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As a child, Ng had developed a serious case of kleptomania, becoming well known in his Hong Kong hometown for his sticky fingers. The main character purchases a home which he converts into a prison for a young beautiful college student named Miranda who he has been following for months. We know that they killed her husband Lonnie Bond and their infant son Lonnie Bond Jr quickly and kept her alive to torture her. On Feb. 11, 1999, the jury found Ng guilty of 11 murders. We are now looking for artists, writers and interviewers to take part in the world famous Serial Killer Magazine. Police theorize that after gaining entry to Harvey and Deborah Dubs apartment the men used Sean Dubs (their infant son) to keep Deborah quiet while everyone waited for Harvey to come home. Before hed been arrested hed sewn cyanide pills into the lining of his clothing. Whether Lake intended for Ng to be his next victim or whether he saw the same psychotic tendencies in the young man as he had himself, Lake invited Ng to live at the Balazs cabin in the woods. Despite the effort, his testimony just seemed to cast even more doubt onto him. After Ng served his time in Hawaii, he would join Leonard Lake to bring to fruition years of fantasies. Ng fled from officers, but Lake was taken into custody. What would follow was an extremely long and drawn-out legal battle, in which Ng fired attorney after attorney accusing them of incompetence. Getty ImagesCharles Ng at the Orange County Superior Court after being found guilty of 11 murders. The two became fast friends sharing a love of weapons and raping women. This union proved to be a match made in Hell. It is also packed with unusual trivia, exclusive interviews and much more. Getty ImagesCharles Ng, Lakes accomplice. The perfect woman is one who is totally controlled, a woman who does exactly what she is told and nothing else. However, the quiet rampage of Leonard Lake and Charles Ng lasted only two years. Leonard Thomas Lake (October 29, 1945June 6, 1985), also known as Leonard Hill and a variety of other aliases, was an Ameri Wikimedia CommonsCharles Ngs mugshot after being court-martialed in 1982. Post comments: the truth about saturnalia the truth about saturnalia The men were driving a vehicle owned by a missing person, who was later determined to have been one of their victims. Ng's trial was one of the most expensive in California history. Last updated August 16, 2013; medical conditions updated. With this discovery he formulated a plan to break in and steal a lot of weapons to sell on the black market later. Deborah Dubs were imprisoned as M-Ladies, 18:12 - 18:16 tortured and then killed. He reportedly told authorities that Ng was his partner prior to his death several days later. In light of all the damming evidence that was piling up every day and still trying to locate the elusive Charles Ng, Claralyn Balaz was brought in for questioning. Given his interests and irrational beliefs it is no surprise that he excelled in classes about weapons, chemicals and guerilla warfare. Ng managed to once again escape capture forcing Lake to step in to clean up the rather stupid mess left behind. Clifford Peranteau: All that is known about Clifford Peranteau is that he was a twenty-five year old coworker of Ng who died on Christmas. In order to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, they would have to use every single thing they had collected to connect him to the crimes in anyway. The male victims and children were usually tortured before their deaths. Brenda O Connor, Lonnie Bond and Lonnie Bond Jr: Brenda O Connor was the second woman on the M Ladies tapes. Twelve people were positively identified from the remains found on the property, but experts believe there could have been upwards of 25. Lake decided however to escape and live his life as a fugitive. Paul Cosner: On November second 1984 Paul Cosner was scheduled to have a date with his girlfriend Marilyn who lived in the same apartment building. Many people would later theorize that this tremendously traumatic experience would be what drove him to hate women to the extent that he did. Balaz, they learned, was the ex-wife of Leonard Lake and that the electric bill that was left in Cosners car was for a cabin that her family owned. In total sixteen victims (ten men, four women and two babies) would be unearthed from that isolated killing ground in California. Officers looked through Lakes car and found an illegal silencer. In his spare time he was a photographer and happened to drop off some equipment to a repair shop to be picked up later; we now know Lake would be the one who picked up that equipment. He claimed Lake was the actual murderer and has never accepted responsibility for the murders. It is suspected that Cosner was targeted for his material possessions and the fact that he loosely resembled Lake. Updated 2 times since October 12, 2004. After sentencing he decided to not serve time at all but instead chose to escape into the jungles of Hawaii without food or any kind of shelter. She was then forced to make an impossible decision; either stay there roughly thirty days to pay off the debt or the two men would tie her down, rape her, shoot her and bury her (next to her boyfriend). To support their claim that Ng was following Lakes orders, the defense called sixty two witnesses who all testified in different ways that they witnessed Lake abusing Ng. The clerk caught him and held him back, threatening to call the police. He converted rooms in his ex-wifes cabin to serve his deviant desires and had a two room bunker built on the property for the purpose of enslavement. The first thing police noticed when they arrived on the property was a cinderblock structure adjacent to the cabin. In addition to the deviant pornography, as a child he also demonstrated a love of killing small animals especially mice. We know now that the friend that came to pick her up that day was Leonard Lake, who instead of bringing her to Mikes side took her to his cabin of death. Fortunately no one would be hurt or killed and Ng would be unable to escape; at least the dangerous criminal was behind bars. In a shockingly stupid occurrence, history would repeat itself as Ng once again was caught shoplifting; however this incident played out very different from the previous failure. Indeed, Ng and Lake did not discriminate when it came to choosing their victims; they took anyone they could get their hands on. By some accounts, his grandmother even encouraged his nude photography. Im sorry for all the trouble, love Leonard. Once the items were confirmed to be human bone fragments the entire area was deemed a crime scene. The state of California would be forced to wait nervously as experts sorted through the massive amount of human remains trying to conclusively determine the victims identities and just how many fatalities there were total. Date of Birth 11/30/1950 (71) Age 33 years old. In addition to the attempted prostitution, he controlled what she wore by demanding she wear clothes that were revealing and showed as much skin as possible. His accomplice, Charles Ng, wasnt so clever, and instead faced trial for 11 counts of murder. As soon as Ng returned, two women would become real life Mirandas. This unusual tactic made people believe she had something to hide. In 1971, long before he ever met Charles Ng, Leonard Lake was in a dark state of mind. Things went from bad to worse when Lake handed over a drivers license that bore no resemblance to him and when it was discovered that the man in the license, Scott Stapely, had been missing for several months. Inside The Torture Dungeon Of Hippie Pornographer-Turned-Serial Killer Leonard Lake. These are more like giant, professionally produced graphic novels. Although the killing ground was closed and the perpetrators were caught, the memory of the atrocities that occurred there would never be forgotten. This pattern was repeated several times. Hide Archive footage (1 credit) 2018 World's Most Evil Killers (TV Series documentary) Self - Murder Victim. The third time he called Ng finally got a hold of Jeff and offered him money to help him move. This massive 8.5 x 11 perfect bound book contains over 150 pages of rare interviews, letters, documents, transcripts, art and articles about serial killer, John Wayne Gacy. We know that Larry E Dubs and M R Kniss also lived at this address, perhaps within a different time frame. Kenneth acquired a respect for education while working very long hours selling various novelty items to British soldiers. AFter learning about the horrific crimes of Leonard Lake, check out another mysterious California crime: the still-unsolved Wonderland Murders. The birth date was listed as 12-11-1974. Despite acting like a model soldier and working hard as a radar electronics technician during both of his tours, the only successful mission he was able to complete was marrying his long time pen pal Karen Lee Meinersman. In 1999, Charles Ng was sentenced to death by lethal injection and remains on Death Row in the San Quentin State Prison. With this diagnosis, Lake was sent home as he was said to be a danger to himself and others. Deborah Dubs at NamUs Deborah Dubs at the Charley Project The men hog-tied various women, forced them into oral sex and orgies, or put in leg-irons. Deborah, Harvey and Sean have never been heard from again. 415-553-0123. Whether driven by his schizoid personality disorder or simply the constant, mounting paranoia most Americans experienced concerning nuclear war at the time, Leonard Lake began to believe that the world was facing an impending nuclear holocaust. Officers would become repulsed watching Lake and Ng imposing merciless torture onto two defenseless women we now know were Kathleen Allen and Brenda O Connor. Dubs, who earned his living making videotapes of weddings, children`s parties and . 1028. Enchanted by all of the potential female prospects and motivated by the thought of an impending nuclear holocaust, Lake moved to a remote hippie commune in the woods of northern California to prepare himself for the future. Her age is 47. We are happy to say that the Serial Killer Trading Cards are back! Next, read about another serial killer like Charles Ng who was brought down by his own negligence, the BTK killer. This 90 card set features the artwork of 15 noted true crime artists and will come with a numbered, signed certificate of authenticity for each set. Immediately after entering the bunker they saw pictures of several naked women on the wall, a tremendously tiny room with a bed and a list of instructions for captives to obey; making their fear of what happened there all the more real. Unidentified bones and human remains associated with the murder spree of Calaveras County serial killers Leonard Lake and Charles Ng in the 1980s were exhumed last . The sex captives were aged anywhere between 12 and 20-something, and only six of the women featured in these home . The same neighbor observed an unidentified vehicle drive away from the Dubs's apartment on July 26, the day after the family disappeared. The woman, named Deborah Lianiii, Owner of Capelli Amore Hair, shared screenshots of Mulatto stating she received the hair but not tagging it. Trying to figure out what to do next he decided to enroll in San Jose State University; but would drop out after only one semester. Self - Murder Victim. Thirteen years two months and eight . Is Netflix, Amazon, Now TV, ITV, iTunes, etc. 1027. Once Harvey returned home, they got him to agree to take off his shoes and be tied up with a telephone cord in a pointless attempt to save his sons life. After being fired from his motel job, Lake, Ng and Cricket would move to a secluded area in the woods. Jeff Gerald: Gerald was a coworker who angered Ng by taking a week off from work without being penalized. Many of the bodies had been dismembered and burned, making identifications of the victims difficult or impossible. The birth date was listed as 12-11-1974. 4122 Medbury Drv, Wesley Chapel, FL 33543-6916 is the current address for Deborah. Experts discovered he died from ingesting cyanide. In 1985, thanks to petty theft, the two killers were finally caught. Experts determined that right before he died he swallowed teeth fragments which cut his vocal chords. The men hog-tied various women, forced them into oral sex and orgies, or put in leg-irons. Unknown how far long she was. Finally, his trial officially began in October 1998. MADHATTERDESIGN@GMAIL.COM, Article BY My Blog deborah dubs injuries 18:16 - 18:21 The men were killed quite quickly because they were. Menu and widgets For nearly two years between 1983 and 1985, Ng acted as an accomplice to Leonard Lake, luring and brutalizing victims from their remote cabin in the Sierra Nevadas. Delve into the minds of serial killers Leonard Lake and Charlie Ng with this horrifying found footage film, spanning the 1983-1984 killing spree that shocked California and the nation. Balazs was everything Lakes first wife wasnt particularly where it concerned Lakes private interests. After running the license plate numbers they found out that the car did in fact belong to the person Leonard claimed to be; a San Francisco man who had been missing for seven months named Paul Cosner. The neighbor attempted to follow the car, but she lost the vehicle in traffic.

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