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Featherlite has been residing in the trailers industry for the last 50 years. This blood provides El Rey with explosive speed. Per Administrative Rule of Montana 32.18.105, multiple names may recorded in the following manner only: "x and y" or "x or y". http://asci.uvm.edu:80/equine/law/index.html, https://agriculture.az.gov/animals/livestock-brands, http://agr.georgia.gov/00/article/0,2086,38902732_0_41051091,00.html, http://www.isp.idaho.gov/brands/index.html, http://agriculture.ks.gov/divisions-programs/division-of-animal-health/brands-program, https://www.mdac.ms.gov/bureaus-departments/agriculture-livestock-theft-bureau/, https://www.okcattlemen.org/brand-reg-renewal, Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association. When recording a brand to a company, corporation, partnership, etc., please furnish a list of all officers and people authorized to sign bills of sale when selling livestock. The American Quarter Horse Journal, , The authority on brands in your area is the local brand inspector. External sites are not necessarily endorsed by Cowboy Showcase. 4 . The iron needs to be heated to rose red before applying; then should be burned red so that the scar will peel. There are varying types of Quarter Horse: stock type Quarter Horses tend to be shorter and stockier, while hunter or racing type Quarter Horses are taller and leaner. GPO Box 46, Brisbane, QLD 4001 The age horse brands are placed under the individual brand. Branding Please Note: This search contains only "active" livestock brands in Colorado - i.e., brands that have not been canceled. The American Quarter Horse industrys most storied ranches have been registering and branding horses for more than 80 years. The quarter horse is an American breed that is famous for its ability to beat all horse breeds in quarter-mile horse races. Lot 3 Marsalas Hida Jet, weanling filly by MARSALA RED View Pedigree Applications will be processed in the order in which they are received. Shop by Breed. Three Riverway, Suite 1600 2002, RITAS SWEET BADGER x LIL BADGERS MOON, PEPPY SAN BADGER. Horse Ownership. , Modify based on individual characters. ", Artisans carved and painted pictures depicting cattle roundups and brandings on the walls of Egyptian tombs beginning as far back as 1900 B.C., Jane says. Members of this breed typically stand between 14 and 16 hands (which is a unit . 132523 ask for branding office All information pertaining to the horse must be listed. , A book signing will take place from noon-2 p.m. on Saturday, March 11th, at Common Grounds, 1900 Vista del Lago in Valley Springs. Requirements for All Livestock Events in Nevada, Wildlife-Most likely to encounter in Nevada, Specialty Crop Block Grant Program (SCBGP), Livestock and Agriculture Product Licensing Forms, Division of Plant Health and Compliance-Plant Pathology Forms, Division of Plant Health and Compliance-Environmental Services, Division of Plant Health and Compliance-Pest Control, Division of Plant Health and Compliance-Plant Pathology, Division of Plant Health and Compliance-Export Program, Division of Plant Health and Compliance-Organic Program Link, Division of Plant Health and Compliance-Seed Certification Links, Division of Plant Health and Compliance-Chemistry, Division of Plant Health and Compliance-Entomology Lab, Division of Plant Health and Compliance-Noxious Weeds, Division of Plant Health and Compliance-Nursery, Division of Plant Health and Compliance-Organic Program. Guthrie, Texas 79236 (Once re-registered, your brand will be good until August 30, 2031.). KINEO MOONS mother, LIL BADGERS MOON, produced well-built, fast, ranch horses for King Ranch for 15 years. Ranching Alternatives and E xemptions are listed in the tan section after sheep and goat brands. Mine was sent through the auction near dallas also. The original open-fire method was practical in the beginning, followed by the electric iron and then advancing to the freeze-branding method. All current brands will expire unless re-recorded by this date. This denotes the year of foaling. I'm glad you found a phone number because I was having absolutely no luck! (Five Panel N/N, Herda, N/N). EST. Lot 4 Boons Hickory Badger, yearling colt by THE BOON View Pedigree They are real cowy. ONeal added, They stress the value in good horses and good men.. Through the registration of a livestock brand, this means of identity continues to play a special part in the livestock industry and its history. Species. Once you havesigned into AQHA Services,select AQHA Records. While you'll find most brands on the left hip, some ranches will brand other areas of a horse's body, and each brand tells a story. 22 vols. You are welcome to add the horse using the maintenance menu. hbspt.forms.create({ Clear Brands - Clip or Wet if impossible to read. @media only screen and (max-width: 768px) { The ranch stands some of the most popular stallions in the Quarter Horse industry, and modern technology allows for semen to be cooled, frozen and shipped to almost anywhere in the world. Recommended for. Please list white markings, gender, approx age and . Sire of MOONS DOC DYNAMITE (AQHA point-earner: 4th AQHA High Point Senior Colas Open), WHISKY MOON (RHAA money-earner). 2. You can expect approximately 180 horses to be offered to the public from the legendary ranches of Beggs Cattle Company, Four Sixes Ranch, Tongue River Ranch, Pitchfork Land and Cattle Company, King Ranch, and Wagonhound Land & Livestock. However, the horse's teeth would allow differentiation of their real age. A Quarter Horse is a speedy yet versatile horse breed originally developed for racing and ranching. However, they do secretly sell to kill pensso it's slightly possible. King Ranch Corporate Offices Cows - 4" wide and tall per character with a 1/4 inch face. Due to the high number of new brands being issued, the inactive brand list is currently unavailable. However, the one thing we didn't know, was what brand we wanted. A Quarter Horse will cost from $2000 for a work or pleasure riding horse and up to $20,000 for quality breeding stock. We can be reached at: 406-444-2045. Ph. The Blue Roan studs have the brand also You have to click on their picture to see other pics .. (and it won't let me copy). Some ranch-type mares from time to time are crossed with race-bred stallions, as we recognize the historic influence of Thoroughbred lines in a good breeding program. Meet The Horses. She was born in 2007, according to the dentist, she'll be 6 this year. Number brands on hips and shoulders are usually only done to brood mares. .hs-submit{display: inline-block; color: white;} Since the records process has changed, the credit cannot be used for orders online, but it can be used for work received in the office. American Quarter Horse. He has great motility and we froze a limited number before he could come back to work at King Ranch. Sire of 895 RGP money-earners, $27,001,385, earners of 7,702 AQHA points, including LITTLE PEPTO GAL ($523,742: NCHA Horse of the Year, NCHA Hall of Fame). More than 6 million horses have been registered by AQHA, making the American Quarter Horse the world's most popular horse breed. KINEOS MOON is a son of former King Ranch stallion, A son of RITAS SWEET BADGER who was known for siring a calm, polite horse with unparalleled ability including COKES DRY (AQHA point-earner), LUNA BADGER (finalist RHAA Top finalist). The ONLY NATIONAL DATABASE for Branded Horses! Horse branding allows horse owners to easily identify and prove ownership of their horses. the Nevada State Legislature, a 5 year recording cycle was adopted. Put the two together and the natural fit was the "Flying 45" brand. City. Allbreedpedigree.com is a great online resource for horse owners wishing to research their horse's bloodline. MARSALA is almost a mirror image of HIRED HAND, a top son of OLD SORREL. (02) 4454 3053 Fax (02) 4454 3054 Email: [email protected] 1. To access the online livestock brand directoryclick here. Then there is the fact that we all like to ride good-looking horses! region: "na1", .hs-input{width: 100%; border-radius: 3px;} Brand Search In 1519, explorer Hernan Cortes settled in Mexico and began experimenting with cattle breeding. Horse Ownership, , Texas counties may have county-level brand archives. There is a name and/or brand title index in alphabetical order at the end of the book. Department of Livestock Brands Enforcement Division PO Box 202001 Helena, MT 59620-2001 (406) 444-2045 Email Us. Brand Marks website. Lot 5 Pluma Roja Movida, broodmare View Pedigree Find everything you need to know about horse racing at Equibase.com. (806) 596-4457ext. One question that is often asked is "My animal has this brand. So that's the biggest doubt in my mind. Ranching wanting information on horse identification codes please visit the NSW website at //www.lls.nsw.gov.au. To search for a horse in the database, simply enter the horses name in the form above. Quarter Turn Ranch has 2 reviews (average rating 1.0). Contact your County Clerk for more information. This horse was started on King Ranch by Horse Division Manager James Clement, trained by Ben Baldus, and now is back on the ranch as a using horse trying to prove himself as a King Ranch sire. This service requires an annual subscription fee of $500. Need an exhibitor record? Our registered black angus cattle are hot branded, also easy to locate and read. Yes, the brand of this horse definitely looks like the one on your mare. We are the only quarter horse registry that has always recognized quarter horses of all markings and colors. Equine Brand Registry. Brands Office Lot 1 Reys Playboy Pep, yearling colt by EL REY HIDAS View Pedigree Sire of 45 RGP money-earners, 14 AQHA point-earners, including PLAY RED SALLY ($5,184 and 16 AQHA points: and 14 novice points: AQHA World Level 2 Amateur Barrel Racing Reserve Champion), ROYAL RED PLAY ($90,820: NCHA Western Nationals Non-Pro Champion). Please view the Australian Stud Book Branding Brand Search. Every horse on the ranch descends from PEPPY SAN BADGER or MR. SAN PEPPY on the top or bottom side. iCompete. Starting with the time of the open range to the present, brands have been used as markings to identify livestock and have been a visual means of identification in showing ownership throughout history. .hs-main-font-element{color: #29353d} Gathering cattle is not an easy task and requires a talented partner. Lot 7 Seca Badger, broodmare by RITAS SWEET BADGER View Pedigree .hs-main-font-element{color: #29353d} Website: //www.nt.gov.au/d/. N .Q.H.R. PO Box 10 But if anyone can offer any guidance to the rest of it (or if the 16 . When ordering records through Free Records, the record is emailed as an attachment. Send your check payable to NDSA, 407 S. 2nd St., Bismarck, ND 58504. The Quarter Horse name is derived from the breed's ability to outrun other horse breeds in races of a quarter mile or less. .hs-button{background-color: #6284a9; border-radius: 3px;} Ornamental brands are for decorative purposes only; any application of ornamental brands to livestock is strictly prohibited. The American Quarter Horse industry's most storied ranches have been registering and branding horses for more than 80 years. King, also referred to as King-P234, was an exceptional bay stallion . It was usually placed on the same side of the animal as the original brand.. shes cute. S. . Tongue River horses are branded as follows: LEFT JAW: Designates mare family lineage. We can not conduct accurate searches if the brand is impossible to read. Brand Recording Fee with Cattle Freeze Brand is: $210.00*. If you are interested in breeding to a King Ranch stallion, all three studs (THE BOON, KINEOS MOON, and MARSALA RED) are available for limited outside breeding at The Four Sixes. County. Contact your County Clerk for more information. Order here! 2014, TAQUITO SUGAR x HIDAS PEP, HAIDAS LITTLE PEP. Free records are available for complimentary access. Our brand for our livestock and horses is the "Flying 45". (08) 8999 2033 Fax (08) 8999 2146 RITAS SWEET BADGER was utilized to make a more trainable all around foal out of some of the hotter bred cutting mares. .hbspt-form{margin-top: 35px;} The Quarter Horse is truly an American Breed. Download 2010 Brand Book (PDF Files) Return to the Bureau of Livestock Identification homepage Contact Information California Department of Food and Agriculture Animal Health and Food Safety Services, Bureau of Livestock Identification 1220 N Street Sacramento, California 95814 Telephone: 916-900-5006 Fax: 916-900-5335 American Quarter Horse Size. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. I always have to almost laugh when people compliment her, or me on finding her, because I really didn't buy her on any standards except I managed to get her to sniff me twice in one day. Thank you very much! External sites are not necessarily endorsed by Cowboy Showcase. CHANDLER, OK 74834. They have a sturdy build and come in many colors, though sorrel (brownish red) is the most common. Rolando Silguero, who used to serve as King Ranchs Remudero (wrangler) for the horse operation, would demonstrate MARSALA REDs polite demeanor by saddling MARSALA gathering the stallions own mare band. These stallions helped produce an outstanding herd of broodmares and gave TRR a solid foundation. For example, at the Tongue River Ranch, the ranch's iconic crooked T goes on their horses'left hip, the year on their left buttock and the stallion number on the right buttock. Email: [emailprotected] Please choose the record you would like, input the horses registration number or name, input your email address and submit. Coronel was picked up from his mares in 2021, and 63 days later he won a world championship. formId: "d01f22bb-5b4c-4eb3-9a24-219a6869b198" In this section, you'll learn how to perform a pedigree query with this site. Bred them to our stud, a grandson of Special Effort and have crossed back bloodlines over the years with our current stallions, Peptos Holy Ghost, a son of Peptoboonsmal and Handmade Hondo whose . Once you complete selecting your records, remember to add your records to the shopping cart and go through the checkout process so you can view and/or save the records.

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