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north natomas crime

19-356083 / 459T / 2100 block Natomas Crossing / 1A / 0449 Hrs. The driver failed to yield and initiated a vehicle pursuit, which was relatively short. As more units got behind the 10851 vehicle, it pulled into the AmPm parking lot (3501 Northgate Blvd) where a felony stop was conducted. She observed a subject riding his bike after dark with no light. Officers located the vehicle unoccupied and waited until the suspects came back to the car. At 0315 hours we were advised that CHP had located the vehicle abandoned and we are currently working on getting access to it. Once a Reserve officer arrived on-scene, most of the group scattered in different directions and cleared off mall property. Officer requested Code 3 cover. 1B/South Natomas/3291 Truxel Road #24-(Round Table)/245T-(Shooting)/1158 hours/19-150551. He requested more units to safely conduct a felony stop. The Air unit observed a FWA and a MBA matching the suspect description, exit the vehicle and enter the south side of the duplex. Patrol responded for a 459 in progress. Investigation on-going. Initially, Officers were unable to locate the item as it was unknown what type of vehicle the bait was in. The victim sustained a substantial head injury, but is not in critical condition. 19-125836 / Felony Assault / 3500 Block of Norwood ave. After being detained officers located cocaine, methamphetamine, black tar heroin and marijuana. The victim pulled away and kept walking. : Comp called PD when a vehicle drove up onto the sidewalk, causing a flat tire, and when the driver exited he wasnt able to walk straight. Arson charges were later added. Inside the garage, the residents had a marijuana operation going on, which included 11 large Home Depot boxes full of dried marijuana which needed to be put into processed bags. Officers responded to a call of a15-year-oldarmed with a knife threatening to killhimselfinside ofhis homewith his mother and 11 year old sister. Ofc. 19-103035 / SHOTS / 3500 block of Taylor St / 2B / 2113 hrs. Officer located a Saturn that had been reapeatedlyhitting our PODs recently. Please remember to slow down in school zones!*. Officers found several items of identification and paperwork belonging to other people. / 1A. Officers responded to a subject living in an RV. The car stopped in the street and the subj jumped onto the vehicle and began tosmash out the front windshield with his bare hands. Three people are dead after shootings at two locations in Sacramento late Monday night, according to authorities. Officers in District 5 subsequently detained one subject who was in possession of the key to the vehicle. They observed a 971 whose occupant appeared nervous as they passed. The juvenile suspect was later booked at juvenile hall for 10851 VC. A M/B/A, mid 20s wearing a red/black jacket, black pants and a black mask entered the store and said he had a gun. Homicide Detectives responded and took over the investigation. The passenger was ID and found to have a felony warrant out of Placer County. The crimes reported here are preliminary investigations, taken in the field by patrol officers, and may or may not be assigned to a Detective for further investigation. A probation search was conducted on his person, total haul.. 50 rocks of cocaine and cash, leading to a solid narcotic sales case. 19-217149/ 921/ 1679 Scarlet Ash/ 1A/ 0257 hrs. Son was last seen leaving in his white Lincoln Continental s/b on Mabel. The vehicle was evidence impounded. Ofc. Inside the residence, 592 marijuana plants were located in two rooms. Officers observed a # of subjs loitering on the above corner. The investigation is ongoing. The suspect then exited on to Marysville Blvd. The ex-boyfried threatened to assault them, police were called but no report taken. Officer observed a white Subaru missing tires, E/B on Bus 80. ARRESTED: FEAGIN, Tavario 06/08/90, 23153VC and 20001VC and 20002VC, 19-234790 / 211T @ 3701 Willow St / 2A 1208 Hrs. After numerous unsuccessful attempts to contact the residents via telephone, an officer conducted PA announcements utilizing the LRAD. When confronted, the suspects fled SB on Juneberry. 19-233862 901A / 1429 Auburn Bl / 2C / 1617 Hours. In response to an increase in burglaries and thefts in the area, Officer was conducting proactive patrol. 19-362662 / 921R / 5600 block Dasco Way / 1A / 0616 Hrs. The vehicle was expired and an enforcement stop was conducted. Tara OSullivan / 200 Block of Redwood Ave. Officers responded to this residence to assist a woman gather her belongings after a DV (Domestic Violence) incident earlier in the day. This may be related to an ongoing personal dispute. Luckily he was not hurt, but he was arrested. The driver was slow to exit the vehicle, but eventually exited on foot, and was standing next to the open drivers side door. When K9 and additional units arrived the three occupants were safely detained. The ex-boyfriends father showed up tonight, forced his was inside, and began feloniously assaulting multiple people inside the residence. She was arrested for sales. 19-406547 / 503P / 1600 block Arden Wy / 2C / 2008hrs. Officers located the suspect in front of 42XX Norwood Ave. and with the assistance of additional officers, detained him without incident. 19-384520 / 459 / 4500 block Pell Dr / 2A / 1907 hrs. It appears the suspect was moving w/b while shooting back e/b. Fortunately the 2 small children were uninjured, but the other involved party had complaint of pain. Victims did not seeor hear anything andcanvass was negativefor witnesses or cameras. Police / Sheriff Memorial, Woodlake Park, tagged on the memorial sign in black marker. Per a records check, the subject had 2 warrants for $50,000 and was taken to jail. A small amount of methamphetamine was located on him and based on his behavior he appeared to be under the influence of methamphetamine. Officers arrived on scene and contacted two subjects walking down the street. 20-130215, 1800 block Del Paso Blvd., 459P @ 1959 hrs (2C). The driver climbed out of the vehicle as it became filled with smoke and attempted to flee toward a house on foot. Both victims advised they were out in the parking lot smoking weed when unknown subjects began shooting at them. Note:Eng 19/Medic 19 were impressed with the medical treatment done by Officers at the scene. Officers were able to locate surveillance footage in the area that captured the event and were able to get out vehicle information. Officer made a subject stop and, on a probation search, located 3 grams of methamphetamine on the subject. A shotgun belonging to him was booked for safekeeping. The male was booked into jail for a variety of felony charges, including committing a felony while out on bail, and Marijuana sales. (high 901s per Crime Analysis), -General enforcement El Camino near Del Paso Blvd. A vandalism report was taken. At one point, one of the suspects sprayed the victim with OC and the suspects took her cell phone and some of the food that she had acquired from the pantry. View Me. A canvas for witnesses was negative. X was found to be the sole occupant/driver. Officers were able to detain Suspect withouot incident. The suspects abandoned their vehicle in front of 1655 El Camino and fled into the RV lot on the north side of the street. Both suspects go to Inderkum H.S. Homicide detectives are investigating. We have had reports of 8-10 vehicles being broken into at a time. Great job by Sgt. He was arrested and booked without incident. Additionally, theyobtained video surveillancefootage of the suspects breaking into multiple vehicles. A wanted persons bulletin was created. After confirming with the target that we were looking at the same front door, he opted to surrender peacefully. Officer worked up the location and identified who the male was. The suspect then fled the scene. 20-38013 / W. El Camino/Truxel (1B) / POD hit/Pursuit / 0949 hrs. He was eventually found out to be a Parolee at Large. Officers ended up taking the driver to the ground. He followed the car into the shopping center and located it parking in front of Starbucks. Arden Security identified (Ss) as a MBA/FBA, in a silver 2000s Toyota 4d w/paper plates. / 1A. As other units were arriving the MBA jumped back in the car and fled at a high rate of speed. The subsequent DUI investigation determined S/1 was under the influence. He requested assistance whenhe noticed that the driver was very nervous and not acting appropriately. A subsequent investigation determined the duo has been targeting storage units as their primary source of income. where units were able to safely re-engage in the pursuit. Please refer to the police code list for definitions of any abbreviations included in the following crime reports. Driver of the vehicle was detained and vehicle searched incident to arrest where large amounts of methamphetamine, heroinand marijuana were located. No signs of foul play. A stop was made and it was determined that the subjects inside were actually playing Pokemon Go, driving around looking for virtual creatures using their phone GPS. She had her cell phone taken out of her hand and was never recovered. Officers received info that the resident in apartment #X had fired the gun. Officers responded to the location regarding a male and female fighting. When the sewer system to the building backed up onto a neighboring property, the neighbor turned of the water to the business. Ofc. CIU issued an officer safety IB. The subj was arrested without incident for a warrant, no fresh arson charges could be substantiated. 19-340338 / Silver Eagle Mable / TSTOP / 1824 hrs. The suspects were seen by witnesses stomping on the victims head so they tried to intercede. X was already arrested on this case. Upon seeing officer the suspects took off on foot. The victim refused and the suspects fled the scene. Units responded to the area on an ATTPU for a parolee wanted on DV and weapons charges from Distrct 5 (19-214028). The rider sustained, at minimum, a compound fracture to one of his legs. Shortly thereafter, we received information from the (Vs) that their credit card was being used at the Apple store at Arden Mall. The suspect was taken into custody without incident. Officers set a perimeter around the 925 and began attempting dialogue with the (S). 20-127352 / 2400 block Northgate / SStop / 0920 hrs. Officers conducted a felony stop and detained theoccupantswithout incident, 19-356040/ PURSUIT/ Natomas Bl and Club Center Dr/ 1A/ 0240 hrs. CSO responded regarding a complaint of numerous vehicles which had been broken into overnight. Officers arrested one suspect for possession of a firearm. Officers observed a 927 vehicle with two occupants in the Cheers parking lot. He was a recently discharged parolee who had narcotics in his possession. RBT71 was flagged down by several students at Discovery HS that stated a white mini van drove by them and brandished a gun. Both suspects fled on foot and AIR1 was UTL. This information is provided so you can have a timely snapshot of significant events in our community. The two fled on foot westbound. Dayshift and Swingshift combined forces to handle this call of a subject possibly breaking and entering into a vacant residence (it was being renovated). A Lojack activation was received in the 2C area around 0900 hours with units initially UTL. -Stop Sign enforcement on N. Park Dr (Community), -General Enforcement and distracted driving on Truxel, near San Juan (Crime Analysis), -General enforcement Northgate between Garden Hwy/San Juan (Crime Analysis), -General enforcement Truxel Rd between Garden Hwy/ San Juan (Crime Analysis). Officer led an attempt pickup on supsect who had an outstanding 3455(a)4 PC warrant. Officers responded to this location regarding a bait bike activation. 19-248542 / 245 / 715 Plaza Ave / 2B / 1238. Officers transported the subject to Kaiser. Officers responded to the above location regarding a single vehicle accident in which the driver fled on foot. Officers made up a follow up call to see if they could get a more in depth statement at the hospital but the victim was uncooperative. She also advised we could not call the owner because the owner was deaf. The owner watched on his surveillance camera as three suspects then ran in and stole the safe. This investigation is ongoing. Subject was arrested for 29800 PC, 25850 PC, 25400 PC, 30305 PC, and 3454 PC. A female patron tackled the subject to the ground and additional patrons assisted her in dis-arming the subject. Officer observed a MWA driving a U-Haul truck, in a highly suspicious manner. Officerresponded to the above area to contact the homeless individual identified in this call. The Juvenile refused to ID himself, refused to leave the mall, and after repeated attempts to gain compliance and to obtain his information for a No Trespass Form to no avail, he was detained in cuffs and brought down to the security office. Det. Officer conducted an enforcement stop on a green 1998 Toyota. Officer was on routine patrol when he observed a subj in the middle of the roadway S/B Del Paso Blvd, near Evergreen. 19-392929 / 415 / 2400 block Natomas Park Dr. / 1B / 1004 Hrs. 19-256280 / 211pc: 2400 block Minden Way / 1633hrs. He was taken to the hospital for a 5150 evaluation and animal control took custody of the dogs. Officers conducted a probation search at the location and located one of the stolen snow boards and the suspect. During follow up, Officers identified one suspect and the minivan. His phone was booked as evidence and a supp written to the original report. He observed the driver from that vehicle getting in and out of another Ford F-250 (later determined to be another 10851 VC). 19-234959 / Foot Pursuit / Taylor Lindsay / 1422 hrs / 2A. 19-356310 / 476P / 1500 block DelPaso Blvd. This location showed high power in March of 2019. 19-381134 / ShotSpotter / 2700 block Rio Linda / 2B / 1451 hours. $440 in cash on him. All subjects in the vehicle were on some form of probation and detained. The van is not currently reported stolen, but it is out of Hayward and no one was located on-scene. Officer made contact with the resident who advised that he puts out his own bait packages to help PD identify thieves in the area as he had high end cameras facing his package. The suspect continued driving SB on Norwood, striking a bike that a witness had jumped off and left in the street. Officersquickly responded to the area as updates to the baits locationwere being broadcast. Parole Agents requested our assistance in their attempt pickup of PAL, XXXX, who has a known history of running from them. When he awoke, he saw that a bullet had been shot from the apartment underneath his. 19-417494 3300 block High St 941P 0026 Hrs 2B. When officers made contact he attempted to pull away from them. Vic sustained a small laceration to his hand and his cell phone was taken. On a consent search the suspect showed officers the pictures/videos on his phone. The suspect ran up the levy near Northgate/Main Ave and disappeared into the marsh below. The van returned stolen out of Yuba City. The suspects fled in a minivan with the tools and victims money. Then X pulled handgun and took the phone. 20-25166 / TSTOP / 1300 block Sonoma St / 2336 hrs / 2B. One of the subjects threw a handgun into the bushes when they saw the officers. No injuries were sustained by anyone. 7 marked units just happen to be across the street dealing with the 981 subject when this callcame in. When the buyer showed up he had a converation with X who is a male black early twenties, thin build with dreadlocks. They located the suspect vehicle with corresponding plate and damage. Officers had taken up a perimeter spot inside the complex and were able to take the passenger into custodywhen he tried to climb the wall to go backnorthbound. A felony stop was conducted and several subjects were detained. Officers responded to a suspicious subject looking into vehicles in the parking lot of the Family Fitness. At this time1B33 Officersjoined the pursuit followed by a sergeant. warrant for 148 PC. Sus Moreno was extremely combative and had to be placed in max restraints. The business is a discount cigarette shop. When they arrived, SFD located two vehicles completely engulfed in fire and a broken bottle with a wick beneath the broken front window of the home. Maclean was able to locate the car a short time later and it immediately turned into a pursuit. The complainant was not willing to press charges. Officers located 2 shell casings near the door where the subjects fled. Knowing something 927 was occurring officers set up good triangulation on the house. Officers arrived and detained all the parties without incident. Multiple firearms were found during the SW and the subject was wanted for a parole violation as well. She went to Chandos Tacos to get food and started to walk on Empress. When officers arrived a man with no shirt on sprinted out the side of the house and down the street while officers pursued him on foot. Eric Zsolnay, 2/29/76) was arrested for driving on a suspended license and resisting arrest. He was arrested for 11377 and a probation violation. He was booked for 10851 VC. P/1s vehicle ended up overturning into a ditch, where the driver of the SUV then fled on foot into the Wal-Mart shopping center area and was UTL. FTO Hosmer & Officer Manning located the subject in the 1100 block of Acacia, who was found to have outstanding felony warrants and arrested without incident. Taken were two cell phones and two purses containing ID, credit cards, etc. When Officers arrived on scene, the victim stated thata subject possibly named X had stabbed him 3 times over a lighter. (Heinlein). The driver was found to be DUI. A good Samaritan ran over to the UPS driver to make sure he was okay after he saw him get knocked to the ground, then bum rushed one of the suspects knocking him into the side of the UPS truck. The juvenile female resident/victim advised that earlier in the week her ex-boyfriend had confronted her and her boyfriend at an area laundromat. The veh and its solo driver were found in foot and half deep water that had collected between the roadway and RR tracks. RPD recovered two firearms during their investigation, but Pellandini got away. Based on this information the driver was sent on way. Officers were hailed regarding a burglary to the business. Driver immediately fled on foot across the road e/b and was quickly detained by officers.

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