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This tiny 125cc motorcycle is very affordable. Plastics from a Grom OG swaps on with no issues. It's the Tao Tao Hellcat 125. Add to cart. Venom Support is Available 9am-7pm Monday - Friday & 9am-4pm Saturday EST at and 1-855-984-1612, FREE UPGRADEDDIGITAL SPEEDOMETER ($80 value). Fortunately, there aren't many wires to figure out, and a strong online community to help. Other features that lose out to the Grom include the four-speed transmission versus the Groms five-speed and the rear drum brake versus the Groms rear disc brake. Note, my Boom Vader 125 had parts already fall off( My First Ride For Boom Vader (Chinese Grom Clone) Review. For $700, Motocheez picked up a Zongshen 190cc engine. Which Motorcycle Manufacturer is Best? Press J to jump to the feed. A: Most states will register this bike, many will not. Here's What It's Like To Ride The Cheapest Scooter On Amazon, Tennessee Is Latest State To Consider Lane Filtering, Helmet Law Changes, Recall: 2022 Suzuki Hayabusas Could Have Increased Front Brake Lever Play. Ive reached the point I want to know how to put extra fuel on my motorcycle. Most notably, the Lifan comes standard with a ground-pounding 149cc 4-stroke engine that puts out around 12 horsepower, and is one of the only clones to feature a five speed manual transmission! The TaoTao Hellcat is an insanely inexpensive Grom clone that you can hardly even tell apart from the Grom at first glance. Altogether, if youre just looking for a starter bike, not a stunt bike you plan to modify, the TNT is a less expensive but even more powerful option. Two strategically placed washers can fix this problem, but Motocheez opted to leave it alone for now and see what happens. I ordered the 17-tooth front sprocket: Boom Vader (Grom Clone) Front Sprocket Size Upgrade Time! View sample plans. Hot Rod Mini Bike Parts. Read the specs and theyre similar to most of the others. Many of these clones are attractive to potential buyers because of their low prices, but are they as good as the Grom? Usually retailing around $1,500 (thats shipped with a warranty, by the way), this is certainly one of the more affordable Grom clone options out there. The Boom Vader upgrades will be in different categories: performance, reliability, and comfort. These Speed Spacers are supposed to reduce rolling resistance and allow more of the little motorcycle engine power being used for speed versus bearing/brake drag. I had a small leak that I could only smell ( My Boom Vader (A Grom Clone) Latest Motorcycle Review @ 400 Miles! We are not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with any Motorcycle Brand by which the foregoing products are inspired, or any of its subsidiaries or its affiliates. Single family home located at 10052 penny ln, machesney park, il 61115 on sale now for $174900. Didn't run well at all with the stock one. The main Grom clones are: 1. What a shame there isn't Grom sized bikes that are 150cc or 175cc. 2023 Similar to the Grom and Z125, the Razkulls engine is mated to a manual 4-speed transmission. When I get around to it, you can bet Ill share my lessons learned. If you would like to change your settings or withdraw consent at any time, the link to do so is in our privacy policy accessible from our home page.. Or should I just soak up this winterized boredom and silently sob at the lucky bastards who ride by on their Groms? Boom Vader / Grom Clone Assembly Problems & Concerns. Do you have a mailing address? Icebear is a somewhat obscure Chinese motorcycle brand, but the Fuerza has come to be considered by many as one of the best Grom clones on the market. No need to get a Dyno tune or have to drop in an aftermarket ECU when you do things like bit bore kits or air intake mods. The carrier will call 1-2 days before drop-off to schedule a 4-hour window delivery appointment. The Boom Vader, Taotao Hellcat, and Icebear Fuerza all have bolt on parts from the Grom. We'll start with a cheap Chinese Grom clone, add a powerful Daytona Anima FLX 190cc 4-valve racing engine, a Keihin PE28 carburetor, and a universal oil cooler kit. Ice Bear is a Chinese motorcycle manufacturer that produces a slew of different scooters, mopeds, and mini-motorcycles for the low. Honestly, I dont know that Ive seen any of their machines priced above $2,000 anywhere on the market. ), I found not only was the speedometer off but so was my odometer. Now I have some issues with acceleration and reaching top RPMs after upgrading the front sprocket to a larger size. Designed by Booster theme Many of these bikes have plenty of character of their own. Everyone takes about doing the 190cc and 212cc engine swap, but I understand my Boom Vader is a tiny bike. Super fast shipping! If you ride your car with an average speed of 112 kilometers/hour (70 miles/h), travel time will be 00 hours 27 minutes. In my honest opinion, the SSR Razkull 125 is an excellent looking and performing Honda Grom clone out there today. A: I have Instagram and Motocheez Facebook page (MotoCheez), either one of those I can chat with you on. For the price, youll be hard pressed to find a better bike to full send. . I initially thought having a carbureted engine would be a problem. Well see you know for the sake of testing upgrades individually and reviewing them one time; you know I will also do these upgrades one at a time. Need something like a lever or a footpeg? Grom Clone Big Bore Kits arent too expensive but still cost a few bucks, and I wont jump into this upgrade and plan to give you guys a review after doing it. So I feel upgrading my Boom Vader makes for a safer Boom Vader. And as it is, the engine is rarely the part you'll have problems with. I hope this helps out my fellow Grom Clone riders. An example of data being processed may be a unique identifier stored in a cookie. Plus, like many less expensive clones, it uses a carburetor instead of fuel injectors. For all bigger items, such as motorcycles, ATVs, and dirt bikes will require an appointment delivery prior to drop-off at your home. Not to mention even if the engine is a 1:1 clone or the whole bike is a perfect 1:1 clone, the reason its cheaper is because they use really low quality materials. The x20 comes equipped with a digital speedometer that displays your speed, RPM, millage, temperature, fuel gauge, and time. Being carbureted the idle will be low when it's cold and you'll have to hold the idle up with your throttle grip. Similar to the Vader 2, a little bit of performance upgrades go a long way. You know what youre getting. It has everything you would expect from a quality clone: the air-cooled 125cc engine breathes through a carburetor and shifts manually through four gears. If I want more significant engines, Ill get a bigger bike. No secret, Grom Clones have problems with their stock gas tanks, and my Boom Vader Gen 2 125cc is no exception. It rocks twelve inch wheels and the same factory tire sizes at the front and rear as the Grom, and has a decent disc brake setup to bring all this speed to a stop. I'm looking for more punch, so was thinking instead of being a test grom for the performance parts that will be available in the future, why not simply put in a Daytona 190cc engine.. Looks to me the best value for money" solution, what do you guys think? ). :/. HARD RACING 264 Rolling Hill Rd. I'd get grade 8, Grade 5 minimum. TJR engine is a bit too much $.. I'm keeping of course the stock engine for maybe in the . Universal SMD LED Technology Turn Signal Lights. Its not as well constructed as the Grom and features inferior parts like a carburetor instead of the Groms superior fuel injection. I know the main reason to buy a bike was to ride it, but you can spend time working on your bike when the weather is terrible and wrench time is still quality motorcycle time.Plus, this engine on the Boom Vader 125 motorcycle is small. The Honda Grom and Grom Clones are VERY similar in physical features that allow many parts to be interchangeable. The stock clutch lever can work, but you're better off replacing it with a slightly longer one. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Surprisingly, the PZ28 carburetor that comes with the Zongshen engine is jetted perfectly for otherwise stock running gear, unlike most engines that are jetted too lean. After my Boom Vaders exhaust upgrade( My Basic Boom Vader Aftermarket Exhaust Mod Instructions ), an excellent upgrade for the motorcycle, I had a few bloopers( My Boom Vader 125 Exhaust Upgrade Bloopers ). Feel free to read on to our reviews on a few of our favorites in the table below. The Vader GEN II will ship directly to your doorstep at home + appointment + liftgate service FREE of charge! Interestingly, the Razkull earned the second spot on my list because SSR Motorsports also distributes the Benelli TNT in the US. Icebear Fuerza - All years (Grom Clone) $495.00. I Adjusted The Nibbi Carburetor, Tuning My TBR7 Motorcycle. Save $100.00. I can upgrade, and if I dont like it, I can return to stock motorcycle parts and not cry too much over the lost money. At just about $2,100, its nearly half the price of the Grom but still has a lot of great features. By using this site, you agree to its use of cookies. & The Honda Grom is a popular 124.99 cc engine motorcycle that is considered to be a motorized scooter. No, I grew up in the 80s, safety wasnt a concern, but I did wear a helmet ladies and gentlemen:-) Best Budget Motorcycle Handlebar Phone Mount Under $20 I found. For one thing, you can find Honda dealerships and mechanics worldwide, and parts are easy to come by. Now I hear that these Fatherz Speed Spacers improve the top speed/acceleration of the Groms, so figuring they would be a great addition to my Boom Vader. My Basic Boom Vader Aftermarket Exhaust Mod Instructions, My Boom Vader 125 Exhaust Upgrade Bloopers. So Grom is a 3 bolt engine mount. Engine parts they don't, but the clones (not counting SSR Razkull) use a pit bike engine. It is purely my opinion based on my experiences. After the front sprocket upgrade, with the carburetor upgrade and exhaust upgrade, the bike wants to go faster. This decreases fuel efficiency to around 100 mpg, 25% less than the Grom. Might be a fun winter project? |, a fraction of the cost of a new Grom to get it shipped to your door. We cant talk about the Vader 2 without mentioning its cousin: the Little Monster! The good news is the Boom Vader motorcycle is a Chinese Made Honda Grom Clone.. 212cc Zongshen 2 Valve Performance Crate Engine ZS190. The stock exhaust on this Chinese Grom Clone sounds tinny. Below you can see why I chose them and how they compare to the Grom in key features. The clones use a carb. So far considering a burrito storage tube for a motorcycle to store the spare fuel bottle in, just like the upgrade I did for my TaoTao TBR7 Tool Kit Storage, A burrito tube. More importantly, it gives you higher horsepower (13 vs. 9.6) and a higher max speed (70 mph vs. 60 mph). Honda is a name brand for motor vehicles, and this comes with certain advantages. People think they have such a high resell value it's crazy. Watch on Today, we begin our Daytona engine swap project for a Honda Grom clone, also known as the X-PRO 125cc Vader. I looked at my engine mount bolts, which have 12.9 stamped on the head. It's quite similar in design to the Hellcat's original Honda 125 clone. Thats right, the Razkull keeps it old school, mixing the air and gas required for the single overhead cam engine through a carburetor. Finally, although the engine comes with a kickstarter the original 125 doesn't have, the lever doesn't fit on the Hellcat. Along with I don't have many places around here to take it offroad or do hooligan shit with. No need to go into too much detail; Im sure many of you add a cellphone holder as soon as you get a new bike. I am leaning towards a Mikuni VM-22 kit right now. It features a four-speed manual transmission and a four-stroke engine and is manufactured in Thailand. How Many MPG Does A 125cc Bike Get? For the ZS190 to swap into the Grom, the easiest way is for the owner to source a Grom clone wiring harness. *Please check with your local DMV to confirm street Legality*, Rideapart article on Motocheez:, Where to buy the Hellcat Raptor Grom Clone:, FOR THE BEST HellCat Raptor Series 125cc/190cc Video Playlist:, Save $25 and support MotoCheez, order from TXpowersports! $600.00. With its street-fighter edge, and contrasting exterior subcage, the Little Monster really rocks out of the box. The best thing about the Vader is that after paying a fraction of the cost of a new Grom to get it shipped to your door , you can spend all the money you saved on mods! ago. As is the case with anything on wheels, someone will figure out a way to modify it. It also has a much worse fuel economy at just around 80 mpg, and parts are hard to find. You will find others say the oil sent with your new Grom Clone motorcycle is a break-in oil, but no one would verify what this means or what type of oil (in laypersons terms) it is. We'll start with a cheap Chinese Grom clone, add a powerful Daytona Anima FLX 190cc 4-valve racing engine, a Keihin PE28 carburetor, and a universal oil cooler kit. ORDERS: 704-799-2192 BIKE SPECIFIC PARTS PAGES FOR NEW '03-'22 Models (Grom, Monkey Z125, RC390, R3, R1, R6, ZX-10, ZX6 . This way, I can move back and forth and stretch my arms and legs, and when braking hard, I get more weight over that rear wheel. Just so you dont miss it, I have a separate page of Boom Vader aftermarket upgrades I would recommend to my fellow Grom Clone owners to do to their bikes: My goal was to avoid doing any upgrades to the Boom Vader until after I broke it in. Sit back . ), and even though we know that we should be thread-locker (I use LocTite primarily, but use non-name brand versions too), we dont get around to every part. Job specializations: Insurance. Thanks! California Approved It is advertised to produce a little over 8 horsepower. I think they would be a lot of fun for the size of the bike. Id suggest the Fuerza for anyone on a budget who still wants to get into small motorcycles, not just for commuting but for doing stunts and tricks. I have a Boom Vader with no Bass. So finding Grom Clone upgrades is easy. Parts from one rarely bolt up to the other. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Remember, the Boom Vader (BD125-10) is considered a Chonda motorcycle. Job in Pescara - Abruzzi - Italy , 65100. As a result, the stock parts have a lower quality than I am comfortable with, but it was what I could afford. FREEUPGRADED HIGH PERFORMANCE CARBURETOR KIT ($60 value). Thank you for this! As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. And what engine IS it a clone of? 7.- 25th February 2022 - Per R&L Carriers Website- The Grom Clone (Boom Vader) motorcycle began its trip across the US. You can usually find it online for around $1,100. Like my TaoTao TBR7 motorcycle ( I Adjusted The Nibbi Carburetor, Tuning My TBR7 Motorcycle. It's quite similar in design to the Hellcat's original Honda 125 clone. LONGER proper size 60cm), Mobber Offroad Dual Sport Tire 120/70-12 & 130/70-12 front rear combo, 25H Heavy Duty Roller Chain 10 Feet with 3 Connecting Links. I got a tnt 135, saved almost a grand and couldn't be happier. I do not sell these products, but I do provide links! The 2022 VaderGEN II features a new speedometer. I lost the gas tank level sensor and am now using my trip odometer to keep track of miles until I need the next fill-up. Best Motorized Bicycle Options: The Definitive Guide. Frame bolts:The ones on a bike or metric but 5/16-18 or 24 (preferred) 5" long will work. Now when you post online you picked up a Boom Vader 125cc engine, you will get more than just congrats. Boom Vader Carb Upgrade Kit Came in, for Grom Clone 125s. The Honda Grom is an award-winning motorcycle that packs a lot of punch into its 227-pound, 125 cc design. Can This 43-Year-Old Suzuki GS 850GL Run Again? Thank you! I had a similar experience with my TaoTao TBR7 motorcycle (My TaoTao TBR7 Review & Specs: Out Of The Box.). YouTuber Motocheez has done a great deal of hands-on research on cheap Chinese motorcycles. Redesigned and reinforced high quality steel frame. I found sloppy welds, very narrow turns, etc. Thanks! 2. I'll keep this in mind. My Boom Vader 125. I bought a 125cc ice bear frueza fully complete from a local dealer for $1800. 2022 Vader 125cc Motorcycle Generation II| BD125-10, The best super pocket bikes in stock premium bikes with free shipping. Heights of 5'3 - 6'3 can ride this bike. Still_Mining_RX580 8 mo. Update #2: Replacement 8mm motor mount bolts installed: Replaced Boom Vader Motor Mount Bolts! Im looking for a flatter seat for my Boom Vader. Sale. I installed a cellphone holder on my TaoTao TBR7 motorcycle( Best Budget Motorcycle Handlebar Phone Mount Under $20 I found. ) The Boom Vader Gen 2 motorcycle shares many dimensions and the same small 125cc engine as its fellow Chinese Grom Clone bikes. After purchasing the Boom Vader Gen 2 motorcycle, I had money left over for doing the needed and wanted motorcycle upgrades. Its manufacturing process is one that other companies try to copy (hence all the clones) and one you can trust for its quality and precision. FULL BUILD SERIES: 190cc engine on this Grom clone is insane! With the 2020 Honda Grom set to retail just under $3,400, and the Kawasaki Z125 (which weve already compared in-depth to the Grom) priced just shy of it at $3,199, this is definitely a fair question! It's carbureted like the Hellcat, though it can be drilled out for. FREE UPGRADEDVADER LED HEADLIGHTS($50 value). Net weight comes in at 242 pounds, and the Lifan is both EPA and DOT approved in the United States. Its the Tao Tao Hellcat 125. I took it to a mechanic to replace with American made parts, so Just buy a Grom and spend the extra money cuz you'll regret your purchase.

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