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I told him that I didnt need money from my friends. I'm not disagreeing about Rick's ability as a coach. 1. Did you not read what he did to Chuck? Chuck Vogelpohl's 50th birthday. Overtime this didnt go very well. I told Louie that I wasnt able to go tell Chuck because I had to stay and judge. @lexen_iron_workz #powerlifting" As they strive to make me better, I strive to make them better. Anyone is welcome to come to big iron to train and learn what we do. Confused, I flagged down Louie Simmons to ask him what the hell Chuck was doing. Everything You Need to Know, New Year's Fitness Resolution? I remember thinking to my self, this guy has been in two car accidents in the past two weeks and shows up to the meet with bruises all down his right leg and then somehow manages to pull a glute two days before the meet. we have normal people who train there. Maybe thats how I got a cage in my back. Chuck V: This depends. But you cant lower the weight. Maybe this is why Chuck left. [/quote] Louie just looked at me and said, Yea, well you tell him. I have known Chuck for many years, and I can say that there was no way I was going to tell him because he wouldnt listen. You cutting that much weight finally caught up to you. 52,145 views. Gregg was called up by Louie for all attempts and missed the first to for being high. The first time Vogelpohl hit a 1,000 lb squat during a competition that was at IPA (International Powerlifting Association) Nationals in 2001 in his home state of Ohio. Louie, you were really pissed off. You guys are being too hard on Lou. I have spoke to Louie on the phone as well. Chuck Vogelpohl. 3, Nchster Artikel: Its okay to delegate it out because ultimately, its your business. All he knew was that he had to do what he had to do. [quote=docjim] Go to First and foremost, this workout is no joke, use caution. You said you would see what they wanted. Plus, Louie is always challenging you and I cant back down from the old man. EFS: You have a reputation for being intense and hardcore. Chuck V: Whats the deal with your tattoos? 4, Das Interview mit dem eisenharten Chuck Vogelpohl (22 Beitrge), Letzter Beitrag von danison Lexen has the two Chucks going head to head every workout.Vogelpohl and Fouhgt. I learn as much as I can. I'm sure if I went to BIG and Rick trained me that 610 would be 650, but personally the 610 would be more rewarding. So, its okay to have somebody else help. Mind you; this was the mid-1990s before they were using chains or bands at Westside, not to mention, Chuck had recently had neck surgery. big iron is not an invite only gym. Of course I would. EFS: You talk about technique in the video. Also, check out the Table Talk Panel: tasty electrolyte drink mix. This is not necessarily surprising to learn, given Chucks reputation for unparalleled ferocity and strength. EFS: How do you calculate volume on a weekly basis and do you base this entirely on Prilipins chart and do you follow the 60% rule when performing extra workouts? Chuck V: Youve got to master technique. Im sure everyone wants to know how you stay so lean. EFS: What are you views on powerlifting equipment? you would have to be insane to want to do trial and error instead of learning from the mistakes of others before you. 2023 Westside Barbell. :: 351 registrierte und 1645 Gste, Mitglieder insgesamt 312427 Chuck Vogelpohl is an American powerlifter that set numerous world records and was known for his unmatched tenacity. It shows in how he takes immense pride in caring for his training environment and for his fellow lifters. If a lifter cant do a weight he is told to back off. Instagram | | for a FREE 8-flavor sample pack with any purchase! Love it. Not much has changed really over the years. Is it hard to stay focused on your form when you are like this? Rick also listens to input from his lifters I saw that first hand this weekend. Chuck V: At least be at master level of the sport and your technique needs to be dead on. Free Shipping with a $69 qualifying order. Now you have one lifter pulling others away from the main focus and as a coach you can't have that. [quote=docjim]I have been training at BIG for 3 years and am a proud and probably lifelong member of the Turd team there. I would rather find out as fast as I can how to hit 650 then make mistakes on my own that could be avoided under someones watchful eye. 5. Most of the guys were out at a meet, so Dave, Chuck, and Louie decided to use the power rack. Actually I believe chuck is over at lexen extreme, with danny and the boys. We thought it was fun to see fitness celebrity Jujimufu pay homage to the beast, Chuck Vogelpohl, by challenging himself and his friend, strongman Joey Szatmary, to doChuck's squat workout. Best of luck to him. In truth, Chuck is far from the person that people think he is. He is a very humble and gracious person. Chuck:Well, I could care less. Reports are that Vogelphol will continue to train and compete. Its packed with 75 vitamins, minerals, whole-food sourced ingredients and combines the perfect amount of micronutrients, absorption and taste to jumpstart your daily routine. Fate would have it that Chuck Vogelpohl was competing at a bench press contest held in a local YMCA when he met Simmons. I do not train at BIG but I have been there to receive help Rick does not hide anything from his lifters nor anyone else. But he never got back up. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. The difference between Westside and B.I.G is Rick actually coaches all his lifters and Lou does not. The internet has done wonders for "The Myth of Chuck Vogelpohl". In a meet, you have three attempts. Heres a quick breakdown of the main points that Vogelpohl credits for his success: Note: Youll see the first two points being covered in the Jujimufu squat workout inspired by Chuck Vogelpohl. 10:16. I am a psychiatrist and an professor. Westside is more than training and powerlifting. Support Dave Tate's Table Talk podcast by joining the crew. WATCH:Chuck Vogelpohl's 1100-Pound Squat. It shows in how he takes immense pride in caring for his training environment and for his fellow lifters. This could get my lifts only so high, but as usual, you came into our training and added putting chains onto the bar for Accommodating Resistance. It's all there for you learn and understand. Chuck's last heavy set of the day, 1260 with Reverse Green Band. Great point about Big Iron. We have had some awesome lifters come out and train, including jason fry, al caslow, rob kolberer, paul childress, jill mills, rob luyando thats just a few. Tony Acomb (sorry if spelled wrong) Does anyone know if he left on good terms? You future is made up of all these present decisions. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Chuck:Thanks, Louie. jason.nuttall.5201. Injuries do suck ass through a straw though. But if you read interviews with their members, they basically say we show up and do what Rick tells us. For the time you jumped over the 242 class. [/quote] Geared and raw All time world record holder Matt Wenning described how Chuck led the greatest squatting crew of all time from the front by an emphasis on technique and ferocity. Your thoughts on Rick are completely wrong Paul. No, no, no, Dave. Even with my untrained eye for talent in this sport, the numbers don't lie. After getting stapled with a 40 lb personal record, most would have pulled out, but Chuck just did what he had to do. This was done on a Saturday. At that time, I ruptured my left patella tendon and would be out for some time. I cannot stop training. I always seek advice. Sign up to get the latest on sales, new releases, killer workouts, actionable fitness content and more. Louie, you asked me how I got my legs to grow, and I said the bands. If you are willing to give 100% in the weight room, he is willing to help you reach your goals. In fact, Tate admits that he was hardly concerned with the external component it was the internal intensity that mattered, and that he had to work with Chuck to regulate. Wow! I'd like to receive the free email course. Everyone got along well while training and partying. This happened one week before we left for vacation, and the only way that I knew about this was because he had had the police officer bring him into the gym so that he could train his squat. Did he do it? I would do 1,000 sit-ups and lat pulldowns. Note: During the BFCM sales period all sales are final.Thus, no returns will accepted. EFS: How about the rack deadlifts? EFS: How much protein do you get per day? 172 views, 5 likes, 0 loves, 1 comments, 0 shares, Facebook Watch Videos from Lexen Iron Workz: @chuckvogelpohl using the powerpohl with deadlifts. Copyright 2023 elitefts. its just another for of abuse that we all get from rick From my experience in life and in the gym none are truly possible without submitting the wisdom and authority of a master. Plus, what happened on max effort day I would end up going nuts both days; basically going heavy on both. I was still in high school, and Kenny Read helped handle me. EFS: We all know you started the squat beanies in powerlifting. thanks Brad. Bringing in a fresh perspective to a training challenge should not be viewed as a failure rather, the failure would be refusing to do so. so rather than fall victim to the stricter judging he put his trust in his coach. However, in all reality, the past in nothing more than a bunch of presents that have already happened, and the future are the presents yet to happen. Maybe this is what he needs. Rick's methods work, plain and simple and they carry over from the gym into everday life. Next, Dominic Ritolo came into the gym and started to train with you. For a while, I did some tough man fights and won a couple of tournaments, but got the power bug. We are a team. The reason B.I.G. Maybe Lou knows even more about coaching than you think. There is NO WAY I would of could of done that without his help. [/quote] Even so, I have reached a level of competiveness that would be inconceivable else where. Not that Louie isn't one of the greatest coaches of all time, but IN MY OPINION the BIG IRON way is the way to go right now!! I personally wouldn't enjoy training if I had someone telling me what to do every step of the way. I reminded Louie that Chuck had been in two car accidents within two weeks, pulled his glute, and opened with a 40 lb PR that he just got SMASHED with. Louie has done more for powerlifting across the world, the United States, Columbus, Ohio and has yet to always been able to give 1000 times more to his lifters in the gym. Chuck is known for his incredible squatting prowess, but as Louie says it is improving your weakest lift will make you a champion. The decisions that most athletes focus on are what theyve done in the past or what will affect their future. What separates the two? In one month, I would do 1,025 pounds to push my 220-pound world record up. While he was there, he told me he would pay me if I would show him how to use jump stretch, rubber bands. As they went set for set during this workout, Dave realized he miscalculated Chucks disdain for losing. These are not easy workouts though. I would gladly go to BIG and train and I would learn as much as I could. On Sunday, I walked into the warm-up room, nervous and green. I do not train at BIG but I have been there to receive help Rick does not hide anything from his lifters nor anyone else. The internet has done wonders for The Myth of Chuck Vogelpohl. its more for fun. You both would stand the test of time while KP would hold world records in the bench along with George Halbert, and you would first break the 220-class squat record along with Matt Dimel. 474 Dislike Share Save. This would be the second highest squat of all time and a world record for this federation for his weight class. You said you would like to do personal training along with your BJJ. OK, give a football team some drills to run and let them go out and make their own calls. Chuck is known for his incredible squatting prowess, but as Louie says it is improving your weakest lift will make you a champion. He first went viral for videos that displayed his unique abilities included weighted chair splits. At SFS we strive to equip you with the tools and knowledge needed for your fitness journey. Youve seen it; when visitors come here and were getting ready for a meet. [/quote] He made a world record squat at 966.7lbs in the 220 . [/quote] Chuck V: Just watch my fat. I have a version of it in crayon with pictures attached for the rest of the B.I.G. Literally, this was one of the most impressive and easiest lifts I have ever witnessed. EFS: In the video you touch on a beginner not using bands. How about GRIP!?! He tore his ACL and tore his groin at the Pro-Am so may have to pass on the August meet but will be back after that. You take a man fishing and they eat for a day, you TEACH a man to fish and they eat for the rest of their life. Louie:I thought you were done, but the WPO was about to come on the scene with money. From what I heard, Chuck has been doing his own thing, not follwing the Westside way of doing things. However, while this kind of intensity can drive a powerlifters competitive performance, at times it can also be, as Tate puts it, a curse. 1. I had played high school football and had lots of fights, so I was ready for something new. I told Louie that he had to tell him. This post is not to brag about my bench but a testimonial to BIG and their methods. While in high school, Chuck crossed paths with the Louie Simmons of world-famous Westside Barbell based in Colombus, Ohio. The Best Elliptical Workout for Weight Loss, Box squats plus exercises to improve them, How to handle high volume and high intensity of all three big lifts (squats, bench, deadlift), Incorporating the use of chains on the bar for Accommodating Resistance, Introduction of resistance bands into training, Find a partner with similar strength as you in the squat, Load up the bar to around 50% of your 1RM, Perform 2-5 reps, then let your partner match those. I have been training at BIG for 3 years and am a proud and probably lifelong member of the Turd team there. Anyway, Lou was supposed to call Chucks depth at the ProAm with the help of the side judge. One last thing: How do you like raw compared to gear lifting? In order for me to compete in this sport I have to use the best equipment I can. I put the bands over my shoulder and knew this could change the world, and it did. And we all know money talks, and nobody walks. Instruction; [quote=Gabe] Dave says he intended to make Chuck look bad and give up during this friendly competition. This of course never dawned on him. Celebs on Social Media Pay Tribute to Singer Chuck Berry. [quote=Paul][quote=Anonymous]Westside has alot of great lifters. He rolled the rental car three days ago, he told me with this I cant believe this happened look on his face. Some of these stories have led people to believe that he is some kind of crazed lunatic. New meets were coming up, and new records would fall. In such a situation, not only would the coach be doing their trainee a disservice, but they might also be denying themselves an opportunity to learn something new as well. Also, Chuck doesnt do a lot of interviews; in fact, I dont know if anyone has even asked him. Chuck V: Sometimes, but its what I know. Reply . I was going for my fifth Elite Total in the 275-class, but I only weighed 233, and I could see the outline of Toledo. What do you think from the man who just had to do what he had to do? This was only the start once you had lots of equipment and strong training partners. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Did he do it? EFS: How do you decide what hat to wear on squat day? If you choose to do anything and everything Lou prescribes for you, he will do that for you, but if you come in every day and want to do your own thing, he'll allow that to a certain extent, you still need to train the basic principles of Westside or you begin to undermine why you are even there. Shannon hartnet moved up here for 6 months to train and learn. This, from what I heard, is why Chuck left Westside.". First, Matt Dimel broke my neck playing around in the gym. 4. Good luck, Chuckie V. Who knows? Das Interview mit dem eisenharten Chuck Vogelpohl, Arnold Classic 2023: Line-Up verffentlicht, Bodybuilding als Ausdruck selbstverantwortlichen Handelns, Strandfigur 2023: Alle Infos zum kostenlosen Online-Coaching, Arnold Schwarzenegger im Vergleich mit Chris Bumstead, Widerstandstraining: 15 verschiedene Arten von Gewichten. According to a couple reports the judge hit him more than once and Louie kept calling him down until Chuck got hurt. Chuck Vogelpohl was also there before me and was a part of why I ultimately went to train there. Chuck:I had lots of good training mates who could push me, like KP and George Halbert, with the bench. its prety much common practice in multi-ply lifting to have your coach call depth for you. In all the meets that I helped him at man, I was exhausted. As we came into the lifting, all we heard my name called. In Chucks case it went beyond that. He is a very humble and gracious person. Lifting in the 242-pound class, I set the world record at 1,140 pounds. That was nothing to you, and I knew then that you had what it would take to be great. I was moving up to the 242-class for the first time. In doing so, they help paint a picture not only of who he is as a powerlifter, but also as a person. If you miss one, you can keep the weight the same or go up. God Bless. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. Louie:I recall you pressed a 155-pound dumbbell for five or six reps one-armed. Me and Louie, weve been lifting for so long and were still working on mastering technique. He really makes a lifters life that much easier and BETTER as their numbers show (OVER AND OVER). In referencing Louie Simmons, Tate says that he engrained in them that its their responsibility to make everyone else better. its more for grouping people together that are similar strength. Tate agrees that Chuck certainly approaches the platform and his training programs with intensity. I dont know who is coaching these days. Louie:I had made a training tape that showed two young menone was to build benchthat was KP (Kenny Patterson). I wore my special Westside t-shirt sans sleeves that day in honor of Chuck]. Anyone who knows Chuck will appreciate the fact he is a man of few words so this interview is brief and to the point. As I approached, they were rubbing out his quads and his eyes were focused on the ground. I had no warm-ups and bombed out. But also, how to handle the high volume for all three lifts. I just wished that he wouldnt get hurt. New equipment and new training, and I made a 1,180 at 264 pounds. Chuck Vogelpohl, one of powerlifting's favorite personalities and longtime team cornerstone, has left Westside Barbell Club. The bands are what made my squat take off, but I lost a lot in stability. He now owns and operates EliteFTS, a website dedicated to all things strengths. Picked this exercise idea up from Chuck Vogelpohl while I was at the seminar with him and @eddycoan a few weeks back. Chuck: I do think its getting somewhat out of hand, but if you want to compete at a high level, you have to wear whats out there. EFS: Whats the deal with you and rap music? Top 10 Bodyweight Exercises Making You a TRUE Beast! I need to pull something heavier than I will pull in a competition. As I headed back to the judges chair, I heard Louie call Chuck for a repeat. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. EFS: Do you ever do any max effort work on Monday? WATCH: Ed Coan and Dave Tate on Their Powerlifting Inspiration, Free Shipping with a $69 qualifying order. Louie:Your lifts kept going up, and you won your first nationals in 1987 in Columbus. Practice; Chuck V: A lot of lat work, low back work on the 45 degree back raise, Reverse Hyperextensions, Back Attack, glute ham raises. Chuck V: Ive always been weak at the top so the bands helped quite a bit; probably more than most people. Over around a 15-year stretch and through some serious injuries, Chuck Vogelpohl set the standard for many powerlifters that came after him. After all he had been through to get to this point, to have it end like this sucked. But I figured that he would probably learn from this and pick his openers better next time. gets the gains they do is because they NEVER miss a weight in training. I was amazed at the call, but he was also a friend and teammate so I was also concerned. In truth, Chuck is far from the person that people think he is. He set the weight up and pulled his chest and torso with all the air he could. His best squat to date was 860 lbs, and he was opening with a 40 lb personal record. "Very few people know the true Lou. Not there long after, Chuck stepped into the bare-bones Westside gym. As a coach and educator I believe the greatest thing you can show someone is how to teach themselves. Lets cover the icon of Chuck V. AKA Chuck Vogelpohl, the man who had to duct tape his ribs so they wouldnt pop out of his spine. 2,447 Likes, 33 Comments - Chuck Vogelpohl (@chuckvogelpohl) on Instagram: "Another variation for everyone to try, PowerPull partials, targets lower and upper back. Simply put, Dave said that he is the most dependable, hardest working, most competitive lifter hes ever seen. He really makes a lifters life that much easier and BETTER as their numbers show (OVER AND OVER). I think that is very important to overload the top end. Simple. You take a man fishing and they eat for a day, you TEACH a man to fish and they eat for the rest of their life. Simply put, he is a force of nature. Blut & Kreide Vol. Chuck V: A lot of good mornings, different kinds of squats and a deadlifts. The same stuff that most everyone still does. Matt always speaks extremely highly of Chuck, the viewer of any of these videos can tell how much reverence Matt has for Chuck. I had no grip at all, so I started BJJ to stay busy. Percentages work well with beginners and intermediate lifters; they need guidelines and somewhere to start. Get your greens today! Chuck Vogelpohl of Westside Barbell totals 2562 lbs. Now you have one lifter pulling others away from the main focus and as a coach you can't have that. : About the HostDave Tate is the founder and co-owner of we have 3 teams rick calls them they A,B,and Turd teams.. Hes known as one of the most intense lifters to ever step on the platform, and while he may not be loud, his intensity is contagious. We recorded it on an audio tape and since Chuck speaks softly (surprised? This was the foundation of using a high volume and high-intensity training to reach the top. An elite lifter in multiple weight classes, Tate has published tons of fitness-related articles, written books, and coached athletes of all levels. Its not like I count the number of carbs and fat. At that point, we were lifting at many meets and kicking everybodys asses. Okay, here goes (regarding the, 'story' about Lou making Chuck get hurt): I'm too inflexible to squat an empty bar, but it seems to me that Chuck wouldn't have to listen to Louie regarding depth. Why is this? I find as much info as I can and apply it to my training. For me, and many guys here, its my second family and weve been here through bad times and good times. Playing next. The gym had just a power rack, a lat pulldown, a calf-ham glute bench, a back-raise bench, and lots of weights, but most of all, lots of attitude. You had won the division from great lifters like Jesse Kellum and Travis Mash, but it was time to do something healthier. In 1956 in Minneapolis my buddies and I, Reps and sets ranged from 510 to 10-15 sets of lower reps, to the aforementioned 50-rep sets on some exercises,. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Peace. Chuck is one of the best and this will not change that. [quote=Paul][quote=Anonymous]Westside has alot of great lifters. Is it based on your total? I know you won some cash, but when everyone showed up at 5 am, no one showed up to pay. Believe me, I am well aware of that fact. I had a cage put in my back so that I could lift some good weights like 700-pounds raw squats and 750-pound raw sumo deadlifts with straps. Best of luck to Chuck, wherever he goes. This, from what I heard, is why Chuck left Westside." I told you that everyone was strong at this meet, but you came late and made only one warm-up with 445 pounds and then had to open with 683. It was good for the team to learn to make, not only lifts, but to compete. [/quote] Chuck:I knew that those bands would lead to more experiments, and eccentric, concentric, and over-speed eccentric training. Then, I tore my triceps off. guess you just have to understand rick Doc could i have bright colors.I am 14 months into powerlifting. EFS: What do you think of static iso-holds? The name Jujimufu came from his AOL profile, and its been with him since. i hope one day i could get time away from my business to do so. I sit down and evaluate my weaknesses and design a plan of attack to achieve a pr. Rick understands it and his lifters succeed in proportion to the trust they place in him and subsequently in each other and ultimatley in themselves. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. 1w. They should put their weights away, help maintain their training environment, and take responsibility for making sure that other lifters in the gym are getting the coaching that they need. You started handing me Gatorades. I remember that on the day before, you had found out you had a broken vertebrate in your thoracic spine. I eat two or three protein drinks a day; Ultra Size and some whey protein. Right before we left for vacation, a friend of mine and fellow teammate, Chuck Vogelpohl, had the misfortune of rolling his car into a ditch.

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