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art of war: legions troop spreadsheet

For More Updates, Game News, Game Guides, New Game Releases, And ALERTS Like Us On Facebook Gaming Soul, Follow Us On Twitter Gaming Soul. For one it's always better to have 2 lvl1 units on the field than to have 1 lvl2. Sadly i cant post a image here or i could show my very good strategy. If the enemy formation has no durable melee types in their backline, Demons can wreak absolute havoc and ravage enemies before they themselves fall. Chapter 4 is coming soom and has not been made yet, i completed the first chapter in expedition, but i am unable to unlock the second chapter.. help me. You cannot win this game if you do not have a proper strategy. They can damage multiple enemies in an area making them efficient in handling small clusters of hostiles. The Angel can be tanky with the health and with the ability that will give evasion to all the allied troops around every few seconds. BitLife Globetrotter Challenge Guide: How to Complete the Globetrotter Challenge, Puzzle Quest 3 Beginners Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Conquer Your Enemies. If you enjoy this type of content, you will undoubtedly enjoy the Thetan Arena tier list, Idle Mafia tier list and Dark Nemesis tier list. Each time you earn 200 points in Troop Card, Lucky Drawing activates which lets you choose one of three random troops for free. Class: LegendaryIdeal placement: second row of frontline or backlineStrong points: hard to kill; can help mount a late-battle comebackEquipped with notorious damage and brief invulnerability, a Sacred Swordman is almost guaranteed to win a 1v1 battle against any other troop (except when severely under-leveled). In the Arena, size up the enemy troops; if the troop differential reaches 50, you might want to reconsider especially if your hero has a chance to be deleted early. CTRL+Click or Command+Click on a troop or hero to increase its level. Unlike other troops that will last for the full battle. You should be able to claim one about every 6 hours. Seondeok is also a hero you can use well no matter at what stage in Art of War Legions you are right now. So keep clearing the levels and increase the Idle Rewards amount. In the Recruit Camp, the chances for drawing a rare card is also higher at 70%. These are heroes and troops. On Android, the Art of War Legions game is published by 10TP Studio. Updated the sheet again! You are practically able to max the level of your starting bases if you will waste no time in upgrading them. Goblikazes are, like their name already tells, a kamikaze troop that will approach the enemy and blows themselves up. It can deal a lot of damage with crits and the only downside, in general, is that they are quite rng on that with their crit chance of 30%. This is really useful on the battlefield to not see your troops fade away quickly and viable in several formations. Web 441 rows the stats you see are for a single count. There really isnt an absolute best place to spend them, it is all up to your preference. They have good attack and health but the best part is their ability that reduce enemy attack and movement speed, even for heroes. The Pirate Ships are loved by so many players, for a reason. If your ambushers are yet few or under-leveled, only use the most leveled up squad or wait until you have recruited plenty to organize your own backline breaking party. More similar tier lists for other games you might play: People seem to hate Freyja, whats your experience? Harbinger of Fire are quite easy to level up early in Art of War Legions but will get replaced fast as well - basically a placeholder troop for the ones that do the same thing better, and that's dealing area damage. Accept the challenges of various levels and don't forget to get extra rewards from bounty tasks! Keep an eye out for what other players are using. Illum sounds promising with increasing health, attack and defense, but it's simply not enough compared to other heroes and his active skill is weak. Also, if he ever gets pushed in by the ambushers, his aggressors will be within the range of your ranged units which will then likely provide cover fire. Accept the challenges of various levels and don't forget to get extra rewards from bounty tasks! Her healing and team buffs make her really versatile and fit basically everywhere. Yes, there are multiple reasons! Now as for what you use. You have to get to level 2001, I believe from the main Battle fights (home screen). Cactuses Also, it's really hard to obtain and max out, so keep that in mind as well. Level 9 is 100% accurate. It gives you free gold coins and gems every hour the amount of reward from this Idle chest depends on the PvE Levels progress. You can get the troops by spending the gold coins or gems. Edward has some nice debuffs on the enemy and buffs selected troops in your army. Here are the units the we believe can create an impact in the battlefield and could tame the flow on combat in your favor.Ogre Warrior. Art of War: Legions Troops tier list August 2020 tier list generated from the Art of War: Legions Troops tier list template . Answer from: TheDeathless. With the help of the tier list, you will be able to determine who the strongest troops in Art of War Legions are, allowing you to dominate, progress faster, and become a powerful player. He mentioned it at the bottom of the article. Pharao has a good bunch of health but he sticks out with his magic damage and his special ability that will curse a certain area and deal damage over time on all enemies walking through this. Choosing the Recruit Camp path then is better if your aim is to level up and acquire more common troops. . The reason I have them ranked that high is that they will take so much focus of the enemy and if you have one in the front and one in the back, your enemy troops are busy for quite some time. As such, it is fundamentally smart to have a handful of squads that prioritizes the enemy backline. If you get the identical hero that you already have, then the game will convert it into shards that you can use to upgrade the hero. Mostly. When we were looking for an opponent in the picture above, our power rating was 224160. The Troop Card path can only beat this probability if you go for the 3-star option which is priced at 60k coins per draw. Some of the best heroes in the Art of War game are; Davison(Legendary), Ainz(Epic), Apollo(Legendary), Hohenheim(for gold farming, his passive skill helps you get more gold rare). Our aim is to help commanders rise and improve our legions together. The draw 30 offers the best bang for the back as you are only paying 8,000 coins per troop. If your backline guards are formidable, they can peel off troops attacking your hero allowing it to cruise into mid-battle still with ample health. This also boosts the overall performance of your formation. I feel mixed about them as they can unlock some synergies and are useful in some formations and their overall stats are fine, but having no real focus makes them not really bang a buck in any way. This is an unofficial fan site. They are another unit that are probably best suited towards the back, but equally can do well towards the front utilizing their ranged attack and then taking the enemy head on with a melee attack. That means, if Hohenheim is fielded, instead of getting +10 prompts in kills, what youll see instead are +11s. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); For farming, even better than Hohenheim is Jinn once you get him. So let's check them out and see what they have to sa. While the game is pretty easy to dive into, there are a lot of pitfalls and mistakes for new players . Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. For example, if youre conquering a neutral base with 20 HP, you would need at least 40 troops to successfully seize it. The best farming option there is (well discuss more details about this later) in terms of coin gain and ease, you can comfortably beat every battle even at lower power ratings because their difficulty does not change from the moment you have unlocked them,3. Need to go to the bathroom? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Ive been stuck for a few days. As you complete a certain number of levels, new game modes such as Headhunt or Treasure Hunt, the PvP arena gets unlocked. I know that Magic Apprentice is a rare troop and it's ranked quite high, but so many armies, especially in in mid-game of Art of War Legions, run them. Miguel. Join us as we aspire to dominate and conquer. Play different game modes and enjoy exciting missions. As you advance through levels and increase your power rating, you can brew an early game army that will somewhat resemble what is shown below. Other than the PvE campaign, you can play treasure hunt mode to earn gems or gold coins. Overall not a viable kit but as a rare hero you wouldn't expect her to be that high on that list, right? Like what is true in games of many genres, the tanks go front and the damagers take the back. The number of decisions you have to do as a commander will make you realize of the games depth. Ranged units and sustain potential is much more important here since the longer your troops survive, the more damage you can naturally deal.As you acquire powerful units and promote your troops, you can pretty much do well in any battle mode. We recommend adding the melee and mage units in front(melee troops are the units that attack from a close range; for example bandits, iron guard, infantry, etc. Im at level 2700 and the 6th chapter hasnt unlock as yetwhy is that? Solo unit, yes, but a massive tanks and have their rock throw that deals magical damage in addition to the normal physical damage. Ivan can work well in Hero Trial and in some Arena formations as well. However, the constants do remain as okay, constant. His insta-kill strike is pretty cool, though. Aly is just scary to mess with and her massive fire bomb just causes so much damage and nuke a full army. Assuming that you already got the groove in gaining gold, here are objective considerations on how you can spend your wealth in acquiring more troops.Similar to spending diamonds, there is no better or best choice to use your coins for recruitment. Also, dont miss my tier list on the best heroes in Art of War Legions here. If he is your best and only hero as of yet, let him stay at the back. Templar Knight are not as great as the Rhinos and also harder to level, for that reason I ranked them lower. Before you go full-Hohenheim in level battles, though, make sure that your troops can comfortably conquer the Extreme difficulty (as this setting gives the most coins) even without the help of a damage-inclined or healing hero.Take Advantage of the Auto-battles and MultipliersThis may be contrary to what we strongly advise about ad viewing opportunities, but the auto battle feature is undeniably a handy tool for farming too when you need to multitask. Frustrating. The strength, number of enemies, and the bounty you get from kills scale up accordingly.2. Ballista (rare) If you are still within the beginners range (below level 100), you can play with your rally point marker. Deals massive damage when that happens and you will even late-game players use them occasionally, but they are kind-of easy to counter with ranged troops and once they're gone, they're gone. Beginner Formations. It's your army, you in charge. After defeat, you fight same level again. The downside is that you need to protect them well behind melee units or they will disappear quite fast from the battleground. You can claim this offer three times a day save the coins, buy the troops merge them, and expand the army. I have completed expedition chapter 1, but is not allowing me to acces chapter 2 yet. Art of War Legions is a strategy game for Android and iOS where you play as a commander and lead legions of tiny armies. From the PvE levels where you fight enemy territories, you earn gold coins. The power rating differential for this one is slim and we were outnumbered. Class: RareIdeal placement: Frontline or backline (to protect your rear)Strong points: durability, AoE attack, and can prolong the battleOgre Warriors are big, bulky beings that are easy to notice in the battlefield. A high power rating is a good indication of an armys strength, but it is never a guarantee for victory or defeat. 2. So a good location to place this unit is in the center of the third or fourth row. You have to conquer all enemy-owned structures (red) before the timer expires in order to achieve victory. Do you mean the troop attributes? Make your Army is fairly strong. Coin multipliers are straightforward bounty boosts which fully stacks with the x3 ad watching multiplier.It is important to note to only do the auto-battle + coin multiplier trick when you are confident that your army is strong enough to tear through the upcoming battles; in the event that you went AFK and lose, the reattempts would consume your auto-battle charges. The next step, just like in any fight (the real world included), is to size up the enemy. iPhone. They are able to deal reliable damage and their self-sustaining AoE lifesteal making them an absolute unit! While the troops with high attack stats usually have low Defense, so place them behind the tanky units. And both these currencies can be earned by playing the game; as an Idle reward or battle reward. Just download Art Of War Legions MOD APK from the below link and use this convenient MOD Menu. Paladins are solid early and mid-game with their heal factor but they are neither really good at one thing (healing,damage, tanking) and most players use them for two reasons. They will need close protection, so place them somewhere in the middle of your formation and put some melee units close by. But they are hard to get! It showed up a few hours later. Can be particular good in honor hunting to keep your troops alive for longer. Currently there are 3. Since acquiring heroes require a huge deal of luck OR investing quite a hefty sum of real currency, wed rather focus on the battlefield units that dont depend on much luck in recruiting the troops. Once you have unlocked it, you earn free 20 charges that replenishes after 24 hours since its depletion. It will add some strategic layer but you can start protecting in certain areas (and the cannon also stays when the Gobin Tech dies). Your next objective after upgrading is to mount an attack. These melee fighters are incredibly fast and work best when positioned in the front rows engaging the enemy first and taking the hero skill attacks instead of other troops. What are the battlefield effects and how do you use them. Apart from the bounty youd get from killing enemy troops, Headhunt levels gives you a certain amount of coins of top of that. They work good early-game and also towards mid-game, but there's nobody running them much later than that. I understand it has good loads of HP at one point and also deal decent damage but the skill is simply not good and you can find so much better alternatives. All stats including Attack, HP and Defense are shown per one unit. Some of the troops have high Defense, while some have high Attack Power. 4. We charged into the battle trusting that our 2215 trophies at the time is a telltale sign that we are superior. Manage Settings Depending on your power rating, you will be given an option to choose from Normal, Hard, or Extreme difficulty. Hell Jailers are able to fly everywhere on the map, but that doesn't mean anything if they are not able to do anything. We keep an eye on the new valid codes for this game title, so we recommend you to visit this . Here are pointers and tips that will help you wrap your mind around the dynamics of combat in Art of War: Legions.2.1 Early game. You can learn about the units in the troop(s) menu of the game. All you need to do is tap the chest box at the top of the screen when its locked then watch the video Ad by tapping offer -> thats it. The troops in the battle formation fight the enemies all time and you earn gold coins gems on an hourly basis. At level 7, a squad or two of Ghost Assassins can swiftly take a hero down. It helps that players can progress quickly and smoothly; one just needs to be patient in farming resources and be wise in building an army. And Turn off the Auto Button. Once you complete all, you will get to play the next chapter only if you meet the level requirements. By using a code in Art of War: Legions, you can get various kinds of free stuff such as diamonds, gold, scrolls and others. Some strategies may shine in a few circumstances, but may completely be useless in others. By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. Additionally, if you are running a sustain or healing-inclined army lead by Green, Kriss, Harrison, or Seondeok, it will be brilliant to assign Nuns and Pilgrims by their side. Chapter 2 Level 200 Art of War: Legions is a fast-paced fantasy strategy card game. If the troop has an ability . Not bad or terrible, but no long-term troops you'll be running in Art of War Legions. Am I missing something? It's your army, you're in charge. Still, there is no such thing as best formation because the composition of the armies you will face (especially in the Arena) varies a lot. Chapter 9 Level 2600 What is Art of War Legions Apk? Place them in the front rows to get them into the action faster as they can then tank for your magic apprentices. I mean, as a new troop, not a direct invest but if you're newer you can think about building them. Supported with maximum smartphones having no lag issues at all. Our priority in the position shown above is to put a solid frontline with plenty of supportive backline firepower. While Necromancers in Art of War: Legions cannot deal damage directly, their normal attack would instead summon a squad of skeleton warriors which are surprisingly quite sturdy. You can, of course, open your barracks to change the predetermined line-up and then rearrange your units formation. Then again, the flank designation isnt a panacea, if your army is outnumbered, there is a high chance that your hero would be eventually dealt with. Tap the battle button -> in the bottom-right corner, you can use the gold coins to get a random troop. Robin Hood sounds great on paper but other heroes simply deal so much more damage that he belongs in the F Tier in Art of War Legions, especially as his buffs aren't that great after all. Is there something? These are a very useful and verstile troop that do well both in the front or back rows or a formation, their aim is to just run at the enemy and blow themselves up and the enemy unit they run into. Hit that auto-battle button. Bandits are not necessarily a bad troop type, but they will get replaced easily and don't have something very unique. Hohenheim may not be getting enough love in the multiple hero tier lists available online, always a bottom tier. Upgrade the armies, create your own formation to crush the enemies. Troops with high Defense can lead from the front because their high DEF can soak most of the damage dealt by enemies. Not the craziest of all heroes but useful for sure. Or bc you need to do something else to unlock them? Chapter 14 Level 4600 In some occasions at latter levels, dropping your rally point near a focus-fired unit may sometimes draw some aggro away which is helpful to preserve your damagers. A good place for the Necromancer unit is in the middle of a formation where he can be well protected from all sides. Towards late-game it falls off drastically, though. Each Lucky Spin will surely be a win for you. The coin bounty differential with and without Hohenheim may just be under a thousand, but it will all eventually compound if you consistently use him in level battles and headhunt missions. Yasha is an incredibly high hit point troop and is best used as a tank in the front or back rows, they also have a very strong attack. all these units use melee weapons). Demon is a single pack unit and does have a lot of health, I give him that, but is quite terrible often times. Bandits are unique in so much as they are a ranged unit that throw daggers at the enemy before turning into a melee unit and engage the enemy in close combat. Bien vous Der Name sagt es ja schon, wenn du Inaktiv bist zum Beispiel beim Schlafen sammelst du Mnzen. Frost Archers are a really nice troop in Art of War Legions. Answers. This is, honestly, how we have acquired stronger units, we farm hard only to go for the less economical recruitment option. The Desert Treasure Hunt will be shortly available by early game and the Winter is Coming! Now click on the downloaded Art of War: Legions file to install it and wait for the installation to complete. do i need to be a certain level to get to chapter 2? It has PvE and PvP Arena game mode where you build a legion of tiny armies to strike down the enemys army. I am a free to play player. Art of War: Legions has three types of troops including army tanks (high HP), buildings (catapults and ballista shooters), and military-type DPS (attack). Absolutely amazing and many formations run multiple of these in their army. Nezha can be okayish but not on his own, he needs a well-rounded formation to work. The Arena lets you pit your army against other players. for davi, put more paladins and cactuses and happy tank and reflect the attacks. Chapter 15 Level 5000 If you feel that you have miscalculated your timing of sending troops to an outpost or castle and have multiple failed invasion attempts, feel free to hit pause then quit and then do the necessary adjustments on your next run.And thats a wrap! This menu gives you a comprehensive troop guide; their stats, abilities, etc. What troops you use are determined by a number of factors, including your current progression, goal, and in-game situation. Also, a hero that can be used on offense and defense as well. Undead Warrior has no ability but good health and good damage and is basically an improved version of the other troops. Quite nice kit and has his spot in the meta. Fastone Games concocted quite a combination for Art of War: Legions giving it two general modes to keep players challenged and entertained, the battle modes and Expedition.

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