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Mostly about life & our kids. Carmel and Jack (Hedley) had four children; Joan Muriel Watt Maria had an illegitimate daughter in 1897 who died the same year, possibly at birth. McNamara struggled through one of the worst games of his college career, scoring just 11 points and missing 14 of his 18 shots. Myrtle Ellen McNamara was born on the 22nd December, 1914 in Hastings, New Zealand. Allan Charles McNamara was born in Gisborne on the 23rd December 1923 and died in Wellington New Zealand on the 17th March 1967. Michael McNamara, 1960, On June 15 1888, "Mrs Thomas McNamara purchased a 5 pound coffin covered, lined and mounted for her 55 year old husband," and arranged the funeral - "with the use of a one horse hearse and attendants to Warrnambool Cemetery." Leslie Holloway died in 1970 in Newtown, Sydney. A right-hander, McNamara reached his highest singles ATP -ranking on 14 March 1983 when he became world No. Daryl McNamara Later in life McNamara settled in Sonthofen in southern Germany, at the foot of the Bavarian Alps, with his wife, Petra (formerly Leiner). William and Catherine's daughter Catherine eventually married her first cousin once removed Thomas Joseph McNamara . John Maloney (Wasn't alive in 1923.) Phillip McNamara Wilma McNamara Pam McNamara Leslie Edward McNamara(Les) was born on the 5th January 1914 in Colac Victoria. Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Twitter, Instagram, Who is Veronica Merritt? This online memorial is dedicated to Peter McNamara. Thomas McNamara's son by his second marriage, Thomas Joseph MacNamara, was born in Victoria and settled in Brisbane with his wife (first cousin once removed) Catherine Maloney and family. Wesley McNamara. On the 8th August, 1950 Thomas Patrick Holloway died of heart failure in Coffs Harbour, New South Wales aged 76yrs. Eileen died on the 17th October, 1985 and was cremated in the Ross Brindley section of the Lismore Memorial Gardens, NSW. Comedian Patton Oswalt paid tribute to his late first wife, true crime author Michelle McNamara, on the five-year anniversary of her death on Wednesday. Phyllis married a man named Dan married Ellen Eliza (Nellie) Dunstan on the 26th October 1929 in Colac, Victoria. Peter Dutton net worth McNamara got the news from McNamaras wife Petra who said her husband, who turned 64 a few weeks ago, died peacefully in his sleep Saturday night. 7 in singles, has died. Thomas Holloway's usual residence was in Red Hill, Coffs Harbour but he died in the Coffs Harbour District Hospital. Upon his return to Victoria he married Winifred Morrish and then managed a dairy farm of 500 acres at Irrewillipe. Oswalt's first wife, Michelle McNamara, passed away suddenly and tragically in April 2016 from an undiagnosed heart condition combined with an accidental combination of prescription. Catherine Burris' parents were Patrick and Catherine Burris Snr, possibly from County Kilkenny Ireland. Stanley Francis Holloway Skipton 1909 (BDM 6342). Daredevils Garrett McNamara and Kealii Mamala have done the unthinkable and spent 20 hours a day over the course of one week in almost freezing waters to become the first people to ride a wave . Grace Josine Holloway Skipton 1913 (BDM 7575), married William A. Pearson in Petersham, NSW 1933. Tennis great Evonne Goolagong Cawley labels Ash Barty a true champion. Map showing the location of the principal Gaelic Septs. D John died in Broken Hill in 1944. Victor Noakes was born in Boorowa in 1905 to William Noakes and Isabella Hall (who had married in Boorowa in 1886). Irish born Thomas McNamara married twice and had a total of 8 children, all born in Victoria Australia between the years 1868 and 1880. McNamara, who reached a career-high No.7 in the world. Oilseed Products was the first company in New Zealand to bring in bulk shipments of vegetable oil for the food, chemical and resin industrie Thomas John McNamara (Tom) was born in 1900 and died in Colac in 1963, aged 63 (BDM 10772). Jun 29, 2020. The age of Garrett McNamara's first wife remains a. Ian Tuck. Joan McNamara One of the good guys in tennis ! Terribly sad news. 7 in singles, has died. Alice came to Australia as an illiterate girl who then was bonded as a servant. Thomas Henry Jnr was born in Colac in 1907(BDM25792)and married Millie Jean Christina Watson. Graham Cust Vladdy Jr Bio Wiki Vladdy Jr Full nameVladimir Guerrero Jr. was born on 16 March 199 in Montreal, Canada. MELBOURNE, Australia Peter McNamara, who won three Grand Slam doubles titles with fellow Australian Paul McNamee and reached a career-high No. Tarvaris Jackson leaves behind his wife Lakitta Jackson, and three children Tarvaris, Takayla, and Tyson. Zeta lived at Gymea and died on the 10th March, 1994. Kenneth Laurance McNamara was born on the 20th March 1937 in Geelong, Victoria. William Gay was born in Parramatta, Sydney to Alfred E & Ada A Gay in 1890. Mum has a beautiful carnival glass water set that was a gift to Ellen from her son. Joseph Richard Holloway Skipton 1910 (BDM 14745). "Thomas was a very independent man who looked after himself to the end with regular visits from his daughter Pauline who found him peacefully on his bed." Thomas and Bridget's seventh and last child Annie Mary Josephine McNamara was born in Allansford, Victoria in 1878. David Law (@DavidLawTennis) July 21, 2019, Personally, I found Peter to be a fantastic bloke. Peter was born on September 30, 1953, to Walter (Wally) and Kathy McNamara in Waltham, MA. say that Margaret Travers is buried with your family in Grave 59 Comp 7 of the Catholic section. Thomas Holloway's usual residence was in Red Hill, Coffs Harbour but he died in the Coffs Harbour District Hospital. Rebecca and Darren Graham Aesche have two children: Gregory McNamara Morrish Family Tree, DUGGAN DALY ANNIE MARY JOSEPHINE MCNAMARA Joanne McNamara , 1973 Olivia Alaine McNamara Jean (Ada) married William Foden on 13/08/1921 in Tokumaru Bay, New Zealand. The informant at his death was his son S.F.Holloway of Carrington Street Woolgoolga. He continued to play exhibition matches and coach throughout his illness with few people ever knowing of his condition, Law added. Starts at 60 is just for over-60s. Many just didn't know their exact ages so birthdates can be quite inconsistent. He was the first-born child of the late Edward and Catherine McNamara (nee McGinty). Ten years later, after the Famine, this had dropped by 74,000, to 212,000. Annie McNamara and Wilfred Cust had four children. Blaise Alice married her first husband Patrick Maloney/Moloney around 1853 and had approximately fourteen children. ( McNamaras career-high ranking in doubles was No. AJ. Map showing the location of the principal Gaelic Septs. Edith Jane was known as Jane Gibbs. Thomas McNamara seems to have become Maria's step-father at a young age which is how Lucy's dual surname probably occurred. His siblings were Alfred G. 1893; Leslie M.1895; Joseph J. He was still alive in 1923. He had good reasons. Peter McNamara (5 July 1955 - 20 July 2019 [1]) was an Australian tennis player and coach. He died aged 14 days. Eileen died on the 17th October, 1985 and was cremated in the Ross Brindley section of the Lismore Memorial Gardens, NSW. Pamela Rennie Shipping Catherine Maloney was born in Codrington in 1862 and died in Camberwell, aged 88, in 1950. James Vincent Holloway Camperdown, 1898 (VICBDM 1515. living and Linda Newton have three children. Ian MacNamara Grace Florence Foden was born in Tolaga Bay, New Zealand on the 23/11/1922. Parents: Terry Mc and ? She survives him, along with the sons, Daniel and. They had seven children; Helena (Lena) Fraser, born 1873 in Nirranda ; Joseph Fraser , born 1873 in Nirranda ; Peter Fraser , born 1875 Nirranda ; Michael Fraser, born 1878 in Nirranda ; Dominick Francis Fraser (aka Francis Joseph Frazer), born 1881 in Nirranda ; David Augustine Fraser , born 1883 in Nirranda ; and Gabriel Victor Fraser , born 1888 in Nirranda. Robert Morris born in 1892, died in the 1960's. Hard to believe that after 50 years of friendship Macca is gone you lived life to the full mate and will be missed, McNamee said in a social media post. Leslie John Holloway Skipton 1908 (BDM 6860), married Zeta Clare Salisbury in Marrickville, NSW 1932. Stan Holloway in Woolgoolga Their children were John Henry Jnr(Kingston 1878); Winifred Margaret (Kingston 1879); Elizabeth ; Emily Beatrice (Kingston 1882); Mabel Evelyn (1884 Kingston); Camey Gertrude (Kingston 1885); Annie Edith (1887 Kingston); Catherine Muriel (Colac 1888); Linda ; James ; and Laura Morrish. V Thomas Patrick Holloway Skipton 1901 (VICBDM 29982), married Marion Stella Ruby Smith in Sydney 1926. A Glimpse into Late 'Columbo' Star Peter Falk's Marriage to Shera Danese. Stanley Francis Holloway Skipton 1909 (BDM 6342). Peter was known for his fantastic singing voice in many theatre musical productions including South . Annie was only a few months old when she lost her mother and three siblings to Diptheria in 1878. S.F Holloway was the chairman of the first Woolgoolga Urban Area Committee from 1947 until 1954. Martin John McNamara , born 2nd November 1930. Alaine McNamara Leslie was still alive in 1950 when his father died. As a player he was best known for his doubles partnership with compatriot Paul McNamee. Tanya McNamara. Dawn Rennie CUST He made every player better he coached. )Edric Kitching in Sydney. The baby's name was Lucy Carter McNamara (aka Lucy McNamara Maloney) and the father was listed as "unknown." Kira Lynette Ellen McNamara was born on the 16th February, 1941 in Geelong, Victoria. 1901; Olive L. 1903; Ernest S. 1898. He died in Yass in 1961, aged 65 yrs. Ellen Fraser (nee Daly) of Warrnambool died at the age of 69 years of heart failure on the 18th November, 1916(BDM16419). MCKENZIE He died aged one month. . In 1946 they lived at 42 Pollack Street, Colac. Absolutely devastated to hear the news of Peter McNamara passing. Marshal, McNamara, along with his brother Mike, were muses for the screenplay written by their cousin, Taylor Sheridan, who saw how hard it was for them to be forced into retirement . Janene McNamara Other records have shown us that Thomas settled in the Warrnambool and Woodford East region of south-west Victoria. John McNamara His siblings were Alfred G. 1893; Leslie M.1895; Joseph J. Play. Graham Taylor Ric McNamara She says that Dominic loved his mother Ellen very much and would always buy her a special present when he came home to visit her. Vicky McNamara After their divorce, Shirley married Scotsman James (Jim) Booth . Peters wife Petra said he died peacefully at home in Germany on Saturday night after a long and courageous battle with prostate cancer. Her headstone strangely has her name as "Ellen McNamara" rather than "Eliza Ellen McNamara.". More origins I first met Peter at a Boston College varsity golf team reunion match in Marblehead in 1975. . 58 Comp 7, Roman Catholic, beside her 3 young children Bridget and John (plot no.60) and Daniel (plot no.59). Surfers from around the world have been trying to. Ashley Mary Theresa (Monnie) McNamara was born on the 1st December 1916 in Colac and passed away on the 12th June 2004 in Geelong Victoria. According to family friend and commentator David Law, McNamara continued to play exhibition matches and coach throughout his. John McCracken had six children, Patricia, Charles, Rachael, Margaret, Maureen and Susan. Furthermore, Peter is also the grandfather of twins Sebastian and Rachel from h is daughter's marriage to Warren. Witnesses to the marriage were John Henry Hurley and Margaret Mary Griffin. He had been fighting prostate cancer. Thomas McNamara lost his first wife Bridget Daly in 1878 and married his second wife Alice Maloney (nee Kennedy) on the 1st May 1879 at St.Joseph's Church in Warrnambool Victoria (BDM1953). Jane MacNamara > Peter McNamara Bio: He was a famous Australian tennis player and coach. It's not known whether Patrick Maloney is Maria/Mary's father. Des and his wife Joyce Cummory (nee Murphy, 19.03.1923 - 27.08.2007) had three children. the trustees and they agree that it is a mistake. A Protestant, he sailed to Australia on the ship Edward Johnston in 1854 and married Julia's mother Catherine Burris, in Warrnambool Victoria in 1876. Michael and Florence divorced on June 20 1921 and three days later Florence married Thomas Foden. Dominic and Elisabeth had 2 children, Thomas Peter (my grandfather) and Margaret Alma who married Leo Jackman (no children). My condolences to his family., And Aussie star Casey Dellacqua wrote: So sad to wake up & hear the news of Peter McNamaras passing he was always one of the coaches I could sit down with on tour & be able to have a great chat with. Annie married Wilfred George Cust in 1937 in New Zealand. Victors siblings were Susan E, 1887; Emily I, 1888-1906; William C, 1890-91; Abraham T, 1893; Mabel A, 1894; Ivy M, born 1896, Jane A, 1899-1911; Bertie A, 1900, and Olive P, 1902. Annie Margaret Holloway then married William Edward Gay in Yass NSW in 1954(NSWBDM19337/1954). Eileen Holloway Skipton 1906 (BDM 6311). )Edric Kitching in Sydney. Barry Tuck There are two birth listings for Maria Jane in 1876 but one has Kennedy and the other states the surname as Maloney. Alice and Patrick's children were; Very sad news received today. Maurice and Doreen Warren had one son, Warren McNamara. Myrtle Ellen McNamara was born on the 22nd December, 1914 in Hastings, New Zealand. He was 64. McNamaras of Western Australia Leslie, Annie (Cust), Myrtle (McCracken), Elsie (Rennie), Frank, Joyce (Tuck), Sydney, Jane (Gibbs) and Patrick She has brought awareness and taught many how to proactively help ocean conservation efforts and prevent waste pollution. James was still alive in 1950 when his father died. He was Former Australian rugby league captain Johnny Raper has died aged 82 after suffering from dementia. Regarding Ernest's long name, the story goes that Hannah Morris was the one to register her grandson's birth and subsequently "named" him. MORRISH, "The effects of the Famine and subsequent emigration are clearly seen in the population figures. Allen Watt McNamara died peacefully at his home in Germany on Saturday night. Source: Shirley Hudson, Dominic's great granddaughter. Annie Evelyn McNamara was born on the 1st April 1911 in Hastings, New Zealand and died on the 10th April 1993 in Gisborne, New Zealand. Coat of Arms symbolic meaning Vicky McNamara Zeta lived at Gymea and died on the 10th March, 1994. >Parishes recording both McNamara and Duggan households in the Primary Valuation of 1848-1864, ~ McNamara Surname Distribution Map in Ireland 1848 - 1864 ~. Sharon McNamara, 1959, and Roger Morgan have four children; THOMAS JOSEPH MACNAMARA 1880 - 1969 His death at his home in Germany from prostate cancer was confirmed by David Law, a family friend and tennis commentator, on behalf of McNamaras wife Petra. Over 35 years of retail experience in both buying & operational roles.<br>Extensive experience in buying & merchandising, holding senior commercial roles across a broad range of packaged goods categories in both traditional & digital trading environments. He had two sons with his first wife, the psychologist Catie Raynor, and after that marriage was. Annie cooked meals at the Morongo Junior Girl's School for 32 years. Family Origins RM Kerrie McNamara, 1964, and Peter Crosswell have two children; Source: Ross McNamara The radio equipment directive (RED) governs radio equipment. James' first wife Bridget Healey died at Bushfield on the 2nd January 1897 aged 54 years. Their marriage certificate states that James had 14 children (12 living) and Alice had 13 (10 living). Marjorie Watt They have two>. On the 8th August, 1950 Thomas Patrick Holloway died of heart failure in Coffs Harbour, New South Wales aged 76yrs. Myrtle married Walter McCracken and had 3 children. He joined the Patrick Mouratoglou Tennis Academy in Paris in 2009, and worked extensively with Dimitrov. S.F Holloway was the chairman of the first Woolgoolga Urban Area Committee from 1947 until 1954. There was a good demand for farmers, shepherds, labourers and tradesmen in the area and emigration was especially encouraged by Rutledge, Campbell and Atkinson and their agents who where loud in their insistence that many of the immigrants brought out or sponsored into Australia - through the bounty and emigrant schemes - be sent on to Portland and Warrnambool. Martha Morris 1884 - 19644. Grant McNamara, 1970, has two children; Steven McNamara Always kind and generous with his time he was never happier than when. He started work at the tender age of nine and worked in all areas, including farming, mining, railway builder and as a shop operator. Lynette and August Hartmann have two daughters. Annie was only a few months old when she lost her mother and three siblings to Diptheria in 1878. Garrett McNamara's wife Nicole Macias McNamara, as she's also known, is an inspiration to many who feel strongly about environmental causes. On the 9th February 1898 at St Joseph's Church, Warrnambool Alice married her third and final husband James O'Mealley of County Clare Ireland (VICBDM684). his horse and buggy. He had a great passion for politics and was involved with the Country Party A Joseph Richard Holloway married Mollie Leplaw in Coffs Harbour in 1938. Just another example of how inconsistent people's recollection of dates were back then. Peter McNamara, former Top 10 singles tennis player and multiple Grand Slam doubles. Facebook gives people the power. I manage the East Region for Zurich Staff Legal Services, the staff counsel program for Zurich in North America. He is survived by wife Petra, his children and grandchildren. As he went through childhood, he never encountered a sport involving a ball of any size that he could not accomplish and often excelled. From here they would be sent either by inter-colonial vessels or overland to Warrnambool [settled 1847,] and Port Fairy where their skills where often eagerly sought after, as many of the early tradesmen and farmers, who had improved conditions successfully for themselves, moved onto their own farms, or to take their skills & trades to developing places where higher prices would be paid for their labour." Francis was still alive in 1950 when his father died. Lynda McNamara Parents: Terry Mc and Melissa Madox Kaye MacNamara >. He was preceded in death by his parents Matthew and Mary (nee O'Malley), his beloved wife of 42 years, Dorothy (nee Gober) and his first born grandson, Peter Carver. She died the same year. Monnie's second husband was Keith Nash. Sharon McNamara, 1959, and Roger Morgan have four children; As a Tennis player, He reached No. Kathleen was still alive in 1950 when her father died. . The ever doting grandfather to Jack & Isla with a heart of gold and a frozen fruit bar or two to hand out. Leslie Holloway died in 1970 in Newtown, Sydney. William Maloney born in Yambuk in 1859 and married Bridget Theresa Leopard. Nathan Peter was the son of Tsar Alexis by his second wife, Natalya Kirillovna Naryshkina. Two daughters and a son were born to his wife Florence Morris, and a daughter was born to his mistress Martha Morris (his wife's sister). On Jan. 4, Peter ("Pete") Martin McNamara passed away peacefully in his sleep. Nora Ganter, Peter McNamara, Yaping Yang and Gufang Zhao are co-organising (with Masoud Kamgarpour and Peng Shan) the MATRIX workshop Frontiers in Representation Theory, 14-25 February 2022. She died aged 80 and was buried in the same plot as her mother Alice in the Burwood Cemetery on the 17th December, 1940. The people mentioned in this tree descend from these core members. Died in Skipton in 1905 (BDM 7015). NM1 offers a comprehensive suite of turnkey and tailored bank branch solutions for financial institutions. A Kathleen Holloway married a John Thomas Dunn in Broken Hill in 1936. John Maloney (Wasn't alive in 1923.) Margaret Winifred McNamara was born on the 25th July 1939 in Geelong, Victoria. Very sad news received today. . Gary McNamara Gary and his wife Denise Ashby have five children and two grandchildren. He was surrounded by his loving family. McNamaras of New South Wales Joyce and Douglas Tuck had 3 children. Thomas McNamara lost his first wife Bridget Daly in 1878 and married his second wife Alice Maloney (nee Kennedy) on the 1st May 1879 at St.Joseph's Church in Warrnambool Victoria (BDM1953). Stuart Taylor She died in Napier, NZ in 1979 and was buried in Taradale. McNamara won five singles titles and nineteen doubles titles in his career. Thomas Holloway's siblings were James (1863-1864), Noah Walter(1865 - 1949 Islington, NSW), Mary Ann (1867), John (1868), Richard (1870), Adelia Caroline (1872), Rose Anna Jane (1872), Elizabeth Hannah (1874), James Patrick (1875-1875), Margaret Josephine (1877), Francis Bartle (1881) and Marcella Kathleen (1883-1885). Francis was still alive in 1950 when his father died. X Peter Maloney was born in Yambuk in 1871. He gave his all to everything he did, respected life & always had a smile & time for you. He got a job working in the stables at Dame Nelly Melba's residence in Lillydale, Victoria but then left for New Zealand (possibly with an uncle) when he was 19. Florence and Thomas Foden's daughter Mary Helen Foden was born on the 22nd July 1922. Peter McNamara has passed away after a fight with cancer.Vince Caligiuri McNamara worked with Wang Qiang until February, helping her reach the world's top 20 during their four-year union. Hugh is recorded as a year older than her. Victor and Dulcie lost a son named Terrence Erven Noakes in Murrumburrah in 1942.

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