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pictures of the kandahar giant

But even with the evidence stacked against it, the myth of the Kandahar Giant is still said to be an open secret among soldiers who served in Kandahar in 2002. And several veterans who served in the region have said that from that point on, they were instructed to point their weapons high by aiming for the head and then a little higher. The Vice President is Jeannie Mastine and the Treasurer/Secretary is Wendy Shields; the Social Convener is Mary Dament. But batshit comes to mind though..hhmmmmm. He also claims to have been one of the men to have helped kill the giant. "Between them, the squad was armed with full-auto M4 carbines, 'recon carbines' (semi-automatic) and M107 Barrett anti-materiel rifles firing .50 BMG. National Geographic. I just realized that embedded link went to the wrong audio file, here is the correct one: The Swinging Swallows gather on Thursday evenings to start dancing at 7:00 pm. by | Sep 28, 2019 | Conspiracy, Forbidden History, Scientific Theories, Uncategorized, Unexplained | 0 comments. The unit carrying search operation found a cave with Army equipment scattered all across high up in the mountains, however, there was no visible sign of the missing soldiers. The Swallows dance most Thursday evenings, from 7:00 to about 9:30. You cant really cover up the deaths of troops tho. So what else is wrong? A place for the discussion of Cryptozoology, the study of animals that science doesn't recognize. including special operations? What difference does it really make? Hate that site. They came to a US checkpoint and instead of stopping the Driver sped up so the decision was made to take the car out. If this is real, why do you think that they are hiding this, and do you think that they will ever release information about this officially? Our membership is quite varied in ages and abilities with everyone enjoying the fun and friendships that are offered. The Bible isnt detailed except to say Goliath had 4 kinsmen and maybe these are some of his kinsmen or countrymen as mentioned, rather than just a big Philistines. Gabe Joselow reported from Bamiyan, Afghanistan, and Rachel Elbaum reported from London. Something that is politically charging or follow inappropriate orders or orders deemed illegal Mr. K revealed during the interview that he was part of the team when they slaughtered the Kandahar giant brutally. The Taliban know that and thats why in their slightly inept way they are still trying to paint themselves as a constructive government.. Not only that, but the story itself was squashed as the soldiers were all required to sign NDAs. Steven Quayle spoke of an occurrence which is still classified by the US Government in his popular Radio Show Coast to Coast: The events allegedly happened in 2002 in a desert part of Afghanistan, when a U.S. Army squad went missing. Change). The Club has an annual membership drive every September (usually the second and third Thursdays after Labour Day). The Link Between Fasting And Mental Health: Can It Improve Mood And Cognition? filtracion de aire. The Giant of Kandahar is a hoax, as the Department of Defense has no record of this incident. She is also an ardent music lover. Change), You are commenting using your Twitter account. The rest of the soldiers killed him in less than 30 seconds by firing at him non-stop according to ati. In fact an interesting book titled The Long Walk a true story which was written in 1948 describes the run-in with two Abominable Snowmen in the Himalayas by several escapees from Siberia. These photos are from a recent archialogical [sic] dig in Greece. This much firepower concentrated on one target for one second, let alone thirty, would be extremely destructive.. 13 December 2007. I thought everything that wasn't on the ark or the sea was destroyed? Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. What are your thoughts on this whole story? For an optimal experience visit our site on another browser. I got in a discussion about the subject of out of place (OOP) artifacts. "Originally, the spade end was there. Some accounts claim that the giant was as tall as 15 feet with six digits, wore leather moccasins with a horrible odor, and appeared out of nowhere from a cave, killing one soldier with his spear. A "special ops task force" (branch unknown, possibly Rangers considering that the missing squad was Army) was sent to find out what had happened, and the soldiers walked along a ragged, mountainous trail until arriving at the entrance of a large cave. Like many conspiracy theories and legends, you have to have a certain amount of trust in the storyteller. WebTake it with a grain of salt but worldwide folklore contains a plethora of interpretations about an "inner world" race of people, referred to as "anu naki" by the Apache and Puebloan peoples meaning "ant friends", a subterranean benevolent race. It makes no sense, unless the practice of this species is to completely destroy the remains of dead ones, even to the pulverizing of bone. The Mystery of the Giant From Kandahar: US Troops Destroyed the Afghan Monster. One report said, Between them, the squad was armed with full-auto M4 carbines, recon carbines (semi-automatic), and M107 Barrett anti-materiel rifles firing .50 BMG. However, it was revealed by a Department of Defense spokesman that there is no record of any such incident. A collection of photographs purportedly showing the remains of giant humanoids, dubbed the "Canaan" or "Nephilim" skeletons, have been making the internet round since as far back as 2004: The images were assembled from various individual hoaxes that presented them with varying back stories sourcing them to recent archeological discoveries in the Mediterranean (e.g., Greece), the Middle East (e.g., Iran, Saudi Arabia), or India, and tying them to Biblical accounts of giants: This is my first time seeing this even hearing about it. Launched on August 3rd, 2013, as Canadas first indie music station, Indie88 provides a platform for emerging artists while paying homage to the classics that inspired them. Political map of Afghanistan with WebKandahar screenshots, images and pictures - Giant Bomb Kandahar Location Kandahar or Quandahar is the second-largest city in Afghanistan and the capital of Kandahar Province. In this case, the eyewitness was Mr. K, a soldier who claimed to have witnessed the Giant of Kandahar. In August 2016, YouTuber Marzulli posted a lengthy interview with Mr. K, a military contractor, on the internet video sharing platform. Now that the Taliban are in control, he said, he feels free to tour the country. Yes, I believe they examined the body and have all the biological information. The Kandahar Giant, according to Mr. K, is 13 feet tall and has two sets of fangs. A long time friend of mine sent it today. Weve been dancing at Wesley United Church Fellowship Hall at 275 Pembroke Street East in Pembroke since the club was formed. From there it was loaded into an aircraft and taken away, never to be seen again. ", "Very reliable company and very fast. They were apparently some race of genetically mutated humanoids. We also try to do a couple of demonstrations each year to help raise awareness, interest, and participation in the activity we all enjoy. Before he and the other "special forces" put it down, Mr. K claimed he observed the monster holding a spear and slaying a US soldier named "Dan.". However, the story wasnt widely known until 2016 when a YouTube personality named L.A. Marzulli posted an episode about the giant on his YouTube channel. The Giant of Kandahar was an enormous humanoid creature allegedly encountered and killed by a group of American army soldiers on a mountainside in Afghanistan. By Archana Kabra. All Rights Reserved. Biblically there are some explanations for these events but many so called experts disagree. This day and age there is no way to prove the government "didn't" do something, EVER. It seems very peculiar to have only one contact noted and by a foreign military forcepeople stationed in Afghanistan for a temporary period. But, labeling them un-Islamic, the group brought the statues down using heavy explosives. NASA's Hubble Space Telescope Captures Dramatic Hour-by-Hour Changes of Dart Mission Slamming on an Asteroid, Can Humanity Deflect Potentially Hazardous Asteroids? The Giant of Kandahar was a 13-foot-tall humanoid with red hair and two sets of teeth that U.S. Special Forces allegedly killed in Afghanistan in 2002. Getty Images / Veronique de Viguerie; (inset) A U.S. Air Force MQ-1B Predator unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). According to Quayle, this entire incident was immediately classified for a long time and hidden from the public by the efforts of the US government. Click to take the quiz. With the Taliban in charge, its future was unclear. If this is true, I wonder if anyone explored that cave, and have any others been found (especially females); and where is the body now and what information have they found out about it? Take it with a grain of salt but worldwide folklore contains a plethora of interpretations about an "inner world" race of people, referred to as "anu naki" by the Apache and Puebloan peoples meaning "ant friends", a subterranean benevolent race. I'm not sure that's completely accurate. if(typeof ez_ad_units!='undefined'){ez_ad_units.push([[336,280],'ufoholic_com-banner-1','ezslot_4',607,'0','0'])};__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-ufoholic_com-banner-1-0');Caught off guard by the sudden appearance of the biblical monster, the team opened fire on the giant. Numbers 13:33 "There we saw the GIANTS (the descendants of Anak came from the GIANTS); and we were like grasshoppers in our own sight, and so we were in their sight.. Terrifying, Pre-Historic-Looking Fish Captured in the Ocean's Twilight Zone; What Is It? In a deleted YouTube clip, a witness claimed that he saw the horrifying incident. Youll first find the word giant in Greek mythology dating back to 1297. This suggests at least some degree of truth to inspire the different legends, whether that truth is biblical in nature or something more along the lines of divergent evolution, we do not yet know. I'm posting this again even though i've found a few past write ups in other subs, but i found it strange there was none in here for it. However, this huge monster was not at all a human fighter. Thank you for sharing this, I like stories like this, I wish that there were some more details (skin color, eye color, did it have reproductive organs, et cetera) and more evidence (pictures, video, audio, documents, et cetera) though. BAMIYAN, Afghanistan The Talibans destruction of the Bamiyan Buddha statues in early 2001 shocked the world and highlighted their hard-line regime, toppled soon after in a U.S.-led invasion. According toIndie88, the Kandahar Giant is one of the following two possibilities. Highly trained and armed to the teeth, the team wasted no time in locating their missing comrades, or rather, what remained of them. 1995 - 2023 by Snopes Media Group Inc. Thank you for answering that True George. 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Share in our comments section below! If youre already a dancer and new to the area, or just returning to square dancing, email or call to ensure there will be someone to greet you, and come out on Thursday evening. Dance nights are comprised of lessons and dancing what has been taught, and then its practice, practice, practice! Web The creatures body was airlifted back to the squads base by a helicopter and net. The Paiutes, a Native American tribe indigenous to parts of Nevada, have an oral tradition that they told to early white settlers of the area about a race of red-haired, white giants or barbarians that their ancestors referred to as the Si-Te-Cah. Press J to jump to the feed. Very sad state of affairs that the govt will allow a Soldier to be sued or brought up on charges for carrying out sanctioned operations. Do not reproduce without permission. That hasnt happened in the US yet, but there is one case. Use the discount code:ufoholicfor 10% off your order! The incident took place when the US military launched fierce battles with the Taliban in their de facto capital in Kandahar Province in the early 2000s. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); We're a Digital Platform offering the Latest Updates and News from Entertainment, Technology, Lifestyle and Food Industry. She and the officials were driving in an Italian govt car with their flag on it. A 15 foot tall giant, a 12 foot tall Sasquatch, an Abominable snowman or many other strange creatures being reported all over the world. Their story ended with the Paiute tribe burning them all inside a cave. The creature hurled a spear, striking one soldier and killing him instantly. The authorities later covered up the death of the red-haired giant with six-fingered hands. The Annunaki: Alien DNA, Advanced Tech and Extinction, Government Confirms: 5 Million Aliens Alive on Earth, 9 Deep Sea Creatures That Could Be Extraterrestrials. L.A. Marzulli, an author, blogger and filmmaker, is believed to have created or heavily influenced this legend. They talked about a units encounter with a red haired giant in the Kandahar province of Afghanistan. "'Giant Skeletons' Fuel Web Hoax." I think this is a cover up for a game the Iraqi Taliban was playing during their free time to play with people like puppets and dolls. A soldier opens fire, but is killed by the beast. WebBrowse 360 kandahar stock photos and images available, or search for afghanistan or kabul to find more great stock photos and pictures. Im happy it was destroyed. As the hard-line Islamic group navigates the economic and security challenges of governing the country after years of insurgency, it is also under pressure from international organizations to protect Afghanistans cultural heritage. There will be more things man has never seen coming our waylast days before the rapture. The monster killed one of the Special Forces soldiers with his spear weapon.

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