gouldian finches for sale sunshine coast10 marca 2023
gouldian finches for sale sunshine coast

If you are trying to wean a bird onto other food sources besides seed, try offering them early in the morning and the seeds late in the afternoon to aid the transition. 2 red-headed female: $32ea King Quails- Why Choose Us? Learn more, Findads.com.au About Us Shopping Guide Privacy Policy Your Ads Here, Mon Feb 27 2023 11:00:13 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time). Over the whitish-beige chest of Own Finches, two black bars cover the body from left to right. This is an example of our glorious yellow Gouldian finch as he looks around the aviary for a suitable mate, Gorgeous Gouldian Finch - $249- Fast Shipping Gold Finch $75. But, theres nothing to worry about their vocalization because they arent as loud as other large birds like parrots. Gouldian Finches. If you wish to mix bird types, they do very well in aviaries with Zebra Finches and Society Finches. 3yrs old. The most popular finch in the world is the Lady Gouldian and it is easy, This gorgeous blue Lady Gouldian finch is the most rare in the country. Parents are red/black heads, purple/white breasts, green. Large flight breeder cages with 2 no-split feeders, glass waterer, and extra perches, each set $125. At Uncle Bills Pet Center, we not only offer Finches for sale, we also employ a highly trained staff that can assist you in building an appropriate habitat for your new pet, and educate you on the proper care of the animalmaking sure you get the most out of your pet ownership adventure! We found 17 additional ads in surrounding suburbs. Furthermore, the weight of Zebra Finches is somewhere around 12 grams, but they have weighed more in the past. Fortunately, that also makes them one of the easiest birds to care for, being fairly common and inexpensive. Create a BirdBreeders.com account to save favorites, leave a review for your breeder or list your aviary.Try it now! Jacarini (Blue/Black Grassquit) $55. Normal Gouldian cock birds (yellow head and red head) $20 each. Pets and Animals Phoenix 40 $ View pictures. Contact Us! Lady Gouldian Finch Bird Classifieds by BirdsNow.com, part of the EquineNow.com, LLC group of websites. Meanwhile, male Zebra Finches have orange patches on their cheeks and carry black-white bars along their breast and throat area. Gouldian Finches, King Quails and Cockatiel for sale For sale: Gouldians- between 6 months to 3yrs old 1x Golden-headed Male: $39ea 2x golden-headed female: $35ea 3 black-headed female: $28ea 3 Red-headed male: $32ea 2 red-headed female: $32ea King Quails- 9x females - $10ea 5x males - $6ea Cockatiels- Spike: $35 A vigorous healthy breeding . The majority of birds have a red, yellow, or black cowl on their heads, a turquoise or light green shoulder band, purple back and wings, and a yellow abdomen that fades to white. In a treat cup you can occasionally offer supplements of diced hard boiled eggs, other egg foods, and mealworms. That is one reason why most bird-lovers enjoy keeping them as pets. Please enter a number greater than 0 and less than 10000. Speech & Sounds Its shyness with humans makes it a favorite bird for those who enjoy looking at birds but do not want to handle them. gumtree.com.au 2 days ago Report Ad View Photos Sunny and Macy -female cockatiels Sunrise Beach, Sunshine Coast $ 100 No spare hens PAIRS ONLY Split blue male and split yellow female 70 a pair Split blue male and split blue female 80 a pair All young birds ready to breed Gouldian finches for sale, different mutations Blues from 80 Aussie yellows from 60 Euro yellows from 50 Split to blues from 40 Split to Aussie yellow from Up for sale is this timber avairy Comes with 6 zebra finches and 1 Gouldian finch everything you see is included Come grab a bargain for 150, 1308943315. Young birds nice breeding quality birds We only sell in stock birds, no waiting weeks Special Offer: Ask about the $100 discount - Most beautiful Lady Gouldian Finch. Shy in nature but gregarious in an aviary with its own kind it has a reputation as . Orange breast cocks: $20ea They are lovely to watch, but not to hold. Jacarinis $60 pr Although finches require minimal time, a clean habitat, fresh food and water on a daily basis, is essential for disease and illness prevention. Also, due to their sociability, they love to make visual contact with their caretakers, but do not usually enjoy being held or pet. Birds by Joe. Pair - 1x Cinnamon Pearl pied female - 1 year and a half and 1x Normal male 2 years old $150 for breeding pair Pair 1x Cinnamon Pearl Pied female 2 years old and 1x White Pied Male 2 years old $180 for breeding pair Available for $100 each gouldian. Keeping them in small flocks is the best advice from experts regarding Finches. I am taking orders for birds that are ready to ship in May or June 2023. View Details. Amazon - Since today. We sell Lady Gouldian Finches, Zebra Finches, Canaries, and other live birds for sale. what happened to dickie baker krays what happened to dickie baker krays This bird species normally weighs around 15-20 grams. Blue face parrot finch cock $40 A vigorous healthy breeding female. Gouldian Finch for sale,the Gouldian Finches are not extremely difficult birds to keep, they are rather expensive and are generally kept by more experienced bird keepers. Gouldian finches are sociable birds that enjoy socializing with other finches but dislike being handled by humans. Home. We are looking for new home for these two beautiful Quakers, they are 6 months old, they love to stand on our shoulder, combing our hair Very playful, Sell or Swap Parrotlets Blue 5mt old unrelated pair NOT TAME 120 the pair also Green Cheeks normal pair 100 and another pair normal male with a pineapple hen Mischievous, beautiful boy Loves attention and friendly with all family members Approx 12 mths Looking for his forever home Includes cage, toys and food, Approx 6 years old Located Yandina, 1309082066. Magpie . Upto date with worming & lice treatments Cock gouldians: $25 ea Pickup Kippa Ring, Budgies, Canaries, Finches, Parrots - Hand Reared and Avairy Reared, Birds available from $ 19 pair. Nevertheless, you can resolve this issue with proper training. Taking care of your birds is a priority and when it comes to Finches for sale, keep them as comfortable as you can. however, the females tend to be less brightly colored. Their feathers usually feature a chocolaty-white color with a blend of black-colored feathers around their beak. They can live to be 5 to possibly 10 years or older with proper care. Turquoise parrots from $80pair Crimson male only $80 Ruddies/fire finch $50 pr All rights reserverd. Additionally, their body length from the top of their head to the tips of their tail feathers measures up to 4-5 inches. They perform tricks but dont engage extensively with people. As adults, they weigh about 15-17 grams on average. We are the premier pet store in the Indianapolis area, with locations on the east, northeast, and west sides of Indianapolis, as well as in Fishers, Greenwood, and Ft. Wayne. $25 each or pair for $40. Fresh food and water must be provided daily. In reality, some species of Finches for sale can thrive in varying ecosystems, while several subspecies only occupy a specific type of habitat and ecosystem. Size and Appearance. However, Goulds finches are one of the calmest bird species, so with enough persistence, you may be able to convince them to come to you. Zebra Fiinches 3 Red-headed male: $32ea Special Offer: Ask about the $100 discount - Most beautiful Lady Gouldian Finch. Provide a cuttlebone because the calcium it provides will give your bird a firm beak, strong eggshells when breeding, and will help prevent egg binding. By accepting, you agree to the use of cookies. They will also come with the Large breeding box and the remaining seed and pellets. Uncle Bill's most popular Finches are Gouldian Black Head, Gouldian Orange Head, Gouldian Red Head, Society, and Zebra species. Call us at (732) 764-2473 to find out about our Gouldian Finch for sale selection. Jacarini cock: $30 Their lifespan lasts an average of 10 years, and they love chattering with voices that sound like a tiny car horn. They are social, intelligent, and playful birds. Gouldian finches from $80pair Although these birds are quite active and social, they require ample space to move around freely without any interruptions or obstacles. ONLINE STORE IS OPEN FOR DELIVERY OR PICK-UP! Blue Breast $200 Yellow Back $220. To date, experts have found Finches in Eurasia, Africa, South America, North America, and Central America. Gouldian Finch. They weigh around 14-19 grams on average and are about 12 to 14 cm long. Honest pricing! We have a wide variety of Gouldian Finch for sale. Other birds seem to have colors that flow or bleed into each others, but Gouldian Finches have such distinct and colorful sections with their feathers. The Gouldian Guy | Gouldian Finches For Sale Proudly breeding some of the best Gouldian Finches available in the USA Contact Us 8am - 6pm 386-451-1119 gouldianguy@yahoo.com Popular products Sold out! Both sexes carry red-orange beaks, but the male Zebra Finches have a blue hue on their beaks. See details. https://img.birdsnow.com/slir/w350-c5x4/birds/data/photos/623565t/1677417900/lady-gouldian-finch-for-sale.jpg, Gorgeous Yellow Lady Gouldian Finch Fast Shipping, https://img.birdsnow.com/slir/w350-c5x4/birds/data/photos/490236t_1.jpg%3F1674406542, Health Guarantee: - Reduced $ - Gorgeous Blue Lady Gouldian Masterpiece, Health Guarantee Reduced $ Gorgeous Blue Lady Gouldian Masterpiece, https://img.birdsnow.com/slir/w350-c5x4/birds/data/photos/491950t/1674482931/lady-gouldian-finch-for-sale.jpg, Health Guarantee: - Rare Blue Back Gouldian Finch - $249, Health Guarantee Rare Blue Back Gouldian Finch $249, https://img.birdsnow.com/slir/w350-c5x4/birds/data/photos/499519t_1.jpg%3F1674480789, https://img.birdsnow.com/slir/w350-c5x4/birds/data/photos/514301t_1.jpg%3F1673150258, Gorgeous Gouldian Finch - $249 - Fast Shipping, Gorgeous Gouldian Finch $249 Fast Shipping, https://img.birdsnow.com/slir/w350-c5x4/birds/data/photos/501726t_1.jpg%3F1674401493, Dashing Gouldian Finch - $$199- Fast Shipping, Dashing Gouldian Finch $$199 Fast Shipping, https://img.birdsnow.com/slir/w350-c5x4/birds/data/photos/502124t_1.jpg%3F1673220402, Dashing Gouldian Finch - Special $249- Fast Shipping, Dashing Gouldian Finch Special $249 Fast Shipping, https://img.birdsnow.com/slir/w350-c5x4/birds/data/photos/502173t_1.jpg%3F1673220465, Gorgeous Rainbow Finch Special - $199 - Fast Shipping, Gorgeous Rainbow Finch Special $199 Fast Shipping, https://img.birdsnow.com/slir/w350-c5x4/birds/data/photos/502921t_1.jpg%3F1674406019, https://img.birdsnow.com/slir/w350-c5x4/birds/data/photos/503930t_1.jpg%3F1674062231, https://img.birdsnow.com/slir/w350-c5x4/birds/data/photos/610045t/1676144577/pigeon-for-sale.jpg, https://img.birdsnow.com/slir/w350-c5x4/birds/data/photos/602861t/1670868020/cockatoo-for-sale.jpg, https://img.birdsnow.com/slir/w350-c5x4/birds/data/photos/619043t/1669497787/macaw-for-sale-in-marinette-wi.jpg, https://img.birdsnow.com/slir/w350-c5x4/birds/data/photos/597446t/1677779556/bourke-parakeet-for-sale-in-austin-tx.jpg. Crimson male only $80 Purple and white breasted cocks, I have a assortment of cock birds from 2022 Black head purple breasted $20 each 3 Red-headed male: $32ea These birds can dwell calmly and peacefully with other birds if you keep them in a cage. I am taking orders for birds that are ready to ship in May or June 2023. Ready to ship June 2023. The Finches are members of the order Passeriformes, which contains the perching birds. They measure around 3-4 inches in length and usually dont go too far from that. For your information, the primary color combination of Owl Finches for sale includes Brown, White, and Black. $299. We specialize in lady gouldians! Beautiful, healthy Silverback Gouldian Finch males. Gouldian finch. Lady Gouldian Finch Florida Bird Classifieds by BirdsNow.com, part of the EquineNow.com, LLC group of websites. Peaceful doves $10 each $7.50 each for 2 or more (note: I can attempt to provide pairs but sexing is usually innacurate in this species) This handsome young male is radiant is all the colors of the rainbow. Normally, their wings have green feathers but may sometimes have yellow undersides to them. Seed moistened with cod liver oil and powdered with yeast will provide a high fat protein and vitamin D. In a separate cup supply green foods such as lettuce, spinach, celery tops, and chickweed. They are not typically hand-raised (only under emergency circumstances), and will not take well to taming efforts. Hence, most condo and apartment owners love to have Finches as pet birds inside the house. We have had Lily for a 1 Year and 3 months she is very tame will let you pet her and will sit on your shoulder The only reason we are selling is we dont have Beautiful Sun Conure Recent avian vet check including microchipping Very healthy Skittles enjoys being with her people and always wants to see what you , 7 weeks old Cute pearl yellowgrey cockatiel baby , 1309014357, Cockatiels x 10 200 the lot Known breeding pairs, 1309005235. This wide array of obtainable species is something that attracts Finch ownership. 3 pairs of Aluminas Spare males also available 1.5 - 2 years old. Give your Gouldian Finch a bath daily or as often as possible. Moreover, male Strawberry Finches have white dots on their back, along with solid-black wings. They are much less expensive and have very similar environment requirements and many of the same behaviors. The most noticeable difference between the sexes is that males have brighter purple feathers, and females have a paler purple breast. With the more common varieties, the photo will be of the blood lines of the birds for sale, so you can see the quality of the finches. Also known as Rainbow Finch, Lady Gouldian Finch, or Gouldians Finch, this bird species may sometimes be reluctant to face human handling but makes great company for fellow birds. You must know that these birds possess a spectacular and unique range of color speckles. By, Beautiful Yellow Gouldian Finch - $189 - Theyve been housed and parent-raised in my large mixed species aviary, so a, Gouldian finches black and red headed. Pick up Caloundra West they will come with the temporary cage they are in as I have pulled them out of the aviary. Sprayed. Having a problem with this site or you want to leave feedback? I don't ship them alone,, Black Headed Purple Breasted Lady Gouldian Female. In simple words, it is best if you dont handle Finches by hand. Society Finches have a general lifespan of 3-7 years, depending on the type of health and diet support they receive. The variations continue to grow. European Goldfinches for sale are great. One bar is at the top of the chest, while the other one is below it. These birds have a chirping sound and are usually entertaining for the owners. I was frustrated with the poor quality and health of most of thegouldianfinches that were available from other sellers; and wanted to breed a better, more robustgouldianfinch. Sun-dried millet is a highly relished favorite of these birds. Required fields are marked *. Some of the pictures in this newspaper are shown below. Nevertheless, owners should ensure that they behave well at the very least, considering that they can get aggressive. Grit should be provided in a special cup or sprinkled over the bottom of the cage floor. These birds have an unrivaled ability to control the syrinx muscles in the throat and produce elaborate and melodic songs. Finches, Canaries, and their close cousins the Estrilids (Waxbills) aren't able to mimic human speech or household sounds as they lack the chords around the voice box the Parrots have that is so similar to our own. occasionally offer supplements of diced hard boiled eggs, other egg foods, and mealworms. Some of the species that are common to the sales as They also have a black nape and tail, which carry noticeable white markings. Gold Breasted Waxbill $45. For Sale. A couple of male conures for sale not DNA certified The 2 conures are not handtame, but are generally wellbehaved One was previously handtamed the pineapple Preferably located on the Sunshine Coast , 1308800044, Surgical sexed, microchipped bonded pair 2500 Pickup Sunshine Coast Tame, will take treats from hand and talk , 1308837104, Approx 6 months old 3 ducks all mates so must be all sold together 1 male unsure of other 2 , 1308564996. Other mutations include red-brown, white-crested, and albino Society Finches, along with a vast range of color combinations. Also available The females are a bit duller, especially less intense in the breast color. Cover cage at night for sleeping and to prevent drafts. these Finches are also not too difficult to breed and will breed well in colonies or as pairs in cages. I have Lady Gouldian Finches, green back and yellow back with either black, yellow or red head. We will try and list the birds for sale here, with there actual photo. Birds Finches Gouldian Finch. Caloundra, Sunshine Coast $ 285 Pair of Hooded parrots 2 years old Beatiful birdsCage and accsessories High with stand 155cm without stand 95cm high width 82 depth 55 cage has slide out. Type Filter. Red head purple breasted $20 each (1 only) For instance, female Zebra Finches have prominent gray spots on their body. Male and female $249.00 Each Quick View Lady Gouldian Finch Fly Babies Aviary, FL We Ship Special Offer: Ask about the $100 discount - Most beautiful Lady Gouldian Finch. All 2022 Bred. The colors you see here are not always available. Blue Back Lady Gouldian Finch $299.99$279.99 The Gouldian Guy Copyright 2023 | Website by Valorbound| All Rights Reserved Page load link Save search and get notified when new items are posted, Commercial Sales, Leasing & Property Mgmt, Residential Leasing & Property Management. Get news about special offers, sales, contests, and more sign up for our monthly newsletter! Since so many species of Finches exist, there is a wide range of sizes and appearances. The length and wingspan of this bird are approximately 5.5 inches. They will need a good supply of protein, especially when they are molting or egg laying. Price: 12 $ Product condition: Used. Birds for sale 2022 breed birds Gouldian finches start from 40 each 75 a pair depending on what type your after I have a few normal hens left Spilt blues and 1 red head gouldian Hen 1 black head bit special Hen Feeder Water bowl Nesting box Net Inspections welcome Pickup Only Altona Meadows Not Negotiable , , Gouldian finches for sale young and healthy Male red faced 60 Female red faced 80 If interested call or text 584, 1308706575, Split and Blue Gouldian finches Price Negotiable Contact Emanuel on 200 for more information Thank you, 1308801013. BIRD SPECIES. Macaws; Cockatoos; For starters, they have a red forehead with a black color on the back of their head. Prices are negotiable, especially if you are wanting to buy multiple birds. 4 year old Hanns, hand raised and very talkative Gives kisses, loves head scratches and under the wings Doesnt like kids tho Pick up only Sunshine Coast QLD 5 year old Eclectus pair have successfully bred 2 per clutch only selling sadley as I have a medical condition and have to get out of birds, 1309111378. They thrive in open environments. Please check Ad before messaging asking for different types/sex/colours. The Gouldian Finch for sale has a rainbow of colors on its body. top of page. Provide an assortment of perches at a variety of widths and heights and do not place them above food or water bowls. Prices are negotiable, especially if you are wanting to buy multiple birds. Ad Type. Cheers Steve, Download the Gumtree app for iOS or Android. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Native/Natural Habitat This elegant male is, Rare Blue Back Gouldian Finch - $249 2 red-headed female: $32ea King Quails- They need space to fly and flit about freely. Shipping Gouldian Finch Care FAQ We ship fast We ship weekly and most birds arrive 1-2 days after shipping Safe shipping We guarantee live arrival of all Gouldians The Gouldian finch is at top of his game, giving you his most friendly and sincere look, hoping you will take him home with. Be sure to provide fresh water to bathe in, as most Finches relish a good bath to freshen up and keep their feathers in top condition. Gouldians finches, pairs and singles available for sale 30 each or 60 per pair The females are a bit duller, especially less intense in the breast color. Finches are social birds, and thats why they interact peacefully with other birds. Gouldians are pleasant watching only birds they dont like to be held, and can even panic and die when handled. A vigorous healthy breeding female. Keep human touch to a minimum and make sure that they receive proper exercise time throughout the week. King Quail also available they are young cinnamon and white $20 each negotiable. Minimum cage size for finches is 12x12x15" - 24x14x18". Our business started with a single pair ofgouldianfinches over 10 years ago. While you will hear the soft vocals of your Finches outside their cage room, they dont disturb the in-house people much less the neighbors. Blue males split females 280pr Blue females split males 280pr White breast split blues 150pr Purple breast split blue 100pr Australian yellow split blue Gouldian Finches Split Blue 50ea Have 4 and some more finches Please contact Emanuel on 1200, 1308742866. 1x Golden-headed Male: $39ea Gouldian finches Yellow head pure normal gouldians, 2022 bred birds, only 4 pair available, preferably sold in pairs, most of these birds are from yellow head parents, healthy birds, $30 each or$55 pair $30 Tinana South, QLD < 126 km 11/02/2023 Budgies, Canaries, Finches, Parrots - Hand Reared and Avairy Reared Birds available from $ 19 pair. hi up for sale beautiful last year blue gouldian finches one pair blue cock black head purple breasted and hen green back split blue black head purple , Split to blue gouldian finches Purple and white breasted Healthy birds, bred and raised in outdoor aviary Ready for breeding now, 1309178263. Finches can be found in just about any color and the number of beautiful species is mind-boggling. Yellow Back White Breast $40 each. We have 10 finches /goldian finch. Pied Ruddie cocks: $25ea While Strawberry Finch isnt the most usually recalled name, bird-lovers often know of this bird by the name of Red Avadavat. Gouldian Finches are social and live in large groups all year long in the wild. 3-7 Months, 8 Months 1 year, 1 year 2 years, Your email address will not be published. African Silverbills (unsexed) $20 each and we're available to help you find your perfect strawberry finch for sale. Available now! They feature a spectacular look and color combination featuring red feathers all over and slight variations in shades across different parts. Our friendly staff is available at (732) 764-2473 to help you find your European Goldfinches for sale. These cockatiels are ready for their new home they are $100 each (can split breeding pairs) or $150 to 180 dollars for each breeding pair, out of aviary ready to go, open to negotiations. Please call ahead to the store location you are planning on visiting to confirm that finches for sale will be available. As theyre native to Australias arid central regions, Zebra Finches remain among the most popular dimorphic birds. All birds are happy and healthy. SALE Goldfinch cross with Canary Reg$159 SALE $80. I am taking orders for birds that are ready to ship in May or June 2023. They are friendly with other finches and do well when kept in groups. N/A. Bird-lovers acquire these birds for their playful instincts and affectionate attitude. Even if you have to do so, make sure that you create a schedule so that they dont feel captive excessively. Their nails may occasionally need to be trimmed, but be careful never to clip into the vein as the bird can quickly bleed to death. Finches vary in length from 3 to 10 inches. The black wings of European Goldfinches have yellow undersides and markings across the wings. Stress is deadly for these fragile birds. A wide variety of birds for sale quails, finches and parrots and bird supplies. Please enter a number greater than 0 and less than 10000. Male and female $249.00 Each Quick View Lady Gouldian Finch Their nails may occasionally need to be trimmed, but be careful never to clip into the vein as the bird can quickly bleed to death. Red brow pair $120, Quality gouldian finch nesting box, made from 7mm & 12mm structural plywood. Most pet-owners keep Zebra Finches and let them dwell on their shoulder since thats how a Zebra Finch shows its affection. These are great for people who require the companionship of a beautiful and affectionate bird. https://img.birdsnow.com/slir/w350-c5x4/birds/data/photos/620526t/1672420070/lady-gouldian-finch-for-sale-in-los-angeles-ca.jpg, https://img.birdsnow.com/slir/w350-c5x4/birds/data/photos/620219t/1675277524/silver-white-bird-for-sale-in-mesa-az.jpg, Bev's Birds Red Headed Purple Breasted Males, https://img.birdsnow.com/slir/w350-c5x4/birds/data/photos/526833t_1.jpg%3F1660235733, Bev's Birds Black Headed White Breasted Males, https://img.birdsnow.com/slir/w350-c5x4/birds/data/photos/556532t_1.jpg%3F1660235704, https://img.birdsnow.com/slir/w350-c5x4/birds/data/photos/567603t/1629914337/lady-gouldian-finch-for-sale.jpg, https://img.birdsnow.com/slir/w350-c5x4/birds/data/photos/567601t/1576800610/red-white-finch-for-sale.jpg, https://img.birdsnow.com/slir/w350-c5x4/birds/data/photos/567600t/1576800740/lady-gouldian-finch-for-sale.jpg, Bev's Birds Black Headed Purple Breasted Females, https://img.birdsnow.com/slir/w350-c5x4/birds/data/photos/556534t_1.jpg%3F1661485029, Bev's Birds Black Headed Purple Breasted Males, https://img.birdsnow.com/slir/w350-c5x4/birds/data/photos/533645t_1.jpg%3F1660235673, Bev's Birds Yellow Headed White Breasted Males, https://img.birdsnow.com/slir/w350-c5x4/birds/data/photos/526949t_1.jpg%3F1660235760, https://img.birdsnow.com/slir/w350-c5x4/birds/data/photos/610045t/1676144577/pigeon-for-sale.jpg, https://img.birdsnow.com/slir/w350-c5x4/birds/data/photos/602861t/1670868020/cockatoo-for-sale.jpg, https://img.birdsnow.com/slir/w350-c5x4/birds/data/photos/619043t/1669497787/macaw-for-sale-in-marinette-wi.jpg, https://img.birdsnow.com/slir/w350-c5x4/birds/data/photos/597446t/1677779556/bourke-parakeet-for-sale-in-austin-tx.jpg. These birds are active, energetic and thrive on social interactions with other birds from the same family. If you have a preference for tiny birds, Finches are an amazing option. His excellent plumage is, Radiant Rainbow Finch - Gouldian finches for sale sunshine coast The following is an excerpt from Dr Rob Marshall's "Gouldian and Finch Health" book, available online in the Clients Only section. 2015 BirdBreeders.com LLC. In addition to that, they have long, solid-colored black tails. Keeping Finches as pets is easy because they are low-maintenance, social, and playful in nature. I am taking orders for birds that are ready to ship in May or June 2023. The two black bars are the most common feature among Owl Finches in terms of appearance. 9x females - $10ea Available now! All of the lady gouldian finches we offer for sale are hatched and raised in our aviary under our close supervision to ensure consistent quality to our customers. Special Offer: Ask about the $100 discount - Most beautiful Lady Gouldian Finch.

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