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Category 20th Century French Mid-Century Modern Vintage 1970s Restaurants. 8263 Bird Rd, Miami. I even remember when Cookies was 2 doors down from Chippys on the Mile. Having grown up down in Kendall though, we cut our teeth on Shorty's bbq. It's not your eyesight, those restaurants are not there but hopefully someday they will be. The landmark space still brings people in by the droves for its famous claws and sides. Does anyone recall a diner in possibly Hollywood, Fl by the name of Irvin's or Irwin's? [Built in Boomtime, Beach Pier to be Demolished as Eyesore, Miami Herald, November 22, 1984]. Thank you! Thank You for all the memories. In September 1986 it was forced to close its doors when its liquor license was revoked. But their are certain places and and restaurants that I remember. Live music lovers have been flocking to this pub since 1979. Back in the 1950s, the blocks surrounding 22nd and 23rd street on South Beach where the epicenter of Miami nightlife with over ten restaurants and nightclubs entertaining socialites. Wish I had pictures to post - Sorry! This mainstay Cuban restaurant has been serving South Florida since 1971 and has been a prominent meeting point in Miami when social issues arise, celebrations are in order and when politicians want to meet with the people. Cliff went on to build a notable little hotel in Las Vegas named Caesar's Palace. That was in the early 70's and 80's Also the Big Wheel was my hang out located on 32 ave a block off Coral Way back in the mid 50's. I was hoping to see a photo of "Frankie's Pizza" which was on the corner of Bird Road and 92Ave. Apparently photos of the Majorette Drive In are kind of rare but I keep hoping that someone will provide one. No trend needed. A place thats been around since 1948, well before its Pinecrest neighborhood was established, has been the spot for families to visit after school for to load up on goods like fruits, salads and its famous strawberry shake.. Located in an alleyway off US1 in Pinecrest, Keg South is the epitome of a dive bar. Ollies was there for years and Ollie was a true character. What we always missed the most was the good food and the beautiful water. Segregation was very evident in those days and blacks were forced to order from a window and eat on benches outside the restaurant. Lots of celebrities AND gangsters!! When I had to work at my dad's furniture factory on Saturdays in the early 50s, he would always take me there for lunch. Tommy, welcome to the site. Great memories for a kid from Minnesota. they Owned a resturant on U.S 1 and about 132 st. S.W. across the street from Kelly's Drive Inn. the trio diner was a meeting place for everyone after all the bars and clubs closed. Most notably serving as a steakhouse since 1968, its been known to be a favorite amongst movie stars, presidents and socialites during their visits to South Florida. Increased quality also means increased competition, between both old and new players. Thank you Don. Some places not mentioned and I am sorry that I do not have any pictures to contribute, only memories. Freedom Tower also illustrates of the changing face of Miami where retirees were being lured in at all costs. All served with sweet tea by the sweetest little old ladies, there must have been ten of them so you didn't want for anything. Thanks again for sharing the memories. Rick Egles Great pictures!! The Big Wheel was really, really big as long as I can remembermy parents took my sister and me there as kids on Friday nightsGREAT hot dogs, milk shakes. Funland Park was the name of the place. I love working with photos for this site and the aviation stock photo site which I started first. re Valenti's, I forgot my Dad owned The Lobster Trap at SW 72nd and USI (was a Bonanza before, and Valenti's after. Does anyone remember Roy's Ribs in Coconut Grove and The Famous Restaurant on Miami Beach ? I went there many times on my way to Miami Stadium to watch the Miami Orioles play in the Florida State League. FABULOUS - Loved it. 25 Amazing Vintage Photos of South Florida In The 1970s Posted in Florida History March 11, 2016 by Victoria W These 25 Photos Of South Florida In The 1970s Will Make You Smile In the 1970s, the Environmental Protection Agency sent photographers all over the country as part of the DOCUMERICA project. It's just a matter of time as more and more folks discover the site and remember that they have a certain photo of a certain place. Across from the Royal Castle on 95th Street was a Georgia Pan Fried Chicken. Years later when I saw Cirus Circus casino I thought of that place in the Gables! Would appreciate any help I could get. They had a color TV at the pool that the adults would watch every night. BURGER KING. I went there the day I graduated from Miami Senior Higha bunch of us. I went to Coral Gables High. It was located on LeJeune Rd. Thank you very much for your contributions. I think it was somewhere between 11th and 17th Avenues? Property records still show that it is licensed as a "bar/entertainment venue," so the day school is probably not operating legally. - Douglas Percy Bliss on his friend Eric Ravilious from their time at the Royal College of Art Eric Ravilious loved. I had some interesting history on the old Andalusia Bake Shop in Corel Gables. it was great. that we dined in and drank in. Black Ceasars Forge Restaurant at 67th ave and 152 street. The pic may be up there, but I missed it. But someday someone will do it and they will be posted. #6 1970s vintage Miami Towers, 1990s 1 Point Upvote Downvote #7 Downtown Miami from Miami Avenue, 1990s 1 Point Upvote Downvote * #8 An abandoned van under a banyan tree off Old Cutler Road, Miami, 1990. I know there was a restaurant there which later became Beefsteak Charlie's. Nov 8, 2016 - These restaurants were all over town when I was growing up. Absolutely beautiful - I think it had chandeliers, and the waiters were full of class! The article was read by Anthony Yerkovich, who was so inspired by this stat, that he wrote a television pilot called Miami Vice. Thanks Mark, I added it to the list of "gone but not forgotten. This Old Miami section has developed into something far larger than I ever imagined and I have a huge backlog of old photos yet to add. Going from the Beach to Miami on the 79th St. Causeway 1 or 2 in the morning, you could always stop by for a quick take-out meal. Born and raised in Miami, now living in Melbourne in Brevard Co. What a fabulous site. 736 reviews. But there were, of course, two sides in this conflict. Serving up BBQ to Miami for 65 years, this outpost has seen its fair share of change. It really took me down memory lane. My husband and I owned it with our partner. I was HHS class of 1965. That was at the old Steven's market on Red Rd near US1. Great memories - I lived in Miami from 1948 to 2000 - graduated from Miami High ('60) Miami Dade Junior College (it was called then) first graduating class in '62 and UofM - so I remember all of the places you mentioned - didn't see a few that I remember - The Luau on 79th St. Causeway or Tony's Fish Market (also on the 79th St. Causeway), The South Pacific in Broward, Jahn's Ice Cream Shoppe in Coral Gables (on the Mile) I'm sorry if these are there - my eyesight is not as good as it used to be!!! Tyler's last restaurant was on Bird Road around 112 Ave. - in the Concord Shopping Plaza. Pembroke Pines, FL. auditorium? In a book that became to be known as 'The People of the Abyss' London described the time when he lived in the Whitechapel district sleeping in workhouses, so-called doss-houses and even on the streets. Ultimately, Dahdah decided keeping the venerable restaurant open made less financial sense than razing the property and turning the space into a mixed-use commercial/residential property. Soon more and more produce was added and the Homestead fruit stand was born. To non-Miamians, he is best known for Philadelphias Alma de Cuba and formerly New Yorks Patria. Gosh so many good restaurants here. We had many a fine meal there and I saw Bob Griese in there a few times in the 70's along with other VIPs. I need to catch up on some of the comments that have been posted here, so here goes: Does anyone else remember the "Pallas Athena" Greek restaurant on West Flager St. a little past the railroad tracks? Founder Betty Fox named the iconic establishment for her daughter, Sharon, but a mess-up at the printers led to the Foxs Sherron Inn. My guess is Oven's, but what do I know? 19565 Biscayne Blvd #938, Aventura, FL 33180. I cannot now remember the name of the place they has on 17th St in Ft Ld, the building is gone now. I have to say when Villa Deli closed on Alton Road and The Rascal House. I loved the picture of Paley's Big Wheel. Come back in a day or two and I'll have an interior photo of Mike Gordon's up on this page. I used to go there regularly and I would almost always eat in the neighborhood. What about a Puritan Ice Cream store over near Miami High? We later built a house on the lake. (1979) There was a Playboy Club next door! For trivia buffs, Tony Roma - previous to his restaurant ventures - was the head bartender at the fabled Copy City night club on Dade Boulevard in Miami Beach. Cruzing Hot Shoppes on Dixie Highway in my 56 Ford called Thunder Road; new we would score every night but never did. And George's Chicken Restaurant where, if George liked you, he would take you on a tour of his "secret" kitchen. Its list of celebrity patrons is long, starting with Al Capone and including such disparate figures as Barbra Streisand, the Rolling Stones and both President Barack Obama and President Donald Trump. I can only add what I have photos of and until someone sends in photos of the places you mentioned they won't be on the site. A great collection of Miami memories. Talk about bad timing on my part. On Nov. 23, 1981 TIME Magazine published some troublesome stats in an article titled Trouble in Paradise: In 1982, the Wall Street Journal published an article stating that a full 20 percent of all unreported income in the United States came from Miami. : , : , 2022. From the Miami Herald: I cant think of a city with a worse track record of preservation. What was the name of the drive-in on I think NW 27th ave & 79th All the carhops wore bright satin outfits and were on roller skates. Hi, I'm Dutch woman, my name is Berry and I really like to know all about the Dining/Dancing Golden Earrings in Hialeah. In the 1970s the restaurant industry and the custom of eating in restaurants grew rapidly. Thank you for the memories! Went to the Edison Center moives every Saturday. A month later, the Republican National Convention was also held there to even more hostile crowds. And the Mug Bar on 79th St. If the decline of Tommys Deck Bar was a sad sign of the times, then Miamis South Beach Pier was even more so. My wife lived next door when we met in 1957 at the skating rink next door to Bird Bowl, and her folks owned the building which they sold to Frankie. I will give you credit and thanks for sending it to me if you give me a name to use. And at least four banks, according to law enforcement officials, are controlled by drug dealers. Along with Ronnie himself and his, "It is time for art to flow into the organisation of life." Golden Glades Drive Inn? Send me a photo of the Lagoon and I'll be glad to add it. I have moved the below comment from the Guestbook because it will receive far more views in this gallery: I have moved the below comment from a photo of the Musa Isle Indian Village here where it is more appropriate: Sad to see no picture of George's Subs on 8th street and 47th ave (next to the cemetary). There is blog listing by a family member which gives the history of the place, later bought by a person who expanded it to several bakeries, and bankrupted it in 1999. That was the funkiest.although I remember the Last Lums ever was in Miami Beach. Or the MauMau Lounge in the Springs by the Airport? I also wondered if anyone remembers the famous candy store near The Pantry that used to sell hand dipped chocolate fruits. I remember once we were there and the rolls were not ready and the customers were going crazy until they came out. We had a Sir Pizza in the Cypress Village Shopping Center in Miami Lakes from the 70's through the 90's and I dined there many times and always got a good meal at a reasonable price. Sometimes both. Two more great old Miami restaurants I wonder if anyone remembers: It was in the Gables, a block or 2 south of the "Miracle Mile". Bile's ranch was out there where we kept our horses. . It was on NW 36th street across from I think More Park. We used to call them "Black Anus." . They would have been the oldest (100 years) but they have been demolished for yet another huge new project (City Centre or whatever) in the Brickell area along the river. While it might not look like much from the outside, Arbetters has been serving up some of Miamis best hot dogs for more than 50 years. You can also click on the yellow colored >>Memories of Old Hialeah, Old Miami and Old South Florida Photo Galleries << at top of any page to get back to the main oldies page to search other galleries. St. Petersburg. Well, one that stands out, in particular, is Lum's restaurant. The show had a significantly positive impact on the citys image, and it was well on its way to restoration due to a number of factors beyond Miami Vice an economic upturn, better (less corrupt) law enforcement, a decline in the cocaine wars, Versace and a massive migration of the gay community. Does anybody remember Joey Dees peppermint lounge on I believe 27th ave it was near Dade Jr college, how about a place called 1 South and another lounge called Par Tee Lounge which was located near a lighted par 3 golf course. Thanks for any info. Jeff has confirmed he meant to type COPA CITY and not Copy City night club on Dade Boulevard. Also there was a Royal Castle we used to go to on Biscayne Blvd near Cushman School. While he also dabbles in cuisines of other Latin American countries, he doesnt stray far from his Cuban roots. God I miss the old Royal Castles.used to practically live in them at the one in Coral gables and another on US 1 and 27th ave. You could fill a bag for 15 cents per burger and same for fries and get a birch beer to go..they were nickle at one timeand who can forget the bowls of chili and those great to order fried eggs bacon grits and toast. I don't have any photos but have fond memories of many,many Places listed. Let's hear it for Jack Perry's Sidewalk Cafe on Okee & 17th in Hialeah. I know it is not much to go on but it would be great if someone remembers. They had great ribs and sweet potato pie! The name was Lou's Donut Shop. It was behind the Frank 'n Bun which is on the corner of 79th and 27th Avenue (now a Royal Castle and strip shopping center). Located in Miami, FL. We used to stay at the motel for two weeks every other year. That's what Bennigan's, an Irish-themed bar and grill, offered in the 1980s. Miami Senior High in 1964. I don't know the location or name but I had a birthday party there. Thanks for your responses. I remember eating there a lot when my mom would take us to Jacksons for Back-to-School clothes. I think we ate there every meal for a few years - 70 - 72 or so. My daughter now owns a very small version of our other restaurants and called Original Papa Nick's Pizza Take-out and catering. Did you know Joe Weiss of Joes Stone Crab actually discovered the stone crab? Does anyone know if they ever had table service outside (on the "Sidewalk")? Sarasota Florida. Got sick on the ride that had two bullet-like capsules. Crowded beach scene of people and automobiles - Jacksonville, Florida, 1973. 7th Ave in Miami, and BBQ Barn a couple miles north on 7th ave. Dows anyone remember the Trio Diner on SW 8th Street and 37 Ave? Some of them became Big Daddy's [now Flanigan's], I know the 27 Birds was one of them. For safe return. The Car Hop Drive-in was located on the corner of Flagler St. and Red Road. Guest, glad you enjoyed the photos and the memories. Also, I used to work at the Lums in Coconut Grove too. I worked with the Tyler's daughter at Rockway Jr. High in the 70's. Hello Don,'I remember many of the restaurants. A very good fast-food Oriental restaurant off 79th St. I remember Sonny's Pizzeria and the heavenly pizza and Italian cuisine with the chef tossing the pizza dough in the large front window any time someone stopped to watch. The restaurant seemed unchanged since the 1970s till it moved. Something went wrong. And although they couldnt be more different, both 69-year-old Foxs Sherron Inn and 5-year-old De Rodriguez inspired a legion of devoted fans who mourned their closing this year. Have you got a picture of the Copper Tone Girl mechanical bill board on the 79th St. Causeway going to the Beach? someone would tell a joke and then someone else would tell one and on and on. Established in 1959 by a then 11-year-old Robert who set up a stand to sell his fathers cucumber crop. I was born at Northwest Hospital on 79th street, 1944. Freedom Tower was built in 1925 and housed the Miami News. Another TV commercial urging people away from the cold with their new jingle: When You Need It Bad, Weve Got It Good. They also had I believe a place in Hialeah, one on the 17th St Causeway in Ft Ld that I remember, and a place in the Grove on Bird Rd. Although it didn't hold up against Chili's, TGI Fridays, and Applebee's, there was a time when it was fairly ubiquitous throughout the states. ", Brenda, thank you for your memories and where you two live now. Originally part of the Pillsbury Corp., the restaurant was founded in 1976. I wonder if anyone remembers the name of the first restaurant that opened where Smith and Wolensky in now in South Beach (before Crawdaddy's), i need pictures of the bbq stable resterant 54st n miami ave. I celebrated 10 years of retirement last month and it's gone by in a blur but it's been a lot of fun. Miami might be a young city in the grand scheme of things it was only incorporated in 1896 but we still have plenty of spots that have some history behind them that also serve solid food and drink. View Website Earn 3X Points. The bar had once been the venue for Jimmy Durante and Dean Martin. I remember the Royal Castle on 22nd Av. On one hand we have the nations retirees going to live out their final days, and on the other we have a drug war zone yielding unprecedented violence. But then something happened in the seventies, and tourism plummeted. The building that houses Duffys has had many lives since it first opened its doors more than 75 years ago but the one that stuck was Duffys. Established in 1942 well before the green juice trend hit South Florida its been producing some of freshest juices (and bites) in town. Things were and are still looking up for Gleasons sun and fun capital of the world. The picture of the Red Coach Grill was great because you could see the whole side of the new Jordan Marsh store on the Boulevard. It had delicious and large portions of Greek specialties and also wonderful prime ribs that hung off the edges of dinner plates. 1970s Fort Lauderdale Restaurants. They were small and round ( looked more like a cinnamin roll). Thats when the cooking magic began. Its not always certain what will become the next new place people will sparknostalgia and fond food memories for decades to come. Miami Area RESTAURANTS, Drive-Ins, Bars, Lounges, Liquor Stores, Clubs, Strip Joints, etc. Dianne, the name of the drive-in was the "Frank 'n Bun" and it was there until at least 1960 because aerial photos of the new Northside Shopping Center show it still there. My father worked as a waiter there when it was frequented by movie stars. It was really small, and had a U-shaped counter. Anyway, thanks for trying, I was just remembering some great times and was hoping to put the pieces together. Unsurprisingly, they all sing its praises. When you ask someone about Cuban food in Miami, this restaurant will probably top their list. Dave Conger I grew up in this area. I lived on NW 1st ST between 14 and 15 th Ave from 1966- 1973 My sisters and I spent a lot of time and a lot of money for those hot fudge sundaes They were the greatest Thanks for reminding me. And, if youre honest, youll just drag up from the depths all the times youve hated or felt passionately about something and play it. Mike, there was an amusement park on the south side of 79th Street and west of 27th Avenue called Funland and I'm seeking photos of it. two old ladies ran the place, and made the best hot fudge sundaes ever. Bugs me to no end. My husband Doug and I graduated from No. Don. but if you're on Facebook there are a few sites on there that post throwback photos from the Miami/Lauderdale area over the years, including photos and menus from now shuttered restaurants. Lorne Greene had something to do with developing PSN which is why the floor plans were called "The Ponderosa" and so on. Can you verify this? What was the name of the landmark restaurant that occupied the space on Lincoln Road, now the home of Khong River House? I have a copy of a 1970's Piccolo's Menu, if you want to include it in the collection. 8th Street - just a little drive-up place, as I remember, but such great, sloppy, luscious beef barbrcue sandwiches. To this day you can still visit to pick up tropical fruit, smoothies and other Florida-only bites. The year was 1970 when we opened it and sold our share out and moved to North Carolina and built one here 20 miles N. of Asheville, N.C. We sold it as my husband got sick and passed away 6 years ago. It was one of my family's favorite restaurants in the late 1940s to the 1950's. Right near Chippys, 2 doors west or so. Hopefully one will turn up someday because a lot of people loved the Yorkshire Inn. I believe she married Howey Schwartz right after high school. I could go on and on. Open in Google Maps. And Yumbrella? You relax in a seat thats striped like a beach chair. You can also support us by signing up to our Mailing List. Don't forget Sir Pizza on Key Biscayne. But above all, it held a dear spot in the heart of generations upon generations of Miamians. The so-called Greatest Generation and Silent Generation were at retirement age, and the marketing worked, with tons of senior citizens relocating from cold climates up east. Don. Is Hialeah park still racing? Mac's Club Deuce Bars South Beach The late Mac Klein bought "The Deuce" in 1963, adding his name to the now iconic Miami Beach marquee of what was previously Club Deuce, which opened in 1926.. I only moved here in 1945 or there abouts. That is, until 2008 when Bennigan's went bankrupt. Miami in the 1970s and 80s: A Look at the Magic City's Turbulent Years "Miami Beach is where neon goes to die" - Lenny Bruce Miami was a thriving tourist destination throughout the sixties, with Jackie Gleason moving his shows to the Magic City, calling it the "sun and fun capital of the world" on camera each week. Don, a friend just told me on Facebook that the Hasta Restaurant on Douglas Rd was what used to be the Douglas Rd Coffeehouse in the 1960s. Such is the case with Douglas Rodriguez, part of the aforementioned Mango Gang. In the area of 21 Street and Collins you had another Wolfies, Chandlers next door and the famous Ember's known forf their salad dressing. 2145 reviews. Located in the heart of Little Havana, it has gained a loyal following for its "Pan con Minuta" snapper sandwich and along with other seafood specialities that are still some of the most competitively priced in town. But what has kept it going for over 50 years isnt its cheap beer (which we admit is a nice bonus) but its grilled burgers and wings that have won numerous accolades over the many decades. Guest 24-Jul-2021 18:07: I used to work at Lum's on Bird Road (1977) then at the Lum's at the Miami Airport Inn on Lejune Road. I was looking for a good meal before arriving at the stadium (I can only eat so many hot dogs). This blast-from-the-past diner in Downtown Miami has been serving hungry breakfast goers since 1938. One really famous restaurant that I did not see is "Wolfies" on Miami Beach. Does anyone have a picture of the Plantation restaurant or remember the hobby shop where they raced the big slot cars? Of course, I was just a kid, but I remember it well there was also a Publix, I think next door to Toby's it later moved to south of Coral Way and 27 Ave. Just had to say I agree with the other poster about Marcella's having the best garlic rollsawesome place!!

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