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pineapple clothing ambassador legit

All the bras and pants are separate, so I decided to mix and match. The scam behind it, known as the pay for shipping scam basically just preys on its victim's excitement and . They are different fabrics, I will describe the ones I received however they will probably not be the same every time. The same goes with Bitcoin if you paid with Bitcoin (or any other cryptocurrency) then sorry, but the moneys probably as good as gone. Stumbled upon this post as I was researching scams related to pet brand ambassadors. who is josh baldwin related to; shepherdstown jim auxer; new construction homes mn under $300k & TV; red hook terminal vessel schedule; fulton, ny police blotter; busiest airport in the world by aircraft movements; fanatics size chart youth We will give you our limited edition $125 watch for in 100% discount and in exchange we only ask you to send us a photo with you and your watch as soon as it arrives and also cover the small shipping fee will that be okay with you? Now they are one of my favorite pairs I own. Overview Pineapple Clothing has a consumer rating of 4.82 stars from 203 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Glamorous, beautiful and dazzling! Come on Charlotte, youve already been scammed once its time to screw your head on Of course the message you received is a scam. Meet some of these awesome people and join the Pineapple Clothing Ambassador Team! The customer placed an order 21455 on February 20, 2020The order was produced and shipped via USPS First Class Mail.The order was successfully delivered to the customer on March 2, 2020. I didnt get scammed myself but it seemed too good to be true. Honestly I'm obsessed and writing this before buying a second pair. Two months later no items, HORRIBLE customer service refusing to refund me, RUDE anonymous people lying that the package was delivered but it wasn't!! Im glad I found your article to confirm my suspicions. There are many brands on Instagram which offer that we can become their brand ambassador. Still losing baby weight ;-))). They also came to me with an offer to be their brand ambasador and have a discount coupon. Greet clothing you will surely love. Youre very welcome, thanks for commenting . (Ive heard other companies constantly check in with Have you picked yet? Now Im not THAT into the products that I would pay and then pay for shipping on top of that so now Im wondering how do I get out of it? Lululemon 9. Categories . And gluten-free cookies. Haha!). Thank you! My name is Emily and I manage my daughters IG account. I then contacted pineapple clothing again and asked if they would please take it as a refund when the package arrives. The quality of the clothing is amazing, also the delivery didn't take too long which was good. | Read 81-100 Reviews out of 202 I mean, I kinda feel like Ive provided enough information on this page for you to figure it out Theres literally a whole section entitled How To Tell If a Brand Ambassador Opportunity Is Real. Here are 11 of the best side jobs you can do from your phone in 2022. Both were also breathable and comfortable, too. They wrote: Our quality is exceptional. The customer had access to the policy prior, during and after purchasing. I was motivated to workout and pursue yoga again, which helped me shed the weight pretty quickly! the navy blue are my favorite :). BALI BLACK LUCY COLORFUL PRINTED DETAILS LEGGINGS YOGA PANTS, The yoga pants sit up nice and high, keeping my mom belly um, contained?, haha. As I outlined VERY clearly in my post above, you should never have to pay anything the company should always cover ALL costs. pineapple clothing ambassador legit. The Mirina necklace featured glass stones while the one we purchased from Amazon contained pearl-like embellishments. Secondly I would like to stress that what you have mentioned sounds extremely suspicious, and I do personally suspect it to be a scam. Youre welcome Pati, glad you managed to dodge it . Great leggings with lovely print. Comfortable for outdoor activities and yoga. Do you have any idea if they are a scam or not? Brand Ambassador program review. I am delighted with this store. I sized down since I was slightly closer to small then medium. Great service! Material is of high quality and great fit is provided! Stay safe out there and happy exercising! I wasnt spending my time pulling up my pants, or tucking my love handles in, after Every Single Jumping Jack. Haha. They should cover all of the costs involved and if they do not then you should simply ignore it & move on. . They are little snug on the top when sitting all hunched over, but I'd rather have that then have them sliding down. Delivery to my hotel took too long (over 11 days) and now the company are not willing to help out or help find a solution. I believe I was just scammed by Daniel Philip Watch as well. We live & learn I guess Michael, thats the only way you can look at it. I am usually a medium but I ordered a large in case they shrink and they fit fine, I probably could have gotten the medium. And after youve done that come back here because I want to talk about, Its true, there are many legit companies seeking brand ambassadors on Instagram & there are also many companies/people willing to pay people big money to have their brands promoted on the platform. Thank you for writing this! In a true deal, the company would cover the entire cost of the item & shipping and for safety, you should NEVER have an item shipped directly to your home address. Please help. Considering the price and lackluster "specialness" of their brand I will not be a repeat customer. I have maroon, black, and navy. The Authority Site System Review The Best Affiliate Marketing Course For Beginners? Wish to see you succeed more. Anyone can write a Trustpilot review. They reflect the light! ALL of the opinions are my own brutally honest thoughts. Is this legit? In the end, my first order was yoga clothing. In 1931, it was taken over by the city of Frankfurt but was later transferred to the American occupation authorities . . Once I was sure Pineapple Clothing Company was legit, I decided to go for it. AIR Awareness Outreach; AIR Business Lunch & Learn; AIR Community of Kindness; AIR Dogs: Paws For Minds AIR Hero AIR & NJAMHAA Conference Thanks for the help! Either way, the easiest way to find out is to simply contact your bank & ask them. The brand, which includes clothing and accessories lines, has quickly gained popularity among music lovers and fashion enthusiasts. Fabhooks, Hi there! Sorry you had to lose out Kelli but you have saved many others. They are correct, they did nothing wrong but their customer service could use some work. Enjoy Leggings 8. Moreover, I was waiting for almost a month for the package to arrive, and after I wanted to return it, they didn't want go give me an opportunity, because it was on sale. In the end they gave me for just one top, but after I've read here other experiences with returning the items, I gave up on that and decided to put it all to the garbage.I think some very twisted minds are behind it. Whether its a night out or a family gathering, a routine work day or a vacation, a holiday party or just another day at school or the gym, we aim to give every girl and woman the chance to stand out from the crowd no matter where she goes. Im impressed and the succulents on the bra and bottom of the pants make me smile. Worse hotel in Frankfurt, NO AIR CONDITIONING The ibis styles Frankfurt city has potential, however its poor management and poorly trained staff let it down. You just help me dude.. To fight depression and anxiety, Im using the time to keep up with my workouts. Just to refresh your memory, here is the tracking one more time. Share it on Facebook, Twitter, wherever you can & make as many people aware of this scam as possible. Strawberry Kurves 15 subscribers Subscribe 30 Share 887 views 2 years ago In the review, I will address heir customer service, shipping time frame, and overall. Date of experience: January 10, 2023 Useful MK Monica Kim 1 review US Jan 17, 2023 80% of my workout We would kindly ask you not to accuse Pineapple of wrongdoing as your order was delivered to you back in 2020. Thats no good for you though because although youll have had a one-time payment, once thats paid youre not going to be getting any more money unless you actively seek other brands to pay you again. If you do that, then theyll let you keep the watches as payment So thats 5 watches which equates to around $400 Not bad huh? Great!. Thanks for commenting . out $58 in shipping. Trying to figure out which size to get when youre two of them, essentially, is hard. I would buy again no doubt, the unique and awesome print. Really be carefull with this company! I have parents who work hard so I can get quality education. One Tribe 11. I was asked to be an ambassador for Pineapple Clothing on Instagram. If you would. PayPal are excellent at this, so if you paid with them youll likely have a strong fighting chance of getting your money back Just log on in, find the transaction & click the dispute button. Privacy Policy, Hoping they withstand the first wash tonight. The material is nice and great thickness, they lay easily on my legs, providing a soft touch and pretty look. Im a 32D so Im constantly dealing with chest pain from bouncing after a hard workout. Its been a year since I bought my first set from them and they still fit beautifully. I really love stylish clothes that are comfortable to wear, but at the same time they look fashionable and smart, so I opted for leggings and a sports bra from Pineapple Clothing. Perfect outfit for gym! who is josh baldwin related to; shepherdstown jim auxer; new construction homes mn under $300k & TV; red hook terminal vessel schedule; fulton, ny police blotter; busiest airport in the world by aircraft movements; fanatics size chart youth I continued with the program because I couldnt find very much information on this issue. I was contacted by a company on Instagram and I thought it was too good to be true and ignored by own red flags. The policy clearly states: Please allow five to ten (5-10) business days for orders to be shipped. Equinox play is a scam they send u a cheap Chinese speaker But now Im getting additional credit card charges from them! The company stated i would received a refund. Yeah I was speaking to a guy who got actually conned with the watch ambassador scam same thing, they gave him a code to enter on the checkout page of their website. After five months with no package I asked for a refund and was refused and they wouldnt resend my items either. Posts Reels Videos Tagged When I confirmed my order, they politely told me how to post and all the other particulars. They are well made. Thank you for the information. Hi Dale, just finished reading everything you wrote here. We offer a wide variety of unique, bold, and vibrant prints, that you wont find in any clothing line. Then on 12.11.2020 they wrote they will contact me, but today is 18.12.2020 still no Info from pineappl clothing. Hi I have been scammed by a company called Nova Luna, they said I had to pay shipping and Id get 5 free products, which had I bought them outright it would have cost about 1200! This is love. So sorry to bother you with this question, but we were contacted by @pineappleclothingco for my daughter to be a brand ambassador. It seems more size inclusive than some brands. If you made it via a bank transfer then sorry, but your chances of getting it back are pretty darn slim. I dont know how I could make it any clearer than by saying you should NEVER have to pay anything. After my research, I was satisfied that they were a good company. But many of these types of scammy brands that charge kids for a fake title will spend money on ads promoting ambassador . There supposed to be paying for you. 0 It's from wore fashion they on Instagram a lot of their outfits are similar to ones on Ali express but I guess their cami soles and tops are padded ain't sheer but still the original price is $65 and above I'm like wow pineapple clothing ambassador legit. I think this article needs to be shared more and seen by more people because it is so hard to find helpful information. What I will point out though is that like I said at the start of this post the just pay for shipping scam, in general, is not a new scam & the Instagram version of it is merely its latest form, so you should still stay vigilant elsewhere (and apply the golden rules I mentioned earlier in this post to any opportunity you come across online). 5'5" and 170 lbs. Have ordered numerous times from this store. All the prints they offer are fun and unique! When you become an ambassador for the brand you will be apart of the Doing Things Network, which is a diverse community that is passionate about living a Recreation-driven lifestyle. Opened up a page for my cutie and immediately started receiving proposals, most of them asking for S&H to be covered. The brand's logo, a pineapple, symbolizes unity and hospitality. Extremely comfortable & really nice quality! The only option the customer has is to make an arrangement with hotel management and ask them to redirect the package to the customers address in the UK. They had enough followers and gorgeous models in their swimsuits. Domain age, Thank you. Thanks again, I got acepted to be an ambassador. Being a huge nerd, I did my due diligence. Id also really appreciate it if you could please share this post in as many places as you can to prevent others falling victim to this brand ambassador scam too! Prom season is here, and you deserve to look and feel amazing for your big party! Pineapple Clothing has a consumer rating of 4.82 stars from 203 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Love your leggings! I got the same thing but all they said was you have been chosen for the ambassador program and use this code to get your free camera still dylocam though. Made in the USA. Reggie Lee And Bree Turner Together, Automobile Boulevard Silver Spring, Md, Why Does My Boyfriend Smell Like A Baby, What Is A Payable Order Dvla, City On A Hill Bible Verse Meaning, Early Garand Trigger Housing, Was Steve Austin Married To Sable?, Vertical Tennis Swing, Breaking News In Bear, Delaware, Diocese Of Lansing Teacher Pay Scale, Pineapple Clothing Ambassador Legit, Cool leggings. Every attempt I had at contacting the customer service team was greeted with excuses and a lack of care. It goes against our guidelines to offer incentives for reviews. Hey recently even I was approached by these ppl? That was simply a lie, this company seems to claim everything that a customer wants to hear to sell their products. Also I have recently received this message on Instagram, just wanted to check this was fake: All of this is very, very , important to me as a consumer. The Austrian Post office was trying to deliver your order but you were not available. Awesome for yoga. Her app is amazing. The scam behind it, known as the pay for shipping scam basically just preys on its victims excitement and/or desperation. Check out what 203 people have written so far, and share your own experience. pineapple clothing ambassador legitnissan patrol front suspension. The best choice for running, yoga, at-home workouts or gym classes - recommend Pineapple Clothing. Steer clear, absolutely the WORST company and NO covid 19 doesn't excuse such appalling service and stealing people's money!! 80% of the fee will go to these charitable institutions to help the children in need. Second red flag was that there was no PayPal option so I got scared of Credit card fraude or this thing not to be true so it was PayPal or nothing. 80% of my workout gear comes from Pineapple Clothing. I paid under $100 dollars and am content with taking the loss over continuing with the program. All too often I hear stories of people leaving sentences like been scammed, need money back in their dispute comments & whilst it may be the truth, its not going to really do much for your case. I put up my best but really like social media. This saved me from being Conned By the Activ Cam (Dylo cam) ambassador thing thanks!. I feel so fierce wearing this set and the bra is really cute. Yeah Im not big or anything like that on social media.. Thanks for your comment Anita, and yes for sure feel free to share the article & help spread the word. Comfortable and stretchy leggins. Im a Brand Manager of Bonali, a womens fashion jewelries. Nike Great fit, amazingly comfortable. But how do you spot a legit Instagram brand ambassador opportunity from a fake one? Learn More, Born & raised in England, Dale is the founder of, Best Paid Online Survey Sites That Are Legitimate (& Pay The, Huge List of The Best Ways To Make Money Blogging For, Are Solo Ads Worth It? If you dont, dont worry, we have other solutions! ASICS 7. So thick and nice, Really holds you in. I am very pleased with the quality of the fabric and the way the dress emphasized my figure. Being that theyre only watches the shipping fee will only be around $5 to $10 or maybe up to $20 at a push and this is exactly where the con lies. Ive had a horrible experience and would advise everyone to stay away. Move Makeup 18. The website is super easy to use and they always send emails that update it on their purchases and what I love! View this post on Instagram Survey websites allow you to take surveys online and earn points for each completed quiz or task. I bought 2 pair of leggings and a shiny top! Please Log in to save it permanently. This bra was supportive and did squish me down some (I believe thats the technical term ), but wasnt uncomfortable. Thanks for posting this, Thanks for the heads up on that one Vicente . be invited to exclusive special deals and weekly giveaways available to the ambassador community only. Althea Angels 15. My first workout in these was a vigorous HIIT workout (burpees, jumping jacks, etc.) I now have 4 pairs of these so that just shows how great they are for the value! I did the Activ Cam one as well Fortunately it seemed too good to be true and wasteful for a brand to give out 3 cameras worth 1200$ for free to someone that has 378 followers on Instagram. They made me order THREE times (pay shipping THREE times and kept waiting.). This company is the worst. Pineapple Clothing Business Profile Pineapple Clothing Online Retailer Contact Information 3300 NE 192nd St # 1513 Aventura, FL 33180-2435 Visit Website Email this Business (800) 561-7008. Issues With Receiving Orders. Stylish and comfortable with a bright and interesting print. Simple Traffic Review Is A Scam or a Legit Way To Get Traffic? Two: they told me how the clothing was made. I feel like a badass in this outfit. I was pleased. Hopefully your experience is better. My daughter is new to this and I dont want to set her up with a scammer If you have a quick second or give me any feedback on them, Id really appreciate it! Is the account following a suspiciously large amount of people? (US States Only), FREE US SHIPPING ON $75+ ORDERS! They understood it takes time to decide. Why dont you know if its legit or not? Thank you very much! Thank you. And, again, here is the discount information: Awesome, great effort in putting all this together. Here are 8 tips for writing great reviews. Location, Primabolics Isoripped + Grind Bundle. All three of my daughters wear them, as well as myself. - There were two defining factors that influenced my final decision to become an ambassador for them. but these FEEL SO HIGH QUALITY! Next up is a combination of two sets. Discount code: sadielynn. If you buy through links on our site, we may earn a commission. The spandex is thick, not see thru and will be warm enough to run in the colder weather. Maybe it will help me balance the comfort food I have been eating. , Discover The 4-Step Method That Enabled Me To Leave My Job & Begin Earning Money Online, This website is reader-supported. Delivery is super fast, and returning or replacement things is easy. Hello Isaac firstly Id like to apologise for taking a little while to get back to you. The message even ended with how excited they were to have a new ambassador and some cute emojis. Our mission: to provide the ultimate comfort in every piece so the wearer looks and feels radiant for any occasion. I never received my order. These leggings fit great on me and everyone is wondering where I buy my clothes from. They come up high and hold everything in! The pants have a bit of stretch in them so order true to size or one size smaller. STAR MAP STELLA GREY SEAMLESS RACERBACK SPORT YOGA BRA WOMEN and PRETTY IN INK LUCY BEIGE TATTOO PRINT LEGGINGS YOGA PANTS WOMEN. . Hi there, I just got approached by a Instagram page called recruiting ambassadors asking me to be a ambassador for another page called palmpe also asking me to cover the shipping fees for jewelry and upon googling their name I came across this article, so thank you so much cause Im pretty sure now that they are a scam! Brand ambassadors are great for brand lift, generating tons of earned media, and driving traffic to a site, so they can become a valuable extension of your marketing team IF you're strategic about how you choose them. We will also be doing monthly activities and loyalty programs to reward our loyal customers and give out coupons, gift cards which you can also giveaway to your followers They make things as theyre ordered, as well, so unsold items and extra fabric arent wasted. Find the latest styles like shift dresses, boho chic looks, skater dresses, a line dresses and empire waist dresses with prints and colors she'll love.

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