gm cylinder deactivation problems10 marca 2023
gm cylinder deactivation problems

so the trans fluid worked for you then? Then had to drive the truck back to Tampa from Cheifland Fl. Vortec 5300s featuring LH6 and LC9 engines are prone to failing spark plugs due to carbon build-up. Replaced all 16 lifters due to collapsed lifter on CYl #4. bought at Brian Tooley Racing ! Batten, followed by several years developing performance pistons at Wiseco Piston Co. Today, Brian develops performance parts for Summit Racing Equipment and is a regular OnAllCylinders contributor. They lasted one year with big problems. Looking to tear down myself. Now you tell me AFM works and I will tell you; that you are full of shit! I got a 09 Chevy Ive had the 1 go out then the 7 about 2 weeks apart if I known what I know now I wouldve changed them all at once but now I have a misfire on cyl 4 but it came back in why are these lifters going out one at a time like this the 1st two that went out I was coming off the interstate an stabiltrack came on now the 4 misfired twice both times pullling out my driveway. I contacted service manager in Gastonia, NC and he was kind enough to tell me the whole history of the problem.. EPA required better fuel mileage and less emissions and GM, Ford and Honda(V-6) came up with this failed AFM system. Another option is to plug it entirely if the AFM is already removed. The cost of just rings $4,000.00, [] Disable your Chevy AFM:… [], [] like front timing cover, knock sensor location, cylinder head style (cathedral ports), AFM (Active Fuel Management), and other components are key clues to which engine family youre looking []. Deactivating cylinders at light load forces the throttle valve be opened more fully to create constant power, and allows the engine to breathe easier. it is the regulator guy! General motors sent out a service bulletins to their dealers however, all dealers will not tell you about the bulletin. If you dont have VVT, you could use part number NAL-12561721 (LQ9) along with a 4-pole 3-bolt 2005 Corvette cam sprocket p/n NAL-12586481 to make it compatible with your ECM. Most of the complaints show up in the 2009 to 2011 model years. For fun, he runs his 427-powered C5 Z06 in ECTA land-speed racing, at OPTIMA street car events, and at a mix of autocross, drag racing, and track days. This lowers the cost of building it [], [] aluminum block engine. NOT GOOD!! However I do have 7 year bumper to bumper warranty that covers this problem if I start to get lifter problems over the next 2 years.. On the other hand if get the AFM disabler installed I am pretty sure that I void the warranty from what I read on the policy. If so what would the vin code be? You can reuse the original valley cover OR use a non-AFM valley cover, leave the harness connected, and tuck the solenoid pack away. Side note, after 200 hundred miles of trouble free driving the transmission failed so we had to replace that too. On the AFM lifters that dosnt work i have installed them With the oil hole Down! Only running on drivers side cylinders. AFM works by deactivating half of the engines cylinders under certain circumstances to reduce fuel usage. Question I have a 2015 Silverado and had a transmission go bad when I had it rebuilt I had the AFM/DOD turned off. It essentially turns your V8 engine into a V4 which saves fuel. It is also known as Displacement on Demand (DoD) or cylinder deactivation. A 17 with 5.3. yep, you are 100% Right, I called a local saab shop and they filled me in, in 2005 the trailblazer and clones have DOD (displacement on demand), My next issue is getting extra ignition keys on the cheap. If you are using VVT, you could use the NAL-12612273 (L92) cam. I cant stand seeing customers continuously going thousands of miles over on the oil and wonder why theres problems. Keith, were happy to help. Cylinders two, three, and eight are all similar in cylinder deactivation. This is what I keep telling people. Right now I have just over 77K miles with no lifter problems Knock on wood I am thinking of the AFM disabler. What was happening to the first is slowly (or quickly in your case) happening to the others. They layed over night in engine oil before instalation. Sylinder one lost compression on my 09 5,3. I still get a P0336 code every once in a while but still good to drive around town. I only had 81k on the motor. If you already own this engine you will need to deactivate the AFM system or even better DO NOT buy any GM vehicle with this engine. I am trying to prevent same issue. Brian, I have the same question as Scott. I quites down to nothing after running for about a minute. I would appreciate it if you let me know how you make out. We recommend taking the truck to a local chassis dyno tuner and talking with them about a reflash. If the 4th cylinder lifter has failed, would driving it damage the engine? There are 5.3 cylinder deactivation problems that can occur. I traded in a 2004 4.8 L with 256000KM on it that ran like a clock and never gave me a problem. I hate it. Driver reported this occurred suddenly while driving down the highway. . If buying a tuner/chip which works best for that truck/engine? AFMis good for gas mileage and can be 5-7 percent more fuel-efficient under certain conditions. But after reading this thread, Im a little concerned about the long-term reliability. Changing the sensor didnt help. The cherry on top is its not saddled with Variable Valve Timing (VVT) or Active Fuel Management (AFM) found on some Gen. 4 engines. I just bought a 2018 Silverado. []. Would you get enough power to drive at freeway speeds? Never again, except for my gen4 Z28 that has a perfect engine/trans on an otherwise rolling pc of gm crap chassis. Install ls3 valley cover. 2 15 with 5.3 Sierras both with 100k and There are two ways to disable or delete Active Fuel Management on your GM or Chevy Gen IV LS or LS-based Vortec engineone is to install an AFM Disabler, and the second is to install an AFM Delete Kit. Install an AFM Delete Kit lol. Thanks for your help. Would doing the disabler option once I get it back be the right one? The LH6 in 2005-06 was a little different than the one used in 2007-09, but both had AFM. the vehicle has 120,000 on it and 30 to 60 psi of oil pressure never lower or higher. I may just do that Vic. $8500.00 fix. Is this the shield you referred to in a past post? thx Brian, Knock on wood I drive a 2011 silverado 44 Ltd with the 5.3 AFM/DOD not tuned out or delete being used and have experienced no problems or any sign of problems for that matter juat rolled over 210,000 all original factory parts would you suggest I tune it out or juat let it ride I change my oil religiously and also use lucas products for all aspects of my motor. Just pulled it down in the garage there was no other damage , luckily. Active Fuel Management (formerly known as displacement on demand (DoD)) is a trademarked name for the automobile variable displacement technology from General Motors.It allows a V6 or V8 engine to "turn off" half of the cylinders under light-load conditions to improve fuel economy.Estimated performance on EPA tests shows a 5.5-7.5% improvement in fuel economy. Troubles begin with Bean-counters decide on what can be used for production and engineers who arent Gear-Heads. Cylinder deactivation works to save fuel, but it may not be for the reasons you think. Definitely dont want to do anything to fix one problem and create another. As GM issued 13 updatesnone of which workeddealers disabled the system on their customers' cars, leaving them permanently in V-8 mode. General Motors has issued a service update for 2021 model year full-size truck and SUV models that are being shipped to dealerships and may be affected by valve lifter problems. module (ECM) will command the cylinder deactivation system ON to deactivate engine cylinders1, 7, 6, and 4, switching to a V4mode. 91 GMC Sierra K1500 F44 6.2 NA Plow truck with 7.5ft Leo Plow 94 K3500 CC DRW 6.5TD DE exhaust . Most will want to get rid of the AFM immediately and VVT isnt for []. I recently took a long trip and it burned 1.5 quarts of oil. I have only put about 600 miles on it and noticed that the oil was a bit low and am hoping that it was that way when I picked it up. Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated. They are being forced by the feds to use stuff like AFM to meet the CAFE requirements. Take a look at what bmw did in its R1250 bike. Just like Ram and their trash MDS system or Ford and their throwaway Ecobust engines. Was a disaster then but a profitable disaster. I would just have the AFM disabled (tuned out) then. The 2nd went with a conventional valvetrain. Dont drive it if you have a dead cylinder due to afm failure. Love the truck so far. put tran fluid in oil for a day till lifter became active, had to change the fouled plug. I would appreciate any feedback. GM claims fuel improvements ranging from 5%-15% depending on the engine. Covers me to 100K. It had the AFM wiring & lifter cover installed with solenoid pack in the original engine, we even removed it to inspect. [] for performance, LS9 engines didnt use Active Fuel Management (AFM), Variable Valve Timing (VVT), or Flex Fuel (E-85) technology. I have ordered an ATM disabler and will be putting a can of Textron in the gas at the next fill up. I pulled the head off, replaced the lifter and put the gadget in the ODBII for about $400 total. It seems this tough engine has everything incorporated into it. 1981 Cadillac V 864. It was the first Gen. IV LS truck engine and offered Active Fuel Management (AFM). Ive been a Ford guy my whole life, so I was unaware of AFM until a recent trip where I did a lot of highway driving and happened to bring up the real-time mpg display, where I saw it switch between V6 and V4. In 2015, I purchased a new Tahoe with the AFM and two weeks ago with 71K miles on it, the engine light came on. The write up confuses me. Per bulletin 10-06-01-0007b, 2007 L92 had first and 2nd design. As you said, the ECM was never seeing the AFM so I think youre good to go. The owner of the vehicle has apparently owned a few of these vehicles and stated that this vehicle doesnt have AFMnever did? When you don't need the full power of the engine, it provides better fuel economy." [] 5.3L engines start in the $600-$1,000 range and go up to a little more than $2,000 for the 6.0L and 6.2L engines. I have a 2014 Silverado with a 5-3. I have no clue what to do now. what deleter (if thats a real word) have you heard good things about. Anyway, after some pushing and pulling I took it to the Dealer who sold it to me. Thank you for your time. Why cant u just unplug the solenoid on back of engine by oil pressure sensor? I have 4 GMCs in my driveway right now only one with AFM its always popping DTCs, 06 Yukon (not AFM)never had a light in 12 years! Ive only put a straight pipe exhaust, intake, and a boost controller on it. please respond with your opinion. I dont plan on installing the delete kit at this time. There is no light on my dash or anything that indicates the system is active or exists, so its very confusing, Im still not sure if my vehicle has it or not. I got the AMF disabler anyway and so far so good. I cant really tell from driving. Correct me if Im wrong- If such an item was available couldnt you then just replace the lifters in the 4 AFM cylinders and then just run a disabler or have your ECM/PCM reprogrammed to have AFM disabled permanently. A bad lifter can be a minor repair if you get it fixed immediately after you hear an issue. The AFM activation and deactivation is controlled by the Valve Lifter Oil Manifold or VLOM.

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