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rescue horses for sale in maine

Send Us an Email, She was diagnosed with kissing spine last summer. . But with proper exercise, training, grooming sessions, diet consultation with a vet (or equine nutritionist), regular health check-ups at your vet clinic - not to mention plenty of love - you can keep your Arab companion safe from common medical conditions such as colic or laminitis while ensuring a long life full of enjoyable experiences together! S. Windham, ME 04082 The MSSPA uses its resources to provide direct care, rehabilitation, and placement for horses who have suffered abuse and neglect. View our adoptable horse gallery for information about horses available at our safe haven in MA. ME. They have bulky, long bodies with relatively small heads. Sign up to receive the latest news, advice and ads, straight to your inbox. . The references you provide will be contacted. We are here to help! AmericanListed features safe and local classifieds for everything you need! Articles. Handsome Standardbred for Experienced Home, Retired Thoroughbred Gelding for Companion Home. He is a diva and hates bugs, heat, rain etc but he gets over it. @media (max-width: 768px) { has an old suspensory injury (left front)and a check ligament injury (right front). Behaviour; .pf-item { Meet Margarita! height: 177px; I ride at thewalk and trot. The New Hampshire SPCA is one of the few animal shelters in the state equipped to provide care and adoption for homeless, abused or neglected farm animals. Some of our horses have special needs, but most just had an unfortunate run of bad luck and need a new chance at a loving home. Eclectus Finch Lory Lovebird Macaw Parrot Parakeet Parrotlet. Milo, Maine. .pf-item a:hover, } She is a very sweet and friendly mare with a good disposition and very lovable. Just because a horse is at a certain level, does not mean it is rideable. The Equine Adoption Center is open Tuesday - Sunday from 1 pm until 4 pm, and by appointment. Click here for more information and to sign up. Dakota Jumper or Event Prospect for Sale. Good Stable Manners, February 2021. 14.3 hh. We accept donated Standardbreds that are no longer racing for a variety of reasons, and also rescue them from situations that will lead to inhumane treatment. } view our amazon wish list. Adopting a horse saves two: the horse you take home and the one you make room for. (Exxalt x MVA Heavens Grace (Thee Desperado/*Padron bred mare)) Born 4/ Collectors Golds Rio is very friendly; leads, loads, bathes, great with other horses, loves Gracie is one of the kindest horses we have ever had the opportunity of loving on. Copyright 1998-2023, Horse ID: 2243342 Photo Added/Renewed: 02-Mar-2023 10AM, Horse ID: 2241183 Photo Added/Renewed: 12-Jan-2023 11AM, Horse ID: 2241126 Photo Added/Renewed: 12-Jan-2023 11AM, Horse ID: 2243770 Ad Created: 01-Mar-2023 9AM, Horse ID: 2241946 Ad Created: 25-Jan-2023 6PM, Horse ID: 2241598 Ad Created: 19-Jan-2023 5PM, Horse ID: 2240934 Ad Created: 07-Jan-2023 4PM, Horse ID: 2240024 Ad Created: 18-Dec-2022 4PM, Horse ID: 2239154 Ad Created: 03-Dec-2022 3PM, Horse ID: 2237482 Ad Created: 07-Nov-2022 6PM, Horse ID: 2236756 Ad Created: 28-Oct-2022 8PM, Horse ID: 2235458 Ad Created: 13-Oct-2022 2PM, Horse ID: 2235279 Ad Created: 09-Oct-2022 10AM, Horse ID: 2234790 Ad Created: 03-Oct-2022 7PM, Horse ID: 2234760 Ad Created: 02-Oct-2022 7PM, Horse ID: 2234218 Ad Created: 26-Sep-2022 8AM, Horse ID: 2234146 Ad Created: 25-Sep-2022 10AM, Horse ID: 2233824 Ad Created: 20-Sep-2022 7PM, Horse ID: 2233118 Ad Created: 18-Sep-2022 11AM, Horse ID: 2232443 Ad Created: 04-Sep-2022 10AM, Horse ID: 2231956 Ad Created: 29-Aug-2022 5AM, Horse ID: 2231787 Ad Created: 26-Aug-2022 3PM, Horse ID: 2230984 Ad Created: 17-Aug-2022 3PM, Horse ID: 2215691 Ad Created: 12-Aug-2022 12PM, Horse ID: 2228899 Ad Created: 26-Jul-2022 1PM, Horse ID: 2226900 Ad Created: 03-Jul-2022 1PM, Horse ID: 2219029 Ad Created: 01-Jun-2022 6PM, Horse ID: 2220515 Ad Created: 14-Apr-2022 1PM. Racing for endurance and speed and Indiana bred and sired, this little guy will be ready to wean from his dam in mid june. These horses should only be adopted by a trainer or someone who is taking the horse directly to a trainer. He does well with other horses and is a companion to a 27yr gelding right now. (207) 892-3040 He has no vices, is an easy keeper and is great with other horses. Horses that are levels 2-6 may require a moderate to significant amount of rehab and may be a body condition score (BCS) 3 or less (horses with a lower BCS may need a more advanced adopter); level 1 horses are generally at least a BCS 4. Daughter Gracie is a healthy girl who needs to remain on a low carb diet and mostly off of grass. With plenty of chrome to stand out, Lita View Details $14,000 SSlilOrphanAnnie - 11yr Barrel Horse New Gloucester, ME Breed Quarter Horse Gender Mare Color Sorrel Height (hh) 16.1 Please be patient with us as we try and get individual photos posted of each! It stands out from other horse breeds thanks to its contoured head, wide eyes, and small muzzlefeatures that are the result of hundreds of years of selective breeding. These horses require a special trainer and facility. is the perfect way to buy and sell horses. display: flex; Organizations will receive a $250 grant per equine transferred from Horse Plus Humane Society to their organization. Rescue Horses for sale 85 results Discover Rescue Horses for sale on America's biggest equine marketplace. This tremendous accomplishment would not be possible without the overwhelming support from so many across the globe. } max-width: 100%; He is a great companion horse and gets along with everybody, horse or otherwise. A Chestnut Mare Looking For Her Forever Home. Learn more about Draft Gratitude and what we do here! background-color: white; Horses for Sale in Maine Known for their seafood and potatoes, Mainers also have a keen eye for horses, and the best place to find horses for sale in Maine is in our classified ads. menu. } If you have any questions about the horses or the adoption process, please feel free to contact the Society at (207) 892-3040 or via email at [emailprotected]. Rain - Registered AQHA Gelding 16.2hh, 15 year old, Flea-bitten Grey, Lola - Registered AQHA Mare, 15.2hh, 16 yo, flea-bitten grey. Browse search results for puppies for free or sale Pets and Animals for sale in Maine. OMC! Turnout for both should be mainly dry lot. They are turned out together during the day, but are stalled at nite. border-radius: 8px 8px 0 0; They may have a little more forward movement. Equine Rescue of Aiken - Aiken, South Carolina. } Contact the owners directly for more information. other programs. They have missed only one or two items on the citizenship test. and also rescue them from situations that will lead to inhumane treatment. She had a mesotherapy treatment done last summer and it had good results and she could use another to make her more comfortable when being ridden. I had him in bar shoes and he was lame. width: 145px; Madison, Maine. QH Mare. Log in, If you are interested in adopting a horse, we encourage you to fill out an. contact. Check out all our help desk articles, and do not hesitate to contact our support team. } .pf-item-img-container { Search for horses for adoption at shelters. } Basil's adoption fee is $300 Money Money is a 25 year old Quarter Horse gelding. Stallion. *We may give out discounts on adoption fees if a horse requires additional training so the funds can be used for furthering the horse's education. Methuen ACAC and Nevins Farm. Find chicken farms for sale in South Florida including large poultry farms . [emailprotected],,, Please contact us to confirm eligibility as the horses are in consistent training. He loves everyone, kids, dogs, horses, minis, cows etc. The Society promotes humane treatment, training, and use of animals through education and hands-on experiences. She is maintained on one Equiox tablet a day and a joint supplement to keep her more comfortable. They may be unstarted under saddle but must at least be halter trained; this will require a confident advanced adopter.Level 5:These horses may have begun halter training but are more difficult to handle. The vet who x-rayed him felt he was probably born with it. The Farm Animal Rescue of Maine exists to provide love and safety to farm animals. His general health is excellent and hes up to date with his teeth and basic shots. Lower Winter Price, so get her now! Donate, volunteer, or adopt to assist us reclaim, retrain, and re-home Standardbreds in need. Lost and Found Horse Rescue is home to a dozen donkeys and several mules! NEER North relies upon the generosity of supporters like you, through donations, fundraising, volunteerism and public support to continue our mission. With your help, were able to be there for horses like Poe, right when they need us most! 2. flex-direction: row; - Maine Horse Rescue - ADOPTIONS - Rescue Me! The mission of the Maine State Society for the Protection of Animals is to protect the health and welfare of neglected and abused equines. We have featured them on our Facebook page more than once. They are both 17 years old, neither can be ridden but both would be. width: 145px; Horses:$650 |Donkeys: $250 |Ponies/Minis: $450 |Dogs: $50 | Cats $25 | Other: TBD. Horses for Sale in Maine: Madison, Lebanon, Limerick, Other Areas Horses for Sale in Madison ME, Lebanon ME Bargain Priced & Futurity Bound Slightly Unexpected is a 2 year old AQHA registered bay mare by Leaugers La.. Bay Quarter Horse Mare - Madison, ME $7,500 AMHA Sweet Mini Colt ! Front Range purchased Little Red to end his history of suffering. box-shadow: 0 0 7px #ccc; I have ridden him a few times and he has absolutely no bad behaviors with a rider in saddle. i just wana try and see. Horse Trivia: Horses evolved from small mammals with multiple toes. We keep her front legs wrapped for support. Hours by appointment only A service of the Maine State Society for the Protection of Animals, Matchmaker connects horses in need of rehoming with. store. .pf-item-img-container { They may also be green horses with a good mind. The horses must be sound and retrainable for pleasure disciplines, and placement in a responsible home. .pf-item-img-container { Help a Donkey Find a Home! We Can Help With That! Because of this, Burmese are not as independent as some other breeds and need a reasonable amount of human .DCH Animal Adoptions, which stands for "dogs, cats and horses", is a NSW-based non-profit animal rescue charity (CFN 18284) committed to the rescue and rehoming of 3 adorable kittens for sale 2 girls and 1 boy vaccinated and . By William Erickson 19/07/2022 19/07/2022 19/07/2022 22:14 William Erickson 19/07/2022 19/07/2022 19/07/2022 22:14 .pf-item-container { Meet Ventura! } SEEMS TO BE QUIET AND EASY TO RIDE. Stacker compiled a . An equine veterinarian examined Little Red and confirmed our initial diagnosis. Rescue horses are those that have either been neglected, abandoned or abused and there are a ton of farms and non-profits out there acting as horse rescues or sanctuaries. Paint mare for sale! We started our rescue a couple months after a freak accident claimed the life of our horse Chester in august 2005. A Sweet Mare Looking For Her Forever Home. Make your impact today and help us continue to lead the fight in ending horse slaughter! 3H, chestnut, Warmblood gelding. Especially the younger ones and the older ones. . Crossroads Animal Rescue - Seneca, South Carolina. Maine Horse Matchmaker She is seventeen inches tall and weighs 60 pounds. He is super sweet, does well with other horses. .pf-item a { They are ready to do their job and be a part of a family. Horse Canada is Canada's favourite all-breed, multi-discipline website with emphasis on equine health, horse care, and rural living. border-radius: 8px; He is 15/ gelding, barefoot and super easy to care for. padding: 5px 5px; Lets get those stars aligned! She would make a good companion horse and can be lightly ridden. Our farmyard friends available for adoption include horses, ponies, pigs, goats, sheep, fowl, and occasionally other barnyard animals. Find Rabbits Maine Coon, Domestic Short Hair. nonprofit organization - donations are tax-deductible. cursor: pointer; .pf-item { While not required, ideally they would be adopted together as a pair. Self loads 13 year old draft pony. height: 100%; Help us save one Standardbred at a time! A Bay Grade Gelding Looking For His Forever Home. A Sweet Quarter Horse Mare Looking For Her Forever Home. Why Horse Adoption a Better Option! horses. , Cade was imported from France in 2013. These horses may have a lot of buttons and/or forward movement. P.O. Recovering from trauma, abuse, neglect, or painful injuries is a little easier to do with a good friend by your side. If you need more information, be sure to give us a call at 409 935 0277 Our Office Hours: 8:00am - 4:00pm CDT Monday - Friday Please note: If we don't answer the phone, our staff is probably helping out in an emergency situation. 13. That's why it's the official classifieds site of the Equine Network! .pf-item a:focus, Whether you adopt a companion or a horse for recreation, you are giving an animal a forever home and helping another horse in need by freeing up a stall at New Englands largest horse shelter. These horses have had little to no training and are not halter broke. We tried Robaxin at his suggestion and it seemed to help at first. Little Red was a 3 year old paint gelding found emaciated and crippled at a local auction back in August 1997. Browse Horses, or place a FREE ad today on I use boots and she does well in them. Browse Horses, or place a FREE ad today on Create email alert Sort by 85 photos, 1 video Rescue Paint Beginner Safe Needs a Good Home Subcategory Paint Gender Gelding Age 18 yrs Height 15 hands Color Sorrel These horses are learning their balance under a rider and usually need an intermediate rider (who can post). background-color: white; horses in training at Bits & Bytes Farm. The required feefor adopting these horses is returned directly to the program to be used for helping more Standardbreds in need. Daughter Gracie is a healthy girl who needs to remain on a low carb diet and mostly off of grass. Futures For Standardbreds is an independentnonprofit organization - donations are tax-deductible. All sales go towards the care of our giant herd! The Thoroughbred Adoption Network's Diana Pikulski had the great pleasure of speaking with Sarah Coleman, Director of Public and Community Relations for New Vocations Racehorse Adoption Program about their upcoming All Thoroughbred Horse Show and TIP Championships at the Kentucky Horse Park on September 7-9. This gorgeous girl has top racing and cutting horse bloodlines. } Pasture pets will be given a level based on the type of adopter/handler they need; their fees are waived. For more information and/or to arrange to meet these beautiful ladies, please call or email. Very sweet girl gets along with all. Copyright 2023. She has no vices and no health issues. Some MSSPA animals have received limited training, such as basic ground manners; others are trained or experienced and may be fit for riding or driving. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for caring so strongly about our mission and the horses we are working hard to save each day. RIP Sweet Boy! Box 10 We treat her with Equiox for a day or 2 and soreness subsides. Adoption: it isnt the end; its the beginning of a whole new love affair! Madison, ME. } As unflappable on the trail as they come. Welcome! adoption application. Watch this video as Smokey tells a tale of adoption for Jethro, Jazz, and himself. Characteristics of cows include their large size, boxy body type and calm temperament. We are located in South-East Texas. Work with our horses on the farm. Rosalita DCSH - affectionately known as Lita- is a striking 2021 KWPN filly bred by Dutch Creek Sport Horses. I really want this guy to be loved because he is the sweetest boy. Ari is 2012 15H Lovely Morgan mare with past show wins, now doing lessons and trail riding. Find a rescue horse for your family! Ruby is a 14 Yr Old former lesson pony who has some jumping experience. He is on the lazy side for a young tb and would prefer a life of trail riding, but is sound enough to do some small jumps here and there. Adoption fees range from Pets . .pf-item { She is forward on the trails but doestake direction. Quarter Horse. .pf-item .pf-item-desc { She is barefoot but would require front shoes or boots when being ridden. I do give him Benadryl twice a day for the pollen. Horses for Sale in Maine Post Free Ad Advanced Search: Blackberry. Financial assistance for transfer of other kinds of animals is also available. *Horse levels are subject to change at any time, without notice. Turnout for both should be mainly dry lot. about. Cheerio is a 17 year old QH Paint gelding. Our very First Rescue Grady arrived from a kill pen in Western Pennsylvania in November of 2014. Creekside Farm and Equine Rescue - Fountain Inn, South Carolina. breaking Horse Rescue rehab Rescue Stories stories How you can help It takes more than love and hay to bring a horse from abuse back to health 1 Monthly Donation Donating ensures that rescued horses will keep receiving the care they need. These horses should be adopted by an advanced rider/horseman, trainer, or someone willing to take the horse directly to a trainer. height: 145px; From the summit of Mt. font-weight: 500; the energy for your Willingly Walks/Trots/Canters/Gallops, Katahdin to the very shores of the Atlantic Ocean, nowhere will you find a better list of horses for sale in ME than in our ads. NEER North offers free advertising space to owners who want to make their horses available free-of-charge to a good home. He has advanced ringbone in a front foot and takes equioxx each day to stay comfortable. Money's adoption fee is $250 hORSES IN RESIDENCE WHO ARE NOT AVAILABLE YET Randall Randall is a Quarter Horse or Quarter Horse cross gelding in his early 20s. He has not been ridden in years- but when he was I put my mother and young kids on him. Adoption fee for a donkey is $500. LEISURE TIME & HOBBIES Tickets & Traveling Books Pets and Animals Horses & Rides Hobbies & Tools Hunting & Fishing Watches & Jewelry Music . Because of a flare up of inflammation of her feet 2 years ago, x-rays were done which did not show any rotation. Rushing Doe (Doe) and Renagade Ruby (Ruby) are 2 beautiful dark bay Thoroughbred mares with lovely dispositions who are retired broodmares.

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