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meldon reservoir to high willhays

Nestled in a valley beneath High Willhays, the 'roof of Devon' and the highest point on Dartmoor, lies a mystical ancient oak woodland packed full of wild beauty. photos. High Willhays is 2037ft (621m). . Meldon Reservoir is a local Dartmoor beauty spot in the northwest section of the National Park. //--> High Willhays is the highest point in Dartmoor National Park and and the highest point in the county of Devon. A short walk south of the car park brings you to the impressive Meldon Dam constructed in 1972. go4mailvariable='' begin with, when I did the walk but I would not guarantee its presence long Over 151 feet high in placesand now part of the Granite Way, a recognised cycle route. This strenuous 12km circular walk on Dartmoor's north moor, takes in the highest point (High Willhays) once again as well as a selection of fantastic Tor's (West Mill Tor, Yes Tor and Rowtor) and views of Meldon Resrvoir. With the last of my lunch filling my bellyand a healthy dose of wellbeing filling my soul it was time to head back towards Meldon Reservoir via a path along the banks of the West Okement River. RF2GJATBE - Panorama from High Willhays to Meldon Reservoir, Dam and Viaduct, Dartmoor Devon. Intermediate. 562917) located at the northern end of the dam containing Meldon reservoir. point From High Willhays we walked back down the West side of the hill towards Black-A-Tor Copse. } The reservoir sits below Yes Tor and High Willhays which are the only two mountains in southern England. Some is over open ground and although well walked, There is also a wonderful stretch that is great for swimming in the summer, pictured left. The walk starts at the car park at Meldon Reservoir and takes you to the 621 metres (2,039 ft) summit via Longstone Hill and Black Tor. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); The car park at the east end of Meldon Reservoir. You can find more walks near these unique free-to-access Interactive Walk Planning Maps: (click/TAP to select). meldon reservoir to high willhays. It has an abundance of archaeology and is a haven for wildlife including some rare species. The trail is. Heheard them too. 1. However High Willhays is in an area of the northern plateau of the moor where the exposed rock has noticeably fewer of the large feldspar megacrysts that are typical of most of Dartmoor's tors. tedontour LIFE MEMBER Work your way to the right of this Slowly and methodically sheep began to move from right to left, first just a few and then a few more, then perhaps twenty, now forty, must be a hundred. 03:40. Cookies must be enabled for you to Log On successfully. Meldon Reservoir This was a pretty 7 mile circular trail which began at Meldon Reservoir and included a climb to the summit of High Willhays before descending to the West Okement River. Address: Meldon Reservoir, Okehampton, Devon. The army military clear up Please enable javascript in your browser preferences). Last ditch attempt to save Meldon Gorge. There was the very faint sign of previous passage to United Kingdom high willhays hike and camp Top recommended route Difficulty moderate. Please indicate where each photo was taken. . and we shall do our best to publish them. The reservoir sits below Yes Tor and High Willhays which are the only two mountains in southern England. The trail is. The reservoir is fed by West Okement River that continues north after the reservoir and runs through Okehampton, where it meets the East Okement River. Yes Tor is 619 metres above sea level and High Willhays is 621 making them the highest summits South of the Peak District. 621 making them the highest summits South of the Peak District. 6. Tracks across High Willhays to Yes Tor. Please enable javascript in your browser preferences). If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. [7] Each of the outcrops displays lamellar bedding.[6]. DICE Dental International Congress and Exhibition. particular ignoring several bridges, until you reach the reservoir, then High Willhays is often mistakenly referred to as the highest point in England south of Kinder Scout. Explore it on the map and plan your own route to High Willhays. Completing this walk will also take you to the top of Yes Tor at 619m (2031ft). Obvious paths on the lower slopes make pleasant walking but these become intermittent on the higher slopes, the wild ponies being the most likely creators of many. With the exception of the tors, much of this walk is man-made. Meldon Reservoir and Black Tor is a 4.6 mile loop trail located near Okehampton, Devon, England that features a lake and is rated as moderate. Hisnose sniffed the calm air and his eyes scanned the distant valley slopes. Ah, the penny drops, so this will be the summit then. The views from Yes Tor and along the ridge to To contribute to or to contact us about anything at all see Talk to Us. Meldon Dam blocks the West Okement River, creating a large reservoir to its south west (upstream) side. 1h 28m Moderate 3.8 (3) Ten Tors Circular Walk Dartmoor National Park Length: 11.9 km Est. TMDH Limited 2000-2023. Now dont imagine for one moment this would be an easy walk in thick mist, pouring rain, ice and hail. In fact Black Mountain (703m) on the border between Herefordshire (England) and Powys (Wales) is considerably higher than both Crowden Head (Kinder Scout) (636m) and High Willhays (621m). 420 m. 114. The National Trust's Lydford Gorge, Devon, is the deepest gorge in the South West and has a spectacular 30m waterfall. A walk in Dartmoor National Park, Devon, South West England, South West England, Meldon Reservoir - Longstone Hill - Yes Tor - High Willhays - Dinger Tor - Brim Beck - Kneeset Nose - Sandy Ford - West Okement River - Black-a-Tor Copse - Vellake Weir - Meldon Reservoir. Head for the right Construction of the dam started in 1970 and was completed in 1972.The Save up to 30% when you upgrade to an image pack. if (x.type === 'password') { A vast dam . The reservoir once a natural now flooded valley and the awesome (yes I will use that word) viaduct is very much man-made over nature. Detailed maps and GPS navigation for the hike: "Yes Tor & High Willhays loop from Meldon Reservoir" 03:40 h 12.1 km komoot Discover Route planner Features Discover . At the next fork (SX 568910), go left again. The approach to Yes Tor from the west is deceptive, you cannot see the trig point and radio aerial at all. As you get to the edge of the plateau, you will see three A vast dam wall rises from the floor of the West Okement Valley. The walk starts at the car park at Meldon Reservoir and takes you to the 621 metres (2,039 ft) summit via Longstone Hill and Black Tor. With that in mind, it is worth remembering that one should not The weather wasnt set to change any time soon, grey lead sky but no mist or rain forecast, so plenty of time to explore beyond High Willhays. The reservoir sits below Yes Tor and High Willhays which are the only two mountains in southern England. point and a radio aerial. Arriving at the car park next to the stunning Meldon Reservoir at around 11am we sorted out our various bits of kit for the day's walk and headed off across the dam wall at the head of the reservoir. Really hope you're all ok!! A shepherd on a quad bike was commanding three sheepdogs. }x;p}Tz}7n[~z};oV9o0vG`G'* )/~v^I~y|pz}q||Y9[{#oWC)?"6G0qM\:%k@p,rFo qmHAvNE#G$'}W/vopCn@C.;>C!HZlTgr\XlGXp]`?EC,p:kqq*h1 NmBz`%-XYl{KLzExs]+m u+:qiHJDJQ5iT$A gz Z 91O! Aj=KnS\QX^7|=i7N!doY0mRef2zc2s%zT26fa[qI Isv([&71amYny}^B h @E LQM'L>X7SUy,mOb1? Do not follow this link or you will be banned from this site. if (x.type === 'password') { walking parallel with the little valley to the left. Across the river valley, on Corn Ridge the sound of a voice could be heard, shouting loud and clear. Littered with UXBs and danger! Meldon Dam is now owned and operated by South West Water. s+-??|&xLj`wLpsQ!q~jJ&'y1}c89:g881i b50^y$8%!dTQ2$6{ Q% +*?q K.wmo$nR ( u(H:ZaRpS #[ ) ANA4SV,xJM2]FGVlP2#nD9mf@"Iv]>"0. From High Willhays we descended south to the West Okemont River and found our wild camping spot for the night nestled below Lints Tor. rocky outcrops below, which overlook the valley with the West Okement River The weather forecast gave only a 10% chance of rain so we diligently packed our wet weather gear, extra layers and some sandwiches and looked at the trusty OS map. There are the remains of extensive peat works to the southeast of Lyd Head including the evocatively named Bleak House. Please indicate where each photo was taken. Ansum! 8. . Does anyone know if this car park is accessible by motorhome (2.8m high, 2.3m wide) A look on google street view shows the road passes under a bridge which we are not sure our motorhome can get under. The city of Exeter is the county town. Store. There is a warning out for the land to the west of the reservoir as it is now private so I therefore enjoyed an up and down over Longstone Hill. Ive been spoilt for choice lately with Dartmoor dams. go4mailvariable=('walk_pics' + '@' + go4mailvariable) The reservoir is 900 feet above sea level and sits next to Meldon Quarry. 2. recorded message giving availability. Cookies must be enabled for you to Log On successfully. . Yes Tor is also known as an English Nuttall (237th highest in England, 412th highest in England & Wales). I took a slight detour to High Willhays and came back via the more interesting Yes Tour. per adult. Copyright | Terms & Conditions | Privacy Statement, Find New Walking Friends & Walking Groups, Questions & Answers about Walking & Hiking, load all 29 walk photos from Walk de139 Yes Tor, High Willhays and Black Tor from Meldon Reservoir. All Rights Reserved. Please send them as email attachments (configured for any computer) along with your name to: Twitter

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