lancaster county, sc building setbacks10 marca 2023
lancaster county, sc building setbacks

Lancaster, S.C. 29720 Indian Land Substation. Local Utility Companies - see Local Contacts. iwi masada aftermarket parts. 2021-1719 - Authorization of a Fee Agreement with Accutrex Products, Inc. 2020-1665 Relating to the Fiscal Year 2020-2021 Budget, document Header 2017-1465 - Rezoning Property Owned By Ashok Ahluwalia, document Header Ordinance 2015-1333 - Fancy Pockett Conveyance Agreement, document Header If you are having issues logging in, please call the Applicant Support Line at 1-855-524-5627 M-F 6am-5pm PST for any technical issues/troubleshooting. 2016-1413 Haile Gold Mine Fee Agreement, document Header Pleasant, South Carolina Code of Ordinances. 2021-1785 - Ratifying an Assignment of Interests Under an Existing Fee In Lieu of Tax and Incentive Agreement to Chief Industries, A Company Previously Identified as Project Arrowhead, and Authorizing a First Amendment to the Existing Fee in Lieu of Tax and Incentive Agreement, document Header Ordinance 2015-1354 Rezoning property of Red Ventures, document Header Reach the writer at 402-473-2647 or 2020-1672 - Rezoning Property Owned by Robby Steen From RN To RUB, document Header 2021-1762 - To Provide Guidance in Response to the South Carolina Enactment of the Open Carry with Training Act, document Header 2019-1595 - Authorization To Accept Improved And Relocated Waxhaw Village Road Into the County Road System, document Header 2017-1440 - Amend Fee Agreement with Rico Industries, document Header 2018-1552 - Amendment to the FY 2018-2019 Budget (Amends Ordinance 2018-1515), document Header document Header 2022-1830 - Amending Chapter 7 of the Lancaster County Code to Adopt Updated Uniform Building Codes as Mandated by the SC Building Codes Council 2022-1836 - Authorization of an Amendment to the Special Source Revenue Credit Agreement with Studio Displays Inc to Add T&T Capital LLC With Retroactive Effect 2021-1708 - Amending the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) to Allow for Landfill - Class One Composting Facility Use in the Heavy Industrial District as a Special Exception (UDO-TA-020-2578), document Header Copy and paste this code into your website. 2021-1753 - Rezoning Property from NB to GB (Applicant Melinda Hoopaugh) (RZ-2021-0961), document Header A detailed scope of work which includes roofing/siding method and materials. 2017-1438 - Amend Chapter 6 of UDO, document Header 2017-1467 - Establishment of Accommodations Tax Advisory Committee, document Header 2021-1761 - Adoption of the Lancaster County School District Development Impact Fee, document Header 2022-1796 - Specifying the Purposes for which Excess Capital Project Sales Tax Collections from the First Reimposed Capital Project Sales Tax will be Utilized Pursuant to the State Budget Proviso and the Capital Project Sales Tax Act, document Header Precision Parts Division Providing for a Fee-In-Lieu of Taxes and Special Source Revenue Credits, document Header The triangular openings at the open side of stair, formed by the riser, tread and bottom rail of a guard, shall not allow pas-sage of a sphere 6 inches (153 mm) in diameter. 2017-1451 - Rezone 9 Parcels of Property Due to Computer Error, document Header 2019-1554 - Creation of the Reid Pointe Special Tax District, document Header Lincoln City Charter; Lincoln Municipal Code; Access Management Policy; Design Standards; Lancaster County Zoning Regulations; Lancaster County Subdivision Regulations; Search. in (6")= 356.04 . Informacin detallada del sitio web y la empresa:, +13012001475, +13012001768, +13012001300 The Ubiquity - The student news site of Quartz Hill High School All map amendments will also be contained . 2020-1646 - Amending Chapter 3 of the Lancaster County Code Related to Airports & Aviation and Establishing the Airport Advisory Committee, document Header 2018-1513 - Amend the UDO regarding Trail Requirements, document Header 2022-1815 - Rezoning 5 Parcels from General Business District (GB) and Light Industrial District (LI) to Institutional District (INS) for the Purpose of Building a new Detention Center (RZ-2022-0978), document Header 2017-1479 - Authorizing Fee Agreement With Rhyno Partners BR Holdings LLC, document Header 2015-1348 Nutramax Fee Agreement, document Header document Header 2018-1508 - Rezoning Property Owned By Todd Payne, document Header search & pay taxes. 2018-1528 - Amending the UDO regarding Chapter 5 - Easement for Wireless Communications Facility, document Header 2017-1480 - Fifth Amendment to Agreement of Joint Industrial Park with Chester County (Removal of Property), document Header 2021-1790 - Termination of the Imposition and Collection of Charge at the Preserve at Tree Tops Upon Imposition of Charges in the Van Wyck Fire Protection District, document Header B. 2018-1491 - Approve Second Amendment to the Development Agreement Avondale Development, document Header Ordinance 2015-1368 regarding Walnut Creek Bond, document Header 2017-1429 - First Amendment to FILOT for Akzo Nobel Coatings Inc, document Header 2018-1516 - Rezoning Application of Lancaster County to Rezone Seven Properties In Indian Land From MX to GB, document Header 2020-1664 - Amending Ordinance 2019-1594 and the FY 2019-2020 Budget, document Header 3. 2020-1679 - Authorization of a Fee Agreement with Crossridge Center LLC, document Header 2021-1783 - Amending the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) Section 4.3.2., Highway Corridor Overlay District Related to Front Setbacks, document Header Ordinance 2016-1399 Amended Financial Policies, document Header Lancaster, SC 29720. 2018-1514 - Amend the UDO regarding Setback Requirements for Farm Animals, document Header 2017-1448 - Lease of Property to IL Fire Dept, document Header 2022-1812 - Authorization of an Amended and Restated Fee Agreement with Don Construction Products, Inc. document Header 2021-1735 - Rezoning Property Located at 923 Hamstead Circle from MDR to GB (Applicant Joyce Brooks)(RZ-2021-0478), document Header 2020-1663 - Amending the Lancaster County Code Related to the Composition and Operations of the Fire Commission, document Header 4868 (International Residential Code) effective January 1, 2020 Original document Document No. Official Zoning Map 2019-1623 - Amending the Unified Development Ordinance To Expand The Availability of Development Agreements For Land Development Projects, document Header 2021-1786 - Authorization of a Fee In Lieu of Tax and Incentive Agreement with Chief Industries, A Company Previously Identified as Project Arrowhead, document Header 2022-1821 - Approval of a Development Agreement with Redstone Investors, LLC for Redstone Phase II (DA-2021-1650), document Header 2018-1536 - Rezoning Property of Lorraine T. Harper from RN to LI, document Header 2020-1693 - Authorization of a Special Source Revenue Credit Agreement with 9080 Northfield Drive, LLC, document Header Wetlands. 2018-1517 - Referendum on Whether Lancaster County Shall Issue Not Exceeding $19,000,000 General Obligation Bonds, document Header town of lancaster worcester county, ma w e s 1"=20' 201050 20 c-100 site layout, grading, and erosion & sediment control plan 2020-1639 - Amending the Future Land Use Map For Fifty-One Parcels of Real Property From Rural Living To Special District - Industrial for the Haile Gold Mine Expansion, document Header Lancaster County, Virginia Updated Recycling Guidelines at County Refuse Sites Code Of Ordinances & Land Development Code Online versions of the Lancaster County Code of Ordinances and Land Development Code are now maintained by Municipal Code Corporation. Precision Parts Division Between Lancaster County and Chesterfield County, document Header On . 2021-1766 - Authorization of a Special Source Revenue Credit Agreement by and between Lancaster County and Cherry Tree LLC (Basware). Ordinance 2015-1323 - Fee Agreement for Silgan Containers - Project Mermaid, document Header Ordinance 2015-1353 - Rezone property of Ruby D. Catledge, document Header SAP, Telecommute/Hybrid, IT Project Manager, Computer Engineer. Kershaw County Planning & Zoning provides quality customer service as we promote current and long term development standards for unincorporated areas of Kershaw County. 2019-1621 - Rezoning Property Owned By Cane Mill Associates of Elgin LP From NB to PB (Applicant Mike Williams), document Header 2019-1567 - Authorizing a Standard Tax Policy for Facilities Using Solar Power, document Header 2017-1430 - Rezoning Property Of Elizabeth Hill, document Header Ordinance 2015-1325 - Rezoning of Mary Alice Stroud Knight - 1702 John Truesdale Road, document Header Ordinance 2015-1377 The Gillette Company (Duracell) Fee Agreement, document Header 2019-1634 - Amending the UDO To Add Utilities - Class 3 As A Permitted Use in Property Zoned INS, document Header EMERGENCY ORDINANCE 2020-1660 - Extension of Declaration of Public Health Emergency in Response to COVID-19, Effective April 27, 2020, document Header 2017-1466 - Conveyance of Fish Hatchery Road to State of South Carolina, document Header 2022-1801 - Authorization of the Acquisition of Real Property for Construction of the New County Detention Center, document Header 2022-1825 - Authoization for the Issuance and Sale of Not To Exceed $15,000,000 Principal Amount Roselyn Residential Improvement District Assessment Revenue Bonds, In One or More Series, document Header 1821 Sandal Brook Rd. 2016-1416 Rezone Blackwell property (Little Dude), document Header 2019-1555 - Authorization of Issuance of $700,000 General Obligation Bonds for the Reid Pointe road upgrades, document Header 2021-1726 - Adoption of the Lancaster County Capital Improvements Plan Fiscal Year 2021-2022 through 2030-2031, document Header Ordinance 2016-1391 Rezoning of property - 1391 Riverside Road, document Header Permit Declarations. 2018-1526 - Authorization of Special Source Revenue Credit Agreement with Synergy Steel Holdings, Inc (Project Wine), document Header 2016-1427 PCI Multi-County Park Agreement, document Header 2018-1509 - Rezoning Application of Lancaster County to Rezone Properties at Cedarbrook Lane in Indian Land from MX to RB, document Header Lancaster County Code of Ordinances Note: SC Code Section 40-59-260 "State law requires residential construction to be done by licensed residential builders and specialty contractors. 2019-1629 - Approving an Easement to Comporium Communications to be Located Along Grace Avenue, document Header Ordinance 2016-1400 Amendment to the Building Code, document Header Ordinance 2015-1335 - Bonds CPST, document Header 2021-1792 - Approval of a First Amendment to the Fee Agreement with Nutramax, document Header 2017-1484 - Authorization of Fee Agreement with Fab Fours Inc. document Header Guards on the open side of stairs shall not have openings that allow passage of a sphere 43/8 inches (111 mm) in diameter. 2021-1749 - Rezoning a Portion of Property Located Near the Intersection of Pageland Highway and Rocky River Road From RR, Rural Residential District, to RUB, Rural Business District (Applicant WTC of Lancaster, LLC) (RZ-2021-0959), document Header 2019-1564 - Amending the Economic Development Advisory Board, document Header Ordinance 2015-1329 - Amendment regarding Hwy Corridor Overlay District, document Header 2022-1804 - Authorizing and Approving the Transfer of a Fee In Lieu of Tax Arrangement with Nutramax Distribution, LLC, as Successor to Cardinal Health 200, LLC F/K/A Allegiance Healthcare Corporation (Project Genesis), document Header Insulation (A moisture barrier is required. . 2017-1441 - Fee Agreement with Don Construction Products LLC, document Header 2018-1501 - Rezoning Property of Randall Collins, Trustee, document Header 2019-1574 - Rezoning Property Owned By Luann Burke and Greg Burke From RN to to MDR (Applicant Lennar Carolinas, LLC), document Header The items are provided as a public service and Lancaster County presents them for your information only. 2016-1420 Multi-County Park Central Wire, document Header 2017-1488 - Rezoning Property of Branbro Investments LLC, document Header 2017-1458 - Amending the County Code So As To Separate Duties of the Building and Zoning Departments, document Header The Lincoln/Lancaster County Planning Department provides technical information and advice to elected and appointed boards and citizens on managing the growth and development of Lincoln and Lancaster County to be efficient, orderly, and attractive, facilitate economic opportunities, and conserve natural and cultural resources. 2016-1421 FY 2016-2017 Budget Amendment, document Header 2018-1522 - Rezoning Property Owned by Harper Rentals, LLC From NB to MH, document Header rex harrison audrey hepburn relationship. Please contact the Regional Outdoor Advertising Coordinators for specific questions regarding your area. 2019-1632 - Rezoning Property Owned by Crossridge Center, LLC Located at 8546 & 8574 Charlotte Highway From MX to RB, document Header Street Side/Secondary Front Setback (min) Corner 20 ft 20 ft 20 ft 20 ft 20 ft 2021-1740 - Amending Ordinance No. 2020-1688 - Amending the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) regarding Residential Care Facilities, document Header Headquarters DOT Office (Columbia) (803) 737-1339 or through our contact form. 2022-1829 - Removing Certain Property from the Roselyn Residential Improvement District, document Header Lancaster County, SC Plumbers heating and air conditioning installers and repairers vinyl and aluminum siding installers insulation installers floor covering installers dry wall installers stucco installers electricians roofers masons carpenters painters/wall paperers Plumbers Heating and air conditioning installers and repairers The SC Building Codes Council reviews and either accepts or denies requests to modify the building codes issued by the International Code Council (ICC). 2018-1504 - Rezoning Property Owned by the Katawba Valley Land Trust, document Header outdoor lighting, parking, signage, building height, setbacks, open space, and the like. 2018-1542 - Rezoning Eleven (11) Properties Owned By Lancaster Land LLC, First Land Company Inc. (Applicant Lennar Carolinas, LLC), document Header 2019-1600 - Amending the Unified Development Ordinance regarding Chapter 3, Mixed Use District, Section 5, Urban District Development Standards to Allow 20% Reduction in Minimum Development Size Standard fro Properties Currently Zoned Mixed Use, document Header 34) Ordinance 2015-1378 Ansley Park Development Agreement, document Header 2021-1780 - Rezoning Property Located at 1535 Jordan Street, Lancaster, SC, From INS to MDR (Applicant Noel Andrade) (RZ-2021-1951), document Header Show all. 2019-1559 - Rezoning Property Owned By Margaret Huggins and Richard Zidonis (Applicant Ken Starnes) from LDR to NB, document Header Hello world! 2022-1802 - Rezoning 38.92 Acres of Property from LDR, Low Density Residential District, to MDR, Medium Density Residential District (Applicant Gabriel Jon Hardy) (RZ-2022-0175), document Header 2022-1806 - Authorizing the Conveyance of Real Property Owned by Lancaster County by Quit Claim Deed, document Header Lancaster, SC 29720. 2021-1748 - Rezoning Property Located at 585 Monroe Highway from INS, Institutional District, to LDR, Low Density Residential District (Applicant Jacob Meeks) (RZ-2021-0917), document Header 2020-1675 - Placing the Question of Amending the Lancaster County Form of Government on the November Ballot, document Header This includes many threatened and endangered species. Ordinance 2015-1337 - GO Bond Regular Babs 2010, document Header 2017-1464 - Rezoning Property Owned By Pamela Stewart, document Header 2021-1738 - Approval of the Master Development Plan Submission of Arlington Properties, Incorporated (MXU-2020-2740), document Header 2021-1704 - Adopting Amendments to Elements of the Comprehensive Plan By Adoption of the Southern Panhandle Small Area Plan, document Header 30-ft front building setback 20-ft side building setback . 2020-1674 - Amending the County Code Relating to Parliamentary Procedures for Meetings, document Header 2017-1481 - Amend Multi-County Park Agreement with Chesterfield County to Include Property of Golden Spike LLC, document Header 2018 South Carolina Fire Code. 2019-1606 - Rezoning Property Owned by Stacie and Dustin Catoe From AR to RUB, document Header It is the setback in the Discussion Draft. 2016-1419 SSRC Central Wire, document Header Ordinance 2016-1396 Transfer Property to the Town of Kershaw, document Header 2019-1611 - Amending The Lancaster County Code Related to Residency Requirements, document Header 2021-1727 - Adopting the Lancaster County South Carolina Pilot Traffic Calming Program Guidebook, Dated December 2020, document Header Ordinance 2016-1394 Noise Ordinance, document Header IT/Tech. 2020-1682 - Rezoning Property Owned by Taylor's Grove Baptist Church from INS to GB (Applicant Whitehall Development Group, LLC), document Header Ordinance 2015-1383 Budget Amendment relating to the fire truck purchase, document Header 2017-1474 - Rezoning Property Owned By Stephen W. Moore, document Header 2021-1710 - Rezoning Property from LDR to PB (Applicant Redwood USA, LLC)(RZ-020-2650), document Header 2021-1772 - Approval of a Master Development Plan Submission for a Development Project known as "The Exchange" (Applicant Crosland Southeast) (MX-2021-0664), document Header 2018-1494 - Amend the UDO Relating To Vehicle Services in Institutional Zoning District, document Header COUNTY OF LANCASTER AN ORDINANCE TO AMEND ORDINANCE 2016-1442, THE UNIFIED DEVELOPMENT ORDINANCE ("UDO"), TO INCREASE THE ALLOWED HEIGHT OF BUILDINGS WITHIN LIGHT . Search the City Charter; Search the Municipal Code; Search the Design Standards Ordinance 2015-1340 - Lease Purchase3758 Charlotte Highway, document Header Indian Land, S.C. 29707 Kershaw Substation 2022-1813 - Rezoning Five Parcels Located At And Adjacent to 9224 Tadlock Drive from NB, Neighborhood Business District, and GB, General Business District, to RB, Regional Business District (Applicant Two Capital Partners) (RZ-2021-2803), document Header 2021-1723 Adoption of an Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Development Impact Fee, document Header Square footage for heated, unheated, porches, decks, garages, basements (finished or unfinished) and an electrical layout showing lights, receptacles, smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. 2020-1673 - Authorizing the Reimposition Of A One Percent Sales And Use Tax Within Lancaster County For Not More Then Seven Years (Capital Project Sales Tax), document Header The Lancaster County Zoning Office is responsible for administering the Unified Development Ordinance as adopted by Lancaster County Council, Town of Heath Springs Ordinance, and Town of Kershaw Ordinance. 2022-1800 - Approval of an Easement Grant to Duke Energy Carolinas, LLC for the Indian Land Soccer Complex, document Header 2020-1684 - Amending the Code of Ordinances Related to Rehabilitation of Historic/Low and Moderate Income Properties, document Header 2021-1711 - Approval of a Development Agreement with Redwood, USA, LLC (DA-020-2650), document Header Ordinance 2015-1360 Covnington Development Agreement, document Header Alternatively, you may . 2022-1820 - Approval of a Master Development Plan and Preliminary Plat for Redstone Phase II (Applicant Redstone Investors, LLC) (MX-2021-1650), document Header 2018-1521 - Amend the UDO regarding Conditional Use Appeal, document Header 2021-1705 - Adopting Procedures for the Imposition, Calculation, Collection, Expenditure and Administration of Impact Fees, document Header Branham, Will: Building Inspector: Planning & Zoning (803) 425-7233: Will.Branham@Kershaw.SC.Gov: Darity, Rhonda: Permit Clerk: Planning . 2022-1823- Amending Ordinance 2022-1803 relating to Amending the Fiscal Year 2022-2023 Detailed Budget, document Header All map amendments will also be contained . 2021-1755 - Rezoning Property Located at 2329 and 2347 Charlotte Highway from LDR and PB to GB (Applicant S & KB Properties) (RZ-2021-0687), document Header Where the top of the guard serves as a handrail on the open sides of stairs, the top of the guard shall be not less than 34 inches (864 mm) and not more than 38 inches (965 mm) as measured vertically from a line connecting the leading edges of the treads. 2020-1680 - Rezoning Property Owned by Mark Haldeman from LDR to MDR, document Header Believed to be the most diverse ecosystems in the world, wetlands are home to various species of plants, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals. 2016-1428 Transfer of property to the Town of Kershaw, document Header You may also obtain . Verifying zoning prior to building, or even purchasing property, is very important. 2018-1505 - Rezoning Property Owned By The Lancaster County Water Sewer District, document Header 2021-1739 - Approval of a Development Agreement with Arlington Properties, Incorporated (DA-2020-2740), document Header 2016-1407 MCP Agreement - Chesterfield, document Header

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