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A huge part of . . Learning to shoot accurately, as well as improving physical strength, stamina, balance, attention, mental discipline, and even confidence, are just a few of the benefits worth mentioning. This shooting platform was meticulously built by BOG to be the most solid, sturdy, lightweight, and simple to use support for your guns. The design of the Stinger shooting rest is fantastic. The competition has categories for both scoped and open sight rifles, with members shooting basic hunting rifles using simple rests, through to heavy target rifles with powerful scopes, and . . The Caldwell Rock BR Competition Rifle Front Shooting Rest offers all the features found on other, more expensive bench-rest quality rests including coarse and fine elevation adjustments and finger-tip windage adjustment. Its frame is ambidextrous. Bench Rest Shooting Competition. The CTK Precision P3 rest is built mainly for precision rifle shooting from a single location, so you may want to consider another option if mobility is something youre looking for. Sinclair International makes high-quality products focusing on handloaders and precision riflemen, so their products are as precise as the shots made off of them. The best shooting rest for pistols will allow the shooter to align it to the target the same way for every shot. An $800 rest seems like overkill. With their leather bottoms that grip most surfaces and are made to perform with durability, shooting will never seem easier. . BOG is back with us again! There are many tools a firearms owner should have if they own a rifle, hunting pistol, or hunting shotgun. The cradle is supported on ball bearings, the base is made of cast iron, there are stainless steel leveling feet, an adjustable forend stop, and bag tensioning adjustment. Caldwell The Steady Rest NXT Shooting Rest - 548664. . Compare. The Vanguard Porta Aim Gun Rest is an excellent shooting rest that is small, light, and easy to transport. 1 3/4 Aluminum knurled height adjustment knob. (44) $107.99 New. Vanguard has always provided the highest quality rifle rest for the benchrest shooter. Competition 2 Front Rifle Rest With Bag $ 354.99 Add to cart; Competitive 1 top only $ 89.99 Add to cart; Hart Mariner Wheel - Spoked $ 44.99 Select options; Hart Mariner Wheel For Standard Pedestal $ 28.75 Select options; Hart Varmint Pedestal (Without Top) $ 249.99 Add to cart; Hart Varmint Rest - Complete (With Choice of Bag) $ 279.99 . This Chassis is CNC machined from solid 6061 T6 aluminum and features an AR15 style grip, adjustable length of pull, adjustable comb height, and the butt plate can be canted to give a precise fit to the shooter in virtually any shooting position. Caldwell designed one of the best shooting rests for pistol handgun shooting. The Steyr Pro THB is available in .308 Winchester and 6.5 Creedmoor. With F class gaining world wide popularity naturally it is becoming the most popular choice for serious competitors. This most often will be metal or steel, with a coating to protect it from rusting. This is a top of the line rest used by the top competitors around the world. OUR TOP PRODUCTS A-3 Bag Ryder $ 79.95 A-4 Bag Ryder $ 89.95 Unlimited Custom Rifle Rest MODEL 1000LP RIFLE REST $ 1,099.95 2000LP Rifle Rest $ 1,495.00 Be sure to get whats important to help you achieve your goals. The magazine can also be loaded into two different positions, one of which allows you to load individual rounds through the ejection port if needed. Lmao. Repetition, repetition, repetition. Caldwell Lead Sled Solo Recoil Reducing Shooting Rest. There must be at least one-half inch of sand in the bags between the rifle and the pedestals. The Rock BR Bench Rest Competition Front Shooting Rest. The Ballistic Long-Range Precision Issue Bringing Long-Range Fire! Even a shooting bag filled with heavy material is going to drive you crazy in this situation. Hunting with a handgun requires precision with a steady hand, almost more than a rifle because of its short barrel length/sight radius. This is great news for all the southpaws out there. Top 10 Best Shooting Rests in 2023 Reviews, 1TWOD Outdoor Shooting Rest Bags Best Budget Shooting Rest, 2Caldwell Lead Sled DFT 2 Rifle Shooting Rest Best Rifle Shooting Rest, 3Caldwell Matrix Adjustable Ambidextrous Rifle Pistol Handgun Shooting Rest Best All-in-one Shooting Rest, 4Allen Company Shooting Stick Best Lightweight Shooting Rest, 5BOG Havoc Series Shooting Stick Best Bipod Shooting Rest, 6BOG DeathGrip Tripod Best Tripod Shooting Rest, 7Caldwell DeadShot Boxed Combo Front and Rear Bag Best Affordable Shooting Rest, 8Caldwell The Rock Best Value for Money Shooting Rest, 9Caldwell Stinger Shooting Rest Most Durable Shooting Rest, 10Vanguard Porta Aim Gun Rest Best Compact Shooting Rest, Caldwell Lead Sled DFT 2 Rifle Shooting Rest, Caldwell Matrix Adjustable Ambidextrous Rifle Pistol Handgun Shooting Rest, Caldwell DeadShot Boxed Combo Front and Rear Bag, Best Snake Proof Boots for Hiking and Hunting, Top 5 Best Scope For 22LR Benchrest In 2023 Ultimate Reviews, Best Thermal Imaging Scope Under $2000 Top 4 To Buy In 2023, Best Cheap Thermal Imaging Scope For Sale In 2023 Top 4 Ultimate Reviews, Best Lightweight & Compact Rifle Scopes Top 6 Ranked Reviews, Best Vortex Scope for AR-15 In 2023 Top 5 Picks Review, Vortex Optics Diamondback Second Focal Plane Riflescopes Review, Elcan SpecterDR Dual Role 1-4x Optical Sight Review, Top 10 Best Air Rifle Scopes In 2023 Reviews, Best 1-4x Scopes for AR-15 in 2023 Reviews, Vortex Optics Viper PST Gen II Riflescopes Review 2023, Top 10 Best Fixed Power Scopes In 2023 Reviews, Bushnell Banner 3-940 Rifle Scope Review [2023], Top 8 Best Linear Compensators In 2023 Reviews, Top 3 Best AR-15 Carry Handles Of 2023 Reviews, Top 7 Best AR-15 Foregrips in 2023 Reviews, CMC Triggers AR-15/AR-10 Single Stage Trigger Group Review, Alpha Shooting Sports AR15 Upper Receivers Review. The rest should also be made to accept a bag for the rifle's forearm to rest on, and you'll want a rear bag to support the rifle stock. Every shooter is different, and this list of long range rifles offers a wide spectrum of choices. Its durability is unrivaled, and its made from either aluminum or carbon fiber. Mechanical rear rests are allowed, but the front and rear rest cannot interact or be joined. 661. ** $800.00 PQP- Fuzz Button Top $240.00 Precision Lite 1-Piece Rest by PQP--*NEW* $599.95 PQP- Delrin Front Top $200.00 PQP--Superfeet Rest Bases $29.95 Text SHOOT to (855)-240-6807 to receive exclusive news and deals! It also accepts LR-308/SR-25 and M1A/M14 magazines. The hand rest may also be removed and transformed into a storage space with enough depth to accommodate any extended magazine clip. The lower features an ambidextrous safety and a trigger that is adjustable from 2.25 to 5 pounds externally. The 16 1/2 sliding cradle on this shooting rest allows it to hold practically any rifle or shotgun. Adjustments are easy to make, and it was easy to put together. They engineered this shooting rest with top-notch innovation to be portable, lightweight, and maintain strong support. Under $50. TR rifles must be chambered in .223 Remington or .308 Winchester. But it's not uncommon for high-end guns in this arena to come with $5,000 price tags. As mentioned, this shooting rest weighs in at just over a half a pound. There is a clip that attaches to two D-rings allowing for easy carry. $395.00 More. Copyright 2023 Creedmoor Sports Inc. All Rights Reserved. Caldwells Fire Control is often slammed for poor quality, but it is just $220. This rifle is an instant classic thanks to its stock, which has a two-way-adjustable cheekpiece, a soft rubber recoil pad, QD sling-mounting points and a flush-mounted lower M-LOK rail. The Caldwell Stinger Shooting Rest is a no-brainer if durability is the most important thing to have in a shooting rest. Add to Cart. This is the perfect rest for shooting handguns, with the V-block fully adjustable for elevation and capable of being switched around for use with longer barrel handguns. When paired with the rubber feet on the Caldwell Lead Sled, the weight comes into play, which work together to keep the rest from skidding out or sliding from recoil. VIP Specials Click to view details. The sled can be designed to look similar to a rowing workout machine, while others will have a tripod design for added stability. These shooting rests tend to use simple designs that pair a rear stock cradle with a front cradle, bag, or rest that moves vertically and horizontally. It also comes with a center-columned adjustment ring that allows for a height adjustment of up to 12 inches. The best part about this rest is that it can easily fold up and be slung across your back by its carrying strap when not in use. Image via Caldwell Facebook. At recent World Benchrest Championships over 70% chose to use a Farley Coax. $219.99. Short range, long range shooting, and extended long range products. They carry a large selection of shooting supplies, especially shooting rests. It's easy to use, has innovative technology built into it, and supports any rifles or handguns. This shooting system can be used in a variety of situations. One of the most unique pistols Ive ever shot is the 500 S&W Magnum with a small scope mounted on top. Users can also choose between standard and long-rail configurations. Theyre made of 600 denier polyester, which is tough and water-resistant. These best shooing rest for pistols will typically just be front cradle or bag supported. Our "Track & Elevate" rest adds a whole new dimension to rifle rest innovation. Pistol rests are small and straighforward. Shooting rests arent particularly adequate with making follow-up shots on a moving target, especially when dealing with fast-moving targets that quickly move out of range of the rests pivot capabilities. The chunky handle makes carrying the Tackdriver easier than you'd think. It has rubberized feet that keep it firmly planted on any surface. . Regardless of how much money you have to spend on firearms, you need to always take good care of them to protect your investment. For the shooter who gets their hands on this set of shooting rests, the multi-use design is a major plus. The match-grade stainless steel barrel is threaded for a brake or suppressor, and BadRock currently offers the gun in .223 Remington, 6mm Creedmoor, 6.5 Creedmoor, .308 Winchester, 6.5 PRC, and .300 PRC. 13 offers from $22.99. It has coarse and fine elevation adjustments (from 5" to 9-1/4") with a finger-tip windage adjustment. The Versacradle is a unique offering in the world of shooting rests. Too heavy for an old guy, so I sold mine. Shooting long-distance accurately requires minimizing movement, and without a stable platform, its next to impossible to make a good shot. A rifle sled rest is a design that will support the heavier rifles in the industry. 23 offers from $20.99. Keeps the Rifle Stable Excellent for Shooting at Any Distance Great for Casual Target Shooting and Competition Shooting Cons Some of the Screws May Be Difficult to Secure at First Make customizations to the front bag in the cradle with a different shooting bag if need be. $26.96 Used. 2 reviews. With match proven adjustable top to accommodate different guns. It is vital in your search to determine the purpose of your shooting rest and match that purpose up with the gun youll primarily be using. Such as our Port Level Ammo Block which enables the shooter to adjust their tray of 20 rounds of PPC or BR wherever needed. More features include a fluted, 20-inch medium bull barrel, an oversized bolt handle and a Kuiu Camo finish. ** $800.00 PQP- Precision Joystick Rest Quantity Add to cart There are not enough products in stock Subscribe to be Notified When This Item is Back in Stock Description Product Details rating PQP Joystick Rest Open The Greenlaw is very nice, the Bald Eagle not so nice. $149.99. There has to be a certain amount of speed needed at times to get into the perfect position to hit the target successfully. In observance of the recently passed California Assembly Bill AB 2571, firearm industry members must cease all advertising and marketing activities directed at individuals 17 years and younger in California. This is my first front rest and it is great. The elevation system is spring-loaded, allowing for easy one-handed height adjustments. Bipods and shooting bags are beneficial for shooting prone or in specific positions, but a shooting rest is a necessity for many reasons. #15. This makes it one of the best shooting rests while maintaining a true level of compactness. Front and rear elevation are also an option to find that perfect fit and gain an advantage on any wind factor. Brand New - Never used The Farley Coax front benchrest is the standard in world wide benchrest shooting competition. Thats correct! 4.9 out of 5 star rating (14 reviews) Quick View. SINCLAIR INTERNATIONAL. Outback Sportsman - Competition rests and sandbags. But you never Hornady just announced the release of a very interesting new load, one we think hunters will jump all over. 2023 JNews - Premium WordPress news & magazine theme by Jegtheme. Its also great for any ambush situation because its quick and simple to set up and fold away. And to solidify your satisfaction, Caldwell is a leader in shooting products and makes sure that their precision is unmatched amongst competitors! Approved by FCSA and shooter associations as a competition rifle bench rest. Some of the Front Rests have been bought by casual shooters who just want the best. Shadetree Model 1 Rest Top. Rests with rubber feet can assist with stability and recoil management by keeping the gun in place when a shot is fired. Caldwell Rock BR Competition Rifle Front Shooting Rest $179.95 Qty: Add to cart Crosman Bipod $25.95 Creedmoor Stratum 8" Rifle Rest $39.95 Creedmoor Stratum 6.5" Rifle Rest $37.95 Creedmoor Stratum 5" Rifle Rest $34.95 $24.95 Edgewood Common Hunter (2 1/4") Front Bag $84.95 Qty: Add to cart Edgewood Common Varmint (3") Front Bag $84.95 If you are newer to shooting, ask your shooting range what tools you can use while at the range. I have been fortunate to use almost all the aforementioned rests through friends, shooting ranges, and affiliates. Any kind of stress or unwanted pressure will undoubtedly affect your aim. Out of stock Compare. Caldwell is a well-known name in the world of shooting. Competition Shooting Bench Rest: Artificially seasoned (thermally stress-relieved) and precision machined graded cast iron base. Our AI tool automatically assigns a score from 0 to 10 based on the collected data. This gun is feature-rich and includes a free-floating, hand-lapped, carbon-fiber- wrapped 416R stainless steel barrel as well as V-Block bedding to deliver pinpoint accuracy. It is 62 inches in length when fully extended. Check out our huge selection of Rifle Parts to build your own competitive benchrest class rifle for the shooting range, sport, tactical, or hunting. Whether shooting for practice, for fun, or in competition, Caldwells The Rock Deluxe Front Rest Combo is a handy piece of shooting equipment. For questions regarding this law, you may view the full text here. Rest can be used in reverse acting mode. It is well made. This Matrix adjustable shooting rest has nothing that lets it down. We've incorporated the best design ideas, materials, and craftsmanship to present you with a shooting platform that rivals any windage rest . 5/8 Adjustable stainless steel pointed pin. This specific shooting rest can accommodate both rifles and pistols, and the P3 in its name comes from the three-point leveling system, which helps balance out slants or leans in your shooting surface. The Alpha shooting rest was created to fill the need for a solid prone shooting platform to account for even the shortest rifles with 7.5 barrels. I have seen this gun shoot competitive groups. Never worry about lugging around all your shooting equipment again when your main focus is on your target. B487 | $2099. Find the shooting rest you need for your next trip to the range at Midsouth Shooters! Sinclair Competition Rest with Windage and All-Purpose Top Ambidextrous controls One inch solid steel base plate with carry handle Fine vertical and windage shot to shot adjustments All purpose top comes filled with playsand All purpose top is adjustable to accommodate most forends Fully adjustable forend stop Base mounted roller bearing windage adjustment with oversized control knob Windage . While the Ruger Precision Rifle has been popular for a number of years now, the company recently unveiled a new version in .300 PRC with a 30-MOA top rail as well as a heavy cold-hammer-forged barrel manufactured from 4140 chrome-moly steel with 5R rifling for optimal ballistics. Warranty: 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects. Sighting In A Firearm. Or, if youre on a budget, how about our reviews of the Best Miltary Watches under 100 Dollars you can buy in 2023. The total weight of a TR rifle must be less than 8.25 kg (about 18 pounds), which includes the weight of the bipod and any items attached to the rifle during shooting. If you want to up your long-distance shooting game there are a few tools that will make a real difference -- a shooting rest and Kestrel being must-haves. Stand on one leg and see how long you can balance. We carry rests from all the popular manufacturers like Allen, Birchwood Casey and Caldwell. While I have not harvested an animal using that pistol, my grandfather has on many occasions. Theyre tough and dont budge when youre shooting, and effortlessly withstand abuse. These will be your sleds, and tripod design rests, offering at least two points of contact for your rifle to rest. That isnt to say they arent extremely useful. A new design by Birchwood Casey just hit the industry and is available for pre-order. #10. I like to developers handloads which get me sub 1moa accuracy with the hope of getting close to .5moa accuracy. The exploding large-format pistol market has been woefully underserved when it comes to dedicaeted shooting rests, an opportunity Birchwood Casey is looking to capitalize on with their new rest. We upgraded our front rest to improve our groups. The shooter has their choice of fill material as it comes with an unfilled Caldwell medium bag. Caldwell TackDriver Shooting Rest Bag. It sports a basic yet sturdy chassis design that provides plenty of room for your hands. If you have a heavier rifle used for competitions or hunting, look elsewhere because these lighter options wont be able to manage the recoil, hold the rifle on target, or fit the gun well. It has a large knob that spins smoothly and elevates 3 inches providing easy target acquisition with one hand. With ease, this shooting rest changes in size. Sometimes all you need is a front rest and some cardboard to get the job done. They fill every shooters basic need to sight in a gun and remove as much movement from the process as possible. Caldwell Tack Driver X Shooting Bag. The Sinclair Competition Rest's foundation begins with a one inch, solid steel base plate with a dur.. 549.99$ 540.00$ My three-gun shotgun has a rear sight installed to help line up my slug target shots more accurately, and I have used the front portion of a shooting rest with support bags to line up my rear and front sight and confirm where my slugs impacted on target. The FieldPod gives you a stable platform when you're seated or prone. 36205. The 18-inch handguard features M-LOK slots and a bottom dovetail for RRA SOAR and similar QD accessories. Caldwell created their own dual-frame shooting rest technology to help any shooter improve their accuracy. Berrys Bullets are known for one primary department they focus on making bullets. I am not a comp shoot not am I an extreme long range shooter. It also features a cone-shaped bolt nose and a spring-loaded sliding plate extractor. The padding on the resting points uses high-quality marine carpet that is long-lasting and prevents any surface marring. We work, we play, and we burn a lot of energy, which eventually exhausts us. You might think that the shorter ranges translate to smaller scopes with less magnification. However, the ultimate purpose of all of this is to feel comfortable in your shooting posture. $30.99. This shooting rest provides effortless traversing, and instant elevation. The spring-loaded tension mechanism, a height adjustment knob that raises and lowers as smoothly as butter, and non-marring over-molded front and rear cradles for optimum handgun protection are just a few of the excellent features. Sinclair Bullet Sorting Stand. Caldwell Steady Rest NXT Adjustable Ambidextrous Rest for Sighting in Firearms. Sand, rice, or scraped plastic pellets can be used to fill them. These Gun Rests and Shooting Benches are engineered to keep your gun stationary and consistent for target practice and sighting in the cross-hairs. Bullet Central was founded in 2012 by Christopher Harris. The Premier Series LRP rifle features a Bergara Branded aluminum chassis made in partnership XLR Industries. Quality rests are usually priced at least over $100 but generally less than $300. The dual ejector is compatible with magnum calibers. Weighing from 23 to 38 pounds (depending on accessories), the Rifle Master represents a rock-solid platform for evaluating the accuracy of your rifles. Remington Rifle Mount Bipod 6-9" (71855) 3 reviews. So lets take a closer look at the ten best shooting rests currently on the market and find the perfect option for you. Get discounts from top brands & our latest reviews! Caldwell Lead-Sled Plus 3 Shooting Rest. Now that you have a better sense of the kinds of shooting rests available, lets break down the details that matter. The Steady Rest NXT With Front and Rear Integral Bags. Hornady Subsonic 7.6239 Ammunition Launches 255-grain Bullet, Quietly. Shooting rests can also help reduce recoil, depending on their design. The Front Rest - also called the Fulghum Rest - was designed by Ken Fulghum, a world class rimfire bench rest shooter. The precision rifle market is one of the fastest-growing segments of the firearms world. Investing in a shooting rest will benefit you in all aspects of your shooting. It meets all of the requirements for great shooting accuracy. Some rests have a rear rubber pad that helps absorb the recoil from a long gun. That weight is coupled with a precision no wobble elevation ramp unique to the Caldwell. For more great bipod options, check out our in-depth Best AR-15 Bipod Reviews or the Best Bipod for Remmington 700. Sighting Shotguns. ability to improvise and create a steady shooting position is one of the top skills that separates these pros from the rest of the competitors. Shop all within Shooting Gear & Accessories, Shop all within Creedmoor Sports Shooting Coats. Another option is a combo consisting of a bipod as a forward rest and a beanbag as a rear rest. Compare. Battenfeld Technologies Caldwell 7 Rest Adjustable Shooting Rest. With this shooting rest, you can attain great accuracy whether youre a seasoned shooter or a beginner. Absolute body control and high focus of attention require top physical and mental performance. The benchrest-style stock gives you a rock-solid shooting platform, and your favorite high-powered optic will lock easily onto the Picatinny top rail. It features a 13-inch diameter, extra-wide three-point iron base, and a carry handle built into it. The BOG Havoc Series Bipod Shooting Stick is at the top of its class of best bipod shooting rests. The BOG FieldPod is a lot like the Caldwell Deadshot Fieldpod, which adjusts in height from 20 to 42, weighs just 6 pounds, and can be used with a shotgun, rifle, or crossbow. Image via Berrys Bullets Facebook. If a hunting blind has a shelf, table, or any sort of flat surface, you should always make room for a shooting rest to use with your hunting gun of choice. All shooters and hunters want to have in their possession a versatile and consistent shooting system that can be set up anywhere and at any time. While many shooting rests are available on the market, we trust a few brands with our shooting accuracy. A living, breathing human body is never at rest. Unlike traditional rests that use a screw pedestal, Berrys designed a 360-degree ball on which the rest rotates. While there are a variety of shooting rests to choose from, there are instances when a bipod rest is the most convenient option. Optics are an interesting question for a 22LR competition rifle. They also offer an innovative quick connect dual configuration that can be adjusted to fit any rifle. MSRP: $164.99 . He lives in Kansas with his wife Shirley and the two German Shepherds, Troy and Reagan. A father should be able to pass down his rest to his children along with his rifle. While not a shooting rest, you would be missing out of you didnt consider the Caldwell Tackdriver bag. The F class version has special feet for prone shooting on mounds and internal spring . $6900 Save $10. Birchwood Casey Alpha Rifle Shooting Rest - Tubula. This two-hit duo is also compatible with any Caldwell shooting bag. The original source of leather sandbag rifle and pistol rests made in USA since 1938. The tripods strong legs planted firmly in the ground provide it complete control over any movement from front to rear and side to side. Let's first look at F-Open. It incorporates dual sets of twin tapered roller bearings for an effortless, non-binding windage operation. Left or right-handed shooters will benefit from this ambidextrous design, and real value for the money can be expected with The Rock Deluxe shooting rest. Its packed with cool features thatll help any shooter hit the mark. A rifle shooting rest should isolate everything but the trigger pull from the shooter. Founded in 1948, Birchwood Casey makes everything from shooting rests to cleaning kits, clay throwers, and specialty shooting targets. The convenience of an independent rear bag allows the shooter to use a bag that fits their chosen stock to a tee. Featuring a wide range of adjustments allows for 20 plus inches of vertical and horizontal motion at 100 yards. A pistol shooting rest is set up slightly differently to allow the shooter to grip the gun but set the frame or barrel on the rest. The knobs adjust the rests height from 5 to 10 and have a windage adjustment at 100 yards of a full 60 inches. For every style of gun and shooter, theres a shooting rest available. 167 Creedmoor Way The DeathGrip clamp has a tough rubber interior providing a stronghold without slipping. This is an excellent tool for any shooter to improve their abilities and develop into a competent sniper. Its a great entry-level shooting rest for new shooters who want some support when shooting their rifles but arent ready to commit to a more expensive or feature-laden option. That's my first goal to achieve in BR. A gun rest will provide you with a lot of benefits. The bubble level built into the top of the tripod indicates the rifles level. Aluminium top is precision machined from solid stock. Not much and the cast iron base of this shooting rest ensures a long service life. Seventy percent were using Lapua brass. More features include a two-lug bolt with an integrated recoil lug, a free-floating barrel and a two-stage Howa Activated Controlled Trigger (HACT) with a clean break set between 2.5 and 3 pounds. The feet are sharp pins that will dig themselves into any surface. Shooting rests are designed specifically for this purpose. The leaders who carefully designed this shooting rest are tried and true experienced shooters and hunters that know what works. Any one of the 10 best shooting rests will serve you well, but choose the one that checks all the boxes in your search for the proper rest for you. While the rest can be. Premium models for avid hunters, year-round competitive shooters, and versatility will be above the $300 mark. Its also a good idea to think about the ideal weight because youll want a rest that works well on the range and in the field. The entire purpose of a shooting rest is to create a stable platform from which to take a shot.

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