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pictures of danny and brandy shelton

But you believed her without proof. But Danny still tries to use that as evidence that Linda was having an affair. If she had really been having an affair, she certainly wouldnt have put the pregnancy test in a bag of other things she had just purchased and placed them where Danny could easily go through them. Booking Date: 02-26-2023 - 8:31 am. She was the scapegoat who was thrown overboard to save the sinking ship. But it is publicly known that YOU - PERSONALLY - were calling around looking for housing for Brandy and her two children in August of 2004 - just 2 months after you had divorced your wife and had her fired from 3ABN in June of 2004. I think this is a great idea. So the plain fact is this: I do not know the identity of the child who was tested. To: Danny Shelton On April 30, 2015, Shelton was drafted by the Cleveland Browns with the 12th overall selection of the first round in the 2015 NFL Draft. However, now Danny is accusing me of somehow being underhanded with the testing, because the lab sent the envelopes as noted above. Linda had no clue that Danny had already made plans to divorce her long before she traveled to Norway, in February of 2004, to visit her son. Case in point: You just made the statement that I told Linda that if she consulted an attorney prior to signing the agreement she would get nothing. To make it as convenient as possible for the Sheltons, I traveled from California to Southern Illinois at my own expense, and brought along two DNA testing kits obtained from certified, AABB (American Association of Blood Banks) licensed DNA testing laboratories, with the goal of obeying all the other rules for legal DNA testing results, to make it as official as possible without the travel inconvenience for the Sheltons. I was not looking for housing for Brandy in Aug. of 2004. So If I'm being accused the accuser should have his ducks in a row before he accuses me. Sometime between 2004 and 2006, I heard that Danny was going with a woman named Brandy. My working with Brandy at 3ABN in June of 1999 places Brandy in the West Frankfort area at the time she became pregnant. 11/5/2022 2:54 PM. You know in your heart - and in your gut - that it was only because Danny Shelton told you to do it. There is a witness who was privy to a conversation Danny Shelton had with Brandy's mother long before 2004, telling Danny that Brandy was coming out for a job interview. When searching around for a possible answer, apparently a number of people have questioned whether Brandy's child is yours. It is highly unusual for a 9-year old to stay quietly - under a blanket in the back seat of a truck - never looking out the window or wanting to watch the commotion going on right outside the truck window. She said she couldnt figure out why he began behaving as he had and she was devastated by the divorce and the loss of her job at 3ABN. It makes no sense. This court-approved, legal, DNA testing is done in an accredited laboratory. In that agreement, Danny decided (for unexplained reasons) to drop the demand that I put up $10,000.00 before he would be tested, even though for the previous couple of months he had held to his requirement of demanding that I put up $10,000.00 before he would be tested. Am I going to receive a copy of the testing results? Even when I saw you and Brandy in your wedding picture and I commented, "Yes, that's Brandy" to my friends, I had no idea that anyone would ultimately claim that she was not there the last time I was. Booking #: 202300223. How can anyone know if Danny Shelton is right or wrong without hearing Lindas side? Danny Shelton. Brandy Appleton is on Facebook. But again, my traveling to Southern Illinois to obtain the DNA test specimens has raised more questions than it has answered. And that certainly would be a reasonable explanation as to why you behaved as you did. He said he wanted to discuss a certain situation regarding a couple he said he was counseling about a marriage problem. He said the wife of the couple had committed spiritual adultery. Because I had never heard of such a term, I asked him to define it. And this circumstantial evidence is only the proverbial tip of the iceberg. Why do you think that Dannys goal has been to force a Silence Agreement on everyone who has information about this sordid episode! But no one thinks you are an idiot. I have no idea what Pickle and Joy did or did not do, so I cannot comment on that. Nor was I allowed to have the Social Security numbers for any of them, something that is required by the DNA testing companies. 4. examination of 2 pieces of government issued I.D., such as a Drivers license and a Passport. Lived In Walls MS, Somerville TN, Southaven MS. Related To Sherrell Shelton, David Shelton, Katherine Shelton, Shanta Shelton, James Shelton. She later called me to say she wanted to drink some Chik juice. Again, I said, What do you mean by Chik juice? Home testing units are available but the DNA test results are not legally admissible in a court of law. Select this result to view Brandy Shelton's phone number, address, and more. If Brandy had an over-whelming desire to be associated with a Christian organization, the east-coast headquarters for numerous Christian ministries, including one of the worlds largest and most respected Campus Crusade for Christ - is Orlando, Florida, a short drive up the road of about an hour and a half from where she was living in Tampa. She does want to know about my business after the divorce. Firing Linda for no reason, humiliating her publicly, falsely accusing her of adultery, destroying her reputation, and throwing her out of her home, job and marriage on false charges - is NOT Okay with God, irrespective of the unjust laws of the State of Illinois. You have eliminated her name from every nook and cranny of 3ABN, something that I have identified to you before as "Overkill.". And I understand Brandy was NOT married at the time, so THAT is not a false accusation. Could this child be the daughter of one of Brandys sisters? Eighth-year defensive tackle enters his first season with the Chiefs in 2022. I guess I should just let you believe what you want as you are as bad as Joy and Pickle in making claims YOU CANNOT PROVE. As I said, she may have come to 3ABN AGAIN in Nov. 2004, but YOU were looking for housing for her in August of 2004. and I worked with her at 3ABN either in 1999 or 2000. Most people would just walk away, not wanting to get involved. Whoever can be determined to be telling the truth, that is the side I'm on. Subject: Re: From Lorraine Day. She responded that she wanted to drink the juice from the can in which the meat substitute Fri-Chik was packed. It hurts you and sets you up to believe other falsehoods that Satan wants you to believe. I don't have that much money but I could probably borrow it. I will do that when I receive the test results from both DNA testing laboratories. [32][33] He often speaks with pride about his Samoan heritage and dons a lavalava, a traditional Polynesian cloth worn like a kilt or skirt. We are all accountable to the Lord for our actions. (Please see e-mails below.) Home; About Us. Instead Danny handed me Xeroxed copies of the documents (a picture of one page of the passports for Danny and Brandy and Trinity, and Drivers licenses for Danny and Brandy). DANNY . I have always considered both Danny and Linda as my friends. west bend slow cooker beef stew recipe; another word for exposed to harm; moraine country club menu. Here is a copy of the first e-mail I sent to Danny in response to his offer to send me a copy of a tape that he has. That marriage lasted a little over three years. I have no idea if that child was Trinity Murray. card or Drivers license). I have a copy of a tape of Brenda telling lies, why dont you? 505 Indian Trail Rd, Danville, VA 24540 1697 Mount Cross Rd, Danville, VA 24540 Po Box 4731, Danville, VA 24540 455 Arthur Taylor Rd, Blanch, NC 27212 2414 Newton Cir E, Irving, TX 75062 75 Westwood Ave, Bassett, VA 24055. ----- Original Message ----- Whoa! And tell us WHY you fired her! Through live sessions led by Tinkergarten Leaders and on-demand, self-guided activities, we make purposeful, outdoor play doable for every family. Is THAT the kind of thing you want covered by a Silence Agreement? It was several months later, in June of the same year (2004), when the fact that Danny was divorcing Linda became public knowledge that I again heard the term spiritual adultery bantered around, and I realized in retrospect that Danny had not been talking with me about a couple he was counseling but he had actually been referring to Linda. Where are the questions that you should be asking Danny Shelton? Danny got out of the truck, we said Hello and he began to sign the consent for DNA testing. After Danny first made the accusation of spiritual adultery (and later physical adultery) against Linda in late February or early March of 2004, Linda states he became obsessed with having her followed by private investigators, rifling through her belongings himself, and recording her conversations. I did not come up with that. This is the tape that Danny said, several times, he might send me. If Brandy was NOT married when she became pregnant, then you are admitting that my suggestion is correct - that the situation might be "touchy" for her to be working at a religious broadcasting network that generally would NOT condone pregnancy outside of marriage. I have it on my desk as I am writing to you. Again, if I hadn't worked with Brandy, I would have no idea what she looked like and could not have confirmed that she was the same person when I saw your wedding picture. He also participated in track & field as a thrower. Danny and Brandy purposely prevented it. Something is not quite right here! It is known that Brandy has several sisters. I agreed. Shelton was also a member of the Huskies' track and field team. Brandys behavior during the DNA specimen collection was an embarrassment to everyone, including Danny, as he tried first to calm her down. Show it. If this child WAS Trinity Murray, why was I not allowed to take her fingerprints (as a DNA lab requires for legal testing)? Only much later did I realize that Danny was actually talking about his own marriage and Linda - and not about a couple he was counseling. But important in that conversation was that Danny had told me that the woman he was counseling had NOT committed physical adultery. But assuming the child tested was in fact Trinity Murray, then a number of extremely troubling questions remain, questions that raise huge red flags regarding the integrity of Danny Shelton: [24] He was released after the season on March 16, 2021.[25]. Because I have said that I worked with Brandy at 3ABN when I was there in June of 1999. In-Person and Anywhere (on-demand) formats available. [29][30] Shelton won his second Super Bowl ring when the defeated the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl LVII. 3. the social security number of each person who is teste If you can prove that Brandy (the now Brandy Shelton) worked with you while you were at 3ABN during any years prior to my divorce I'll give you $100,000! On Dec 22, 2008, at 6:08 PM, Danny Shelton wrote: Lorraine I'll make this one a little shorter than the last. In fact it was just the opposite. In addition, I was not allowed to take fingerprints of Trinity nor of Danny or Brandy. Brandy refused to get out of the truck at first, or even to look at us, or acknowledge our presence. If she has a tape or video where I saidsomething to that effect,then why all the secrecy? Join Facebook to connect with Brandy Appleton and others you may know. Is everyone so apathetic or so blinded by their own self-righteous attitude that they have no interest anymore in Truth? Danny admitted to me that they did that. So the DNA test results cannot be taken as proof that Danny is not the father of Trinity Murray. Have you asked Linda if Brandy worked there before we were divorced. It is interesting that Brandys oldest daughter, Jody, apparently born out of wedlock three years before she married Shawn Brannack, uses the last name Murray. Did Kevin Murray adopt Jody, Shawn Brannacks child? If she had indeed been having an affair, she would already have known at three months - if she was pregnant and would not have had to buy a pregnancy test kit. After center Alex Mack left the team in free agency during the 2016 offseason, Shelton changed his jersey number from 71 to 55, which was previously worn by Mack. Right before I traveled to Southern Illinois on April 29, 2009, for the DNA testing, I asked Danny Shelton via e-mail to bring the infamous tape to our meeting, so I could hear it. Why was I not allowed to photograph, fingerprint, or examine the identification documents for this child? If it wasnt for the false charge of adultery for which you have NO evidence then tell all of us out here your specific reason. Then she said, Well then, I want some Bean Juice. Again, I asked what she meant by Bean Juice. She explained that it is the juice from the cooking of beans, something she liked to drink it. Do not rely on this site to determine factual criminal records. However, I am saying that I was not allowed to objectively confirm the identity of the child presented as "Trinity.". Without the direct evaluation of the proper original documents for identification, without pictures, without fingerprints . There you go again. That would mean that the child was conceived in May or June of 1999. And I will return it to you as soon as I listen to it and I will not make a copy. passed away on October 31, 2022. So, it's my life that is at stake. I have no goal in collecting money from you or anyone else. I'll let that one rest. The child was never allowed to sit up in the back seat of the truck where she could be seen. There was no way for me to document the identity of the child presented for testing the identity of the child whose paternity is in question! It doesn't matter whether Linda met Brandy or whether Linda knew Brandy was working there. 2. . Why was Trinity not allowed to stand on her own feet rather than Danny holding her over his shoulder like a baby, something a 9-year old doesnt usually like. But now that I was to be there in his territory, I pointed out that he could bring the tape and play it for me without having the tape leave his possession. They usually are very curious to see what is going on around them. It is abundantly clear that there is NO evidence that Linda Shelton committed adultery with anyone at anytime during her marriage to Danny Shelton. Since I had never seen Trinity Murray, and Danny knew that, I was expected to take Danny and Brandys word for it with no objective documentation whatsoever to prove the childs identity. Fallen Officers ICAC Jail Mobile Command Patrol Photos. Within a week or so, she died.). But that in itself their secrecy about this child speaks volumes! Obviously it was not for security reasons, because on the special holiday programs at 3ABN, Danny has his whole family on camera, including all of his grandchildren even when they were babies and young children. They failed to prove it so moved on to other accusations. It doesnt take an Einstein to figure it out. Shelton will be in touch shortly. Otherwise, why wouldnt they produce it! In case youve forgotten, without donors - - you dont have a network. They have also lived in Round Rock, TX and Saint Paul, MN. To: Danny Shelton And your endorsement of such a travesty is shameful. What sense would that make? She may have returned to work there in November of 2004. I was just referring to the fact that Brandy was pregnant and apparently not married at the time, and that would be a touchy situation for her to be working in a Christian institution that does not condone pregnancies out of wedlock, and that would have been a probable reason that she would have quit - back in 1999 or whatever year she became pregnant. In addition, I had no idea in, at first, that Brandy had any children. minnesota wild vs colorado avalanche prediction; north tyneside council envirolink; smartview2 system menu pin; high speed gear handcuff taco kydex; pictures of danny and brandy shelton. And she certainly is not an adulteress. Why did Danny want to change our meeting location to a town other than Thompsonville or West Frankfort? .truth wouldnt it be wise to pursue Jesus and the truth rather than mindlessly and vapidly supporting an institution without even demanding evidence? The only time I had ever met Brandy she was 13 years old when her folks came to my house nearly 25 years ago to do a recording. You tell me that when a person accuses another of doing something wrong they have to prove it. But that was not the case with this child. And innuendo and false accusations are not adequate to classify as proof. Yvonne Lewis is now the General Manager of 3ABN's new television network, . Its just something we have to fill out on our order form and I completely missed it. Amid the cresendo of concern, a lone voice vies for attention, "If you love Me, keep my commandments" (John 14:15). Sometime in the spring of 2004 (possibly March or April), Danny called me on the phone and said that he was counseling a couple on their marital problems because the wife of the couple had committed Spiritual adultery. I responded, Danny, I have never heard of such a term. It's unreal that you will not acknowledge that maybe you are mistaken. By the time this episode occurred, it had been 3 months since Linda had seen the doctor with whom she is accused of having an affair a man she had only met twice! The 3ABN Board is not exempt - even though you have behaved as though you are. . One brother died of a gunshot wound, while another was wounded in the incident.[35]. Obviously, no one at 3ABN, including Danny Shelton, wants Lindas side of the story told. In week 2 against the Miami Dolphins, Shelton recorded his first sack of the season in the 430 win. I have even heard that some at 3ABN have said, God talks to Danny Shelton, and Danny Shelton talks to us. . 4. So, Walter Thompson and all you other Board members, tell me and tell the world WHY did you fire Linda Shelton from her position as Vice President of 3ABN? The reason this is important to say is that when I arrived in Southern Illinois to take the DNA specimens, Brandy became very angry and accused me of harassing her family. I had done nothing of the kind. As we continue to gather evidence, that hidden, overwhelming factor will eventually become clear to all. In the interrogatories she even asks if I have been to the Bahamas' or Cayman Island since our divorce! Brandy Renea Shelton, 41. She said she had her mother and Bill Kerr and that she trusted them. You are unmovable and yet you are so wrong. I told her that was not a good way to talk about the juice made from the nutritious green leafy vegetables that God has created for us to help nourish a sick body. Your complicity in this mess makes you just as guilty as Danny Shelton. The only pictures most of us who don't live near T'Ville or have been to any campmeetings are those that are allowed by the staff. note. Have there been rumors circulating to that effect? All I know is that I worked with Brandy at that time. pictures of danny and brandy sheltondiscretionary housing payment hackney. Brandi L Shelton Associated Addresses. dividing his marital assets with his second wife of 20 years, Linda Shelton, . After all, Brandy was not a Seventh-day Adventist at the time, so why wouldnt these other ministries be fine? The fact that Danny NOT Linda is the adulterer has been the Gorilla in the room that everyone knows is there, but everyone is pretending is not there. A different picture or signature can be superimposed on any document, something that would completely invalidate it. But she continued to refer to it as ugly juice. Lorraine Day, M.D. I was taking care of business, working on getting the DNA testing agreement put together and signed. Right? Danny, who was known for playing Mick Carter in Eastenders, departed the soap in a dramatic Christmas Day episode at the tail end of 2022. A court date has been set in the near future to remedy that. This is clearly overkill! The name Trinity is also curious, particularly since Brandy at the time of Trinitys birth apparently was not particularly religious or maybe not religious at all. That's not the kind of "bargain" an innocent man would try to negotiate. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the world more open and connected. I challenge any Board Member to show me any evidence that Linda committed adultery. Now Danny has attempted to put a good spin on her very bad behavior by saying she has "every right to be angry." Lorraine, you have falsely accused Brandy and me. She was miserable and decided to give up. That appears to be a clear case of adultery by Brandy the very sin of which Danny Shelton has FALSELY accused Linda!! Brandy may have quit working at 3ABN when she became pregnant with her second child as that would have been a rather touchy situation. View the profiles of people named Brandy Shelton.

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