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Your recommender will then receive an email that contains a request to submit a recommendation and a link to the online recommendation form. I was drawn to the Robertson Scholars Leadership Program by its incredible dedication to fully supporting, Campus:UNC Hometown: Fairfield, Iowa What strengths and passions are you bringing to our Robertson community and our campuses? Our founders Julian and Josie Robertson believed in the power of collective leadership to create transformational change. As a Robertson Scholar youll join a lifelong community committed to transformational change. Lakis and his wife, Kristen, live in Durham with their two sons, Abe and Sam. The applicants for Robertson Scholars Leadership Program, 2021 should enter for the Year 13 senior schools examination such as NCEA Level 3, Cambridge exams or an equivalent senior school exam. Merit-based scholarships are financial aid awards that have no repayment terms and are awarded based on a students academic, personal, and/or leadership experiences. In addition, as part of your university admissions application to Duke and/or UNC, you must submit an official transcript. The Robertson programme was established in June 2000 by Julian and Josie Robertson of New York, who made a $24 million endowment contribution to the University. But what exactly does the Robertson Scholarship award students? A student cannot receive the Robertson if they are not granted admission by either UNC-Chapel Hill or Duke. Thank you! The Robertson Scholarship acceptance rate can be intimidating, but there are some key ways to stand out. The summer enrichment experiences included in the Robertson Scholars program also have financial value. In addition to his bachelors degree in history from Duke, Lakis holds a masters degree in elementary education from American University. Students must have access to their academic transcript to provide accurate self-reported grades. Transfer students are not eligible to apply for the Robertson Program. A) Students must apply for undergraduate admission to Duke and/or UNC-Chapel Hill the same year they apply to the Robertson Scholars Leadership Program. Do I have to complete my Duke or UNC-Chapel Hill application BEFORE I submit the Robertson application? In addition, the Robertsons wanted to create a merit-based scholarship for students who had the potential to become exceptional leaders helping them with the cost of college. Robertson Scholars Last Scholarship Next Scholarship Scholarship Sponsored by Robertson Scholars Leadership Program Value: $240,000 Awards Available: 36 Students who have not yet matriculated to any university apply for The Robertson Scholars Leadership Program using the High School Application. The Robertson Scholars Leadership Program is a joint merit scholarship and leadership development program at Duke University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Please contact with any further questions. Lakis will assume his new role later this winter, taking over from William R. Goodell, who has served as interim executive director since April 2020. Eligibility Aim to produce a polished, college-level essay that showcases all facets of your personality. Applicants must have graduated from a Sacramento area high school by the end of the spring term, 2021. The Robertson Scholars Leadership Program offers a distinctive leadership development experience for scholars at Duke and at Carolina as well as the opportunity to enroll at the other university for a semester. You may apply either Early Decision or Regular Decision to Duke, or Early Action or Regular Decision to UNC-Chapel Hill. Finally, in the spirit of its founding, the Robertson Scholars Program is seeking students who have a collaborative spirit. Application FAQs | Robertson Scholars The Experience Applying Our Robertsons About Us Giving Application FAQs Do I need to submit an official transcript for my Robertson Program application? Through regional events and alumni mentorship, Robertson Scholars Program participants can network with more than 450 alumni from 15 graduating classes. So, what is a merit-based scholarship exactly? In contrast, a full-ride merit-based scholarship allows students to explore the full scope of what college has to offer without worrying about the cost of college. No. Over the last 20 years, Robertson Scholars have contributed to the campus communities at Carolina and at Duke and have pursued inspiring paths of service to our state, our nation and the world after graduation, Chancellor Kevin M. Guskiewicz said. Serenity Bennett (UNC 23) is committed to making food delicious, nutritious, and healing. Applicants interested in the UNC Robertson Scholarship have the option to apply Early Action or Regular Decision. Approximately half of the scholars enroll at Duke University, and approximately half at UNC-Chapel Hill. Both are equally hard, but Carolina social psychologist Steven Buzinski explains how you can do it. The guides cover everything, including the Vanderbilt, Coca-Cola, and USC merit-based scholarships. If you want to get help with your college applications fromChelsea or other CollegeAdvisor.comAdmissions Experts,register with today. Twenty-six students have been awarded the scholarship at Duke and 24 at UNC-Chapel Hill. Throughout and beyond their four years in college, scholars are offered the resources and opportunities necessary to have a positive impact on local and international communities. The Robertson program made significant changes to the recruitment process, Walker wrote. A Supportive and diverse and beautiful community. The programs focus on the intersection of character development and leadership strongly resonates with me. Then, the review committee will announce the Robertson Scholarship finalists. Over the last 20 years, Robertson Scholars have contributed to the campus communities at Carolina and at Duke and have pursued inspiring paths of service to our state, our nation and the world after graduation, UNC-Chapel Hill Chancellor Kevin M. Guskiewicz said. For special seminars offered by academics from both universities, as well as research projects and service-learning initiatives, Robertson Scholars gather in one location. Important Dates for the Actuary of Tomorrow - Stuart A. Robertson Scholarship November 1, 2022 June 1, 2023 August 15, 2023 Applications Open Application Deadline Award Announcement Are Robertson Funds available for graduate study? Posted on Jan. 14, 2021 Andrew Lakis, executive director of Teach For America for Eastern North Carolina, has been named executive director of the Robertson Scholars Leadership Program, the undergraduate merit scholarship program sponsored and administered by the Robertson Foundation in cooperation with UNC and Duke University. If you prepare ahead of time, you can submit your merit scholarship application ahead of the Robertson Scholarship deadline with little stress. The honorees were chosen from among more than 20,000 candidates for admission to UNC-Chapel Hill and more than 20,000 applicants for admission to Duke. No. Once an application has been submitted you may not edit it in any way. The scholarship offers participants a unique "dual citizenship" at both Duke University and UNC-Chapel Hill. The Robertson Scholarship is a merit-based scholarship that provides full tuition and fees, room and board, and a stipend for books and other expenses to up to 20 outstanding students each year. MIT Chemical Engineering, Top 10 Reasons to Get a Sport Management Degree. I am transferring to Duke or UNC, may I apply? As natives of North Carolina, the Robertsons wanted to encourage collaboration between Duke University and the University of North Carolina. We require 2 letters of recommendation for each applicant - but will NOT ACCEPT more than 2. In addition to his bachelors degree in history from Duke, Lakis holds a masters degree in elementary education from American University. All Robertson Scholars are dual citizens which means they can immerse themselves in both Duke and UNC campuses. Scholarship Guidance was created to help students find scholarship opportunities for the upcoming school year. I have every confidence that Andrew Lakis is the right leader at the right time for this special program, Robertson Scholars founder Julian Robertson said. The candidates should have completed five years of secondary schooling in New Zealand. However, students will need to provide an official transcript as part of their admissions application to UNC-Chapel Hill and Duke. Students must declare their SAT or ACT results on the Robertson Scholars online application. This years first year class is larger because of the decision to not take a new class in 2020, wrote Audrey Walker, assistant director of alumni and communications for the program, in an email. The Robertson Scholars Leadership Program, also known as the Robertson Scholarship, is one among many competitive merit-based scholarship awards. Do I have to apply to both Duke and UNC-Chapel Hill to be considered for the Robertson Program? Further, current merit scholars at Duke are not eligible to apply for the Duke Robertson Scholarship program. Advice from College Advisor on other scholarships for college. Andrew Lakis has been named executive director of the Robertson Scholars Leadership Program, an undergraduate merit scholarship program that is sponsored and administered by The Robertson Foundation in cooperation with the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Duke University. It's due jan 2nd for us From here:, Nah Im a first year at unc. The scholarship awards for $500.00 each will be awarded on May 2022. Students who display purposeful leadership are often motivational and inspiring to those around them. Find out more about all of these successful recipients of the Robertson Scholarship here. Robertson Scholars are curious and conscientious leaders who think deeply and embrace innovation. Cancel at any time. They also have structured monthly networking experiences with other Robertson scholars, UNC and Duke faculty members, and program alumni and mentors. Merit scholarship reviewers are often looking for students potential to contribute to their future college community. At least one letter should come from a teacher whos witnessed you in the classroom setting. Students must apply to one or both of the schools to be considered for the Robertson Scholars Leadership Program. We are launching a Generosity Campaign in his honor and asking you to do as he did: to give boldly and generously as we establish the Julian H. Robertson, Jr., Alumni Fund. Here at, we can help you compete for the Robertson Scholarship and other scholarships for college! All semi-finalists will participate in a round of virtual interviews and a final round of interviews. High School: Durham Academy. Specifically, well talk about how to win the Robertson Scholarship for North Carolinas top schools: Duke University and UNC-Chapel Hill. This award is available to recent high . Students must display confidence, compassion, empathy, and a strong ethical compass. Thats because scholarships for college are typically awarded to students based on their performance in a professional and academic context. Leanora Minai of OCS is the editor of the 'Working@Duke' edition. The Robertson Scholars Leadership Program provides eight semesters of full tuition, room and board, and most mandatory fees for Scholars at Duke and UNC-Chapel Hill. The University is currently operating under normal conditions. Students may not be named as Finalists for the Robertson Scholars Leadership Program at both schools. "The High School application will be open for applicants on August 15, 2021. Its due jan 2nd for us, This is def not a niche scholarship but when ive talked to former winners they always say to focus on ur service and how u plan to continue it. This includes any necessary Robertson Scholarship application materials, the academic scholarship requirements, and the Robertson Scholarship deadline and notification timeline. ), Recommendations from family members, family friends, and peers are not encouraged. SAT Subject tests are not obligatory, but students may choose to report their results. The Robertson Program application does not require an official transcript. The application opens annually on the 15th of August and is due on the 15th of November. The application window is very narrow and is only open for two months. High School: African Leadership Academy, Campus: UNC Jefferson Scholarship at the University of Virginia, The history of the prestigious Robertson Scholars Program, How the Robertson Scholarship compares to other merit-based scholarships, Frequently asked questions about the Robertson Scholarship, Tips on acing the Robertson Scholarship application process. These schools were prestigious, but they were missing an opportunity to work together. Students have the option of reporting both scores. As of June 2021 this fund has awarded $223,786 in 456 scholarships to 180 different students. Applications come from across the world. Press J to jump to the feed. We actively encourage all students who are interested to apply. The merit scholarship covers full tuition, room and board, and most mandatory fees for scholars at Duke and UNC-Chapel Hill and includes funding for summer experiences, conferences, and study abroad. Preetha Ramachandran is a Trinity senior and diversity, equity and inclusion coordinator for The Chronicle's 118th volume. Robertson Scholars understand that systems change requires collaborative effort, and as such, are always aware of the . In addition to the Robertson Express bus that shuttles students between campuses, students can take part in campus switch. Every year since 2006, the Delta Center has hosted these young scholars in person and even virtually during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Robertson Scholars program values these traits because of the strong emotional IQ needed to step into leadership roles. Home Institution, attending on a full-ride merit scholarship through the Robertson Scholars Leadership Program . High School:North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics, Campus:UNC Hometown:Hanoi, Vietnam Pronouns:he/him/his What drew you to the Robertson Scholars Leadership Program? Q: Is it necessary to take standardized examinations in order to apply? High School: Virginia Episcopal School, Campus: Duke I have a deep yearning and value for community. The aim of the Robinson Scholarship is to reduce the recipient's unmet need to $5,000, but the Robinson Scholarship may not exceed $7,000. It's also a chance to leave a bad habit behind. By using the College Advisor site and/or working with College Advisor, you agree to our updated Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy, including an arbitration clause that covers any disputes relating to our policies and your use of our products and services. All students will learn whether they are moving to the second stage on the same day, regardless of which university application they select. The testing agencies must provide us with official score reports. At UNC, existing merit scholars can apply for the UNC Robertson Scholarship as long as their current award does not cover tuition, fees, or room and board. In light of the large application pools for both the Duke Robertson Scholarship and the UNC Robertson Scholarship, it is fair to assume that the program is very selective. Reflect on your high school career to identify times when you displayed vision and determination. -Johnathan Brown, UNC '24, 2019 Robertson Scholars Leadership Program, Information for Current Duke & UNC Students. High School:Newlands College, Campus: Duke The Robertson Scholars Leadership Program covers full tuition, lodging and board, and most necessary expenses for Scholars at Duke and UNC-Chapel Hill for eight semesters. How Going On Stage Helps Psychology Student to Hone His Critical Thinking Skills, Duke Students Collaborate on New Play, Bovary With a Twist of Bodybuilding, Duke Announces 2023 Commencement Speaker, Honorary Degree Recipients, Language Learning Has Never Smelled This Good. The Jefferson Scholarship at the University of Virginia is another comparable merit scholarship. The national search was chaired by Eric Mlyn, a lecturer at Dukes Sanford School of Public Policy and the founding director of the Robertson program. For families concerned about the cost of college, merit-based scholarships and other scholarships for college can provide huge savings on the total cost of college. Hometown: Auckland, New Zealand Robertson Scholars at Duke University, even when enrolled in courses at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, are subject to the academic policies, requirements, and deadlines of all other Duke undergraduates. The Robertson Scholarship requirements do not favor one deadline over the other. He believed in the power of communities, and more importantly, he believed in the power of people to create a better world. I am drawn to the tight community of scholars who are full of hope for, Campus: Duke Hometown: Auckland, New Zealand What drew you to the Robertson Scholars? The community. After graduating from Duke in 2004, Lakis joined Teach For America as a teacher in a public school in Washington, D.C. A native of North Carolina, he has worked as an instructional coach in Durham Public Schools and served in multiple leadership roles within Teach For America over the past decade. High School: Ravenswood School for Girls, Campus: UNC Your Robertson application needs to be submitted by the Robertson deadline. The Robertson Scholars program provides strong professional and personal development. No, Robertson Scholars Leadership Program funding is only available for undergraduate degree seekers. 6,047 miles of county roads were improved in 2022, up from 5,698 miles improved in 2021; County road agencies estimate that's less than half of what was needed to keep up with existing infrastructure needs "We simply cannot catch up" without more money for fixing local roads, County Road Association of Michigan CEO Denise Donahue said Competitive scholarship through Michigan State University's English Dept. The Robertson Scholars Leadership Program welcomes applications from International students. - Champion in Phoenix Rotary Speech Contest, earning $4,000 in scholarships (2021) We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Students can spend time on both campuses, learning and socializing. Intellectual | Purposeful | Ethical | Collaborative. Knowing that if I were to get the Robertson, that I would be stepping into an experience that would not only help me transform myself and who I was going to be, but also empower me to change the world around me as well, that was really important to me." The final cohort of scholars includes around 20 recipients of the UNC Robertson Scholarship and the Duke University Scholarship. Can I be considered for the Robertson Program at both Duke and UNC-Chapel Hill? I look forward to building relationships with the dynamic individuals who are part of the Robertson community at Duke and at Carolina and working together to further the Robertson legacy of developing leaders who make a transformational impact in the world and fostering collaboration between these two esteemed universities..

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