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Flowery Self defense keychain. A common practice among keychain merchants is to place the disclaimers on pages covering store policy (such as legal and privacy) rather than in more visible areas like homepages or product listings. #selfdefense Bling It On Pepper Spray Keychain Only $15. Self-defense keychains can come in several configurations, including: Pepper spray Blunt, metal striking objects Sharp objects Hidden knives Whistles Personal alarms Flashlights Some of the. Mango Butter. Her spin-off ended prematurely, just as the martial arts expert was about to advise viewers to learn how to fight and take self-defense classes. New mini case tasers | New mini case tasers ac kangaudios - pj. 89 Likes, TikTok video from PLB (@prettyloadedboutiquellc): "Shop #prettyloadedboutique #plb #minitaser #plbprotection #selfdefensekeychain #womenselfdefense". - $35.00 Quick View. Pink Stun Gun. #purple, Taking sales deposit to the banks night drop demonstration "We're pro-knowledge. Filter: Availability. Add to Cart. Tmall Taobao World Cassetta said TikTok's keychain sellers are "going from A to Z and they're skipping B to Y.". #foryou, Restocking stun guns + self defense add ons on FEBRUARY 15 at 12AM EST : http://jaesdefensecore.myshopify.com---Hope you guys enjoyed! Follow on Tik TokInstagramFacebookYouTube#selfdefe. Restock 3/24 @8pm EST Safetyfirstboutique.com Videos Liked 156.3K What would you do? I was definitely not expecting this but I'm glad it all worked out! TikTok; Payment methods 0 selected Reset In stock (28) Out of stock (17) Price. (The charges were later dropped.). Pink butterfly Self defense keychain. Unit price / per . Due to the variety of so-called date rape drugs, there is actually no surefire way to tell if a drink has been spiked just by looking at it. Sold. B2-20120091-4. #girltok It is typically made of hard, durable plastic, metal or rubber with a pointed end that can be used to deliver a strike to an attacker. "Doing small things like trying to unlock a pepper spray and make sure it's facing the correct direction and pressing down a button, it seems like it's not hard, but it is," she said. ", Join half a million readers enjoying Newsweek's free newsletters, Exclusive: How YouTube Facilitates the Persecution of TikTok Women in Egypt, Exclusive: Pick-up Artist Used YouTube, PayPal to Share Covertly Filmed Sex. This beautiful silver marble self-defense keychain bundle could save your life! We chose the SLForce as our Best Bang for the Buck because of its overall quality and value. #fyp, This collection drops Tuesday Flowery Self defense keychain. Its loud and flashy features performed well during our testing. But these statements are not always immediately apparent. Marcia Narine Weldon, a lecturer in law at the University of Miami, said posts of this nature could give rise to legal liability for keychain businesses. Unit price / per . MINI SELF DEFENSE KEYCHAINS The world can be a scary place. 5.2K Likes, 194 Comments. Strawberry Liquid Rabbit Charm Self Defense Keychain. Price and other details may vary based on product size and color. Save. #safetyessentials #fyp $25.00. No one should be afraid when they walk alone, take ubers or simply go for a night out. Black Marble $30. Keychain Self-Defense Detroit Threat Management Center 45M views 1 year ago Packing Self Defense Keychain ASMR #258 ASMR Version I Mab Aesthetic Mab Aesthetic 3 months ago LIFE HACKS. #selfdefensekits This is my first video please like comment and subscribe Show more It's cable. Midnight Self Defense Keychain. "Because if you're being attacked, if somebody is approaching you and you feel unsafe, your intuition is spiking, more than likely, your adrenaline is also spiking. It will be the best practical gift for your loved ones. | Country Search Based on our research, weve narrowed down the list to models from SLForce, Spartan Defense, B A S U, and ROMILE. A safety keychain TikToker who goes by DefenseBabes shared the same "tips" in a video seen at least 3.1 million times. | Invest in a complete self defense keychain combo set that includes several useful tools to be ready when you leave your house and have to deal with any dangerous situation. "Unless you've been training and you understand how to really work this stuff and it's second nature to youhow are you going to expect a young woman to pull out something and stab somebody in the throat who's attacking them?". #safetykeychains Nike Self Defense Keychain With Minnie Taser Ridin Wit It - G Herbo. Self Defense Keychain Sets. #selfdefensekeychain About the Creator. The ventures are typically started by Gen Z women and provide near-identical products across businesses. From $38.00 Pink Butterfly Self Defense Keychain. Keychain weapons are easy to use yet can scare off a would-be assailant. "Even me, with 20 years of experience under my belt, I try to be careful of the words that I speak and how I teach," Jennifer Cassetta told Newsweek. The highest price is $200.00 Reset $ From $ To Clear all. let's package molly's large order she,ordered five different keychains,she purchased one blinky chain one grey,marble one black marble one owls and one,flamingo,so,uh,oh,of course we had to add in some freebies,for our appreciation,thank you so much molly,packing order 3888,lip gloss bundle,three self-defense keychains,shout out to gigi and sophia,asmr pack in order with me,we are trying these pepper sprays again,new colors coming soon,one down many more to go,so, The above is a brief introduction to self defense keychain set tiktok, Let's move on to the first section of self defense keychain set tiktok, how to use the tools that come on my,self-defense keychains,after spray,seat belt cutter three and one tool,window breaker,self-defense keychain,lip gloss bundle,capricorn necklace,butterfly cup,so i sell stun guns separately but a lot,of people ask why don't you put them on,the cell defense key chains i'm about to,show you exactly why oh oh hold on no no,what you doing hold up let me get out,the case hold up,we're not doing that instead we're doing,this,three items every girl needs part two,first is this comb that has a hidden,knife this is about three inches this is,perfect and discreet and you just keep,it in your purse next are these kitty,knuckles that you wear around your,fingers and it's perfect in case anybody,tries to attack you,last is this key knife which is also,great for self defense it is discreet,and the same size as the actual key,okay so this is the last time i'm gonna,address this,the reason for the pricing is because,one,there is pepper spray on it which is,very expensive,these items are not cheap either but the,wristlets some of them are also handmade,i either hire somebody to make them for,me go get the fabric and sew them,together or now my grandma has now begin,helping me and she hand makes,the wristlets,and the second reason is i have to,handmade each and every keychain so i,sit here and make the metal window,breakers in my basement no but i have to,put them,all together and keep in mind this,restock i did over 500 keychains so 500,keychains i sat down and took my time,out of my day to make them so you're,paying for not only the cost of the the,item but you're paying for the labor as,well,let's test out this window breaker,one two three,there we go,but just envisioned that this was a,window let's say you're into a car,accident somebody tries to kidnap you,you can escape through the window,you, After seeing the first section, I believe you have a general understanding of self defense keychain set tiktok, Continue the next second section about self defense keychain set tiktok, so,so,so,thank you kayla roxanna sherwin zade,joanna and chris,i hope you all love your order,let's package an order for lily she,ordered the safety keychain set in style,for,and she chose a as her initial,free gift with every purchase,this package is going all the way to,australia,it is also a gift order so you can add,your gift note instead of a business,card,thank you so much for the support lily,and i hope whoever your gifting is to,loves their items,hey tick tock package leslie's order,with me she ordered the mystery defense,bundle for those of you that don't know,what it is it is a surprise bundle that,comes with the keychain and two other,defense products,leslie told me her favorite color was,blue so we're going to be making her a,blue keychain,that transition was weak but it's okay,this is how the keychain came out super,cute,a blue discreet comb knife and lipstick,taser will also come with her bundle,so this is how the bundle came out,leslie was the first to order our,mystery bundle so she got a free gift we,hope you love your order,all righty we have an order for a dose,of happiness keychain so let's pack that,up so we need a keychain a card which,i'll write on impossible packaging some,stickers from my freebie pack so it's,all packaged and,a little cat sticker on the back,now we to make a box,and the box is made so now we just got,to slide that in,close libbox,tape it up,write an address on the front and i will,send off when i get to the post office,next thank you for watching guys bye,foreign, After seeing the second section, I believe you have a general understanding of self defense keychain set tiktok, Continue the next third section about self defense keychain set tiktok, hey everybody welcome back to my youtube,channel i hope you guys are doing well,in today's video we're going to be,making some self-defense,key chains because they're not only,practical for people to have to protect,themselves but also they're really cute,and trendy and stylish if you,put them together,really cute i'm actually going to be,making four different ones today and i'm,not going to be keeping all four for,myself of course i'm going to be saving,these maybe for like a christmas gift or,something for my family if you're,watching this family um and you know who,you are just forget that you've seen,these and act surprised if i give them,to you as a gift but let's go ahead and,get right into the haul i'm going to,show you guys all the stuff that i have,and tell you the price and then we're,going to get to making these keychains,so the first thing that i want to show,you guys are these pepper spray um,different glitter pepper spray variety,pack i got four of these that came in a,pack,and they come in the colors pink,blue,this is like a champagne color and then,we have a purple well they actually,weren't that bad so they equal out to,about ten dollars for each,pepper spray which is not terrible so,for all four of them it was about,forty dollars on amazon and i'll have,everything linked down below as well,they say it's like a window breaker,safety anti-wolf keychain i guess you,can use this to break windows or like,like,i don't want to say the word because i,don't want my video get demonetized but,you know it's just a good safety,mechanism it comes with nine of them and,you have,um royal blue light blue black silver,red green purple gold and pink for nine,of these it's eleven dollars so,probably like a dollar and some change,each the next thing that i got off,amazon and this truly like brought me,back to elementary school days,where you would have like your little,smackers chapstick with the different,flavors this one has all different,coca-cola and also they had a different,variety of colors that are that is going,to match each theme of the keychains,that i make and then to hold the lip,gloss or to hold the chapstick onto the,keychain little lip gloss,holders that i'm gonna be attaching to,each of the keychains just to hold your,lip gloss or your chapstick in there,that's a little pricey okay,so for four of these it was fourteen,dollars um i don't know why i spent it,that much on this,i should have just got some lip gloss,and made some loops on it but,um,either way they're here now so i got,four of these for fourteen dollars and,they're they're pretty sturdy,um but i guess we won't know like how,good they are until you like you,actually use them i picked up some beads,from walmart and these can be used on,this project in like a lot of the other,projects that i you know crafts and,stuff that i do some clear mono cord,to create the key chains with the beads,and stuff on it and then also,we have,some pom-poms from amazon these i had,got a long time ago so i'll have the,link down below in the description box,but if this is your business and you,want to sell these definitely check out,alibaba for a lot of these things you'll,get it a lot cheaper but you'll just,have to wait,like you know sometimes it takes maybe,15 to 20 days for this supplies to come,in,but,yeah we're just gonna be doing this,project and i hope you guys enjoy this,video so let's go ahead and get right,into it so first thing is first i want,to go ahead and lay all my supplies out,and kind of pair it up with each other,so that way i get an idea of which color,is going to go with which,and it just helps me get organized,before i start assembling all my,different keychains,now it's time to match up the chapstick,with each one and i'm just going off,whichever color matches best,aren't these like so nostalgic like i,just remember having these in elementary,school and i just thought i was so cool,and here are the little holders again,that i was talking about that we're,gonna be putting the chapstick in,so we're gonna start out with assembling,the blue one,and i just go ahead and try and find,like a one main key ring that i'm gonna,cook everything onto and in this case,it's gonna be,the blue pom pom i'm gonna be using that,key ring taking off the other key ring,so it doesn't look too,like too much going on and adding too,much unnecessary weight i want it to all,look like it's connected and belonging,to one key chain so that's what i'm,gonna do is just assemble it and repeat,the step on all the different colors,and just to customize it even more i,just put a together like a little,wristlet um with the bead set that i,showed you guys for each different color,and um i just made it personal to each,different keychain and to the person,that i plan on giving it to,so here's how everything turned out is,definitely aesthetically pleasing,and it's so super cute like you can hook,these keychains onto,your bag,your purse your gym bag your book bag or,you can j, After seeing the third section, I believe you have a general understanding of self defense keychain set tiktok, Continue the next fourth section about self defense keychain set tiktok, hey guys welcome to dan j mix videos,today i will be showing you a product,that i saw on tick tock but before that,please do like and subscribe and don't,forget to press the notification bell,for more updates,i found this product on tick-tock and,it really got my attention because i,find it useful and especially for um,women like us,who,work or who go out sometimes alone,or women or even men who do not know,martial arts or any self-defense,stuff i tried to find it in shoppi,and i found several shops that uh offer,it so it ranges from,empress nia is from,like,350 to,a thousand thousand plus 1000 plus so,um but it depends on the inclusions i,chose,this,keychain so here it is guys,it's,a purple keychain or,amethyst colored,keychain,so i've chose this one because,satan and the sellers,this seller,that includes a hang package on pepper,spray so i will be showing to you,the different inclusions in this so i,got this one as a package uh these stuff,could be sold separately,i find this one,cheaper sigur okay package,so i do not have to look for,these,things one by one,so i'm going to,introduce to you each and every,self-defense tool or self-defense weapon,and hopefully,i can explain,it,so the inclusions of this keychain,would be,that this key chain has,a wristlet,so a wristlet para easy to,easy to hold shot easy too,easy to put on your wrist,then also this serves as a decoration,site so it's pretty see,then another would be it's the pom-pom,okay this makes the keychain really,discreet so what i love about this one,also is the shamura weapon,so,it looks pretty it looks cute so when,you put this,um hanging on your back like this,for example your bag then you put it,like this so,ordinary keychain but,um there is a purpose,the next inclusion,would be the,pouch,with,the sanitizer alcohol container so you,could also put in lipstick or your lip,gloss so depending on,but for me for now it's really important,for you to carry alcohol or any,sanitizer so you place this here,there,then the next inclusion is your pepper,spray,so,i,chose this,shop or this keychain because of the,pepper spray by the way this,keychain costs 700 pesos,i think,but don't worry i'll,i'll include the link,uh in the description box below,so you can check it out then,so what's included is the pepper spray,here,uh we all know familiar naman sigurd is,a pepper spray but the pepper spray is a,very very important,more,important and handy tool for self,defense because,will come into contact with your,intruder with someone who would assault,you because you just all you have to do,is to,spray,on that person so this one is safe,because it has a lock,so when you want to open it you just,have to this is the lock,so you just have to twist this one,and then,go,hang small hole and then you just,press it,and then put as a safety so that you,would not accidentally spray on yourself,or to anyone,um unintentionally so,just have to lock it back twist,there,then it's locked,so,safe so guys,then another one another inclusion would,be your,alloy pen,here,this is a,strong weapon also,so this could serve as,if someone would,try to hold you or grab you you can use,this one to stab,this is made of aluminum or alloy some,some alloy pen or some pants or some you,they also call this as window breakers,so she because you can also use this one,to break windows sample your trapped in,a car,then jump down windows so you can't get,out so you can use this one to break the,window,you just have to stab the window and,then it breaks this is very strong,and this one is made of aluminum some,sellers do have,made stuff made of resin,but i,prefer,this one because,for me it's,problem strong,so it's it's kind of heavy because it's,metal,then the tip also is,aluminum,then another one,very common and,this is the whistle so,uh when you get trapped somewhere and,then no one can find you like during,earthquakes or,you can use this one,to call attention or to call for help,then another inclusion is,safety alarm the safety alarm more or,less functions the same as the whistle,but this one,the sound or the alarm is louder,and this also functions as,a flashlight,so flashlight and then you just all you,have to do is to pull this one out,and then,an alarm sound,will come out so let's try this one i'll,just put it back right away because it's,really really very,annoying to the ear so one two three,trust me guys it's very very loud a very,handy tool very useful,then the next one and,this also i find this,very interesting,is the window breaker and seat belt,cutter so this is very useful for people,with cars so all you have to do for this,one you just pull this out,and then see this blade over here,so this is very sharp you can use this,one to cut the seat belt for example,your seat belt is jammed and you cannot,pull it out now so,you can just slide this through and then,you can slice,the seat belt,you can cut it,and then after that so once,you break free from your seat belt you,can use this one the black one yo, After seeing the fourth section, I believe you have a general understanding of self defense keychain set tiktok, Continue the next fifth section about self defense keychain set tiktok, this is me jaylen back with another,video for you guys for this video,i'm basically going to be showing you,guys how i create my defense keychain,now eventually i am going to be selling,these keychains on march 5th stay tuned,for,the um business release please follow my,instagram in the description below it's,my business page as well as on the,screen,um i have a couple updates for you guys,so for starters the most important one i,am now legal i am 18 years old and it,was my birthday yesterday so,your girl's happy um i had a good,birthday um i was gonna do like a little,birthday vlog but things just got in the,way,and also i got a new camera for my,birthday so,stay tuned for that i'm gonna i don't,know if i'm gonna do an unboxing video,we'll see,but yeah i'll definitely let you guys,know when that new camera comes,but yeah so basically we're gonna be,reviewing my different keychain and what,i exactly put on my defense keychains,now i know a couple people do it,differently and i feel like this is why,i'm so confident in my business just,because,for starters i'm making it very cheap,but i'll still you know make money off,of it,and two i just feel like it's reliable,and there's more things on it that,people probably didn't think of,so stay tuned this is personally mine,this one's not going to be sold,in stores i mean this one's not going to,be sold on my website specifically this,one this is mine,but the same thing will be sold on my,website if that makes sense but just,like a regular hand wristlet,about 26 in a pack um,but yeah so i got this hammer so it's,pink um,then i just have hand sanitizer as well,as well as a hand sanitizer holder now,what's different about,my hand sanitizers is that it's colored,so whatever color,wristlet or theme it is that's what,color the hand sanitizer is going to be,so i just find a little,you know cool little twist to add to my,business,um so you have that and you can be,creative with it you don't,have to do the color that you know the,keychain is you could do different,colors switch it up whatever,oh my gosh next thing i have is just,some mace you know you can't go wrong,with me stuff like every woman needs,mace it should be essential to you know,everywhere you go,so i just have mace and this comes with,the lock so,it locks so you don't have to worry,about using it on accident because,it's locked so it's open it's locked so,that's how it works so i have some pink,mace to match,my pink theme then i have kitty knuckles,now i specifically made this,if you guys didn't know i made a video,on how i specifically made it,if you guys want to see that in the,description down below as well,so you just put your fingers,in and you just roll up your fist and,then,just get ready to attack but i really,don't think you would this would be your,first,item that you would use if you were in,danger i feel like this wouldn't be your,first,item to go you know what i mean,next i have self self defense form,now this one is just a regular pink one,it came in a pack as well,so i have this so if you pull this off,allow timer golf and i'm not just going,to do it and i'm not going to do it just,because i got people in my house you,know,sleep and stuff so i'm not going to,disrespect them by waking them up so you,just pull this off,to make it go off i'm pretty sure,anybody then that your next door,neighbors can hear this like this is how,loud that's how loud it is like,it's really loud and if you want to you,know stop it from beeping you just,plug it back in and this is a flashlight,so it comes with a flashlight as well,right here so you click this button and,it's a flashlight,so that's what i have next next i have,just a,puff ball so it can look more discreet,you know as well as the lip gloss so i,just have the regular,broadway lip gloss as well as a puff,ball,and then next i have okay so this is a,window breaker,so you press down on the window and,it'll break obviously,and this is a built-in seat belt cutter,as well you just take this off put it,in between the seat belt and cut it um,and then this is a whistle,so yeah and then i have a,stylus now this is not just a stylus,this is,actually a window i mean not a window,this is a door opener so you just,hook the door handle to the um,the door opener and you just open it or,you twist or whatever you have to do to,open the door,this is a stylus as well you can use on,your phone or if you have the atm,machine you can just click it,you know use it if you need it so i have,that and i feel like these are for my,germaphobes because,i know you know coronavirus and all,you're definitely going to need that,and then last but not least i just have,a regular shank i don't really know what,the color is i know it's called like,wolf defense or something,but basically this is a very strong,weapon it is a window breaker as well as,you know a defense item just in case if,somebody's you know coming at you or,attacking you,or you feel unsafe at night you can just,walk like this hav, After seeing the fifth section, I believe you have a general understanding of self defense keychain set tiktok, Continue the next sixth section about self defense keychain set tiktok, as a woman have you experienced some,form of harassment violence or assault,watch this video and learn these five,self-defense moves every woman should,know,in our last video I taught you some low,kicks using the cat's dance if they have,in watch that video watch it now and,make sure to subscribe in a world full,of violence and crime women like us are,more vulnerable to harassment assault or,violence in a 2018 survey 81 percent of,women have experienced some form of,violence sexual harassment or assault in,their lifetime one in four women has,ever experienced violence for her,husband or partner for these reasons,women need to know how to effectively,defend ourselves in case of this attacks,there are a lot of kinds of attacks,there are attack that somehow you can,prepare yourself because you can see,your attacker coming towards you but,unfortunately most of the attacks will,leave you off guard or by surprise so,here are some of the easiest and most,effective you defend techniques any,women can learn or do to defend herself,against ethical situation no matter how,big or heavy the attacker is after,learning the you defense stance and cat,stance today I'm going to be sharing,with you the you defend both stance and,horse stance because this will be,extremely helpful to ru defense,techniques today first we start with,both stance,this is how you actually do the bow,stance but for the you defend we are,going to modify it we are going to do a,highball stands like this,the reason why we're gonna modify it so,that you can the trap and recover,quickly and go to your next move now we,call this the you defend bow stance I'm,gonna show you the footwork specifically,for a you defense technique today,starting from the neutral position step,back when you defend both tanks now to,shift from right to left both times we,are going to people using our heel you,don't have to turn exactly 180 degrees,as long as you are stable and balanced,then we're good,next we have the horse stance,now for you defend we are going to do a,high horse stance you can dust highest,like this as long as your stance is,balanced then we're okay we now call,this the you defend horse stance,here are five South defense move every,woman should know first we have defense,against rear hair grab and we have our,you defender can it's a new man to help,us demonstrate,as he grabs your hair trap his hand,tightly with both hands step back to a,you defend bow stance turn underneath,his arm to twist his arm as you shift,your bow stance prepare to run as his,hand slips from the grab,this is the entire upper body movements,the footworks,everything has happened in two accounts,one two and run away and escape second,we have the same side wrist grab,I see grab serious use that momentum to,palm strike his nose then me strike his,groin,everything is just two counts one two,then run away and escape third we have,the arm over shoulder grab can I take,you home,trap his hand tightly with both hands,step back do i you defend bow stance,turn underneath his arm to twist his arm,as you shift your bow stance,transfer your weight to your base leg,then sidekick is me everything is,happening three counts one two three and,run away and escape fourth we have the,rear bear hug,step one foot to the side in Toyota pent,horse stance as you push his arms,executing a push palms hand technique it,is just one count,fun then run away and escape and lastly,we have the double hand front show,drop your chin as you step back to AU,defend both dance soon your arm up then,drop it over his arms in a chopping,motion as you shift your bow stance,everything is just two counts,one two and run away and escape you,don't have to strike your attacker all,the time,if striking him back will take more time,because we want to turn around by,shifting from left to right both stance,or right to left you are already at the,right position to run with the right,momentum and acceleration to get away go,for it and escape because that's our,goal to run away and escape as fast as,we can,these are just some of the you defend,techniques every woman should know in,case these situations happen watch this,video again and again and practice these,two different techniques to be ready to,defend yourself at all times,always remember the RAC of you defend in,mind as our our stance or recognize,potentially dangerous situation a stands,for by being alert aware and by paying,attention at all times,these Dan's work communicate with,self-confidence and lastly we have the e,e stands for escape,have you learned something from this,video let me know in the comment section,down below share me our thoughts,experiences comments and suggestions for,our next videos don't be helpless defend,strike survive you defend, After seeing the sixth section, I believe you have a general understanding of self defense keychain set tiktok, Continue the next seventh section about self defense keychain set tiktok, hi queens welcome back to my channel or,if you're new here welcome my name is,eva if you like all things lifestyle,small business and vlogs go ahead and,hit that subscribe button and become an,essential queen if you'd like to shop,self-defense wholesaling accessories,with me you can at easekids.com i'll put,the link down below stay pretty stay,safe and shop with me so today guys i'm,going to be doing a package orders with,me video so here's my little setup so i,just have some of my women empowerment,stickers okay and just other fun,stickers that i like to put inside of my,orders here i have my um resealable,pocket window bag so these um the,keychains will go into and other items,and has my logo sticker on there okay,eva's essential kits guys so the first,thing i'm gonna do is sanitize my hands,all right and i'm also going to just,sanitize my,work area and wipe it down,so the first order that's going out i,just have to pull it up on my computer,because i'm recording on my phone so the,first thing my customer got is one of,our self-defense keychains and this has,our designer wristlet on it and then it,just comes with an alarm um a flashlight,alarm comes to the kubaton it comes with,a um hands-free tool it also comes with,um like a chapstick holder and a whistle,and then of course the keychain puff so,i was gonna put her order in one of,these baggies but she got some other,stuff so i'm just gonna use a box,so in the box this is what it looks like,this is a six by six by two box,just gonna put in some of my black,crinkle tissue,my customer also got a black stun gun,which comes with the free velcro case,so i'm just gonna also put that in here,so like that,and then lastly,they got a pair of black brass knuckles,so the brass knuckles look like this,and i'm just gonna put them right in,here,and then on top,we're gonna get,our thank you card and put it on top,here with some of our stickers,so i'm gonna put these two stickers this,one is a butterfly and this one just,says girl power so there they are,and i'm just gonna put them right on top,and then we're going to close up the box,then i'm just gonna grab one of our logo,stickers,get these off of amazon,if you guys are interested in getting,any of the stuff that i have for your,business,i have an amazon storefront link with,the boxes and everything so then here's,the box,all completed,and it's going to go inside,one of,ours like this,okay,and then on the front side,i'm gonna put,the thank you for supporting my small,business,i'm also gonna put one of our smaller,logos,here,and then,i'm just gonna put,there you have it that's what one of our,orders looks like all nice and done i'm,just gonna put the customer's address,here and that's that that's one order,so for this wholesale order i'm just,gonna use a priority box because she got,a lot of brass knuckles,so it's gonna be really heavy,so in this box,okay in this box i'm gonna add this box,okay which is a box of,our keychain alarms so for wholesale you,get 24 keychain alarms so she's going to,get two boxes of these because this is a,12 count,and it just has our logo,i'm just gonna put it right in here,so these are the brass knuckles she got,blue,pink,purple,black,and gold,she also got,a 10-piece pepper spray i'm just gonna,put all the pepper screws in here,so we've got,red blue,purple,the pink the teal,bunch of different colors,and this is the wholesale order so we,are going to put a thank you card in,here,and we're also going to put some pink um,some pink peanuts so these are the pink,packing peanuts,okay,and then we're just gonna add,our thank you card,right in here,so this is how the order will look,and then i'm just gonna close it up,and it's gonna get an address it's gonna,get um,our logo sticker,so this is gonna go on,it for now,i am just handwriting the addresses,so,this is what it will look like,and i'm gonna tape it up and this one,will go out,the next order is a keychain order so,i'm gonna put it in this baggie,this is the keychain okay so this is one,of our chanel keychains,and,my customer actually dm me to get hers,customized for exactly what she wanted,on here so she got this kind of a pepper,spray,it's a soft case she got this coupon,with a white alarm some hand sanitizer,and a puff,and so i'm just going to put the,keychain in this baggie,so let's put our thank you card,this is what the order will look like,when it's in the baggie i'm gonna go,ahead and put a thank you card in here,and then i'm also gonna put some,stickers,so i'm gonna put these little stickers,in the order,and then seal it up,then it's gonna go inside,my pink bubble mailer,just like that and i'm gonna peel it off,and seal it,okay,and then,we're gonna go ahead,and put our little logo,on here,put my thank you sticker on the back,like this,so that's where the thank you sticker,goes,so this is how the order will look like,and yeah that one is fun,okay so next order i'm just looking at,my computer but you guys can't see,can't see it but that', Congratulation!

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