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I know that the wheel style was issued to the public as a 'TOURING' wheel in their 'SPORTSCAR' series . Good luck! the best custom wheel deals and close-out specials. If possible, also try to find a copy of Dow's "Magnesium Finishing" booklet . w/ chemical supplier - Grand Rapids, Michigan, Sorry, this RFQ is outdated, but technical replies are welcome. Eric Vaughn, who produced wheels inspired by Halibrand's designs, summed it up best: "Just about the time you think you've seen 'em all, another style shows up." Unfortunately, due to the Halibrand trademark being sold several times since the late 1970s, plenty of the brands story and physical history have been lost to time. Everyone has a different reason why it happened, but Halibrand Engineering went into Chapter 7 bankruptcy in the mid-'90s and ceased to exist as a part manufacturing company. Just have someone weld them up and remachine them, i belive magnesium can be welded. Chassis: Kugel-built, independently sprung chassis. Disclaimer: It's not possible to fully diagnose a finishing problem or the hazards of an operation via these pages. http://www.superlite-wheels.com/, Taylor Made Wheels Land Speed Record racing wheels Built for the true American Hot Rodder. Thank you. He was born in 1916 in Paterson, New Jersey, home to one of the most celebrated dirt tracks through the '30s, Hinchcliffe Stadium. These Wheels ar Show off your Holley Pride! I don't think I'd be welding on them unless I just don't know what I'm talking about. http://www.esajianwheels.com/, Gilbertson Machine Shop Lon Gilbertson can widen or narrow your aluminum wheels Racers of all types loved the light weight and strong construction of the wheels. In addition to these classic designs, Halibrand will venture into the future with the Split-Spoke design for late-model muscle applications. 2 Use foaming oven cleaner to break down tough grease and stains. http://www.comp.co.uk/, Diamond Racing Wheels Terms of Service. Discussion in 'Traditional Hot Rods' started by Jive-Bomber, Mar 28, 2017. Oven cleaner is potent enough to eat through oil, rust, water and mineral stains, and any number of other hard-to-remove substances. Simultaneously, we will innovate with late-model wheel designs with the same eye for engineering detail that Ted would've demanded himself. At first it was fun using metal polish to return them to their lustrous state but that soon wore off. Outside of the hot rod and vintage racing world, not enough credit is given to Ted Halibrand as the originator. http://www.independentracingwheel.com/, Pete Paulsen Motorsports The History, the Variety, the Beauty of Mag Wheels continue to "wow" today with sporty style and seriously rugged performance. For all practical purposes, it was only when someone built a Gasser that American or Halibrand would sell a pair of narrow, five-lug, bolt-on, magnesium front wheels. Today's wheels are nothing like those old things, and Hallibrand, back then, was on the leading edge of exotic alloy wheels. http://www.lonniesplace.com/, Independent Racing Wheel Stay up to date with the latest releases, events, promotions and more. [affil link] which is used as sealant coat for aluminum pontoon boats. Halibrand Replica Wheels, which are characterized as light and very resilient, are available in stores. According to Eric Vaughn, ARC was sold to Jackman Industries in 1982. A two-component urethane coating would likely hold up fairly well with a reasonably good appearance; however, I have leaned toward the use of a good quality lacquer for several reasons. I subsequently got into a business selling buffs and compounds as I found these worked faster albeit the wheels had to be removed from the car. Quantities are small in comparison to aluminum. 2 Halibrand WHEELS W Goodyear Blue Streak Drag Race Slicks 1: . Halibrand magnesium wheels were legendary among the American racing fraternity since the dawn of the 1950s, used on everything from Indianapolis racers and dragsters to the Ford GT40. Youd be forgiven if you didnt think of Los Angeles as a hub of the sprint car world, but before LAs suburban sprawl made property values climb, racetracks were dotted all across southern California. Dow 7 2 2 products; Original Sprint 1 1 product; The Original 2 2 products; New Arrival 4 4 products; Tri Bar 2 2 products Two-Piece Mag Gray Center Polished Barrel: 15X6: BLANK: XXmm: 83.06: 41.99 lbs: 1580: 4427403501: $599.00: VN427 SHELBY COBRA: VN427570XX: Two-Piece Mag Gray . The Term "Mag" gets thrown around quite a bit, as it's almost become a generic term for any solid wheels. Wheels: Halibrand magnesium wheels. Privacy Policy. Originally designed by Ted Halibrand in the late 1940s from knowledge gained in the aircraft industry, Halibrand wheels quickly became a staple in oval-track racing. The Legend Returns! Dinan Hyper Kinetic HB003 Wheel 19x8.5 in. http://www.bogartracingwheels.net/, Champion Wheels The lug nuts are concealed behind the cover which is held on by the knockoff. This would reduce the cars overall weight and more important, the unsprung weight of the vehicle, and the experiment paid dividends on the track. (You must log in or sign up to reply here. Al 6061: Al 95.8-98.6(wt.%), Cr 0.04-0.35, Cu 0.15-0.4, Fe max 0.7, Mg 0.8-1.2, Mn max 0.15, Si 0.4-0.8, Ti max 0.15, Zn max 0.25, Other, each max 0.05, Other, total max 0.15. $10.45 + $5.25 shipping. That wasn't always the case. Engine: LS1 V8, topped off by Hilborn EFI stacks. 339.95. Copyright 1995-2021 The Jalopy Journal: Steal our stuff, we'll kick your teeth in. [affil. company". Used by multiple AMBR winners. Free shipping for many products! We offer real name brand quality for less than the cheap imitators. replicating the look of polished magnesium. I have read the VERY useful advice from the folks here (some smart ones I might add). Thanks. You could say Halibrand was a child of the race car. Q. I own a 1929 Ford roadster that has American Racing turbo thrust 5-spoke wheels that are real mag. . All information presented is for general reference and does not represent a professional opinion nor the policy of an author's employer. I guess the procedure would be about the same but advise on sanding how to wet or dry ? . http://www.cragarwheel.com/, Dayton Wire Wheels Dave and I have talked about his wheels, and it would be right to say that their styling was influenced by the Halibrand Sprint, just as was the case with the Ansen Sprint and the original E-T III. Though many claim that it was the wheel failure that inspired Halibrand to rethink the hub design, just as many others reflect on Halibrand's drive to make parts affordable to the common racer-even if they drove an Indy car. To make his wheels fit the existing hubs, Halibrand broached the Rudge Whitworth spline dimension directly into the castings. 2023 Holley Performance Products, Inc. All Rights Reserved. New Zealand, land of the long white cloud. Part Number: Unknown. Yes the wheels in the second photo were highly polished and would stay like that as long as they were attended to with Mother's Mag & Aluminum Polish Yes, magnesium can be chrome plated. Thanking in advance. All rights reserved. He cast them with a lightweight material as mysterious today as it was then: magnesium. P.S. American Rebel Wheels are classically styled wheels designed and built with the high standards and quality you have come to expect from American Made products. The information is there, it's just that not much of it has been compiled in bodies of information. Halibrand, The Original Mag Wheel Company, Proudly Reintroduces the Iconic Sprint Series Wheels Choose from the Following Sizes and Backspacing (BS) Options: 15x4.5 (BS 2.13"), 15x5.5 (BS 3.0"), 15x6 (BS 3.13, 3.75"), 15x7 (BS 4.25"), 15x8 (BS 4.25"), 15x9 (BS 4.25), and 15x10 (BS 4.25") Midget builders employed modified Ford and Chevrolet hubs in their cars, but Indy builders used a hub purpose-built for a mounting system pioneered by British wheel maker Rudge Whitworth. of the 'HALBRAND' magnesium cast wheels which were an option during 1963/64. History lesson: Ted started out as a mechanic for midget racers in the 30s before buying his own car and ultimately building midgets for many great racers before the War. PAIR OF ULRICH #520 HALIBRAND RACING MAGS new on original card 1/24 scale #1. But of those, two things lent themselves to the hot rod: the company's quick-change axles and its wheels. Wayne's Wheels ~ Custom Wheels & Tires ~ 714.892.2210. . Paint: Rosso Mugello Ferrari red paint. I recently bought a pair of rough looking 16x13 Halibrand magnesium wheels off an early funny car. Thanks, ---- Following this success, Halibrand formed Halibrand Engineering in 1947 in Culver City, California. 12" Halibrand Solid Mag Midget Wheels with Race Master Slicks. A legendary name with iconic and groundbreaking products that have withstood the test of time, the Halibrand name traces its roots back to Ted Halibrand, an engineer who saw an opportunity to put his knowledge gained in the aviation industry to work for the automobile racer and enthusiast. 2023 HOLLEY PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS, INC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. AZ91D: 8.3-9.7% Al, 0.15% Mn min, 0.35-1.0% Zn, 0.10% Si max, 0.005% Fe max, 0.030% Cu max, 0.002% Ni max, 0.02% max. $9,000.00 + shipping. HALIBRAND BIG WINDOW SPRINT WHEELS (2) 16X10 MAGNESIUM 5X5/4.5X5 3.5 BACK SPACE Pre-Owned $3,500.00 mericapowersports (2,755) 99.1% or Best Offer +$131.54 shipping 14 watchers Sponsored MOONEYES Die-Cast EMBLEM Toolbox Fender Dash HOT ROD Custom Drag Racing NHRA fed Brand New $27.98 Top Rated Plus Buy It Now andtherocketsredglare (2,200) 100% As anyone knows with these rims, the polishing required to keep them shined is a full time job. To minimize searching & thrashing, multiple threads were merged; please forgive repetition, chronology errors, or disrespect of other responses (they probably weren't there) :-). Closely related historical posts, oldest first Q. I have a set of real magnesium wheels produced by a company called Halibrand. Is this some thing I can do, if so what is required? Anyhow, I phoned up the local experts in Surrey. Gibbs darkened them also, really well too. During its ownership by Ted Halibrand from 1947-79, Halibrand Engineering cast parts for just about every racer-even boats. Aluminium/Mag alloy, Vintage Magnesium 15x9 Halibrand TYPE 2-PIECE RACING Wheel Gasser HOTROD Drags, Vintage ORIGINAL Water DeCal HALIBRAND Engineering Wheels Quick Change HOT ROD, VINTAGE POLISHED ALUMINUM MODULAR 16x10 RESTORED CHEVY FORD DODGE TRUCK 8 LUG, Vintage Cragar GT Wheels 14X6 4.75 Chevy Bolt Pattern, Enkei Mesh 3 Set R14 6 j Et +10 JDM Rare Work Volk Racing Advan Vintage, Vintage Magnesium Can Am racing wheel knock off single 16x14 Lola Mclarren Indy, VINTAGE CSA 15 x 7" DIA- MAG WHEELS 5x5 CHEVY VAN BLAZER FORD FULL SIZE TRUCK GM, VINTAGE 15 x 8.5" WESTERN BULLET WHEELS CHEVY & 5 on 5" GM CAR TRUCK VAN PICKUP, VINTAGE 15x7 SLOT MAG WHEEL FORD VAN TRUCK 5 on 5-1/2" JEEP BRONCO SCOUT RATROD, VINTAGE 15 x 8.5" DAISY MAG WHEEL 5 on 5" CHEVY TRUCK/VAN RATROD HOTROD CAPRICE, VINTAGE 14x7" SLOT MAG WHEEL 4 on 130mm VW BEETLE PORSCHE 4-LUG BUG BAJA 914 RIM, *VINTAGE ORIGINAL GENUINE MINILITE MAG 6JK 13CH WHEEL RIM SET OF 4, PORSCHE FIAT, VINTAGE 15 x 7" 15-SPOKE HURRICANE 5 on 5" WHEEL CHEVY VAN TRUCK GMC MAG RIM GM, VINTAGE 14x7" 6-LUG TURBINE WESTERN WHEEL CHEVY LUV TOYOTA DATSUN PICKUP DATSUN, 1 VINTAGE 13x5.5 SLOT MAG 4-LUG JAPAN WHEEL 4 on 95.2mm" LOTUS TRIUMPH SPITFIRE, VINTAGE 14 x 5.5" WESTERN BULLET WHEEL 4-LUG DATSUN FORD CHEVY NOVA FALCON COMET, VINTAGE 13x5.5 SLOT MAG 4-LUG WESTERN WHEEL 4 on 95.2mm" LOTUS TRIUMPH SPITFIRE, USED VINTAGE 16.5x6.75 POS-A-TRACTION SLOT MAG WHEEL 6-LUG CHEVY DATSUN TOYOTA, VINTAGE 15x7" U.S. INDY 5 on 5" SLOT MAG WHEEL BLAZER TRUCK VAN PICKUP C-10 GMC, 4 Vintage E-T Mag Wheels 14 X 6 Unilug Torque Thrust Style, (4) VINTAGE 14x7 30 SPOKE REAL WESTERN TURBINE WHEELS 4on 130mm VW 4-LUG BUG RIM, VINTAGE REVOLUTION 3 PIECE 15X7 RACE WHEELS 5X5 5X127 BOLT PATTERN MAGNESIUM, VINTAGE RARE WESTERN BULLET 9 3/4X16.5 RESTORED CHEVY FORD DODGE 4x4 TRUCK. Absolutely. RFQ: I also have a pair of Halibrand magnesium 12-spoke spindle-mount wheels in need of corrosion protection. 350. As well as we know those wheels, there really isn't that much published about them. A. http://www.weldracing.com/, Wheel Vintiques Your Name: Your E-Mail: . The Anthracite Finish is Reminicient of a Seasoned Magnesium Wheel; A356-T6 Aluminum Construction with Flow-Formed Wheel Manufacturing Process - Produces Wheels that are Lighter, Stronger, and Have a Higher Shock Resistance (than Standard Cast . Styled after the classic Halibrand Sprint wheels popularized in the '60s and early '70s on Sprint and other race cars. Magnesium Finishing Shop Now MODERN VINTAGE AR FORGED TORQ THRUST New MACH FIVE Cast Aluminum Starting at $318.00 19" 20" AR936 Cast Aluminum Starting at $213.00 Classic, Custom, Performance and Vintage Wheels | American Racing American Racing AR941 Mach Five - Gloss Black - 20x10 - 20x11 - Ford Mustang S550 1/1 AR941 Mach Five Bring your Mustang's wheels up to spec. Speedway/ Halibrand 1964 Halibrand 1967 Halibrand 1968 Halibrand 1969 Halibrand 1969 Halibrand 1970 Halibrand 1970 Halibrand 1975 . The first cars to exceed 140, 150, 160 and 170 MPH qualifying lap speeds at the Indy 500 wore Halibrand wheels. Ostensibly, due to this failure, Halibrand re-thought the entire wheel mounting system. . Our good bud Greg Sharp, at the NHRA museum, has a photo collection to end all, and a number of the cars in those photos sport Halibrand wheels. What good is the Halibrand Engineering legacy if no one knows it? Iconic? POLAR LIGHTS #6502/3/4/5 Hawaiian Rambunctious FC Parts Wheels & Tires Halibrand - $19.44. FOR SALE! Bolt pattern is 5 on 5.5". Link Magnesium, alloyed with aluminum and zinc, created brutally strong yet surprisingly light parts and once the war was over, that knowledge became his winning formula when he returned to the racetracks. 2 DEEP 4 Hole Halibrand Mag WHEELS W Goodyear Slicks AMT 1:25 LBR Model Parts, . At first it was fun using metal polish to return them to their lustrous state but that soon wore off. ZU VERKAUFEN! I used to think Gibbs was overpriced and gimmicky, but I've grown very fond of it lately. Back in the day a lot of guys were injured and few killed when these exotic alloy wheels suddenly failed at speed. The clears he normally uses he is afraid of applying as they tend to dull aluminum and would be hard to remove if a successful shine were not achieved. Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by ShakeyPuddin55, Mar 5, 2008. It may take some effort to find a shop which does that as the demand must be very small. Is there a company that will, at some reasonable cost, apply a protective coating for the individual consumer such as myself for such a low-volume application?

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