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However, unlike in the English voice lines, the Chinese voice lines imply that Zhongli spent six hours trying to find Venti, and then beat him up for making the Traveler drunk. . Very often, only once we get hurt badly are we finally forced to face our own laziness, ignorance, recklessness, or arrogance. Genshin Impact 's Geo Archon, Zhongli/Morax, is often considered to be one of the most memorable playable characters in miHoYo's action RPG. Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. Fans have also noticed similarities between Zhongven and WangXian, a canon ship from MDZS, a popular Chinese BL series. I don't like seafood. Maeno Tomoaki ()[1] As one may have guessed from Zhongli's refined taste, he loves the arts. Especially because I play him with English dub. My favorite has to be the seafood line--he's normally so composed, so seeing him get squeamish about something so minor is such a fun contrast. To this, Venti proposes that Zhongli should be the one to light the incense. If I draw the squares, It would look like I made them really small on purpose just so I could win. Tomoaki Maeno. ZhongVen Zhongli is a 5-star tier character whose element is GEO Vision (Earth) and his weapon is a polearm. Just one bunch is enough." By this time of night, we will have already missed Ms. Yuns play, but Liyue is full of interesting places to explore, even at night. Zhongli, "The market is closed, and the port has settled. Your email address will not be published. Chinese ? My past is quite monotonous. There's nothing to regret, though. Stop simping for pee paw y'all need help. The finest ingredients cooked with true expertise. Dont rush. Refreshing the shield before it breaks will reset the stacks to 0. To get people to abide by a contract, and act in accordance with the guidelines set out within, is simply to ask them to respect the concept of fairness. You can email the site owner to let them know you were blocked. Yet she would give up everyone for her beliefs. And you, traveler? After all, I have been on this land for a time and have come to know a thing or two. Domestic abuse is a global scourge that affects millions of people every year. I'm okay. These are only two of the many abilities he possesses. Thank you! When paying Well, when getting others to pay for him, he neither looks at the price tag nor his wallet. Perhaps it is for this very reason that she has come to where she stands today Should the chance come by me, I too would like to learn of the Eternity for which she so earnestly endeavors. Zhongli ( Chinese: Zhngl) is a playable Geo character in Genshin Impact . They're a lot of fun. While he is highly coveted for what he brings to a. Featured Fire isone of mankind's greatest discoveries and resources. I think that the fact that it's for nothing is what makes it fun for me. Zhongli says that Venti is a drunkard and a disgrace to the arts. When the door opensits time to leave. He is so optimistic abt his erosion and life, which make me so glorious to as a zhongli main. Not only is the 5-star Geo character renowned for his incredible strength, but his. However, fans didn't forget about their favorite show and, of course, their beloved central characterKamado Tanjiro. Where Geo Daddy simps dwell and brag | discord.gg/Zhongli, Press J to jump to the feed. By this time of night, we will have already missed. Characters gain special stats starting with 2. Each Constellation activation requires one Zhongli's Stella Fortuna. The "visions" that they wear in their appearances are fake. Venti is relieved that everyone is drinking tea instead of wine, because he fears that he may get drunk and embarrass himself in front of everyone, that he doesnt want to be the object of ridicule to someone hes just met. Zhongli, "A new contract? Yesss Zhongli is also my comfort character! Go get some rest." His voice is so relaxing. Most notably after. I think there used to be something there, but for all the power I have over dreams, I still can't find the answer as to what it was. . Thank you for allowing me to be your companion, and for teaching me so many new things. What name should I use on the contract? Card I usually listen to the audio in Chinese, but the line from (More About Zhongli: V) is one of my favorite lines. Being a listener has never been enough for me. What name will you be signing on this contract? The God of Contracts. 22. But as long as firmly believe that u are on the right patheverything has meaning.". Boats are made for transferring commodities back and forth, and those that come across Liyue tend to stay a while, so it is where many things come to settle. Your IP: Japanese During the effective period of our contract, travel expenses are to be paid for by yourself." Zhongli remains his cold heart during the god battles and fight with the enemies, but he also has a warm heart for his ppl in liyue. Treeko13 Additional comment actions. Every journey has its final day. Yes Just when did this feeling begin? When the petrified ends, the status is fully removed. Please do not worry yourself. Genshin Impact Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Read 54 quotes by some of the most influential female characters in literature. In his "Good afternoon." line, the "good place in Chihu Rock" he refers to is likely either Wanmin Restaurant or Third-Round Knockout, two restaurants in Chihu Rock that he shows a preference towards. Nothing can be accomplished without rules or standards. Zhongli, Zhonglis quote: "We should look for a place to take shelter. ? Can you figure out what the answer is? The stigma associated with abuse often leaves survivors suffering in silence. It is just my headcanon but I like to think that Guizhong was the one who taught him that quote. Even though all my characters still need building, nothing brings me greater comfort than making Zhongli stronger. You're slurring a little. There was once a drink I used to enjoy with friends long ago Is it because the climate has changed? Character It'll be ready in only six hours, so just wait a moment. In the middle of the quest, they are seen talking alone as NPCs. Im still on leave, but I can accompany you for a while. There are several actions that could trigger this block including submitting a certain word or phrase, a SQL command or malformed data. , , , , . Yet, they used it to craft tools, write books, and build cities, and now they've set their sights on the stars and the abyss With every moment that goes by, they're creating brand-new knowledge, so I never want to take my eyes off them. , Media:Dominus Lapidis Resonance Preview.ogv, Normal Attack, Charged Attack, and Plunging Attack, Media:VO JA Zhongli Chat - Reminiscing (v1.3).ogg, Media:VO JA Zhongli Chat - Reminiscing (v1.6).ogg, Media:VO JA Zhongli Chat - Reminiscing (v1.1).ogg, Normal Attack 1-Hit (Target Not Within 2m). I cannot deal with that child. In the Chinese translation of Zhongli's Character Story 5. I tend to go by Zhongli. If you should choose to pick any, be sure to store them appropriately." Wish Genshin Impact Lets just get into the details below! I love his birthday line too. Zhongli, Zhonglis quote: "A new contract? I know a good place in Chihu Rock. Players can directly control their units to defeat enemies with battle-related skills, or solve puzzles with travelling-related perks! You and I have a contract, so feel free to discuss anything at all within the scope of said contract. | Image: AmoDays, "What name should I use on the contract? Playable Characters. However, you can only use one character at a time. It reeks of wine. Zhongli then came back to brew tea for the Traveler. Why is it that, once you finally get a break, rather than taking a rest, you instead come to me? Your email address will not be published. VentLi, VenZhong, , , The Bard and The Connoisseur, Broke Archon Duo I think I'm good at asking the right questions and giving good answers, but I've come to realize that a lot of people just convince themselves they don't understand. ALL ZHONGLI VOICE LINES/VOICE-OVERS IN GENSHIN IMPACT IN ENGLISH#genshinimpact#genshinimpactvoicelines#genshinvoicelines#voicelines#zhongli #rexlapis #morax There is one thing you must never forget when making and abiding by a contract: if fairness is lost, then the contract shall become proof of one's deception." I guess you wouldn't feed Shroomboars to a Sumpter Beast, would you? Zhongli's 5th character story confirms that Venti used to bring Zhongli wine every time he visited him. Venti canonically learned to forge Zhongli's signature to play pranks on him. Read these quotes to put your inner fire to good use. Zhongli, "This weather is no good for being on vacation. No matter how the scenery changes around it, the emptiness always occupies the most important place. Tropes I have a great many names, though when on leave I tend to go by Zhongli. That Zhongli line doesn't give anybody any reason to believe it was referencing venti. A rare gem indeed. Affiliations Those who come to remember, will remember. Don't rush. Whenever Venti would visit Liyue Harbor to see Zhongli, he would descend in a gust of wind. Now where were we? Status of Relationship And you, Traveler? Just seeing it reminds me of that slimy texture, and that scent that just won't wash off. Venti continued to visit afterwards to explore Liyue Harbor, until Nor did the wind ever return to his side again. I hope that just as the rainforest supports all kinds of life, Sumeru will always provide a safe and nurturing environment for her, so that she can grow up healthy and strong. Gold is Liyue's treasure. . This category has the following 2 subcategories, out of 2 total. I know a good place in Chihu Rock. "Youre leaving?". Every journey has its final day, dont rush. Latest News. Manage all your favorite fandoms in one place! Slash Thank you. Can you still enjoy the process of growing flowers when you already know the exact outcome in advance? Venti Release Date The way he says "don't rush" is doing things to me even after listening to it almost for a year. Enjoy and hope these would add some more spice into your love life! . Others have also noticed that Xiao looks very similar to the two. I've always dreamed of going out and seeing things for myself. The journalist and writer led a widely interesting life, leaving him with many wise one-liners, which you can read below. There are still so many places for us to explore. The I will have order Zhongli meme made no sense to me until i realised its his english elemental burst voiceline lolol in chinese he says (tin dng wn xing) which translates loosely to the sky/heavens will move all in the universeor everything in the world will bow before himwhich personally I think is a bit more badass LMAO! Ill be fine, but we dont want you catching a cold. Alright, let's not waste any more time. He is a talented character with many powerful skills, such as what is called a normal attack and a plunging attack. Zhongli, RELATED: 39 Unsettling 'Bloodborne' Quotes For Playstation Fanatics, Zhonglis quote: "My power is growing, and so with it grows the burden on my body" | Image: AmoDays, "Boats are made for transferring commodities back and forth, and those that come across Liyue tend to stay a while, so it is where many things come to settle." Zhongli, "Visions are also a type of contract. Hey, Im Zathong and i will share Zhongli voice lines in Genshin Impact by English/Chinese/Japanese/Korean. A normal attack is when he strikes with a spear in six successions, while the plunge attack is when Zhongli jumps and lands with force, injuring those within his pathway. I tend to go by Zhongli. His jokes are like buried treasure: gems hidden beneath the surface. Listen to this audio 7212844515 See this audio on Roblox Search for Roblox audios Suggested Keywords !ERROR! Aaliyah was barely in her twenties when she faced a tragic death, leaving behind a legacy of music and art for generations to come. You should go to sleep now. With that said, not every memory is a happy one For those that live too long, the friends of days gone by and scenes from their adventures live on in their memories. Genshin Impact's voice lines can tell players a lot about the characters, and some of the lines are just plain cute. Zhongli, Zhonglis quote: "She is the most impious of the Qixing but I actually find the conviction of such people quite endearingPeople who speak up when they deem themselves to be right." I'll be fine, but we don't want you catching a cold." By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. Don't worry, I've made sure there's a sweet dream waiting for you. Birthday Eternal Love Opposites Attract Like an Old Married Couple God Couple Battle Couple One Head Taller. Do you know the answer, friend? I find it very calming. Sadly, the truth as he understands it will never be accepted as the mainstream. It'll be ready in only six hours, so just wait a moment." Read 73of them below. With low ping, energy is consumed around frame 6 at 60 FPS after casting, or around 0.1 seconds after casting. Ngl I like geo in general. Hmm? A regular occurrence on this current abyss, 5 seconds before he passes away. A player outside of co-op can normally have a maximum of four characters in a party. Zhongli's EN voice sounds way too rough, and not match with his calm and wise demeanor. Shipping Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. For every bit of power you gain, so too do you gain more responsibility." Well you've come to the right place! Zhongli praises Venti's performance, describing it as ''indeed unmatched throughout the land'' but he warns that the next time Venti gets drunk and spills wine on his head, he will be angry. I could tell you about it, but it wouldn't be long before you let out a great, big yawn, like a Pufferfish taking in a big gulp of water. You're very smart. Voice Actors (. Hehe, I really appreciate this. Zhongli deals bonus DMG based on his Max HP: Increases the maximum number of Stone Steles created by. Contracts cannot be used to define friendship, nor measure sentiment. XXXTENTACION was one of several rappers who rose to fame through Soundcloud during the 2010s. So what can we use to measure the weight of our emotions?" This has caused the Genshin Impact fandom to jokingly state that Xiao is Venti and Zhongli's "son." Gnosis It may sound very different when compared this way side-by-side, but Zhongli's English voice is actually a good equivalent to the Chinese voice within the context of each languages. Want a quick meal to pick us back up? Genshin Impact Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. But still, her question had me stumped. This website is using a security service to protect itself from online attacks. Curemaster 1 year ago #15. Zhongli, "Travel expenses Ah, I almost forgot, during the effective period of our contract, travel expenses are to be paid for by yourself." Albedo says, "This taxing cycle requires a lot of time." Voice lines Category page. V. Voice line files (4 C, 22,098 F) Voice Pack (291 P) Pages in category "Voice lines" The following 38 pages are in this category, out of 38 total. Because everything you do fascinates me. Emergency countermeasures aren't my thing. He has an almost-perfect grasp of what it truly means for Sumeru to be a Nation of Wisdom. It's a complete unknown to me. The game has a single-player option and a cross-player option for up to four people if playing on a Playstation 4. Zhongli - Voice Lines (English) | Genshin Impact Trashy-Kun 65.2K subscribers Subscribe 1K 58K views 2 years ago Zhongli - Voice Lines (English) | Genshin Impact I love his english voice the. Don't rush!" Wangsheng Funeral Parlor Consultant The rock may erode when the time pass by, which reflect zhongli's comflicts to experience the pain of long life, the comflicts to choose what is the "right" thing. Zhongli, "Nothing can be accomplished without rules or standards. The ship may be regarded as controversial, particularly on TikTok due to the fan misconception that Venti is physically 15, although this has not been stated in the lore. He has an impressive memory. Of course, I do hope you can do some things for me as well. Vago Mundo 2021-12-21T05:06:38Z Comment by . . Just think of pain as the tuition you have to pay. I want to know the answers to all these questions and more. Go get some rest. "Genshin Impact" takes place in the digital online universe of Teyvat, where the player's purpose is to find their long-lost sibling. ZhongVen is the slash ship between Zhongli and Venti from the Genshin Impact fandom. Visions are also a type of contract. Brings a falling meteor down to earth, dealing massive. Roblox Audios and Sound Ids Keyword: NULL ZHONGLI VOICE LINES Looking for the Roblox ID for ZHONGLI VOICE LINES? He's roommates with Alhaitham? Zhongli, "We should look for a place to take shelter. He remembers the name of every person he comes across, and the date that every ship in Liyue sets sail. Want a quick meal to pick us back up? The heavens grew eyes to behold the true beauty of the world below, but humans already have eyes to begin with. Geo Nahida does not feature any Sprint End Voice-Overs. He is my comfort character on this game since I started play Genshin on Childe's rerun banner. Strange, isn't it? Interesting Things: A Flower Yet to Blossom. A new contract? In my dreams, there's often an empty space. He has been active in the voice acting scene since 1990 and has voiced some notable characters such as: Nagato as a child. My mind is growing even bigger. Go get some rest. | Image: AmoDays, "By this time of night, we will have already missed Ms.Yun's play, but Liyue is full of interesting places to explore." Also Known As The first thing she said when she saw me was "Nice palace. In my dreams, there's often an hourglass. Zhongli Read the 33 quotes below to gather more information on this well-liked "Genshin Impact" character. But since meeting you, it's gradually started to get more lively here Maybe you're a guide, adding a human touch to my dreams and leading me out from my cage. Find out more about him by reading the 33 quotes below. Okay. Let's work through it together. And TBH, he sounds like a grumpy middle-aged man in his late 30's that were having midlife crisis + lots of stress, like FF VII's Cid for example. | Image: AmoDays, "Ah, I almost forgot. The AoE of the Jade Shield RES debuff is a cylinder with a radius of, Stone Stele's AoE DMG and Resonance DMG will. Media:VO_Nahida About Nahida - Knowledge.ogg, Media:VO_Nahida About Nahida - Obsession.ogg, Media:VO_Nahida About Us - Story Time.ogg, Media:VO_Nahida Interesting Things - A Flower Yet to Blossom.ogg, Media:VO_Nahida About The Seven - Introduction.ogg, Media:VO_Nahida About The Seven - Games.ogg, Media:VO_Nahida More About Nahida - 01.ogg, Media:VO_Nahida More About Nahida - 02.ogg, Media:VO_Nahida More About Nahida - 03.ogg, Media:VO_Nahida More About Nahida - 04.ogg, Media:VO_Nahida More About Nahida - 05.ogg, Media:VO_Nahida Receiving a Gift - 01.ogg, Media:VO_Nahida Receiving a Gift - 02.ogg, Media:VO_Nahida Receiving a Gift - 03.ogg, Media:VO_Nahida Feelings About Ascension - 01.ogg, Media:VO_Nahida Feelings About Ascension - 02.ogg, Media:VO_Nahida Feelings About Ascension - 03.ogg, Media:VO_Nahida Feelings About Ascension - 04.ogg, Media:VO Nahida Deploying Wind Glider 01.ogg, Media:VO Nahida Deploying Wind Glider 02.ogg, Media:VO Nahida Deploying Wind Glider 03.ogg, Media:VO Nahida Opening Treasure Chest 01.ogg, Media:VO Nahida Opening Treasure Chest 02.ogg, Media:VO Nahida Opening Treasure Chest 03.ogg. Zhongli is also open to trying new forms of music as he invites Xinyan to perform for him. There's no reasoning behind it and nothing to gain out of it, but somehow it seems to relieve the exhaustion in my brain. Don't rush!" Luckily for us, when it comes to thinking about life and our journeys, there are or were wiseindividuals with 80 sage soundbites to share. I made a major life decision and Zhongli was a major source of courage/inspiration to drive that. Imo He is the best character in Genshin Impact, no doubt and idc lol. If you'd like to see Liyue's tourist spots, I have a few references." (P.S if there are any native Chinese speakers out here who can offer a better translation Id love it! We should look for a place to take shelter. Shippers tend to enjoy their polar opposites dynamic and their hidden lore. If you should choose to pick any, be sure to store them appropriately. Categories Zhongli is a highly serious individual who also speaks rather cryptically a lot of the time, as he doesn't want to be plain about his true . A new contract? New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Mm, may the world never forget this beautiful flavor. Keith Silverstein[1] This heavily implies that the friend of his, is Venti as Venti's favorite drink is Dandelion Wine, and he is from Mondstadt. Okay. Peng Bo ()[2] Some fans enjoy them in poly ships such as ZhongXiaoVen. Subscribe if you like this story and want to receive our top stories! Venti has a vintage wine buried in Windrise that he was ready to give Zhongli as a "condolence" present. My name's Nahida. You should know that all power comes at a price. FANON When any DMG dealt by this skill hits at least one, This particle generation has a cooldown of, While holding the Elemental Skill, Zhongli's. When the Jade Shield takes DMG, 40% of that incoming DMG is converted to HP for the current character. What name will you be signing on this contract? ? Where do you want to go next? Zhongli is known for his grace and decorum. Creates a shield of jade. "Genshin Impact" is a fantasy action role-playing game with many characters from which players can choose. ? That's the best discription of zhongli character and the element of Geo. #AllVoiceLines #Zhongli #GenshinImpact #JapaneseHello friends, this time I will share the voice line of Zhongli's character from the game Genshin Impact.Subs. Using a Vision harnesses elements. The Chinese VA is so good with that line. I'm sure it must work for gods, too. ZhongVen is mostly portrayed as a love-hate relationship in most fanwork, or as an old married couple. Lapis Dei (Story Quest Chapter) Related Guides to Combat Related Guides by Role Gameplay and Combat System 30 Cruella de Ville Quotes from the Fur-Obsessed Fashionista, Forest Ranger Sees Wolf Approaching His Hut, Notices Baby in Its Jaw Story of the Day, 31 Roy Kent Quotes from Ted Lassos Hot-Headed Coach, 92 Women Empowerment Quotes from Legendary Women to Help You Reclaim Your Power, 49 Minnie Mouse Quotes from Disneys Polka-Dot Sweetheart, 39 Unsettling 'Bloodborne' Quotes For Playstation Fanatics, Explosive Bakugou Quotes from the My Hero Academia Series. Pyo Yeong-jae ()[3] Eating them is like swallowing an icky storm cloud. We should go and take in an opera." When I heard her story for the first time, her tenacity shone through like a dazzling gemstone. Because without them, there is no us. I will always remember him as that character that always there for me and give me comfort as I journey through Teyvat. Go get some rest." English Xiao sounds like he wants to throw down with me at any. The current overseer of the funeral parlor? In this voice line, Albedo states that relationships are "quite troublesome." He states that maintaining a connection is hard work. Noctriyst Additional comment actions. Zhongli, "We can discuss matters that fall outside of our contract too. Both Xiao and Zhongli have been around ever since before the Archon War, making them more than two-thousand and six-thousand years old respectively. . It feels like a grandpa told me his own life experiences to me and l just can't handle it. We can use it for so many basic needs, such as cooking, keeping warm and light, and, if need be, burning down that which causes us harm metaphorically. It's time to wave goodbye and let the creatures of the night take center stage. I'll be fine, but we don't want you catching a cold. Zhongli, "Contracts cannot be used to define friendship nor measure sentiment. The rock may erode when the time pass by, which reflect zhongli's comflicts to experience the pain of long life, the comflicts to choose what is the "right" thing. Before their meeting, another god took advantage of Xiao's . BENNY'S ADVENTURE TEAM ASSEMBLE!!!!! The original "Chat: Reminiscing" is unchanged since 1.3, however this new audio can be heard through his Idle. Did you know that the sound of thunder is the prelude to new life? As such I have no regrets in meeting you, friend. It seems my strength is returning. One day Xiao encountered Morax (Zhongli), the Geo Archon on the battle field during the Archon War.

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