heard a loud explosion on the morning of December 30, 2021. Officials added that it's not yet clear when the evacuation order will be lifted. TOWN OF MAPLE GROVE, Wis. (AP) Investigators are recommending criminal charges against two teens in connection with a bonfire explosion at a party in northeastern Wisconsin last month that resulted in critical burns to some in attendance. Instead, they are mixed with heavy fuels like asphalt or No. Chambers and his team went over the plan and reviewed the permits, including one that cleared the crew to use a cutting torch to detach a catwalk that connected Tank #18, the damaged tank, to Tank #17, an asphalt tank six feet away, according to court documents. Though the incident is still under investigation, Melville Fire Chief David Kaplan said they havent ruled out a pyrophoric explosion. NASA has officially confirmed that a loud explosion felt and heard in South Texas Wednesday evening came from a 1,000-pound meteor that crashed near McAllen, Texas at approximately 5:23 p.m. TPC officials know that at least three tanks have been damaged, but firefighters have not been able to fully assess the harm, Monk said. By continuing to use this site, you accept this policy. This is the second in a series of articles. We are saddened by todays tragedy of a house explosion in our City. ABUJA, Nigeria (AP) An explosion and fire near an illegal oil refinery site in Nigerias Niger Delta region killed at least 12 people Friday, police said, although local residents reported a much higher death toll. It is also a possibility it may have happened on the other side of the border. However, right now it is unclear if an explosion took place. An investigation is underway at Freeport LNG in Surfside Beach after reports of an incident Wednesday. Connect with the definitive source for global and local news, By SEUNG MIN KIM, ZEKE MILLER and MICHAEL BALSAMO. MEXICO CITY (AP) A fireworks explosion at a Day of the Dead celebration in Mexico injured 17 people, authorities said Sunday. ABC-7 reported the loud boom heard and felt in east El Paso as well as the Lower Valley was in fact an explosion. Environmental and Alaska Native advocates rallied outside the White House ahead of an expected final decision on ConocoPhillips Willow Project. Almost instantly, the tank he was standing on exploded. 6 fuel, because their emissions were thought to be negligible, are vented, allowing oxygen in and vapors out. (AP) A fiery explosion that injured more than a dozen people at a Maryland condominium building was ignited by a resident who intended to kill himself and died in the blast, police said. recent investigation by Inside Climate News, Lawmakers Urge Biden Administration to Permanently Ban Rail Shipments of Liquefied Natural Gas, In Pennsylvania, Home to the Nations First Oil Well, Environmental Activists Stage a Peoples Filibuster at the Bustling State Capitol. The explosion happened in Wallis, Texas, about 50 miles west of Houston. It wasnt long before sirens began wailing and fire engines arrived on scene. We had two tanks right next to each other that we were dealing with: one with fire, one with rescue, Slovak said. And thats what brought Chambers to the site that Spring morning. Rosselot added, The potential for higher vapor concentrations needs to be recognized, so that care is taken to prevent the vapors in these tanks and the vapors being emitted from these tanks from coming into contact with a source of ignition.. These kinds of explosions in asphalt tanks have been documented at least since the 1980s. Volkswagen is recalling nearly 42,000 Beetles in the U.S. and Canada because they have potentially dangerous Takata air bag inflators. She is the author of Meltdown: Terror at the Top of the World. But additives are not necessary for a pyrophoric explosion to occur. ON December 30, 2021, it was reported that there was a mass explosion in El Paso, Texas. Overturned gas tanker explodes, killing 1 person. Asphalt additives affect the rate and type of chemical reactions during asphalt processing and storage, the article said. Asphalt naturally contains both sulfur and hydrogen, which, when they react, form hydrogen sulfide. He ran out of the building to see what had happened. When vapors above a certain concentration come into contact with an ignition source, Rosselot said, thats when explosions can happen. Those additives have increased the vapor pressure inside the tanks making them more vulnerable to explosion, Rosselot and others said. As least 10 people were injured in a fire caused by a natural gas explosion in Texas Friday night, officials said. Two people remained unaccounted for. Surfside Beach Police Department's Marine Division assisted Port Freeport police and the U.S. Coast Guard on the waterways. Some industry experts believe that the changes in the volatility of the heavy fuel oils from additives may be behind many explosions in tanks containing asphalt and No. this month: 4.7 in Rotan , Texas , United States. COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) There is no indication that either a collision or an explosion caused the 1994 sinking of a ferry in the Baltic Sea in one of Europes deadliest peacetime maritime disasters, the accident investigation boards of Estonia, Finland and Sweden said Monday. Courtney Wallace, a BNSF spokesperson, confirmed that an investigation is underway and said 13 of the train's 110 cars derailed, 10 of which continued to burn Tuesday evening. GUTHRIE, Ky. (AP) One worker was killed and four others were injured in an explosion at an industrial facility in western Kentucky, officials said. ICN provides award-winning climate coverage free of charge and advertising. Jefferson County Emergency Management coordinator Mike White told the Beaumont Enterprise that five residents were being treated for minor injuries, mostly related to shattered glass. Please enter valid email address to continue. This story has been shared 128,919 times. The bulletin included several key lessons from those accidents, including avoiding the work if possible, monitoring the atmosphere for gas and identifying any potential hazards prior to starting work. But central to making determinations about safe protocol is knowing the dangers posed by the specific product youre working with. Paul Bommer, a petroleum engineer and senior lecturer at the University of Texas at Austin, said he once was called as an expert witness in a case in which a tank containing carbon blacka substance similar to asphalt and No. ABC-7 reported that police and fire officials could not explain the The local news outlet reported that 20 nearby homes were damaged, but there was no word of any serious injuries or deaths. The first 11 cars of the train were filled with gasoline, coal and petroleum products, causing the initial explosion and fueling a fire that was still burning Tuesday evening, White said. An internal, floating roof is used to keep oxygen out and vapors in. The first blast, which blew out the windows and doors of nearby homes, injured three workers. The EPA has been aware of problems with the formula since at least 2007, but has not called for its field offices to investigate the emissions or required that companies directly measure and report emissions. Most of the explosions of heated storage tanks have taken place at asphalt plants, but in cities and towns across the country the tanks are often knit into neighborhoods, near schools, daycares and retirement homes. INDIANAPOLIS (AP) A popular Indianapolis museum was closed for a second straight day Tuesday after recent frigid temperatures caused a pipe to burst, flooding part of the museum, officials said. Smoke billows from a fire following an explosion caused by a crash between a train and an 18-wheeler near Cameron, Texas, on Feb. 23, 2021. It was very startling, said Harley, who asked that her last name be withheld. The noise was also heard and felt in the nearby City of Socorro, according to acity representative. ET). She said her windows, air conditioning unit and television started rattling following what she believed was an explosion. Troy Monk, TPC's Director of Health, Safety and Security, said at the press conference that all three of the injured workers have been released from the hospital. Atmos Energy Corporation, one of the largest natural gas distributors in the nation, was helping with the investigation. On the way to the scene, ABC Houston affiliate KTRK's helicopter noticed the flames could be She worked as a co-producer, field producer or associate producer on the Frontline films League of Denial (2013); Money, Power and Wall Street (2012); A Perfect Terrorist (2011); Dr. Hotspots (2011) and Law and Disorder (2010). Chambers climbed to the catwalk and got ready to separate it from the tops of the tanks. No injuries were reported and there was minimal property damage as a result. An asphalt tank at a plant owned by Rason Asphalt exploded in the early afternoon, causing a loud blast that rattled nearby homes. The county has previously sued ExxonMobil, accusing the company of violating the federal Clean Air Act. ET, Rohan Davis, a refinery manager at the ExxonMobil site, said that all four people in hospital appeared to be in stable condition. A recent publication by the Asphalt Institute, the main trade group for the industry, warned tank owners and operators about the dangers of pyrophoric material formation in asphalt tanks and advised them to evaluate whether their tanks could be affected. It was later revealed that there was in fact a construction site explosion in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. Shortly after 4 p.m., they declared the situation was under control and contained to the immediate affected area of the plant. In 2019, an explosion caused a massive blaze in the area that processes polypropylene. The impact sent debris flying through the air as frightened homeowners scrambled for cover. But a 1997 study found that in several cases, fires and explosions had happened in materials like asphalt and No. Get a daily email of our original, groundbreaking stories written by our national network of award-winning reporters. These additives are often proprietary chemicals or lighter hydrocarbons that would normally be further refined into diesel. WebIncident at Freeport oil and gas company under control, officials say Explosion rocks neighborhood near Philadelphia, 4 confirmed dead Kansas fire caught on video after PRINCETON, Ind. But storage tanks for asphalt and No. Six days earlier, a similar incident in Stafford, Texas left one man injured and another dead. The employee suffered minor burns, and the tank lid was blown into the air and landed 150 yard away. MADISON, Wis. (AP) Attorney General Josh Kaul filed a lawsuit Monday against a milling company for multiple violations at a plant that was the scene of a fatal explosion five years ago. BERLIN (AP) A ship chartered by the operator of the Nord Stream 1 natural gas pipeline has arrived at the site of last month's explosions under the Baltic Sea to survey the damage, the company said Thursday. 6 fuel oil were negligible because of the heavy nature of the products. Whereas some highly volatile materials can have low flashpoints, like gasoline at -40F or ethyl alcohol at 55F, asphalts can be listed as high as 450 or 500F. The explosion happened in Wallis, Texas, about 50 miles west of Houston. "Kind of like a little mini earthquake.". It included a section on the role that additives can play in contributing to these kinds of explosions. Even after it exploded, the asphalt tank was on fire for at least 3 hours, putting out thick, dark, toxic smoke into the community.. 6 fuel oil are processed and stored may be contributing to them, and that workersand residents who live near the tanksmay be at risk. Whats more, even a small amount of a lower flash point additive could affect the point of ignition of the substance its added to. The Asphalt Institute did not respond to questions submitted to them by Inside Climate News. The blast was so powerful that it sent the 12-foot diameter lid of the tank flying, before it landed on an employees car. According to Amy Hodges, the plants spokeswoman, no fire broke out and no one was seriously hurt. Copyright 2023 KTRK-TV. Police and multiple fire departments responded at 1 a.m. GAITHERSBURG, Md. When my husband pulled into our garage, the roof in our garage had caved in.. Two months before Tank #17 exploded, on Feb. 2, 2018, there had been an explosion in the other tank, Tank #18. Blast from rail cars carrying gasoline, coal and petroleum product ignited a fire that could take days to put out. In the years since, companies increasingly have mixed additives into residual products. Officer Kyle Tranovich of the Caernarvon Township police department said a skeleton crew of only six people was working in the TIMET Morgantown plant due to the holiday before the 2:30 p.m. GRASS VALLEY, Ore. (AP) A small town in central Oregon was evacuated and five people were hurt due to a hemp manufacturing plant fire Sunday. MOSCOW (AP) An explosion during repairs on a section of a Europe-bound natural gas pipeline in western Russia killed three people on Tuesday but didnt affect export supplies, officials said. Chambers and his wife are suing U.S. Polyco and the plant safety manager for negligence that resulted in his injuries. The explosion ripped through a section of the Urengoy-Pomary-Uzhhorod pipeline in the Chuvashia region during repair work. Smoke rises from trains as firefighters and rescuers operate after a collision near Larissa city, Greece, early Wednesday, March 1, 2023. Port Neches, Texas Two explosions at a chemical plant in Texas put 60,000 people under evacuation orders Wednesday. Dallas Fire-Rescue responded to a 10:21 a.m. call of a natural gas odor at 5726 Highland Hills Road in South Dallas, officials there said Wednesday. PLANO, Texas The explosion that destroyed a house in suburban Dallas and heavily damaged the two next door, injuring six people, may not have been an accident, RELATED: Explosion rocks mysterious Georgia monument called satanic by some, America's Stonehenge by others. She joined InsideClimate in the fall of 2013, after helping produce documentaries and interactives for the PBS show Frontline since 2010 with 2over10 Media. The first blast, which blew out the windows Neither OSHA nor the U.S. Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board, an independent federal agency charged with looking into industrial chemical accidents, has conducted a systematic investigation of these explosions. MINOT, N.D. (AP) A small explosion and fire disrupted care on the third floor of a Minot hospital. A construction crew was working with explosives to extract material when the explosion occurred. A key indicator of how safe a product might be is its flash pointthe temperature at which it becomes flammable. The hole in the sewer undermined the soil beneath the gas pipes, causing them to sag and then crack open. Thus it was the combination of the two circumstances which caused the disaster. The collision between a freight and passenger train occurred near Tempe, some 380 kilometers (235 miles) north of Athens, and resulted in the derailment of several train cars. The tripwire set off the explosive device that was placed near a fence at 8:32 p.m. Sunday, police said. However, in many other cases, the causes were either not identified or not publicly released because of the restrictions imposed during litigation., Zaloshs study concluded that flammable vapor concentrations measured in storage tanks of residual fuel oil and of asphalt have shown the presence of flammable concentrations even when the liquid is well below the flash point.. Staff with the Childrens Museum of Indianapolis said a frozen sprinkler line had burst, flooding the Welcome Center in the museum that's located on Indianapolis' near north side. NUSA DUA, Indonesia (AP) President Joe Biden said Wednesday it was unlikely that a missile that killed two in NATO-ally Poland was fired from Russia, but he pledged support for Poland's investigation into what it had called a Russian-made missile. he/him. Chantal Da Silva is a breaking news editor for NBC News Digital based in London. One man who lived near the terminal told a local news crew that he heard a loud boom at about 12:49 a.m. and saw that the top of the tank was engulfed by flames. Harley, a 22-year-old living with her boyfriend about two miles from the ExxonMobil facility, said she thought the blast was "a bomb or an earthquake.". On Nov. 19, 2014, in La Crosse, Wisconsin, an employee used a torch to heat a clogged valve, igniting flammable vapors in a mostly empty asphalt tank and causing it to explode. But I feel as if this one was louder and bigger than the one in 2019, she said. The Baytown Fire Department said its crews had not responded to the incident. Five days after a home exploded in Westworth Village, Atmos Energy said there was "no evidence" to suggest its system was involved. VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (AP) Two people were killed Monday when a storage tank exploded at a Virginia welding business, a fire official said. "There is no risk to the surrounding community. MADISON, Wis. (AP) Federal regulators have determined that a lack of safeguards during a maintenance shutdown led to a 2018 explosion at an oil refinery in Superior. DENVER (AP) A man who put three failed explosive devices inside a worship hall of Jehovahs Witnesses in suburban Denver before killing his wife and himself there on Christmas morning is suspected of causing an explosion at a union building, police said Wednesday.

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