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The airbase was phased out years ago, but Blytheville has emerged as a steel production center and agri-business is strong. Honorable Discharged at the rank of E5 Staff Sgt. Would love hear your stories or your thoughts. Yes we grew up overseas and only went to Department of Defense Schools but it was amazing. Thanks to Dave Howell for posting this photo of Miss Piggy and her crew. Currently, the wet carpet has molded over and over again. And in 1991, Eaker Air Force Base was on the top of the list. The base was deactivated in 1945 at the end of World War II. This article was made possible by the help of Barrett Harrison, President of the Arkansas Aeroplex, Technical Sergeant Robert Charles, curator of the BAFB Exhibit, many Air Force veterans and the National Cold War Center. Those dorms were pristine (almost new if I remember correctly) when they were abandoned. All the glass is shattered. Fifteen B-52s were lost during the 1972 Linebacker II Christmas bombings and three of those B-52s originated from the 97th Bombardment Wing assigned to Blytheville Air Force Base; B 52G 58-0201 "Charcoal 1" went down on the 18th, B 52G 58-0198 "Olive 1" and B 52G 58-0169 "Tan 3" were shot down on the 21st.,transferable%20for%20global%20refueling%20missions. Hopefully the site will become available again for us. Location. In December 1972, after being repaired, it flew four additional missions over North Vietnam. The aircraft was set on course to Boeings headquarters in Wichita, Kansas. Details on 57-6486 are sparse; it may have seen combat over Vietnam with another unit. BLYTHEVILLE AIR FORCE BASE EXHIBITION. At the height of the Cold War, Eaker Air Force Base was home to the 97th Bombardment Wing, the 42nd Air Division, the 97th Air Refueling Squadron, the 97th Supply Squadron, the 97th Organizational Maintenance Squadron, the 820th Medical Group, and many more. After any major war, surplus equipment and property is sold to the general public and agencies. The crew started to lose control of the plane and went to bail out. Pinterest. Glad to see the alert pad will be saved. After extensive renovations, the "BAFB Exhibition", at the former Blytheville/Eaker Air Force Base, is open for business. These jets were flown from 1969 to Feb 1974 when they were retired due to the oil crisis. My job was to keep the alert aircraft supplied with the parts they needed to be mission ready. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators . Base Fire Station. [1], In 1988, the U.S. Air Force officially renamed Blytheville AFB to Eaker AFB in commemoration of World War II General Ira Eaker, the former commander of the 8th Air Force. The incident over Cannon Air Force Base in New Mexico on January 21, 1976, would not only stretch to a second night but was also witnessed by pure chance by a student journalist known only as "Bruce.". Sheila Russell Thurber. Below is my Blytheville Air Force Base token collection. Dave Howell, RN Bob Gilbert, Gunner Rick Watson, EW Chuck Kinkhead, N Can't remember, CP Kevin Rice. From an extreme case of having to be boarded up like a top secret quarantine, to simply being an old tool shed that never got used. Housing for members of the military and their families was developed between 1957 and 1962 north and south . Mr. Gorbachev tore down that wall. Donate to our causeCheck out our books! Due to the high amount of asbestos flying around in the air, and the safety concerns. The Getty Images design is a trademark of Getty Images. Blytheville herald-news Blytheville courier news (DLC)sn 89051348 Find Blytheville Air Force Base stock photos and editorial news pictures from Getty Images. They also tended, in some cases, to be far more raunchy than even World War II or Korean nose art even dared--one popular one was to show a heavily pregnant Lucy Van Pelt from "Peanuts" screaming "Damn you, Charlie Brown!" Armament: Four defensive .50-cal. Profile pictures. The heavier steel fuel tanks of the tall-tail series were replaced by integral fuel tanks, in which the entire wing served as a tank. All photos. Armament: Four defensive .50-cal. 6 'Cat And Mouse' UFO Chase Over Cannon AFB January 1976. To differentiate ALCM-equpped B-52Gs from unmodified aircraft, a wing fairing was added solely for the benefit of Soviet reconnaissance satellites, in accordance with arms control treaties. The exhibits are impactful and tell the story of Base history. I never earned Air Force Wings, the wings that appear in the photo are those of the Commemorative Air Force of which I am a member. The aircraft was flown from Castle AFB to Hill AFB, Utah, in its final flight. The base closed in December 1992 and has re-opened as a general aviation/commercial airport and industrial park known as the Arkansas Aeroplex. Memphis Discovery Tour . The aircraft on display saw extensive service in Southeast Asia and was severely damaged by an enemy surface-to-air missile on April 9, 1972. Eaker Air Force Base in its entirety is a mix of private and federal property. GitHub export from English Wikipedia. Powerplant: Two Pratt & Whitney R-1830-92 Twin Wasp, 14-cylinder radial air-cooled engines, 1,200 horsepower each. Blytheville Air Force Base (BAFB) Exhibition: BAFB Exhibition - Blytheville/Eaker AFB - See 9 traveler reviews, 32 candid photos, and great deals for Blytheville, AR, at Tripadvisor. Thousands of jobs were lost. In May 1962 the aircraft returned to the Boeing factory in Kansas for wing modification and strengthening to counteract the fatigue cracks occurring in the B-52 fleet. The Southeast Asia War section of the Modern Flight Gallery at the National Museum of the United States Air Force ( [1] It was located 3 miles (4.8km) northwest of Blytheville, Arkansas. It has the exact same problems as the hospital, though both buildings trade off on extremities. Use code: FLICKR10, International Air Tattoo 1987 - RAF Fairford. [1] Then the airfield briefly became a processing center for the rapid demobilization of military personnel being discharged. In 1988, the facility was renamed Eaker Air Force Base in honor of World War II General of the Eighth Air Force, Ira C. Eaker. (USAF Museum Official Website), Objects and images related to Blytheville Air Force Base, aka Eaker Air Force Base, The patch for the 340th Bomb Squadron assigned to the 97th Bomb Wing, Blytheville Air Force Base aka Eakers Air Force Base. During the Korean War, when many USAF units were based in Japan and crews lived with their families, wives got to see up close the often risque nose art their husbands painted on their aircraft--and were not pleased with what they saw. [1] It was located 3 miles (4.8 km) northwest of Blytheville, Arkansas. B.R.A.C. In the post-Cold War era, the U.S. Air Force decided to shut down the Eaker Air Force Base in Blytheville, AR. Electrical work and flood damage repair have begun. Military. Thanks VetFriends. With the end of the war the base was closed, only to be reopened 15 July 1955 as a Strategic Air Command (SAC) base which was home to B-57 and B-52 . Because it was an Air Force base, the airport has room and facilities that are not available in many other complexes. machine guns in tail plus up to 43,000 lbs. Originally Blytheville Air Force Base, the base's official name was changed in 1988 to honor air pioneer and commander of the Mighty Eighth Air Force during World War II, Lieutenant General Ira C. Eaker. Like many B-52s, 58-0183 was shuttled around through several units--in this case, no less than eleven bomb wings. Finally, again to save weight, the tail gunner position was eliminated in favor of a remote-controlled barbette, with the gunner moved forward to the crew compartment. Today the base is mostly in a decrepit state of disrepair. If you served in Blytheville Air Force Base, Join TWS for free to reconnect with service friends. Leaving Little Rock as Arkansas only active base. Ash. The B-47 Stratojet was slated to be replaced by a mix of both the heavy Stratofortress and the Convair B-58 Hustler high-speed medium bomber. When I arrived in July 1972, Blytheville Air Force Base's B-52s, KC-135s, pilots, navigators, electronic warfare officers, tail gunners and many . Two B-52G bombers were readied to strike the Soviet Union with nuclear weapons if necessaryfor which the wing received the Air Force Outstanding Unit Award for its performance during the crisis. MEMORIES. 4 items. Transferred from the 97th Bomb Wing, Blytheville Air Force Base, Ark., this aircraft was flown to the museum in November 1978. The Hound Dog was withdrawn in the 1970s and replaced with the AGM-69 SRAM, which could be carried in groups of 20 rather than just two of the huge Hound Dogs. My father manufactured this and built a front wheel carrier for my motorcycle so I could mount the front wheel and removed the chain and allow the rear wheel to freely roll as we towed it down the road. I think it is lost on most Americans that the first time a B-52 was used in actually live combat was in Vietnam and it was the only time a B-52 was lost to enemy fire. The airport was developed from the closed Eaker Air Force Base (formerly Blytheville Air Force Base), after its closure by the U.S. Air Force in 1992. . The commanding general of the U.S. Army Air Forces, Henry Arnold, went as far as saying that he doubted a woman could control a B17. The National Cold War Center will be an entirely brand new building itself. Only ten B-52Gs survive today as museum pieces. The War Assets Administration officially closed down the installation in 1946, at which point control and responsibility for the land was transferred to the city of Blytheville. This VC-47D had been assigned to the 97th Bomb Wing, Blytheville Air Force Base, Arkansas. In 1988, the facility was renamed Eaker Air Force Base in honor of World War II General of the Eighth Air Force, Ira C. At Mildenhall. Blytheville Air Force Base, Arkansas. 27 items. NUMBER BUILT: Douglas built a total of 10,047 C-47s and derivatives. Today it is 14,011. They could go out of the facility to visit family, go to a movie or the BX, but the whole crew had to go everywhere together. I was an army brat and a military wife along with an army civilian off and on over the years. For more information, visit the website at or call 870-532-2100. Base Theater. The majority of the bases housing is still in use, a few buildings are in use, and the tarmac is now the Arkansas Aeroplex. Movie Theater. The worst building on base is the hospital. On January 10th, 1964, a B52H loaned to Boeing by the USAF was testing the structural integrity of, and new technology for the aircraft. This is not my photograph so it may not be used for commercial purposes. Blytheville AFB experienced a great deal of activity throughout the Cold War era, when for instance, the 97th Bombardment Wing went on airborne alert on 22 October 1962, during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Renamed Eaker Air Force Base in 1988 honoring Gen. Ira Eaker, the entire facility closed in 1992. action, the base has sat mostly dormant. Deactivated at the close of the conflict, the base was reactivated in the 1950s as Blytheville Air Force Base and was renamed Eaker Air Force Base in 1988 . Of the 3,778 acres the base is comprised of, two thirds of the land is abandoned. After Eaker Air Force Base was B.R.A.C.d, multiple buildings on the base were put up for sale, but never put to use properly. It was amazing. Granted today, the area has stayed well populated due to industrial jobs, but Blythevilles unemployment rate is four percent higher than the national average (pre-covid). The facility now operates as the Arkansas Aeroplex and Arkansas International Airport. Though it is referred to these names, the airport officially goes by Arkansas Aeroplex. Holes in the roof create entryways for birds and rain. These three 97th BW aircraft were stationed and flown out of Anderson AFB, Guam, as part of the 72nd Strategic Wing (Provisional). Arkansas had six Army airfields. Luckily, the nose art was removed first and donated to the nearby Pima Air and Space Museum. Of the 3,778 acres the base is comprised of, two thirds of the land is abandoned. Community Profile: Blytheville, Ark., Spreads Its Wings after Air Force Base Closing. The project mainly serves to save the best buildings and bring buildings in the worst shape down for safety purposes. View allAll Photos Tagged Blytheville Air Force Base. Was stationed there from 1967 to 1970 with 97th AMS, the old A&E Squadron. By October of the same year the aircraft was moved to Robins AFB, Georgia. In June 1972 General Brown assumed command of the 416th Bombardment Wing at Griffiss Air Force Base, N.Y. It was good to see jets setting on the tarmac, even if they are only civilian jets. The B-52G was also built from the start to deliver standoff nuclear weapons, beginning with the AGM-28 Hound Dog. The base contributed greatly to the economic and . Branch of Service: Air Force. I saw this jet fly Oct 25 1972 at the Blytheville AFB air show. The 1980s saw something of a resurgence--oddly enough, mostly among Strategic Air Command units. The alert force aircraft remained parked just outside this facility (on a ramp, over to the left); there were armed airmen patrolling the ramp at all times. The Ritz Theater from the outside circa. It is a peculiarly shaped building, like the rest of the buildings on the base. As a CAP cadet 1966-1969 the lore of this base was discussed often. Jwt708 Well-Known Member. 97th Bomb Wing has a long and honorable history. This one is at the old (now closed) SAC base near Blytheville, Arkansas. The Blytheville Air Force Base Capehart Housing Historic District encompasses a large residential area built between 1957 and 1962 as part of a military housing program for service members stationed at the now-closed Blytheville Air Force Base in Blytheville, Arkansas. Capt. May be an image of text that says 'David Pride 2000' No photo description available. After extensive renovations, the "BAFB Exhibition", at the former Blytheville/Eaker Air Force Base, is open for business. Today. In order to understand why Eaker Air Force Base closed, one has to dive into foreign, political, and socioeconomic issues of the late 1980s and early 1990s. A total of 820 KC135s have been produced since 1956. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});,cargo%20and%20aeromedical%20evacuation%20capabilities.&text=The%20KC%2DX%20Program%2C%20the,current%20KC%2D135%20tanker%20fleet. At the former Blytheville (Eaker) Air Force Base, now Arkansas International Airport, Delta Air Lines has stored many aircraft because of the downturn of passengers due to the 2020 Corona Virus. I have been to the former base and tarmac many times in the 2010s for Sports Car Club of America events. Fighter units also rarely carried nose art or even a name, though they made up for it with very gaudy colors and flamboyant unit crests. 88 of the aircraft built are modified versions to serve specific purposes such as reconnaissance aircraft, and cargo carriers. In 2020, both Arkansas senators proposed a bill to designate the museum in Blytheville. During its test flight, Boeing was performing tests to show the aircrafts resilience against low-altitude turbulence. "Valkyrie" shows one of Norse mythology's legendary "choosers of the slain" in full armor on horseback, with her shield a SAC emblem and carrying SAC's red lightning bolts in her other hand--which is pretty inventive. During Eaker's height, Blytheville was roughly the same size as Jonesboro, Smith said. But it is well-worth the visit. On January 31st, 2022, the Arkansas Aeroplex officially announced that work had been started on restoring Building 1225. The base's primary mission shifted to bomber training. The population suffered as well. However, the B-58 was delayed, and in accordance with General Curtis LeMays prescient worries that the B-52 force would simply fall apart, Boeing began development of a new variant of the B-52, the B-52G. The deactivation of the Eakers (Blytheville) Air Force Base in 1992 hit the community hard as in 2019 the population is about 15,000 while the population of Fayetteville exploded to near 90,000. Many DC-3 and C-47s are still in operation, nearing the end of their first half century of service and looking like they could go another half century. of conventional or nuclear bombs. The effect on the neighboring towns of Gosnell and Blytheville the closure had on were tremendous. I completed USAF Technical School in Denver Co the end of June 1972 and received two weeks leave before reporting to my base and when I arrived home my old farm boss, USAAF Veteran Bill Morriss had a brand new Suzuki motorcycle in his garage. Loved it. The KC135, along with the B52 is one of the only fixed wing aircraft with over fifty years of service. Eaker Air Force Base Historic District, Arkansas International Airport, and Blytheville Municipal Airport. Have history here? Marker is at the intersection of Memorial Drive and Chestnut Drive, on the right when traveling east on Memorial Drive. In December 1972, after being repaired, it flew four additional missions over North Vietnam. At 14 I was hopping buses and trains and hanging out with friends in surrounding towns. Wing Headquarters. Nowadays, the base goes by a few names. I saw this jet in the Thunderbird performance at Blytheville Air Force base Oct 25 1972.. My USAF service had no connection to the Thunderbirds other than I saw this Thunderbird perform at Blytheville Air Force Base Oct 25 1972. Another part was that the men who had flown in Vietnam and chafed under the official frowning upon of nose art were now the ones in charge. Property is disposed of, and the government cleans up after itself. 1942-1946, 1953-1992. Some commanders, such as General Charles Donnelly in USAFE (no relation to the author) reportedly considered making names and/or nose art on USAFE aircraft a requirement. The process is called B.R.A.C.. (Some joked that the ladies might just paint hunky guys on their aircraft!). After 30 years and learning the computer and finding VetFriends, I went to my first reunion of the USS Navasota AO-106. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. The B-52 had 8 engines but the two AGM-28 engines could also be used for take off and getting up to altitude. This had the added benefit of giving the gunner an ejection seat, eliminating the need for a manual bailout system. Upon his return to the United States in November 1970, General Brown was assigned as vice commander of the 97th Bombardment Wing at Blytheville Air Force Base, Ark., and took command of the wing in July 1971. Microscopy, Atomic Force Pulmonary Ventilation Acoustic Impedance Tests. (For some reason, this "Hotshot" never got eyes.). Here's a little blurb about the alert facilities themselves (aka "mole holes"): "The SAC alert crew quarters, like the SAC command post, were partially below ground structures. It was rolled out of Boeings Wichita plant. Since 1955, the B52 Stratofortress has been Americas go-to long-distance strategic bomber. But, right before the first man could bail, the pilot had realized they had marginal control over the aircraft. - A Blytheville museum shining a light on Cold War history received funding supporting a planned primary exhibit. Businesses have come and go, but the wear and tear of Mother Nature and Father time have taken their toll on many buildings on base. For the families, GI's, and community that was Blytheville AFB Roof repairs began on February 19, 2022. I was one of four Production Supervisors who coordinated the P-Check maintenance and retrofitting of existing 737-200's (42 aircraft) for MetroJet; this included all coach interiors and . Its' soft start" with hours on Friday's and Saturday from about 12:00pm to 4:00pm, will take some trip planning. Lots of good memories. When Operation Linebacker and especially Linebacker II taxed the Southeast Asia-based B-52D fleet to the limit, President Richard Nixon authorized the G models to be deployed to Vietnam as well. My other picture of "Valkyrie" was taken from the right side, but the other day I realized I had never posted the picture of the aircraft's nose art. Organize, control, distribute and measure all of your digital content. I took this from the back seat of the P-51 Mustang Gunfighter. BLYTHEVILLE ARMY AIRFIELD 1942. Blytheville Air Force Base aka Eaker Air Force Base. thrust each. On January 18, 1957, three B-52Bs completed the first non-stop round-the-world flight by jet aircraft, lasting 45 hours and 19 minutes and requiring only three aerial refuelings. Whether it be by the hand of the elements, or by deconstruction due to safety issues. In August 1991 this Stratofortress was dropped from the Air Force inventory and made available to the USAF Museum Program. In 1942, at the graduation ceremony it was believed that women could not fly as well as men. In order to give the property on which the base was located back to the local authorities, the USAF hired a cultural resource management firm to conduct a survey of the archeological sites on the base property (Cande and Lafferty 1991). On a Bravo alert, while taxiing the aircraft, the pilot was waiting (and hoping!) Everything from a static display of a B52 Stratofortress (which the Arkansas Aeroplex hopes to someday acquire), to letters from soldiers to their families overseas. Enter your email address to subscribe to Abandoned Arkansas and receive notifications of new posts by email. The nine surviving jets are scattered from coast to coast most of them restored and on display. Ritz. (photo courtesy of Delta) On Tuesday, June 2, 2020, Delta Air Lines . During WWII, my Dad and his best friend, John Whittington, would go to the base (teenagers) and work. Boards are the best place to save images and video clips. Some were torn down. The aircraft remained there until November when it was reassigned to the 320th Bombardment Wing (H) at Mather AFB, California. As I recall, crew members were typically on alert for 10 days of every month. 3 talking about this. He told me many stories about the German . Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe . The USAF Thunderbirds flew the F-4E Phantom II from 1969 until Feb 1974 when they were retired due to the October 1973 fuel crisis. In the Monett City Park is displayed the USAF Thunderbird F-4E Phantom II #3 Jet. I don't have a clue who captured or created this image but this is it is an excellent computer generated image of a Pre-Vietnam War SAC Paint Scheme with a North American AGM-28 Hound Dog Missile. See All. Since Eaker Air Force Base went under B.R.A.C. The model is on a 1/72 scale with a 26" wingspan. Constructed on former agricultural land, the site was originally activated as the Blytheville Army Airfield in 1942. Blytheville Air Force Base, Blytheville . Touch . The B-52G is missing its missile pylon because these were removed and destroyed as a condition of he SALT treaty launcher reduction conditions. Any monthly plan. Camo with white under belly North American AGM-28 Hound Dog Missile on display at the Global Power Museum at Barksdale Air Force Base. Photo from Facebook. Eaker Air Force Base was originally named Blytheville Army Airfield when it was built in 1942. B52 for his quick thinking, response to a crisis, and heroic duties. This is a photoshopped 1972 Suzuki Brochure that I have transposed my face over the riders face. As the 97th Bomb Group it's B-17 were the first to drop bombs on the Germans in France in 1942.

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