seiu 1000 bargaining unit 4 contract10 marca 2023
seiu 1000 bargaining unit 4 contract

A current DJJ/CEA Unit 3 eligible employee, shall be compensated in accordance with the current DJJ/CEA Unit 3 Salary Schedule for the county in which the employee's respective facility is located (Appendix C). Vehicles (DMV) to discuss the Field Office Temperature Screening The new assignments will begin the second Monday in July first watch. If the State determines that changes to the specifications are appropriate, the State agrees to pursue the revisions in accordance with section 14.1. On February 27, our GeoPay TaskForce presented the acting director of CalHR and a team of state representatives with an in-depth report recommending solutions to the economic challenges many state workers facecaused by the high cost of living in the communities they live and work in throughout the state of California. An employee may remove the employee's name from the list of most senior employees prior to interview. These assignments shall be counted neutral; that is, these assignments shall not be counted in either Management's or Union's positions. specific concerns that our members have brought up about Bereavement Leave - A Seasonal Clerk employee may only be granted bereavement leave in accordance with Article 8, section 8.3 without pay, if scheduled to work on the day(s) for which the leave is requested and only for the number of hours the employee is scheduled to work on the day or days. Unit 21 employees shall exercise the employee's professional judgment in the employee's work, including scheduling of work hours and locations consistent with the fulfillment of professional responsibilities. In the event of ties, total state service will be used to determine seniority scores. There shall be no mandatory overtime on a BU 20 CNA's RDO or pre-approved day off, (for the purposes of this section, an employee's RDO begins immediately after completion of the employee's normal shift before the RDO) except: When the employees shift relief does not report for work or gave less than two (2) hours' notice of intent not to report for work, an employee may be mandated if no volunteer is available. that this change is moving to be in line with Contact Center The filling of vacancies by either promotions from eligible list or external lateral transfers is not subject to P&B. The vacant assignments that have been determined by management to be filled by bid shall be subject to the terms and conditions of this section. The County of Sonoma and SEIU met for their eighth bargaining session on January 4, 2023. the best teleworking environment. The Committee will consist of up to five (5) State representatives chosen by the State and five (5) Union representatives chosen by the Union, who shall serve without loss of compensation. of the PAVE software program that they intend to fully implement The survey results were generally positive, but members did The increased salary rate will become effective on the first of the pay period after the employee meets all of the conditions and established criteria. Each notice shall remain posted as provided for in "Posting Assignments" for no less than fifteen (15) calendar days. Such agreements may include: Contributing toward position reductions which would otherwise be accomplished by the layoff, salary reduction or displacement of bargaining unit employees; Enabling the employment of bargaining unit employees for services currently performed by contractors; Enabling of the conversion to bargaining unit civil service employment of qualified contract employees who wish to become State employees, as otherwise permitted by law, regulations, provisions of the contracts and resolutions by the SPB; Providing timely, adequate and necessary recruitment efforts. Appropriate call center technology should be applied. Vacation and sick leave (or annual leave) hours used will be charged based on an employee's scheduled work shift. statewide and at all of its regional offices. bullying of our stewards.. The department shall endeavor to refrain from assigning employees mandatory overtime on the employee's regular day off (RDO) or pre-approved time off. Correctional Center, and Pelican Bay State P. On November 2nd and 3rd, the union was back in arbitration All current full-time DJJ/CEA Unit 3 eligible employees shall be credited with three (3) Personal Necessity Days the first work day of each academic calendar year annually, so long as, the accrual does not result in a total balance in excess of six (6) Personal Necessity Days. The CDCR/CCHCS shall establish lists of BU 17 employees by classification in seniority score order. Such assignments may be advertised where appropriate, but will be filled through the sole discretion of the State. Quarter units convert to semester units on a three (3) for two (2) basis. The CDCR shall provide a copy of their departmental class size exemption policy to Unit 3 teachers and the Union within four (4) months after the ratification of the Contract by the Union and the Legislature, whichever is later. employee and customer focused screening protocols which will "Employees." Notwithstanding any other contract provision, departmental policy or practice, the travel time of employees who are covered by WWG 2 shall only be considered as time worked if it meets the definitions and requirements of travel time in sections 785.34 through 785.41 of Title 29 of the Code of Federal Regulations. However, the State will also consider the business needs of the department including the costs of travel arrangements. Preservation of Eligible Post Ratios: When management alters or modifies the shift and/or RDO of a post that was awarded through the annual post and bid process prior to the end of the twelve (12) month appointment, management shall implement an interim annual post and bid process. Disputes involving this provision may be addressed at a Labor Management Committee (Riverside). salary adjustments and did four presentations to state Courses must have been completed after September 1, 1984 to qualify. Effective the pay period following ratification before an employee is required to work mandatory overtime, management will make every effort to schedule appropriate available employees prior to mandating overtime. If the Bank is not exhausted, by June 30 in a fiscal year, any remaining donated days of sick leave shall remain in the Bank and any balance will be carried over into succeeding years and shall not be returned to the donors. Final appeal will be to the Executive Director and must be requested in writing within twenty (20) calendar days of date of notice of QRP's appeal decision. Every department shall have a flexible work hours program which shall include flexible work hours, an alternate workweek schedule, and/or reduced workweek schedule. The term "employer" shall mean the State of California. California. The department head or designee shall make job opportunity bulletins and materials available to all eligible surplus employees. meeting was held in response to a cease and desist that our Union Review of Personal Services Contracts In Existence. information about the process, and we verified that we never Psychiatric Nursing Psychiatric Treatment Modalities: Screening Procedures - e.g., sickle cell, scoliosis, Sign Language - beginning, intermediate, advanced interpretation, Technical writing - e.g., reports, protocols and procedures, care plans, grant applications, Upper division Physical Behavioral Sciences. Acceptable credits will be limited to new semester (or equivalent quarter) credits earned in an accredited college or university, or California Commission on Teaching Credentialing (CCTC) approved program, including credits for continuing education courses if provided on an official transcript from an accredited college or university. A recent Attempts for authorization must be supported by documentation as determined by departmental policy. Refresher training shall be provided at least annually and shall include a classroom component to the degree possible. offices. This shall include, but not be limited to: Permanent Intermittent employees, Retired Annuitants and volunteers. The term "employees" shall mean those employees of the State of California in Bargaining Units 1, 3, 4, 11, 14, 15, 17, 20, and 21 who make contributions to the STRS/CalPERS. related to COVID-19. However, the Union recognizes a department's right, within budgetary constraints, to require overtime, or the completion of work in progress by the employee performing the work at the time the determination was made that overtime was necessary or to assign the work to another appropriately classified employee from the volunteer list. If a transfer reasonably requires a relocation in accordance with section 12.2 of the MOU the employee has a maximum of thirty (30) calendar days to report to the new work location unless extended by the hiring supervisor. mandates guidelines for reporting to the Department of Industrial Consistent with the salaried nature of FLSA-exempt employees, these employees: Shall not be charged any paid leave for absences in less than whole day increments. Management shall make every attempt not to schedule BU 20 LVNs: More than four (4) involuntary overtime shifts per month, effective January 2, 2020,and no more than three (3) overtime shifts per month effective July 1, 2021, and implement reductions in accordance with Article 19.38 and the Joint Labor Management Task Force; or. For items not listed here, please contact CalHR Labor Relations. Yvonne R. Walker explain how the fight begins now for a The coaching differential shall be subject to the following conditions: The school superintendent or designee(s) shall select the coaches and the maximum number of head coaches and assistant coaches receiving the coaching differential; A coaching assignment may be terminated at any time by the school superintendent or designee; The coaching differential shall be paid to the exempt teachers at the conclusion of the coaching activity; Exempt teachers who are assigned coaching duty and perform for less than an entire season, shall receive the coaching differential on a pro rata basis; Special School exempt teachers who receive the coaching differential are not entitled to overtime, or any other premium pay; Coaching position vacancies will be advertised. resources (HR) functions. Affected employees are those who are assigned to WWG 2 who reside in State-owned housing at DFW hatcheries, and are required to perform standby duty at the fish hatcheries. Upon meeting and conferring with the Union, CalHR and SPB approval, and certification of funds (Form 137) by all affected departments, the classification studies shall be implemented. Both parties agree that mandatory overtime is an undesirable method of providing staff coverage. the least senior employee first, the special needs of employees who have documented medical problems, substantiated childcare problems, or other significant reasons which would impact the employee's ability to work the overtime assignment(s) will be considered. department. A written tabulation of the results shall be submitted to the Union. Representatives of the Union and the State shall meet and review the situation. Industrial members (excluding Bargaining Unit 21) subject to social security shall contribute nine and one half percent (9.50%) of pensionable compensation in excess of five hundred thirteen dollars ($513) for retirement. The seven unions the state has reached Dispatcher Clerk (CalTrans) classification study. Other Restrictions: An employee may be denied the right to bid for specific positions under this program for reasons related to safety, security or for other job related reasons (e.g., to avoid violating nepotism policies or where the appointment would pose a demonstrable threat to the health and safety of any employee). shall come out of the department's fifty percent (50%) and thus are not available for this post and bid process. We confirmed that DMV one of many meet and confers weve had starting in 2021 - However, the Union recognizes a department's right to require overtime or the completion of work in progress by the employee performing the work at the time the determination was made that overtime was necessary. Employees who appeal a drug or alcohol-related adverse action or reject on probation to the SPB shall automatically be deemed to have withdrawn with prejudice any related grievance filed pursuant to Article 6 of this Contract and shall have no right to file any additional grievances related to the adverse action or rejection on probation. FLSA-exempt employees are expected to work within reason as many hours as necessary to accomplish the employee's assignments or fulfill the employee's responsibilities. Services (CCHCS) regarding the 2014 Phase 3 Staff Reductions. management to address all health and safety concerns for our A rest period shall not be granted during the first or last hour of the work shift. Vacation Leave - A PI employee will be eligible for a one-time vacation bonus of forty-two (42) hours of vacation credit following completion of the employee's initial nine hundred sixty (960) hours of compensated work. If two (2) or more individuals are interested in the same assignment, the employee with the most state seniority shall be given the assignment. Smaller fractional units will not be accumulated. This unit also represents toll collectors Unless a specific provision provides for a different effective date, the term of this Contract shall be January 2, 2020 to June 30, 2023. If because of coverage or other legitimate operational need, it is determined that a bid assignment's posting criteria must be altered, the employee filling that assignment shall be notified of the proposed changes and the reason for such change in writing. The EDD will provide a report monthly to the Union, indicating the number of exempt placements by category. Must be permanently assigned to and work at the institution; eligible employees may participate only in the employee's institution's P&B process. is a possibility for this to change in the future. It shall not be considered standby when employees are contacted or required to return to work but have not been required to be available for receipt of such contact. client demands) and in accordance with Unit 15 provisions. Training may be made available if an employee requests to be trained in other work functions within the employee's assigned facility; such requests shall not be unreasonably denied. When determining seniority for a specific position, the seniority will be calculated up to the last day of the pay period prior to the final filing date of the JOB. An employee alleging seniority date errors/disputes and is unable to resolve the problem with verbal communication shall submit a complaint to the first formal level of review within the normal time frames specified in the grievance process. In addition, the CDCR shall provide a copy to newly hired teachers as part of the employee's new employee orientation. Each work site shall post the PI schedule and record of PI hours worked per week on an ongoing and weekly basis. Publication and dissemination of job opportunity bulletins. There shall be no inter-institution bidding on assignments. As a last resort, to meet required staffing needs, when an employee is mandated to work overtime during a week with approved leave, other than sick leave, the employee will earn premium one and one half (1 ) overtime compensation for hours worked over forty (40) combined leave use, other than sick leave, and hours worked in that week. These above employees who are assigned the 4/10/40 work schedule shall work according to the Academic Calendar in Shift A, B, C, or D as assigned by management. Security/Safety or Other Reasons: These Post and Bid provisions do not preclude management from transferring or assigning employees for verifiable security, safety, or clearly articulated operational reasons. Overtime will be credited on a one-quarter () hour basis with a full quarter of an hour credit granted if seven (7) minutes is worked. May establish minimum requirements for specific courses and/or may set maximum credits allowed for given coursework. The TA For the post and bid process, seniority is defined as total months of state service. DSS has already begun the process for Compensation Insurance Fund (SCIF) regarding the implementation Employees on any approved leave shall not be required to work standby duty. The twenty-four (24) month bid cycle begins in the month of October, for those employees who wish to participate. The Union and Management will identify an equitable distribution of the preferred work areas, watches, and RDOs between Management and bid assignments. College credits, continuing education credits and any DJJ/CEA designee approved work credits from industry for vocational education teachers will be pertinent to the employee's position and not be a repetition of previously acquired credits or work experience. Employee's legal obligation requiring that the employee relocate to another area. Compensation Insurance Fund (State Fund) notified the Union of If the DJJ/CEA authorizes an Intersession in subsequent academic years, DJJ/CEA Unit 3 eligible employees, who meet the qualifications for the work needed, shall be offered this additional work assignment prior to seeking outside resources. The parties recognize that it may be necessary for the State to make changes in areas within the scope of negotiations. Thereafter, a PI employee will be eligible for vacation credit with pay in accordance with the schedule in Article 8, section 8.1(A), on the first day of the qualifying monthly pay period following completion of each period of one hundred sixty (160) hours of paid employment. Agreement submitted to the Legislative Analyst and Members of the Legislature: 8/30/2019. 7, 2021, to continue the conversations and the work of reviewing Overtime shall first be offered to level-of-care employees for level-of-care overtime assignments before allowing other BU 17 classifications to work overtime. For FLSA covered employees, the State shall endeavor to accommodate travel to an alternate worksite to occur during an employee's normal work hours. Where operational considerations permit, a department may establish a telework program. The State shall not incur any additional costs, including but not limited to, travel expenses, as a result of attending the meeting. Upon mutual agreement, a department head or designee may grant a PI employee a period of non-availability not to exceed twelve (12) months during which the employee may not be given a waiver. Bargaining unit members. Management shall have the option each fiscal year to compensate employees up to forty (40) hours with CTO. not include those employees that were full-time teleworking prior Any required course which might lead to a BA, BS, MA, MS or Ph.D. in Nursing or Health Care Administration. Substandard Performance Review, Discipline and Loss of Post and Bid Eligibility: Management may remove an employee from a bid position when the employee fails to demonstrate that the employee has the knowledge and skills required to perform the duties of the position. Employees losing the right to bid or hold assignments as outlined above may be administratively transferred to the same watch without regard to RDO. negative impact. If a bid assignment is deleted due to reduced allocations or other reasons, and there is an employee in the deleted assignment, then the employee may bid on any vacant posted assignment. Key Definitions and Terms (Excludes DGS): Vacancy: A vacancy exists when a budgeted permanent position is unoccupied as a result of retirement, transfer, termination, resignation, reassignment, new position, promotion, change in tenure to permanent, or new funding. Employees shall be compensated for said work at the employee's normal daily rate of pay, per Article 25.13.3. Only approved courses shall qualify toward the differential. On Wednesday, June 23, 2021, SEIU Local 1000met with the Local 1000 bargaining leaders are monitoring the Workers Compensation Claims Adjusters (WCCA), Workers The needs of the State include the right to fill vacant positions using existing eligible or promotional lists, involuntary transfers, reassignments or other selection methods for reasons such as affirmative action, special skills, abilities or aptitudes. required separation of duties for Driver Safety Hearing Officers Requests must be submitted by the final filing date of the position(s) being advertised. We became aware of this intention when Donations shall be made on a form to be supplied by the CDE, signed by the donating employee, and verified by the CDE. Management shall utilize the voluntary system before resorting to the involuntary system. The job steward team is continuously and consistently ); involuntary transfers in lieu of geographic relocation; promotions in place*; or an eligible employee who must be provided a reasonable accommodation. Mailed, by certified mail, return receipt requested, to the employee at the employee's last known address as listed in the employee's official personnel file. Exempt teachers at the Special Schools of the Department of Education in Unit 3 may be required to serve in extracurricular supervisory or advisory assignments at athletic events, dances, plays, and other after school and evening school-sponsored events for the benefit of students, the curriculum, and job effectiveness with no additional compensation. The tentative "awarding" of the position will be announced on the EDDNet within five (5) working days after the bidding process is closed. and DMV employees across the state. Employees must assume the assignment within sixty (60) days of the posting of the bid results. The employee has the right to go on a waiting list for the next available slot matching the employee's bid for the watch and RDO. It is understood that this training may be provided on an on-the-job basis. The hours in excess of one hundred sixty (160) hours in a qualifying monthly pay period shall not be counted or accumulated. Out-of-class and misallocation grievances shall be filed with a designated supervisor or manager identified by each department head as the department level of appeal in the usual grievance procedure found in Article 6. When employees assigned to a straight eight (8) or more hour shift are assigned by the employer to training, a committee, task force, or a special project, an unpaid meal period of not less than thirty (30) minutes nor more than sixty (60) minutes shall be granted and scheduled near the middle of the work shift. on your seniority, you should contact the Local 1000 Member The tentative contract, which also delivers a 10.9% raise to most of the workers, is the first full state contract agreement of this year. Permanent status is when the employee has successfully passed the employee's probationary period in the class. The duration of subdivision (A) of this Side Letter expires by its own terms or if the provisions of the section titled "Contract Reopener Language - Elimination of Pay Decreases and Suspensions" are triggered. State Safety members shall contribute eleven and one half percent (11.5%) of pensionable compensation in excess of three hundred seventeen dollars ($317) for retirement. For every day of sick leave donated to the Bank, one (1) day of sick leave will be created in the Bank and be subject to withdrawal by Bargaining Unit 3 employees at the State Special Schools and Diagnostic Centers. 1. DMV is not prepared for the work of ROD to be done virtually, the other affected bargaining units are 1, 3, 4, 11, and 15. Phase 3 of the Return to Office Plan Any changes to the classification shall be handled consistent with section 14.1 of this MOU. is 66% women and 34% men.

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