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Around the same time, leaders discussed how to respond to the shooting at Columbine High School in nearby Littleton, Colo. More than 20 years later, NPR has obtained secret recordings of those conversations. Dylan is wearing a black baseball cap on backward, exposing a B embroidered in white on the back of the hat the Boston Red Sox logo. Wow the leader follower thing started quicker thank I thought. [38] The 80 ruling (Justice William Rehnquist recused himself because he had worked for attorney general John N. Mitchell) in United States v. Nixon found that President Nixon was wrong in arguing that courts are compelled to honor, without question, any presidential claim of executive privilege. If it's hard to read, copy and paste it into a Word Document :), Scan this QR code to download the app now,, I did not address the belief that Dylan Klebold placed his jewelry into a pile before committing suicide for two reasons: [1] He did not place his jewelry . They then move on to discussing the weapons, before getting into their personal philosophical views, and talking about various people who they believed had done them wrong. This tape begins with footage of Harris and Klebold in Harris' house on March 15, drinking Jack Daniels, and talking about how they hope that the videos that they're making will soon be shown all over the world, once their so-called "masterpiece" had been completed, and when everyone would be looking for answers as to why they committed the massacre. Parties and banquets were planned even an appearance by a comedian. Does that look bad, or does it look uh MAKRIS: Well, I mean, that can be twisted too. CORNISH: Tim Naftali is an associate professor of history at New York University. The remainder of the tape is a description of the weapons, bombs and the suicide plan., He says this is total KMFDM and that there are 7 and 1/3 days left. He gets an odd look on his face, then says, Fuc*ing bitches. He then lists five names and says that hes going to be one tired motherfuc*er come Monday, then BOOM! 1:20. i would love to find out the answer of this. In Nixons view the Kennedys, both John and Robert, got away with abuses of power that Nixon could not get away with, Hughes says. Not to say anyone could guess the magnitude of what he was planning, but how many red flags did they miss or simply choose to ignore? "The dirty secret of this day and age is that political gain and media ratings all too often bloom on fresh graves. White House lawyers first heard of the gap on the evening of November 14, 1973, and Judge Sirica, who had issued the subpoenas for the tapes, was not told until November 21, after the president's attorneys had decided that there was "no innocent explanation" they could offer. Implement it, Nixon said, referring to a secret plan to expand government burglary and wiretapping. It has not been released. ", Says Hammer: "If you pull down the exhibit hall, that's not going to leave anything for the media except the members meeting, and you're going to have the wackos with all kinds of crazy resolutions, with all kinds of, of dressing like a bunch of hillbillies and idiots. I don't know about you guys, but I somehow have never come across this before. At the end of the document was a partial transcript of the "Nixon Tape," but only the portion of the interview Eric had with Nixon. The people you are most likely to get in that member meeting without an exhibit hall are the nuts," says LaPierre. And it makes me wonder just what exactly was going on in their household. The Columbine shooting in Littleton, Colo., was at the time the deadliest school shooting since the late 1960s, threatening to provide a tragic backdrop to the NRA's previously scheduled annual convention in Denver. -We know Eric saw a psychiatrist and was prescribed antidepressants.-We know Eric's dad caught him with a pipe bomb and just made him detonate it.-We know the gun store called Eric's home phone to let him know his "ammunition was ready" and Wayne flippantly dismissed them saying he didn't order any.And we know that on the day of the attack Wayne called 911 almost immediately saying, "I think my son might be involved!" [8], The tapes contain more than 3,000 hours of conversation. The next cut-in shows the two men in Klebold's bedroom, fiddling around with their weapons and securing guns to their clothing (the same clothing that they would die in). Goodbye. She has generally been straight with me.". heheh, I'm trying guys, bear with me), I came across this passage: "Shortly before 11:00 A.M., Eric and Dylan set off with the arsenal[]They left two pipe bombs behind at Eric's house, six at Dylan's. Sure, the North Vietnamese would have probably slaughtered and castrated two million South Vietnamese Catholics, but nobody would have cared. His lower half cant be seen. Seems like Eric was screaming for his parent's attention and just never got it. Dylan adds that they can have his things as well. 43:02. The political reaction to the erasure of 18 1/2 minutes of the June 20 tape seriously eroded Nixon's already-poor credibility. When the footage cuts back in, it is of Harris alone in a moving car, with the camera mounted on the dashboard. The Columbine Basement Tapes - Everything you need to know about them Columbine Video Archives 25.7K subscribers Subscribe 5.4K 240K views 4 years ago TWITTER. He turns to a page where there are figures drawn complete with ammo, bombs, and guns, all labeled. Columbine Tapes. They want us to play the heavy in their drama of packaged grief, to provide riveting programming to run between commercials for cars and cat food," Heston said at the time to applause. The NRA strategists on the call sounded shaken and panicked as they pondered their next step into what would become an era of routine and horrific mass school shootings. The final report, dated May 31, 1974, found that these other explanations did not contradict the original findings. Hes wearing black BDUs (military-style pants) tucked into military-style boots. Its about a half an hour before our little judgment day. In addition to mapping out their national strategy, NRA leaders can also be heard describing the organization's more activist members in surprisingly harsh terms, deriding them as "hillbillies" and "fruitcakes" who might go off script after Columbine and embarrass them. I'm sorry if this is easily obtained information somehow but I haven't found it. Mario Tama/AFP via Getty Images Harris once again mentions Brandon Larson and talks about his head being on his knife (despite the two threats made towards Larson in the videos, he did not end up being one of their victims). A school bus in 1999 passes a billboard advertising the NRA's annual meeting in Denver, previously scheduled to take place just 10 days after the shooting at Columbine High School. 'Goddamn it, get in and get those files. And again it seems to me you don't understand how to play the game. In the mean time, please check out our Rules section as well as our Resources pages! Share to Reddit. I want you to have that Fly CD. An overview of the history of the "Basement Tapes," courtesy of He initially lost several cases,[47] but the courts ruled in 1998 that some 820 hours and 42 million pages of documents were his personal private property that must be returned to his estate. No Compromise: Inside an extreme corner of the gun debate, Gun rights are back at the Supreme Court for the first time in more than a decade, The NRA is being sued for allegedly breaking campaign finance law to back Republicans. Special Counsel Archibald Cox, a former United States Solicitor General under President John F. Kennedy, asked District Court Judge John Sirica to subpoena nine relevant tapes to confirm the testimony of White House Counsel John Dean. Reaching for the Uher 5000 stop button, she said that she mistakenly hit the button next to it, the record button. Cookie Notice Has anyone seen anything else mentioning it? He can be heard on the recordings obtained by NPR calling some NRA supporters "nuts.". Murderous Minds: Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris - Columbine High School Shooting Documentary. Is it known where exactly the tapes were found? Columbine Shooting Police Audio, Channel 1 Tape 1; Part two. RC. Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre is on the line, as is longtime NRA lobbyist Marion Hammer and advertising strategist Angus McQueen, among others. I just wanted to apologize to you guys for any crap this might instigate as far as [inaudible] or something. Did we ever hear more about that? Huh thats a good question Ive never thought about where they were found, only what they contained. Members of Congress, one participant says, have asked the NRA to "secretly provide them with talking points. "[23], A variety of suggestions have been made as to who could have erased the tape. A place to discuss the massacre that took place at Columbine High School in Littleton, CO on April 20th, 1999. The reporting to follow is based on documents from,, and the JCSO report. By July, he was speculating about reviving the House Committee on Un-American Activities to investigate government whistleblowersor in his words, going after all these Jews. The Nixon White House tapes are audio recordings of conversations between U.S. President Richard Nixon and Nixon administration officials, Nixon family members, and White House staff, produced between 1971 and 1973.. . 2.3.2Nixon tape 3Weaponry Toggle Weaponry subsection 3.1Guns 3.2Explosives 3.2.1Pipe bombs 3.2.2Cafeteria bombs 3.2.3Car bombs 3.3Knives 4The massacre Toggle The massacre subsection 4.1Planting the bombs 4.211:19 a.m.: Shooting begins 4.311:22 a.m.: Police response and West Entrance shootouts 4.411:29-11:36 a.m.: Library massacre What would Vietnam have looked like if the war had ended earlier? Because their story needs a villain. Who is more keenly aware than I am that, from a political standpoint, we should have flushed it down the drain three years ago, blamed Johnson and Kennedy? he asked rhetorically. Though, it seems weird to imagine them filming that final shot and then walking somewhere far away to put the camera down. They name some of the classmates they hope to murder. Robert Delfay was the head of an industry trade group. "When we lost control of a situation and the result was a half a million members, the president of the United States bailing out on us and a firestorm of negative media that if you went back and looked at, it was probably in the hundreds of millions of dollars in opposition to us and our point of view.". The Nixon Tape and the Clue poster would only tip off their parents, not the investigation.

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