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As an adult I have created quite a library of illustrated picture books and photography collections for my children as I still believe a picture is worth a thousand words, maybe even more. Will keep NZ, Zos family and farm in our prayers. I always loved books about pioneers, whether biographies or fiction. Such a wonderful question to answer! But we keep coming back for more and more! Kids and adults love to be invited into the written word and you are fostering the beginning of a long relationship with books! One of my favorite books ever was this book called The Adventures of the Black Hand Gang. food that rhymes with alexis. And you fare forth in your splendor, I loved a book that was an about Jesus. her place is high up,so safe,but still heaps of work in garden and orchard and town Shes a woman that loved and understood children. Animal Stories by Thornton Burgess became one of my all time favorites. My garden is a refuge, guided by color and textures that will survive our drought climate in California. When I was younger my mother would read them to me, and I would get lost in imagination of field roses and wild violets out in the prairies. She would allow us to put our heads down and listen to her read one chapter before we went to lunch. I like to think that in some parallel universe I work on a flower farm with them and hearing about Field of Roses lets me play with that concept a bit more in my imagination. It helped me picture the story and allowed for better reading. For 36 years, I taught special needs students, giving them the skills they needed to succeed in this world while encouraging them to take advantage of and focus on all of the wonderful things they could do, not what they couldnt do. Bob Matthews is a renowned rose breeder here, and his plants are always the healthiest in our block. I am a woman of 70 years. A beautiful flower book like Lost and Found would help transport me to another region like New Zealand which I understand is incredible to visit. Always on an adventureoutside which resonated deeply. And the other two had no idea what they were for. The Secret Garden was one of my favorites! Nature books, including plant and bird identification, nature crafts, wild edibles, gardening and how to make things were my favorites, story books based on those themes were even better! Sadly I didnt read much as a child but as an adult my favorite book to read is the Bible . The Boxcar children were another favorite. I went on to create a large plant nursery on Cape Cod MA after college and then after 23 years, moved to Florida and I am now a Landscape Designer creating with tropical plants. Winners will be announced on March 7. I loved all books when I was a kid, but one stood out and I found myself going back to it throughout my life. Thank you so much for inviting us back. At 69 I still read The Secret Garden and find the same solace as a child. When, on the red dawn throning, Yes! 100 famous Poems. I read everything I could including The Wind and the Willows and Winnie the Pooh and then as I got a little older it was James Herriots series about being an English country veterinarian that really became a favorite. The stories and gorgeous artwork captivated my childhood imagination. You can try to cheat, or you can play fair , They give you energy and help you stay strong . I can still taste the intense sweetness of the wild strawberries growing in our field on the edge of the forest. Eventually I started to read the chapters aloud and finally reading whole books on my own. I loved any kind of series books as I loved to get to know the characters and didnt want to leave them behind. Thank you for interviewing Zo a second time and introducing us to her extraordinary new book. for a Spring Urn Workshop that looked pretty magical! What a beautiful book and post! Also had to have my Highlights magazine. I was also a bit of a nerd and loved reading Charles Dickens as a child and his stories remain a favourite and have shaped my love of the strange, whimsical & down trodden. I can visualize to this day seeing those pictures for the first time. The quirky pictures that expand a kids imagination are also fun. My 3 children inherited my love of books and we discovered the seek and find books when my youngest was born in 1996, and they quickly became her favorite. I loved Lucy Maud Montgomerys series beginning with Anne of Green Gables. Since my grandmother taught me to crochet on her front porch on a hot summer day, I have always kept my hands busy. My favorite books growing up!!! As a child my favorite book was , Put Me In The Zoo. Try not to skip not to lose muscle.#workout #postworkout #food" Books wasnt something encouraged as a child living in a 3rd world. Catsup, mustard, mayonnaise, and relish, My parents are so proud of me, they should just strut, 4. My early years of first reading was my parents daily newspapers and I love looking through the pages and pages of words that I could not read yet then Pretending to be able to read them with pictures of flowers or animals on the side or top of it is a splendid delight of moments with my parents. Whether that be through our event work, local bouquets, workshops, or now our book. Now that Ive begun a habit of nature journaling and watercolor I often think back to those formative days of reading those beloved novels. Theres nothing better than my hands in the soil, planting and watching the resulting beauty emerge. Its the illustrations that really bring them to life for me, but also the beautiful British languagesimple yet more complex and with a somewhat challenging vocabulary for young American children. He suggested a book called Kane and Abel. I imagined the small animals holed up in their dens, the countrysides, the farms and the colorful cast of characters both animals and humans. It made me smile as I reached back in time to decide what I would say. The global event encourages children to read for pleasure, giving every youngster the opportunity to have a book of their own by handing out free World Book Day tokens for the occasion. Today, I still love looking at the pictures from this great big world of ours and learning about other cultures. That book fell apart I read it so many times! Might not be true in the real world, but at a young age I wouldnt know that Maybe thats why I became a nurse myself. And now as an adult, I am most happy in the wild places and on our small farm, conversing with the plants and animals of a place. When the BFG spends time in dreamland placing them in jars and bestowing them onto children, it feels akin to my experience of bringing a couples vision to life and sharing the joy of what flowers can do to tell a distinctive story. Lewis books I remember our teacher reading The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe to us each day my favorite part of the day. As with so many others, I find it hard to narrow down to a book that most interested me as a child. Thank you for this wonderful interview. I loved books filled with photographs of letters formed from the environment. Thanks for the fun assignment! It was a little girls dream come true. t his is is Erins book & I think this beautifully reviewed book now! I began with what was at home my mothers set of Nancy Drews and a few Cherry Ames. Delightful interview with Zoe! I learned that a book could feed the soul and take you on an adventure. Because of Cherry Ames, not likely, because of me. I am very crafty and I enjoy making things in my she-shed. All I know is that the book fell apart I read it so many times! My favorite books as a child were 2 large books my sister gave me for being her flower girl in her wedding. Anything that sparked my imagination for adventure and dreaming. One of my favorite books growing up was a book called The Mitten by Jan Brett. Now they are grown. Im so excited for this book! I always grew flowers just because it is normal life for me. I loved to read Fairy Tales when I was very young; as an adult now, I tend to be an optimist, and am always open to the influence of something magical to enter my life! My favorite thing to read as a child were the zoobook magazines my grandmother bought me and all my sisters a subscription to. I still have some of them. Its amazing how our perceptions change as we grow! I was lucky enough to have 8 siblings. I got my first dog at age 6, a beagle and I named him Snoopy. This web site is optimized for your phone. They are in my garden today. around her young heroine enchanted me and helped me articulate what I had long experienced about nature a source of solace, interest, and undying wonder. A couple years ago I dipped my toe into the world of flowers, and now they have cast their spell on me, and my life will never be quite the same again. I still own a large collection of those books today, and I have passed the love on to my daughter who is now 11. Unfortunately as a child I was not introduced to the wonderful world of books with the stories they hold. Zoes book is absolutely beautiful. Horses, horses, horses. Write more quickly and develop your skills in the process, Unique features that no other songwriting app has, Never be lost for words with suggestions from Genius, Over 500,000 rhymes and triggers, highlighting the best words for your genre, Easily collaborate with other writers in real-time, Essential if English isn't your first language. Having said that, I love historical fiction. And I bet you love rhymes too. Little Women. She brings seeds with (from her dear grandmother who taught her about gardening) and sows flowers everywhere. I had a wonderful Mother Goose book filled with fantastic drawings accompanying the rhymes always a favorite. LOL! My mom had 6 children of all ages to take care of. I wish to this day I knew what that book was! We also liked the fill in the blank short stories closure activities that my 4 th graders would listen to me read to them after they supplied me with nouns or adjectives or adverbs to tell the zany story. Those books shaped my love for Paris for one. When youre feeling down, and youre in a funk, Eating a salad is guaranteed to perk you up, The bright colors and fresh flavors will lift your spirits high. We had a time periods seek and find book that absolutely loved. It took me a while to train my eyes on how to see through the pattern to find the picture, but once I figured it out I couldnt get enough! I grew up in Estonia, a place with beautiful fields, woods and forests. Even though their lives were so different then, compared to my 1950s childhood, I still related to the themes of friendship and growing up. Nearly everything I read was historical fiction, especially the classics. Now, as an adult, I have adopted my own ex-racehorse and am greatly enjoying our evolving partnership. My summers were filled with watching Days of Our Lives on a tele with bunny ears, smells of grease and oil, and harlequin novels my auntie thought as age appropriate. Growing up on Cape Cod I spent many summer afternoons reading Nancy Drew in the heat of my bedroom waiting for my little brothers nap to end. Whenever I felt lost or confused as to what direction to take because of the pressures I felt from adults I always remembered timshel and the translation of thou mayest. Books filled my days with the anticipation of adventure and fun. Ironically, my flower farm in Maine is named Lost & Found Farm. However I was always drawn to images or book covers. My grandmother, aunt and mother were all expert seamstresses, and my grandmother owned a little store calledThe Little Mending Shop back when mending was preferred over buying new. I have learned a lot from observing these examples over the years, both in placement and color combinations. When I was youngest I also love magic tree house, and black stallion. When I think about it, I loved, and still love anything about nature. kill. iPhone; Android; FAQ; Blog; B-Rhymes Find words that almost rhyme. There were be battles to be won, riddles to solve, and characters to save. I was enchanted by the book The Color Kittens as a child. I havent let it leave my house yet! My mother handed me Anne of Green Gables when I was 11 years old. I know it sounds crazy but we did not have a lot of money so the flowers were inspiration. Im a scientist now, so I guess you could say they certainly shaped my future, or that I was always interested in science. As a child one of my favorite books was The Story of Ferdinand, about a little bull who refused to fight like the other bulls and preferred to sit in a field and smell the flowers. Lettuce and tomatoes, cucumbers and onions, All mixed together with a dressing of your choice, Mmmmm, I can hear my tummy rumbling already, It gives you the nutrients that you need to thrive, Its full of flavor, and crunch, and zest. Im a therapist now so I get the same experience but its someone verbally sharing their world! Today I am an avid nature lover, artist, and flower farmer! After I read your blog on this wonderful book and you asked the question what was your favorite childhood books. This book looks beautiful and will be fun to share with my grand daughters. I was drawn to nancy drew, pippi long stocking, bread and jam for frances amongst many more.. Its so interesting to see how someones twists and turns in life contributed to their success, even when they thought those challenges were devastating at the time. Thank you for sharing. The Country Bunny I wish I had kept them to read to my children and now grandchildren. Love this interview! Ham, noodles, lamb. Thanks so much for a glimpse into your secret gardens and life in New Zeland.Kare. My love of the written word is quite contagious, and the best way it was used is to ignite a passion for all things wordy with my students over the years, no matter what age. Maybe that is where love for gardening started. The Book With No Pictures by B J Novak; The Diary of a Killer Cat by Anne Fine; The Hundred-Mile-An-Hour Dog . I loved a book called Oh say can you seed! By Dr Suess. As a kid my favorite section of B&N was always the craft carousel in the kids section the one with the friendship bracelet, card quilling books etc. Reach for the rice or wheat and give it a try. Grilling or stewing, its always nice to eat. I always had a book with me. Thank you for sharing this beautiful work and inspiring story! I always liked biographies not only about people that did great and world changing things, but also about little farm girls that grew up with the most simple of lives. My first book that I devoured was The Holsters and from there quickly moved to Nancy Drew books. Did you have each character in mind before you created the seek-and-find photo or did they reveal themselves in the creative process? Im sure that explains my penchant for dreaming up new adventures in travel and creativity. Anything nature, that gave me a reason to go exploring. They take place in the late 1890s and the early years of the 1900s. I found it fascinating that they could enter a wardrobe and into a fantasy land! I probably buy enough books to support the entire publishing industry, it started with anything about horses, especially artist illustrated. There was a book store and library a few blocks from my house and where I would spend most afternoons. Although I had to borrow many as we could not afford a library-full, each one seemed to nurture a sense that there was mystery all around me. I would dive into them, feeling a closeness with the characters and joy when the story unfolded so beautifully. My whole childhood I always wanted a pig of my own. I remember a baby orangutan in a big bowl getting a bath on one cover. I enjoyed the Black Stallion books as a child because of my love for horses. The book Island of the blue dolphins was one of my first grown up book, I loved the idea of nature, independence and survival. I cannot bend over any more but sprinkle flower seeds then pray whatever God wants to grow, it grows. As a child, one Christmas my parents bought me a set of a dozen books. The small books of Beatrix Potter were my books as a child and also all funny cartoon ,magical and fantastic!As of today these continue to live through me through making puppets comme to life with felt am working on a flower one, because flowers inspire me in so many ways from colors to textures to scents and multiple varieties hoping to inspire young people with this project !Inspiration from the fields , will surely help the inner artist in me TY. I loved the Madeline book series! The thing is, I still love fairy tales. Kitchen play is a free choice favorite, and we love talking about favorite foods and what we make at home with our families. In the meantime, we play detective together, and spy together in the back yard. It brings a smile to my face when I see its worn cover and revisit the story with my daughter (now grown) and granddaughters . I have enjoyed veggie gardening for 50 years. I have always been a gardener since at least age 5 on my grandparents farm where there were beautiful flowers for me to tend. Alexis Skyy and Fetty Wap made their debut appearance tonight on Love and Hip Hop New York. I have always been drawn to hiding in the garden. How did you come up with the concept? The secret garden a novel by Frances Hodgson that helped heal children both mentally and physically. I was inside drawing while the other kids played outside. My go-to books for reading, then and now, have always been science fiction! Its so hard to choose, but I think The Beekeeper flat-lay is my favorite. My favorite childhood books always had animals and nature in them. So I thought one day Id like to write a story about one instead. I loved any book that would take me along a process of learning; make your own whatever book. An interactive delight with a Christmas sequel we enjoy when the holiday trunks come down from the attic. I could sit for hours just staring at all the little trinkets. Still love them, but no longer have one in my back field. The peace of the country and a more simple life speak to me. The siblings were creative, caring, and close with one another. I remember these blue-covered books all line up together. I know that was quite the feat for you and your publisher and so many gardeners here will be grateful for your efforts. Thank you for asking! clia classifies laboratories based on. These beloved Beatrix Potter stories brought me along as an adult. The Bobbsey Twins books were favorites as well as Black Beauty. When I was 6 yrs old I was gifted a copy of an illustrated book titled Gnomes. Such a unique idea! My very favorite book as a child was Ferdinand the Bull, because Ferdinand preferred to sit and smell the flowers rather than fight! As a child, I loved this book called Pickles the Cat. and whimsical illustrations- which were from the 1960s or 70s! Cant wait to check this book out! I hope to grow some of my own with your wonderful seeds and start something new for my children and grandchildren. I enjoyed the imaginative stories and beautiful art of the series In the Land of Barely There. And I loved the stories of historical figuresAmy Carmichael, Florence Nightingale, Elisabeth Fry, which have encouraged me to seek Gods purpose for my life. There were many childhood books that entered my imaginative mind. I always loved reading Little House on the Prairie. And I have grow lights in the library because after we read Harlem Grown we will be starting seeds!! I grew up with the wonderfully illustrated Annos Journey, Annos alphabet, and some others by the Japanese artist. Im still so fond of all of these stories and my love for the natural world certainly stems from my imaginations of the secret worlds and lives of animals and gardens and forests. Et voil que ce printemps je commencerais mes premires semis de fleurs :) . Now in my 60s I do have a beautiful garden that my husband has built for me. As an adult I still love the idea of all of trying all of these things. I also remember reading a religious book as a child that I loved that had assorted stories about characters and animals in it. Fun reliving this memory! I have created a garden out of a neglected mess of bramble along a public path near my house and my daughter has perfected making flower crowns from flowers in her garden which she gives to friends of all ages to celebrate lifes accomplishments. The story about Queen Esther has been my favorite. They influenced me in several ways, I loved the sense of adventure that Pooh and his friends always had, whether catching hefalumps or playing Pooh sticks plus they were always kind to each other. Possibly, this early exposure to art has contributed to my interests in using varying colors and textures in our gardens. All the characters have such interesting personalities and interactions with each other, and the color palettes for each book are so attractive. Lately Ive been very interested in learning more about indigo and natural dye and pigment. Salads are wonderful, salads are great, Theyre the perfect food to help you lose weight, So if youre looking to slim down, give them a try. 4. I remember only one set of books from my childhood.The Little House on the Prairie book set. I loved any story about fairies as a child, and this has continued to influence my creative practice, as I love to add a little whimsy to all my paintings and drawings! The thing that had the most effect on me wasnt one book, it was my Dads love of reading. (This admission may be dating me !) I know your flower farm and design studio Field of Roses is a true family affair. I loved fairy tales. The day I discovered shelf after shelf of books, and not just any books, but horse books! Once I found an anatomy book at a garage sale, it had a lovely face with hands drawn on the front, but to my moms and my surprise it had more anatomical things than expected! It was the first time, in first grade , that my mother allowed me to purchase a book from the Scholastic Book Order form! I will be starting seeds for my summer cut flower garden soon. I use to tell her you could grow anything from out of a rock! Me I always preferred I Spy books. Im sure I read others, but those came to mind first. She can name a few flowers like zinnia, celosia , vinca etc. He went through three or four novels in a two week period. Thanks for celebrating the beauty we can add to the mix! My library was within walking distance and I spent a lot of time there. So if youre feeling hungry and need a little something to tide you over. ), and Mary Higgins Clark. My son will only read when he is excited for a book and I search for those books because I want him to love books as well! At the end of the book was a suitcase full of stickers from where Felix traveled. I was into The Magic faraway tree and similar. It sounds like I need this book! We grew many houseplants and a big vegetable garden together. I remember loving Roald Dahl, Nancy Drew, and the silly poetry of Shel Silverstein! As a child I most often read books that shared the stories of girls in the position of solving mysteries or having grand adventures. Choose your own adventure books were always so fun. . Ham/jeans? I loved books with pictures that showed how different people lived and worked, I was also always a big fan of the Richard Scary books for those reasons. Its those passions and inward longings that keep me pressing on. Perhaps that nurtured my love of flowers from a very young age! Crockets Indoor garden was my favorite book to look at with my dad when I was a kid. or Poodles/bread? Even if children shout out before you say the second possible pair ( in this case poodles/bread), still tell them, adding something like, I just want to make sure, and the best way is to say the words and listen.. One of my favorite books as a child was Letters From Felix because it was the first book I ever received that was unique in how it was made. It shaped me by showing me the importance of reading to my own children, which I did for many, many years. I also enjoyed I spy and probably my favorite book set of all growing up was the Little House on the Prairie books by Laura Ingalls. I cant recall having a favorite type of book. I loved The Amazing Days of Abby Haze books! Im still a dreamer as an adult. Today Im re reading them to my kids so the next generation can love them too! Im sure many of them had some mention of flowers that has shaped my view of gardening.. the seed catalogs lol. Also loved Island of the Blue Dolphins and Anne of Green Gables. The other book, the journal has been used ever since in one shape or another, preferably with a fountain pen. Over the years I have learned how important color and pictures play into my creativity, jumpstart my imagination and affect how I perceive the world. Each evening was a new adventure. Well, one thing hasnt changed, its still just me and mum working away in the field. My two favorites were HEIDI and THE SWISS FAMILY ROBINSON. I lived on a farm and I spent most of my time out doors and with my horses. Eventually I read and wrote lots of poetry. I loved fairy tales and books like Heidi, The Little Princess, and The Secret Garden, where good triumphs over evil. I loved The lion, the Witch , and the Wardrobe. , were giving away five copies. Loved Nancy Drew! My dad influenced me to be a constant reader, always carrying a book with me for that few minutes of waiting time that I can fill with a good tale. As an adult I know that reading all of those books increased my literacy skills. John Scalzi is one of my current favorites. Each is gifted to someone to encourage. As far as shaping me as an adult, Im not sure! My cant recall these childhood books by name but I am forever indebted to the knowledge building blocks they gave me. I loved adventure books with children finding a way to work with the natural world to surviveThe Boxcar Children, The Chronicles of Narnia, My Side of the MountainI felt very empowered by these books and often spent hours outside trying to live off the land like my heroes. There was always work to do so reading wasnt focused upon except for our school work. I enrolled in your first year of the online course and havent looked back. The Hardy Boys series by Franklin Dixon Third or Fourth grade teacher read some every day, and thrilled the class ending just before the chapters would complete giving the clues to the mystery..still remember hearing them in class, and then reading at home. Since illustrations were rare, and only intricate drawings in black ink, my little sister and I learned to use our imaginations. There was a mother who baked fabulous pies and put them on the window sill to cool. I was the youngest kid in town to get my own library card and the librarian have me a gold locket necklace that I still have. But secretly, I always liked (and still like) picture books. We had the famous Book It program so I would read as many books as I could get from the library. Thanks for reminding me of all those magical hours and I was able to return to them while reading to my kids! I loved the whimsy, playful nature of these books but also the messages of inclusion and kindness that I have been instilled in my life. Its still with me and Im creating now my own little secret garden. I loved the story of pippi longstocking and always wanted to be like her: cheerful and wild, creative and independent. I grew up on a beautiful farm in Indiana and the flowers my grandma had were unparalleled. My mind is not allowing my childhood literature list to surface. my youngest is an environmental planner,vermont grown,nz educated, near wairoa-one of hardest hit towns in hawkes bay Purity of intention and purity of action, honesty, faithfulness and staying sober are my priorities. Thank you for the give away, its always a pleasure to connect with see into the lives of others interested in the same passions. I loved Nancy Drew books. They are so inspiring! It made waiting for the bell to go home for the day short order. I always liked surprises, figuring outs things & who done it mysteries & still do. Maybe participate in one of her floral workshops while there. Now Im branching out to other time frames and just finished Horse by Geraldine Brooks-simply amazing book. My favorite books when I was a kid were books that continued on and told a story. I will be honest, there were so many books my Mom read to me as a child. I know, very boring, lol! I loved those books! I read that book over and over and over. To this day I am sure this is where my love for gardening and flowers where born. I think those books help nurture of sense of curiosity about how the world around me worked and lead me to pursue a degree in chemical engineer. Any Golden Book. She took me with her to our tiny little public library week after week hoping I would be interested in checking out a book. I had a fondness for choose your own adventure books as a child so much wonder in the possibility.

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