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Sonic the Hedgehog Eye color This category contains episodes of SnapCube's Real-Time Fandub where Penny Parker was present as a voice actor. Eggman finds Amy on the ARK, and says he'll shoot her between the eyes if she doesn't get in his car. The plot gets a little hazy. Eggman exclaims that he can finally leave, and return home to his wife Martha. But supposed plot continuity matters less when the jokes, and more so their delivery, are just so damn funny. He also has a vibrant, pointed nose and a bushy mahogany moustache. [11] It benefits from the original music and talents of the showrunner and her comrades to provide a unique and never-before-seen standard for her videos, with some viewers likening episodes to actual movies. He divorces his wife and tells sonic and everyone else that he's throwing them in the garbage and taking their CD's and weed. Feed Give Support Make money doing what you love. Eggman refuses to give the Crystal back, making Knuckles mad enough to try to take it back and accidentally break the Crystal in the process. Eggman attempts to save his account, but ends up crashing the Ice Cream Airship. They recently graduated from Sarah Lawrence College, and have previously worked for The Dr. Oz Show, NorthSouth Productions, and on Netflix's 'The OA Part II'. Hi! He tells Shadow that he'll log into and tell everyone what he said, which Shadow counters by announcing he has fifty alternate accounts, to which Eggman announces that he has seventy. He asks Elise how many times she's going to escape, saying he's captured her seventeen different times. Serial Number: man wish I hadnt picked a name for my channel rebrand that wasnt the same name as some kind of obscure photo booth and also a type of learning toy. Garr9988 (HE/HIM) I'm not a bot, I've always had 4 digits at the end of my URL since I made this account and changing my name would be too much a hassle for my followers. Wanna help out? Tails tells him to calm down, but he insists he's tired of being calm, and that he wants to live his life. These buttons have white straps that run across the coat's sides to identical buttons on the back. Quotes, Dr. RobotnikEggmanRobotnikThe GlitchThe Motherfuckin' GlitchTwitter.comTodd HowardSans UndertaleEggman OG, Sonic's arch nemesisMusical artistYouTuberIce cream ship driverGame developer. Sonic and Shadow both managed to escape. Everyone records their audio remotely, with Parker currently doing all the post-production work (audio editing, visual gags, music, etc) herself, as well as providing her incredible voice talent for the OG, Sonic. Then Mephiles dumps him when Omega the robot shows up and professes his love for Shadow. He leaves the scene vowing to kill Knuckles and Rouge. Real-Time Fandub Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. He ejaculates a nearby walnut-shaped planet into a carved version of his own face, revealing a laser cannon out of the tip of the nose. Eggman asks Sonic to bring him back a burrito from Chipotle, but Sonic tells him to get it himself. Hair color Learn more at the Sonic Destruction Wiki! [19], The plot shares similarity in absurdity and ridiculousness with SnapCube's Real-Time Fandub, as a natural result of artificial improvisation leading to non-sense that is, as Penny would put it, "surprisingly accurate to the franchise". he/him It's a wonder how the legacy of a little blue dude who runs speedily has managed to stay intact this long. The latest tweets from @SnapsCube. He engages in another fight with Tails so he can force him to watch his Vine compilations, and then kill him. Yeah we poke fun at some of the sillier aspects, but nowadays a good amount of fans are pretty turned off by the mean-spirited and cynical nature of a lot of Sonic-centric comedy.". In Real-Time Fandub, he is voiced by Miles Kitts. Weve approached these dubs as passion projects first and foremost. SnapCube's Real-Time Fandub episodes featuring Penny Parker Category page View source This category contains episodes of SnapCube's Real-Time Fandub where Penny Parker was present as a voice actor. ', 'Sonic the Hedgehog' director promises design changes after fan backlash. SnapCube was created on July 29, 2016 (originally under a title including her old name) to contain the gaming content that was previously uploaded to Penny's personal channel, then named Knitting Giant Beanies. RobotnikEggmanRobotnikThe GlitchThe Motherfuckin' GlitchTwitter.comTodd HowardSans UndertaleEggman OG Logo Designer Michael B. Jordan stuns as an actor and director. He announces that there will be a race (a special race), and that the winner will receive the GameCube 2. The avatar could be a character of the opposite sex if they like that character. Still stream highlights, but with a much broader focus! Synopsis: Hosts Chase Young & Penny Parker take on the task of watching the expansive catalogue of Disney Channel Original Movies in order to theorize about the grander ideas hiding beyond the intention of even the filmmakers themselves. Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) Sonic Riders Sonic Adventure 2 (Dark Story + Final Story) Resident Evil 2 Marvel's Spider-Man This gave the robots sentience, so he sent out an alert with his secret tentacles. Shadow tells him that he knows all his alternate account names. It's an incredible feat, but she says the fan reaction has made it all worthwhile. [9][10], The show was renamed in December 2020 to SnapCube's Real-Time Fandub to allow for format flexibility, and it has only risen in the quality of its process and production value. When Sonic and Tails show up at an abandoned temple to save Elise, he offers them the choice to give her up and play PUBG with him, or stay with her and play Fortnite. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. Eggman is then defeated by the ARK blowing up. He demands another drink from Tails, who suggest he get a therapist, and not a bottle. 128 kg (282 lb.) CAST:Narration - - - - He unrolls the script (which is in the form of a rug), and reads the note from Ikea that was inside. This information causes Eggman to get blackout drunk and make an announcement on The channel and its parallel Twitch channel snapscube are part of the streaming collective ClownHouse, whose members frequently appear on Penny's videos. 24 Hour Services - Have an emergency? stupid_trans_alt 2 yr. ago Mashable is a registered trademark of Ziff Davis and may not be used by third parties without express written permission. Hey, question, is SnapCube/Penny Parker transgender? This thread is archived New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast 5 3 comments Best Dr. EggmanDr. After expressing his happiness at Sonic's death, he confuses Memphis Tennessee using his gay power as God about to take him, exclaiming that he wants to die too. He surrounds the two with robots in an attempt to take the Purple from Rouge, but causes her to drop it. Only seven of the 40+ voice actors who first appeared on the original, In a stream highlight reel titled "Penny and Red at the Crossroads of Diesel" where they play, The channel name has multiple definitions on, Originally unbeknownst to Penny, SnapCube shared its name with a German photography box company and. With a joyful personality and great chemistry between her and her friends, the channel has collected a decently sized fanbase with over 500K subscribers. Wanna help out? Blue and Hayley have been removed from the Clown , Recommended to you based on whats popular Feedback, Is Penny Parker of snapcube a boy or a girl , snapcube penny gender, SnapCube | Real-Time Fandub Wiki | Fandom, SnapCube Hobbyist, Digital Artist | DeviantArt, Garr9988 Hey, question, is SnapCube/Penny Parker, Penny Parker (@snap_cube) Instagram photos and videos. Every dub premiere now introduces an average of three million views and 20,000+ new subscribers, peaking at four million views (during the premiere of "Sonic Riders" in March 2020) and 42,000 new subscribers (after the release of "Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)" between April and May 2019). Starting July 26, 2021, livestreams from Penny Parker's Twitch channel would be given highlight videos on an individual basis. "Im a big Sonic fan, but itd be very ignorant for me to deny that a game like Sonic '06 is an absolute disaster to watch and supports our style of humor quite well. Human 17 days later, Eggman is trying to escape the building. THEY CALL ME THE FIGHTING FREAK KNUCKLES / AND WERE AT PUMPKIN HILL / Y O U R E A D Y? i have this weird itch to do like, a slightly modded cyberpunk let's play on snapcube 2 but i feel like at this point i should really just wait until the expansion comes out so i could cover a more updated version of the game?? During the festival in the Kingdom of Soleanna, Eggman attacks and attempts to kidnap Princess Elise with his robot army, but is stopped by Sonic. Use "whose gender identity does not match the gender they/she/he were/was assigned at birth" (commonly abbreviated as AGAB) instead of "born as the wrong sex / born in the wrong body". After Shadow defeats a robot, Eggman claims he will use Shadow's social security number to hack into his social security account. Sonic claims he likes what it does to his blenis, forcing Eggman to contain him. Evil His moustache, while still bushy, also looks more groomed, and he also, while still overweight, looks very lean by comparison to his usual designs. SnapStreams returns tomorrow with a brand new juicy format:) This time helmed by @TraceyTonight!!! His wife however, decided to become a furry fucker, and fuck the whole Sonic the Hedgehog and Shadow team, as well as the whole world. Eggman tells the team that they've caused too much discourse by activating every tire robot in existence. Later on, Doctor Eggman's omnipresence through the world's screens lends him the opportunity to peddle his upcoming album, Crackin' Eggs, under the pseudonym "The Glitch". This take was already done in Rise of Lyric. Relatives The next day Eggman is confused about what happened, and doesn't believe Shadow and Rouge when they tell him he pissed on the moon and cursed out Obama. They were moved to SnapCube 2, Penny's alternate channel. Pronouns My name is Penny and I'm a trans/genderfae (she/her pronouns, please!) In addition to the main SnapCube channel, Penny also has a channel under her own name which is mostly used for music, behind the scenes videos for RTF, and other non-gaming randomness and a secondary SnapCube channel used to archive her Twitch streams. Watch what happened next. She was also featured on a video by JelloApocalypse, where she voiced,,,, 8,561 Followers, 64 Following, 16 Posts See Instagram photos and videos from. Five years later, Eggman is actually alive, and is attempting to access feet pics after going to Harvard. Dr. Ivo Robotnik Episodes were edited by either Penny, Red Van Buskirk, or both. But a recent series of hers has been gaining wider popularity for its combination of stellar improv comedy and lovingly dunking on the worst that the Sonic franchise has to offer. Eggman resigns himself to his embarrassment, and logs onto, where he sees a message from his father. I think its rly cute that Go! The robots tell him to stop, and Eggman tells them that if they say that one more time, he will piss his own ass. Latest appeared Eggman does a vlog announcing the GameCube 2, and that he's going to be releasing it soon. AAAA THIS IS SO WONDERFUL THANK YOU SO MUCH . So, someone can be a "transgender man/woman/person". Her chat rule of "No Backseating" is frequently said in response to, "Taken down by a gamer" during the finale of her. The robots continue to gain sentience, and have now learned his middle name, Ivo. When Sonic naively tells him about somebody named The Glitch (unaware that he and Eggman are the same person), Eggman bursts at him for taking his wife and fucking his crops, and that he wants to take his life and the Chaos Emeralds as revenge. Eggman Empire On another note, please use people's correct pronouns. CaptainTypho remarks of the series, "I have never experienced all five stages of grief so quickly in my life."[20]. The show is actually a spin-off of a co-created production with Charley Marlowe, aka PopeLickVA(Opens in a new tab). The punchline accompanied the destruction of the Devil's big fucking thing. Three years later, Eggman is still trying to escape the building, which causes him to mentally deteriorate. His robots start malfunctioning, so he leaves. Feet pics Eggman tries to go on to find out what happened, but is too drunk to do so, so he leaves instead. Because nobody knows how to roast a piece of media like the people who adore it the most. Watch LIVE VODs \u0026 LPs My Patreon! from Mashable that may sometimes include advertisements or sponsored content. Some of Eggman's other endeavors include his music career, his expertise in video game development, and his foray into livestreaming and content creation.[1][2]. His vlog then cuts out, but he brings it back online to officially announce that he's bisexual. Wordle today: Here's the answer, hints for March 3. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Prior to this, Penny Parker had at least five different YouTube channels, one of which included live-action comedy. Besides those, he would also take over Victoria's Secret, Best Buy, and the media. "SnapCube's Real-Time Fandub Goes To Hell" is the newest entry in our long-running Sonic dub series, in which edgy loner Shadow The Hedgehog is challenged by. I've been drawing for almost my whole life, like 17-18 years exactly if I had to guess, but in recent years I've fallen out of it in favor of other projects and lines of work. Doctor Eggman debuts his brand new album, Crackin' Eggs. Height The channel is home to SnapCube's Real-Time Fandub and BTDubs, as well as the audio drama Sonic Destruction and many more projects. Sonic obliges, but Eggman flushes them down the turlet anyways and tries to put them into Fortnite (changing his mind from Minecraft). The lore is improvised. That's the central message. Later in the episode, Knuckles approaches Eggman impatiently so he can recite the famous rant, to Eggman's annoyance. The series was heavily teased on Penny's Twitter account starting September 28, 2021, then from the accounts of all ClownHouse members the day before. Eggman arrives at Pompeii, and tries to enter, knowing Adam Sandler is inside, but Sonic arrives to stop him. Beige However, his plan failed because he got too smart from watching Rick and Morty. This causes the vape juice essence of Memphis Tennessee to be released, which Eggman mistakes for instant ramen. Affiliation The SnapCube team considers Until Dawn one of its most well-executed dubs, while it hasn't matched the runaway success of the Sonic Adventure 2 videos, it's closing in on 500,000 YouTube views . Alfred Coleman (SnapCube)Miles Kitts (2016) The Good Place, Gravity Falls, Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Recently), Avatar: The Last Airbender, Spongebob Squarepants (Seasons 1-3), Nirvanna The Band The Show, Owl City, Hey Ocean!, Vinyl Theatre, The Oh Hellos, Lights, Relient K, Coral Bones, Two Door Cinema Club, Percy Jackson and the Olympians (Series), Scott Pilgrim (Series), Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, I need to read more :/, Rick Riordan, Bryan Lee O'Malley, Once again I need to read more 8/, Portal 2, Skyrim, Sonic Mania, Sonic Generations, Stardew Valley, Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Super Mario Odyssey, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Celeste, Super Smash Bros, Just so many things, Right now I use an Artisul D13 and Photoshop, Video production and editing, voice acting, writing, podcasts (making and listening), music, Groups they admin or create will appear here. ? Log into your FANDOM account and start editing! He doesn't appear again until the end, where he's teleported the same location as the rest of the characters, for seemingly no reason. She's a hella inspiration to me yimbex 2 yr. ago I deadass completely forgot what sonic was in it's entirety for a sec and thought egg man was some kind of obscure YouTuber who pissed on the moon in Gmod NeenjaFeesh 2 yr. ago Come on, Elise! This heading is empty and this notice is a placeholder! First appeared Then, using Elise as his Gaming Gamer Girl Queen, he'll switch over his plans to create the ultimate battle royale experience. This practice is a form of discrimination that's unfortunately weaponized against trans people frequently, and it is prohibited on FANDOM site-wide. Returning to his Ice Cream Airship, Eggman flies over Soleanna to kidnap Elise once more, who does absolutely nothing to avoid capture. Male The channel is most well known for the gaming edition of Real-Time Fandub, although Penny also does a wide variety of more traditional gaming videos, both solo and with her friends with many different genres of games being played on her channel.She, along with the cast of Real-Time Fandub have also done a series known as Sonic . However, he changes his mind and decides to piss on the moon instead, and curses out Obama. With Sonic gone, Eggman announces that his first objective as ruler of the universe will be to have everyone watch his Splatoon 2 Let's Plays. Later, Shadow contacts Sonic because Tails is flying without permission again, but Eggman tunes in and wonders why Sonic is on the villain line. The creepy children aren't creepy enough! Real-Time Fandub Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. SnapCube's current logo was originally designed by Rhianna Mills as a fanwork, and then purchased by Penny for use on her channel. Knuckles appears to be fine with this, but Rouge is not. Eggman also loses Elise for the third time after Amy sneaks into the music studio to get on Sonic's album, but ultimately breaks Elise out instead. He also loses Elise for the fourth time, but no cutscene conveys this information. He tells Sonic that he needs to go to Pompeii to get the rings of friendship (aka HitClips), while he fixes the rig. I dont know who this person is, but an avatar doesn't tell you the gender of the person and nor should it. And just in case you missed it, heres another link! Eggman proceeds to go into a mental breakdown explaining how all the animals fucked his wife, and that he designed a robot that he would be able to use to fuck her. In addition, Eggman also wears white, cuffless gloves on his hands and a pair of black pants with matching boots seemingly attached to them bearing circular plates on the both sides of the ankles and three square ones riding up the shin. When Sonic shows him that he has the Piss Rock, Eggman demands he put it down because of what Piss Rocks do to a person's blenis. He tries to avoid defeat by claiming he knows who Tails' mother is, but Tails doesn't believe him. 215 cm (7' 1") Hugh Grant shines in this utter dud of a spy thriller. SnapCube launched a few independently produced podcasts during the channel's lifetime, although they were short-lived. Eggman finds Shadow and yells at him for sleeping with his wife. Nicknames Deadnames pop up often in discussions of the voice actors this wiki is about, and many people don't even know that someone has changed their name. Penelope Blossom "Penny" Parker (born: August 20, 1998 [age 24] ), better known online as SnapCube, is an American YouTuber, voice actress, streamer, and musician well known for voicing various characters in the Real-Time Fandub series established by Charley Marlowe, and also creating the SnapCube's Real-Time Fandub (formerly Real-Time Fandub He now wears both his tinted glasses and green-lensed goggles as headwear, though his mustache retains its length, density, and mass, while also becoming much more unkempt. This document is based on the FANDOM Gender Identity rules, which you can visit by pressing this sentence, yes this one, the one you're reading right now. Of all the props, Raccacoonie made a mint. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Dark Chocolate, Sonic Adventure 2 (Dark Story + Final Story), Prove Me Wrong: A Transgender Princess Musical, SnapCube's Real-Time Fandub episodes by voice actor. I commissioned use of the logo and animated this new intro last night in After Effects / We're still gonna be a few videos further down the line before it's in full effect but I couldn't help sharing it early haha. At his desert base, Eggman loses the HitClips to Sonic, and falls down really slowly. Logo Designer After Shadow dies, Eggman gets drunk and says he'll miss Shadow. ), Also earlier today [Snap]Cube reached 5,000 subscribers and man I am ecstatic about that. Reblogged. Eggman then meets Shadow and Rouge at Tilted Towers after getting there on his Battle Bus. shimshamshimsham asked: "You might have said this before, but what happened to the SnapStreams format? It first ran for 31 episodes through August 9, 2019 to March 10, 2021, each ranging between 20 to 40 minutes in length. Being transgender by itself does not count as such a reason. He is successful this time, and learns that Shadow had sex with his wife, and that his wife posted it on, which angers him. Parker says she likes to think that the series brings something different to the table by not implying that liking the Sonic game series is inherently cringe-worthy or ignorant. Creator of SnapCube & showrunner on SnapCube's Real-Time Fandub! See more ideas about sonic, penny parker, sonic funny. Video and Film Other Gaming Buy a Coffee for Penny Parker $3 each - + $ Donate $3 Ko-fi doesn't take a fee! Responses to the first episode were overwhelmingly positive, with fan animatics and art that is too good for this franchise produced at the same rate as the view count in other words, too quickly. Absolutely love Snapcube. The biggest stories of the day delivered to your inbox. By signing up to the Mashable newsletter you agree to receive electronic communications 'Freedom to weed, to vape, to Fortnite. Eggman then starts his plan to make a battle royale, by becoming popular on and playing Fortnite with Todd Howard, who will create Fallout 76 Battle Royale. Being trans or non-binary isn't a "condition" or an "issue", and it shouldn't be treated as such. It's arguably even funnier if you don't know anything about the Sonic the Hedgehog game series, as clearly even the game devs themselves didn't. In SnapCube's Real-Time Fandub, he is voiced by Alfred Coleman. My Patreon! This is a set of basic principles to follow when talking about the gender identity of the voice cast and crew of Real-Time Fandub, its characters, as well as the people who edit and discuss on this wiki. Please remember that this document is always a work in progress and is subject to change when new conventions are normalized, therefore please keep an eye out for revisions to these rules. Shadow then calls Eggman a fat scrub man, and leaves to go fuck his wife, which angers him. SRTF NASA smacked an asteroid with a spacecraft. SnapCube is a Let's Play Youtube Channel hosted by Penny Parker. After realizing that the script/rug was signed by Adam Sandler himself, Eggman goes crazy because of how valuable it is, and dies. 'Cause you're worth it, and you deserve it. The most recent, and most popular take, happens to be for the epic failure of a game, Sonic the Hedgehog (most often known as Sonic '06). A Dominant Seventh Sharp Ninth Chord Moved Randomly About The Fretboard Of A Poorly Tuned Guitar, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Dark Chocolate, Sonic Adventure 2 (Dark Story + Final Story), Prove Me Wrong: A Transgender Princess Musical, Stronger Than You (Real-Time Fandub Version). On Hawaii, Eggman captured Amy and engages in a fight with Tails. With a death threat on the human race, Eggman shoots the Moon with the laser cannon because it "never had the cheese he wanted". After the race, Eggman steals the GameCube 2 from Jet after he uses it to summon Pompeii. Born Their biggest hurdle? Likes He tells Shadow that he uses the nose of his machine as a penis, and then leaves, asking him to behave himself. The series takes a dark twist on the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise, where the titular character becomes questionably motivated, Princess Elise is no longer on the heroes' side, and characters disappear at random. "People often remark that some of their favorite moments are when cast members audibly react out of character to something on screen that they didnt know was going to happen (such as when one actor, Alfred broke character to comment(Opens in a new tab) "This game is awful"), and not many things are quite as good at doing that as Sonic the Hedgehog games are." Generally, gender identity must be dealt with care to everyone and especially to those who are often discriminated against for it. Alignment An uncountable amount of fictional characters are changed from their canonical gender identity to being transgender or genderqueer in each show, meaning similar rules apply for them too. Wow. When Elise says it will probably be at least eighteen, he gives her a disapproving glare. Eggman then proceeds to sing his own version of "Mad World", before having a flashback to the building he spent three years in. @CaptainTypho13 states: "I have never experienced all five stages of grief so quickly in my life." FFXIV nerd! Welcome to the Real-Time Fandub Wiki an ever-growing encyclopedia about the Real-Time Fandub series. artist and content creator.

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