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But it was not from a standing start. That's something that perceptive journalists should be able to pick up pretty quickly. Mike Morgan/Mike Morgan The ratings for our weekend magazine shows are actually slightly greater than they were a year ago pre-pandemic, so thats a bright spot.. "The challenges he will face at NPR are not dissimilar to challenges across the media landscape as a whole," said Sheikholeslami, who will soon take up the CEO job at New York Public Radio. So at the end of the day, its a commitment, but this also has to be accountability. John Lansing, a media executive with government broadcast and cable television experience, has been named by NPR's board to succeed its current chief, Jarl Mohn who announced the plan to step down after his 5-Year term ended. Lansing said he took pride in maintaining conventional broadcasts while appealing to new audiences, reaching about 25% more people each week. Share Your Design Ideas, New JerseysMurphy Defends $10 Billion Rainy Day Fund as States Economy Slows, What Led to Europes Deadliest Train Crash in a Decade, This Week in Crypto: Ukraine War, Marathon Digital, FTX. I thought, wow. Michael A. McCoy for NPR A federal inspector general's investigation has exonerated six government executives who were suspended last year after raising red flags about actions taken by. We saw a lot of companies react to the [murder of] George Floyd and we did too. ", "I am thrilled to work with NPR's exceptional management team, staff and journalists," said Lansing. Mohn will continue on as President Emeritus & Co-Chair of the 50th Anniversary Campaign. Chief Executive Officer and Director of the, Cable & Telecommunications Association for Marketing, Florangela Davila to Become KNKX News Director, NPR Hires Noelle LaCharite As VP Digital Technology. "We are delighted to welcome John, whose deep experience as a media industry executive and practicing journalist make him ideally suited to lead NPR into its next chapter," said Paul Haaga, Chair of the NPR board. I'm just passionate about how good leadership can lead to good outcomes, and that led me here. NPR, the public radio and podcasting giant, has a new leader after years of growth and internal turmoil. Well, I like NPR Politics a lot. John Lansing, CEO, photographed for NPR, 22 January 2020, in Washington DC. Lansing is a veteran executive and journalist who has spent decades leading complex media companies in growing their relevance and reach, while strengthening their business operations. Well, what we're doing right now, I think communication. And I still think we have a long way to go. NPR undertook a strategic reorganization last fall, reinstating the position of a chief content officer overseeing both the newsroom and the programming division. "He is a listener and a collaborative leader with a passion for our public service journalistic mission who will help us continue to expand the audience for our storytelling. He won praise for doing so and says he informed leaders of SAG-AFTRA on Tuesday about the impending job cuts. During the pandemic, NPR sidestepped layoffs through temporary cuts to pay and retirement contributions, distributed with an eye to shielding less well-paid employees, so they were most sharply felt by the most highly compensated staffers and executives. Vox Media cut jobs by 7%; Gannett and Spotify by 6%. NPR CEO Jarl Mohn To Step Down After 5-Year Term Ends In June, Tensions Build In NPR Newsroom Over Handling Of Sexual Harassment Allegations, NPR Announces Newsroom Job Cuts Amid Restructuring. And its something that I think will strengthen the ability for news programming, marketing and member services to be more responsive and to offer greater service to audiences in a more agile way. For two years, he served as the president and CEO of a cable trade group called the Cable and Telecommunications Association for Marketing. . But my goals also go to all of my direct reports. Ever since you started, you've been very vocal about it. Both Lansing and Sheikholeslami say he is adamant about pressing forward with reforms to the workplace culture at NPR that Mayor has already started to put in place. And Im holding myself accountable with my board and Ive been and am holding my direct reports accountable to me. NPR has tapped longtime media executive John Lansing to become its next president and CEO. John Lansing, CEO, photographed for NPR, 22 January 2020, in Washington DC. The second pillar is to transform our workplace culture. But mostly its targeted at marketing investments on social media platforms that are specifically reaching out to younger and more diverse audiences to see if we can drive sampling. An NPR spokeswoman said final decisions on which jobs will be eliminated should occur by the week of March 20. How is it a priority? Current: What are some of the highlights of that strategic plan? Under NPR's protocol for reporting on itself, no corporate official or news executive reviewed this story before it was posted publicly. John Gibbs is an American far-right political commentator and politician. When you first got to NPR, what did you think? Built with the Largo WordPress Theme from the Institute for Nonprofit News. We've made some good forward progress around hiring, with requiring that our hiring panels be diverse, requiring that our finalists have diverse representation at a minimum, but of course there's no maximum, in terms of a list of finalists. Dear NPR President John Lansing, I want to express my heartfelt appreciation for the powerful letter you wrote to NPR staff and the public about the horrific extrajudicial killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police. I just think we have a special and unique thing as a company. I just think that somebody's truth is the truth. How has that effort been progressing? At the U.S. Agency for Global Media known until last year as the Broadcasting Board of Governors he presided over 53 percent growth in the weekly audience for the agencys networks over the last three years, to 345 million. "When I think of NPR and I think of the member stations collectively, I think really of journalism as a public service, not tied to a profit motive," Lansing told NPR News. NPR faces financial pressures from two fronts. I'm sure that's true even today. NPR plans to lay off about 10% of its current staff due to the soft ad market and a drop in revenue from corporate sponsors, as well as uncertainties in the global economy overall. And our work began then. Our goal of developing our audience as a younger and more diverse audience requires that we invest in marketing, we invest in content, and we partner with platforms where those audiences can be found rather than expecting younger and more diverse audiences to come to our platforms, necessarily. Lansing: Were still working on it right now. Mohn led NPR through five consecutive years of audience growth and budget surplus. We had begun a lot of work under [Chief Diversity Officer] Keith Woods' leadership to really move us forward. Current ( Current. And now in our budgeting were shifting some revenue for Michael to use that to promote and support our podcasts as they compete, as you note, with other large commercial businesses. (On NPR's radio side, advertising takes the form of underwriting, as corporate sponsors are not permitted to call for listeners to purchase goods or services.). And some stations who had a schedule to go down actually were allowed to go down. NPR Press Release. Last year, however, the U.S. Agency for Global Media came under fire when it emerged that it had bought Facebook ads targeting American citizens, in violation of laws meant to protect Americans from domestic propaganda. "And I want to look for areas that I can provide leadership to bring resources together as needed strategically to find the right priorities that make the most sense for growing NPR this year and then into the future.". We'd like to revisit a story that first broke yesterday and . On an annual budget of roughly $300 million, Lansing says, revenues are likely to fall short by close to $30 million, although that gap could reach $32 million. So I think that it has caused me to be more tuned in to hearing and understanding our employees. Video Snippet John Lansing, a veteran government broadcast and cable television executive, has been selected by NPR's corporate board to succeed its current chief, Jarl Mohn. NPR's chief news executive, Nancy Barnes, said Friday she would be leaving the network, prompted by NPR CEO John Lansing's decision to create a new executive role above her. There are over 1000 NPR Member Station signals broadcasting across the United States Current: Last year, the SAG-AFTRA union called out NPRs previous failures on issues of diversity, equity and inclusion and asked management to commit to accountability measures. Considering the demise of local newspapers around the country and the growth of our member stations newsrooms around the country, were really working hard to support their local journalism, because its so important to us. "This will be a major loss.". Scripps Company, where he managed the company's portfolio of ten broadcast television stations across the country. Will there be another stimulus? We still remain one of the top, if not the top, podcasters in America. First of all, as a white man, my first reaction is that it's important for white people in general to understand the inherent biases that we have, even when we think we don't, unconsciously. Experts say the behavior could have constituted insider trading. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. And what a breath of fresh air Whitney brings into the organization. That was revised as a result. "However, when you think how we look out longer term, right, not just for 20 years, but several years out, it's really about building a sustainable financial future for NPR.". He defined NPR's mission as "serving the public with information and an excellence and quality about it that makes it 'must see' on a variety of platforms.". There were three of them, each for $1 million. I'd say if there's anything that I focused on, and still am focused on during the pandemic, it is to make sure that whatever the situation is, we are supporting staff to do their best work, supporting them when they're having other challenges and making sure that we're attentive and tuned in to employees that need help, that need a break, that need to be heard, whatever that may be. In 2017, Michael Oreskes, NPRs senior vice president for news, left after two women accused him of unwanted physical advances in the 1990s, when he was the Washington bureau chief of The New York Times. Unlike some predecessors, Lansing doesn't face a particularly fraught political landscape. Prior to that, Lansing was VP and GM of Scripps ABC affiliates. Last year, President Trump appointed Michael Pack as USAGMs CEO. Four years ago, Lansing was named by President Barack Obama to be the first chief executive of the broadcasting outfit that was renamed the U.S. Agency for Global Media. This is an edited transcript of the conversation among Lansing, Current Reporter Tyler Falk and Digital Editor Mike Janssen. Mr. Lansing will start in October, replacing Jarl Mohn, who has run NPR since 2014. Anyone can read what you share. John Lansing, a veteran government broadcast and cable television executive, has been selected by NPR's corporate board to succeed its current chief, Jarl Mohn. John Lansing, a veteran government broadcast and cable television executive, has been selected by NPR's corporate board to succeed its current chief, Jarl Mohn. "Management is about committing to strategy, making tough decisions.". As President, he held strategic and operational oversight of Scripps Networks Digital division and Scripps Networks Interactive, which includes six cable networks: Food Network, HGTV, Travel Channel, DIY, Cooking Channel and Great American Country. Lansing: About 11 months ago, in February, a pilot group of 15 stations got together and put together an 18-month plan to begin the process. The roots of the VOA involved providing truthful reports to people under Nazi and Axis power rule during World War II. The various challenges everybody's having from working at home, for example, you realize that everybody's situation is different when you're working. Lansing is a veteran executive and journalist who has spent decades leading complex media companies in growing their relevance and reach, while strengthening their business operations. Apple is reportedly building a podcast subscription service. A later report commissioned by the NPR board found that questions had been raised about Oreskes' behavior even before his hiring and that concerns were raised throughout his tenure; the repeated and formal warnings by top executives (including Mohn) to Oreskes to stop the unwanted attention he paid to female colleagues proved ineffective.

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