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sun conjunct mars composite lindaland

The effect of this aspect varies, as each pair of planets will interact differently with each other. Hi! Uranus symbolizes anything that's progressive, unconventional, avant-garde, or just plain outside of the box. Our home is our cave. Whenever Sun forms an aspect with Mars, partners will feel the other one, and it will often be an intensity impossible to ignore. The angles planets form with each other at the time of our birth, reveal details about us. I dont really know what it means, sorry but this post is not guiding me lol :p. We have a composite 6th house sun in Taurus, conjunct Venus and Mercury. Oh, I should also mention that sun opposite venus in the composite is interpreted the same way as Sun conjunct venus so if you have sun opposite venus conjunct mercury (whether mercury is conjunct the venus or the sun it doesnt matter) it is basically and almost identical energy, except that for some reason the people seem to have opposite but complimentary personalities. The composite Sun conjunct composite Mars is ideal for participating in contests and competition because these two can be a power couple. I think we level one another off with the composite earth. Although you will feel capable of everything during the transit, ensure you focus all that energy on something constructive. Your email address will not be published. Sun in Gemini in 11th house Taurus. And in the Davison, it falls in the 5th. Powered by Infopop 2000 his Mars was conjunct my Sun in synastry as well. It is why they are typically sports-oriented and likely to participate in competitions and adrenaline-fueled activities. Composite Sun conjunct Juno and Venus in the 1st house- Venus conjunct South Node also in the 1st-11 years marriage and still going but very rocky, personality clashes, frequent fights. This aspect gives you the ability to make things happen in the world and to draw people toward you through your leadership qualities. But with this guy, I was strongly physically attracted to him, his Mars was conjunct my Sun in synastry as well. The problem is, these partners are too similar. With Composite Sun sextile or trine the Composite Moon, this gives compatible energy and helps you to get along well. It is why these partners will have to control the passion between them, or it could result in conflicts and aggression. If it went well, I would likely need to leave my job otherwise the relationship itself would have to be secret. Me and a person have a composite sun, Mercury, mars and Venus ALL in 8th HOUSE! Powered by Infopop 2000 You have an entire chart that describes your relationships, not just this one aspect. Saturn is in the 1st house and has an opposition to Pluto and . It is not unlikely that Sun conjunct Mars natives are vengeful, intolerant, or even ruthless. the sun afflicted by a bunch of outer planets? Passion and power are the cornerstones for these characters. Ryan Hart is a relationship science and technology writer. Is Mars in the composite how the relationship goes about forming and how steady . The Sun conjunct Mars aspect is beneficial yet relatively uncommon, due to the rotation of the planets. Even when theyre not, they appear overly confident. I really do love this person and I don't know how to deal with all this neptunian energy. Ultimate Bulletin Board 5.46a. Thats 12th house. Stellium in the fifth, including Sun, in two partnerships. A Sun conjunct Mars aspect, due to the immense levels of combined energy and the strong sense of protection, spirit, passion and aggression, can often leave you feeling quite angry and frustrated. He is a cancer by Sunsign. What i do see is a trine to moon and venus from s-turn and because of it, it also sextile's the sun. if(typeof ez_ad_units!='undefined'){ez_ad_units.push([[300,250],'astromajesty_com-narrow-sky-2','ezslot_26',122,'0','0'])};__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-astromajesty_com-narrow-sky-2-0');But be careful if youre collaborating with others because you will probably have to silence your ego. CompositeChart:SunMarsAspects CompositeChart:VenusMarsAspects And there is a lot of chemistry (Mars conjunct Jupiter). You are militant and warlike with good organizing skills and leadership ability. The Sun conjunct Mars transit will put you under pressure because it will play havoc with your emotions and cause frustration. Ugh. What are your thoughts on Grand Trines in composite charts? Yes, we are both Saturn in CAP, but a complete cycle apart. Anything is possible. Powered by Infopop 2000 Then after 2 or 3 years it became serious. We broke up a couple of times. And their composite North Node conjuncts Saturn and Mars.. ? But it is certainly transforming our lives for the better and in a big way (Jupiter). But the same applies to people in their lives, which is not always without reason. Losing is not an option, and they do something, they expect the best results only. if(typeof ez_ad_units!='undefined'){ez_ad_units.push([[300,250],'astromajesty_com-leader-2','ezslot_14',121,'0','0'])};__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-astromajesty_com-leader-2-0');The buildup of that intense energy usually comes in the form of irritability and impatience. Instead, Sun conjunct Mars people are impulsive, brutal, and blunt. The Moon our emotions, family life or challenges to etc etc. 7th house. ST and I had the Sun in our composite 7th house, along with Saturn, Venus and Mercuryall in Leo. You are dealing with the energy of two powerful planets here and quick temper reactions may occur when these planets clash. It is a favorable period for outdoor activities and exercise. Or sex lol. And of course not only 1 cat, but 2. Or sex lol or a strong attraction. What about the "generation(al?)" Also, I two other composites between best friends who think the other is awesome but never said anything about soulmates lol. Composite Sun conjunct Jupiter- Fun and games Truth In Aspect Astrology/ Jewel 3.5K views 2 years ago Natal Moon Square Venus- Chronic Dissatisfaction Truth In Aspect Astrology/ Jewel 24K. They are not romantics nor gentle dreamers. We do lots of things as a unit and we often have a difficult time doing things with other couples unless we are free to do the things we want: leaving when we want, going at our pace, insisting that we do XYZ and if you want to come along, youd better play along or go your own way. A pressure to compete and perform is part of the essence of this relationship. We are homebodies. I also really like the Pluto opposing the Sun and Venus. Saturn is squared Sun, Venus, Neptune, Mercury and trine Uranus. Theres no taking advantage. In the midpoint composite, Sun conjunct Jupiter in Leo falls in the 11th. Composite sun semisquare, opposite, or semisextile venus yields the same exact interpretation in Google as composite sun conjunct venus. You may not be able to control your behavior during this time of increased emotional intensity. In the 3rd sagittarius mars and aquarius jupiter. This can also be a great way to inspire and empower othersaround you, which is perhaps why people often look to you for support and guidance. Lilith in synastry sucks when you're lilith. 7th house is our composite and we are partners in every sense of the word. The impulsive and headstrong Sun conjunct Mars person exhibits great energy and enthusiasm. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Moon Trine Mars In Natal Charts, Composite Charts & Synastry, Sun Conjunct Jupiter In Natal Charts, Composite Charts & Synastry. Random Synastry Aspect Observations . This is interesting as these two planets work together harmoniously. There might be a slight power struggle, but you see that more intensely with Pluto. Considering that you also have strong impulsive reactions, you might need to take some time to allow yourself to cool down or find a way to healthily express your anger. Be careful to not be trigger happy as we all know that Mars always has an aggressive streak and that aggression can be defeated easily if we are careful to monitor it. And others notice them. You are not destined to have a peaceful, placid coexistence! We do have absolutely opposite personalities, but very complimentary. We have an Aquarius Moon in the 1st house and live in an Aquarian state (per founding date of state). There might be a slight power struggle, but you see that more intensely with Pluto. A Sun conjunct Mars aspect can point towards energy, passion, drive, ambition, independence, protection and sustenance. You are both attuned to each others needs and your combined passions continue to excite and challenge each other in all aspects of your relationship and life. So we burned to ashes and then slowly started again (as many times before at the beginning). I am new to astrology but I think that that i can say the 8th house theme of transformation and intense sexual energy, depth etc has always been the predominant on our path. Since this is such an impulse and energy-driven aspect, you and your partner can often feel sexually driven in various situations, keeping things fun and interestingfor both of you. Regardless of how much they love each other, both natives want to be the ones to win in every disagreement. Lindaland Astrology 2.0 Sun square mars COMPOSITE profile | register | preferences . CompositeChart:VenusUranusAspects If you are working at cross-purposes, you will face far too many rocky roads together. This is a time when you feel exceptionally bold and brave in pursuing your goals and personal ambitions. A Sun conjunct Mars aspect is powerful. It is a combination that, regardless of how passionate, cant provide a harmonious coexistence. :) :) :). Birthday Report Package Deluxe Transit Report 1 Year Get A Natal Chart ReportProgressed Chart Report Deluxe Asteroids Report Get A Solar Return Report Get A Lunar Return Report Child Natal Report 1 Year Transit Report Outer Planets, Find Your Soulmate Saturn Transit the 12th House Using Astrology To Get What You Want. We like to look after others, cuddle and make up new words. Sun conjunct Mars individuals' lives are filled with drama and change. I did my composite with my husband, and we have venus and mercury conjuncting 4 degrees apart, with the Sun opposing Venus to the exact degree. But they have to find a way to use that courage in the right way because it will make them bold and daring without causing feuds and brawls. In a Composite chart of a couple has Cancer rising then they will look like a married couple and feel at home with each other. Full-time. For instance, if one partner expresses the qualities the other hates about themselves, they could resent them. And I wonder if having all that Saturn might save the relationship. The connection is full of sexual undertones and desire, and they can stimulate each other to work harder and pursue their dreams. We want to own cats, not kids ? My ex-husband and I had a Taurus ASC, 4H Virgo stellium (Sun, Mercury, Venus, Pluto), 10H Aries Moon. Just wondering if there are any people out there who have a strong Neptune in their composite charts with anyone and how does it work? Copyright Ryan Hart Publishing LLC - All Rights Reserved - Privacy Policy. so maybe it feels comfortable and familiar but its difficult to get perspective on. There is an immense sexual attractionhere and you both enjoy being around each other and seeing how things go in bed. Or is Saturn giving the relationship staying power? You are highly motivated and driven to achieve greatness, although you may also act on impulsive desires at the risk of self-damage. It means that the planets are providing you with the fuel to go after what you want. But the clash of these two planets is even more beneficial for physical activity and sexual drive. Sun conjunct Mars natives have good command and confidence of their activities because they have a sense of purpose and awareness of their capabilities. but it makes it a *whole* lot easier to share a life with someone you have a strong Sun with. Were great at changing and evolving. We have a composite grand trine with Mercury, Uranus and MC and no matter how difficult we are feeling with each other we have always been able to talk about money. ok, maybe it's not a grand trine, but it's something that looks pretty perfect! Composite sun Cancer in 7th- he cooks for me. Remember that this excess energy can be channeled constructively. As the Sun represents our fundamental identity and consciousness, it is one of the most significant planets in relationships. Whatever they choose to do, their connection is wild and passionate. Unfortunately, in most cases, people fail to control all the energy transit gives them. Yes a trine will definitely be better. I read online that the best indication of soulmates is that all the planets are clustered together and conjunct each other in the composite. Opponents often see them as intimidating and agile. It seems that an 8th house Sun in the composite seems to be a pattern for me. CompositeChart:MoonVenusAspects The sun symbolizes the active part of consciousness, our ego, the desire for success and self-affirmation in the profession. Physical activities, sports or outdoor adventures, for instance, are a key part of the health of your relationship. There can be a hard time agreeing on where you are headed with each other, the direction your relationship is taking, and even the purpose of your being together. ohhhhhmy v/s We have stellium in 12th Virgo- Sun,moon, mercury, juno and Saturn all conjunct with eachother. We love to travel, are both adventorous, love trying new things, but love to come back to our little house with a tiny garden, the nest that we have created together and means a lot to us. Sent 3-5 times a week. The goal is to identify the function of a connection. So it it's significant still if they are conjunct, but its awesome when there's a love stellium in there too. I need some more space than these conjunctions. I've posted my chart with the guy that I'm talking about before, and we have an exact Venus/Sun conjunction on the descendant but it's also conjunct mercury and neptune. Make sure you learn some ways to think about your immediate impulsesinstead of always acting on them first even though this may sometimes have proved useful in the past. It means that Sun conjunct Mars natives are assertive, fierce, and straightforward. At least you can limit some of its potential damage by making realistic assessments, and watching the pedestal-placing. Or 0. Welcome to Lindaland ( Lindaland Astrology Sun/Moon Trine in Composite . It's like pluto but stronger. CompositeChart:SunMoonAspects Or, at least, they enjoy proving their point, which could mean engaging in physical fights. It shows where and how the couple shine and express their vital life energy. Author: Topic: Sun square mars COMPOSITE: asclibrasagsun Knowflake . Best composite chart I have ever seen! I definitely would on the wedding chart. While tenanted houses in a composite show areas that are important to the couple as a unit, a scattered chart or one where planets are not aspected show areas of disconnect within the relationship. Each native knows what to do to excite the other. Your reliabilitymakes you the first choice whenever people face some sort of difficulty, making you generous as well. Mars reprezents energy, will, activity, courageous, lust, challanger, motivation, impulsivity, direct, establisment of ego, force, effort etc Chiron reprezents help, teaching, healing, understanding, scientist, experience, love, wisdom, punishment/reward, lessons, protection etc. Although we tell each other everything I know this is the house of secrets and the house of undoing. Winning at work and competition, developing a warrior spirit, encouraging one another to be bolder and more courageous these are the positives you will discover and create together if you can diffuse the more aggressive, abrasive energies you bring out in each other. It is an inexplicable connection that feels primal or karmic. You are extremely focusedwith a sharp wit and a rapid response rate. They have to bite their tongues sometimes to save a connection worthy of saving. The Sun conjunct the Moon synastry The Sun conjunct the Moon synastry embodies a natural principle of polarity between creative and perceptual factors. Sometimes, out of the blue, little things pop up between the two of you that inspire some sort of disagreement. curiositina, I would think it gives another perspective. Because you generate so much heat on all levels when you are together, your sexual energies will also be stimulated and will certainly be an undertone in your communication with one another. Since this energy needs you to shape it, you can turn it into something useful and productive. These connections can be magnetic if both natives control their egos. Creating the mood and having an open mindare things you are both adept at. Mars-Sun aspects will definitely give you some insight into your relationship, but take these descriptions with a grain of salt. This is mainly because you don't care if you seem different from other people. But its essential they dont go overboard with that and suffocate each other with expectations. Yet, conjunctions are not a negative aspect per se. They have to find a way to express that energy in a creative way because theres a risk of fiery competition and arguments. When transiting Sun conjuncts your natal Mars, you will feel more energy than usual. My Virgo friend who I met only 3 years ago, our composite Sun is in 8th house. They are often involved in a passionate war that can have tragic consequences. But the relationship usually starts smoothly due to the magnetic physical chemistry. Many things you attempt to undertake cooperatively are apt to be tense and volatile at times. A Composite can also show how two people deal with their differences in a marriage or living together situation. He likes to buy more upscale appliances and creature comforts for the house than what I would have purchased on my own. The stellium I had with guy I met at 19 which was my first truly meaningful relationship with opposite sex (pluto-mars-sun), I also have a sun-mars-saturn stellium with him and a jupiter-mars-sun stellium. Three stelliums: Pluto-saturn-jupiter and saturn-mercury-mars and sun-mercury-mars. They will also strive toward the same goal. How the square between Venus and Mars shows up in a couple's composite chart Due to your ambition, passion, charm, authority, generosity and sexual appeal, you are bound to create waves around you, attracting people to you and the energies that you give off. In arguments, the Sun person has a tendency to be self-righteous, and the Mars person tends to be very touchy, defensive, and combative. Everything between them feels fast-paced and energetic, so they quickly go from one relationships stage to another. Boy our chemistry was a yes yes. Order a relationship chart: Composite chart analyses are found in the Star Mate Couples report, the Couples and Relationship Forecast reports, and the Romantic Compatibility report. I'm at a point where I cannot let go, there is glue involved. With like 1 degree of difference, and a grand trine with all the rest of the planets in stelliums! Referrals increase your chances of interviewing at Faozinc by 2x. Would you still use transiting aspects and progressions on a composite chart? My husbands and my composite chart is Aries sun in the 7H. mercury or the moon afflicted by mars? It is not hard to understand why they give people who wont think twice before acting. But that's all I can give you with my experience. I just am too attached to him. Two planets sharing the same place means that each of them wants to prevail and dominate. The willpower also gets a boost during this transit. Mars in the composite was not only square Sun but Jupiter and Mercury too, so not only was a I very attracted to him to the point of being sick, but also he would make me mad by cajoling and talking junk to me (He was a Sag too so it may have had more to do with that) and I'm sure I did things to irritate him too. Accept that your energy cycles are not always in agreement, and dont push each other to be active when the other simply wants to take a break. It is called venus conjunct saturn (in our synastry). For many of us, a part of the original reason for being drawn to this sacred art of astrology is that it offers answers to personal issues or problems, particularly those . They get the things done and dont play games. These aspects require our attention because planets represent broad traits that might not align with our characters and lives. You should consider whether chart ruler is essentially or accidentally dignified. A composite chart is a single unified chart that explores your relationship with your partner in depth in terms of your planetary placements. A composite chart represents thecomposition of the planetary midpointsof two or more horoscopes, and astrologers typically use it to determine the compatibility of two persons. It may be very physical, very competitive, very emotionally involved with high energy drives either working against each other and maybe with each other. Synastry- Sun Conjunct Mars- Physical Appreciation and Compatibility 32,109 views Aug 17, 2016 695 Dislike Share Save Truth In Aspect Astrology/ Jewel 45.9K subscribers How Sun Conjunct. The Sun resembles the authority that censors our behavior and subconsciousness. As a woman with a Sun conjunct Mars aspect in your natal chart, you are likely to be someone extremely passionate, expressive, driven, courageous and fiercewhen it comes to supporting yourself as well as the others around you. It is because whether its deep down or not, Sun conjunct Mars natives are courageous. Our partnership took WORK! Yeah we have composite sun perfectly conjunct venus in the 7th, conjunct DSC, with a wider conjunction (8 degrees) to a Neptune Mercury conjunction in the 6th house. They have strong auras and presence. With Composite Sun conjunct the Composite Moon, your masculine and feminine energies can sync up in an easy way, along with your wants and needs. When you are together, you both tend to become competitive, overly eager, rambunctious, zealous. Its like a physical feeling LOL. The Sun is the energys source, meaning that it will trigger actons of those houses that the transiting Sun occupies. CompositeChart:SunSaturnAspects Our chart shows great compatibility but I dont know what this placement means for the longterm. They seek each other and feel that their bodies hurt if that desire is not satisfied. That sounds very interesting! I'd say the same for Mars conjunct Jupiter, except it is more a focus on what the relationship is creating or putting out, and less of bedroom stuff and more about energy and doing activities (work, hobbies) together. Still don't know what to make of that unaspected mars. "Yours is likely a very strong and powerful relationship. ( This topic has been transferred to this forum: Interpersonal Astrology. Your bravery, passion, sense of clarity and strong sense of ambitioncan inspire you to move forward and grasp any opportunities coming your way, which can also serve as an inspiration to others around you. The composite Sun conjunct composite Mars is a combination brimming with energy. It is why theyre not known for being patient and quiet. Sun conjunct Mars is one of the most important aspects in a natal chart; both planets are similar in that they represent energy. Mars in cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn) represents action, energy and initiative, and when paired in a synastry chart with the Sun it becomes more pronounced. I think we level one another off with the composite earth. You inspire each other to express yourselves to the hilt, and the energy that is generated between you as a couple can be exciting, sometimes to the point of exhaustion, but always interesting! We have turned our partnership into a well-oiled machine . You can show how you feel more openly, and you can find one another to be pleasant and accommodating. Go for a walk, or make love! Mercury can be influential as well because relationships require communication. Copyright 2000-2015 The man can be stubborn if he feels that his needs are being suppressed. It is the period to focus on keeping harmony and nurturing tolerance. The composite Sun conjunct composite Mars is a combination brimming with energy. almost all planets are in taurus, and neptune, pluto, uranus in scorpio? Strong levels of energy, the need to prove yourself, taking ownership and control, striving for what you want and opting for assertion and independenceare some things that might make up your thought process and personality at any give time. Feeling the love? Sun/Venus/Mercury thing, now that makes sense with my guy. However, you can initiate new projects and get lots of work done together, if your drives are harnessed and channeled into creative enterprises. The Fixed Fire sign of Mars being associated with this placement indicates that you act on the impulses coming from your own life force and are not very open to persuasion from others. That likely means they will travel or create together. Posts: 1437 From: Dorsia Registered: Aug 2012: posted October 20, 2012 04:45 PM Do any of you specialize in that department? same house as our suns. This basic disagreement can cause all sorts of little misunderstandings and tensions. They see each other as a natural choice of a partner. I just really want to hear people's experience with overcoming difficult neptune issues. I am a Pisces. Doesnt mean lifes without challenge (far from!) A semi-square suggests that these bodies are at a 45-degree angle, leading to conflict between the energies. But he's elsewhere, nothing I can physically do about it. When the attributes of these two or more planets are complementary, it makes a magnificent aspect. A Sun conjunct Mars aspect, then, can mean several things for you based on what each of them represents. Sun conjunct Mars natives want to have right away what they want, and theyll do anything to make it happen. This type of Pluto square Mars synastry is very fickle since the woman (identifying with the figure of the animus) loses herself in the subconscious motives of her partner. I had this stellium with all of them, and also with all of my crushes except for one. Whenever these two bodies come together, a powerful unionis something you should anticipate. The key here will be to get to the root of the problem and that is what your relationship means to you *individually*.

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