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nyc dot traffic standard drawings

APPROVAL FROM NYCDOT HIQA BOROUGH OFFICE IS REQUIRED BEFORE WORK COMMENCES. Procedures to follow in the event of an emergency or the need to apply for a permit during an embargo period are explained in Section 3.6 Emergency Work and Special Circumstances later in the chapter. Staten Island, NY 10301 THIS STIP IS USED FOR SINGLE CUTS IN THE CURB/PARKING LANE. NOVs carry a monetary fine and place the matter under the jurisdiction of the New York City Environmental Control Board (ECB). (See Chapter 4, Section 4.5 Street Construction Inspections and Enforcement regarding the circumstances in which CARs may be issued.). 55 Water Street, Concourse Level WORK HOURS 7 AM - 10 PM MON-FRI, AND 8 AM - 10P M SATURDAY, AND 9 AM TO 10 PM SUNDAY. During the final design stage of a city project, DDC will also hold a series of alignment meetings with the utilities and other agencies to inform them about proposed changes to the location of street infrastructure that would require facility relocation. NYC DOT inspects sidewalks for defects and when a defect is identified, a Sidewalk Violation is issued to the property owner and a copy is submitted to the County Clerk's office. The Bronx Different from DOB, DOT plans requires 600 PSF live loads on all sidewalk doors, gratings, covers and vault structures. WORK SATURDAY AND SUNDAY. Long Island City, NY 11101 For building operations, a crane permit is required for all cranes and derricks operating in the street on building construction or related activity under the jurisdiction of DOB, with the exception of truck cranes with telescopic, hydraulic or folding booms, over 50 feet and not more than 135 feet with a maximum rated capacity of 3 tons, for which a construction activity permit has been issued. The full list of rules and regulations is contained in the Highway Rules, Sections 2-02 and 2-04, and should be consulted before any work is performed on the street. (212) 442-7962 THE CONTRACTOR MUST CALL HIQA BOROUGH OFFICE BEFORE THE FINAL RESTORATION STARTS SO THAT HIQA CAN MONITOR THE WORK. Drawings (Downloads) Standard Sheets - Metric - SI; Standard Sheets - English - USC; All active permits in the affected area(s) are suspended during the dates and times of the embargo period and no new permits may be approved, unless a waiver for the work is granted by OCMC. If the installed canopy passes final inspection, HIQA releases the CAN hold on the canopy maintenance permit and notifies the original applicant. HIQA may also inspect emergency street openings/excavations and utility access cover openings. The location to which the application should be submitted depends on the location and type of construction-related work to be performed: Central Permit Office in ManhattanIn-person applications for non-emergency work, including work on all streets in Manhattan and on all critical streets in Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx; all work to be performed for sewer and water system construction; and all capital project work, all utility work, all crane requests, and all full closures of sidewalks and roadways must be submitted only to the central Permit Office in Manhattan. For complete NYC DOT requirements regarding the performance of work in the street, please consult the Highway Rules and NYC DOT specifications. serviceInformation on long-term capital programs from potential street excavators helps NYC DOT to effectively coordinate planned street work. A sample of an acceptable Certificate of Insurancecan be viewed here and in Appendix B. Check all types of work that will be performed by the applicant or his/her corporation. Connecticut Department of Transportation Division of Traffic Engineering Email: A DOB-approved plan must be obtained and submitted to PEU with the application for a final approval and permit. SECTION 24-224 ADMINISTRATIVE CODE VARIANCE GRANTED FOR HOURS AND DAYS STIPULATED HEREIN. Following are the specific steps for canopy authorizations and permits: A permit must be obtained to install the canopy at the approved location (Erect Canopy Permit from the "01" Street Opening Permit series). CONTRACTOR SHALL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL EQUIPMENT, VEHICLES AND PERSONNEL ON OR AROUND WORK SITE. Asingle PDF of the 619 Standard Sheets is available attheOfficial Electronic Standard Specifications and Standard Sheets website. PERMITTEE MAY OCCUPY CURB LANE 24/7 FROM 10/4 THROUGH OCTOBER 10/15/2010. While the situation is evolving, the agency remains committed to applying the principles and proven treatments included in the Street Design Manual to support the health and safety of all New Yorkers. Further information on responding to CARs may be found in the Highway Rules, Section 2-02(d). Access the, If the applicant intends to fully close a roadway, a. The ASHO in each borough releases Capital Project In-House (CPI) holds and Street Arterial Maintenance (SAM) holds. NJDOT Engineering Department of Transportation Engineering The Engineering area contains most of the reference material needed to design and construct a Capital Program project. ALL CLOSURES ARE CONFINED TO 15 FEET TO THE NEW EAST CURB LINE. A $35 filing fee is required for all vault applications. With this cursor, users can click on the map to get information about a particular map layer. New York City is brimming with construction activityfrom the building of skyscrapers, rehabilitating and reconstructing of bridges and roadways, to the digging of new subway lines. SECTION 24-224 ADMINISTRATIVE CODE VARIANCE GRANTED FOR HOURS AND DAYS STIPULATED HEREIN. IF LOCATION IS IN SCHOOL ZONE AS SPECIFIED IN SCHOOL STIPULATION, MAY ONLY WORK 9 AM TO 2 PM MON TO FRI WHEN SCHOOL IS IN SESSION (083 STIPULATION). Office hours: 8:30 AM-5:00 PM, Queens The CGL policy should provide coverage in the amount of no less than $1 million combined single limit per occurrence, except for applications for permits to place a crane on a street, which requires $3 million combined single limit per occurrence. If the applicant intends to do work associated with a Franchise, Concession or Revocable Consent Agreement, the applicant must have a copy of the Agreement prior to applying for a permit. All other inquiries: (718) 222-7207 ALL WORK OPERATIONS MUST BE RESTRICTED WITHIN 11 FEET OF THE NORTHWEST QUADRANT OF THE INTERSECTION. 22 Reade Street 1400 Williamsbridge Road, 2nd Floor An online permit processing application significantly enhanced the efficiency of NYC DOT permitting operations. Cobra Head fixture on standard lamppost This chapter, which constitutes the current DOT Street Lighting Catalogue, outlines options for street and pedestrian lighting for New York City streets, bikeways, pedestrian bridges, pedestrian malls, plazas, and parks. To this end, this chapter discusses existing mechanisms that help inform utility companies and other potentialstreet excavatorsof impending NYC DOT work, including how to access information on NYC DOT's planned capital projects, weekly street resurfacing schedules, "protected street"*information and other data that can help to facilitate effective communication regarding street work. NYC Parks & Recreation The latest edition is available for purchase for $50 from the Office of the Agency Chief Contracting Officer, 55 Water Street, Ground Level, New York, NY, 10041. PERMITTEE MUST CONTACT DOT TRAFFIC & PLANNING OFFICE BY EMAIL AT. (212) 839-2430 AREAS WHERE THE MINIMUM CANNOT BE ACHIEVED, CONTRACTOR MUST FIRST OBTAIN WRITTEN APPROVAL FROM THE DEPARTMENT. Tel: (718) 430-1877, Brooklyn Borough Permit OfficesIn-person applications for all other construction-related work can be submitted to the borough office in the borough in which the work is to be performed. Its overall goals are both far-reaching and vital: sustaining the city's investment in its streets, enhancing access to subsurface infrastructure and minimizing transportation and community disruptions. PERMITTEE MUST EMAIL DEP AT. NYC DOT's concrete repair schedule for roadways, sidewalks and other assets in the street can also be accessed from this link. 75 Park Place, 9th Floor A permit is required to place any construction trailer or similar structure in the street. IF CURB LANE BECOMES A TRAVEL LANE THIS STIP DOES NOT APPLY. PHONE # (508) 429-6023. Permits may be voided and reissued only within three business days of issuance. For all permit applications including permit requests to work on embargoed streets through the HE period, the permittee will be automatically charged an additional $135 HE application review fee. They should be clear, readable and in letters at least 1" in height, and conform to all NYC DOT specifications. Permits In order to perform work in the street, it is necessary to obtain a permit from NYC DOT. A SEPARATE 221 PERMIT IS NOT REQUIRED FOR CAPITAL/GOVT PROJECTS. To request release of the hold, the permittee must contact HIQAs central office or one of the borough offices to update the file. SECTION 24-224 ADMINISTRATIVE CODE VARIANCE GRANTED FOR HOURS AND DAYS STIPULATED HEREIN. The Department of Transportation (DOT) maintains and installs New York City parking regulation signs. See Chapter 3Permits and Approvals for more information. Permeable Interlocking Concrete Paver (PICP), Provides space for walking, the most widely used mode of travel in New York City, Creates linkages to transit and connects neighborhood destinations, Facilitates straight and unobstructed pedestrian movement, free of vehicle conflicts except at intersections and driveways, With adequate width, can provide space for staying activities such as relaxing, shopping, eating, and socializing, Coordinate streetscape/utility work to minimize street cuts, On both sides of all streets that are 22 feet wide or wider. The concrete base must be restored at the same grade as the existing base; at no time may it be brought up to the asphalt course unless authorized by NYC DOT. Weekly Milling and Resurfacing and Concrete Repair SchedulesNYC DOT weekly milling and resurfacing schedules are available online. Effective 8/5/19 Closed until Further Notice Office hours: 8:30 AM-3:30 PM (in person) 120-55 Queens Boulevard, Ground Floor, Room G-210 Section 2.3 Key Principles for Effective Notice and Coordination of Planned Street Work, Section 3.3 The Permit Application Process, Section 3.6 Emergency Work and Special Circumstances,, Instructions for Permittee Registration Application, Application for Roadway/Sidewalk Permit(s), Appendix A, Common Permit Types and Documents Needed, Appendix D, Other Agency and Utility Contact Information, Application for Governmental Work Permit(s), Section 3.5 Other Provisions Pertaining to Permits, Application to Renew Governmental Permit(s), The permit application is available online, Chapter 4, Section 4.5 Street Construction Inspections and Enforcement, Request for Roadway/Sidewalk Permits during Embargo Periods form, Section 4.3 Street Restoration Requirements, Building Operations/Construction Activity Permits, Minimum Clearance Requirements For Transformer Vaults, Department of Design and Construction, Construction Director Borough Offices, Department of City Planning Borough Offices, Department of Parks and Recreation Borough Offices, Environmental Control Board Borough Offices, Chapter 2Advance Notice and Coordination of Planned Street Work, Instructions for Filing Plans and Guidelines for the Design of Sidewalks, Curbs, Roadways and Other Infrastructure Components, Street Arterial Maintenance (SAM) Release Form for Protected Streets, Application to Renew Governmental Work Permit(s), Application to Reissue Governmental Work Permit(s), Written Consent from Property Owner to install and maintain a canopy, Temporary Construction Signage Purchase Directions, Construction Project Information Signs (CPIS) Directions, Engineering Package for Vault Application, Section 3.4 Canopy Authorization and Permits, Weekly milling, resurfacing and concrete repair schedules, Insurance and Indemnification Requirements from Title 34, Rules of the City of New York, Critical Streets list in the Highway Rules, Section 2-07 (c) (5), Franchise, Concession or Revocable Consent, Application to Re-issue Government Permits, Additional information about historic districts, Construction Embargos at the Special Traffic Advisory link, Request for Roadway/Sidewalk Permits during Embargo Periods, Information regarding sidewalk violations, Pave Street-W/ Engineering & Inspection Fee, Place Equipment Other Than Crane Or Shovel, Franchise Installations (Overhead Structures), Electric power lines, cables, conduit and lighting cables, Gas, oil, steam, petroleum and gaseous materials, Communications, alarm, signal lines, cables and conduit, Reclaimed water, irrigation and slurry lines, REQUIRES DOB APPROVAL or REQUIRES DOT FRANCHISE, CONDUIT CONSTRUCTION (CABLE, TELECOMMUNICATION) AND FRANCHISE, REQUIRES DOT HIGHWAY INSPECTION QUALITY ASSURANCE (HIQA) APPROVAL, REQUIRES APPROVAL FROM DOT SIGNALS UNIT or, REQUIRES DOB APPROVAL (IF IN CONJUNCTION WITH A NEW BUILDING OR BUILDING ALTERATION), FRANCHISE INSTALLATION (OVERHEAD STRUCTURE), REQUIRES APPROVAL FROM DOT STREET LIGHTING UNIT, Franchises, Concessions and Consents - (212) 839-6550, MTA/NYCT - Bus Operations - (646) 252-5517 or (646) 252-5544, 18 inches (maximum 24 inches) from the grating edge perpendicular to curb, Division of Review & Construction Compliance - (718) 595-5223 or Plan Review Section - (718) 595-5191, * Maintain minimum Clear Path requirement (Below), General customer service - (800) ASK-USPS, 5 feet offset along the curb line (Not Permitted in front), Department of Consumer Affairs - 311 or (212) NEW-YORK outside the five boroughs, Con Ed, Verizon, National Grid, etc. Following are the steps for permit application, review and issuance at the central Permit Office: Applications for all other construction-related work, including work on critical streets in Staten Island, can be submitted to the borough office in the borough in which the work is to be performed. Outlined below are the basic application procedures for Building Operations/Construction Activity Permits. CTDOT_Traffic . AND THAT THE PREVAILING SCALE OF UNION WAGES SHALL BE THE PREVAILING WAGE FOR SIMILAR TITLES AS ESTABLISHED BY THE FISCAL OFFICER PURSUANT TO SEC. ALL WORK MUST BE PREAPPROVED BY LANDMARK PRESERVATION COMMISSION. PERMITTEE MUST NOTIFY SCHOOL PRINCIPAL IN WRITING 48 HOURS PRIOR TO BEGINNING ANY WORK. One tool highlighted in this chapter is DOTMap, a data sharing initiative that allows for better coordination of planned street reconstruction and resurfacing activities with other street excavation work. ALL PERMITS MUST BE ON SITE. ON WEEKDAYS FROM 6AM TO 7PM MUST WORK BEHIND BARRIER WHILE MAINTAINING HALF SIDEWALK (MIN 5 FEET) FOR PEDESTRIANS AND NO USE OF ROADWAY. IF WORK IS WITHIN 100FT OF A BRIDGE STRUCTURE, YOU MUST SUBMIT A SCALED DRAWING SHOWING THE WORK AND EXACT LOCATION. Customer Service: (718) 802-3675, Manhattan This category of permits applies to authorizations and permits required to place a canopy* over the sidewalk. Due to upcoming major building rehabilitation at 1400 Williamsbridge Road. Division of Review & Construction Compliance (718) 595-5223 or A Sidewalk Violation will be removed if the work has been satisfactorily completed. If a permit is about to expire and the permittee has not completed the work, the permittee must apply for a permit renewal as all work must be performed pursuant to an active permit at all times. Please visit the Manhattan Office, located at 55 Water Street. However the permit window remains open until 3:15 PM to pick up permits. Freeway, about 619-001: Temporary Positive Barrier (6 Sheets), about 619-002: Type III Construction Barricades (2 Sheets), about 619-004: Portable Temporary Wooden Sign Support, about 619-005: Details on Placement of Portable Temporary Rumble Strips, about 619-010: Work Zone Traffic Control General Notes, about 619-011: Work Zone Traffic Control General Tables & Legend, about 619-022: Shoulder Closure/Lane Encroachment, Official Electronic Standard Specifications and Standard Sheets website, 619-001: Temporary Positive Barrier (6 Sheets), 619-002: Type III Construction Barricades (2 Sheets), 619-004: Portable Temporary Wooden Sign Support, 619-005: Details on Placement of Portable Temporary Rumble Strips, 619-010: Work Zone Traffic Control General Notes, 619-011: Work Zone Traffic Control General Tables & Legend, 619-022: Shoulder Closure/Lane Encroachment. It provides both a thorough update to the guidance in previous iterations and a number of important additions: a new chapter on public programming in streets and public spaces; a host of new entries throughout the Process, Geometry, Furniture, and Landscape chapters; and substantially expanded coverage of several key topics, including bike lanes, inclusive design, and landscape selection and management. If this is not possible, sketches or drawings must be submitted, in duplicate, showing the proposed method of treatment to NYC DOT for approval.

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