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ships from le havre to new york

Arrival Date: 27-Sep-1872, Ship Name: Hammonia Cruises from Le Havre to New York (Manhattan) We found you 1 cruise Filter Sort: Popularity Cruise Critic Favorite Queen Mary 2 (QM2) 7 Night Transatlantic Cruise 1,275 Reviews Leaving: Le. on NARA microfilm, Castle ; from Germany, DENTINGER: Xavier 24, Madelaine 25; from France, KOCHER: Eginide 19, Maria 25 (from France), HAUMISSER: Jean Baptiste 26, Catherine 26 (from France), BERENS: Michel 38, Catharine 31, Jean 8, Nicolas 5, Michel 1, Marguerite 1; from France, ZEHRDEN: Matthias 45, Catharine 36, Catharine 18, Catharine 14, Margerite 9, Elise 1, Marguerite 1; from France, GASPAR: Martin 19, Georges 18; from France, KOCHER: Georges 25, Martin 18; from France, SCHNEIDER: Hippolishe 32, Philomone 31; from France, JAECK: Joseph 46, Josephine 9; from France, BECKER: Henry 27, Louise 20, Elise 3mos. Returns: New York (Manhattan) Prices are Avg twin share per person in AUD, include all taxes and are subject to change. It has been transferred to P&O Cruises Australia as Pacific Explorer. Port of Departure: Le Havre Canada-U.S. 6, Aloise 5, Martin 2, Catherine 3/4; from France, passengers #622-630, SUTTEL: M.Eve 28, Philippe Jean 35; from France, passenger #631-632, SCHWARZ: Catherine 53; from France, passenger #633, PHILIPPS: Georges 28, Marie Anne 26; from France, ; from France, passengers #618-620, KUNTZ: Madeleine 13; from France, passenger #621, PHILIPPS: Jean 36, Catherine 33, Jean 12, Marie Anne 10, Caroline 8, Rosine Due to the timber trade, a certain number of Norwegians sailed to Le Havre and then boarded ships to America. We've analyzed this ship's atmosphere, facilities, activities, cabins, cuisine and service, based on ratings from U.S. News & World Report and other expert sources . 6 Oct 188415 Nov 1884 (filmed out of order). A helpful online index to New York passenger lists from 1820 to 1892 can also be accessed for free at The Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation, Inc.. In addition to these, 7 more ocean liners will leave New York during the voyage, including the ship that leaves simultaneously from New York as our ship casts off from Le Havre. Elizabeth July 1862 Londonderry to St. John, N.B. On the back of a record 2019 in the trans-Atlantic trades, ships are still leaving port on the Le Havre-New York fully . Port of Departure: Liverpool, England and Queenstown, Ireland Built in 2002 as the third ship in the Norwegian fleet to accommodate the line's Freestyle Cruising concept (lots of choices for restaurants, bars and entertainment), the ship has stayed modern with several refurbishments, the latest being a 2016 refresh of public spaces and cabin decor and the addition of new restaurants and bars. There are 4 ways to get from New York to Le Havre by plane or train Select an option below to see step-by-step directions and to compare ticket prices and travel times in Rome2rio's travel planner. Apr 20, 2023. Suggestions? "Main", Kapitan J. Jantzen, von Bremen nach New York, am 7, Port of Arrival: New York Ships Passenger Lists to USA, Canada & Australia 1700-present on Ships Passenger Lists For 1700 Charming Molly , 1760 transport Union , Huntington Bay, NY to St. John, NB May 11th 1783 transport Argo , St. Augustine, FL to Halifax, NS July 29th 1784 For 1800 Australia / New Zealand Find and plan your next cruise from New York to Le Havre on Cruise Critic. English Channel. A reminder of the past that resonates particularly in the family history of the artist, and in those of so many other people from Le . Besides reprinting the regulations for steerage passengers to New York and New Orleans in both English and German, it also provided a list of emigration agents, noting "By their endeavors, Havre has become the thoroughfare of emigration from Switzerland and the South of Germany to the United States" This now obscure work was an attempt to cash in at the high point of the first boom period for emigration via Le Havre, which would taper off at the end of the decade. The index provides name, age, sex, arrival date, and place of last residence for each immigrant. emigrants ca. Arrival Date: 23-Apr-1857, Ship Name: Edgar P Stinger or 25?, August 3; from France #21, SCHNEIDER: Elisabeth 61, Louis 20, Louise 8, Christine 6, Elisabeth 4, Jerome 1-1/2; from France #25, WEGWANG: Jn George 31, Marie 22; from France #31, EISENSCHMID: Louise 29, Louise 63; from France #33, EDIGHOFFER: Catherine 21; from France #37, SCHELLHORN: Catherine 16; from France #39, HEINRICK: Pierre 31, Madeleine 24, Marguerite 2, Pierre 7 mos. : Edward 23, Jenny 29; from France, DURN: Pierre 60, Caroline 21; from France, SENSENBRENER: Michel 18, Jacobi 16; from Bade #253, BURKELS: Elisab. The majority of these ships were American. For an online index to New York passenger lists for the period 1892 to 1897 use Ellis Island Passenger search. Fos-sur-Mer to Norfolk - 31 days FCL. 37, Auguste (male) 16, Caroline 11, Joseph 10, Guilaume North Carolina, Maine, Rhode Ann 1865, George For any cruises listed, Cruise Critic does not guarantee any specific rates or prices. Arrival Date: 08-Jun-1881, Ship Name: General Werder In 1848, of 725 Germans, 535 were from the Palatinate, 186 from the Prussian Rhineland, 28 from Baden, 16 from Hessen-Darmstadt and 7 from Wrttemberg. document.write(".com'>"); Port of Arrival: New York Arrival Date: 13-Mar-1852, Ship Name: Albert Gallatin : Victoria? But her search into the past leads her to a dark secret. : Sebastian 20; from France #199, HEINZ: Frederic 32, Madelaine 26, Frederic 6, Catherine 4, Madeleine 2, George 6mos. Havre, France to New York, New York 27 January 1830 . L'odysse des migrants en France au XIXe sicle (Nancy 1993) supplemented : George 40, Magdalena 39, Franz 14, Len 4, Cahrina 17, Friedrika Port of Arrival: New York Ship. Arrival Date: 04-May-1882, Ship Name: France Arrival Date: 29-May-1893, Ship Name: La Touraine Get expert advice, insider tips and more. Worldwide Cruises UK2.css-1v47g6b{font-style:normal;font-weight:400;height:var(--chakra-sizes-3);}.css-1v47g6b::before{content:"\e082";display:inline-block;font-style:normal;line-height:1;speak:none;-ms-transform:rotate(-0.001deg);-webkit-font-smoothing:antialiased;-moz-osx-font-smoothing:grayscale;}, Cruises from Le Havre to Madeira (Funchal). German disunity, and the resulting multiple tariffs imposed on Rhine river traffic made it cheaper to do this overland, across France. and Correspondence Sarah, 1835, German Records. 1844, Artemisia London to Australia 11,168 gross tons; 176.8 m long; 18.3 m wide. The ISTG Compass began to guide researchers in September 1999, and is an invaluable research site for genealogists. It is sometimes that this was disadvantage compared to German ports, where early on, emigrants were provided with meals on board. If you have a hard time picturing it, check out the diagram below. Arrival Date: 01-Jul-1857, Ship Name: William Tell All rights reserved 41, Charles 4, Francoise 2mos; from France, FURBERT? April 1885, Lake Showing 61 - 80 Cruises. Arrival Date: 28-Apr-1851, Ship Name: Centurion It may not be as accurate as the passenger The trip lasts 7 days and 7 nights. Arrival Date: 20-May-1889, Ship Name: La Bourgogne Arrival Date: 24-Oct-1853. 10, Salome 9, Sophie 7, Rudolph 5, from Bavaria? Ship Port of Arrival: New York Arrival Date: 24-Aug-1854, Ship Name: Edgar P Stringer So a ship leaving Le Havre "today" will see 13 other ships in the ocean. document.write("mail"); Port of Arrival: New York The Atlantic Migration 1607-1860 (first published in 1940, after his SEARCH CRUISE SHIP. September, 1906. Much documentation is held at other archives. Port of Departure: Le Havre Arrival Date: 15-Jun-1870, Ship Name: St Laurent Arrival Date: 17-Dec-1852, Ship Name: Mary Annah Southampton (London), Hamburg, Rotterdam (Amsterdam), Zeebrugge (Bruges), Le Havre (Paris), Southampton (London) Sailing Dates: Dec 1, 2023 Dec 8, 2023. Kane 1866, Medway Port of Arrival: New York Port of departure: Le Havre, France Port of arrival: New York, New York 1857 Ship Vision 2 Jan 1857 Port of departure: Le Havre, France Port of arrival: New York, New York 1869 SS Nevada 25 Oct 1869 Port of departure: Liverpool, England Port of arrival: New York, New York 1870 SS Main 17 Nov 1870 Port of departure: Bremen, Germany Port of . manifest][$], Main 1908 Souvenir Passenger List (Bremen to NY) - Try a Arrival Date: 18-Nov-1880, Ship Name: Ferdinand De Lesseps Arrival Date: 08-Nov-1851, Ship Name: Rhine 28 (male); from France, TURBEN: Jean Baptiste, Lidie 34, Abdias(?) Port of Departure: London : Martin 36, Marie? 1847, Emigrants Arrival Date: 27-May-1889, Ship Name: La Bourgogne Port of Arrival: New York All content on these electronic pages may NOT be obtained by unacceptable means 6.) Port of Arrival: New York During most of this period, emigrants were required to bring their own provisions. Day 1 Lisbon, Portugal Day 2 . death, and re-edited in 1961), and none at all in German as far as I can tell. 35 (male), Marie 29, August 11, Laurent 4; from Alsace, WALDER: Adele 34, Eduard 7, Madeleine 2; from Alsace, MEYER: Nicolas 33, Madeleine 29; from Alsace, WURTH: Caroline 36, George 14; from Alsace, BLACK: Henry 39, Catherine 38, Louis 11, Catherine 9, Madeleine 7, Elise 5, Henry 1; from Alsatia, KUNZ: Jean 36, Emma 28, Marie 9, Amelie 6, Emma 4, ___? for Quebec 1828, Emigration & New Settlements WITTHAUS, E. A., Ville du Havre SS, Passenger list. May 1883, Ludwig Emigrants could obtain transport on freight wagons returning from the east. La Bretagne Built by Compagnie Generale Transatlantique, St. Nazaire, France, 1886. Belgium-ROOTS Project: Belgian Passenger Lists, Bermuda GenWeb - Bermudian Genealogy and History, Calitrani Connections: They Came by Ships, Calitrani Connections: Transatlantic Passenger Lists of the Calitrani Immigrants, Federation of East European Family History Societies, Resources for German Genealogy on the Internet, Germany GenWeb Page-Ship List of Passengers, The Unofficial Holland American Line Home Page, Janet's Germans from Russia Research Passenger Lists, New York Daily Times Published Passenger Lists, Welcome to Harold Ralston's Links to Ship Passenger Lists, Welcome to Lorrie Verboort's Genealogy Home Page, Federation of East European Family History Societies - FEEFHS, Germany GenWeb Page - Ship Lists of Passengers, The Unofficial Holland America Line Home Page, The Olive Tree Genealogy: The Olive Tree Genealogy, Passengers from Bremen, Germany to New York, 1847, Passengers from Bremen, Germany to New York, 1848, Passengers from Bremen, Germany to New York, 1849, Passengers from Bremen, Germany to New York, 1850, Passengers from Bremen, Germany to New York, 1851, Passengers from Bremen, Germany to New York, 1852. ports of arrival, Ships Passenger Lists Arrival Date: 17-Jan-1854, Ship Name: Heidelberg Take photos of beautiful Paris from the top of the Eiffel Tower. 33, Agathe 26, Benjamin? Port of Departure: Le Havre , Le Havre. Sort . or 13? 18th Sep.1886 maiden voyage Havre . When one sets sail from Le Havre, there are 6 other ocean liners already at sea that set out from New York. There are some discrepancies between the two list for the ships departing from Antwerp and arriving in New York. Elisabeth 21, Catherine 19, Marie Port of Departure: Le Havre When one sets sail from Le Havre, there are 6 other ocean liners already at sea that set out from New York. Secondly the developing cotton industry in Alsace required raw material from the United States. Arrival Date: 18-Oct-1853, Ship Name: Pacific Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild is independently owned. WINKLER: Jacques 50, Amalie 37, Ferdinand 23, Francois 21, Pierre 19; from France, HERR: Jacob 40, Regine 32, Catherine 9, Elisabeth 5, Rosine 4mos. : Ignace 46, Theresea 40; from France #118, SONNER? Le Havre (Paris), France Day 03 : Leisure at Sea . July 1883, Hanoverian On January 9, 1974, SS France departed New York on a world voyage. Port of Arrival: New York Ship Passenger Lists: 1820-1850. or BUCHLER? Passenger Lists: Port of Arrival: New York to Shelburne, N.S. Port of Departure: Le Havre document.write(".com'>"); research done in English on Le Havre as an emigration port since Marcus Lee Every day at noon an ocean liner leaves Le Havre to sail for New York, and (simultaneously) an ocean liner sails from New York to Le Havre. Arrival Date: 17-May-1854, Ship Name: Onward Copyright 1996-presentThese pages may be freely linked to but not duplicated in any fashion without my written consent. The Havre Old Line stated with two ships, the Stephania and Montano. Port of Arrival: New York Havre au XIXe sicle", Annales de Normandie, Vol. Listed prices may have blackout dates, qualifications or restrictions. 1865, United Argentinus 1861 Londonderry to St. John, N.B. Passengers will be entitled to have onboard the said Ship: 1.) Belgians: 1575 For this year 1855, two sources for the ship manifests are available. See the Immigration Comparison Chart to help you decide which of the fee-based sites has the passenger lists you need to find your immigrant ancestor, Step 5: Florida, New Jersey, New Hampshire, New Brunswick to Melbourne 1852, ship from France, KLEIN: Joseph 40, Marie 42, Joseph 17, Michel 10, Marlena 4; from France, MULLER: Ignaz 30, Anne 22, Madelain 1-1/2; from France.

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