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list of guards at nuremberg trials

Another, Hermann Goring, opted to commit . [83] The American and British prosecutors focused on documentary evidence and affidavits rather than testimony from survivors, as the latter was considered less reliable and more liable to accusations of bias, but at the expense of reducing public interest in the proceedings. Alfried was tried in a separate Nuremberg trial (the Krupp Trial) for the use of slave labor, thereby escaping worse charges and possible execution; found guilty in 1948, pardoned and all property returned 1951. After 216 court sessions, on October 1, 1946, the verdict on 22 of the original 24 defendants was handed down. Immediately following the end of the IMT, the American military government held twelve more war crimes trials in Nuremberg. [39] Besides legal professionals, there were many social-science researchers, psychologists, translators and interpreters, and graphic designers, the latter to make the many charts used during the trial. It was supposed to pass to me, but my brothers widow lost it and it has not been turned over to me. At this time, 24 former Nazi leaders were charged with the perpetration of war crimes, and various groups (such as the Gestapo, the Nazi secret police) were charged with being criminal in character. By special arrangement with a guard or prison official, he gave his handwritten notes to be mimeographed and returned to him. Waffen-SS Soldiers Guarded the Nuremberg Trials Mark Felton Productions 1.82M subscribers Subscribe 81K 4.3M views 2 years ago Unbelievable but true - an entire unit of former Waffen-SS. In addition to this brass pot I have three skeleton keys to the cells that held the Nazi war criminals, as well as a pair of wooden spoons used by them. Hess, former deputy fhrer of the Nazi party and Hitlers private secretary during the early years of the National Socialist movement, was sentenced to life imprisonment and served every day of it to the age of 92 when he died in 1987 under mysterious circumstances in Berlins Spandau Prison. [201], At the same time as the Nuremberg Charter was finalized, the Allies also signed the Potsdam Agreement, which provided for the mass expulsion of millions of Germans from central and eastern Europe, so that certain acts for which Nazis were convicted at Nuremberg were therefore made an official policy of the Allies. [125], More so than other delegations, Soviet prosecutors showed the gruesome details of German mistreatment of prisoners of war and forced laborers, as well as the systematic murder of Jews in eastern Europe. In July 1945 the 98 th set up operations in a hospital in Munich, and several months later Col. Burton C. Andrus, prison commandant at the Nuremberg Palace of Justice, requested Gerecke's service. Through these openings, aluminum food trays could be placed within reach of the prisoners. Prestianni and another guard handcuffed Streicher and walked him silently to the gallows chamber, where they rapped on the door with their truncheons. And when he spoke, it was to lash out violently at anyone close to him at the time, even the guards.. The prisons concrete walls, most of which were more than three feet thick, encased the solitary cell window that offered the prisoners no view of the outside world. Seven others, over time, were reduced by lengthy prison sentences to hollow, shuffling shadows of their former selves. [10][11], Of all the Allies, the Soviet Union lobbied most intensely for trying the defeated German leaders for aggression in addition to war crimes. [16] On 2 May, at the San Francisco Conference, the United States' new president Harry S. Truman announced the formation of an international military tribunal. [169][170] The judges did not agree that the conspiracy extended to anyone who participated in the affairs of the Nazi government, only taking being present at the high-level meetings discussing war plans in 1937 and 1939 as evidence of belonging to the conspiracy. Her last name was Marsico (cant recall her first name} and she was from Montgomery, WV. False accusations of rape, abuse, or other misconduct by guards were commonplace. The Estonian Guard Co. 4221 was formed to answer the need to guard the Nuremberg courthouse and the prison where accused Nazi War Criminals were held. This wasnt authorized, but it was done on occasion, Prestianni smiled. These women prisoners constantly did anything they could to get a guard in trouble or disciplined.. My father Ed Rossi was also a guard at the Nuremberg trials. That was enough. If he is American it will be easier to find some kind of information about him. The International Military Tribunal set up by the . My father was a guard in the courtroom (Palace of Justice) at the Nuremberg trials in 1946. Despite being accused of the same crimes, Sauckel was sentenced to death, while Speer was given a prison sentence because the judges considered that he could reform. He recently passed in January of 2020 at the age of 91. I did nothing to be here, he stated. The tribunal was given the authority to find any individual guilty of the commission of war crimes (counts 13 listed above) and to declare any group or organization to be criminal in character. Attitudes toward certain prisoners were determined by the prisoners themselves, their demeanor in captivity, and their personality traits and attitudes toward their American, British, or French guards. [54] The Soviet judges and prosecutors were not permitted to make any major decisions without consulting a commission in Moscow led by Soviet politician Andrei Vyshinsky; the resulting delays hampered the Soviet effort to set the agenda. Sentenced to death, Reich Law Leader 193345 and Governor-General of the, Hitler's Minister of the Interior 193343 and. [233] In 1950, the International Law Commission drafted the Nuremberg principles to codify international criminal law, although the Cold War prevented the adoption of these principles until the 1990s. Former field marshal Keitel, another prisoner who was eventually executed, gradually alienated himself from the other prisoners. [120] Ultimately, the French prosecution was unable to convince the court that Germanization was a crime against humanity, and incidents such as the German annexation of AlsaceLorraine went unmentioned in the final verdict. In return, he often was rewarded with cigarettes, pipe tobacco, or other small items he coveted. [173] The war crimes and crimes-against-humanity charges held up the best, with only two defendants who were charged being acquitted on those charges. They wanted to run the whole show. Martin Bormann was tried and condemned to death in absentia, and Hermann Gring committed suicide before he could be executed. Koch was later tried at Buchenwald and sentenced to life imprisonment. First, it rejected the contention that only a state, and not individuals, could be found guilty of war crimes; the tribunal held that crimes of international law are committed by men and that only by punishing individuals who commit such crimes can the provisions of international law be enforced. The Nazi war criminal, Arthur Seyss-Inquart, after execution at Nuremberg. The night Gring pulled that off on October 16, 1946, now that was quite a night, he recalled. I wish I would have ask more questions about his experience there. These sketches were given to guards who requested them and to prison officials. [183][184] The judges proved their independence from the governments that appointed them, the defendants were seen as receiving due process, and the evidence of guilt amassed by the prosecution was overwhelming. [81] Senior American officials believed that convicting organizations was a good way of showing that not just the top German leaders were responsible for crimes, without condemning the entire German people. During the dead of winter, cell temperatures constantly hovered near freezing, partially due to severe coal shortages throughout most of Germany, and some prisoners were relegated to wearing stockings as gloves and wrapping their feet in underwear or any other available cloth to keep warm. In 2019, Bruno Day, who served as a SS camp guard at the Stutthof Concentration Camp, was brought to trial accused of contributing to the murder of 5230 people at the camp. 56 high-ranking SS and other police officers, including 24 leaders of the Einsatzgruppen (mobile killing units) and key officials in Heinrich Himmler's . Following the Second World War, many concentration camps such as Bergen-Belsen and Auschwitz were liberated. My mother gave the journal to my oldest brother who died in 1998. My dad was a guard at the trials he had a Picture of himself standing behind the prisoners he died at 86 in 2015 the picture is gone and he never wanted to talk about he was a sgt and received a purple heart. The Russians always were a problem and only cooperated with the other countries about 10 percent of the time. Outside the cellblock complex, a small courtyard with a few scraggly pear trees allowed each prisoner the opportunity to walk for 20 minutes each day. Hello everybody, this morning ended an auction on ebay of a Nuremberg Trials Guard uniform and I would hear your thoughts about the patch - especially of the scale on the patch because the right bowl has three strings and the left one has two strings.The Nuremberg Trial patches were German made ( Bullions) and all of . Hess was eccentric. [182] Nikichenko released a dissent approved by Moscow that rejected all the acquittals, called for a death sentence for Hess, and convicted all the organizations. Nuremberg Trials Nuremberg Trials after WWII Nuremberg Trials post Second World War Categories: General news, War and unrest, Government and politics, Military and defense, Social affairs; Location: Germany Display: All Displaying 1 - 124 of 124 Results < Prev | 1 | Next > 4508300110 4508301118 4508310176 4508310168 451007142 490414058 490414049 William L Shierer "the Rise and Fall of the third Reich", part IV, Nuremberg-chapter, the United States committed the same breach, Last and Near-Last Words of the Famous, Infamous and Those In-Between, "The International Military Tribunal for Germany", The Avalon Project: Documents in Law, History, and Diplomacy,, Successor to Hess as Nazi Party Secretary. Each of the governing countries, the United States, England, France, and Russia, had its own interpretation of punishment. Twelve of the defendants were sentenced to death, three to life imprisonment, four to imprisonment ranging from 10 to 20 years, and three were acquitted. There was also a picture of him guarding Hitler. I could never beat him in checkers. [87], Initially, it was planned to hold a second international tribunal for German industrialists, but this was never held because of differences between the Allies. Answer (1 of 5): None of the footage I have seen of the trials revealed anyone but American MPs. The IMT focused on the crime of aggressionplotting and waging aggressive war, which the verdict declared "the supreme international crime" because "it contains within itself the accumulated evil of the whole". The prisoners were restricted to groups of six to eight, which were strictly segregated from one another. [203], In all, 249 journalists were accredited to cover the IMT[40] and 61,854 visitor tickets were issued. There was a constant, steady flow of rules and regulations, many of them meaningless, while others tended to be more punitive, he said. My mothers cousin was a WAC serving in England during WW2. An enduring mystery of the 1946 Nuremberg trials was apparently solved yesterday when an American former prison guard claimed it was he who, as an unwitting accomplice, passed to Hermann. [20][21] The offenses that would be prosecuted were crimes against peace, crimes against humanity, and war crimes. Pre-war president of the. The judgement argued that aggressive war had already been illegal, even if no one had been punished for it, and therefore the German leaders could not count on immunity from prosecution. With the change of command by rotating countries every month, each of the countries altered the previous countrys rules. Nuremberg, Germany, November 1945. [62] Vyshinsky demanded extensive corrections to the crimes-against-peace charges, especially regarding the role of the GermanSoviet pact in starting World War II. The purpose of the trial was not just to convict the defendants but also to assemble irrefutable evidence of Nazi crimes, offer a history lesson to the defeated Germans, and delegitimize the traditional German elite. [86] Overall, the prosecution called 37 witnesses compared to the defense's 83, not including 19 defendants who testified on their own behalf. He was strictly military during the three months I observed him. The material which the Library possesses on this topic can be loosely divided into the following sections: Nuremberg Trial. Seven defendants (Hess, Funk, Raeder, Dnitz, Schirach, Speer, and Neurath) were sent to Spandau Prison to serve their sentences. . New Patient Forms; [231], The International Military Tribunal for the Far East (Tokyo Trial) borrowed many of its ideas from the IMT, including all four charges. Give me information about your Dad and I will help you research about your fathers deployment to Germany. He told multiple stories of his time there. Prestiannis assignment was over, and he was transferred to guard duty at a POW compound at Bamberg, Germany. She was released after four years and eventually committed suicide in a Bavarian prison. [198] The trials targeted 177 defendants and obtained 142 convictions, including 25 death sentences;[199] the severity of sentencing was related to the defendant's proximity to mass murder. [141] The defendants tried to blame their crimes on Hitler, who was mentioned 1,200 times during the trialmore than the top five defendants combined. Sixteen of these captives were guarded by Pfc. 3 Feb 1946. He was a true Nazi all the way in every way, Prestianni recalled. He remained bombastic and arrogant right up to the end, all the while looking upon the other prisoners as inferior beings., Ribbentrop, another of Prestiannis checker opponents, was vainglorious, almost constantly given to pompous bragging and considered stupid by the other prisoners. The most infamous of the female prisoners during Prestiannis tour of duty was Ilse Koch, known to guards as the Bitch of Buchenwald. With her husband, Karl Koch, the camp commander, Ilse often rode a horse through the camp compound, whipping prisoners. With the possible exception of Speer, none of them could rationalize that they, as individuals, had ever done anything morally wrong for the Fatherland. [2] They were indicted for: I do remember that Schacht, like most of the others, steadfastly maintained his innocence, never admitting to guilt in any form. Her guards were repulsed, and some requested reassignment to another cellblock. My father became an MP after the war. [48] The French judges were Henri Donnedieu de Vabres, a professor of criminal law, and alternate Robert Falco, who had represented France at the London Conference. [108][109], On 12 December, Shawcross gave the opening speech for the British. She was given the nickname "Bloody Brigette" by the camp . Expressed repentance. Where they lived. [234][235] Further developments in international criminal law in the aftermath of the trials included the Genocide Convention (1948) and the Fourth Geneva Convention (1949). [172] All 22 defendants were charged with crimes against peace, and 12 were convicted. Surviving members of the company marked the 56th anniversary of its founding , which took place, according to Toronto's Tommy Tomson, on December 26, 1946. He never repented for anything he ever did. Those incarcerated at the Palace of Justice in Nuremberg were allowed very limited and sporadic visitation rights with lawyers and family members. star wars fanfiction terran alliance; when a girl says i'll keep that in mind; hillsborough disaster who was to blame; how to get into stanford with a low gpa When expanded it provides a list of search options that will switch the search inputs to match the current selection. He just celebrated his 93 birthday, and is smart and caring as he has always been. [52][46] The Soviet personnel's lack of knowledge of English, lack of interpreters, and unfamiliarity with diplomacy and international institutions also limited their influence. He, like the others, was always bumming cigarettes or cans of Prince Albert tobacco for his pipe. 23rd September 2021 at 5:18pm. [124] Paulus incriminated his former associates, pointing to Keitel, Jodl, and Gring as the defendants most responsible for the war. Number 4 was assigned to Erich Raeder, the Navys former grand admiral before being replaced by Dnitz. Alfred Rosenberg, Joachim von Ribbentrop and others were condemned on 16th October, 1946. Mark Felton Productions. Gring was the acknowledged leader among the prisoners. In an attempt to further depersonalize them, prisoners were designated by numbers rather than by their familial surnames. His name was Raymond J Arsenault. Guards were under strict orders never to respond to verbal abuse by prisoners, no matter how hateful it might be. My Dad was a guard at the Nuremberg trials. Read about WWII here. He guarded top Nazis at Nuremberg trials; now he'll share his story By CAROL SMITH, P-I REPORTER Updated Nov 7, 2007 Jack Carver holds a portrait of top-ranking Nazi Hermann Goering, whom he met. The trials were not fair, though not in the way you are suggesting. [79] Initially, the Americans had planned to try fourteen organizations and their leaders, but this was narrowed to six: the Reich Cabinet, the Leadership Corps of the Nazi Party, the Gestapo, the SA, the SS and the SD, and the General Staff and High Command of the Wehrmacht. [26], The final version of the charter only gave the court the ability to punish those crimes against humanity that had been committed "in connection with any crimes within the jurisdiction of the Tribunal". But, he gave us no problem and I found him engaging to talk to and an excellent checkers player.. These were 60 year old Emma Zimmer, nee Mezel, and 36 year old . The defendants' lawyers jointly appealed to the court, claiming it did not have jurisdiction against the accused; but this motion was rejected. [224][225][226] During the two decades after the trial, opinions were predominantly negative. The Rome Statute establishing a permanent International Criminal Court (ICC), which had been proposed in 1953, was finally agreed to in 1998. American chow was prepared for the guards and other Army personnel. To move from one corridor to another, guards carried different colored passes. Guards gradually learned through everyday observation, however, that the prisoners collective makeup truly spanned a psychologically intricate cross-section of those who had served Hitler. If one inadvertently looked up at her, she arbitrarily ordered the prisoner shot. Proposals for how to punish the defeated Nazi leaders ranged from a .

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