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hamster breeder arizona

Hamster breeders often bring their hamsters to shows, both to exhibit and sell. Baby hamsters for sale at a pet store should be between 4 to 8 weeks of age. Are you researching where to buy a hamster? dwarf hamsters. 2. Yes, we also groom most breeds from A-Z. Use the search! We wish to set high standards when it comes to proper hamster care. . Hamster breeders provide much better care and produce much healthier hamster than rodent mills and that comes at a cost. This is a two-fold trait, holding relevance with both individual female hamster breeding and total overall breeding. I live in WA and I am not sure were to get an ethical hamster. Are pet stores the only places to get a hamster? Lastly, hamster breeders should be advocates for hamsters, and this is done through breeding transparency. Hamster Wet Tail How To Spot It And What To Do. Because, the life and well-being of the hamsters is our top priority, we will not choose to breed hamsters with health concerns or adopt them out of the hamstery without the adopter's prior knowledge. Good hamster breeders will be able to show pictures and documents for parents, and will typically know all the jargon when it comes to breeding and genetics. We develop relationships with people who adopt hamsters from us, offering support for the duration of the hamster's life. She was roughly 4 months old when arriving on the 24th June. Usually breeders will have this on their website, but a good hamster breeder will provide pictures quickly if not otherwise available. In the UK, the National Hamster Council (NHC) is the main organization for hamster breeders, and it has three regional clubs which maintain lists of breeder members and organize hamster shows. These are usually run by volunteers who love hamsters and are dedicated and passionate about promoting them as pets and campaigning for their welfare. Everyone has seen hamsters for sale at the local pet store, alongside other small animals like mice, guinea pigs, and birds. Search our database of over 12348 posts with up-to-date information from our experts and veterinarians. Most of the world's farmed . Let us know what you think! Unfortunately her previous owners bought her for a young child who got bored of her. 14.99 For Sale. Therefore, its best to locate hamster breeders or hamster clubs online and try to connect with ones that are local and close to where you live. They breed to show standards, and are always working to improve their genetics. That means that we will not choose for breeding pet store or rescue hamsters. In addition to that, they dont take up much space, though they still need certain equipment, such as a cage, toys, and the proper food. GrannyHam . Learn more. When you think about small pets, a hamster is probably one of the first animals to pop into your head. The website for your local university extension service should have a link to upcoming 4-H companion animal shows and events. Operating since 2020, Tialynn has been running this hamstery with her husband. When you come to get your hamster, you must either bring along something to transport the hamster home in, or have previously arranged to buy one of our homemade cages. I am looking for a Dwarf hamster I am ready to have another animal, I had to put my dog down about a month ago. The owner, Diane Kipnis, is a USDA Licensed Class A Breeder. Here are a few good examples of reputable, local pet stores: Lexington Pet Place is a great example of a caring local pet store. Lets take a closer look at where to buy a hamster for a healthy, happy pet. When properly cared for, a chinchilla can live up to 20 years. We are a hobby Syrian hamster breeder in Huntley, Illinois. She was roughly 4 months old when arriving on the 24th June. Each hamster should be clearly identified. These days, there doesnt seem to be much you cant order online, and some people are even asking if they can get their next pet online. baby rats. Breeders of the highest caliber will be so transparent, you shouldnt need to ask many questions at all! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I have the same problem in Massachusetts! by the I am looking for a young syrian hamster Im a mature person living alone, my syrian passed away 7months ago. ARIZONA; EAST VALLEY MISCHIEF (7/23) Dahlke family Mesa, AZ 480-406-3317 E-MAIL: eastvalleymischief@gmail.com: RATS: Standard, Rex, HR, Satin, Dumbo, Bristle Coat; Berkshire, Variegated, Hooded, Odd-Eye They are more likely to buy their hamsters from local breeders that they know and trust. Hamster TracksBreeding hamsters since 1994, Hamster Tracks is one of the best hamsteries out there with very knowledgable owners. Get to know what habitat a Hamster is accustom to, what temperature will the Hamster need to maintain, and what range of temperatures are acceptable for a Hamster to survive. They follow California Hamster Association and Ontario Hamster Club code of ethics for both husbandry and breeding, and they put a lot of effort into making sure their hamsters enter the right home. Just remember to feed treats sparingly as Chinese hamsters are prone to diabetes. They are colorblind and see their surroundings in black and white. AZ Hamster Rescue is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization that aims to provide homes to as many Hamsters as possible and lead a happy and healthy life. When you look for breeders, here are some exemplary ethical breeders that you can use as a reference. I'm shay I'm located in Oklahoma city, I'm a hamster breeder, I breed for pet quality Syrian hamster. The hamsters' friendly and inquisitive nature cute appearance, and their adaptability have placed them among the most popular and most common sought after favorite small pet. We currently have Satin and Harley but we are dropping those from our breeding program. Prior to purchasing a Hamster, be sure to acquire all the. Arriving on the 13th May when their owner couldn't care for them. They provide their owners with a wealth of hamster knowledge and ensure that all hamsters sold are well-socialized and as healthy as can be. You should visit the breeder's rattery page/website and see how the rats are cared for and if they are healthy. ago More posts you may like r/girlswholift Join 10 mo. . You can also even adopt hamsters from local animal shelters. As there are no other ethical hamster breeders in the Northwest, our foundation hamsters have been individually chosen from the best breeders around the world, then flown in to add to our bloodlines. This hamstery is very personal and produces some beautiful hamsters, including blue, gold, black, het-silvergray, cinnamon, HSG blonde, and DEW. YP, the YP logo and all other YP marks contained herein are trademarks of YP LLC and/or YP affiliated companies. We want to provide our adopters with the pedigree of our hamsters and as much information as possible about their ancestry and genetic composition. Nantucket HamsteryLocated in the northwest suburbs of Chicago, Nantucket Hamstery maintains an extensive waitlist and is currently working their way through it. If youre interested in bringing home a hamster, its important to find one from a reputable place. It's important to learn how to fulfill those special needs, and particularly to understand the hamsters behavior characteristics. Hubba Hubba Hamstery also provides an initial care package and ongoing support throughout the lifetime of their hamsters. A hamster show is competitive, but there are often opportunities to purchase hamsters at these shows. Below is a brief overview of the type of needs a Hamster might require and what you will need to consider for the life time care of a Hamster. Cheeks and Squeaks Hamsters is led by two of the CHA's co-presidents, Erin and Tony. The employees provide loving care for their pets, and the facilities are kept clean at all times. Our mission at Pet Keen is to make the life of you and your pets easier and even more enjoyable. Below are a couple of things to look for in your hamster breeder: If the primary motivation behind a hamster breeders business is monetary, turn and run the other way. Pet stores that sell hamsters are very common. Velveteen, Standard, Hairless. Why should I choose a Cheeks Hamster? Have an "uninvited slithering guest" in, So many to choose from very nice colors, friendly temperments. If you are looking for a hamster to join your family, I suggest either getting a rescue hamster or purchasing a hamster from a registered, ethical breeder. For example, the California Hamster Organization is a well-known hamster club based in Southern California. Location: Liberty, PA Website: hamstertracks.com Social: Facebook Are you trying to find a hamster from a reputable breeder? A good hamster breeder will also be a part of hamster clubs or associations, such as the National Hamster Council or California Hamster Association. Another option for shopping for hamsters is searching online. We are located in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. baby guinea pig. Hamsters make wonderful and easy to care for pets. Uniq Pet Imports. Birmingham. Ethical hamster breeders work to improve the species as a whole, striving for each litter to be healthier than the last. Hamster care. Cheeks and Squeaks Hamsters. READY FOR NEW HOMES!! If anyone knows of/IS an ethical breeder, please either comment or message me. The US Department of Agriculture does inspect and license large-scale commercial animal breeders, but even a licensed facility can have problems. Whether you have concerns about your dog, cat, or other pet, trained vets have the answers! Theyll also have the time and ability to give proper care and attention to their hamsters. pet-saving service is funded Before bringing home a Hamster, make sure you have . We follow the ethical standards set by the California Hamster Association and International Hamster Associations to produce healthy and tame hamsters. I wish you well locating your new hamster(s). Along with the National Hamster Council and California Hamster Association, the Internet Hamster Association of North America is another great resource for hamster breeders and enthusiasts. We choose only the most docile and sociable hamsters to continue our line. First discovered in Syria, hamsters are native to many parts of the world. We are located in Borehamwood, Herts and our main aim is to breed healthy, happy and friendly hamsters, which are also to show standard so we can continue our lines, we are members of the Southern and Midland hamster clubs, on the committee for the Midland club and BHA/NHC registered hamster breeders, I am also due to start my Syrian judge

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