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city of phoenix non permitted construction

No. It includes, but is not limited to assembly halls, exhibition halls, auditoriums, theaters, sports arenas, stadiums, race tracks, and spectator gymnasiums. Health and Support Services: A facility, place, or building that is maintained and operated to provide medical care. Non-Profit Medical Marijuana Infusion Facility: A not-for-profit entity that acquires, possesses, manufactures, delivers, transfers, transports, supplies or sells medical marijuana by the means of cooking, blending, or incorporation into consumable or edible product. endobj Mobile Food Vending Unit: mobile food vending unit: any motorized or non-motorized vehicle, trailer, kiosk, pushcart, stand, display, blanket, ground covering or other device designed to be portable and not permanently attached to the ground from which only food is peddled, vended, sold, served, displayed, offered for sale or given away. Sign, Directional: Any sign which is designed solely for the purpose of traffic or pedestrian direction and placed on the property to which or on which the public is directed. No. Commercial Pad, Freestanding: A parcel, lot or retail building that is part of a commercial development but separate from other buildings. Residential Convenience Market: A small scale retail establishment the primary purpose of which is the sale of fresh and packaged food, dry goods, and medicine primarily to residents of the multiple-family development in which it is located. No. No. A court order or decree that specifies the manner of conducting the remedial or corrective action. Sign Face: The surface of the sign upon, against, or through which the message is displayed or illustrated, not including architectural details, nonstructural trim, or any areas that are separated from the sign copy area by a distinct delineation, such as a reveal. Homeowners Association: A community association, other than a condominium association, that is organized in a manner which individual members share common interests and the responsibility of costs and up-keep of common areas and/or facilities. For concerns during regular business hours (Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.) please call the Planning and Development Departments main switchboard at 602-262-7811. Please note that on-call inspectors will only be investigating construction noise complaints related to construction projects that require permits under the Phoenix Building Construction Code such as roofing a new home and NOT the building of a bookshelf. Minor collectors generally have one through lane in each direction. G-6047, 2015; Ord. Contact the Criminal Defense Lawyers at Orent Law Offices In Phoenix To Get Legal Assistance Today. Sign, Identification: Any sign identifying by name, message, or symbol a business, activity, institution, establishment, operation, merchandise, product, or service available at the property on which the sign is displayed. If you're looking online, the permit Status should say "DONE." This will provide the permit history from 1995 to the present. Such parking facilities must be available to the tenants or customers of the building. This does not include a "Correctional Transitional Housing Facility". 3 Beds. G-5688, 2012; Ord. The term "substantial conformance" may be used as a subset of a general conformance stipulation to remove the ten percent variation and as such that particular item shall appear exactly as shown on the stipulated public hearing plans. G-4526, 2003; Ord. Buffer Strip: Open spaces, landscape areas, fences, walls, berms, or any combination thereof used to physically separate or screen one use or property from another so as to visually shield or block noise, lights, or other nuisances. Bed and Breakfast Establishment: A residential development which provides breakfast and rooms for rent to guests on an overnight basis. Roof, Flat: A roof that is not pitched and the surface of which is generally parallel to the ground. Nude models or models where costuming is as described in paragraph 1 above. 3. G-4457, 2002; Ord. Farmers Markets: A market held in an open area or in a structure where groups of individual sellers offer for sale to the public such items as fresh produce, seasonal fruits, fresh flowers, locally produced arts and crafts items (but not to include secondhand goods). Wireless Communication Facility, Visible: A facility that is clearly recognized and not concealed or disguised. Transit Platform: A designated transit loading and waiting area as assigned by the Public Transit Agency. 3D WALKTHROUGH. G-5874, 2013; Ord. Commercial Use: A use operated for profit or compensation. Arena: A place designed primarily for the playing of sports, such as basketball, hockey, arena football and indoor soccer, but also suitable for the use of concerts, shows, entertainment, meetings and gatherings of large groups. Accessory sales of products cultivated on site are permissible within ten days of harvesting subject to approval of a use permit pursuant to Section 307. Building Materials: An establishment that sells goods relating to construction such as lumber, appliances, electrical supplies and plumbing supplies. View Preservation: Consideration given to the location of structures on the site so that the arrangement maximizes the view for the surrounding property and existing or anticipated development. G-3731, 1994; Ord. This term does not include a park-and-ride lot. Where there exist or are required public utility easements that are greater than the build-to, the measurement may be from the dedicated public utility easement line. Structured Sober Living Home: Any premises, place or building that provides alcohol-free or drug-free housing, promotes independent living and life skill development and provides structured activities that are directed primarily toward recovery from substance use disorders in a supervised setting to a group of unrelated individuals who are recovering from drug or alcohol addiction and who are receiving outpatient behavioral health services for substance abuse or addiction treatment while living in the home. A directory sign may also include maps, site plans or diagrams for the building, facility or venue. No. Pharmacy: A place where medicines only are compounded or dispensed. Sign, Directory: A sign including a series of two or more names or addresses of people, offices or destinations at a specific building, facility or venue, within a common cabinet or face area. Person with a Disability: An individual who has an impairment, including mobility, sensory, or cognitive impairment, that results in a functional limitation in access to and use of a building or facility. 1/17 The Phoenix Building Construction Code grants relief to owners of property who agree to obtain permits for work performed by a previous owner and to owners who agree to remove non-permitted work that they have constructed. No. Garage, Public: Any building, other than that herein defined as a private garage, used for the storage or care of motor vehicles, or where any such vehicles are equipped for operation, repaired, or kept for remuneration. 1. Parking, Shared: Parking that is utilized by two or more uses taking into account the variable peak demand times of each use; the uses can be located on more than one parcel. Specifically excluded are materials or containers for substances that are flammable, corrosive, toxic or otherwise hazardous as determined by the Fire Department or United States EPA. Wireless Communications Facility, Co-Location: The act of siting multiple wireless communications providers in the same location and on the same support structure. No. Dwelling, Single-Family, Detached: A building containing only one dwelling unit entirely separated by open space from buildings on adjoining lots or building sites. Dwelling Unit: One (1) or more rooms within a building arranged, designed, or used for residential purposes for one (1) family and containing independent sanitary and cooking facilities. Adult Bookstore: A commercial establishment, having as a substantial portion of its stock in trade, books, magazines, and other periodicals depicting, describing, or relating to "specified sexual activities" or which are characterized by their emphasis on matters depicting, describing, or relating to "specified anatomical areas". An arena is not a stadium, which is separately defined in this ordinance. A group foster home shall be licensed by the State of Arizona and does not include homes licensed as a family foster home that are over capacity and have a group foster home certification. The spaces between letters, which make up words or elements of the sign and contrasting backgrounds, illustrations, borders, or devices shall be included. G-6331, 2017; Ord. Such space shall not be used for vehicles but may be utilized to retain stormwater if designed in accordance with the City of Phoenix Drainage Manual and improved with appropriate surface which fosters recreational use. Lot Coverage: The total structural coverage provided on a lot or site inclusive of all roofed areas or structures capable of supporting a roof divided by the net area of the lot or size. ), as amended, and the Federal Fair Housing Act (42 United States Code 3601 3619). Temporary Fence: Structure used to enclose an outdoor activity or use for a period as set forth in Section 703.C that is contained fully above ground and includes no permanently implanted or affixed footings. The location of a wireless communication facility on athletic field light poles, water towers, street lights, traffic light or utility poles, walls and fences, and suspended wire antennas would also be considered disguised if the antennas, cabling and related equipment and structures are not commonly recognized as a Wireless Communication Facility. No person shall obtain a building permit, required by the Phoenix Building Construction Code, for work in or over any natural watercourse, drainageway, canyon, ravine, arroyo or other potential flood hazard area without first having obtained a grading permit from the Planning and . Outdoor Display or Sales: An outdoor arrangement of products or services used for the purpose of advertising a business that is located on site. Nearby Recently Sold Homes. Driveway: A private, vehicular access connecting a house, carport, parking area, garage, or other buildings with the street. Phoenix, AZ. Bus Depot: Any premises for the storage, maintenance, and service of buses, including repair and washing facilities. G-4255, 2000; Ord. No. Carport: An open building the principal use of which is the storage of motor vehicles, at least two sides of which shall be at least 50% open. The City is offering a $2,500 hiring incentive to new hires for Solid Waste Equipment Operator which will be paid in accordance with A.R. No. 2.55.. Supportive inter-relationships between residents are an essential component. An equipment shelter often has, among other things, batteries, generators, electrical equipment, one or more air conditioning units, a power meter and disconnect located on the outside. Only areas at least fifty (50) feet within any open end mall shall be considered as being within the mall. Sign, Freeway: An on-premise or off-premise sign structure erected within 300 feet of the right-of-way, oriented to and intended to be read from, a freeway, parkway, expressway, and similar traffic corridors. Roof, Gambrel: A gabled roof with two slopes on each side, the lower steeper than the upper. Local Street - Primarily functions to provide direct access to abutting land and for traffic movements within neighborhoods. A group of not more than five (5) persons, who need not be related, living together as a single housekeeping unit in a dwelling unit. Fill: Sand, gravel, earth, or other materials of any composition whatsoever placed or deposited by humans. It is thus told by Jacques de Voragine, in his "Legenda Aurea:" G-4840, 2006; Ord. G-4815, 2006; Ord. Animation: The movement, or the optical illusion of movement of any part of the sign structure, design, or pictorial segment including the movement of any illumination or the flashing, scintillating, or varying of light intensity. Sign Copy, Area of: That area in square feet of the smallest geometric figure or combination of regular geometric figures which entirely encloses words and elements of the sign copy. Chapter 7, Development Standards of General Applicability. Screening may include one or a combination of the following materials of sufficient mass to be opaque or which shall become opaque after twelve (12) months and which shall be maintained in an opaque condition: Walls, berms, or plantings. G-6047, 2015; Ord. Some design features of each street classification vary with the character of the abutting land uses. Nameplate: A plate or plaque which bears the name of the occupant of the building or property to which it is affixed. G-6451, 2018; Ord. Designated on Map 1202.E and individual character areas in Chapter 12. We're a vibrant, growing city and a great place to, this Planning and Development Department web page, Water/Sewer/City Services Bill (602) 262-6251. The following are nuisances affecting the public health: A. Privies. Please see Section 647. No. Wireless Communication Facility (WCF): A facility that sends and/or receives wireless communication signals, including, but not limited, to antennas, microwave dishes, antenna structures, towers, equipment enclosures and the land upon which they are all situated. If the front and rear lines are not parallel, the shortest distance between the midpoint of the front lot line and the midpoint of the rear lot line.

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