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Sept. 15, 2020, 4:28 PM PDT. Brief synopsis: Janet Shanahan was reported missing by her husband, Christopher Shanahan, after allegedly failing to return to their residence after a birthday party for a relative. APNewsBreak: NY DA: Suspect in Patz case beat wife, Missing child alert issued for Lakeland baby, Cassel's play leaves Vikings mulling what might have been, Family believes body found in field is that of missing man, 'Jane Doe' to be exhumed before Christmas, Details released in Kimberly Lindsey's death, Missing toddler found dead in Indian River. Afterward, she began showing symptoms of mental illness. He never showed up at their meeting place and has never been seen again. The following persons are listed as missing persons. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons, "YellowLabradorLooking new" by derivative work: Djmirko (talk)YellowLabradorLooking.jpg: User:Habj - YellowLabradorLooking.jpg. Police believe David had been deceased less than a half-hour before his body was found. Brief synopsis:The Eugene Police Department was notified about an unconscious man in a champagne colored 1996 4-door Honda Accord parked in the parking lot at the Office Max business. The investigation revealed Dale Behm had been shot several times and his wallet had been taken. Authorities investigated several possible sightings of Stephanie in the months following her disappearance, but none of the sightings were confirmed. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons. A Florida Missing Child Alert has been issued for Ta'kera Gilbert, who was last seen in the 1200th block N Lincoln Avenue in Lakeland, Florida. Cause of death: Blunt force trauma from multiple strikes to his head with a club and stabbed with a knife. She was sexually assaulted and strangled. Angelica, Cynthias mother, was told that the van likely belonged to a man named Jaime Alvarez-Olivera and she went to his home to question him. Copyright 2022-2023 Oregon Missing Persons Project. It's still not known to this day just how many people Bundy killed but it could be as many as 100. Tell us, which unsolved mysteries have kept you up at night? Missing person and murder victim. Daniel Barter was 4 years old when he went missing from Perdido Bay, Alabama, on June 18, 1959. Cynthia is 51 and 135 pounds. . (how to identify a Oregon.gov website) Missing Persons. Even so, nobody has ever been named an official suspect in David Michael Grubb's murder. See more. Date and time last seen: September 11, 2003. The 49-year-old woman was last seen in Hermiston, Oregon. Currently, they have a solvability rate of about 20 percent, according to Leisek. Police Need Your Help Finding Possible Victims of Theft, Shawn Leone Missing Person Located in Pennsylvania. are there any updates on thomas patrick manion i am a friend and am very concerned. The number of missing person cases has steadily declined since 1997, when nearly a million people were reported missing. 503-359-1881. Date and Time of disappearance: January 27, 1997 at about 1:00 a.m. Vicki Hollar's vehicle was described as a black 1965 Volkswagen Bug bearing Illinois license plates GR7738. Hardwick went missing in 1993. There was a debit card, a bank card with his name on it, and so we were able to look at that and also we knew he had an iPad, and that iPad was found in the bag as well. That debit card has not been used since 2011. Oddly enough he was still wearing his shorts, but there was no sign of clothing on his upper body. However, he has reportedly cooperated with the investigation. Because the homicide occurred on Halloween night, police investigators believe persons from the aforementioned tavern, the nearby Washington Jefferson Park basketball courts or nearby Halloween parties may have witnessed the assault or have knowledge of who the suspect may be. Evans locked her purse inside the trunk of the brides car and spent a short time inside the lounge before she told her friends she had to make a quick trip to Warrenton, Oregon to pick something up, and would be back in an hour. Police have been convinced since Judys murder that the killer was local. The exact location where he was killed is unknown. A lock icon ( ) or https:// means youve safely connected to the .gov website. These are just a few of the many strange vanishings to have happened in the wilds of Oregon, and since 1997 there have been over around 300 people officially listed as missing in the wilderness of the state, according to the Oregon Office of Emergency Management, and although we have looked at a couple of the more high profile and odder of these cases there are many others. We will be adding cases as we receive them, please check back for updates. Brief synopsis: Jessie Ball was found deceased laying on the floor of a garage at 110 North Lawrence, which was a location often used as a shelter to individuals without housing. Brent Swancer is an author and crypto expert living in Japan. Authorities believe Stookey convinced Stephanie to leave her home the night she went missing, but they are unsure why. She is described as a loving mother who would not abandon her children. Parent (s) Greg and Cammy Wilberger. Last fall, during the group's last tour . Stephanies husband, Stan Douglas, arrived home from work the following morning and found the children safe in bed and his wife missing. That was, until July 2017, when a woman turned in a backpack she found. Alvarez may have fled to Mexico but authorities will not confirm if they are searching for him there. Parker may have attempted to travel back to Washington where she used to live. Investigators never determined how she ended up in the water, but plaster casts of tennis shoe prints were taken from the mud nearby. #BringAbigaelHome ::: Anybody in Oregon, WE NEED YOUR HELP in finding Abigael Bellows, 22-years-old, last seen swimming in the middle fork of the Willamette . Once detectives began investigating, it was discovered that Gracielas passport, personal identification, and cell phone disappeared with her. Early in the investigation, a witness claimed to have seen an unidentified man struggling with a young boy in the area later during the day Engebretson disappeared. The vehicle he was using was found broken down on HWY . Hancock County Coroner Jim Faulk said the body of an unidentified woman who was hit by a vehicle and killed in south Mississippi in 1998 will be exhumed before Christmas. Chase Robertson is a 26-year-old white male standing 6 feet tall and weighing approximately 200 pounds with blue eyes and short, blond hair. Police Need Your Help Finding Possible Victims of Theft, Shawn Leone Missing Person Located in Pennsylvania. Delaurentiis is now serving a life sentence at the Oregon State Penitentiary but won't talk to police about the Grubbs case. Prineville police seek help finding missing woman, Betty Counts, 83, driving her white Infiniti EX3 with Oregon license plate 873 MNT, similar to one in photo. Contact the Ashland Police Department at 541-552-2333 if you have any information regarding this case. Date and time of homicide: Between 7:00 p.m., February 7 to 4:45 p.m., February 8, 2002. 14-year-old Jeremy attended the Coos County Fair in Oregon with his nine-year-old sister and a group of his friends on August 14, 1986. She was subsequently diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder. Location of homicide: South bank of the Willamette River in Skinner Butte Park near the Greenway Footbridge (near N. Polk Street and Bailey Lane). This list is maintained by the Oregon Missing Persons Project and is aggregated from multiple sources that include the Oregon State Police, Namus, Missing & Exploited Children, The Charley Project, and our own database. You can also contact Dr. Vance to ask about the status of a case, or . Contact. She had the previous night dated a known acquaintance and they went to a drive-in movie. MISSING PEOPLE WITHOUT PHOTOS. Information about the Eugene Police Department cold cases reported to Crime Stoppers of Oregon may be eligible for a cash reward of up to $2,500. Gracielas husband explained that she had already gone to bed. She had been attacked viciously and suffered stab wounds all over her body. Oregon State University. One theory is that she went into the woods to retrieve a cache of drugs. Recently she was featured on a regional-Emmy-winning episode of Oregon Field Guide, and is currently writing a book on Abandoned Oregon. This list is maintained by the Oregon Missing Persons Project and is aggregated from multiple sources that include the Oregon State Police, Namus, Missing & Exploited Children, The Charley Project, and our own . She was hospitalized for her symptoms a week prior to her disappearance, but then discharged back to the adult foster home where she lived. Guidelines for posting to this page: Post a photo or flyer if you have one, in the description please include the following: *Name of MP (Missing Pe . Derricks mom Lori is convinced her son was abducted. Later she was sighted getting gas at a station outside Astoria, Oregon. Oregon has no shortage of such phenomena and here are six truly mind-boggling examples. Small footprints were found in the snow, leading around in a loop from where he was last seen, up to a clearing near the road where a childs snow angel was discovered imprinted in the snowy ground. This video contains the following missing person cases:Zoey Dorsey, Age 4 Years, Missing March 17, 2010, Brookings, ORSonboon Thongsavat, Age 48 Years, Missi. Mysteriously, many of the people who would've known more about Jeremy's death have died - sometimes even in freak accidents - since then. florida. Brief synopsis:Vicki Hollar was employed part-time by the Bon Marche department store that was located at 175 West Broadway. Indeed, with many other other hikers in the area at the time couldnt he have called out for help? 0:57. Some of the volunteers that had been working with him stated that they had noticed some behavior that was concerning. On November 5, 1973, Suzanne called her mother from a phone booth located near the Memorial Coliseum in Portland. He pleaded guilty to murder and was sentenced to life in prison. However, her phone was turned off. It was also unlike her to just walk away from her business without any warning. Her body was found inside the business the following day. Oregon's missing children. In each newsletter we'll share upcoming events, new things to do, hot dining spots and great travel ideas. Location of homicide: 1542 West 1st Avenue (in front of Eugene Mission). You will receive your first email soon. Zach is 511 and weighed 170 lbs. Around four months after she vanished, Hermiston Police told Dateline that they had no confirmed details available about exactly where or when [Graciela] was last seen. Gracielas husband has inevitably been questioned, and many found it suspicious that he did not report Graciela missing to the police. The missing person(s) listed below resided in the state of Oregon at the time of their disappearance. Sometime during the night she apparently taped a note to her neighbors door, reading Please check in on my kids. Relatives of Nelda Louise Hardwick of Lake Charles, La., believe she is the one buried as Jane Doe in St. Joseph Cemetery in coastal Mississippi's Hancock County, which borders Louisiana. Contact the Ashland Police Department at 541-552-2333 if you have any information regarding this case. She writes about Michigan for OIYS. Her body was found by school staff members prior to school opening the morning of March 22, 1978. Why isn't there a date posted on when the person went missing? Investigation revealed Janet had been sexually assaulted and strangled. Or, a Top Secret Human Experiment Gone Wild? At one point, sniffer dogs apparently picked up his scent and followed footprints that were believed to be his, but the trail ended abruptly and the dogs became confused as to where to go. Missing Persons & Unsolved Cases in Coos County, Oregon All Posts can be SHARED to your. 146.177. Hunters found a body about a half-mile away from where the missing man lived. December 19 2013. at the time of his disappearance. He and his sister separated at 2:00 p.m., agreeing to meet up again near the ferris wheel at 5:00. He opened the trunk and found his wife's body. County refers to the county the missing person was living in at the time of their disappearance. To find a missing person click on the first letter of his Last Name. About the Oregon Missing Persons Project - Oregon Missing . The Oregon City community was rocked in 2002 after two young girls went missing. Learn Top Missing Persons Headlines Police find missing 3-year-old boy . On Tuesday, the police department released a statement that said 22-year-old . It is believed robbery was a motive as Ball's wallet was missing. Location of homicide:1030 Highway 99 North (Rod's Hof Brau tavern -Photo), Date and time of homicide: Between December 11, at 10 p.m., to December 12, 3:25 a.m., 1972. In the past few two decades communication has made it easier to keep in touch with and track persons, allowing missing person reports to fall by over 40%. The Washington State Patrol Missing and Unidentified Persons Unit (MUPU) will provide a poster with photo for an active missing adult ONLY when requested by a family member/legal guardian or the law enforcement agency handling the investigation. When we posted the article, an overwhelming amount of That Oregon Life readers countered with their own cases in the comments section. Stookey refused to take a lie detector test in Stephanies case, and also denied involvement in Crosss murder. Hardwick went missing in 1993. Video shows Fauna leaving the Super 8 between 8:30 a.m. and 9 a.m. on June 29 with her bags, but according to her father, she never made it to the Weasku Inn where she had made a reservation. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons. By subscribing, you're accepting to receive newsletters and promotions. A .gov website belongs to an official government organization in the UnitedStates. Maybe a horrific crime, a mysterious disappearance or perplexing oddity that has you shaking your head. MISSING PERSONS. Brief synopsis:The initial investigation revealed Peter Hutchings was involved in drug dealing and had flown to Eugene from Hawaii days prior to his murder. This is noted on a Facebook post from the Hermiston Police that was published in July 2020. EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. -- Missing their top two running backs, their top two tight ends and their starting right guard, the Minnesota Vikings reached their highest point total since 1998 when they upset a Philadelphia Eagles team in the midst of a division title race, 48-30, at Mall of America Field on Sunday. Security footage and patrons from the bar noted nothing out of the ordinary that evening, and Cynthia hung out at the bar until her friend left. These are your submissions. Date and time of homicide: August 23, 1973, between 1:30 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. Brief synopsis: Gayle Le Clair failed to show up for work at the Eugene Public Library and when her residence was checked by fellow employees, she was discovered deceased. Information learned from social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter or YouTube should be shared with investigators as these tips may lead to the identification of a suspect or suspects. Upon investigation by police, it was determined the registered owner of the car, Kenneth Wilson, was assaulted and kidnapped. 5' 11' brown hair blue eyes. Despite massive searches of the area authorities could find no trace of the missing hiker, that is until August of 2016. What can you say about one of America's most prolific serial killers? A motive for killing Cynthia has not been released. Date and time of homicide:January 16, 1987, between 7:45 p.m. to 8:15 p.m. Brief synopsis:Robert Seller was walking from the Eugene Mission to his car, in which he lived. A missing child should be reported to 911. The database the information is pulled from does not collect that specific data. If you have any information regarding the disappearance or whereabouts of Cynthia Martinez Perez, you are encouraged to contact the Keizer Police investigator Andy Phelps at 503-856-3497. Published: Feb. 27, 2023 at 3:33 PM PST. Laronda Marie Bronson Has Been Missing Since November 19, 1982. A few of you reached out via messages with links to websites like The Charley Project and NAMUS.gov. She suffered numerous stab wounds. If you have any information about Judy Parker, please call her daughter 541-501-0802. It was her first night out since giving birth. At the time of her death, Barbara Cunningham was estranged from her husband who was living in Sweden. Before exposing a major chain of corruption in the prison system of Oregon, prison director Mike Francke was brutally stabbed to death outside his office door. Only share sensitive information on official, secure websites. To remain anonymous, callers may provide information through Crime Stoppers of Oregon (linked in each of the following EPD cold case summaries.) Missing Children/Adults Clearinghouse. No one could figure out what had possibly happened to him, and worsening weather did not bode well for the missing man, with the search being called off due to sudden dropping temperatures and rain and snow. Date and time of homicide:Between February 16, 11 p.m., and 7 a.m., February 17, 1973. County refers to the county the missing person was living in at the time of their disappearance. Oregon has no shortage of such phenomena and here are six truly mind-boggling examples. This list is maintained by Lane County Missing and is aggregated from multiple sources that include the Oregon State Police, Namus, Missing & Exploited Children, The Charley Project, and our own database. Missing Persons. He was said to have wandered away from the rave party at the campground at around 4.30 am and has not been seen since. There are thousands . In addition to this, there seem to be some cases that share perplexing connections, or have occurred in the same location, hinting at causes or forces that we can't seem to grasp. Oregon Missing Persons is a page created to share the stories of the loved ones who have gone missing in the state of Oregon and our. It was widely assumed that he must have succumbed to the elements when the bad weather set in, but how did he get lost in the first place, and as no sign of Xus body was ever found, so where did it go? THE DALLES Ore. (KPTV) - The Dalles Police Department said a woman who was reported missing on Tuesday has been found. Location of homicide:3455 Royal Avenue, Fairfield Elementary School (Photo). There are over 520,000 missing people in the United States right now. Victim: Maynard (Manny) Francis Grossbach, Location of homicide: Inside parked van on street in front of 844 Jefferson Street (photo). Serena Maria Daniels is an award-winning freelance journalist in Detroit, by way of Chicago, by way of the West Coast. in eastern Lane County. Also, why had the dogs been unable to follow his trail? The public plays a crucial role in helping to solve these cases and EPD has multiple ways to contact the investigators, including through an anonymous tip line. Judy was a popular Bend High School student and homecoming princess. Trained searchers are continuing to look for Chase in the heavily wooded area south of Cougar Reservoir but have exhausted all initial leads as to where he could have gone. In Oregon specifically, there are 432 people missing. Wendy Dehoop dropped her husband, Dan Dehoop, at the Home Depot at 7:00 the morning of April 22, 2005. Location of homicide: 40 East 10th Avenue (His body was found in the doorway of a downtown mall blood donor bank -Photo). He has scars on his forehead and nose and a mole on his chin. Even so, nobody has ever been named an official suspect in David Michael Grubbs murder. Adam has a scar on his lower back, a tattoo on the left side of his chest just below his collarbone, and a tattoo of a name on his shoulder. It doesn't make sense. Investigation revealed Ball suffered multiple blows to his head with a blunt-instrument. ", Location of homicide: 433 West 8th Avenue, #3 (Photo), Date and time of homicide: Between May 24, 1:30 p.m. and May 25, 9:40 a.m., 1971. Chase is familiar with the McKenzie River area and has wilderness experience. Friends and coworkers told police that Vicki was happy and looked forward to being scheduled for full-time work the following week. Suzanne told her mother she would return home the next day (November 6) to pick up her 5-year-old son at school. He suggested that she find a cabin to rent so she would be more comfortable. Margo Castro), Location of homicide: El Don Motel, 1140 West 6th Avenue. If you have any information that could help locate Graciela, please call Hermistons anonymous tip line at 541-667-5148. He's written articles for MU and Daily Grail and has been a guest on Coast to Coast AM and Binnal of America. The Oregon State Police, in partnership with Crime Stoppers of Oregon, is asking for the public's help to identify a body found in Northeastern Oregon in 1978. A bullet hole was discovered through the driver's side window. Funded and administered by the National Institute of Justice and managed through a contract with RTI International, all NamUs resources are provided at no cost to law enforcement . Courtesy Photo The body of Deborah Jean Williams, 50, was positively identified on Dec. 13 by an investigation conducted by the Atascosa County Sheriff's Office (ACSO), the Texas Department of Public Safety and the Texas Rangers that began on Nov. 24. Is this just the terrain and the wilderness conspiring against them? Investigation revealed that he had been shot several times and that his wallet and bar receipts were missing. Cross vanished from Tacoma, Washington, but her body was found in Yamhill County, Oregon, where Stephanie lived. Few details are available in this case, but friends say how uncharacteristic it was of Adam to leave without warning; he had never left before without telling his family. Is Savannah Nicole Corner really a missing person? Three men began looking for Bob and Loveda Proctor on Saturday . The rest, no so much. How you know Oregon State Police General Headquarters 3565 Trelstad Ave SE Salem, OR 97317; Have a question? I have found myself sleepless for months since I started this series. John Frey last spoke to his daughter on June 28, when she checked into a Super 8 hotel in Grants Pass. Date and time last seen: September 11, 2003 The investigation revealed Margo Ascencio had previously been associated with members of the Hessian motorcycle gang. For instance, they said he would fail to show up to volunteer shifts, would stare into the distance by himself, and had difficulty following signs. Location of homicide: 310 East 17th Avenue, #7. ORS Title 14, Procedure in criminal matters generally; Chapter 146, Investigations of Deaths, Injuries and Missing Persons; Section 146.181, Missing persons; police report; supplementary report. He is one of 48 children from Oregon listed . Were they removed by someone else, and if so why? To this day, the man charged maintains his innocence and no one knows for sure what happened. Robbery may have been the motive in this case as no wallet was found on the victim or in his vehicle. there were eight murdered and 11 missing Indigenous persons connected to Oregon. Description at time of disappearance: Scott Sells, was 19 years of age when he was last seen by his family before his disappearance. Whatever was going on here, Daming Xu has never been found or heard from again, and his ultimate fate remains unknown. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Oregon State Police at 503-325-5515. Join MU Plus+ and get exclusive shows and extensions & much more! She has an appendectomy scar and a hysterectomy scar on her abdomen. The Eugene Police Department currently has more than 60 cold cases classified as homicides and missing persons. On November 4 of 2007, University of Oregon mathematics professor Daming Xu set out on a day hike in Oregons Willamette National Forest in the vicinity of Olallie Mountain, in Oregon. If you recognize anyone, please contact the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office at 503-251-2402 or Dr. Veronica "Nici" Vance 971-673-8300. Only a week ago I wrote an article about a handful of Oregon Cold Cases that baffled me as much as the authorities still trying to solve them. They would be the last ones who ever saw him. They were finally captured in 2003 and are serving time in prison. This is a list of people that are are missing from Lane County, Oregon. She was splitting custody of her son with her ex-husband, but also still spoke with her son regularly while he was with his father. That part is amazing enough, but the truly shocking part? He was working in the area as a farm laborer is considered a person of interest in this case. If it wasn't suicide, then how did this seasoned hiker and camper go missing only to turn up dead 4 years later practically right on top of where he went missing and just 100 feet from the trail he had come in on, despite searches in that area, all while minus his jacket and shirt and displaying no form of physical trauma?

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