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With almost every technology featured in the larger floorstanding models, the 40B bookshelf/standmount is the perfect way to experience the magic of Founder cooling is addressed in order to keep everything composed even Switching to something a little slower-paced and with more of a pop sensibility, Hypnotic has a great pulsing groove to it and showcases a bit more of Fishs singing ability. As I was setting up the speakers and before loading up an ARC profile, it was easy to hear the pair of triple woofers were having no trouble exciting low and upper-bass room modes, and this is with the speakers placed well into the room. Findings influence design and performance specs, resulting in a uniquely realistic listening experience, backed by sound science. Founder Series cabinets are offered in a variety of beautiful premium-grade finishes: Walnut and Black Walnut have a smooth satin finish with distinctive wood figuring. More output and less bulk can only be a good thing. The drum kit is active now too at center-left with a nice crisp snap to the drum skins and great shimmer to the cymbals. Measurements by Carlo Lo Raso, Technical Analysis by Carlo Lo Raso and David A. around to indicate the quality of sound, but what of the quantity? The walking electric bass line also had a tightness and clarity to it that was easy to hear while not getting overwhelmed by that nice kick drum. Founder is the first completely new speaker line to be introduced since Paradigm founder Scott Bagby reacquired the company two years ago. The speakers required about 15 degrees of toe-in to get the imaging sounding agreeable to my ears in this room. For this review, the top-of-the-range Founder 120H has the active bass section (via three 8-inch woofers powered by a 1000-watt RMS amplifier, per speaker) and ARC Genesis room correction from 300 Hz on down. The feet are adjustable from the top, simply remove the cap and use the included key to lower or raise the height. The eye immediately catches those long diagonal edges that bisect both sides of the cabinet. Moving to the vertical radiation pattern for positive angles for the Paradigm Founder 120H, we see the plots for 0 to +20 degrees, scaled from 600 Hz on up. Traditional wisdom says there is no replacement for displacement so to make a speaker play louder, it needs to be bigger. Piano Black, Black Walnut, Midnight Cherry, Walnut. The CEA-2034A uses +/- 10 degrees vertical radiation measurements in producing the average, not the +/-15-degree measurements used in the NRC listening window. Founder Series cabinets are offered in a variety of beautiful premium-grade finishes: Walnut and Black Walnut have a smooth satin finish with distinctive wood figuring. lower distortion and raise the maximum usable output. Some of them found practical application and many did The Paradigm Founder 120H tweeter is made lighter and stronger with our special combination of Aluminum, Magnesium, and Ceramic materials. also providing a noticeable and real-world performance gain. cone surrounds, and multi-layered voice coils. Yet they also went in some completely different directions with the overall design of the Founder series, drawing a stark visual separation from the top-tier Persona and developing some new technologies specifically for this line which will no doubt trickle down to other things in the future. system is one such special technology that is all about The Founder Series midrange and bass drivers are mechanically decoupled from the front baffle by our Advanced SHOCK-MOUNT Isolation Mounting System. Paradigm Founder 120H, Averaged In-Room Response with ARC. Samantha Fish is a top-notch guitar slinger with vocal chops to match. As quoted from page 15 of this circa 2000 Paradigm catalog. By leaving no element unaddressed, Founders is so much more than the sum of its parts.During our exhaustive research, design, and engineering process, we looked closely and carefully at how speakers interact with their environment. All Founders technologies, from the drivers to the feet and They were specially chosen because the audio spectrograms of the looped segments come close to resembling pink noise. bigger. The Founder's Bass driver is a 6" (152mm), 7" (177mm) or 8" (215mm) Ultra-High-Excursion Unibody CARBON-X Cone, over-molded Gen3 Active Ridge Technology (ART) Surround with Vertical Mounting System, Advanced SHOCK-MOUNT Isolation and a 1.5" high-temp multi-layered voice coil with ventilated Apical former. The OSW helps Founder Series Loudspeakers cope with the challenge presented by modern-day environments, which Once ARC Genesis had done its thing, the immediacy, the detail, and the sheer impact of what I was hearing from the big stuff like kick drums, timpani, organ, acoustic bass, and electronic bass was exceedingly good. Sounds different from the Persona. The Founders tweeter is a 1" (25mm) Aluminum Magnesium Ceramic (AL-MAC) dome with a proprietary Oblate Spherical Waveguide (OSW) and a Perforated Phase-Aligning (PPA) Lens. Find A Dealer Precision. The face of each speaker features a thick plate of anodized aluminum that sits on the front baffle and visually appears to be flush with the drivers. Paradigm Founder 120H, CEA-2034A Listening Window Response. they usually measure across the frame of the woofer, not just the usable cone area. PARADIGM FOUNDER 120H LOUDSPEAKER SPECIFICATIONS Design: 5-driver, 3-way hybrid floor-standing loudspeaker with active bass, ported enclosure. Every component, large and small, was scrutinized down to the tiniest detail. Paradigm engineers came up with a way to increase the Even the drivers The piano sounds playful and upbeat (almost boogie-woogie) with a great ring to the notes. Its a box, but its an elegant, refined-looking box. Naturally integrate Paradigm speakers into your decor with their custom-install architectural speakers or make a statement with their standing loudspeakers. It certainly did not sound thin. designed as an integrated system. Unlike measurements taken outdoors or in an anechoic chamber that measure a speaker in isolation (and assess straight-line engineering), in-room measurements give a sense of how a speaker behaves in the actual environment that its used. decoupling these drivers from the specially designed and braced Better sound all the time, this is The feet can be adjusted from above to level the cabinet with ease. The speaker that scored best (in double-blind tests) dispersed sound uniformly their on and off-axis frequency response curves were smooth and similar. controlling and eliminating the harmful effects of extraneous This is not just a bold claim, we can prove it! Perforated Phase Aligning (PPA) Lens technology is a perfect example of form meeting function. The raucous title track Faster sounded positively nasty (in a good way) with the speaker volume cranked up accordingly. If youve ever built your own computer, some of the newer and more expensive case cooling fans use the same sort of technique to isolate a high RPM fan from transmitting its vibrations to the computer case when attached, thus avoiding unwanted noise. While it is true that large speakers generally handle higher volumes better than small ones, there is another solution: technology. With Founder series, every detail matters. technology. Paradigm's towers are complemented by the Founder 90C center channel, a full-range model spec'd to play down to 47Hz; the Founder 70LCR, a speaker designed for . performance that cannot be matched by traditional square boxes. 20, No 2 and 7 featuring just 2 acoustic guitars. And while the Persona series already existed as a no-holds-barred, gloves-off statement of Paradigms capabilities, Founder is more in keeping with the companys long-standing ethos of a more affordable high-performance loudspeaker design. also take advantage of our award-winning ARC Genesis room correction However, the more delicate and subtle parts of the theme were not left wanting either, the Paradigms tweeter and midrange got just the right brassy shimmer to the sound of the horns. The contemporary home interior presents design challenges that have become even more prominent over the last decade. Founder 120H Floorstanding Speaker, MSRP $4249.99 each: 5-driver, 3 way, active bass acoustic suspension founder family with labels, image provided by Paradigm Available in 4 finishes: Call or email our team today to build your perfect home theater or audio space experience! ARC Genesis is a tailor-made Shock Mount Feet serve to decouple the speaker cabinet from the floor further controlling and eliminating the harmful effects of extraneous vibration. We mentioned earlier that rooms have changed dramatically over the Above are the horizontal radiation curves of the Paradigm Founder 120H from 0 to 30 degrees, scaled from 500 Hz on up. you wish to connect. competing designs advertising larger sizes. By leaving no element unaddressed, Founders is so much more than the sum of its parts.During our exhaustive research, design, and engineering process, we looked closely and carefully at how speakers Shock Mount Feet If you enjoy cranking it up, are concerned. The foundation of our listening begins with the lowest frequencies. thoroughly researched, designed, and engineered, exclusively for Founders. Despite the high efficiency of the 120H, when we say hybrid, we dont mean it gets great gas mileage. If I desired any room correction it had to come from a connected preamp. The most ideal center channel is to use the same speaker as the Front Left and Right channels. Joined: Thu Feb 28, 2013 6:19 am Posts: 57 Location: Regina, SK, CA I have wanted to upgrade my speakers for awhile now even though I was quite happy with what I had. Sure, we could say "Made in Canada," or "Manufactured in Canada." retailer or custom integrator. Founders floorstanding models also receive this treatment on their midrange drivers helping to project the sound more predictably at a distance. ARC Genesis is a tailor-made solution that controls the parts of the room that arent helping, while keeping the parts that are, leaving you with a cleaner, more accurate sound. Shock-Mount technologies and you get a bass driver that's both Aluminum Magnesium (AL-MAG) Midrange Driver: voice sounds. only improves the maximum output of the speaker but also allows us They allowed the speakers to stay firmly planted when final positioning was determined and left enough room for the down-firing port to breathe. Beyond being aesthetically pleasing it also breaks up any symmetrical areas inside the enclosure to minimize internal standing waves. By eliminating resonance, the driver is free to render sound purely and efficiently with no audible distortion and maximum clarity. Here is the previous averaged in-room response overlayed with a new measurement where I just bumped up the Deep Bass Boost setting in ARC by 1.625 dB, centered at 50 Hz. even just occasionally, Founder is an ideal solution, providing more That means two channels of amplification can be run to a single speaker. These bass drivers are powered by an internal 1000-watt RMS power amplifier (per speaker) that leverages a custom edition of ARC (Anthem Room Correction) Genesis. The Founders new coaxial midrange driver found on the center channel models, employs OSWs oblate spheroid shape with a coaxially mounted tweeter. The album ends with a classical piece Caprices, Op. Ultra-High-Excursion CARBON-X Unibody Bass Driver. retailer or custom integrator. There is a reason that singing in the shower sounds different than in a living room; the same voice in a different room equals a different sound. We believe that speakers should be a natural extension of your rooms look and feel, while also providing a noticeable and real-world performance gain. This hybrid design not and hardwood floors so that no matter what, you are hearing all the This is a plot of the NRC listening window for the Paradigm Founder 120H scaled from 300 Hz on up which is averaged from the following measurements: 0-degree on-axis, +-15 degrees vertical, and +-15 degrees horizontal. Zubin Mehta and The Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra Star Wars & Close Encounters of the Third Kind, London Records, 1978, LP. The Paradigm Founder Series 40B speakers retail for $1,099 each. Interchangeable hardware is included for both carpet and hardwood floors so that no matter what, you are hearing all the performance you paid for. Fishs distorted guitar had gobs of weight and punch to it in the rhythm tracks with her piercing solo track overlayed, just spitting out raunchy venomous notes. inside the speaker but raises the amount of power available to it. The Founder 120H loudspeakers that I have in for review are brimming with new features, a refined design language, and a very solid purpose. Even going so far as building a copy of the NRC anechoic chamber on-site. Barely taking up over 1 square foot of floorspace, the 80F is an incredibly approachable entry point into the world of high-end sound. Later on, he was also influenced by the writing and observations of the staff at Sound and Vision Canada, helmed at the time by Alan Loft. And you might leave the hi-fi shop with a little extra change in your pocket. The Bill Withers penned song Grandmas Hands consists only of Friends vocals without any other accompaniment or embellishments and its a powerful, moving expression of what a single human voice can get across. The Founders sell for real-world prices, but they are significantly advanced in design and cosmetics. (For Les Paul) demonstrates a velvety and fluid barrage of notes and tone courtesy of Ritenour, the late, great Pat Martino along with Joey DeFrancesco on organ. good on paper but truly sounds incredible in the real world. Carpet spikes, Allen Wrench, power cords. With Founder series, every detail matters. engineers made sure that you could hear the results of their hard work David Rich notes: This is close to an ideal result. At more down-to-earth levels it became pretty evident that the 120H are in fact well overendowed in the bass department. Paradigm Founder 120H Loudspeaker Listening Setup. Above are the horizontal radiation curves from 45 to 90 degrees, scaled from 500 Hz on up. Kudos to Paradigm for making these speakers capable of reproducing music so effortlessly. 1000-watt amplifier that powers the bass drivers. Bass output and reach on the Founder 120H is superior although, uncalibrated, it occasionally gave the upper bass a little over prominence in a couple of tracks. The Founders Bass driver is a 6 (152mm), 7 (177mm) or 8 (215mm) Ultra-High-Excursion Unibody CARBON-X Cone, over-molded Gen3 Active Ridge Technology (ART) Surround with Vertical Mounting Carlo subsequently spent a lot of time in his room. are larger, more open, and full of reflective surfaces. The Founders mid/bass driver (40B and 80F only) is a 6"(152mm) Ultra-High-Excursion Aluminum Magnesium (AL-MAG) cone with Perforated Phase-Aligning (PPA) Lens, Gen3 Active Ridge Technology (ART) Surround with Vertical Mounting System, Advanced SHOCK-MOUNT Isolation, and a 1.5 high-temp multi-layered voice coil with ventilated Apical former. The equipment used in this review consisted of my KAB modified Technics SL1200 MK 6, a Technics SL1500C along with an Audio-Technica OC9XML MC cartridge, and a Sumiko Celebration 40 MC cartridge (review coming soon), respectively. AL-MAC is our unique blend of Aluminum, Magnesium, and Ceramic That makes them ideal for listening from farther away without losing sound quality and detail to the room. By addressing every component, our In pursuit of ultimate clarity, we developed new technology, high At the start of Founders All in all, the 40B's are an amazing pair of bookshelf speakers, and don't just take our word for it but also the reviewers! Jerry left in the early 2000s, and Scott partnered with the investment company Shoreview Industries to run the company, but eventually, Shoreview took on a controlling role as the majority shareholder in 2005. specifically designed to control vibration and resonance between the The first thing you see on a speaker should be the last thing you hear: the cabinet. This special mounting hardware uses an elastomer inherent strength of our unique geometric cabinet also helps distribute energy across a larger surface area providing even greater strength and support than is possible with traditional square cabinet designs. In this case, The new cabinet platform is not just a stunning design, its unique shape and integrated structural bracing delivers acoustic performance that cannot be matched by traditional square boxes. The yellow area of the plot (the area below 300 Hz) indicates where the active electronics control the behavior of the speaker and thus alter the standard impedance results. Posted: Wed Mar 01, 2023 2:12 am . Every once in a while, something special comes along and changes the rules. Enter the Oblate Spherical Waveguide (OSW) tweeter waveguide, only from Paradigm. This can vary greatly from brand to brand. Combined with the magic of well-controlled, all-encompassing bass from those triple 8-inch bass drivers that give the music foundation and scope. To me, this means that these speakers need ARC, by design. We are thrilled to announce that the Paradigm Founder Series of Premium Loudspeakers will begin shipping to our network of authorized Paradigm dealers and distributors. The Cascade-Fusion bracing inside the Founder Series faceted cabinets is engineered to both increase rigidity and break up any standing waves generated by the high output bass drivers. I can hear how she is naturally and artfully forming every word through the Paradigms, those little details are coming across so strongly. Paradigm Founder 120H Loudspeaker, Surface Close Up. Paradigm Founder 120H Loudspeaker Rotation. The measurements show that the founders are back in charge. Not only are the crafted metal parts beautiful to look at, but they protect the driver cone and provide a substantial performance benefit. Below 350 Hz, we see the bass section of the speaker putting out a noticeably higher level of energy than the rest of the spectrum peaking at both 110 Hz (room mode) and 28 Hz before steeply rolling off. The Founders midrange is a 6" (152mm) Aluminum Magnesium (AL-MAG) cone with Perforated Phase-Aligning (PPA) Lens, Advanced SHOCK-MOUNT Isolation Mounting System, and a 2 high-temp multi-layered voice coil with This essentially proves that its the noise in the sound Also, as a budding graphic artist, the aesthetic aspects of a given piece of gear became increasingly of interest to his eyes. When we say precision we mean the nuance, detail, and realism that is achieved when a speaker gets it right. Founder series includes many new advances in design, materials, and engineering to provide class defining levels of performance. My AHB2 power amp had no issue driving the Paradigms to ridiculous levels without duress. The 70LCR is not only designed to be used as a high-performance center channel wherever space is a concern, but it's equally as skilled when used as a main or surround channel. The Founder Series delivers unrivaled sound at an incredible value. The Founders Bass driver is a 6 (152mm), 7 (177mm) or 8 (215mm) Ultra-High-Excursion Unibody CARBON-X Cone, over-molded Gen3 Active Ridge Technology (ART) Surround with Vertical Mounting System, Advanced SHOCK-MOUNT Isolation and a 1.5 high-temp multi-layered voice coil with ventilated Apical former. Free shipping for many products! Designed, engineered, and fully Crafted in Canada , by people who love great audio 4-driver, 2.5 way floorstanding, ported enclosure. Everything above 300Hz remains completely in the analog domain and is directed to the appropriate analog crossover elements and drivers. These are the two critical components that actually move a speaker cone back and forth to produce sound. Dynamics. There is a famous quote that says, Power is Nothing Without Control and we couldnt agree more. The voice coil and magnet structure are where the rubber meets the road as far as dynamics are concerned. Paradigm Founder 120H, Verticals Negative 0-20 Degrees. listeners are more tolerant of high output levels when distortion is applied this principle to the enclosures feet. everything else is a walk in the park. The performance is precise and controlled, with superb dynamics that result in a powerful and cohesive soundstage. While it is true that large speakers generally handle higher Bench tests were performed with a Cross Spectrum Labs calibrated UMIK-1 USB microphone connected to my Surface 3 PRO tablet and using Room EQ Wizard acoustic measurement software. Paradigm Founder 80F $ 1,949.99 Call 952-829-9700! While weve made our drivers the Stars of the Show, accompanying technology and innovation ensures that all their benefits reach your ears. output playback, we also paid attention to efficiency. This is indeed next-level bass performance that allows your amplifier to concentrate its energy on the critical midrange and high frequencies. AL-MAC is our unique blend of Aluminum, Magnesium, and Ceramic materials; each of which contribute to the end goal of greater accuracy and realism. they The tracks vary in content from classical to pop to jazz to male and female vocals with accompaniment. Performance Review Equipment I am driving the Paradigm Founder 80F using my Naim NAP 250 (still not DR, I can't afford it!). presented by the room. Everything above 300 Hz is untouched. Here we have the Impedance sweep for the Paradigm Founder 120H. That, and I dont own an anechoic chamber or a Klippel automated analyzer!

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